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\ I., . 1 : : ;.
_ 1 i i ^ .
I .s ,i } <"': :1 l .t , , . [ : , .
r:! ..t t' ! ,," :. ,su e ,f t l, her . .s t
lIrrnt V T u p I y. 1 ur d .. , ,
tli 'A T r, lit' th., ; oI , r
I , r- . , ; i t .p .u1n e ~ t o:' her witr an. t. d
tciryts shir e iic irchf . cr.
,lix ,.k li . 1 . it : 1.. ae ri h-i s, , .I i
11 1 " , ' , " '' . i ,. " th:1 -t" " '"  "J', ', ,1
giht tby u<. at,! "^ R: , f. Mr, p t .it s ah.
si .ld r-.ien appl- *tr-betin s'hanid Ir sui:
Its of r.ef ti ' .T s I5- -tb-. cufi rati
",. , 1 .,d c ri , 1 i pest' , fI.r lt. t , t'-:
,.air , l' i. , it, t A o, tad I fI 'r . .et .t:ed
-ih.t. atir I dl, and.-. if alss Im y "r thed
.cts te o tl,.i s ci l t. , te ifr: trors
pIt her ou'r e rpri its fir0 the crpital stork
., aid c, ti.;.i ,tn shall te Layale at such
Any hilder if p;referred stock may at any
thun c.iivett the a na ct share fir share. anto ,
or cuiverei itt. ;,rfcared !et.,sck. The cr
Itratioll shal' have the right at any time to
.tisert said i ,ferret! sth k int, ci"immor.
a,:,k by p..:ng at - an di vidend date, in adt
liiton ti acct.l or dlioetids, the s fin of fifty
,i llars otn icna t.'it -if preferred prst ok. -
cthe  nts iL'rte rf. and rsuitng to said ounerd
lar Ie.r e share it preferred stock, on surren
retr f the nsael. nire 'hare of common stock,
so that each hilder of preferred shares, on
surrenderave the same, will recetie certttscates
for the srie nusmer of ctcommon shares to
gither with fity dillars on each share ot
ro-ferre- d stock 'urrendered for consersion
into coimmon s:ock.
comytn stock by this corporatton. as ab ve
provided, and if any hilder of preferred stock
tshnu.v fail th surrender hid preferred shares
tmr cancellation and cunverston, then sthe
,rtiorat on shalt deposit said sum of fifty
dollars a share in a Natfonal bank doing
bustiness in the city of New Orleans to the
credit and at the risk of the holder of such
preferred stock, and from and after the date
f such deposit, said preferred shares shall
stand and rank as comnton shares, and the
iowner therent shall have only such reights as
helotg to the owner of common stock; but
neither the amount so deposited nor any
tividend shall be paid on said stock until the
dertincate fer p.referred sharer be surrtn
iered in ecvheage for a certi:icate for conm
mon shares.
On July, 1r17, atid every six months there
after, the board of d:rectrs shall take fromt
the profits of the o mprpany an amount to be
sred in paying a disadeilld to the stockhold
rs, which aniunt may le all or part of the i
profits, as said fsard shall see it, arid shall
divide and dustribute said arniount as fiillows:
i. There shall be takent fr-im said amnunt
the sum necessary to pay a dividend upon
the preferred stock at the rate of ten per
cent per annum.
2. Fronm the remainder of sraid amount
ihere hallt then he taken the sum necessary
Spay a  ivdend ie n the common stock at the
r.te of right per cent per annum; and r
,. After dleduct an of the foregroing. the ,
rerdlander of said aimant shall be d istribut
ed among ther stockholder, pro rara, share
ard share atl:Lke, preferred and common stock a
ifng oi the same basris.
The cthporaeron shall have the right to in
crease its a onital stock from tine to time n
until said ap.tal sack be live hundred thou
sand dollars.
When the corporation shall be liquidated,
its funds and assets, and the protrneds there
of, after payment of all debts and Iabilities,
shall be paid to and distributed among theo
stockholders as follows I. There shall be
taken from said assets the sum necessary to
pay the holders of preferred stock the par
value of the same; and 2. The remaining as
sete (or the proceeds thereoff shall be dis
tributed, pro rata, amoni the holders of
common stock.
Article V.--All of the corhorate powers ofh
said ncorporation shall be vested in and iex
ercised by a board of directors, composed of I
irve stockholders, which number may at any
time be increased by the board to seven, the
first board to remain in offce until the third o
Monday of January, 1917, when there shall
be a meeting of stockholders for an election- h
and afteir said date, elections shall be he
annually. Notice of each meeting for such d
elections shall be gen by advertisement te
three times in a da newspaper published I
ians New Orleans, the rst not more than ef
teen days and the last not more than two ir
days before such meeting; and alil stock
holders shall have the sme rights and prid- a t
ileges at stockholders' wmeetings, each voting
according to the number of shares held by
haum. is
All elections shall be held under such rules L
and resulations as may be faixed by the bodl a
of dArecto, ad majority of the or e votes Si
ast at e election shall elect the me-d di
hers of he board The directors thus elect- fo
ed shall contiene in odic for one tyear, and
until their successors shall have been dully
In case of any falltc to hold sany elec- ar
tion, such failure shall not forfeit thi, char- isr
ter; but an election shall held as sen as go
may be practiable, after noting as provided or
above. Ft
lach board of diectore, at its Sra merg til
after each eltios, shalnl elt ierem is n p
eta resideat and aio ei t sad 9
shall alas lc a dslsy s·lapd r a hubsier
either or borh of rwhom mat he tmbes . I
the hard and both lt whih eoes. tay he a
Llad b f the seas erete , a ll ras O hoske
:? . , · ::·1:e .-tan ei-e
1 . r \ .' r .e sta 'cte l;se
- :q :- " - ' ."  n ·fic "
< 1. , -. " ,d
St .
I 1 . -. :
.g l r ht \, .'1
• *. : i. l,.
. ? ' t .. " '.s a"t ae \ t s i
" "f , . . . " .t " .1 1 ''.' 1"t ·· . I' -c )
. \n 1 ... :r . - ,n . o1e te c
it . L..ir ' , . . .. . 'd , cr ., ?t : -cat , .ll h u
k l " , l.' " i \ . e , a ',it' n, , -e "i d b.
d " "t ' ""a. i. " ulan,. at. i ap d nt a"
1 -^. `.1 " 1, rec lv r, n ha-.l hav . t : e -
d ' ., , 'niI li ,r h a. tse , t er " k p 'ti r
t ' "t . ir l - . r-A:c .. \ a' s , t i-`s m a -te,
A ;. I. nd arc: eret i n c .ofull pbd la ."
," I :ill an d. "in s : d .e the e . cp'net ri e sell bo
it At . . . '...a 1 -if ith aet"'a  , pA y fi . d -ti
I. I .a • " i-a, . and c: a ,. i.n ,--e , and sttle : all
.o.'l act VI - ,ed c era, aed shall have" ten
y iee aind u ay qd al l the ru.ig c.iwer o rivi
\" !. ;," '- a nt Cnfr:d b:y la p
..e - r sn, a..dr ..te.a.. t-ose a, anpprrd bi y
'd .i lqdo it 114 ,, ac. of eel Afse mily of
:- l.tu t:iati a t la-a::. .gse as" t o th'e m ay oew
io rt and e-an a ni suaiven full ndr tok ally
" lt , n, 'nl adae aal the cbousra-tn, aut or
h, , nd,1 afsaiS i td c.irporatmisif. an rd disu
y ni 't-e i-nust ai l an-e . t iftes andi the
he at ar,-Ni r ae i s rsr fran lck shall have
S helI ie and for l he cihe tracts, faults, or
kIi :,e . in1 and hp.urteiall thany cofther ua
L pdance, if any, 1 uthe Geea Ase b wyth oe
r• ha l r l anne ac re lger lte alerl otherp -
in dett. uind ati and furthr ae anl the yun
t- tii i the eftct of reiderang this charter
. .A-tile X -Th1 s corpo ration is organized
.y wuder the law a if the State of Loutsiana,
Sestiect,'ly Act N. 27 of liq14a and the sub
iC rshiers hereto, for themiselrs and said cor
tit .-raton atd farr its othecers. dprectors and
t st hild ra , heretiy accept. ar s acondmtions ofI
11 ilth:s ,ii iacrati n and part of tns charter,
all the rights, pawers, privileges and imtuu
,, nitta grant: d to and conferred upon cwrpoh
t r.tirns, an upon ofcers, da rect,os and stock
y hlalerrs of rorpoirations, by said laws and
e ald a lt-sich acceptance liting as full, corna
n- lilete and hi nding as if satd rights, powers,
r- -atll eg and immunities were set forth atn
fall length in this charter.
e. Article Il-The names of the first board of
m drect:lrs of saTds corporation and their post
, rlice adhresses are as followst oiz: James C.
e- Sp~-t-. No. 3,9 Broadway, New Orleans, La.;
ie Itrtrand Kiernt, No. 2019 Magazine sitreet,
: North Rend n stret, New Orleans. La.; Theors -
tdare Ic uald, No. r5110 Freret street, New Or
t leans. La.i - and Scehatian . Younft Metairie
nRi. Jefferstn Pirish, La, pi s aor P . Box
The said hgard of director shall electd from
it its nu'ner a president and a vice-president;
yrte andhy shalt also elect a secreto r and sd
meihlers of sai latisard, and both f whicha
. ofices 'tay sie alled by thn e sn ae person, rall
a s said biard may see fit; and said board
C shall sernde Int l the third rMonday of Jan-es
k uary, 117. and until ther s uccessors shall
Itibe elected, and said board shall have and
t. exercise alt the rights, powers and privi.
S:leges conferred y law and this charter upon
a- the board of directors of said corporation.
Art:cle XI.-The names and post roffice
drstock of said corporation and the number of
shares which each subscribes for and agrees
tc taklce a er e as follows, viz.:, s
t James C. Spols. No. 379 Broadway, New
a stock; Bertrand Kiern. No. 2019 Magazine
Sferred sock I A rlen . EngeA.art d. 1E: oharth
if,,rthRe nd , tew wo Orleans, La. two shares
Fieret streeta, New Orleanes, La., two shares
Il of preferred stock Sebastian J. Young, Mer
- taiie Ride, Jefferso, n Parish, La., (or P. 0.
SOrleans. La.) two shares of
Spreferred sat nck Charles Carroll, 801 Hennen
e building. New Orleans, La., twenty-six harbes
I Not. 379 Broadway, New O rleans. La., nan
hundred and forty shares of common stock.
ie Thurs done and passed in my offaice on the
day, month and year f rst above written, in
t the presence of Azzo . Plough and Irwin A.
I Beyer, competent witnesses, who have signed
SItihe eearties. and sid , notary, after read
Sin thCse whole rht ,or a
SOriginal Sinred; C. Spwths and others,
S the oundersigned recorder of mortgageto
in and for the parish of Orleans, State of
SLureisiana, do hereby certifybr that the aboe
cI and foregoing act of incorporation of the
SSimplex Flour Company, Inc., was ofthis day
duly recorded in my office, in book 1a01,n
sNew Orleans Aug. 3, w 1916. a pr
r(Signed) ErILE 3. LEONARD, Dy. R1 ao
and for the Parish ofe Orleans, State of an.
isana, do hereby certify the above and fore.
going to he a true and correct opy of theC
orignal act of incorporatlion of the Simplex o
Flurer Cpahny, Inc tOeathsr with theo cear.s
appended, the whole on file ans of ord in
I itness whereof,. I have herentos set L
ur HENRY G. Ms CAL, met. Pubstok
thue e p an sopt a azM . o a ri L.
S " . r ,, t ,. eij n , 1 ) If Nel w 1 -
I 1:, • ., - , , v >f tfe
" " .- " i , , ." 1i r 1 S t' r iI '-;a't . -es ,d
,, . -
, , i.he . . . t : --\ '.-f
i : - . . . .' t . ., v , i . ,• ,: ! .t wo : -
}" 3 e r .c "]t d I h i 111 ri.n elta
r " t . -" - to de1 dit v.
... ...
SId : I h1:o e
d ' I " ...1 . " whe d at I t c Ces, of t.. .
. ~rs -.n h . rd ,h I tI-rThe a-,
I • , , : • 1t elv
: :AL C titer- -r.1:` :v e . a , - •: , en , s . *
. . ..d - )t l o ; i . .f r
Sa - h o hal c
e t - . . n . ie. r t t e .t ot or
- i -; ora te: , n t, ^ • , f , he , o . allt. ,
"--n ", te y " r-." o .nt .d te lcit.
A a " - . hc .de.. - i o 'cd "r
- -t *,e t- t " ! r - " "-i : ti -
,I reg." . IV the b h " ca, i o -f i I' e-mpan
nnf-, by maiing ne. ", tage prep.d, to
Sh:t la-t known idd r
I ' y t r ! ,o .or ·t f mr dit f id ew
rI h 'll ee v i:d in sr all we te balltr
. . .. . . ... . ..o . . :: .:the s i. ,,r . ! .r..!i: .t .
..Ii) I p -.. ii - t, : . - e- n. me i.:- ' ,
hreg.""rtd -in th of the .om :a
.-i te tt o . nt:, l. ll meet ing s t, , .. c. -
. d, ,tfl-. .," prior t.. . . . ,. . , 1 e.l-h• '
*" i :, : " t , e. " ,'- t .ge -, e :'" to i
aais . . ..n u l . n o " t
-sl de or o utrnt i'n n, the ' v of N".
i, pern'-o nand t ;uh tendtee ts of the b
• " r if " --cto . ,- '- 1u.s h .o wt
r' 'te 'n ti , t l ' th!e deto r.a.Nt nr
.Art-cle , .,-, h. ae rf , c-t.ioratin '. i:as
,"t \\and", -tere b r , n n. ,:7f. ,th car-r
"r t m:e -i n ii a.s. . I-c d 'tay l hed in .t i ,qt.n.
pre.a"ce by;the to with the baent fnp
rented a a- g::. to hal er, i a t :' o f i:ce ot td
' ft ,:3 rt. 1 n" di- prir i .ce ofhou ll et ohall
hae --een givenry tue .uphtart-o in ohe ofocth
aly ne-r.tiaper pi:ni diedt in l t eh inty of
-ai, e -iake and i,e- fuh aieq anmay d b ehi
rie, :u l and qaoi.:dfed Ecihr w th shthe e let
:- u iwr thl cnt 'in u t, t'rt ct. ns of a
S Ar tclet Ird a- sene-et-y- te.r corptIr Theio
-e.-'t ar '-tri h ll ea re nhed :h,,: b le o shrehodenr
dr e ei the bd ion. t uatn if mts carte r
Ia in, ain y e its ahe vua: i tha ll t he muipa -.
d atle-d t- the rthe r ' ctomor i-in toe hapr - c
\-ri:ted thlce of l to chlold r ars' meetings o
,thllhe iihine due one or hah u r-ck hatr t
tscr thry at r l at td rren n.tv prioe r to hrel -
In . I-,y mal;sno -ev e. Ia . talh e prep:,nd, to p
SdAn . Src:r aid t frm tion cits of rm wi
ie hruani, or hIn aa,! irso a:end m- etld  of the i
S!,d.;rI of ndad :br. e f fu hli q dte. a~t n
prtcxv to ate Odhr dirtetor, aid said Pon.ythe
,tna"-r hl c!r n ovn airott r it e uat. the rst
Artir;e V.-ah:·i a!t h f w it ,lh ,nradti , maye *
!,e cle In - altertd or mhd: erd. or the cor
pore~crtion hall aw; e r lie h :he assent of
:atti-n,,:rths in :, of ther um·,c t rha nt or repai
ralen te au a r ~heral noraetinu onf the sta- s
i oftI. kowonv eed fby ,r that rpo afer thirty
t.: day-' priolr n c e s o o such ing h a
iave t,ei n iaimty In o anizatio n in one of the e c
i- t lrnelri tahrs "a hed in the city ofs
Neg stlecnR. 1,kfole ptAR il iatory bulineo
Ssated parida anc d e Idu h canfe mah eta
madhe Iun refheene to the rptal etok shallwe
pe in ad the rdanr s ith the thlen f xist
tIussianawt on t hat the oueject.
SAr:irete orI.--\Vhenrth th corporation iso '
tor an:n ank -a:er it h afarsg uhall he hiqui
dated h three Joclrlrnms.to , eas to i e ap
hinted dd the n topkholders at a meeina of
fthe :hd- New Orleans. onLnte dar that a
earn ghvrin abo the icrstwary to each etrck
Idneor. Waid oML:nll onrns shal remain In
Attice until the acoaprs ,f the ·a.d cnpora.
nla,n -hall haVe iten fUsl-. liquidntod. In
c.he or the dgath rf either comwri~sloner , the s p
anirvdter nhall cont erue to a dt. t
Ahile. !nt--Neatinanckholder of this cor- an
arplpmivn edall ever be held bate or respon-nn
if tk nd by him norl a mere
Witnf rendrre: this chartrer null o of Cxpot-a
iSa oFRED C. MARX, Natar liahltv bc.nd
Ithe alane due on his sctock.
The suKcrEN heDY -erMEL have each written
noite hd r namea the numAri er of Stat e ofsI
aunC'.bed for. ei that thin act of inc rpofo- ie
ee:on h.ay al- Te' as the wasn.d thisdcrap-y
Tdul s drnr and pI s,.d in my oofi ce at the ,
foih: of New Orleans, on the a. month and. h
er hrSina!ene first r.ten thL A tyr R.
hrf names A .,hether wiA t the osiad ypp.arr
Lrvdc. Ionte-hneatin and erasures made and t
(enames of Signers,
FRED C. MARXs. Ntary Public.
in and for the parish cf ans, Sate of f
rle.sanaC. do h ArTe R reyrtifd th thae sboce t
and foregoind act of ncorporation of FSaesa
ofemlri Shco. tIncorporated arfrst be- Co
aly rordl In m office, Ian qhuoaed Ii,
folio es ee Orleansd , ad Ante. ree. 1916.
A true copi.
(Signed) pd
FRED nm. eARXe hoeret Public. ga
auw e 31 aept 7 t14a1 oat h oc
alnlted States af America. State of Louisiana,
Larish of Orleans, City of the Orleana di
Be it knorn, that on this thirto-finrt do
of the month of Au ets, in the ycer of our
tnaO public, duly commi4ioned'ynd hueliveed u
ein and for this cite and the parish of em
na:'t and agree ant bind t'is'mselvl, as well
.1i all uich othir prrsns, whi maiy here n
,,l'trr :,, *e. a..i ciat tl w':th r.'", f, .::
i t ,' s t . ' i if I ." . -i
t i " - - - '
II _
-i . I mi , : i . 'i : i '. -" " ii',-•-, :Nn
• .., . .t t.. to '.
" ," " . ", .\ l ' " u "t l ' he
T1 . . .. t . their.
'it ] "d- 1 :-k ino :
t - ti third .n t:i I ani r. : 1 .
- }e c ..e d ar:I
o , ;.11 1 I-
r\ :: " . a i" -nnid, N le. ' 1 ' t w
,I n ni- vie ri-n" s ' it l . tl aei
' n 1 -" P . 1:-:t. th ei
Scre-r and treasre.
It ', t .hrd Liitay in Jan~uary, 191,. and
" r t" 1 at, in, ater .ti -en (5l days-.
t .. .e tin r: .all have ,nen given in p er
.i tI nd ititn the at i the rist
Vfic, pot<.erlv addr-e-real to the la-t knti nse
SInt t te st .ckh . .. ler f 'aid i eting.
1 •en ¾ rI of d rect"r- shall at its t"r. t
i - . a- ra t - ca le, elect fr.-: ,. th - w,
t . .i a pr i -it. t a trst vceprei
f Th ti :ard of d.t-r",n shall t l elect
i.e the two ofices i o p n.... Ai
l e t vi- c. dire r  : " - the date above- '
":. "nua is ofice and another i, leCtio, shall
"a t-c to ie .ei tv the It , ar of d te -,tor
t "he . in fte whereof fifte'i das prime no.
t ', i. I "ie vet . in the manner retua tiove
- '-s .is I a : ll e tilled i the re taining -i
. i rii if directi:.r shall c. it, t a. .te a q arun
.\: i " a aca't•n atm manaen's- t cf - 'all
b sid wrpirartin. The) rum make
-it, t Is-I is. ruilen atid regutlati attn as thter
" tu .i.n as ,i: a-.airs o- f . a. d c -r pa at ., and
amr e iletr attil atnenitI samte at plmeanre
a.id enlil.s-e"s, the ,ame to chan-e ,ir dismis
-r !iect" sell" , c "nnev , ,origage. pledger
at. e attl l mut'i <hase praterty. , vable.: t te t mrt.
"able and persn !ial: Isoc rri:1 m:one y " isse.
noent an .iad, len d mone'ay, make:s cr.tt
: i!.:.- as ps :in a'. and c a tor se ind aclr e
A t"art c actd dee Isatcr..y t .hal e': ticra
d:l p-t e d n o ', s s'oa k in the nd t e a f l -
lIver to: ' the r tei~ dentv l. of ,i , .c:r ti,.'l
d s:hivalf' nIlaeCCabl antdlos sll hford sthae
Aticle ,h s.'I -Na sl-wcrh.iiler. Thall h ire
disp: e of acny l f hsI  I tc k, 'r , , of h l crz.ir
'-no ntlce rshall taed at, oiced ,samenitre
'he onter t stcheol 't esSaid ei. f salder.
Ater 'Iftien Ia'st f the presd ret e fh f said a.
adrt shall nfraed tne floe poc sidt sOckai
b.1le I:-or . n. ord the- in .opula:uary as, sand
stack whict:hl taid nr :,.a takce ,f. Teren
idit •hca, acknh l dc thhra eof a~l ii c at he ,,c
n'el c-hntns -aC st aeof to. eanc oheii per
After fierelnd foro th no ret of saider, n
Writen offer and i lre of said stock'dr h
h-.iclets or an.yT st o thec to raiu lae stad
-)ecknh oine the eoafhrae lf -aed alloedet.
setll aclhl e s ikiso olfled to any i ther tert'
nf otr er--uirns fa a oa tles s,,, h!tw ;entha it'
anl a p rr 'o:etresi of tochstockde dereso -
he can ae dmodrif ir corerned or had clr oe'c
ian heo aiy o otices ven in t the rner A
aereinaove set forth in Article dtII. but
any an"d shall e etings of stockholders, wheth
efar :purpose of liquid ation or for any other l
purp se, ma n be herld at any ptie wa e thout
holders in writng filed with the secretary, a
Article X.-The president, or actmin presi.
dent, may in his discreteon and sh ra. upon
the wrlltten request of one stockholder, call i
a special meeting of thel stockholders of uthis e
Article XI.-No stockholder shall ever be C
liahle or responsible for the contracts or
faults of this co oration i any fuarther sum
lthan the npai alance duof the to the comp san
lon the shares owned by or suhcribe ae for t
by him- nor shall any informality in the or
ganization aver the effect of rendering this a
charter null or of exposing the stockholders s
-Artile Xi -W te onee coris atorn an
aother cau!se, its s e shall be litidatsd t
noder the superintsendecy o two ntoc alked *
her, to he chrsen Sr that prpfhse by a ma
rtp .e; ..:.,," a .:" ti C'1" .'r. '.g I tL:e
: I
. ... . , : ' . .... I\ ." i.. \ . , ! · . : i
. . 1 \ . t . , . . . 1 11,!
. ' . . , - . ,_ . 1 . . .
. .. h. .. • . : . .. . . . .I
l N1 C *' 1 . i I
S " ' . ' -" ; ". ' d- " -'
1 '-... . . . . d " , "'. twi
V :I 1 ... .he
, - Si:, , t e d !t . "
-t 'A
" . -. :- . ' ::. " : , w : , I.,
.' . a", "h:, |'. -' r as" " se,.cret,''
". r "' : n " . ý , " r ! r 4 he c . . t, k ' t f .
1 :' " ? " r~ C- ' " I , i a , p •a i . ., noi t ,
t. , . , , :..t " f t. r :e' d ' .r ':-s tw-.
ri . - o- or': ' of "'4. t le ,r t ' r, f :, . the
"t: a : t 1"r : e rc cedl v tie
, " r" a ". t'i " . :i.o t e b l.c:hld
d e]'t d r ,.r: Ie rs ch tar
- o lf ": t o. ?r ,- Inansfe " d t: , sthe c.,r
" t ;" ' " -m . : &t, t -u s a d
Hite Cf the c .rj:'. :rat: to k sres' an:: ther
l . F. \s La: Emrn:  en
',r:.t. - ' it - , ... . a. Ph-hp S. G. :d -ere
:"C r e :i r' .b ' - lEa en 1'rr ' n as v:ce
I h S. (.dere as secretary
M es E'm n" Ph..' 1 n ' ... ,r k : A.' t: i ll i
h i e v"L shal :r.ake all hr-lass,, rules
anl  t.I: ati.s. n',-".,ar f-v -.r he cl ier i- f
Th o'rfi nal the s rp r:n. " "tfailur at
a-rs'.- hI.- -l d vg, r ta e. lect d:iec
• t c--rr< as herr-in prv:drd. shall not.
k :hi, w ri'tur-e .i L his chari er or diss.,ive
S ".. n ,i the existing , oard of
.\" tc " - ' at. t .e- 'hall c.'ntinue in office
^ ,i: tl''r rces'-""r . have teen elected. Ine
ex. evt of the death. dr:cahibl:r or reitgra
San of one or more of the directors, the re
nra:nsii directors or director shall have the
power t, appo:int from among the stounckhold
o director,. s l9 . eed y o
Stue : orp' ratov have set opposite atheir
r ' -I: ri y-t::e: e aN drr-etshe nuaesr
in .es tf t we hicrh t y reirpec t:el suf s
ci:,t d cmel a nd qaacd hr is a descrp a
- .' or the property transfrrred to said ctr
ti',1n in haym¢ -t of Wilt',:- La C. Iufours
s!-crpt:irn ,r the api:tal stoc tger:her as e
a sta-c:t:ncn oi its value as appraised by the
d:retors. e all
Thus drie and passcvd in my office in the
acr id ew '.rieans, on the < day, month and
yeaSr first above rthesttinthe presence oft
':h if the Ia , agr e of thism j ort and reosdn
chras parhb, c mpetent wttnesses, who
tiecnd hereto wi h the said tppeareri and me
n:otar afd ue reaing" a ofn the e h ofa
The original tes sged ind lec tedIufour,
: share. Wi tney ldeag, ew orleanse, :La.;
st., New Orleans, La.; Phplip Cidipere, one
iranord . Ellisr, mne tsha reor, 321 St. Charles
i:ng esesc: Fin-snd ihelps. Frank A. hailer.
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
n and for the parish of Orleans, State ob
Lou:siana. do hereby certify that the above
anirrte fg:ng act f ncorpkorae sion ofl thei
no: s:ana-i rslisatiop aLnd -e, lopment nCo.. a
Is.ar. rs tis dral duly recorded in my of
(ianllei MdILE o LEONARD, od a . R.
A true e dprop of the ornal on l and
tfo re--lrd i e nn t hei ci o New Orla. anugust
MiF cir I.,io and ohe ilmalJ In-porat Alled.
of New t)rleaies d
lIre itr lt e re idin ,t o f the ae
Sn:the ori Siplit Isni the \Vir. ct'ari Iorr.
tte tlhaei.and nine hundrg.d and sixeans, he
f-h.e PeR. n i onR I t al thre.· yaic0 rnne
and frar tr e Ia e s hj of 3'tdscr Stat . of Lou
-oT,, doew' clrn.:e~,i-neL aa. qualied, and
i rhe u de-i-nr of he reorde- se wtnese, -
ITally carre rid apparile: the severalto
th:saite hreby rea-y that:e Ia of
and f~rei-n, and ife especially o f p Act 267 t
:hisstaat-. they hair cp -enantd aeel agrien..
and bys these presents do crrnadt nd asre fe
and ib -o 1v l'CC, f thi c an r
ArridIc I'-ThIE tJ-.end tie NAR thi.s R.
ratCru: sha oe th 't · aI -Iv l a nd C'-rnpanv.
hasr-nand ein n tv cession ie r a prer-sd of
cate. or pledge property a personal
:ixed, nedcesary, Incldental or pr.Oer for thR
stock in any other company or canpariPe.s
d I-rt- -" s ; t, make and issue notes and -
cerr:iate.f of Indte. dnesr. to name elect t
arti aNep-int managers, directors and clerks
or either employees t, properly eon-dIact its
corporate btusless and n o make such by-las,
roles arld regulatons as may be frund nec- a
essary or desirable for the management and
ncessaryd fo the complete and proper ear- I
rying cut of said business, w
Article ,la I-The doicaple of this orpora
tlon shall be in the city of Ner Orleans, h
Pa!rish of Orleans, State of Louisiana. where t
served upon the gresldent, or in the absenc
-f the president uo.n the vice-prrsidengt ofrr
in the absnce of both upon the secretary. 9
Article thy.-The objecat and p r-poees of
this corpo-tese ares herceb declnred and h
stated to e: , a
Toake .aTh datl End eLs .ue wth e,r
.'" '"the za
St ates. 3 t
':" lareta a
is the Gateway De
to Success - osaio,
in Business rEO SOUL
Beer Bri.wed in New,
brew- d to suit the
-,That is why
Is Best e
American Brewj
Fine Wines, Liquors o ,
Model Sheet Metal Work
Phone Algiers 377 916-918 Tede
PhAene Hemleck 291 Corner Royal and &r
S . - I ..i . , baastu - .1':d
l '!:.--, -\.~: : .r-. ,v t l " , i ,'t ti e ' C
"' . . ,. , , -f d .!iu-g: and
': h. . rain and
' ' i " : r ca::n:ng and
',,. " , ' , : , 1 ~ ag p' aints and
, it . e 'arid operate.
I ; "111_ ' -i t1 ! lt ;.s I::! -- cinabs, tramn
S rge o other con
S' t and pl-I enge.r, and all
t1: er - :t: t es a I aliaratui or parapher
na ia receseary i ,r i:cident thereto.
S.:! " :. ' : *;: e '- s p.rtain
ca c ': r , p , l'k :::'g. buavy ng ani selling
, ;, , '. r . it* : vegt ta lr'.' ed:
ir.e. or ':I: as are gen
'" i ',. c-. l ::; ' l a tp r. a:r, ' of thi,
Al :e V'.-l T e cap :al st. ck of :his car
n"'. .~1 t I at the ut:n of seven
th ,'and thrte hun~dred ($. (.' (i d li--..
, - i -, v t:v-triee t31 shares of the
t: ; ':r f . "ne I:ind-ed ,$1·0I.LM' d,.!irs
i , .t. t .d : l .i the an in it to which the
i."",. .:,': ,tk .,.;'l'', c, ,-ati m ay be in
- `-r, '. - .r Hintt -' :e th,,uiand ($'5.
I" rv r ,; p, ' e . 'f the capital ct,,ck
1: th , ,p rat:,i :1: be subi cr:bed for
,e 't. ", r,' g f the arC e ' of I, rpra
ti '. T' i.:-crhe captal st ick c-f thi
* ; " ," -::',! !-e pasable tln cash and in
P",;' " , rte ,,r pe -" nal.
N - ickhr ,hill ever he held liable
,, ," , ' , f ,r th e f. :to , c .ne tra cts o r
, . r of ths c rp., ra. n it, a'ny further 'umti
Ithan th unp.ild talance due the corporratlol
,n t'h -haie- f . k -uslcehred . ,r by lism,
n.ir shall a':y mere inifor:nal t in the organ
rat: n have the effect of rendertng this
' " , .I:e :I ,- .,f e ixp..-ing any sh:-eho lder
t artyI l i!::':y what iever.
Thi. corporati n i'il t lt engage in tuci
u'i- utrntil for t,iusand ($4.10fl.00 dollars
,.i t!:e capital -k shall have been tisued
,.nd actually pad in. either in cash. or prop
e", .+s atrwatd. If any of the stock of
th-1 c , ,.n e ichanged. In while or in
a.i t'at vtsent the provis-ons of Section
p , Act b..7 .* l14 shall be strictly com
plied with.
All transfer, of stock of this corporation
:,e - he :r e ,I, the b .ks o.f this corpora.
., at its .,ti;e In the city of New Orleans.
A-:cle V. -All the corporate powers of
thi corporat: n shall be vested in and ex
rcId h a '.ard of directirs composed of
vt- .:kh ,',der',- each of whom. shall own,
iI hii, ow n r!ght. d:turng his term of office.
..t Ilt' -ne ,:c f:i-pa;d and unpledged share of
1,i taip::al s: sk, which shall be shown by
hi. ar ten deciarai_.in, and three directors
hall con titute a quanlm for the transac;: ,a
of ,uriness. Said board of directrs oshtl ',
ele.ti a'u- a:i:i .in the third M%,,ndav in
Yiet'tr: ':er. ,g' ""rns e w::h the year ." o0.
They. tge'thcer uaih the officer- elected by
then shall continue in office for one re:-t,
er nntil ther scce, sir. shall have been
hle,- n nd an Ind ct Into t ' fitl,..
"I c c:ictii r the drec,'is 'tall be lid
,n the hincer ,*f the cirr-at: a:. under t'e s:i
ir''t on f w'a c"mm -":: .ners apipo'ntel -.
the iard of d!-ecto's 'ifts'e-: day- pre ia ::5
: i::ce I, ,I eect.:in shall be g ven to
tiah h h-:.i, bl r ,iv the sterear:y by ietter
'lep.,':td in :':e -.'t,hee pro'erley adldressed
t.,ch -t ,cI Sr ,e. aI pre c" '' Lv ,w.
' itt. .hall be 0, hallo t. A ma r
Ity of the ,otes cast shall elect, and ne
',ck rep-e~': idii hv the I older in person,
-,r by written r,-xy. Any vaca-ncy --r "
: .t .1 . . ! f , -d an\ cite skid! 'e :'.*
ta: rhe unexpired e-t i '"y the retma. :: d
their first niec':r .g e: v,-ar, e t fro
lt:e:- , .n nua :.l t- a :"e- t.' , v c- :re -
d- : ad had l a' t' a tr ,-v a"
"<'a':;!r r. iil- ) ,) a ,r :111.v -,"" re ,t.:: ,t
' e1," at l . .r ti sa::t Ir-- :- ty
S :h sc-retar, and tr. - ' A',
`. tf the ` ,- 1 1 f d res , ca :" "
' 'e pmer: In p- ,,n' .t an i . - thg rf ' I,
, t. - ,!l " .,v c the r i:1: t
' l., r t a ',r x ., deit gn-te.! -.'r .
sh.-l , nn.- .,f ('::n ( .w F o '.b Fo.
S e"i . .e 5 (:ta t . (.tre. NcIw ;'I.
Ne (sr ceans, L:.srae a; (:.n I. Ilalg. !
uth IHis:n street. NSE erf ;: LIr: '
I im I) Ten, (;rand I.slard. (i. Iu -
a:th the s':d Chin Chow Fc, a pres
'I .sad 4 hn I'. 'h ,;g as v e- s. :r
and suld . W. F-,ik. as ercta -svtras---:
and these direr'ors and oft..- ':s 
until the third -Monday in S.p'e"-.e'", i "e
year 192i. or un:il their succas. ,r a e eC. ced
and inducted into office.
Article VI!.--This charter av be -m.ue- .
chaned, altered :r amended, :te carit.: s'-, k
thereof decreased or increased-, r th;si c:
parat:tn tr.ay be d:isolved wit :L.e a"-ent ft
ta' -'h rds of all i's s ck. atfor pr:.- " "st:ae
n writing to each strkholder, or masied to
hin at his last known post,.tlce address n
nartner and form as presc-:hed by law.
Article VIII.--At the expiratin' of this
charter, or earlier d;nsSiution of this erpe
ration for any cause, its affairs shall be 1.
quidated by one or more commissioners, to he
elected by the stockholders, al! of whom shall
hold stock in sid company and said com
missioners are hereby vested with full power
and authority to liquidate the afairs of sid
"'". ·f ton 30 of hgg'
•\·.,'I IX.--The appea
0:ey havce subascrig
. shares of the au
S" I n, to-wst:
' I n1: ow Feo. 1. 111 T
S ," L.,:si;ana, ast S
;..and Island P. . t.d3s, h -n
S. \\. F.,k, 339 Cbha
.r.: -. I.,)asiana, six
147 S. Its :n Street, New
y- " Iart'; 'hin Wing, ( l__
I.,,:1 ':.na, five shares; Ohb
(t', r' streCe, New
, :g' • and one-half sharest; it
-F: 1, Avenue. New Ori -t
lharrs; (Chin Mon Watt,
:! -ee shares: (Cin Fa T
t : in,, two shares; Chis
.ic: l.e Nes Orleans, Lts -
c'!:n 1). Hoy, 215 S LIhW
:tat- ,-l.uisiana, two
( ait:. (China. two _hahlm
. r:llne, itreet, New
' daies: (han Way
, s'ares; ('hban Was,
N\r Orleans, Louisias, ie
(;in. 3121 Magazine stsz~
islana, one share; CQ TIe
!uto street, New Orleb4,
'thare: Chin Toy Sina. 41
N\w Orleans, Lousasa, is
Ten. .Grand Island P. 0,
shares; L. Y. Bun, 316 
1-Tran.. Lou:siana, thre If
\ at. El D)yxado, Arkahaa.
S.ing \\ah Kee, 1113 Tal
I)-:, r: . Louisiana, three
it i,'1. 1036 Jackson AvIe
I.ou;-ana, two and onbhll
Each and all of the
.it,oe speciticaily set Iehln
aggrer., r to seventyltUl
be ful:y paid for and
by t hun ( how Foo, Chia V.
I-ng and (hin W. Fak
,f a r:ain parcel of h
all the improvements theg
cei-:an real estate and
:.aatt I i: the Parish at
l1. :. u : a, and certain
,.f the c'partnership of IMn
,, :Le t ,ty of New Orlsas
all of the above nansmd
noeri, proportion to s ki
stock herenabovea _
a.cc:ata. detailed and
dec.:.pt , oif said piqeni
lert:o. to be read la .
a:d ::ie 'd property
pr,:.ed by the Boaird ed
a r.,t Jn at the valus isa
.,"::vre i :nemorandua
S\-1 the -a:d appeartra f1lf
t::+ ,, w .i :the recorded Lni
txI:,..,i ! hereby for aeskp
IrT -o r:nabove namd
I ' . w',- -o, (hi U. ,
It .:d ('hin W. F I -
p a1 I in their names Is
V." r vt :he property d
-sub ,esi , in undivdid
p : thrpar valie o
ahb . res; re::vely u
. . do::e and pased
Ne.w (rleans. S
, -, - . ,,-,ve writesi, ia
r. ir da A and Atta
S-aesses and ea4 m
' 'c Ia., sil
r , t -.n Chow Vies
. 1.. n
t :nd one-hai
t'?-,. ,· ~--. !,v e. W. ?Wi
.. . ,.Y C
S,. ':,r., by C
: . res. |
, ,: p,. , a r,
.- ,reby
S., bdy da l
i. folio
. .. p:me I
IT ,gLn J.
L., Set
Tettimony ofd
Testim,,ny Is llu Ik
from a long-bow; It
on the length of thI
It. But argU i t
from a crobo-.t
force if drwU by I

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