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CHARLEY boure M41 I, oYw". PARVERS'r
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,o· ' ed . 1916
CHARTER Ifolio 2alk New Orleans, La. gt __18 19ww..
S'Sined). EMI 9 `form, cotton, or other fibrous material. I CHARTER
--"- --_- - --- tft ,, n ... vc nare * *
(Uited States of America, State of Louisi
aar, Parish of Orleans, City of New
s it known, that on this 18th day of the
esth of September, in the year 1916, before
,t Scott E. Beer, a ntary public in and
fe, the Parish of Orleans, State of louisi
n therein residing. du.y sworn, connmmis
uoui and qualfied and in the presence of
heo witnesses hereinafter named and under
uipad. etrsonally came and appeared the
m hereinafter subscribed who declared
i vailing themselves of the laws of this
assn relative to the orkanization of corpo.
gtgIuas in such cases made and provided.
osestitute themselves, their successors
amsig, a corporation under the stipula
ig hereinafter set out, which they adopt
air cthrtharter, to-wit:
M I.-The name of this corporation
Se National Hide & mar Co., Inc., and
_pseeld of duration shall be ninety-nine
ta ir rfrom and after this date, and it
Sbae for the purposes of the business
M be carried on by it, all the powers con
j. by law upon corporations, and shall
. exercise all the powers necessary
Sr a sid business.
IL-The domicile of this corpora.
ishall be in the city of New Orleans,
Sf Laousiana; and all citation and other
Spircess shall be served on the cresi
dnt. in case of his absence or inability
M ic egio the vice-president or other offi
d nII objects and prpoes for
S" this ceorporation is organised and the
,=. t of the business to be carried on by it !
iLLr declared to be the following:
buy and sell hides, furs, skins and other I
of marchandise as well as to solicit
of hides, skins, furs and other 4
of merchandise, in New Orleans.
f Laisiana, and elsewhere; and gen.
to do sad perform any and all thnags
to or appertaining to the afore
sad purposes.
IV.-The amount of the capital
this corporation is hereby declared i
thessand dollars ($5,0ta00), which
of fifty shares (50) of the par !
of ee hundred dollars ($100.00) per
sad fifty per cent of the said capital
be subscribed for before the
-- these articles of incorporation; and
pg cent of said subscribed capital stock
be aid in before this corporation en
emainder of the authorized capital
hall be paid for, when subscribed for
times as the board of directors shall
and all stock shall be paid for
ether in cash, labor done for the I
of the corporation, or property I
received by this corporation. I
t to which the capital stock of F
tion may be increased is axed
of U0Ut a
aler of stock shall be binding upon e
osapy unless made upon the books s
ampasy, and no sale or other dis- t
of stock shall be valid unless frst
t the redaining stockholders of this
far tea days at a price not in ex- P
the book value of the said stock on
of the said offer, after which, if i
jis aseepted by any stockholder, a
msy be old by the owner at will. o
icquired in the corporation shall
to this provision of the charter. ii
V-A the powers of this etpcor- t
be vested in and the business and t
fecorporation shall be managIed
Sof three directors who shall be p
seully at a mesting of the stock- a
Sbe held on the Irst Monday of o
each year; the Irst beeod of dime
serve for e  rst year or until a
we stedan qualified. b
V Beo. r Ne Orleans . " Al
Ne.w. N&uw. I, ,nd of i above u
S etor, Ared V. Beer
SAlphonse J. Gums shall
;Joe W. e shall be C
sd teurer. All eleetionlm ball
et the ofice of the osa ay n
fa Ion of two cmmiolooesra
by the beard of diectors.
1 meeting shall he given by
I writing, delivered to each
persn or maUled is his last
at least ifteon (15) days prir
eof sak election, but this natice
by uaanismua coaseat of all i
electlons nd at all meett
every stoboider ti
to oe vote for each share o
In his name on the books of
at the date of sock e
said votes may be cast in Serma
written, and a majority of votes
eder. a
to elect directors at the annual
at dissolve this cerporatis N
U .amnagent in any way, bat
taot n meic uthall remain In
their sucessors are elected sad o
board shall elect as soen
Ism their own number a pwsi U
U t and a secretary sad
m rsnt to each acuh oaer
no they o proper.
Sthe board for whtsoever L
b A by the remaining dm- t
of oth e boa t may a nt
co rdy of they tbeard
eluen haat have the rght to
a business or busineaes within o
M O of this w tuhebtiad at
sh mu determine te beard of pe
make and mer d all by-i aw
sacter o a ratiosma th
i emay e isedvwi t
f -thisd o the capitol eteek
The ad ds at a a
nua nmalum mesneot a s
of this eareratpel.
matracts o falts of ths ,
aen further oem ta the a
rrendeling this
b l th em in tis ospus a
set of inspo tla m ay
'an they r h t e
paosI efeen L,
3m f en.Je
~j7 4q
foli 226. New Orleans La., Sept. 18 1916.
Signed), EMILE J. LEONARD, b. R.
NY. This is to certify that the above and fore.
going is a true and correct copy of the orig
,nal charter of the National Hide & Fur
s Co., Inc.. except the names of the subscrib
few ers thereto, and a copy of the certificate
of the recorder of mortgages in and for the
parish of Orleans thereunto affixed.
theIn faith whereof. I hereunto sign my name
are this 19th day of September 1916.
ad a SCOTT E. BeIeR, Not. Pub.
lcs- sept 21 28 oct 5 12 19 26
rpo- Le it known, that on thisn the loth day of
led the month of September, in the year one
era thousaad nine hundred and sixteen and of
ala- the Independence of the United States of
lopt America the one hundree and forty-first,
before me Charles F. l~etchinger. a notary
ion public dufly commissioned and qualified in
and and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
ioe Louisiana, and in the presence of the wit
it nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
S Personally came and appeared Messrs. Sam
all nel Gibbs and Philip Campbell, herein ap
pearing and acting in their respective ca
p acities as vice-president and secretary of
he Canad an-American Sugar Reining Com
pany, a corporation organized under the laws
erof the State of Louisiana by act before
her Charles E. Fletchinger, notary public, under
it date of June 2, 1914, and recorded in the
a. Moartgage Office of the Parish of Orleans
said corporation being domiciled in the City
for of New Orleans.
the Said apperers declared that in pursuance
it of a resolution adopted at a special meet.
in. of the shareholders of said Company,
her hed at the office of said Company, No
cit 325 Iennen Building, in the City of New
her Orleans on the 12th day of September, 191.
after due notice in accordance with the
charter and by-laws of the Company, both
ags by notification in writing mailed to each
re- stockholder's last known address, and by
publication in a daily newspaper publishee
tas in the City of New Orleans. all of which
red appears from the certified copy of the min.
ich utes of said meeting hereunto annexed and
par made part hereof;
per Article I. of the charter of said Company
t was, by unanimous vote of 11 the share
Sholders, present or repremsented, amended so
od as to change the name of the Company
ck from, "The Canadian-American Sugar Refin
tn' ing Company" to that of "Kenilworth SugarI
Refining Company, Inc", thus making the
said Article I. as amended read as follows:
for The name and style of this Corporation
the shall be "Kenilworth Sugar Refining Co.
rty Inc." and by said Corporate name it shall
have succession and enjoy existence for a
of period of ninety-nine years, unless sooner
ed dissolved in the manner provided by law
or the articles of this charter; and. under
said corporate name, it shall have power
as and authority to contract, sue and be sued,
as- to make and use a corporate seal, the same
at to alter or break at pleasure: to make all
his necessary rules and regulations for its cor
y. porate management and control, and shall
on have and enjoy all the rights, privileges and
if immunities which are now conferred upon
er or may hereafter be granted to corporations c
ill. of the same kind and cbaraeteF
all The said appearers further declared that
er. in their above mentionee respective capaci- c
a- ties, they are authorised in accordance with
ad the resolution hereunto annexed, to carry
ed said resolution into effect, by executing this a
e present act and by taking all other neces- i
r sery steps provided by law and the charter
of of the Company necessary to amend its char- I
- ter in the respects hereinabove set forth ,
dl and that they have, accordingly, sapeared d
id before me, notary, and executed this set
for the above mentioned purpose.
1I Thus done and signed, at my office in the t
City d New Orleans, on the day, month s
w end year first hereinabove written, in the 0
or preeune of Burt W. Henry and William c
lI Wink, competent witnesses, resideuts of the
be City of New Orleans. who have hereunto h
ll afftxed their signatures, together with me, 0
-! notary, after due reading of the whole.
E (Original Is signed): SAMUEL GIBBS. .
- Vice-President.
SP. CAMPBELL Secretary. ti
a[ Witnesses: BURT W. IINRY,
a I, the undersigned, Recorder of Mortgages ti
ill in and for the Pariah of Orleans, State of e
Louisiana, hereby certify that the above and t
- foregoitg Amendment to the Charter of Iz
the Canadian-American Sugar Refining Come
o PnyT was this day duly recorded in my of
of liee in book 1, folio
New Orleans e rl I N, 191 0
- igned: lMILl INAR.,D. R. n
- A true and correct copy of the original act, d
now on file and of reord in my office.
a CHAS. P. FLE INGER.. Not .Pub. a
nsept 21 I oct S 12 19 M
 United States of America, State of Louisi- 0
 a, Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
Be it known, that on this 8nd day of the
meuth of September, in the year of ear n
WlLord one theosand nine hundred and iz- m
o- teen, and of the independence of the United t
t States of America, the one hundred and it
Sforty-irst hefer me. Henrluy P. Dart, Jr at
a notary pablcdly eommrasloned set p
to qualied in and for th city and the prsh
In of Oreas therein residing and n the
Spresence of the witnesses ftr named
rd and endesmigned personally came and ap- di
p arend: a
a, 1. A IL Landae «
S2 W. L Ladamad st
[ Sie  lslmann, is
the cmmattee aointed at a meeting a ter
etebhalder oflXahla- a Cotta n ili & lb
m lt It wLas efnrod o e ryig Into of- I
fiet a ain dnterae daptd by tem
: I ahe 6 a  by wil "l
- th atte s ea l r the e
4 afNtr all the rleremnts of thw an
l of the ehastr had ben a edwith4, d
chdter er th e nd that at asi
i meetin it wee ren adamed of
l the aid hergr in las ttas as fnlyda a
a e and eat fath in ehetriafte Irmen i
, of the sd~e .
a '.et ' ld a and at inr t
i_.t St tr -i -' _l .l -
d Mi d ld m 4 m to a a Ja
.!?~~-~- 't iir··u =r
form, cotton, or other fibrous material.
Article IV.-The capital stock of this cor
e" poration is hereby fixed at the sum of one
- hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00), to be
ur divided into one thousand shares of $100.00
b- each, to be paid for by the subscribers there
te to by money or property or labor done at
he the time of the subscription, and the said
capital stock may be increased to the sum
me of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00)
Article V.-All the corporate powers, save
those hereinafter reserved, shall he vested in
and exercised by a board of directors com
posed of five stockholders, three of whom
shall constitute a quorum. Vacancies therein
may be filled by the remaining directors un
til a successor is duly elected. Said board
shall renmain in office until its successor is
of elected and qualified in due course.
te The board shall elect from among its mem
of hers a president, one or more vice-presi
of dents and secretary-treasurer of said corpo
t, ration, but the latter office may be filled by
ry a non-director dr non-stockhdddr. These
offices shall be held at the pleasure of the
of stockholders, who shall always have the
t- right at any meeting to remove or replace
4, any or all of the oficers of the corporation.
The board of directors shall have the power
to employ and discharge at pleasure all
i- clerks, agents or other employees and to fix
, the compensation of the same.
a. Any director unable for any reason to act
or be present at a meeting may give his
r proxy to another director to act in his place
I and stead.
is The board of directors shall have no power
, to lease, sell, mortgage or convey any part
y of the operating plant of the corporation, or
the real property upon which it is situated,
either in whole or in part; nor to transfer
e the assets of the corporation as a whole or to
' merge said corporation with any other cor
V. poration, directly or indirectly. Neither shall
s it fix the salarnes of the officers of the cor- I
. poration or change the same. The board is r
a given the authority, however, to fix salaries
e less than one hundred dollars per month and I
h to chabge the same at pleasure; provided that
h no uniform increase or advance of wages or
Scompesation or employees as a class or as I
a whole shall he granted without the consent
h of the stockholders.
The board of directors shall be elected at
da general meeting of the stockholders to be I
held the second Monday of January in each r
y year, at which meeting any matter of inter
est to the corporation may be discussed and c
o determined as a matter of course and with. I
y out previous notice.
. Meetings of the stockholsers may be held at
r any time on call of any of the officers or at
e the request of stockholders owning ten shares
or more.
Article VI -The following powers are ex
pressly reserved to the stockholders to be A
n exercised by them as follows, to-wit- the i
. right to merge. amalgamate or combine the r
corporation with other corporations; to sell 1
the corporation assets as a whole d to lease, i
sell or mortgage the property or plant of the
corporation, either in whole or in part; to fix
r salaries of the officers or the corporation; a
r to control any uniform or general increase of t
4 salaries of employees; to control the policy h
e of the board of directors and the officers of
I the corporation, and increase the capital a
IAny or all the things herein reserved may I
I be done and performed by the stockholders
in meeting assembled and provided ninety per t
Scejtt. of the stock issued and outstanding c
shall agree to the same.
Elections for board of directors and all
other actions of the stockholders shall be b
. valid only when evidenced by the same vote
in favor thereof. Fifteen days' notice of
all meetings of stockholders shall be given
in writing in the manner provided by law.
r All elections shall be by ballot, each share 0
being entitled to one vote to be cast in
person or by written proxy, or by letter
duly acknowledged t
t Any and all notices prescribed by this a
charter or by the law for meetings of direc- b
tors or stockholders or otherwise may be e
waived by the unanimous consent in writing
of all the directors or stockholders, as the
case may be. C
Article VII.--No stockholder shall ever be d
held liable or responsible for the contracts a
or faults of said corporation in any further a
sum than the unpaid balance dc, the com- p
pZny on the shares of stock owned by him, t1
nor shall any mere informality in organisa
tion have the effect of rendering this charter ,
null, or of exposing any stockholder to any
liability beyond the unpaid balance due him.
Article VIll.-This corporation shall have
the right to contract, sue and be sued, to
make and use a corporate seal. and the same i
to break or alter at pleasure; to hold receive,
r lease, purchase, and convey, as well as nort
gage and hypothecate under its corperate
Ssname property, both real and personal or d
mixed; to effect loans, issue bonds, notes d
or give end receive the same as security; to
name and appoint such officers, mamngessI
directors and agents as the interest and
convenience of said corporation may r ire, ti
and to make and establish such by-laws, f
rules and regulations for the proper man- V
agement and regulations of the afailrs of J
said corporation as may be necessary sad
proper, and the same to change -or alter at
pleasure. And to do all such aets and it
things as may be proper to carry out the L
objects and paUMoe.s or this corporation.
Article I XThis act of incorpotation may
be changed, modiled or altered or the cp- d
ital stock increased or decreased in the man
ner and form prescribed by law at a geaeral
meeting convened for that purpaose after if
teen days' notice mailed by the secretary
treasurer to the last known residence of each
stockholder, or delivered by him in persou;
provided that ninety per cent of the entire -
stock issued and outstanding consent to said
A lee X.-Whenever this corporation Is
dissolved, either by limitation or from aty
other cause, its afair shall be liquidated by
two commissiners selected from among the
stockhoslers at a geteral or special meet
inq of the slcolders after fea days'
wnttn notice mailed by the sres to
the last knon remsidene o everty st e
holde or delivered by said seretary In per
son. sid ommlseloJ r -sao he cldmen by a
majority aet of he sok east a said meet
ingr by the oma tlhrof as they appear e
the Ipokb of the empu , the date of said
motli pms aer. byt pary, each oare
o slr ei nt ea~itled tooa vo Ie the
event of t e det or lncly or feale of
either of aid eemmlssne to at the ye
meun mmpsneor shall liqlidat t he a
oThee do. ad o The od s he In
an ar t sho, C lathe oArels
nasmo hmer eo w aid aperre ad me.
Iory. Yafe d rssngof the hle
sead for the o
A Xd, C, m tahis day d alyseaudad In
be INC.
re- State of Louisiana, parish of Orleans.
at Be it known, that on this the 23rd day of
kid September in the year of our Lord one thou
um sand nine hundred and sixteen, before me,
DO) John C. Davey, Jr.., notary public, duly qual
stied, commissioned and sworn in and for
ye the above parish and state, personally came
in and appeared the subscribers hereinafter
m- named and undersigned who declared that
am availing themselves of the provisions of the
in laws of Louisiana relative to the formation
In- of corporations, and particularly of those of
rd Act No. 267 of the General Assembly of 1914,
is approved July 9. 1914. they do by these
presents, for themselves and for others who
m- may hereafter become associated with them.
si. form a body corporate and politic under the
o. following terms, conditions and stipulations
by to-wit:
se Article I.-The name of this corporation is
he hereby declared to be the Allemania Plant
he ing Company Inc., and its domicile shall be
e n the city of New Orleans. Louisiana.
Article II.-The objects and purposes for
er which this corporation is formed are hereby
ill declared to be, to acquire and operate sugar
lx and other plantations, and sugar houses,
own and operate railroads in connection
yet therewith and to sell the same and do all
is other things connected with or appertain
ce ing to the objects for which this corpora
tion has been formed.
er Article III.--The capital stock of this cor
rt poration is hereby fixed at the sum of thirty
or thousand dollars, divided into three hundred
d. shares of the par value of $100.00 each, all
er of which has been fully paid as shown by
to the subscribers' signatures hereto; and said
or. capital stock may at any time be increased
ill to the sum of one hundred thousand dollars
ir. by complying with the provisions of the laws
is made and provided for in such cases.
es Article IV.-AII the corporate powers of
ad this corporation are vested in a board of
at directors of five members; and the first board
or shall be Achille I. Picard, Michael Hey
as pann, Henry A. Testard, Jos. V. Ferguson,
ut and D. Vila, who shall serve as hereinafter
provided or until their successors are elect
at ed, and of whom Henry A. Testard shall be
e president and A. I. Picard, vice-president
:h and general manager, and the said board shall
r- meet at least once every three months, or
id oftener, as may be determined by the by
.- laws to be adopted, and the president at any
time shall have the right to call special
at meetings thereof, and must do so upon the
at written request of three members thereof.
es All of the said members of the board of
directors are hereby declared to be resi
e- dents of the city of New Orleans, except
se A. I. Picard, who resides in Gonzales, Lou.
e isiana, and said directors and officers shall
se serve from September 23, 1916, to January
II tst, 1918 or until their successors are duly
e, elected and qualified.
ic Article V.-Said board of directors shall
ix have the power to enter into contracts and
s- obligations for the buainess of the corpora.
Sf tion, and may authorize the president, or in
y his absence the vice-president and general
of manager to enter into such contracts for and
al on behalf of the corporation.
The board shall have the right to make by
P laws and regulations for the government of
the said corporation, and to change same as
therein provided; to adopt a common seal and
g change and alter same at pleasure- and the
11 president of the corporation or in his absence
the vice-president and general manager, shall
P be the proper officer upon whom citation or
other legal process may be served.
a All officers and employees shall be elected
and engaged by the board and all shall hold
Soffice at the pleasure thereof and said board
a shall fix their compensation and may charge
r same from time to time, and between elec
tions the board shall have the right to fll I
s anyb vacancy which may occur in its me tm
. bersnhip. A secretary and treasurer may ber
elected by the board who need not e a
member thereof. I
e Article VI.-This corporation shall continue
for the period of fifty years unless sooner
e dissolved and liquidated as provided by law,
s and said appearers further declare that in t
:r all respects not herein provided for said cor- b
i- poration shall be governed by the laws of
a, this state.
Article VII.-The election for directors
shall take place on the third Monday of h
7 December, 1917, and annually thereafter, and
said directors shall elect from among their
number the officers hereinabove provided for. (
. Thus done and passed at my office in the I
city of New Orleans, in the presence of the
undersigned competent witnesses, both of
the city of New Orleans, who hereto sign
with said appearers, and me, notary, after I
rdue reading of the whole, on the day and a
date aforesaid.
Originl siaed: IL A. Testard, for fifty r
shares; A. . Picard, for one hundred an I
twenty-five shares; M. Heymann, for tweaty.
five shares; D. Vill, for fifty shares; Joe.
V. Ferguson for fifty shares. Witnesses:
:1 Jos. A. Wisong, W. E. Adolph. C
d JOHN C. DAVEY, Jr., Notary Public.
SI, the undersigned recorder of ortgages
In and for the rish of Orleas, State .
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing act of imepraties of the
Allemania Planting Co.. Inc., was this day
duly recorded in my office book 1201, folio
-. New Orleans, Sept 1916.
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD. Dy. H.
A true cop .
SJOHN C. DAVEY, ,. Notary Public. i.
Sept Zoct 512 9 aevI J
Ice Crem
eCream :
t'nitcd States of America, State of Louisi
r of in.* l'.arih of 4Orleans, (City of New Or
ho- lean'.
me Rte it known, that on this twentieth day
ol if the mornth of O)ctoler, in the year of our
Lord one thoesand nine hundred and six
3 teen, and of the indepenlence of the Inited
thatr States of America, the one hundred and
the forty-tir-t, before mne, Henry P. Dart, Jr.,
ona ntary public, dtuly commtssited and
t of qualified, in and for this city and the Parish
191, of Orleans. therein residing, and in the
es.e presence of tfhe witnesses hereinafter named
who and undersigned. personally came and ap
peared: 1. John X. Wegnann; and 2. Charles
the A. Gordon. both of age and residents of the
ions City of New Orleans, here appearing in their
capacity as president and seorelary, re
2is spectively. of the Lafayette Fire Insurance
ant- Company. a corporation organized under the
laws of the State of Louisiana and domiciled
in the City of New Orleans; who declared
for that as will appear by the certificate hereto
eby annexed, a meeting of the stockholders of
the Lafayette Fire Insurance Company was
agat held at the office of the corporation. No.
ion 2133 Magazine street, on Wednesday. Octo
all ber 11, 1916, at the hour of eleven o'clock
am . m. That there were present and repre
sented fourteen hundred and twetty-nine
(1429) shares of the capital stock of said
cor corporation out of fifteen hundred shares a
issued and outstanding. That said meeting
Ired was called for the purpose of considering
all certain proposed amendments to the charter
of the said corporation, which amendments t
aid were in due course adopted by the said meet
ed ng. That at said meeting the appearers
Lars were appointed a committee for the purpose
tws of causing to he embodied in due formal and {
legal shape the amendments to the Charter
of of tfhe Lafayette Fire Insurance Company
of adopted at such meeting. a
ard And the said appearers further declared c
that by virtue of the authority in them
vested by satd stockholders at said meeting
[ter held Wednesday. October II. 1916, and for r
st- and in behalf of said corporation. and in
order to carry out the purposes of said meet- t
ent tng and to give the alterations, changes and r
tall amendments adopted at said meeting full F
or legal force and effect, they do now declare.
by. psublih and give notice to the world that F
Article II of the Charter of the Lafayette
a Fire Insurance Company, executed before a
the John J. Ward. notary public, on the 21st r
f day of November, 1894, was amended, and I
of the sanme is hereby amended and re-enacted t
esi- so as to read as follows, to-wit: t
"Article ll.-This corporation is created a
*. for the purpose of transacting the business
all of insurance against loss or damage to prop
erty by tire, lightving, windstorm or torna
does, and to do any and all things necessary
to accomplish and sustain the said objects
tall and purposes. c
ad "The corporation may cause itself to be
reinsured against any risk upon which it
In may have made or shall make insurance."
-ml Said appearers further declare, publish and
end give notice to the world that Article III of
the Charter of the company as executed be
fore John J. Ward. totary public, on the
by 21st day of Noveunger, 1894, was amended,
of and the same is hereby amended and re
as enacted so as to read as follows, to-wit: h
Ind "Article lll.--The capital stock of this cor- h
the poration shall be two hundred thousand dol
ce lars ($200,000.00), divided into and represented
tall by two thousand shares of one hundred dol- o
or lars ($100.00) each, to he paid for in cash o
at the time of subscription. p
led "No fractional shares shall hereafter be a
old issued.
ard "The fractional parts of shares now exist
rge ing shall not be entitled to a vote. a
ec. "The capital stock may be transferred, t
fll provided such transfer shall be made on
m- the books of the corporation and upon sur- p
be render of the certificate thereof." (
a Appearers further declare that they do(
hereby authorize and require the said (!
me changes and amendments to be duly incor- f,
er porated into notarial shape and to be re- tl
corded and published according to law, to n
the end that the same may he operative and of
or- binding on all persons whomsoever. r
Thus done and passed at my office at New
Orleans, on the day, month and year herein n
first written, in the presence of H. P. Dart b
a5 and W. K. Dart, competent witnesses, who u
of have hereunto signed 'tseir names, together sl
nd with the said appearers and me, notary. di
sr (Signed): John X. Wegmann, Charles A.
f. Gordon. Henry P. Dart, William Kernan tI
he Dart. m
e HENRY P. DART, JR., Notary Public. as
of I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
nU in and for the parish of Orleans. State of nm
ter Louisiana. do hereby certify that the act of fil
Ad amendment to the charter of the Lafayette rc
Fire Insurance Company, was this day duly to
rtv recorded in my office in book 1301. folio -. at
a New Orleans, October. 1916. hi
ty. (Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD. Dy. R. he
as. A true copy of
ct: HENRY P. DART, JR., Notary Public. ti
Oct 26 nov 2 9 16 23 30 v
le. at
o_ No. 117,373. m
-- Civil District Court, ni
Division "E."
lo Auguste M. M. J. T. Soniat do Foasat, spe
cial tutor, et als., vs. Chandler C. fLsea
berg, District Attorney.
In this matter, submitted after due hear- th
ing, the Court considering that the minor, dt
John Basiak, has been adopted by the peti- ti
tioners, that the District Attorney has urged th
no objection to the granting of the re ief
prayed for, and that the law and the evi- m
deace justify this jdgment. T
It is ordered, adjudged and decreed, that el
there be judgment herein permitting the
minor, John Busiak, to change his name to th
that of William Auguste Soniat du Fossat, i
this judgment to be without force and effect
until published in some nes r in the
Parish of Orleans for fifteen i hs.
udgament read and rendered. October 9th.
Judgmt signed in open Court. October 1
(Silgned) GEO. H. THEARD, Judge. hi
A true copy. fa
(Sigsed) F. GRIESWABER, at
(Seal) Deputy Clerk.
oct 2 nov 2 9 1916of
Wsl pm Pal Is E.iu.l. ,
A umewhat vauid exiprmes at
-e hs le mn the hg r Uve to
et les lute - -m e eleveram ; to e
atMih me s m o re mputaas to a
Imes r min ahydeh mharoses ti
dee, I m rmish dbgouu to thik thtat
edmmmee is the meot valthie qnltyo
SaDll; fr its r, ma the delir to m
wor had, dao set eme te meik I
s feable brmeihs astoe u puamt it
To an mm
United Sta of A ks. State et L.uo
Parish Orle t of le t o Iew Or
i om d ae la i
of the witnesse hereinafter named and un
dersigned: pcr-,nally caone and appeared:
. Mes,,.. ohn P'. S ack-i andl Jhn E. Viii
cent. both of the fill age of majority and
residents of this city.
lerriin acting in their respective capaci
ties of president andl secrer v iof the 'lat
hiorne Avenue Sa-h Fact- i"ialn,. Lt.t:
yited. a corporatl,.n orgsaiiz,.,i under tte law.
ir ,f this State and domictite In thti city, in
Stituted by an act pas-.d before Rolla A.
rtchen r, notary publis. in this city. on 1)e
l ~nmler 15, 198. recorded iIt Miortgage (thrc
t,,ook 912. fi. 589, and amended by another
act pa,..ed before said Notary Tichenor on
h April 2. 1910. (ecorded an .Mortgage Office.
bok 984. folso 2d2.
And the said appearers, acting in their
s aforesaid respective capacities, declared that
ea meeting of the stockholders of the sai,:
ir company, held on January 5. 1916, as will
more fully appear iy reference to the an
nexed certified extract from the nunutes
e thereof. the charter of the said Claihorne
d Avenue Sash Factory Comnpany,. Jljmited, 1
d was amended as hereinafter fully set forth.
and that they, said appearers, were author-i
ized and empowered to cause the said amend
ment to the charter of the said Claibiarne
s Avenue Sash Factory Company, Limited, to
be embodied in a Notarial Act.
k Now, therefore, in accordance with the said
resolution, they, said appearers acting n
e their aforesaid respective capacities, have 1
d appeared before the undersigned notary for |
a the purpose of placing said amendment to g
g the charter of the said Claihorne Avenue 1
1 Sash Factory Company. Limited, in authentic :
form by Notarial Act, and hereby declare I
that Articles I, II, III, IV, V. VI. VII and I
VIII of the charter of the said company g
shall hereafter read as follows, to-wit: a
e Article I.-The name and style of this cor- I
b poration shall be the Claiborne Avenue Sash I
Factory Company, Limited. and under that I
y name it shall have and enjoy all the rights. I
advantages and privileges granted by law to I
I corporations; it shall exist for a period of I
ia nety-nine years from December IS, 1906; it I
K shall have power and authoriry to contract, I
sue and he sued in its corporate name; to I
make and use a corporate seal, and the same I
- to break or alter at pleasure; to hold, receive I
purchase, convey, mortgage, hypothecate and I
I pledge property, real, personal or mixed; to 1
Sssue bonds, notes or other obligations; to I
t have and employ such managers, directors, I
officers and other employees as the interest a
and convenience of the said corporation may I
t require or demand; and to make and estab- I
I lsh such by-laws, rules and regulations for 1
I the corporate management and control of I
the business and affairs of the corporation I
I as may be deemed necessary or expedient.
Arti-le II.-The domicile of said corpora. I
tion shall be in the city of New Orleans,
State of Louisiana. but it may establish a
offices and agencies throughout the United
State of America or foreign countries. All
citations and other legal process shall be
served on the president, and in his absence
t on the vice-president. In case of the ab
sence of both of said officers, then said pro
I cess shall be served on the secretary of
said corporation.
Article III.-The objects and purposes for
which this corporation is organized and the
nature of the business to be carried on by
it are hereby declared to be: to deal in,
buy and sell all kinds of lumber, sash,
blinds, furnishings and fixtures as may be
Sused or necessary in the erection or con
I struction of buildings; to construct and erect
or contract for the construction and erection
of buildings, workshops, and mechanical
plants, and generally, to do and engage in
any other business, undertaking or enter
prise connected with, growing out of, ger
mane or incidental to any of the objects
and purposes hereinabove set forth or con
templated by this charter.
Article IV.-The capital stock of this cor
poration is fixed at the sum of ten thousand
($10,000.00) dollars, divided into one hundred
i (100) shares of the par value of one hundred
I ($100.00) dollars, each which shall be hiid
for in cash, in installments on the call of
the board of directors, or may be issued at
not less than par for property purchased by
or services actually rendered to said corpo
All shares of stock shall be full paid and
non-assesable. No transfer of stock shall be
binding upon the corporation unless made
upon its books, and all certificates of stock
shall be signed by such officers as may be
designated by the board of directors.
Article V.-AII the corporate powers of
this company shall be vested in, and the
management and control of its business and
affairs shall be exercised by a board of di
recfors composed of five stockholders, which
numaber may be increased to no more than
fifteen at the discretion of the board of di
rectors. A majority of the board of direc
tors shall constitute a quorum for the trans
action of all business. The directors shall
be elected annually by ballot of the stock
holders on the first Weonesday of January
of each year. Each stockholder shall be en
titled, in person or by written proxy, to one
vote on each share of stock owned by hims
and standing in his name, on the books of the *
corporation. All elections shall be held under
such rules and regulations as may be deter
mined by the board of directors, but after
notice shall have been given in the manner
and form prescribed in Act No. 267 of the
General Assembly of the State of Louisiana
for the year 1914. The directors thus eledted
shall continue in office for one year or sbtil
their successors shall have been elected and
duly qualified. No failure to held an elec
tion shall be regarded as a forfeiture of
this charter. Any vacancy occurring on said
board of directors shall be filled by the re
maainin directors for the unexpired term.
The said board of directors shall likewise
elect the additional members in asge they
should determine to increase the number of
the board as hereabove provided for. Said
board of directors shall at its first meet
ing after its election ,elect from among its
number a president, a vice-president, a see
retary and a treasurer. It may combine the
two last mentioned offices into one and may
even elect a secretary who need mot be a
Article VI.-No stockholder shall ever be
held liable or responsible for the contract
faults or debts of this corporation, nor shall
any mere informality in its organisation have
the effect of rendering this charter null. er
of exposing a stockholder to any liability
beyond the unpaid balance due on the shares
of stock owned by him.
Article VUI.-This act of Incorporation may
be changed, modified or altered, or this cor
poration may be dissolved in full acoordance
with the terms and provisions of the afore
said Act No. 26i of 1914. In the event of
the- dissolution of this corporation by the
expiration of its charter or otherwise, the
stockholders shall elect from among their
number, three liquidators who shall have
full power and authority to settle the busi
ness and affairs of the company. In case
of the death or inability of any of said com
missioners, the srmaining liquidators or comr.
missioners shall appoint a sneeessor or sue
cessors to him or them. -
Article VIII.-No stockholder ball sell or
in any manner dispose of the shares of
stock owned by him in this corporation,
without having first offered the same to the
corporation through its board of directors,
in writing, and the said board of directors
shall have the right and privixee of pur
chadsing the s.ame at its book value uas es
tablishbed by the last precedins inventory,
within thirty days from the date of saed
Tohus done and psesed at my ofice in the
City of New OrleanS, o the dary, month and
year, herein Arst ebove written, in the
rsence of Theodore A. Beck and Edward
e, both of this city peteat witneses,
who have hereunto ssned their names with
the said appearers a me, notary, after due
sending of the whole.
Origial Signed: . P. nSac, ptsident;
-. L VicetS, Secretary. T. A. eck Ed
ward BDarke.
DObERT I I Net. Pub.
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