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Kanrten at the Ptroarte at New Or)lcas as
Secd (ai s Masi Matter
tmr e (oPy, (h Mun:b. in Advance 1l
tiOr,. iay, (trne bear, 1 Atvsne - £1(3.
Lk i V ' iAF, .d.:,o and Proprsto
Ad+ < - ,.1 ca,.: r eai ,i. ,,; 1<. |)R . 1
KkAS N  1 bfr:et .*r'tet, New ltr
tea - t. ia une. A. g ers -i,
"Il) . Ii RAI.It may eor f,und at :he I10:
1lit. tikRA LD A.Alg:eri itfice, dl ' Verr et
ut;f. 'fI -A< ii iiy ilfi.- Li: Pt-rd-i-
.%u!. r,- .,eli lingl to set THlE IlERA .II
rc i li )  l, v . w ,, , i y ri ( If y t lE Ib s, .n is -
*.:, · .1Su 'rI \' rri " tre ett
lie- r a t i. ll i - ..iinr fI.oi r pu liatstin
a* jtor iv ell , e, a-i IIt later thian Ilae
darr n rn, r
A.; armo rs..v~vs Mo s letters it-rn
, . , '. e a'r .I. r, ita ' . t - 1 ba i 1a , i
pIrt?.t dea( , s at,,I j ri,,.;, men.inon will ise!
,n r: , . In Ie iI-. ltaAl.i fret of chiarge No.01
i-alr i at o W .. ,C r.te',' inlaels s:gned1
by the irster iHe do noti pubilsh vour namtt!
si cr-r.ition with tie -omnlrltu l t on unl-ss
you sIo tia'. 5'. we must iIIat u i'n hVling
yuar n a. ..u ii a i ce if good Iaith.
' '. 1t \. Y 1 .
Communion Class.
\Ii 'I, il, . T ' I t .li ri t. a(II ii tr '"
th,' 1 1t., .\ ,l h, a ~ r, h. 1.\J< t.., 5;, -
p ,' ill i ll i 1l.i,.r- Us<i 8 lini s ;al,
h, ..t i t her al i llitrc I r.llin ;i it t liti
ofl tt' oldlr h tt-h rstls i n I to tht Ilta a I l
' htfa ,s;ir ot-n tin! ! - t, ll]t lhtt lltttt atl
ofI Ill,' -,llh l'l ts a m n nll~ ;!ll l ailii - ll'i
t a-et Ittltit ar II tr,'l attontotri s' d lto i
il.t. h Tu t-iailtrin wil ne. n "r f1,' hil
11!,1h l,,v.r hl,]okl hl ,'r I,'r tel ,h ill
h lv ,i re <i.,1,' tli ·L hill -iiiI c ;illll l];t'
lityini tititit ll hE'll' tit· 'ttl ('(tlt. itt It e Il "It
t! * Ir pathie Iar w la niclthe Sinatie \
t irl a lnl it t ht ir h l ,,ita t ,iln . I' .rSiter s
thia'r 'y.,I h, ar, 'rrstl h. (sItt ~at I- i i la
ilil, to th1+ ,,rdr k,'pt b,, thp. e:nnd
.1-to-I fi' lilt todtlf i-i n~ \%t.4 avoid ed.I
\stt us irlfnt i ; l'tt rt in i ll aa lit'd lit. Tt
lrih i t nltr, lat.ao t tlit ir- aill,,d - ia
rttn r inty ial atu,., ttri. aitditdiaat f-le. tlh
.<lh l iil',i of th> o..(. i.onil. Th , -iub hl
iofI thI,,. pur ic hilro.i , radialit fr'
thl, ililrnill job i t \ hini, hlroutl-h mially
of the oldher personli, hai k lti thl, daii ro
of Cheir own firmat ion. ion, id
I itt'
I:w ll n ty. Iatiojt thett. . im.. oris. it to
all. The .hilir,,n will nev,.r flrxl.t
ta y. he ill trute alt o'-e i rtn of rl'- i
whavin h shall atlr solt-mn i(t ommna-iolr
in ti-t olf Nantt fthurcth. fir he'
tw~on t athfor i ark' n and tht I Sis'rs p'tt
lit of thvt' tarsli rcarried i'it 'it at
tittat'~ anti wlftn'as tots'· ta th~itot a'-t'ns'
I, Ia willinsUr s'lts'ttl in t a h rh. Trlt'r
ittit' of I bet r fit ti' tlnt-s andc si ttt'ir
l-trish. Si'nhtntft ii r thir atitri' .our
Mi s inth of Maytn Inrrt
Tt nanh Confirmation. asiio
Iott . R ' v. la is op ( 1tna i z .t . ..4: i . T t ti
oill 'rontrlnihue alin oa aik ln (i f rII ati
I ILou. i-'al lt' r ('a tiozn tis ivi nlin , f is'
whlenl he, .hall adminihiitehr thi, sa;ira- r
llllelt (f colnfirmaii ohn toi th!, hreet
, ,s11r t ,n uniu l .lt t1f lnhis ~k andt -
tIti'.s Tht , to hi s ldr as havt, hit n Atli
l partly. One riultid i' sr, nlt'atat nr\i
ao ita t fot r lt- ar -ra, lii iv t. Tate ipm'l
ph*' of thl, lartish are a:ain hivilted ho
clllf'n and wnlt's naat fi' khsis, tlt sintt
thall will In.slire lhenl with a !rl'atr
t'lfiaLtf i lfthi'r ltalaE ons and f ihlo ira
thtilh. to ev nsyr; i' rigt p aHith hourt
an'liolil r t is li t inplord.
Month of May. Ga
iTth) month of May ausit liousi'ly
olitne'd tip Slllnday at 4::Ill. Tht, dP
1ttol ths duparin. tEvir? t,'k will i e a alt
i:;I., l,' ith r ('assaune is giving ilt
a swecet niefiow synapatliatifit vsti~s
ifit ri' ti)ns duringI I this neek ands
trst- h in l i. to t hi s IHaf ifcilth sltaL i
at'rs Otne should fsot tt IIwiOsiha ' n,,rs
ouil aflter heaingrhl th t lhw (if chi
inence O thel Y ill flip sit \ teks, hillu (hi
reli-vlhtn. fI'the ('ailuin has trtai retli.
arotn Io fear; It Irit rtilht 'p wioh the
chilr't chilraitsl Ion tint' ti srtid a ir
makxliN~oul. strahl onl hill tl nimplore
h'lp and iprotec'tionl foai th-imielves,.
andil th, pari.Mh. E~ver\ onlle iIn ! \whilh
a sweet mellcow ylitpathtic w voie i
lsin ll [11 ( 'ahlutani.s thati nake,. iis
or do yoth r orhl. It .s tratifyi to
dvltiol. " i~inTon ha sraily
nroduce'd wondrful tt ffs t. -- omi, ni- t
ln .an laid liva in th-f ':i- t( f ' l ah
Baptisms, bu
ainez iba-lli, a h taithtt'r ol Ant . n of oUt"t'
lhilrre'in raised in onufe Irar sim- ,It
ouny of rcelaouas phit and devotion. rilt
11 do yourl hi'art.s golod.
niass, ll. Ita innism . -.1
J. '. 'asagn'.Tite sltonsons aers'dn-
atiJoseph and 'thinm Loasio. at
AdInez larui., dtaughter of Anfhan lat- an
rlk hrciane and Louie Bass. snat, of ..'0 t
ouIny str'elr a as lapizzed dy b ev.b
ReJ. P. ('a.ssagne. The posor wereacats
Joseph and ('atherin, L~ocascio. n.a
Adeh, Mari,. daughter of John Pat- gta
rick 1Vhelan and Adeh, J. Senat, of no
804 W~,ebster avenue, was bapt/zed by b l
Rev. J. P. tassagne. Sponsors. Frank
iI. and Esther tuillot. ery on
boys tI
H. N. G. C. Auxiliaries. tention
often a
These good ladies are still at work of the
wilth renewed ambition and devotion. Sidney
Suctess has crowned all their efforts The
so far and soon they will be in posi- light e
tion to show results th-.t will be both rday
gratifying to them and to their and the
friends. The tt. N. G. C. The- of tick
atre will reopen Friday and will be joyous
opened Fridays and Saturdays and as they
Sundays until the real warm weather in the
sets in. Frlday and Sunday will be 8:15 p.
feature nights, and Saturday night very soo
will be serial night. A strong and it is to
entrancing continued story will be ure see
SDAY I',' !.v,. .ltv. r .ici i in the I'nited States can boast of some kind of
Orleans as .:; I  ,r.',+;,.1 at i1:1. I lthe ctrpo-,e ) of c t xhi n is to further the interests tof
': I: '. t,i:: t.tt ,ra '!t 1I ui-!!aticcn anti to help in the imnprolxetlent of
$1 t '.t- ; .- fI.. u i an orh. i:r a tini/c,1l . kno', n a< thit A". ci-.' ation it
Propco.to." Ti- ,,l..,, ii.a ;vtiin his deloc a , tithl fit .end fur th. iui -ines
1n . - ' Wt a' " r' t i t-. It Iilt 1l' ;-if tr., ,ity of Nt ,w c rl",an
New i v i. I- :i I . ' )rc.it n -rintc nii: tit - r. Jtcbir ic ral
1- I u;itp::I 1 cc -. tcic ti'd;t i t< i ,ne. n i f thlt ' i,'-, t its kilnd ii tilt
at 'tic 1"; .,I.+ ..,- h h
at ice :t . ýt ,,xc .*ln :u i plv- cI fllr.h uvh th' \,srn jxtiilc u!I
O ( 'e ret ' ,c .,.:: r i .( I i i ,..e- r ! l ', , .ll i, c: c .;li-h,,d "ithi ci t thi- or c.itll
,'. " Prd r - p ,. ,i i;; i- t say \ -.,rd t i te, 'ris, . i- i - !l- i
15 Prrd1t.> `
iIE RA LI+I i" , ~ ,, r1 1,t, i .,
;i. \ i i''lc 'x i ..1 X--,r, iti.nl. \\ i, ther or, r t' t ht licc' i; c , 'onIll lislicl
ath n lu t r I : - t a er , '1 v., cia ,' to til s \tho t\,r , at tivt,
Sft. "' I t 1", \. ,,, :, .111}:. a ',t it is n t., ih i that \." iIo'w appeat l tor t -iml
,al s,T o ! t T . th lin;orl+.t illt ,rs . Iai l.ll be and thal are
"n w ill IK i f*l .i ; lit, ' ' I " \1- ii r- ; ' pll '
char-e .No
h rscos :gned1 ,: I.cvc,c' :.!! '-,; iti,'i ,.t I'1 ili- .i ,i f i'll, rl\. r -ttel l dvu ;a;I T !, i It
con unlessl ,', . , ' - , .t .1 1i \!-:,.r- is , a ,i , lk - - rt 'r ic i ic t ,
i'n t h.v e i-n ; ri! - i t . x r. .titic i in . leri.c - L.i,.',e 1 ',ari . T', , i t
'. iII .,- c' -; pri' c , tell i the1. li" ir Irhltc x er itc! ., ii iL1s lII.' ,I
P' I - r r - -h ii. .t r~ ~it- - ,e c-- r li c c1i" l l T1iv iF
1--.-., - , ." :'i -cit ini iic r ". c;titilcr. It is it;' t" our ; rcc. rtl\ hliI
,t il - l; t ,tio 1 th i< k i' :,l ~ '.' .+ to itf l i f .,.
+.., - Ic !1;'. J it'! , , cc n t:.cit ti*. Il;, i r , :- ec.
I \I ,'1,,.r ci; -! ( ': -111 hi;.e 1w + t:,r',v 1 ; kell up is the ij ipIr It ,.l l,.I+T oI
.1 , -r i, r 'I. :~ "I ! ,. .taln Lh i- , .. " , .f tit 1'.1 1,tl S tre ,t i',rrt w ill , \'\ ir,' tn o w
,is .,i,', ' I\," \,a:- ,1iIi it the \!2 ii-r- ; .otp , Ili, :A ot ,.,ilit iio c-ltillll.e ;lcxills
, I t1 ii, ';ctilin al aiX c, li-*-:." i a -'.cr fcr tlht prixcI.'_, c" f ros-+iln TiLe '
I t - I 11 mciil thili-']-c 'ive-s to.'et' lc r ill a -trn- ,crc ia iti!.liiclil ciiid i th t
"I " - i ': c cr;-ci ,li c'!,- i Ii ,i c vI . iio ti .l iLt a t dir c,'\Icllse.c
\I r tf .tll ic ili ll I ur fc.ll -nlii i]-i -c-," Il it tlhat thei ireec dIi\ic-r
- :; it . r o ii .:' ii:it i= \t I-t'ili-, '. Th ," l -r i i I it is li'ite d at ipresentil Ic. :
o- '.i,\ lt, k atc l , iancti, siuar,,- o! c iti.'.alk and the Il nited Siates ne:sil
I ,. ,!" r1 li llnt will , it c\il"Id Da r fr e i delilter - stemt i ll ciio lit nt tlo t ht:iv
cliyv a ci.: -ilc - c1, -. .ti -c ,,ic ct ,lixo t lr, i ei' i bcrc iir-lic ii ,,d t he trIl .
il t-'it' i- r of r i lc tl 1ic this .l- - ioutl I -icls ji' l' ii of the -bicti-x'ltk it cri:
h 11r'llnc I c ti : ii lI.r'r iare I, ' t!;e d,'ll\'e r.n ,t niti, it ili brini- axicc t cddl lclitiona
S lol iicluJro)vi ccct'-iT ii i ' ,l ic-e's ill' rca-ced valh'u oif real e's-tate'.
-fc-ti \ iotth r '-irt ilicp ri;allt ii;c.:tttr. cilil \\e iii ,icht sci tih% i llo-I pi|cc llortanti,
l; I i- c r \a',;iv l Sticic n Thl \ -l,.r c ; ,cci-it- hllilc lmiilake e-v',ry lftort tio s-c.
vil- 1::;it' cur lii ail N;\c il Sitatcio l i- ,nili-tell ill til' rc-'iilar niav:itl appro) priation. sic
c hcc ll 0 \il ' iiiihi 1'r vicarvllt ',i hiir,; -ft cr , t.l niiiiiois ,i ratioill i of tiiei i-tatiici
il ite \i l1,, l',s, it , i ll10' felie Slata ii i ,- fi; '.ite cl fill tll.-.\pl' t lc-ci ialatlili es. tll
'Ir1t1 , hc n tle l,.-ie cdlci, i l-ý- t,1 it in ,\hc lllstil it 1 ill i Vi,.eces-.irv ifor ari atircirci
t only piriitii li frixi i l'ren s s-i le i i iall for this .,aric. in cirler that it iiiulht {in.
" cit d hoo'.
de . .\ iinotler i p rint.l i!nl h i cc- I - t,1 e t i i p i)\ i i -) n al cc- iciatiocl oin this sie (le 1 A
hp al the ri\-r i Iitl to :l l i;" the mant y ltfarmer, liiark-i, their ciroips from the(,
c11 xilil ilctl il lich-t- ic-l s adcj . it to ouilr dIi-trict. Iut this cci.i not Iie' doitie su-,', nc s
felt i l lltl luntil riadll are ilt . Illt ain, t it i in ot the ciblildin" of these rioads
- i hit tic; is li ce, l- :ire. but tlii h nlltiiintctn-n.ice is of i i(il sil hraile  ic aore iilliortance.tc .
Sfr , lie-.iiile, roid to icc tti on plantatliion is now liciniý clonstrlcitcd. This is
it many x l rear sset flr iur distric.t. ilti ii \cill soon 1 ec·-c to hep stol unlct ss that
eedais roadil is maintain d. It is tic evie,- tcra t ie f i by many ihat lithe ulpkt of it
Tand oi is cery e\lensiv, . Thiis is a re Ier eal mistaiket. Tio keep iio tlhe road
ie to i s nlot l inecessary ti iit l in any loire- i:.atrial fcor e-veral yve ars. It is. how
cret ever, lneces-arv to e-liilhloy either crown colys or melin ait ii malll saiar\ wtho
Iull of cill i) ailoig these roads ionei t \ ir Ier o icr three ,llys anid ill ulip the rutsi
union iti the matiii erial thati is on the road. Thiis is whait keeps the road in k dI
ir Ie- o ition ali nii d uil nless it is doniiiel it is thiro\ini the people's money to the
istiirs x I t1.
itii a \ e siOliiit have on this- sicde of thic river a passable road under all cindi
c tions of lth \ceathir, to our e.ineltery. ,\e' should also have a road conne-ct
ire- Ia
ins: with the road in ,efftersoni Parish along ilhe extension of Verret street.
The luildin oft roads meansiili the icuilding of towns. The more roadis -
ikei better road- tli(- iclltter i )ii't ns. I the better theil trade, tliihe more, suc-ces-sful -
the people', tie' inmore sccessfutl the town. (One mani. however, call not niake
ie I), t..ise ililpro\ements. ile man an nit bring aboilut a ccficient amounlt of son-i
f re- timent ito ring about these cilaiinies. . coninit-rxial organization thaii( ked lby
ning. taunciih iusiiness, whotse only objecit is toi -set c ciut thei iliiro',in.i-it of
srai- our ti \Iin. will britni the nfvce-sari result. 3
large i.et is iet Ioi'!tther.
d ili- - -
n ~Facts, Fun and Folly.
'ed to
hour \\'lkini i th- e i'-t \circi-is,- -nd the -htaistpdt iiF.
The It'lit-l Stiv,-< Piblcxi tielthi Sc rvii.- aiiuinis -r. TYphoid Vn
irrrlis ti I-' ,dicral x e c iit cs .
.istv 1 litlle iccixh i-- fr-qcli-ntitl lthe xxailliing .i-iil cil ib rs i
lat Ial ht-erl tiiid ' i tl t i dch. - n t-y lite - iilc-i- to f rll,'inii - a ii?
and I tlt uliii-ri-id rilk frequl itiv sprax l+s ditice>.?
ic-ri- tc air iii:hl dwl-t hirn hld< btt i i-ll t hl flc - i-i\ra i?
ci iMiderx ini iin all thiivi s crolticnu lilt "
te Theli ccrtltis spiller ic xi i-ilici iica r?
tIe c kint-y xili i-rl, llikllt tlh t hi-c lli hi'ani hoiaiiiixl- was not treating
cie :ii illt lihi re-sic I elte- his clation. expilis laltci thus
"lociik tic-rit. iny -icci(cl tillill. veinll dinit c-e-itil o -c racic who i ami. tlo you
kcc kiu , that nl y i l ntil. hatti bt'eeli cilittle-id let ce-ar cris for the- last lwxi hun
tired-i vears?
niy lci0 <. liai's iahiiji wxai the repl ". "Mc xliiiisltors have ice -n c-nti
m tt-l ic tceri lis for ihe lav t lio ltlhoilscu id vtarsc."
icput -n. 111- the tihl icatrons l ill be nix-'ilt of tlnjoymIent biefore its fare
on. wehwei-li • wll.
H. N. G. C. - --- - No:
Wednesday Socials.
The reopening of the Wednesdayx v )
il niht -nct ials i was a sit ided su ess.
"Thi- atte-lancce of 'irl< waxs lthii est The
pos ib)t a 'l an tint on otildl .omiliain lain :
abolit I vi scariity of liltnbers to lain
cdahtc titl. it aplearei as hoiih li retio rlorne froni li Lt
th2 "Tr sichitran eierts had dis- er r'<) r rarlirne . roni cd ( orioi
tributed thteir art amnnst the nonl-dur " aho reni
danibers tmdureing t he pasuct lentei sea.n T cl t-r at usual fSeri ices oen Sundayn of ue
re soi. and all rin trini their b5st to i-e- itlas a pa itfle lec-reia in tte sxi, h
g ite n a s pos s ib leu as n h s paiu c xi stte n dahi a- th e .un d a e r
of Another ufeatire t hicli as admired colpa-res with thmse of Easter Dai. In t
.by all as the uniform dress of dark thirel t unda~ atr s l
calied Low " iha " and t attend- ac-lo
k coats and white trousers which ev an.e ioas at a low ateb.
ery one of the nienlbcrs wire. The perform
boys themselves announced their in- The ongregation of Mt. Olivet and assisted
tention of wearing this uniform as Sunday School are cordially invited 4oion
ftent pof learn thsonif aas to attend the pound party" at the th.
often as possible at the socal affair (hhilren's Home. No. 6Oi Jackson
1. Sidney Excursion Saturday, May 6th. oluock. Those who cannot attend are tulle di
The arrangements for the moon- requested to bring or send their
light excursion on the Sidney. Sat- pounds to the recto ry, 2,d livier he
rurday. MaSy tth. have been completed. street, from which place they will be ene
and the members report a brisk sale sent to the Home on Monday. Con- tered
of tickets. The club guarantees a tributions In provislons, and especlial to the.
joyous time to those attending, such Il In cash. will be gratefully re sohns 1
as they have kept up a reputation for ceived. The church expects the mem- ad
in the past. The boat will leave at bers of Mit. Olivet to do their duty In sister 31
-8:15 p. m.. and as this steamer will helping to maintain the Children'sisfr of
very soon depart for Northern waters. Home. The rector requests that a rock o
it is to the advantage of those pleas- generous and hearty response come I aThe br
ure seekers to round out one more rom .Mt. Olivet. Provisions will be uIr. Fra.
re( eived at the rectory up to Monday
at noon. ('ash offer;ngs will be re
kind of eiv'" upiii to Sunda. May 14th. and
rasts of at any oth' r timle aT ording t(o th,
i(nt of can;l\tnil, I' of tloe donor.
Se'rvic.es on Sunday will !,ie held at
I te ul h rs 'n and ia
\ ;th Il " hI .1 in I( lr I't i r I I r 1 1 a Iv
T( I I
1!1" .e'p. Inh . it l . ,\ 1, .-I i1-n ,, f ah,
. ' { . It.1 ''\l ' ir . l Lr I' ll, l " thleh
T i l" n I .li- .t .i h ll TIo (lln II
ii ii T , I . Tt .
i 41 *..L r
it , t i -'t ' I C ( h,4 1 i l. i li ' 1 li.rl-.
S -i t -. 1 - " . "11 t 1 i1 i a ni.
t a t r T . aI T !I ' I \:1 . .
Ill , 1 1 . I Ii ,i; i '- . 0T x iii ill-It
a r t i [!1 ' I,, I I . .
rif l l"i.i i. i x l ,
h .tl .i ill lt" Ilil; it k I;l'F L \
i r ' rl tll.t t '" ;1 1/ . 1",' k
S )ti "I'llt- day T4 t 1" ll, I' lll
hrl -.
)hat la,Irk
Fii,!,' i- r i1 , 1 il ! t. Ii i
. n.' w;r r r i, , l.
ee r C y -
"" No newis eaci da ae
e yeoaple
the er9
WThe paid the Ferry Core
SCabout $400.00 or for$58,70
thmore yethan the entire
We paid inamount of our city tax for
the year 1915COST
We paid the Ferry
Evnythan l the e're
Sthe eara ge
i e la ti omn o t h T altars
nti nil
No nes re eired this week V tpd
OWned allfer i ar
me ttttf s
Sb a e oman:li
Tie mdarnia e of ai Rowena Ma- here
iaoii. Iian ghter of Mr. and e ers. -. F. ciarli
of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
which xxas a.looOm with Easter lilies YeSt.
aon fernes Wehich formed taisl arches isle tr
in the sanctuary and entered larze. sotth,
ly into the as icoration of rthe altars el rakr
perfored isihy Re n. Father Vincent. t ainful
assisted by Rev. Father Florian. at yead v
4:rokon piednesday afternoon, April nthey w
The bride, a lovely young t rl. uby
rto the inspiring strains of Mendels. bet
sohns Wedding March. Miss Malain tht wiin
carried a shower bouquet of bride roses thainjur
and had as her attendant her little Inur
frock of p ink taffeta velled in net,
ca'rying pink sweet pea blossoms.
The bride was met at the altar by b
Mr. Francis T. Carroll and his best boy any
meor. exi
Monday! m:1 Mr. Alv in 1N. M;'Iain. brother of
be ro the mride The ushelr \n ere Men.r-i
h. an "' ih. r to\r.r a il l takr a art Io ".l
to the,- - - -- -
l I m l , Mike, I\_ r. h it i ,nr i1 ' tmh h.I -
Trll ,.. I" 1 ,rri-o . \ (;illt1:" i a . i. trl
of 0 + f\\ ' , .o lt 1' ( "]\ ua t Su l, la. d H I° nr i
K°' 'lin.
'l li " 1' i. , \ il tt e  : l t P r I'n
';1 tii- b\ tlt , ! ,l h'tl,,r or of l, aI.t
fair on l:-t 14,t r rI nie4 '- t. i eIa, . o I+
`t ' f ,; l f l, a  + thi ' , ,u1 lair ilb I'
; t tihe r \Lair j,'t ri htth. 'h ,e `Eath
. l ,  p'-t ilh' , and 1; , '\ i l itt flt ar
The Ferry Company'st- r e-i de
ceipts are about $400
ia day or forin t' the yett; ar t tf
Fer ri age at cost would
reduce the amount tioit tr ft
Eventually Free Ferriage de
would wape aout $this th
extra tax on Algiersya t
EventallyFreeFerrage uan
Ar'e You Willing n:
To Help
No charges are made by the
City for crossing the hundreds lis
of Bridges that span the 1.,o
Bayous and Canals on the o
other side of the River.n era
The cost of all these bridles
is considerably more than the te
To Help.
N chagetae adfb the PhstalPoprtP
of Brides thaty sopanie th 19
nihd hy E. Ior Smay.r J .Military C
Boand of C;rtna. was just rihth Andet
th,, dan< in-, floor was just .icht, andBea
th, refr shnnts.i s 'rve d jusie t the e
right time, during an intermission. A
\+,re just right. .\rd evterybody \who Lo
'att .d had a ri 1ht ood t\i.r anp dti - in
nop'd to he aco to attlnd the e next ho
allair :iv+,n by s. j. g. 1.. Th(,o. lea.ri
mitts In shae conitd of Ft. h shn t t
er, +x-officio: !. !. l.auman, p hair beu t
Ihrbert . rc o th EnthtsiItic . P.rophr tory
iara, "na . jt (;r n. T Ityan i and er a
1John (iR'tat.o
Isle train was at Alre r('haLest ton
soit, tMer Jodn Yowera on of th ,fa a
brakeman on the road. while helpinto( ecuL
to unload a barr t of coal oil, was edin
painfully injurtd about tho len and True h
head whIn the board upon whicE. vah e i
they weN-re movin. the coal oil barrel aut
slipped from the car. The barrel fello
upon .e Bowers an injured h de
censiderably. A special train itas at whet
once made ups at Belle Chasse to$ u
tbrint Mr. Bowers to town whre hear ton
was attended by Dr. R. L. Riley. He aoy
is nb w at his home in Opelousas are.
nue. Dr. Riley stated after a pre-Wo
liminary examination that he thought
thati while ar. B owers was painful.
ly injured, his injueries are not se
rious.w o ipeou this rit
narextam n that o ge r t era.g
Shopping, frequent
"I say, Mabel, it we aren't going to eases tk
buy anything let's look at something tion we
move expensive." aSn
hr id I AirN tHE rolvr. AtE ARRIVAL.
11.\,ll hs tr, in ll , titt l r !il'!. "lht. ,at ,.
,xlw ll b,, air,.d he,;,r, fh!' Third li{, ,d
Mr. I N. I.. lii . r Ir ne o t he ' il . 'it'n
"F. . il'lih'i C oulrt.
!~r'r-. of tI.' 'ar f dirdi'ttrs i t!,"`
Lotteres Popular.t
f Lotteries Sl'um to haIv'i hico.n very
S po ular in i' hilad t. lh ta in the oldi
days, alnd vyar afher y{,ar b-i/g draw
it gs w\r ,' u. pc i i th i , t l aker 'it y.E
i-.t tli,' I , I " I ! :' ý " . 1 . ; , r a t t l :t } , 1
In lt rankr int t ',.n sylvania iiaZe of
tI.r.ary t" . 1t.' th,.' wa. a 1ig
! ,"III ' II.rt .n it hi, h al: vocartt l! d a lot-l
S i tery to riii. fl. _1 for lhe', i=; ihintl
Ir lt th - '.. " ( ii r . h hi Nti w i r -ns
,i Vk. 'Ironi ]I ni' :O- t-' i, E l ,,re so
r cotimon in nnsylvana that th law
for['ihding thi!n almol~st became a deal]
mletter. Alost tio wi ol'E 'i mmunity V
f sculat,.'d n l tikt.s, and the objects
rr or thr numerols sh'. IS wrI . a ei
irtrnmly araions, in 1,.0 a society
was form n: d Th Pny
vania SoTREiety for the SHOuppression ofG.
\tt metlc \ ithr ,'lc.cttI'V iII- :-'"r 'i mtrl.1 r"
Lotteries. " r hotin atta .r
Characteristics of Twins.
S Ordinary twins usually resemble
ch ot' uler markedly, It is the iden".
cal twins (among the rarest of humaI
'phenomena who can hardly be "'told
apart." Hut the most remarkable
thing about them 1a the close moral
sympat hy that .usua illy exists between l1
them- a sympathy so intensel tlhat run-.
I ' li l 't ti " 'IE 0 % 1,f :tlltl Ii i-' ar-11l: tr'Ira l'c -
less a vas't amount -of seemingly rel 1
able test mo ir the rvr. subjecIt be t
deemed unworthy of belieft one of
them may even receive a subconscious
impression of an untoward happening
to the othe, r, though a t reat distan ce
'tain- ''\ III I " tii l In-ti' ,t: r l ii T irt Ito, Eril
separate- trhem at tha time. --n I't
Milk From the Desert.
El Paso, Tex., has one of the most
interesting milk supplies Popular. trcity.
SA considerable amount ot the milk hi
goats" milk produced by a number of
goat daiteries, one of which havs ae teen hou-ver
En'r% popular cin Ihitamt'! p1h mc in the old
sand goats. These goats get their big draw
ing from the surrounding hot. dry ter-.
ritory, deficient n rakin' grass aniad only maette of
erately covered wi th sagebrus andig
cactus. A cow would starve to death,
but the goats, thougt h f'd neither haylot
nor gtorain give on an averag the iiiabout a
a: - ci the' F:tmgis~t i mnn mrintN New Itrune
quart each. ronThe milk brings thire same
rice as cowsen milk and is sold bothe law
rrfort.-iEd in g Iheta aflmo~st beca me a dean
ii. letter. Alm~ost tme' whole coEmmuntfity
In bottles aned in ticbulk.-etsFarm and Fire bects
tfur- fcr the' numcerouts s(hEtcnE's were- ex
trnevFamous French C athedral. society
wasThe Reign of Terror iTn 1793 led toPenngy
vansuch disgraceful orgies within the pression of
cincts of the cathedral of Notre Dame
Loat Pateris that it was closed to the pub."
Chc as a placteristics of Twrship ns.
1794, but was reopened in 1802 by Na.
poleon. The interior has suallffey red semble
verely at times at the hands of the iden.
mob and twins (dividuals. The raworst of- um
phenomenader who an hardly be tXIV whold
apart." But the most remarkable
thcarrying about his fatherm Is thevow, clause morald
the destruction of the fourteenth cen.
tury stallsthy thate high usuallytar, exists betwllisheden ma
withem- gold and silver sympathy so ntatuettes, that e n
less a vastombs amount of seem aingly reld
able testimony parts of the build
deemed unworthy of belief t one of
them may even receive a subconscious
Animals Not Worth Hunting. Mr
impression ofand wlcat are seldomward happeningt.
to the otheranama, xcthough a great disthmance
sepho wait for them at the tlongside the
clearings at nightk whenFrom they come to
raid the chicken yards. Thone fcats have most
beautifully spotted skins, but a pelt
interesting milk supplimasures or four fet from tipty.
to tail is seldom found. The lion pelts
are largcosider ablut the hair mounts oars the andmilk I
goathe plain black produced btawny hides arer of
not daipretty. Pelts of whbotich hakinds can bethou
sanpurced goats. These Panama market fotheir liv
ing from the surrounding hot, dry ter
rtory, deficienght in grass and only modice.
herately covere of mind with sagebrush and
about half way between educational
fear and cowardly fear. It is generally
excactusable. A cow would nstarvnce the to deathr of
excruciating pain in the dentiet's chair.
Truet this old feaats though fed neither has been of yt
nalue in that much of the old, pabout yo
ways have been abolished. But so ao--I
'owerful are early impressions and bot PeI
-,eriences-eepecially during adoles- staye on
cence-that many middle-aged persons a
Who were tortured by dentists when
youc become frightened at the
thiugts of agi itn nthe catera afiore oDpame u
aet out of the miad.
How Fear Affects the Heart. Whene
1ear does not mean cowardice or s thi he i
1imidty; it means ntelligence. It 8 b a
ver emotion ti the strict sense of this e bnd-1
erm. Strong emotions Paralyze fear
irequently the musces and ietreme Ho,
carryin ouhat. his fthers vowe causdl- Teh
tour say the perhon "dled be s ined to
gnwa nw
SnT.:. Al-H
,I r i
.- i t
h-,-, 4 1 l
ln ". '! ' " " - - N e w T .
! Ce,' Lose It.
ill i t..
h th.
.k ,ill
"d ll h . . i ? And b
old More I mportant
rw I
1i ldt
orng - . '
n of
oral Rich Ii'l'.e .I . . Qe your pa and
re i will .u, .hrry to see me leave.
n Willie -1 d4 iil,4. but I beard 'as
rel wond ering hl.w uch you'd leave.-8 L
be Louis hb1e- I llecrat.
iotMust Be So.
Ai y -- I ln't know exactly, 014
Al'ale N. a
htl I
mA wll- t I . wo. r4 s t ne lee
ryu wou.d t oortkz , sllW m t, you.Bde ve.
Her Iin eraloo Every m.
mhe Per '.- IIa ah, me na bmlly doeY!
)tht hl'atn a "bIulloy do'rsktv
r IeAy-I de 'rult knowt exactly, d
chapn, hut Ios lfrd~l4:Ih~y seine kind or a
donkey tIAt't Ichre of a donkey than
aTe or o thoe lrLh. noeru ino .-WtR
to ing ton t otni oh er.
the Exporienced.
T rh
ow on the skin.e
[email protected] on the akina.

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