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A I p M1XE 2
Go~~~I~N, ruIa~a-r Ir CC BO 6s I(do
41v b . PRESS y MVYE ~qrýj -To Yo
ME EH F 1 4? {0 BSYa RtUP A1'T`r?
" YV.ý ,F -wlKuroVu'N 3 F)blýAI~
-- BV- ! ý"Fms~ e ME BUSY! o r
61uL. I wr F1 -W -vr~
t WuAS
MArmIGL ( 4 =
M' It. EN luC r~r Yrfi <V)cnr C I~ir +6l W YORK M ICALD GO.} ACk R1CJ qLi -: " gr~Upn
Ioh )t9 .-MM
I RATIONAL IIIE & i 4 ,ill'.\NY,
siA Sr's o A, >,',, l.ciui
d parish 'f 4:,- , i New.
ot E. Beer, a n.1 i'i and
Pie Psh of Or!ca .'. Lu Im
therein resding. ,': v - .ern, c ,nim:ts
- ad quhlried ai : ;" pre-ence of
i . stess herOeinar:ic. L i, l inder
s on lly come " . ; .,,pea-ed the
l ereinafter subt; el w' t declared
n ilins them selve , t . , ,f this
relative to the ~ " ks t f thirps
is such cases m 1i iii provided.
"o.. stitute themo.elvse-. trr ,:.cs-ors
n sipsl a corpora',)'an 1 the t:lit;pla
- hereinafter set out, i. .I: they adopt
tkir charter, to-w'it:
'dhl. .-The name of t'i. c irporation
he National hide & ,'.r t. Inc., and
priod of duration s'ail Ie ,.ecy-nine
part from and after th:- . i'c. and it
hae for the purpo.ses t :ie business
carried on by it. all the I' .wers cen
r_ law upon crporat , :i , a:nd shall
y etelcise all the p1wet, i necessary
on said busines.
II.-The domicle f4 th a corpora
bil he in the city at Ness Orleans,
of Lisiana; and all tat:in and othilier
psecess shall be served on the pre.i
Ssad is case of his atsence or inability
et. va the vice-president or other offi
d tiWe ompany.
IIL-The objects and purposes for
bi corporation is organized and the
sf the business to be carried on by it
ushby declared to be the following:
hqL aod sell hides, furs, skins and other
do merchandise as well as to solicit
ts of hides, skins, furs and other
of merchandise, in New Orleans.
od Louisiana, and elsewhere; and gen-.
Sdo and perform any and all things
to or appertaining to the afore
ditm and purposes.
IV.-The amount of the capital
of this corporation is hereby declared a
- lwe theanand dollars ($5.(00.00), which
magist of fifty shares (50) of the par
- t we hundred dollars ($100.00) per
ad fifty per cent of the said capital
il be subscribed for before the
of these articles of incorporation; and a
pasg t of said subscribed capital stock f
baid in before this corporation en
eider of the authorized capital
shall be paid.for, when subscribed for,
times as the board of directors shall
and all stock shall be paid for
-, in cash, labor done for the
t of the corporation, or property I
sreeived by this corporation. h
get to which the capital stock of P
may be increased is fixed d
of $,l00.m
of stock shall be binding upon
unless made upon the books a
mpasey, and no sale or other dis- t
M sluk shall be valid unless first
to the remaining stockholders of this
re ten days at a price not in ex
is beak value of the said stock on
of the said offer, after which, if i
Is not accepted by any stockholder, 0
ty be sold by the owner at will. o
asqired in the corporation shall
h this provision of the charter. ii
V.--UA the powers of this corpora- t
he vested in and the business and ti
t i corporation shall be managed s
iof d these directors who shall be p
a lly at a meeting of the stock. p
M' be held on the first Monday of o
eS pear; the first board of direc- ti
.suamlor the first year or until a
m are elected and qualified, h
ms.aist of the following: fi
V. Beer, New Orleans, La.; Al
J. Cass New Orleans, La.; Joseph C
rlea  La., and of the above a
n d se Alfre - d V.,s eerp
he padeiset; Alphonse J. Guma hall
" Jseph W. Beer shall be C
. All elections shall a
at o es of the company n
is tof two commissioners
td the board of directors.
Seeting shall be given by
ia..riti, delivered to each
Spminon or mailed to his last
t least ifteen (IS) days prior
of such election, but this notice
by numnimous consent of all it
lees and at all meetinls fc
very stockholder shall t
oe wvte for cash share of p
la Me wame es the books of f
at the date of such election
sid votes may be cast in person
and a majority of votes
4t elect directors at the annual
t dissolve this corporatios se
. nng.ment in any way, hbt
Wis i ofice shall remain in
islr me essors are elected and 0
shall elect as mos U
own number a pees-i
aed a secretary and
rZ t to each such offer
lfr .I kboard for whatsoever L
mI y_ the remaininl dir to
Sr se board may t pointS
his oy to st in his fo
'too V04 [the bord. a
8M1 nshIall have the right to qt
or businesses within of
g osuch of this corporation Pt
Ssuds price a s thu hoardat
Sdeterulnne. The board of p.
fus sad emend all by-laws,
necessary and peroper
• this eorporation.
act of incorporation mat
altered or amendd,
-l may be dissolved with
- t-rdns a the capital stock
6* mteeting of the stockholder fe
a prusose and after fifteen st<
has been delivered in pernon
to the last known addre
. The said notice rosy
is unanimoua consent of l
of this eorporation, f
be liquidated by two com- of
by the stocrkholders th
stockholder shall ever be ch
i erntracts or faults of thisa
iy further sum than the th
mto the corporation on the cl
Iim; nr shall any mere ti
Select of renderin this of
E epmoing any stock older
te balance due and t
aereto have respectively ti
ir annes the amount.of of
by them in this corpora- ch
ot of iunrrporation may sa
lrigimul subscription list foo
and they have stated their w
all to conform to act en
, oed at my office in the
State of Louisiana, o o
year irst hereinaboe -
of Messrs. Jules . un
J. Lincoln, competent en
SNew Orleans, La., of
ty bwho hereunto sigs
use d appearera and me, ti
reading of the whole, St.
omitted. oti
SAvard, Rixford J. p
4 DEER, Notary Publmc.
recorder of mertplgb un
Poish o Orleans, ta ta o
artity that the above w
, blcrp_ ration of the is
y7kc m book lal, km
flio 22o. New Orleans, La.. Sept. 18. 1916.
:Signed) EMILE I. I.EONARD, DI). R.
,I Th - is to, certify that the above and fore
I ,n:g: s a trite and correct copy of the orig.
'.,l charter of the National IHide & Fttr
Ci" (o., Itc., except the names of the uhbscrih
ew er- thcrt,,. anld a c£py of the certiticate
,,f the recorder of nlrotgages in and for the
I p.ir h ,,f ()rl cltf thereutlt, affixed.
lie In fai:!lth whereof. I hereutnto sign my name
td St',TT E. BEER, Not. Piu,.
Selt 21 28 oct 5 12 19 2,i
th- 1. kniw,, that in this, the luth day
d. the miontlt if Septen:!ier. in t!he year one
irs thout-and nine hunired and sixteen, and of t
a- the ilnleprndlence of the Unitel States 'f
iPt A4nric-r the itne hutndren and fortv-first.
hICfr re e. ( harlr- F. }.etchinger, a Itarv
on nl, lt dtiy coly oi..ni,ed, and qial:fie- in
nd and fr the |'ari-h of Orleans. State of
ne l.,nitalia, and in thie presence of tihe wit
it e,-ies hereinafter nanmed and tmundersigned,
iS ' r-inally cante and appeared Messrs. Sam
it 4n."1 (;ihb t an, Philip Campbell. heremto ap
tearing and acting in their respective Ca
y itcitlrs ai vice-presidlent and secretary of
Sthe ( anadanl-Americ'an Sugar Retining ('orm
pony. a corporation organized tinder the laws
r, ,f the State of Iouisiana. by act before
Charles E. Fletchinger, notary public, under
' date of June 2, 1Q14. and recorded in the
SMortgage ()ftice of the Parish of Orleans.
si.d: ccorporation being domiciled in the City
orf New Orleans.
e Said appearers declared that in ptrsuance
it of a resolution adopted at a special meet
ing of the sharehltders of said Company.
er held at the office of said Company, No.
-it 323 lleniten Building. in the City of New
er Orleans. on the 12th day of September, 19.e,
s after due notice in accordance with the
ct. charter and hy-laws of the Company. both t
Rs by notification in writing mailed to each r
e. st.ckholdern' last known address, and by c
puhlication in a daily newspaper published
al in the City of New Orleans, all of which
'd appears from the certified copy of the min.
:h utes of said meeting hereunto annexed and a
ar made part hereof; h
er Article I. of the charter of said Company >
al was, by unanimoots vote of all the share- e
te h ,ilders. present or represented, amended so d
td as to change the name of the Company 0
k front "The Canadian-American Sugar Refin
n. ing Company" to that of "Kenilworth Sugar a
Refining ('ompanv. Inc.", thus making the t
al said Article I. as amended read as follows: o
r The name and style of this Corporation e
e shall be "Kenilworth Sugar Refining Co., r
y Inc." and by said corporate name it shall c
have succession and enjoy existence for a ti
)f period of ninety-nine years, unless sooner
d lissolved in the manner provided by law c
or the articles of this charter; and, under s
n said corporate name, it shall have power ti
ca and authority to contract, sue and be sued., s
s. to make and use a corporate seal, the same
st to alter or break at pleasure: to make all ti
is necessary rules and regulations for its cor- .i
t. porate management and control, and shall
have and enjoy all the rights, privileges and b
f immunities *hich are now conferred upon s
r, or may hereafter be granted to corporations e
1. of the same kind and character.
II The said appearers further declared that
r. in their above mentionen respective capaci. o
i' ties, they are authorised in accordance with v
d the resolution hereunto annexed, to carry i
d said resolution into effect, by executing this al
e present act and by taking all other neces- it
t- sary steps provided by law and the charter
if of the Company necessary to amend its char- b
ter in the respects hereinabove set forth. P
I and that they have. accordingly appeared d
I, before me, notary, and executed this act
for the above mentioned purpose. c
I- Thus done and signed. at my office in the ti
h City of New Orleans, on the day, month w
e and year first hereinabove written, in the .1
imrea ce of Burt W. Henry and William c
,l Wink, competent witnesses, residents of the
e City of ANw Orleans, who have hereunto ht
II affixed their signatures, together with me, aI
F notary, after due reading of the whole. s
S(Original is signed): SAMUEL GIBBS. PI
Vice-President. n'
P. CAMPBELL Secretary. ti
it Witnesses: BURT W. HENRY, ii
e I, the undersigned[ Recorder of Mortages t
I in and for the Parish of Orleans, State of n
Louisiana, hereby certify that the above and to
s foregoing Amendment to the Chartes of le
i the Canadian-American Sugar Refining Cotma 9
I pany, was this day duly recorded in my of. n
r fice in book 1201, folio - .
i New Orleans La., September 16, 1916. of
n Signed): EMILE LEONARD, D. R. nt
e A true and correct copy of the original act, di
now on file and of record in my office. cc
a sept 21 2 oct S 12 19 26 ru
United States of America, State of Louils- ot
sana Parish of Orleans, City of New Or-.
leans. it
r Be it known, that on this 22nd day of the it:
month of September, in the year of our rn
r Lord one thousand nine hundred and six- mr
teen, and of the independence of the United to
States of America. the one hundred and to
s forty-first, before me. Henry P. Dart, Jr. st
a notary publi, dauly commissioned and pr
qualified, in and for this city and the pariah at
n of Orleans, therein residing, and in the ch
presence of the witnesses hereinafter named
I and undersigned, personally came and a di
I peared: of
I. A K. Landau. t
2. W. L Landau and st
3. Sig. Kohtlmann, in
the committee appointed at a meeting of th&i
stockholders of Kohlmann Cotton Mill& th
Manufacturing Company, held on September he
Il8 1916, for the purpose of carrying into ef- so
feet certain amendments adopted by the m
stockholders of the corporation. In
Who declared, that as will appear by ref. th
erence to a certified copy of the nnutes of ni
the stockholders' meeting annexed hereto of
I as part hereof, a general meeting of the cv
stokolder ws held at the aoe of the i
corporation, in this city, on the said date,
oafter all the requirements of the law a a
of the charter had been complied with, for
the purpose of deciding upon mending the th
Scharter of the corporation, and that at said a
Smeeting it was decided to re-esact and amed of
]the said drarter in the particulars fully da- co
clared and set forth in the hereinafter men- de
tioned alterations, changes and amendments na
1of the said charter. n
Said appearers by virtue of the power Is
them vested at said meetig held September K.
18, 1916, for and on behalf of said corpora. ho
tion and in order to carry out the purpose,
of said meeting and to give the alteratioim
changes and amendments decided upon at i
said meeting l 1gl force and eflect, thre
fore declare, uslih and give notice to the in
world that t said cdarter has been - &
enacted and amended so as to read as f- '
Article I.-The name and title of this cre
ration shall be Kohltmmnn Cotton Mill &
nufaeturisg Company, incotip.,ted. sa
under its corporate name it shall have and S
enjoy existence and eucceIsios for the term
of fifty years from this data.
Article II.-The domicile of this corpm
tion shall be in the city of New Orlens,
State of Louisiana, sad all citations a
other legal pross shall be served, on
president of said ceepotiao ar in the eme
of his absence or inability to act tfrom any
canse whatever, upon the -secretary end tree
Article bs .-t ea and e us r ise
which this corpertids .5 .establlshe s.
;hde bsiness to be carried en by it m
bneby declad to be th spina anq. 
Sknitting, and dyeing or mnafatrig aIn
S f b. fle ,.... th.r I nu, mater a.
of 1\ . .pr t . pi it p t k o th e c
T i- lc  t tec eo, tV \eal , t t' ' n ," e
1.d i :it
ist, nlt " t 1- oto , t the lat,: ; " *llii. mtll .ll h toi ',
tr -I ni' -le t o : " ,r , tnt. i.k ". r. . The
i n d Hr e r.i ,,t- h{ . l l , i4 t e p i-e tret r - ther
Itf tukb 'lti.s, ""t "'hhll Awih. s ha,, tie
hte t I ,r-ig ...I ".t p; . pr; . I . .i dr ip . at-ll
d t ill .f ihe 'r')t'ne of ttc't p..it:in
e The t1 tile f ,nI lto " l lllrnt e Ihe 1
I. t r i ls tinl I lll. t lt '. l t ;I
. tlerks, .i at kt ' . i "e i,,e -11ts i t." ili t- p -
of thle tii i il ta't t.it' .t -ti lt
mAen t et .'t li o lr tiit ' i le . i rl ,itu n ti .
addor l ti reit et a l t . tti  "tlg mn\ r give hit
c ia " Itrs I ,tthIr dircl, ,r d k it t : ..c t in h.is lt lrct
. hTll. r ia ,o dI ' . t ry i h'. lit-VA no i roweri
- mt th.e plledratt.n il ait if thi ct'ti orattit . ort
t iTe ral pr'-ptet pit, usn i liti i it ni tsit atied
f itter. i i, . olt or ti p Irt: ntior t:i trni f r
the ,a'dtt t f tite ct. tiriit a. a whtle or to
t nerge sa c.rltpr."itn wirt anyf otiher or.
Y Iraton. l drectly ! r indirectly. Neither shall
,t It fix the salarlt t e I f the toflic'er ot the c .lr
' ratin ,,r chattge the ,'sae. The hoard i
isvent the .i lt!l,, rity, hi wever, to ix salaries
less th it ,i huniidredtt doll ar. per mtrth antI
h t chtatgt te e at lea ; provided thh
tttno utriim Ic.res rit atlvane of wages or
c) tmpelisatinte or ttItItployeeS 's a class or as
a whole sh.ll he. grtnted whith, ut the consent
h of the sto:khtitles.
n- The tbard oif tirect ors "hall tu elected at
td a general :tIetitg ti tthe stocklt, lers tt it
held the src·tnd 1.,nlay of Jani:ary In each
y yac.r, at s mithh tteettittg iany loattir of itlttr
e. e t , the corpor:l ttll Iliy lie discutsed and
o deterltineid as a matter ,f cr etise and with
ly out preevus noticr.
n. Metliers ,oi th e mrtockhiltlerg may ,ie hell at
at any tite in call itf lanv of the oticers or at
ie the request ,tf :,-,ckhItoleirs owning ten shares
Article VI.--The fill twtng powers are cx
prrsly restrvrt' d- t t!le stock!iholders to be
n exercised Iby thent :t filliw, to-wit: the
i riKht to tllergi, at: lllgatl.ite or conlltte tlhe
II corpOratin with other corpirationt; tt sell
a the corrlration anset i as a witole or ot r lease.
.t sell or mortigage thie prteirty or plait of the
V cporation. either in dliole or in part: to fix
Cr salaries of t hhe oftier. tie cirpl or.tion o.
r to cllntroil t ily ainsiftrc t ,r general increase I tI
t. salaries of emploeesr : ti contril the policy
Ic ,f the loirdl of diirectrs attd the oftlicert of I
II the corporation, and itcreaue the capital <
r. stock.
II Any or all tie t!lil.ng hereit reserveo i may a
id le it te and performentd e by the stockholders
itn tI lleerng assenmled and privided ninety eir
is cent. of the stock ihautse and .ttstanding a
shall agree to the same. t
t Elections fr Ibarn, of ilirector ant all t
. ither actions of the stoekholders shall lie
:h valid tonly whent evidenced by the same vote
in favor thereof. Fifteen lays' notice of
s all meetings of st lckholders shiall be given
y. in writing in the ntianer prtovided by law.
r All elections shall be by ballot, each share
being entitled to one vote to ie cast in
percls or by sritten proxy, or by letter 1
Sdulty acknowledged.
:t Anye and all noti ec prescribed by this
charter or by the law fr meetings of direc
ie tors or stockholders or otherwise may her
h waived by the unanimious cotnsent in writing
Sof all the directors or stockholders, as the
* case may he.
e Article VII.-N, stockholder shall ever he s
o held liable or resipnsible for the contracts
or faults of said corporation in any further a
sum than the unpaid balance due the com- 2
pany on the shiares of stock nwned by him.
nor shall any nere informality in organliza
tron have the effect of rendering this charter
null. or of exposing any stockholder to any
liability beyond the unpaid halarce due him.
Article II.--This corporation shall havev
the right to contract, sue and be sued, to a
make and tse a corporate seal, and the same t
to break or alter at pleasure; to hold, receive, i
Slease, purchase, and convey, as well as ntmrt- 1I
i gage and hypothecate tinder its corporate i
. name property, both real and personal or
mixed: to effect loans, issue bonds, notes
or give and receive the same as security; to .
name and appoint such officers, managers t
directors and agents as the interest an o
convenience of said corporation may require,
and to make and estadblish such by-laws, i
ruies and reoulations for the proper man
Sagement and regulations of the affairs of
said corporation as may he necessary and
i proper, and the same to change or alter at
pleasure. And to do all such acts and
things as may be proer to carry out the b
- objects and purposes o this corporation.
S Article IX.-This act of incorporation may a
be changed, modified or altered or the cap- a
e ital stock increased or decreased in the man- v
r ner and form prescribed by law at a general s
meeting convened for that purpose after fif
teen days' notieg mailed by the secretary- I
I treasurer to the lst known residence of each d
stockholder, or delivered by him in person; a
Sprovided that ninety per cent of the . ntire
b stock issued and outstanding consent to said si
Schange. n
Article X.--Whenever this corporation is
dissolved, either by limitation or from any p
other cause, its affairs shall be liquidated by t
two commissioners selected from among the a
stockholders at a general or special meet- e
ing of the stockholders after fifteen days'
written notice mailed by the secretary to o
k the last known residence of every stock- h
r holder, or delivered by said secretary in per
son. Said commissioners to be chosen by a o
majority vote of the stock cast at said meet- h
ing by the owners thereof as they appear on ou
the ooks of the company, st..the date of said A
Smeeting, in person or by proxy, each share io
of stock being entitled to one vote. In the A
event of the death or inability or failure of S
either of said commissioners to act, the re- o
maining commissioner shall liquidate the if N
gairs o the corporation.
r Thus done and passed at omy oeice in n
the city of New Orleans, on the day, month a
i and year first above written, in the resence b
Iof Edward Macquillan and Leo L Dubourg,
competent witnesses of lawful age sad res
dents of this city, who have signed their a
names hereto with said appearers and me, L
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Signed: Sir. Kohlnann, W. L. Landau, A.
r K. Landau, Edward Macquillan, Leo. L Du- it
bas iNRY P. DART, J3L, Notary Public.
I, the undersigned, recorder of mortgages,
in and for the parish of Orleans, State of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the act of
incorporation of the Koblmann Cotton Mill ia
& Mrfg. Co. was this day duly recorded in v
my ofce in book 1201, folio t S. New Orleans, ti
Sept. 2 916n
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
SA true cpy of the original.
HENRY P. DART JR., Notary Public.
I Sept i oct 5 12 l aenv 2
Oths Raius, itffai The Cqsda
Collard C*- criuns Allhf L
aee, c spanc. s ed rsad Ith
Iri shlmes. Abmralt l.
ldeatllt anle rau is el ls
i. thes sulsed ae itft Seensldr S
i.m i u. - t .eNm r...s .,
ri ll "1 . " .A i I. 1: il ii h l IMPAgNY.
I INi'
rs 71td ." A e'-.-:' --i. S ', of l.,To s
ln It, it kLt , n, 'L,!t ,n ! t' :et ' thtl d.i v
-i lt11ugu , :11 t'; ,hr . .'- I w r , ,r e i rn1n
7'.n!' 774 -. 7ii- 7: . hi-tire nie,
: I'.:'c . h 1 lt i r. I " cary palic.
i .!n l r lie . , L . I a '. f1
Sirirat. - . ,! t lc. , , l' c'7 ,l',l4 llld aid
S a l t, l. .id :n7 t'it Iw-e t.l e of the wit
- 7'7e Il r. nltii f r 7 . ol I 7 ' : tiel A'dun re r let.
i, "! tera ,ll+ 11' ti t ar11 , ." I p t c - ,l tilt- .everal per,
" I h , . c .i:Lrd t." I ., ni i7 t , . I ll fi t u- i prto wie
I t . ni leo gned tn'. lll llth t. :st alling
S 7t l.t:el-t, .f til pr,, l o'tni of the laws of
S t'l Itie tf L.0i1 l n., ant partic',larly act
- i f i t:' ;e i.r' ii A,.- ',ls ,t the Strate .1
.r tl .,u:,Ian f i -r the lr til4 they iave 7tti I
hr lv!y :grtclad anl ," tra. e' . tr,7: by thesei
hle ,r '1 acgri-i- te I -l ' 4. . ." I' hin' d and
,,t ,lialtg " then-ilies, the'ir heirs ai~I d assgns.
i4d all pcr-,"n - 'll, slay h -ta i't, 7ei,7nt.
it ,s- u'itrI tile,1'" ''7 57-:. t7 177771 a c"-7
a , , p -.2?'at rtl,'u er t! i llt l' ,l to r the object,L I
I..l I 'l, e- . ,l 'l, 70-r 7 ' tr' :- anit I -tt.i
lalt-7, ,id proVi7,n,i - c,,n 1 mtc, 7 i lthe f,!
! *! '7':'.i-w ,rtl le t, t~-wt'
it 7 1777 The n.t ne " it t .ll, c rpo 7 ra 'l n l.tl1l tbe
cr the l..rf..yette 117 .l I -'!t ! '7y, In. c "
Ii Thc , ,7jict-. ' al . 1 - tip s - fI r which
er t!i:.i crp rat.ion 7is ,rgane7ii c and tlt- n itire
tt i 7 the ii ,, -nl. to .i t. tlrr:. ,I i ,ll a it are7.
or hcre!,y declarel ta be I t plrc.haec. hleas
d, or thlerwisc acquire, for c..Lh "r ton7 terms iof
er credt, reni estate nit the city If New Or
to Ilt ii or elsewhere to cre,+ t there in hotels
ior other buildings, and tt sIlH, ilease or other
All wie altn . J..f e .ttc: ',rAn. lea.e and
ir. operate in the city of New oIrlel.a. nd1
r;eialher"e Lie "r nlire hlltcl. and all adjuncts
ec andl ac-cessortel therelto, Itcliudng restaurant.
ai bar r snlm , bal.7-lth r .7 i 7 ps. r n.at . inews andl
i:gar -rtt ", rif g.-l lens .nd to7 furti:sh
alor .lnile"illrnt therefor; tl do anid perform any
as alI all things for the plcalr rce, comtfort, cn- P
nt vclet7ence and amn.semcen7t ,of gulests in said
hotelt..; to promote timmnllgr.tron and travel to
at the c::s ,f New Irlel i ; to, own the stocksl
al and !.7ri;n ,f other t.rplor.,lion ar.d partic
ch t!arly at corp',ratlt.7i . et g r.gtd in lb.tytng,
r. selling 7 and hea 'nig rc.i l estate and hotels
Id dI d ,n 'pr.it:v g sram.t7 a7n! generally to do
h . Any .i,7d all th 7ngs nc-S..iary. pertinent, or
c, iei lCenit o the po1 ?<'- he7ml.ln and hereby
at coniferredi7 .
at . 'hic capitil sto.k of thi corporation a
es , el.t ,e twen,' thouand dollars ($20,00D.t0). c
7ll7 The clpit.il stock ,f this corporation
x. 7nay lie 7ncraonserd t,, tifts th,.u-and dollars
he $3 ,.= I. • 7
he te The capital '.ck, as presently con- I
hr tituited, shill cot .t of tsa. hundred shares
1 Itlaii of the pt:r valltu of one hundred dollars
e. a -hare. There shall he t,,7 kinds of stock: c
te Preferred stck. in an a';tanlt of ten thou- :
ix sand dllar iS10i.1i).0tU. relresented by one
n hundred .hares. ,,f the par value of one hom- o
Sfdired dlollars;, 7 mm'7n i -t,. k in an amount Pt
ry f ten thoin7and dllarc, represented by onet
of hundred shares of the par value of ntte hun- 4
al dred AlIars. Both kinds or classes of stock r
shall enjoy thesane ptio eges of voting for a
sy the election of oflioer. or a7ny business of a
rs the c inpany, the only restrcti-tn or quali
er tication being thlat l fre tany dividends are
set apart or paid on the common stock, the
hders ,f the preferred stock must have re- t
11 ceived in dividends a an amount equal to fifty
le per cent of the original subscription. When P
te dividends equal to fifty per cent of the t
of anonrt of the original subscription to the
n preferred stock shall have been paid, there- 1
after the coimon and preferred stockholders
re shall taind on an equal footing, and such
in dividends as shall be declared and paid shall
er he declared and paid on the total amount of
capital stock, t '-wit. $.'lhiai, or any increase t
is thrref. Ulhe sttlltciptiin to the capital
c. stock of this corporation by Albert Aschaf- ri
K renburg. being for one hundred shares of el
ig stock, of the par value if one hundred dol- 1
it lars, consists of property and shall be paya
ble li said Albert Aschaffenburg by the as
w signment by him to this corporation of cer
s tain leases made and entered into between d
tr hini and Adam Wirth. dated the 15th and
- 25th days of August. 1916, being for a cer
, tain tive-story brick building, situated on
t. St. Charles street. Ietween South and Girod
tr streets, consisting of the entire four upper
y floors or stories, together with a main en
n. trance on the St. Charles street front and the
"e portion of the grond or tirst floor described
o as store No. 3 and 4 adjoining said entrance,
e on the lower or South Street side, with priv- t
I, ilege t7 rear entrance to alleyway. This I,
- lease is for a term of five years, commenc
:e ing on the 1st day of October, 1916 and end
Sing on the 30th of September. 1Q21, at the t
s rate f $7.10 per month, for the first three o
o years and $780 per month for the remaining di
two years, with the privilege for a renewal c
of another five years. The years. The directors of this a
, corpoporation hereby appraising said leases at to
s, the value of $10,000 accepting the assignment A
a of same, and authorizing the issuance of said
f stock to said Albert Aschaffenburg, in full
d payment thereof. Duplicate originals of said C0
t leases being annexed to this charter., a
d (f) The domicile of this corporation shall "
e be in the city of New Orleans, State of Lou- of
isiana. where all meetings of stockholders di
y and directors must be held, provided that tr
- with the written consent of all directors, 1
Svalid meetings of directors may be held out- t
it side of the State, or within the State else- ii
F" where than at its domicile. Service of all fi
. legal process shall be made upon the presi- fo
b dent of this corporation or, in his absence, ti
on the secretary or treasurer. re
e (g) This corporation shall exist and enjoy
d succession for the full term and period of
ninety-nine years from the date hereof. se
a th) The business and affairs of this cor at
y poration shall be conducted by four direc co
y tors, elected by and from the stockholders st
e annually, on the first Monday of August of q
each year, unless such day be a holiday in
i' which event said election shall take place
w on the next succeeding day which is not a 1
holiday. us
S The board of directors shall be omposed l
aof the following named persons, who shall s
serve until the first Monday of Asugust, 1917, a
Sor until their successors are elected: Albert
I AshaffenbuSrg, 4900 St. Charles avenue pres
e ident; Sidney J. Besthoff 6016 St. Charles
e Avenue, vice-president; Mike S. Hart, 1635
f Sixth Street, Secretary; John Legier, Jr.,
3823 St. Charles Avenue, Treasurer. All of
New Orleans, Louisiana. m
(i) This article of incorporation bears the
a names and post office addresses of the sub
h scribers to same, and a statement of the num
c ber of shares which each arees to take.
. (j) This corporation shall have all the
powers enumerated in Section 7 of Act 37t
r of the General Assembly of the State of or
SLouisiana for the year 1914.
(k) This act of incorporation may be hi
rnamended, and the corporation dissolved, and a
- its afars liquiated, as provided for in
Act 217 of the General Assembly of the State
of Louisiana for the year 1914. h
. Thus done and passed in my oice, in New fa
SOrleans, Louisiana, on the date, and in the a
4 month and year herein first above written, th
in the presence of N. Markey and Warrick ol
i McQueen, competent witnesses, residing in
I, this city, who have hereunto signed their o
names with appearers and me, notary, after
due reading of the whole. be
Original Signed: (Interlineation of dates p
Aug. 25 and Store No. 4 approved): S J. o
Besthoff, 6016 St. Charles Av., N. O., tl
15 shares; Albert Aschaffenburg, 41E0U t.
Charles Ave., N. ., La. 100 shares- S. Ze- ai
tanisa, N.O., La., 15 shares; Maila i.stt
1635 6th St., N. O., La. 15 shares; Est. ot
Marks Isaaca, I. Isaaes, FlS Canal St. N. 0., i
La. IS shares; John Legier, Jr., 123 s
let St., N. O La., I$ saares. p
Witnessest . Marcke, Warrick Mcewe._
I, the undersignad deputy cecorder of rert- p
gages, in and for the parish of Orlesas, Stats d
of losislans, do hereby certify that the c
! :t."'"I ·t. T e tr·c 1I , l 1 a ip:any. , Ia. ' 8 .a+
" -. ,, ! a , S ,t lt d : n :: ,t , t t titt..
NisX i, t ii . , i l- i . Aug lst. 1 t
. 5 I L o~-t MI it-, tt r),,
I . l', er^ 'i A m e:I ., a nte ry ,ut,! ,
t , n -' th . h "o , ert fv ti' o the a ~oev
t', (,,a - ,, a 1n h-un r'd adl s~, x ee: , ,p" ,o f
. " t -' , t: , !, t , I I . t 'ti rt'
,f 1i "rl t. ,n, , I "a - , , 1 .. . "f th," eri
e" -"~n~ ,t" l a" ,- the re. attachend, f, hle
-i i it : r '' r r., I h p tre ...e i , . :h w i ",
,y ,V 0 ,4l l . 'I s 'r: -eal at N e (Irl,.atn.,
"a n: it ., - of Ami erca. Staten if o,, i- a
, '.h f Orlean, City of New Ir.
I it t kn  ,,.r oat on this owent atit day
Sthe mn.nth onf Ar:tirgut. in the year one
t, , t I ne hundred and sixteen, bcf,,re
e.' Ca t r e. S'Chn itlit. . a , otary pubtlic, daly
.y pn::I,.te,, d and qualitiel in and fr the
AIt.r:-h ti bitha. State of Louisianaf thcte
r i nri-ihtng, a-d in the presence of the wit
- ,-ei heretC.iiter rained and undersigrned:
petmitaliy c ihnve and appeared: The re:rs,in,
ll '.e name. airc hereunto subsrcrbed. who t
d laretd t at availiig themselves of thero 4
pr ,.et: ins it the laws of this state, in such'
a.-r- :: ,le ..I: t'rovde.. relating to the or-i
gt!:l . l:ir I oi 0 rcin ration:t s and more partl c
ii a: I Act 2d.7 of the fGeneral Assembly oft
:he Statc. alit,irrl July 8. 1914, they have
. v'IaIrted and agreed, and do., bly these
p'.-cnt c.lvt n at antid agree, bind form and
. ' tume.:.. thnsel.ves as well as such per
t-,n+ who say hereafter Join or become assi
ciatail w:thl thrn into a corporation and ,,
body p,.ditic in law, for the objects and purt
pr-tc aiiti under the agreements and stipula n"
foiliowing, to-wait:
Article .--The name and style of this cor
iratton shall b,: "('reater Metairie Land & "
I)eveh,.pt;mtn (',.. Inc.," and under that
rame it ahall have and enjoy all the r:ghts.
advattages and privileges granted by law to
,rporantons; it shall exist for the period o
tt in.nertvitine ye.ars fron this day; it shall
srtlsve pI,-er t. c, ntract, sti and be suted int
iti ti.rl), IrC ati:ne; to make and thse a cone
rat:re -cal. and the sa!le to break or alter
a" Itleaisre; ti hold. receive, purchase, can
a- t. mlrtrgange, hypo-ithecate or pledge p:op
eritv. 1,ath real and personal; to issue bonds.
lntrei i and ther opiligat:,ns or negottable in
:rtlments: tio havre anti employ stch mana
gers, directors, uoficers, agents and other en
tplycesi as the interest anti convenience of
sa;d corporation may require or demaqd; to
smake anti establish such by-laws, rules and <i
regulations for the corporate managiement
antil ,ntrotl of the affairs of the corporlration
as may It deenrced necessary and expedient. le
Art le Il.-The dmicile of said corpora-oa
ti-,i 'hall he established in the City of New
Srle.an. State of I.ouisiana, and all cita
tiont aid other legal process shall be served ad
on the Iresident. in his absence on the vice- in
president., and in the absence of both, on f''
the secretar -treaSurer.
Article lII.--The objects and purposes for
which this corporation is organized and the
ature .of the business to he carried on by
it are hereby declared to be: To deal in,
iu) and sell and own for its own account or
for account of others, real estate, lands, pr
tenemcnts and options ithereon; mortgage
ites, bonds, shares of stock and other secu
rities; It lease, rent, hire and manage prop
erty), and make leases as lessor or lessee;
to construct or erect, or to contract for the t!'
construction ad}d erection of buildings, atnd
generally to do and enrgage in any other
tu'ines, uandertaking or enterprise connect- rs
ed with. growing out of, germane or inci- -
dental to any of the purpo s hereinabove
set forth or contemplated lr y this charter. st
Article IV.--Th capital stuck of this cor sh
poration is fixed at the sum of eight thou- oi
sanh dollars ($.000.00), divided into eighty tlt
f(or shares of one hundred dollars ($100.00) ca
each. All shares of stock shall be full paid to
and non-assessable. N-, transfer of stock b
shall be binding upon this corporation, unless
made upon its btoiks and all certificates ofhi
stuck shall e signed by such officers as may di
ie designated oiy the board of directors. i
This corporation shall have the right to s
increase its capital stock up to the further ma
umr of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25, an
0.00t0, to be divided into shares of one hun- p
drcd dollars ($00t.001 each, provided said in- ed
crease in the capital stock shall have been Pea
authorized by the stockholders at a meetin an
to be held pursuant to the provisions ot
Article V of this charter. oft
Article V.-AII the corporate powers of the ti
company shall be vested in and the man- se
agement and control of its affairs shall be we
exercised by a board of directors composed
of three stockholders. A majority of the dii
directors shall constitute a quorum for the de
transaction of all business. The directors A.
shall he elected annually by ballot by the
stockholders, on the first Monday in Jan- set
uary in each year. Each stockholder shall t
tie entitled in person or by proxy to a vote ai
for every share owned by him, and all elec
tions shall be held under such rules and ha
rertlations as may be determined by the 1,
itoard of Directors, after hfteen days notice do
by mail of such election shall have been hie
sent to each stockholder at his last known ma
address. The directors tius elected shall on
continue in office for one year, or until their
successors shall have been duly elected and la~
qualified. No failure to elect shall be re- thd
garded as a forfeiture of this charter. Any the
vacancy a ccurring on said board shall be ch
filled by the remaining directors for the pr
unexpired term; the said board shall likewise b i
elect the additional members in case they be
should determine to increase the number of ot
sid board Said board of directors shall at
its first meeting after its election, nominate
out of its number a president, a vrtce-presl o
dent and a seretry-treasurer, which officers
shall serve until the election to be held in i
January, 191 Said board shall have thei
right to appoint and dismiss such clerks,oa
managers and other employees of the cor- da
poration as coenditiolns may justify and the elt
sinessc of the corporation may require. The nt
tenure of office of all the employees of the
corporation shall be during the Pleuure of to
company shall be vested n, and the man- dib
the board of directors. Any of the directors an
or officoers s hall have the ight to appoint, byu
written instrument, another director or stock- t
holder to act as his proxy and in his steadt
at anyI and a'l meetings of the board of di
rectors. sh
Article VI.--No stockholder shall ever be Dr
held liable or responsible for the ontracts, a
faults or debts of said corporation, nor sha n
any mere informality in its organization have
the effect of rendering this charter null or cit
of exposing a stockholder to any liability un
beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares th
owned by him. w
Article VJI.--This act of incorporation may do
be ehanged, modified or altered, or this cor- da
porstion may be dissolved, with the assent
of the stockholders owning two-thirds of all sh
the stock of the corporation at a general
[meeting convened for that porpose, and after
-at leut ten days' written notice of this V
meeting has been given through mail ad- Jo
dressed to each shareholder at his last known
place of residence. In case of dissolution by
the expirationd s thia charter or otherwise, in
[the stockrholde shall elect there it
from among their number, to liquidate and at
-settle the busines sand affairs of the eom- A
pany. In ease of death or disability of any di
one of said commissioners or liquidators, the -
survivors or remaining liqtidators shall up
I point a successor to him. The said liqol
I dators shall have full power to settle said
I company's debts, sad diw~de the remmaing St
.,t \ : 1 ., . t .n t ",'! . IR t
l 1. 11 v ·in t ntitu. +r .?1. , .r . f
Se' 1 v r
, 1' : t! : a Ike · . I-, .r 1,
.. . ."
;." ', t o h ,,.t, ' . : ,: . . ,,
:i l. an t h, ,i , s,., c . ' 5
r , ,l ~ .' I. t .*" ' : . . .. . t .
_ r l l 1.t," . c " " , .t,
f' . , i i, d in . i.. t. 1 !: ' ' it
trl in'.r! n t'.e '-a Os tr S r aldind i i
k ,, :t . :I , 1,. I; .'. c ý t . 'f l e - li, an
Art ' va E. i ;.iT ier, competent witnesses,
iw,. '.i. 'i.'g with the appeacer- and me,
I0'tr. a"fter reading .. f' the whole
n'lii.a; isor S.h'-'nidau. Jr' . I share: J.i.
SI, the indersigne l recorder of m Prtua.,
.r' .:he p larsh oi l',rlean. do. herey' certify
:Lt the a' i t an. foreing, act of incor Io-.i
ration of the "Greater *Metairie L.and &f lDe
velipuient Co., Inc.." was this day duly re
•cor'di ., is. nI,.ce in book 1.1. folio 147.
irNew tlean s. la., Aug. 26, 1916.
alhned)- EMILE J. LEONARD l)y. R.
A true X th cpe
e ti 14 21 28 oct 5 12 19
S " ,n d Li. n otti . l'aris'i of t,(rb-an..
Ir lIe it kI l, th t on thie the t2rd day of
i. d et: the i r:, r e f our Lort ti, e taa houVe-.
sr..n i. irr and t sixtren, scar c re me,
S. t Jr. noyrr tr-:iitd-er. uy qui
"'I. cuil.. a:,nd pa sed inrn ae nd fthe
' .4'. ci.' iind! ':.'.t,, ersonalln cat tr
d ii Ip. rI yer hereto bcritiers hereinafter
n.l'.i .Int u.nllersigned who declared that
eailn ti 'he mrlve of the protviions of the
n- ary Lou.ft ean relative to the formatlon
f harl,r.. ti.ar. chneid articrlarl of those of
SI, . 7 the ;eorderal A ofmly of 1914.rtgages
for e parish of Orlean 191. they do by these
d pre '.nt, fr thle oelves and for others who
tna herf tier ecmter associated with them.
titlos ing term.. courditions and stipulations
Arti'. I.i-The name of this corporation is
her&'.s declared to lie the Allemania lilant
vel (opment o., Inc.. and its domicile shall be
Article ll.-Thei- ijects and purposes for
ucorhd iii my office in is formeok are11 foheo147.
dec're to' tw, toaacquire and operate sugar
atn other pl(anttion.. and sugar houses.
own aind operate railroads in connection
therewith and to sell the same and do all
Aotr' things connected with or appertainp
inI' t the objects for which this corpora.
tiun has bern fiirmred.
Artiele Il.-The capital stock 2of this 1or9
poration is hlierey tied at the sum of thirty
thousand dollars. divided into three hundred
shares of the par value of the .2rd each, allof
of which has iecn fully paid as shown by
the sutl,scrierso signatures hereto: and said
capital stock ntay at any time be increased
and une Of htone hundred thousand dollars m II
h- c puhlic, duly qual
iby omipliig with the provisions of the laws
made acld provided fort in such cases.
Artcle IV.-All207 of the Gene rate powers of
this corporation are vet14 in a board of
pirectont of five memlers; and the first hoard
shall e AchI.--Thile . Picardme of t Michael His
mann, Henry A. Testard. Jos. V. Ferguson,
and D. Vila. who shall serve as hereinafter
provided or until their successors are elect
ed and of whoInm c.enry A. Testrd shall be
president and A. I. Picard, vice-president
and general manager, and the said board shall
meet at least once every three months, or
oftener, as may ie determined by the by.
laws to he adopted, and the president at at any
tie shall havend the right to call special
meetings thereof, and must do so upon the
written r .-ut heof three members thereof.
So thn aid meershereby xed at the bsum of thirtyd of
directors are dierely declared to be hundred
dents of the cipar valuty of New Orleans. eacept
A. I. Picards who resides in Gonzales Louw
the subscriberand said irgnaectors end oice shadll
capitalerve frtock eptemer 23, 1916 to January
Ito the 191 or until their ruccessors are duly
Article V.-Said board of directors shall
hive the power to enter into contracts and
Scompliations for the buiness of the colawrpo
tion, and may authorize the president, r in
has arsence the vice-president and general
manager to enter into such contracts for and
on thhalf of the corporation.
The board shall have thI right t mae bHey.
laws and regulatiens far the government of
the said corp. Viloration and to chllange saserve as
therein pr untilded; their sdopt a common seal and
chrge and alter swhom Henry at pleasure and the
president of the corporation or in his absence
the vice-president and general manager, shall
meethe proper officer tpon whom citation or
other lesal process may be served.
oftener, as may he determined by the by
All shall hand employees shall be elected
and engaged by the oard and all shall holdn the
offict at the pleasure thereof and said board
shall fix their compensation and may charge of
same from trme to thme, and between elec
tions the oard shall have the right to fll
any vacanc which may occur in tsGonzal mem
rshianap. A said diecretary and treasurer may be
elected by the boqualird ho eed ot be a
nmemlber thereof.
Article VI.-This corporation rhal continue
for the period of fifty business unless sooner
dissolved and liquidated as provided b law,
and said appearers further declarent, or in
all respects not herein provided fr aid cor-al
raThe board shall he governed by the laws of
Article VII-The election for directors wh
shall taknde place on the third Monday of
December, 1917, and annually thereafter, and 0
sail directpos shall elect from among their
tnmher the officers hereinabove provi ed for.
changus dne and passed at my office in the
r city of New Orleans, in the presence of the
Sundersigned competent witnesses, both of
I the city of New Orleans, who hereto sign
with said appearers, and me, notary, after
due nueding of the whole, on the dall and
date aforesaid.
SOriginal signed: H. A. Testard for hfifty
I shares: A. I. Picard. for one hundred and
1 twenty-ftive shares: M. Hieymann. for twenty
rfive shares; D. Villa, for fifty share.; Jos.
aV. Ferguason. for fifty shares. Witnesses:
Jos. A. W'i song. W. E. Adolph.
a JOHN C. DAVEY, Jr.. Notary Public.
Te, the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
in and for the parish of Orleans, State of
dLouisiana, do hereby certify that the above
j and foregoing act of incorporation of the
Allemania Planting Co.. Inc., r this day
p duly recorded in my office in book 1h0, folso
se - New Oacns, Sept. 25. 1916.
(Signedt EMI LE J. LEONARD, Dy. I.
D JOHN C. DAVEY. JR., Notary Public.
g Sept doct 5 12 1l9 f5 es
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