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t- a you e ir I forma
S t the law iin r ,',' t to freo.
. t scýhool vcihlr": (.\' .r the
oferry lines ir, '. Sl . I
e--- the matt,'r 'li r , ,,mi,~lavor
#r a you with tli. irj .. rmati,,n
Tom very truly
Wi . B. Til-f!'t iN.
_ýItJioner of Pu ,lil !,itic:.
Next Sunday
April 30th
THE BACONS---will give Fancy Skating
Exhibitions Every Evening at the
100x100 Feet
N. largest open air Skating Rink in the South,
a floor that cannot be excelled.
one will be able to find something to amuse
at Spanish Fort; Boating, Bathing, Fine
-urants, all kinds of Games and Innocent
SCars Every Few Minutes At
,lampart and Canal Streets
Way i Each Way
Orleans Ry. & Lighf Co.
lOffice of the Commissioner of Public
Utilities, City Hall.
New Orleans, La., March 31, 1916.
)r. ('. V. Kraft, Editor and Proprietor
The Herald, 500 Verret Street,
Dear Sir-Acknowledging receipt of
your inquiry of the 28th inst., 1 beg
to advise that on receipt of your for
mer communication I at once referred
the matter to the Hon. I. D). Moore,
City Attorney. Since then Judge
Moore has been absent from the city
on public business and only returned
this morning, thus accounting for the
delay. I have no doubt the legal opin
ion will now be forthcoming, and im
mediately it reaches my hands I shall
communicate with you.
Yours very truly.
Commissioner of Public Utilities.
dge Note--Up to the present time 4
city communication has been receivee
ned from Mr. Thompson which would give
the the Algiers people information regard
pin- ing this inmportant matter.
im- New Orileans. La . April 24.1tlt;.
all Ion. \. II. Thomnpson. ('oninlissionl
of Public UItilities. C'ity Halll
My dear Mr. Thonllpson--On 'Mar,!
ath. and again on Mart h :Ith, we
Srote you regarding a recet.nt act ot
lithe Legislature alhitch ranteld l,.r
mission to the s'chool h ltildren ti
cross the feirries free of chliar,'t.
In your reply ion stated that you
have takenl tp thlie talltter with tlt
City Attorneyt. . II. Moore. In ttone
letter !'u state that \Ir. Mlor,' i. ouit
of the tity. but would Civi. his ol'in
ion pon hi- rturn. \e understandlll
that Mr. \loor.- has he,-n bat k itl th+e
it" not sitlit- ft-rtI days. and a., I,
lie..e that lthi, .\l-itrs phorl ar.e .,n
titled to ktloi.a hthetlr or not the l,'
.ra tili . ( to the .\lh ie'r. s'luiuol i i'
lirc fr- I as .> ont tl trrm,' s will
\V , will ur,.atly acl lUl lr"" let., '.ur
Ifatr I re lly H. tils tt,-r.
V lrn trul\ yoturs.
THE I": I' I-I l.\l.l
ttliOf t or tl, h 'lonlint- iintr c f ut tubli,
I tilitie<. I'ity Hlall.
Ne, ( hrlan.-. l .a .A l ril -. li t;.
fr. i' V. raft, l:-itotr and l'roprietntor.
Tilt, Iltrald. -,",n V\ .rr,"t St.. c'ity
My1 dear Sir \kno, Ited.l-ini rt
lpt it tour oni llnttit-a of tin il' tl
"4th inst., relative tio the la,\ in tte
matter oif ltree carriai of s, hotol lil
drein ti public f-rri's, a- I hatve p.
viotsly a ,vi.sl you. I duly rI-rreld
this :iattt-r to the oftict of the ('it.
Attorney. anld. for 'tyour informnation,
eni-lose hrea, ith iopy of their ri-ild
to ile (oil the sullject.
Shoui l yout desire ai furlther in
foratlion in tintein tion t a ith thi
tlatter, andl \ ill so adl',is, tl-. I shall
take ilieasure in furni hir r-nattile.
Yours wr\ t ruly.
\\",I. II. TII \II'S ºN.
Co'mmissioner of 'Public I'tilitie.
.\ May festival will l10 ,ictn at V,
I toinh School No. 7, for the benefit
of th sichool fund. The day is to be
Thursday. May 4. 191';. at 4:l: p. m.
There will bei plenty of dancint and
vaudeville. Refreshmnents will be
served. Mrs. Joseph Koenig has
chtarge of affairs and front the pres
ent standpoint it looks as if it will be
a great success. The price of admis
sion is twenty-five cents.
The following ladies and gentlemen
were the hicky ones at the K. of C.
euchre Tuesday night:
Ladies' first. Mrs. C. lloffstetter; la
dies' second. Miss Myra Kelly; ladies'
third, Miss Eloise Lecourt; gentle
men's first. Mr. Ily. Brown; gentle
men's second. Mr. V'ic Olivier: gentle
men's third. Mr. Ben Borne; gentle
men's fourth, Mr. M. Donner.
On Saturday, April 29th, at the H.
N. G. C. picture show, the Carnival
pictures will be shown to aid the Al
giers Playground candidate. Through
a great effort and courtesy of the
Mutual Film Company, these pictures
will be shown with the regular run
of pictures. There will be the usual
number of shows. Admission, ten
April 26th, 1916.
Snit:ied States ,f America. State of laouiti
anta. PartIh t'f I rlean-, City oif New 9Ir
lie it iknoiwn. that on thi..I 26th lay of the
tntth iof April. it tthe year 'if tour l.ird on.
thI , nsonal nine hundred a nld cixte cn (1it I
tnd it tht ii;Idtc ctltdence ot the t'inttid States
'f Attr a, tht' ,ne. hurmtired ran d frtleth,
trfre tie. .-.i,,diel Walker (toilter. a ntiiairs
'utlic. ttly ctimtm ined and qualhfied in
ianti fir the parish ',f ltian-., tity iit New
t trlean- t ih're in r'ttding, atn in tt pit-
e ie of tht' 5 itiit -.ti. rit, t r fter natmed aato
tht ill,' ing pt.-r-t s, all of tih age if legal
mll artlt, wh , e lAmt', r -lethncet ant po t
att :t hirr--e- are ac fll,,w , to-wat :
ng, New rli-toan-. l.a.,i e't'rge cJ. Ri .ci, .t I
N ,rth ittr. iNtr--tt. New iirleat . Id.; laul
l.a.; .l tru le l.. licforge-, 235 North P'ettcr t
Stir-'t-. Niw i irlean . La..
\ h. ,Itclar t a tIi.it, availing th melg ti 'e.
,if ct!" - i -t- n - ,it tilte l.,o of t 'he Siate tf
l.ouni-i. a, iarticu!aely .,f Act N-i. 2,7 ,. i
the i,-.era] A--emily if -aol Stati for the
ear 114. tlety iuv" c vetiianited ain'I igreid.
iatl it-i iiv th i-e ttri.ent . c'.venant aol agre,e
hind, f,rn ,ntdr - ,n-edut themsclve-L as
well .u iath ,-th-'r ptc-in as mut hereafter
I, ti-nr o ltte rcod Iatii it tihet, fiit a t
c orprHt<,n and b,,y p+,hti" bo Law fr the ,
Artici,' --liht namr a- d a tylc ,,f tti'- c-ni
i rat -m ,hall b- t.he Ni's 9 ) anta S gair
.,t'iaiit - In , . rol Ii -.11.1 i'orlp rate tiamne
ii -hall iiavi " itid etniio uicessoi i fir a
itri.,, ,,f ni . t+ -- ite et.:ii- uile--, -tioo er
,ih..s i.lsd. .,,i, hI ,vt. all the tights. priv
corpo~ralt'.ini, av unih.r -aiil corpirate tame
it -hi.l hive ;I.. .r tt c co.ict. •. . antI h1 l
suit.'d, ti ttimik't a.ii it-c a -il.ratr -e.ai, to -
rhi-c rt e.t , purcha-.t-. <i-ivrey, hliethlecate.
lea-e ,ir lc-tge, prole erty, cithcr rtal ,-r per
statl, ti- itsuc bnds. n-itt- and other ew
ditntes o debt ; to have and emply sich
managers directr-', ott-icirs, agent. anil ither
empl,,yees ys the interrst and oenvtiienience
of the- corporatoi.n may riqulire. alnd ti tiake
ruiles and regulations fir itS irporate tatt
agetmet.at and cu-tr tl.
Article II.-The dlmticile of this iorp-+ra
ti,,n  ll !,e in the ue' of New 9 rlttans,
State -if Louau ana. and all *itati,,tt- itr other
legal prlces .hall be crved upln the prt*i
dent. ,tr in cate of lii. ab1,- e i r n u:ab:hit r
to act. u|otit the vtcee trc-.Ient, ,r in the i
ab et'e of huth. iiupot 'it' -ecretary-trea-u'i-r.
Arttle Ill.-T[le obtect and liurptlme,- ftr
sthlh til- c,,i.,rat in - i irmed and thet.
are hereiy declared ti be a- foll,-si:
"T. -, -i-tn as dea 'r ke, rkcr.., agent-.
c'co'' -n:eni' merchantt ant fac:.,r- in i tgri
I"i planti. ult:vatei gr w, i r ,ce, imnaniuf.i -
turet. -uy atI .ell isutc a ir ultural pruduct:" -
t, liurchaac. leta- aid itherwe, e.t i a.c]lret
alnd ,,l-erate ,ii.- .r .n-il rise plant:ti-,n-. re
t, eric-, aildrugs. mill- and mlachinterye; t,
carrt ott the l':l-mne-- if retoing, lire :ring. -
ruying, selling, ::piortitng anI exporting *
-nigir. sugar atie, mn--i e antl rice. an-I
titcr I.el priducts, anI genera ly to do and
p'i i--ni all thorgs necessary or zncsdental to C
the purpoi-e, herein exprenel.
Article IV.-The capital -tack -f this cin
piratin in hereby dtclare-I t, ie the :am
-,f tf'een th,,u-and dollarn. d.uidel titi one
hundred and t, fty shaies -f the par value -
-if ietit" hundred dillars each; sal stcik on;y i
to le . .tued f-r cash. -. in payment f-irt
property actually received it purchased .y
said corporation or for labor or services
rendered, and shall be full paid at the time I
,.f its issuance and non-assessable; all cer- S
tificates of stock shall be s:tgned by the pres
ident and counter-signed by the secretary- a
treasurer of the corporation. The capital d
stock of this corporation may be increased
DOI " I :'. inu : it, thousand dollars.
1 . . .
•t . . , . . ...
. , i . •, . . . . . ,
11" . n ,I , .\.
ni' , ., N . i,. , it-. . , is , ' -cr t i-i- .
i-ii' '. ,I il -. h . 1 %. :1
i i
,r th i t r , 1,,r in at. - d thu .
,I S 3 . 1 '
. a.. i even hidrded fort).-four and
14 i dllar, 4444
ag-. sns- th- '-aid ix hundred f
Sten th one hundred d
. ll $10100.
which aoet,, the heard of directors o. this
•corlnratin have apraised and. , do her• tv
dpii at t. .u d o tt
hu dn n .ahe at my , oe in th
t , N , O n u t he h h a , .
\ .t,_ r in th r e o P1hlip I.
-tz ant: L , i : . , i , , n se. wi.
n1 "e' wh'o ha her sts ld t
inames- Philip 11.a Metr , Louin. .s,. .
4 "Si , .. .A . , . t4 u 4 ' , N t. -V .
t a-nd fur the l rntuii 4 It 1s ti if
i "at Sugar otrt , tt , w s i
l l. N w ir . ,, . Atn 4, 4 ,
S. , tie t iit.s ,; th e sub srib, rs , -
Ai h a, ), th t- . of... E •N--,t .. i- h i
i :' "it New i A ii . it. - !n L u d oaite a,,in" ",v
M nt. , . . . . .. ....u n . , t.
nieiiii, wIh ti lIsI,-. il I -
itrii, i-rli t, nt: , , i. t d- . .fApii , 11 . tl
tr-am t i io ub.rji-rrirrel mite in-Ir rl i
W inl ile ahrlid i. Su.s re d the ises- e
ui\ dr. ,rni \ I ," it  ,, + i. 1,1 i i
La tan',l do~ hre o ceri thi-ai the aoh, "
adrIl f or -s in ct io f o r rti-cirii
.i du l r o d my oft i ir k -
5 rti in of tie tntme i o the l t P itet i tit
i, tt n R, ts I. i " , - -
i , , - - " I: -I.i]'+ tnt,:
I. t hi- i , l' t-I lit t),a I . I - -rl, s it'
- i- -i il -in t,, Iiet-iil if tr neyn in. , ; 9tt t1 ,I
ti elle i tillt in ii tt itt )
, "tr ir l t e i, t hinal , ity tole at j,
-. -, 1 I - 5- \ i: I ' -. -i t -i lbct" . -
lc " ItT -, l'S -t -l - t, -I
I ': - ,-,te i :. it: ir t, .rc 13t i ed -in lia I
~1aii h - f r -1,d d t i -w 'l't
-thll r lm.on I !,,A :rl, , th i I rl i t I thu -:
,i thtu a nll-t nilne- hu++ u i c,, xu tr;el an lll 1~ 0I
.l- i,  ;it"~r nl -l -.n gr th I nii e , c:i e i' i
'na.h the ank thun red huanI t( . i nth, b frII
., ll,+ - it it'k17
n~duly·r t! ·n :- .0:ll e . s - i ti In r$ t 'r f li -
Stherein resohn a nr ai.-ate -r d lnr twitd
hi ra -inn tIhi u d r fi- a- ) i .
tren N and 9 dLlars tsh e . 6r
r-r ,itiae untile thae tit iinri irt lii
<rt 1 , orat until thr hav e a sr s -ed -so h e rhn I
duly pponthertd and ut aileae d nd d,
EVERY NIGHT S15 10c TO 7c. BOX sFArT $1.00.
TULANE 2 and 8:15 P. M.
The Birth
of a Nation
\ II I:
I \ . I ,r I I \ \\,
iti 'i , . , -
I , . -i
- : , , " I ' " , 'J' ;
: ,L ., .. . , - .< , .L. . it t ' ,
hi" 'ttT It" . 1. i. t t' " 1" , !1 ,, ,F t h I 1." 111
.th , t\IA I n I- 'll, no I , a t\ " I ,
rItdire au rt the I h" e.I -
1 IIi.r t irea jun l idward it . Ir ) ni n 2218
l- 's t .u ,, . St , , "' - .m , " S ,!: l.it . e , '. , I ,.,'
.per r .. I r. , h l ` ui:r .... . i: lc rir.. ..
irilry F. lItr itl. nu. t .Il if', .l rii .i , 1. hi,,
\\H rnesse" I'. I. Ti:."lrr, I' J Stilb
1, the under ign I r.c.,..rdr f n .. . . ag.. . ,
I. ,m t.Ina',, d . hereby ,ertify th, . .t the lve
and foreg~Ing act tit Int",rpotatlinn it the
ohT .on... Auto (.. ipanry. I .., wa thi .. di y
duly reco lrded , ni iy ..o.i-. e, - ii o. i.'.
full. 441.
New' I \ricanr , A ipril 17, 1916.
(Signedl EM-1l.E I. L4, INARI), l1, R.
A true c.Ky froI. thie o gi nal.
\ . J. I')R\IFMEN'EIl, N t. I'uh.
april 27 may 4 11 18 25 june I
State oif Loui iana, i arri , ofIr o rleans, C ity
it New I crleari.
Ie it kni Iwii, that on tht:. 12th . lay of
A nil, ini the year of iou b rl. iir d n i thiu.uand
rune hundred and nfix ten, heurt ii' e,. Mirt:ii
ii . \Manii r, a ni .ti.r puibre . aji u ie ..!T n
ri nI and qujirairi d, ii Ind for uthe pala .t
if tlireIian, tl te of tie i ori.n, anul iIn the
ci of tiihe lr'iM . iin' witnr --i., peu
~t. llriy c. nie .a n app l .1 -1. 1.":ir' . .
liai.rn IanI arid Iliid .. .tthle, I i .A : , nail
.'l e of I m. oIli lty .ii : r 'hi- t o Itrh' ai.. . y "t
Niw 4 hi rw:ii, hi irii app* u:ig it ,!Ii it
pa. itIt , I e.lI nt e i tt. . u.
r l tit t ly, "t the S. uti g- A 11,i - f.
unl Ier the !..,A" th t., 1: i " i r, , n ., ,>.l I
I :iii:R led iu n ir . i'- .~t t I i4t 41 l
:,pt. | ltl . : in n ,t, t: l tit ic I lt .i',.,
tilr . l it - Iti - ih ." l v i ,i , i t ii ,., I -.i;
~! btt ;t, r t . I h I . tni ., ll.t.] -€ .1'1
. i . n c t , ai oi"i -- ,I
S I . ilt, , I I , lih t ) i 'i 1;. 'I .uiil, l14r 11, t . -
ii- - - ., g l iii- :i l
SA ui ,t ,h . \, . ,, It l , ll A , I , . ll- I
1'. "1 I,,, .1 , "f .,l :'1 i , I t1". l - ,i ` ih , t
. i, i, - ll. .t I i' \I". -.i .c ,
I ' ' . 1 , tAi itl I 1
1 , I ,
" h dll l, i ~ lt' ll , . ' 4 h 1' , l, , ' i. 
rth. eg i a ,ii l~ 2, . I~ l .~, ~ l. tll
!- I - A I -
\. I
\ 1' '' ''i t In.
, v ,, :Igi - ill al
r i L- i i 1 l H : i' .,"gt ii .i ' ,'il i hnd
, 1''. I I i,. n'l ' t, ~ t tII ritn'r' ,y ,ci ,..,t 111.
"i," ltie . . .iSt t t . tr e I ...fe n 1
hI r ti dI itil lir ;/ od IiI, vist. a id ,it'
i. j-i.i hu th a I he iss the right
l it ;!u , L 'I ",, . 1:, ' , .I Z"" ;' ": L , 1 . !r( I
t r '·1,"1.11 ·li..- it I 4 ll it li st the ho tel.it
:' IIhei .r it' s. :i t 1v , tan nt j t fiar. 5riti.rt iac
if ut i t i. 1 i0i it ri', ,r I ti, iir i lt fu tiie , o . e
l iril nta Ii i t I Ii' i '.c H11 I ,.11 \ t I t11 he . tchl'
.' tIht. l t i l . 111.1.. . ' 1 t.i.l . ti w .ill.
i"i l tee, ail t N' I -ti. A t f,.it t lil lit k
i 'l r wl," 1 Ii , , ', t ,.nI - r, I . with
, a l , , ' t. ,ll - It I . I '' + ll "' t ,t -o' thei r
' f. "r I " ll h
Ie . \~f1 thel l . e + 'rath .inI i .. i.., i .l.l.l t Ih
h '': td t.' ' '.ll .r v lu o'( 1 te ill c i taldl lat
I , liill llo ill .k .i l l ,1 p Xl a mm• t .1"e
- I ,,r l , I'he n h,,tt , l ea rn+ti of a id stock
h. if h al n t.tlrU ll +*"ud onl the hook, theiri n wit
1 t h. , nl tuen , h er w ni - will'n
t ,, thi t,, p ,r , rill i li ht. o .f ,I c )thlo e b to t"
shaltl Lc ,i l.," h lh ,tl. fr. A , IInen bl.r,
not 1 ..<st '' I ' IN 'I ..r i treti
 , , IZ ,UNI(N . par h thh liur the capta stp rk- .
.II I1.- .1 Xl.t
. ·t hl,: I' upr.hto1 hll h' i .eh" pai f ., b ith
J i · ·t:.tot' -h, till, h, tl: l. - ·tI 1 , I il th .i tuck
n.f o' ,'I 'l 1 . , the bebd n
Sh tll and n lill
, .I The I t.I r 1 .. ,rttl.l I,. .hIIl l lioust"e ltit h
l,+ "t+ll il .'l i" I i I, . At~n t A It ' ale
r e l iT. 'l . i I·1 ,,, 1 il I .l ri til
, . i t' h' f. ll
!.·r ! '·l l. ll · hl - ,i i lv ii iiti
I ." , .l,, 11l" it ; tt , h" IIt'cl, . ,,hLiJ ,
, l- i -, , ' t ,·. I.tlt littlt' .'.I .
. I i .. i - ..i. t l  i ,i , w l
0 . 11 . , 1 I, , 1 vl 1 ". i, 1 . l tr t .,
,' ,I - ' , {n , i' 1 d ,,! l
Ii i i i:. · ~ i f" ,- I 1 1, ..- t
! " ,. : , . 1 " i. i h, ,.
A ,! tI, tt i
,... ' . . . . ·, I " f, ll
r L., L
... . . ,-. 1* ... .l  l \ "li: l i ' ; . .

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