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Deveed to the Upullding of the Weet Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly nwePaper."M-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
C~-~~----1- ...-.....- No. 23.
The M. B.
Lumber Yard
Every householder will appreciate the con
venience of this new departure in department
store service. \\c have organized a Lumber
Department in which are stocked short
,engths of lumber for household purposes.
The next time you want to put up a shelf, or
make a flower box, a table or a book case, or
any of the thousand and one household arti
cles that can conveniently be made at home,
just phone us, and we will deliver lumber of
the right length for your purpose. No more
trips to the sawmill are necessary, you can
find the lumber right on our third floor for all
borne purposes and all the tools you need are
right beside it. The prices are too small to
talk about.
ý. . Goebel returned Saturday
i9o ancey, La.
--MI'otard is home again after
mI aths absence. dir. Hotard
Lsa dy.ln a steamship plying
aGheeton and New York.
AnIIa sad abusing Miss M.
Teche street, Ella Young,
muas, was fined $20 with
So serving 30 days in
Ii prison Friday by Judge
P. Geo, in the Third record
Whher, two-year-old daughter
Oil Mrs. Pred Parker, 601 El
(el, nrrowly escaped being
M dmsth last week. The child
Sbi standing around a fire,
S1e started by boys in the c
when her clothing I
I. ai, Sr., who is employed
La., is spending a few t
l uafly. t
SI. DaIsels and daughter, .
l, of Sea Shore Camp
i Sunday here with Mrs. t
Smeb will give a grand
StlW~ y, October 28th, at li
tL The committee in I
_ LL I. Breaux, chairman, J. f
a oeio; F. T. Zwicke, T.
L C. Crawford. R. F. 0
kk.eiracia, R. Williams, g
is fifteen cents. o
. Beeum of Gulfport,
iere, the guest of Mrs. it
of Miss Alma Brodt
leaova of Panama will
y morning, the tI
4 a am., at the Church 0:
of Mary.
OnoA E. Walters and
an extended tour 1
o( Elmira avenue is
an attack of typhoid L
on the residence 91
corner Verret and
.- etard and daughter, gt
isaded the Donaldson- H
Weok, the guests of
Martin Behrman and ni
Nell. hi
l' ins and daughter,
home Octobet BI
Momus from New L
omaths speat in a
Now Hampshire and wi
Mtd a visit to J. D. o°
owtonville, Mass.
* O(risty left Tueos--.
the lines as far ca
where he goes to
6 trainmen. K
nIo. 85, O. E. 8., Ca
aeting of the sea- t
"tNIng at Masonic by
ht Euchre Club MI
of Mrs. T. U. Buch- ph
I players were Rc
Miss Camille Nel
and Mrs. T. U. dr
.eanoleation fell othe
O'Drlea. The A.
be held at the in
ted her husband ti
-I Iim,.
The many friends of Mrs. Henry
Hauffe will be pleased to know that
she is doing nicely after undergoing
several successful operations at Ho
tel Dieu. She is at home to her
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sutherland of
Pacific avenue are receiving congrat
ulations on the arrival of a baby girl
at their home.
er Mr. and Mrs. Hy. Eggert announce
the marriage of their daughter, Mar
guerite Elizabeth, to Mr. Louis Wat
tigney, to take place on Wednesday i
evening. Oct. 18., 1916, at 7:30
o'clock at 830 Bourbon street.
The Wednesday Night Euchre
Club met at the home of Miss Etella
in Abribat. The successful players
were Miss Abribat, Mrs. R. Whitmore,
and Mrs. Ruth Lowe. *Th, ,next
meeting will be held at the home of
er Mrs. Broussard in Vallette street.
Cl- Messrs. C. L. Stumpf and E. D.
1g Hotard spent last Tuesday and Wed
Id nesday at Lake Catherine. They re
"* port having made one of the largest
ie catches of sheepshead of the season,
kg having landed thirty-seven large
d Mrs. Harry Dallam, of 615 Atlan
w tic avenue, who was operated on at
the Presbyterian Hospital, is doing
'r, nicely and will soon be home again.
ip Miss Annie Miles, of Biloxi, was
s. the guest of Misses Mildred Himmel- t
rich and Ethel Covell last Sunday.
d Misses Adelaide and Eulalie Gib- c
it lin spent Sunday at Bay St. Louis, '
n Miss., the guests of Mrs. Fayard and
j. family. t
r. Capt. and Mrs. H. J. Thompson, I
of Abita Springs, have as their d
guests Capt. and Mrs. O. C. Griffen e
of Stonington, Conn. b
Mr. B. L. Anddrson and daughter,
Miss Mande Anderson, spent Sunday
in Abita Springs with Capt. and Mrs.
H. J. Thompson. G
The many friends of Mrs. Frank ¶
C. Anderson will be pleased to learn
that she is improving, after being t
operated on at Touro Infirmary.
The story visited the home of t
Mrs. Anthony Palisi and left a fine h
r 12 pound baby boy. Mother and
babe are doing fine.
Mr. and Mrs. *A. Pruitt and Miss
1 Lorena Williiamson, of Oulfport,
spent Sunday here, the guests of the n
Misses Indellcato. a
1 Mrs. Mary Indelicato is at home c
improving in health after under- p
going an operation at the French g
Hospital. a
f William Whitmore left Sunday e
I night for Jefferson College to resume
his studies.
Mrs. W. E. Schabel and daughter,
P Barbara, were visitors to Bay St.
r Louis Sunday.
Mrs. J. P. Golden of Morgan City tb
was the guest of Mrs. W. A. Nelson
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Williams and
baby returned last week from Chi
Mrs. Workman of Kansas City,
Kans., was the guest of Mrs W. J.
Casey in Eliza street. On her re
turn to Kansas she was accompanied
by Helen, Roland and Norman James,
who have gone to visit their father,
Mr. Roland Jams4here he is em
ployed as general foreman of the
Rock Island system.
Mrs. James M. Colomb and chil
dren, James, Jr., and Halcyon, are
the guests of her meher, Mrs. Kte
A. Rwades, In BDrmnds a reet dar
ing the almese of Mr. Cdlomb, who
Is attending the Statlmers' C~oenvea
tieo lan Atantsa, OG
(tmgne M. Ca a
OF $13,600
Following several important clues
Monday morning, the police expect
soon to make arrests in connection
with the theft of $13,600 from a
safe in the residence of Frank Daly.
aged 54, of 231 Atlantic avenue, 3
some time during Saturday night or
early Sunday morning. a
Daly. retired from active business c
life. inherited the money on the
death of his mother some time ago.
and according to his own admission, r
had the money in an old iron safe in I
a room adjoining his bedroom where- a
he lived alone, and that the safe
door was never locked because he f
did not know the combination. The
thief therefore found no difficulty r
in getting the money once he had
forced an entrance.
What the police are puzzled over,
however, is the fact that in gaining v
an entrance, the burglar was com
pelled to force open two doors. That e
Daly was not aroused from his slum- a
bers is considered remarkable, since a
in forcing the two doors, the robber n
had to throw his weight against each n
with sufficient force to bend the h
bolts. d
Daly insists, however, that the v
money was in the safe when he re
tired Saturday night at 10 o'clock, a
and that it was gone when he looked d
for it Sunday morning. ti
Daly said the money was in de
nominations of $10 and $20 bills.
According to Sidney Boyer, street
car conduator, he was bumping mer
- rily along on the rear platform of
ry his car Sunday night when trouble in
at the shape of Jack Smith, negro,
og bounded on to the car platform be
[0- side him.
er The negro, Conductor Boyer says,
did not offer to pay a nickel. In
of stead, the black man grabbed the tt
it register cord and rang up half a
lrl dozen fares. di
"I'm doin' this to save you trou
ce ble," the negro is quoted as explain- V
rluing to the conductor.
' Then, he gave the motorman one s
-y bell and when the car stopped he re
t0 bowed himself away into the dark
ness. h
re The police are looking for th re
la black man, who is said to live some
rs place in Jefferson parish.
e, w
Apparently tired of life, Sophia re
Amann, 27 years old, Bogalusa, La. Pa
attempted to jump into the river Sun. co
day afternoon at the head of Third th
t street. but was prevented by James a
Keenan, a policeman of the Dock
SBoard. Keenan says the woman act- I)
ed strange and as he approached her ce
she ran toward the river's edge, he ti
i seizing her as she was about to plunge St
into the water. Corporal Yeager, of
Sthe Eleventh precinct, was notified. as
a He took the woman to the police sta- pa
Stion, where she said she had just ar- si
rived from Bogalusa and that she
. came to this city to visit her brother,
s, who resiles in Algiers.
d She refused to tell why she wanted
to end her life. The brother, Nicho
i, las Amann, was located at his resl- se
.r dence, 1013 Pelican avenue. He took ii
a eharge of his sister and took her to nl
his home. lvi
. On last Thursday morning Mr. ly.
George Lecourt was taken to the fei
k Touro Infirmary where he was oper
ated on for appendicitis. The opera- u
tion was quite successful and Mr. Le- de
court is doing nicely at the institu- ck
tion where he will be pleased to see A.
his friends.
Mayor Martin Behrman is going to
* make a stand against the throwing
of advertising band bills about the
city. On account of numerdus com
plaints reaching the Mayor's office re
garding this nuisance the ordinance
coverlng this matter will be strictly
enforced. Noponly will it be enforced
in the city but Algiers will also have
restrictions placed on the throwing of
these bills. Special instructions have
been issued to Chief Clerk M. J.
Rooney to issue no more permits for
the distribution of these bills.
The duler
TSllo Seat
jnluU, Fis
As Teny A.
m od,
ImmmeU $3.85
wN1VNmSanj TAY CO..
ms am3w. . . New o0mm., Ia..
nebs Main sesq
Reueqantatlv mranted in ynor
In our next issue The Herald will
announce many important details in º
connection with The Herald Athletic
ues meet, which will take place on
ect Thanksgiving afternoon. Some of t
ion our citizens have already expressed t
a a desire to donate medals to encour- t
ily. age the athletic sport among our
ne, young people and in order that they a
or may know what medals are to be v
awarded we publish herewith a list a
es; of the different events for which
the medals are desired.
go. All those desiring to contribute a
on, medal in one of these races, The
in Herald will be glad to acknowledge
?re- and give credit for such donations. I
sfe There will be eight events and the "
he following medals will be awarded. t
'he In the Herald marathon three-mile
Ity race there will be three medals. A
ad gold, which will be.. awarded by the
Herald and a silver and bronze ?
er, medal. Three medals also gold. sil- b
ng ver and bronze for the running high v
m- jump and there will also be award- t'
tat ed in the following races three med- d
m- ala for each of the races. Namely, 0
ice a gold medal for first place, a silver
ter medal for second place and a bronze t1
ch medal for third place. In the eight
he hundred eighty yard dash, two hun
dred twenty yard dash. one hundred tl
he yard dash and two medals each in ti
re- the Boys and Girls races. A silver k
'k. and bronze for the boys' fifty yard it
ed dash, the boys' sixty yard dash and Sl
the girls' fifty yard dash. is
le- Those desiring to give medals will
send in their names to the Herald
no later than next Tuesday morn
E' ing.
Civil Engineer Carroll Paul has
left the Station to report for duty at w
the Boston Yard. Civil Engineer T
lInvid G. Copeland has reported for K
duty as Public Works Officer. di
u- Yard work on the Galveston. Light st
a- Vessel No. 81 and Light Vessel No. di
13 is practically finished and the ves- th
te sels will leave in a few days for their t
to respective stations.
k- The IAghthouse Tender Magnolia cl
has arrived at the Station for minor
10 repairs. The amount of work on this
ee vessel is small and she will be com
pleted by the end of the coming
week. it:
The Army Dredge Benyauril will Si
i reach the Station during the first in
l part of November to lay up for a
n. complete overhaul. It is estimated at
that the work on this vessel will
g amount to $10,000.
k The resignation of l. C. Ripley, E
t- Draftsman in Charge, has been ac
r cepted. Mr. Ripley has left the Sta
e tion to enter the employ of the Cramp
a Shipbuilding Company
1f D. T. O'Neill has reported for duty m
* as stenographer in the Industrial De-.
" partnment, vice W. H. C. Carey, re- an
r- signed
e tin
Columbus Day will be fittingly ob- me
- served by the members of Santa Ma- in
Ik a Council, Knights of Columbus, to
a night, at their attractive home in Oi- Ia
viver street, corner of Alix, where * Ha
reception will be held for the mem- Ha
bers and their Immediate families on-. M
ly. Dancing will be an enjoyable Es
feature, musice to be furnished by a Co
fine orchestra. Nothing will be left ME
.undone to make the occasion a most Hi
Sdelightful one by the committee in be
.charge, composed of the following: H
SA. J. Herbert, chairman; Frank C. To
Duffy, exofflclo; V. W. Olivlier, Au- tal
brey Gainnile, James P. Selph, James Cu
Gallagher. Tb
We've Moved and Arm
Rudy for BOusiness
933 Canal St. *ci
Audabon Building "w
Where We Will Pleaseood
to Oroot All Our Priodo
and Petroms
will Mr. Peter S. Lawton has been en
s in raged by the Naval Base ('ommittee
letic of the Hoard of Trade to write the
on brief regarding our I'. S. Naval Sta
of tion and its facilities to be presented
used to the commission which is shortly
our- to visit Algiers for the purpose of in
our vestigating our naval yard and to
hey ascertain its fitness for doing larger
be work and also to equip the yard in
list accordance with the recent act of
lch ('ongress which appropriated six mil
lion dollars divided among the
:e a three naval stations. namely. New
The York. Charleston and New Orleans.
dge Efforts will be made by the Naval
ons. Base ('ommittee to have at least two
the million dollars set aside for the fur
led. ther improvement of our local sta
nile tion.
The building programme at the
the Naval Statioqt has already begun.
Inze The station has been authorized to
sil- begin at once the construction of a
sigh vessel for the Immigration Station.
trd- to cost about twenty-five thousand
led- dollars. Actual work on this boat
ely, is already under way and in a short
Ever time there will be added activity in
nze the yard.
ght The selection of Mr. Lawton to
un- write this brief no doubt meets with
red the approval of all those who are in
In terested in the yard. Mr. Lawton
ver knows about the Naval Station and
ard its condition better than any other
and single person in New Orleans and he
is well fitted to do this work. lie
will has paid particular attention to its
ald development and can tell our Con
n- gressmen a little about the affairs of
the station.
The initiation of more than fifty
candidates for membership in that or
der formed the basis of a gala day for
the Knights of Columbus here Sun
ýas At 9i o'clock the ceremonies began
at with a mass in St. Patrick's Church.
eer The procession which went from the
for Knights of Columbus Hall. in Caron
delet street, to the church, in Camp
sht street, was composed of the candi
o. dates, headed by the high officials of
es. the order here and followed by about
eir two hundred members of the order.
Following the services at the
ia church, the knights and the candi- -
dates marchel back to the hall, where
the opening ceremonies of the initia
tion were conducted. A luncheon at
noon preceded the actual work of in
itiation, which lasted until after 4
o'clock in the afternoon. At 8 o'clock
Sunday night a smoker was enjoyed
rst in honor of the new knights.
a Those from our district to be initi
ated were Dr. W. M. Dugan, Chas. O.
Roome, Jr., Walter T. Ryan, Jas. W.
Gerretts, John A. Barrett, Jr., and N.
"y, E. Parmentel.
Miss May Feeney was tendered a
ty most enjoyable surprise party last
)e. Friday night, the occasion being the
e-anniversary of her birth.
Dancing was indulged in and a Jolly
time was had by all present. Miss
Feeney was presented with a fine gold
barette by the crowd and with many
other appropriate gifts. Refresh: a
tb- ments were served during the even
to- Those present were: Misses Katie
)I- Gallinghouse, May Leatham, Victoria,
* Hazel and Zita Giepert, Kate Green,
a-l Halloween Thorning, Carrie Wagner,
a- Miriam Russo, Irene Schwalb, Monica
le Escousse, Irene Sinclair. Sadle Mc
a Cord, May, Stella, and Ieons Feeney;
ft Messrs. Frank Berthelot, Eddie Spahr,
at Harry Leatham, James Feeney, Nor
in bert Donner. George Stein, George
: Whrnken. Roy Nash, Anthony and
C. Tony Saia, Clifford Jordan, Tony Ca
U- tanese. Angelo Collette, Chester and
as Curtis Green, Ralph Lee and Willie
Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sin
clair, Mr. and Mrs. J. Feeney, Mrs. C.
Adams. and Mrs. J. Yent.
A new bungalow is being erected in
the Park Boulevard by the Algiers
berelopment Comlpany for Mr. Fer
dinand Albrecht. The bungalow will
cost about eighteen hundred dollars
and will be very neat and attractive.
Five other bungalows are also now al
most completed on Nunez street Just
one square from the Park Boulevard.
These buildings will also be rented to
white tenants and will greatly im
prove that section of the town.
McDonolhville Coal Co.
Capt. W. F. Spence, Sr., Mgr.
Dealers lu
PMisblrg Cababa, Rod thil CorEa
npone s Ase aOs.w
When you think of olive oil,
think of Italla Beauty Oil, im
ported by V. 8. Dantot, 520 Hos
pital St. 10-es. bottles, See; 22
on. (qL) ties, c; 128-os. (gal
ion) tins, $3.50.
Merchandise Service
Merchandise Service embraces much more
than merely bringing merchandise into our
store, and then telling \(oi in our advertise
ments that it is here.
Before the raw materials are wrought into
the finished product, real sera ice t ' you be
In Our Furniture for
We require that the timber t rom which it is
made shall be of the right grade, and properly
seasoned; that the finished pro duct shall be
designed by real artists and put together b\
real craftsmen.
To this service we add-the salesmanship
that tells you how the furniture is construct
ed, and assists in the selection of pieces or
suites that harmonize best with the surround
ings in which they are to be located.
Ultimate satisfaction that closes every pos
sible avenue of regret is the assurance you
have in making the purchase here.
D. H.Holmes Co.
P.ri. N e.w Y.,. LIMITED .hi,.hd, .
Berlin. Len.. and Frnee. A#ril 2. J82.
Maason & iamtlin
Acknowledged the finest piano in the world
.Mason & IHamlin Grands $9,0O to $1900; Conover Grands $900 to
$1OOO; Estey Grands $700 to $83o; Hlarrington IBaby Grands $650;
Brambach Baby Grands $475 and $3515. Easy Payments (ail or
YJ7N7h 912-914
Successors to Cable Piano Co. STREET
White Black Tan. High aad
Low, with and without heels;
also Baby doll style. All sies
and grades from
All of our customers will tall
you we mvo them Ioasy. Why
not you be our eustomer.
Girls Ladies
Remind your gentleman friend
that October 14th will be
Candy Day
This is the day set aside for
giving your girl, sister, mother
or brother a nice hox of candy
and for this great occasion we
have laid in a big supply of box
candy, ranging in price from
25c to $1.50
e Er EUPP, Dru.& est
Bermuda, z' ZapVerret ot4.
T TheCandyDepar ment
is keeping pate with the bal
ance of our big store. Have
Just received a large line of
Stephen F. Whitman and Sons'
Chocolates andl Confections.
Should be seen to fully under
stand what a pretty assortment
there is.
one of our catalogs In your
home? Your tault if you have
not. A post card will bring it.
why you see ar wagon at so
many of your neighbors' gate.
Why not lad out what it is?
The big Grocery House
with the motto

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