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Ice Cream
C ream
Made from the Finest
Products Obtainable.
1300 Dryades St.
Phone Jackson
Superb Candies
Every Layer is in a ISeparat
Tray and the Same De
licious Candies From
the First to the
Last Piece
Canal Street Agent. m
November 29, 1916. .
United States of America, State of Louisi- I
ana, City of New Orleans, Parish of f,
Be it known, that on this 29th day of the,
month of November, in the year of our Lord, f
one thousand, nine hundred and sixteen and ti
of the independence of the United States of
America, the one hundred and forty-first, e
before me. Alfred C. Kammer, a notary pub- o
lic, duly commissioned and qualified an and
for the State and parish aforesaid, and in
the presence of the witnesses hereinafter d
named and undersigned, personally came and t;
appeared: The several persons whose names
are hereunto subscribed, who severally de
clared that, availing themselves of the pro- i
visions of the laws of the State of Louisi
ana, in such case made and provided, they
have covenanted -and agreed and do by these 1
presents, covenant and agree and bind them
selves as well as such persons as may here
after become associated with them. to form a
corpration for the objects and purposes and
under the articles and stipulations follow
ing, to-wit:
Article l.--The name of this corporation
shall he New Orleans and Lower Coast Rail
road Company, and under its said corporate
name it shall have power and authority to
have and enjoy corporate existence and suc
cession for the full term and period of
ninety-nine years from and after the date
hereof; to contract, sue and be sued; to make
and use a corporate seal and the same to
alter and break at pleasure; to hold, receive,
lease, purchase and convey as well as mort
gale and hypothecate property, real, personal
and mixed as well as corporeal and in
corporeal; to own and hold the stocks
and bonds of other corporations; to
name and appoint such managers, agents,
directors and officers as its business, inter
est or convenience may require, and to make
and establish, as well as alter and amend.
from time to time, such by-laws, rules and
reulations for the proper government of the
affairs of the said corporation as may be
necessary and proper.
Article Il.--The domie,e of said rpora
tion shall be in the city of New Ortlas,
State of Louisiana, and all citations and
other legal process shall be served on the
president of said corporation, or, in his ab
sence upon one of the vice-presidents, or, in
the absence of said officers, upon the sec
retary od said eorpomtion.
Article Ill.-The objects and purposes for
which the corporation is organized and es
tablished, and the nature of the business to
be carried on by it are hereby declared to
be: To acquire, maintain and operate for
the carriage of freight, passengers, mail and
express matters the line of railroad former
ly owned and operated by New Orleans,
Fort Jackson and Grand Isle Railroad Com
pany, beginning in the Fifth District of the
City of New Orleans (Algiers), Louisiana, at
a point on the Mississippi river and run
ning in a general snutherly direction through
the said Fifth District ad New Orleans, (par
ish of Orleamns) ard the Parishes of Jeffer
son and Plaquemines to Basr, Loisina;
with all necessary spurs, side tracks, switch
es, turnouts, watert~anks, sand and gravel
pits. stations and station houses, yards and
depots, roundhuuses, sheds, coal shutes, ware
huses. platforms, ferries and bridges and
all other accessories, adjuncts end apyr
tenances, necesary, prper and convenient
for the operation of the said line of rail
road; to locate, coitrust or otherwise ac
quire and opearte, with all necessary acces
sories, adjuncts and appurtenances, connect
ila lines of railroad from stuch points on
sand main line as said corporatson may se
lect to other points in the State of Louisi
ana, or in any other State or Territory of
the United States or in the Republic of Mex
leo or in the Dominion of Caada;; to lease
or sell its lines of railroad in whole or in
part or any of its facilities or aportensances
to other companies; to lease other milways,
either within or without the State of Lou
sisaas, in whole or in part; to purcase or
eoaslidate with other railway ore~rati_s
eganised under the laws of the State of
laouisiana or of eany other etate or of the
United States, ,ad to acquire and hekid the
sec·ls, bends or ether searities ef dch rall
•wa or eher u osta a this eelars
tia may be Istlretd in; to asetruat and
maintain sasecdepss, 1et sard b s.ad.
wsrebou , eadt ermit the use suc h_
depots a Use Dept; eeruct, ware,
puvehaa e charmt or 1ser 7le l ad
mrlt e l ssau saba e sa the
araLege of fslt and m i hr hie
alar s ad ri the reeiYi. ie ir a  dIaL
LL e matlas sad apaguee a wed a
e.eIs a repst s tarpe -i
ep eesre h
to-S wad elireb
tnci~dettt ti its said isusiness; to oevr.,pq' -.,-.-
eraUl) the agricultural interests and re- prop
soute it the State of Louisiana and the )rle
varttiou States. territories and countries road
. ugh which s.id coporation s main or titer
: t'r,, g b e of railway may run, and 4.
ceraii to have and exercise all such in- teal
h l t.it "',er, andI p- eleges as relate to spc
t," :,l)c~týl iltc'elI''ef'te set t rth.,x r
Ar5z. c IV - Lh -.,tplt: st.ack of this cOr
, ti: 1 t- c'c',\ 1xs d it the s etin of three inc
,,It., c "1'.. ,i' ars $.5- .iiniti-t , divided prtiv
. i ' e l 'i, three thi - and t :
,e e oi one hundred dol- I.
lit- -1 vIlurI-tf.'
i, i t, ,r,,rati'tt has :
,. ' : :. ,ed for I full ai . rt lcttes it
Ul p,. .,nl ion a s ,-oi': tck shtall -
...."'1. 5 T..x'1, -iX' - O-t, in itiii ier.ilion
a r t sie tt.ci- I
,t .,,''c" ,:-,., ",+.' , r ,l tr,ittter -, :i cr-tfir
,, , : i +.  t:, ,, toli~ . rnt~ ::il , Iran- ...
.pc; ~ h uc, s the drc
I s-ie.1yr.I' and appraised by the di n
... , ace t,, i , .,ratio.-. it
1: , 1 Isdt a h : ll ti - : I i
Su t r, t a..t:L tf e " I e , t"o :.dc ap>
: , ,c : t , .: ',.ily sul'iea a nd -s
d t " k. ,, ted, n l e e
\X r t on " u\ 'co oi' n .g:" i'C th)e s
ml its r.,l ate " , . ehvenr
t pon thnte
- ieso h tc of s i -i tirp ttion udt r t
m a nni
t , ., . t''r.e l t a :s t k ,i. t' e - - I
, n ., he boo-ks of .lthe t~ coro t fo+x~r a
. . I:'. t.. .
IS ,. . i i,' , I t :"
. , . 1€ , h . ," are
"/, tre m , i namo h a . j... es an
& c rps; myostyinaamuntpr5 ll
idcm a e
d' th ".,.\ .'''f u.qi t ,d In. casp
n ,fh at f o •. , m .o of it-, : qut- s
.'  lt p :. 1, dt "l, ,t hit s esir sie
1, •at., th' , ac o r 'aa .e ha b, u t me
d tlte byeletio by thesuri-ic ng omist
A to .r l 1q u ao s S id o m mi s o nrat"
,. ica'- .tt
* |h - ha,'t e t .. a l . p' ow a o etrr, upt th mi ,;"t
a A'- 1 I. Th t- fn'co~ ~r p rate iof ant
: - , . j i "t; '-i l':l -i -t . i ts -itrl~ .le
lie t it"g I it ite ,it .tid pk,, i, : thei
I ~d 'l- ti t, ti ie- ": I It pria n or ti
]:."j ^, ,::. tti ,.+- ,t ll' ~ t' m l ,,t . ti t ;.
a ' v td ithe p:""xy r .171 ot h:eeaft.rt% po
'.i A ti leI eI-- t o hl rue h .h ie s
.l -"v l` frc' t" c,: nt1 .: orC' a1,- vaclt of ete
tir i i n f mit
lc i i"i":r i "' -tlied th of.atiiei a ' ,ll t
--hr s f . toi ni e d . y hi ,a n r s iht an
io ', aite tlti ty in ni. t en etin ,t;te tie
o it a nl r t st cko. d Io h a n i bil ite an - t
"e in - t h id 'g ti t an- r:t e i nn h ett
I:ois t s ic p tt int -,rwi
e A ticl t ' rTh in. l an hall t hng ti-tu
il it "5 oti I nss rurt :: fi the
re, the firstv nor -fd et os f the i se and oat
t "n , i . A , icr, "o t t .t "t-dt" ,  alent e
e e e O c, c.t w th . l c r.e.t Duol- .
n,.w. , .t h ;it  P. Eltit N mee iti i
th ,..i",-sarI.;,i f
ThetiaritH i. Eiretirso may iNsueful-pan id La.
sh aresan ,iik i"r ca -,O eant , in 1ia ea thf a
c ilioritit t ,u :1onl -n, g w fer the f .
l o' k n" . it , : :1 e ns' ,l - -a.,' Irvh E ., c the
t- he aritfd dire t-firctors l ha-l ol, w et
,,ade aut-oil to niame aTid a p p ln t ansr del
agents in Itnecir al ce roters -to make beans
':th e dunl eleced and shnal  have q oal t ic .i ,
esc d reles a:nd rglati asd thesid. Tihed
mhay establish and~c pre~t Cn;i,'ien, pt:h te
STc tr ansferred onhe r seoksiLa, of u) ii
rhard feLrent''o shall have full e ansLer and
aut thhorit o to f trrw lo rney tio execte m fr
tae anild t, create nlisen, th ise Gnc r i-.
to shall iew dsOlveds eithoer (1y limiaton or P
fo,:e an! other c ligats, itsL and ti shaecure
liquidatmedn hy w thrlee mmssiL.,oner to1b sap-;
one fo mB Htnte. pleg tle sand ot.hler.s se
and gen erall tin dof ath y and all thingv rea
ofao le, ch ,rvepoent an o neceit ary for the
pr er car :ng on of a the lousine r os and af
if cent, edwtsi mreetngL. n 1 shalllc requtet Walt
Irelect. Said cOmmsinrensLon( shallreai;i
oairse n.ti dth, o pratis ; anid to clrthe an -
d.sal. hve t... . .een fu thl fllqcirted- ate n c tae
er s ,tn r, tt th e in terim b etw e n " t ,in g of
the bhards.
the hdarh of dOrectors moaye isue full-paid
hares d o f th ck va a r cash or in paym ent f be t
d tled aye helecion byrsthae surviving conimi s
ar done anor iper e fTore said comisporas C
tlon or property actually received by si
omrpotien Uwtnn comsplying with the for
malities required by law.
Thea hoard of directors shall have power m
and auwthority to name and approint trsansf mere
Igent ot in financial center do to make -
aer- of the stk of t aid corpor ation m underes
uch rules and regsulatoons as the said b ard
may establish and prescribe. ;
Stock transferhred on the b hreks of suchr
idcvided by Elaw, a hr:Hg .Vnet
ranser agent s- shall te dee she al r enerred
liDlabefor t he; coTrat or faults of shaid: B
in the books of the coun-ration.
SArticle e.- henever this corporation o e
sI sharll e d issolved, either by limitation or
from any other cause, its affairs shall the
liquidated by three r ommissioners to be ap- r
fexes inted from among the stockholders at a
Sgeneral meeting of thep a tockholders convened a
4for such purpose; a majority in amount of
Sthe capital stock f said corporation repre
to rented at said meeting shall e n requisite .to
t elect. Said commissioners oral remain La e
Ioffice until the affairs of said corporationti
shall have been f ully eliqudated. In case n
Sof bthe death of one or, more of the liqui
Sdators the vacEanscy or vacancies shall be
filled by election by the surviving commis-a rr
stoners, or liquintors. Said u commissioners
shall have all powers conferred upon the m a
by law enr by the stockholders at such meet- s,.
being if not inconspistent with law. n ier
see tary and Bhernarde Mclusey. treasurtier.
Article Vai .-rThis act of incorporation mayof
Ie changed, mdified or amended or the cap
ital stock out the corporation ay be increasedi
-r decreased, or said cor poation may be dis
Sslved in the manner now or herefter pro
tihed Jeeye law.t 9r
Athedlilcted aII-nd tchle shall hvqulfed. r
geT lThe susorither o ts ore apits o sat d
p0 saida corporation onandtheespective ad-e
CChdresse areokowe; yhinrshl h
.ere Anlorealty iNe oranleatins La.,e the
eforsae;t Lee renoeigtist Newarlea ns, La. One
exp(o5share; stohomasGrert ne ibushlNwity.
tu eanhs, La.,one(shr;H.Gnre.u
A0fortiNew Orl-Teans, La.,ine(1 share; C.nstP.t
for: ElliAsgec New Orleans, La.. n 1 hr; H.e
BdD 'erson.t New Orleans, La., Tonema)share;n
BusFanh. lan, New Orleans, La.,,. onees (I)ou
N sae; Berlen, ard cC. P. Eli, New Orleans,
'*L on()shar;H .Ee;rHun, Mew Orlean, New
the .Han, e OrI'eans, La.,;n I hr;Hhi Bernar
atc(okent, New OrleansL. n (I) a.;iHue Wal
Uio~tr essy New Orleans, La., one~ E.) share;t
g Lew Breanost trusteaerWi, New Orlentoto
sae and.La, nie'unranI.D. Eeisnalstynie (pres)
ident shares. eneBs, ie-rsiet
s Thes adoneoand passedecatrmysofflceoin the
rci'ciyoNew Oleasio the tidTeday.i monthry and8
oreunyear theeinfrs sucesorssahve wrte bnteepnm
adu i leced. ndwho l have heeu uasgndhirfnames
in-Toeher wasithr the said apiearerstandkme,
aic notaoraftern adue ei readigo e wtole.s
d (riginsale Sind: LeBnit ae
share Lee Benoist. Trsee. 299Ohrleas; C., OEAl
(Dw share;Toa Fraenk B.sha New I hae
ensLa., 1n l share; Hug . Vinentr ,
0foshr, e; H.rl Eerns. on, (1 share; H. Genre
EllDfou. Ie shrle;ns LT.. Bush (I) share; 3r
D.i naersiclosk eyw IrenL. n share; Hg i~oky
Ishare; Wlerar Wchmeis. 1 hae. rea
rlea-Winess, Euge ne TD hare; Auh . MitenCe
Ien, thwOreaLs, Ca., onmeR Not.hre Pu,
te Meinsan fo tewprsho Orleans, Laoe()state o
Lew Oreans, trste Ler COrlanst Railoa Co.
wa This daye ndul recored it my office the
ctofNew Orleans, o Deemer 1ay 1 o9t16 n
eal (inced) Eu ILen Th.p LEONARD, IDy.e o,
an then folwitngeseriesdin waths carn'
sad veyhed and tho~erreid t iapteares andm,
meota.wr, Coatr Railroadin Compn by wlea sb
scribersl toitsd) capta stnokt 1n cosidrs
sLtee Beoflse, Trseane, to9 thairespectiel o.fl
IPYc sid stock, to-wit: an, sar
bsL hare c.D.Eertaiolne I rhalroad o. Newe
150ou. Oreas Port; T.cks. &uGrand Islae BRail
narod MC(oskey, bshiare;I tuhe Fifth Dem,
P5, trie .nde(sityd ecre of Ne reort (lgier
min director thes taiheprte of Orhls eans
lailll ohereby nestf tho thres Lbous
todgnethenr with its ringohtst of waysa
ws setrisls5 day ulead reore in mys ofe is
saesa Orlans, au, trckmsr, ba1s91 lan. s
(med) EMIL sty. LEONAR, ea.gle
T hemsso.dswlqdscibed tsyl wat ern
UISy - sands tntmrred t eretmns, and
m itbes toiseptleok| eof ther
tn saide lefmnimed ib thel skeytwl of e
-# OrentePst.of Grms 7g...
Orteelm Portsmas )memo rm se (
am. & *ei r  i.dm.o I
instrents materials, furniture and other
rlierty formerly belonging to said New
)rlen. Frt Jacks-,n & Gt;rand Isle Rail
rad mpany to T. (G. Bush, receiver n I
there-if. -
4 All cr-ie right, privileges and i
iee of I BRaitlroad t t',upany in re- t'
the cntructi in, initenance and .
.. te .ud hi ne of rautrad.
l m ,- 1 1e. . pr ,lits. ill, and other
racr ,.oa , and f7 .-n all w ork,.
ir , ei. it frnchi.e, w. ai: -,ver per
nI t e ,it ra: i . it .;,
r l p:ece if r,r,, d In the die
"hi l it I ty I n t tle'l by h )e- Pr
r: r.:, and 'P. let ,tree:- .
. 3 It t. 7 ,rn ., 3 lit ei , ftra n t
tis .•• ,it hi:tldre, a'I - e -
t iache, ! l, I , ', 't" ll li , WnIT. :'n
• , l he t r1te,1 olI. elelvein
. :1 ..::d ~ !: hil c. i .,: i xter
-Ivi I i Ihi l~t a - n b
---IE o. ii- Ii.
- g A -et, ir tc a t il te . to te f ILt - o
,• ',' ,w:'.lct "iv Ea. P ,a
•" \ ! ,• a ', th-: -r \ ' - r
t'''ih I I,: ei.i : 'ICl.t: It
. :te . a ,y s 1.7 ftee . I
.wr n a hel Pat ofr t
. i ,.A.1. 1 to ' , - .v •le t
Lir' N . s7. :Il•e., I 'K' Wl ?t'ent.
I , . . - e ia n , I t 'h t nr ee • I ' I t
13fcrt.• n,  ,t,'A,'- .n| litie
"l, a't' eared, - t hte' pe" son 1- 01 .
• I I
h1 . s e "l tl e d ' 'h" it
\ . ,, " ." , - rt', 'Iuo c 'i fee , ." t,
I .i t'h• I,- 0 rl a t e . to1 .
\ t- ":'I i
I: "i. { . 'f "e iei iii tI P
tat. . ,:ppr.,ve.d Ju:'ly -, 191,- w
I " ,-. t I- ,• e , bi. , .1 . ain ,
w t iiii t i :i , - ,n t a i: -
poitc ' in, tlaw. I:\ t I'b Jti
s ndunerth ar.metsh
- f.o,,t•.,llow in t:o. p . --le, d -,
O :it 1hll, h-c .: I l.,.I y I a, ,
2 .pr':) If an adc~v .n1,t hesren'- O
ptattonsy . i :it st Nhlew x"1et fon
P tr: lh.',.It powert con It bi
I in lt'.s " crpoa ,,ame h't' o a
li, , 1 "t'e Is I, k' , :ncd e ,I f
-.t. T-~e
\ a t .,'.l' u : r :t.o .ldn I .'"
It. II ,!-c , "'! nv t ey,ic~ m ,tage h1) t e IS <
k , iid I , ,-, - 1 . - : ""Ii n t , , o .1
'i "ie rs', li-: cct r oi.
th oti is lo- s s h
.ve.inc • of.''v' sai corporIa.
i i'1,"n~i, .r r de an5 d;s .:i tio ,I;
' lrs- I; i,. .t. I )i, tr lt -
Ii s 'i Is i n - i It e t i t s ii hi Ei . . . i r i
!r ie'il, i nlt . ... " .: T. i c - I
Il:e, l ;c c •. It ' ,;icp ati i e a . m
Siiii th ine it, N e1. : 1i
IIl\>f"II li n IFlN l cit,'"t
tlgl. process \ \ hll' b•\sev.:d
e',ii t he ab 11r tre -i . e- p. " .e if b ot ,I
of cr~lt t a i s Oth uiiA 4). Citi'. "r ",tg . a '
d lIe .nit kit It,1'he obttjicths fhe purpt s d ofo
i tile aninhi i e rtihere:. in itch e y, ma de It
- }ta nhai i esI ant s"beee ' ifi
Id l it a. Vel ' . I re ' .: • I !1 l 'e u.ie -e tl)li . setd "
ctotettii eI l a r -it o btIe:.i' thie P a u if t
SAl.. a ' KAMMER, NN h:. Pu.r
ie 4ixtn 4 11
reridg lstat theasum th o ersons i
.t- lt t ., I"'
,O II CEtII.I C o sae f Amnerca. Sta.te ,of loum-I,
X-00 dolasdiidd nt
of ~laa. it ofNew Orleans.+i
id e i kn wn, th'at .,"t tat;, f.,-irtd ,ay of
dle th a ot, linget'rin the -vears one r
er -i--il. ii t e ale hisAl staterelativ stoc ti
ad the ganzini. f hu cireratiS and niieire
d Felix of this ste a nptarvepudblie. duly
e coth h e iand n in farehe Parish of th
St p snty sf New n rleaand, there in re of
eally appeared . the persons b
er ~hsr am; re here'itit, 'u1l,¢ribee,. who ,
sn foread th vaiing themselves of the pro
e cin f ate h the , of i this state relative t to
raton nd dypolticuind dolaw, frtheo b- d
rd tects atiad os f odrp undrate, and ngr rem h
artula cN,-a7 of the General As- t
nstate approved July 9, 1914,
St nanted and agreed and doh .
et. covenant and agree, bindo
n r a nmitute themselves, as weall as
toutheihs pe riho may hereafter join or bea. ,
tO e ~ ~ oad iylwt oprtons diatoral xst forps
ontiopid y politic in law. for thie ob
ise and under the agreementsoh
Sanda; stipatinsh hfollowing. to-wit: c ,
e A he name and style oof this cor
e an se ae: Dixic e Ice Co. Inc.. ande
e "t shall have and enjoy allo
is. to rea o, ptiege s and advantages grant
Sorporations; it shall exist for
setepro fninety-nine years from this
have the power to contract, f
su n esed in its corpoýrae name; to t
e corporate seal; and the sameti
IS.to rek o ater at pleasumre; to hold, rev-i
tts ceive. purchase, convey, mortgage, hypothe- cc
SCate pledge property, both real and per
t s-anal: to issue bonds, notes and other obli
gatins or negotiable instruments; to have
San employ such managers, directors. offi
pcer agents and other employees as the
led interest and convenience of said corpora
is- tion may require or demand; to make and i
rc by-laws, rules and regula
trporate managelet and con- -
ers of the corporation as may
addbe eemd ncessary and expedient.
A l he domicile of said corpora
stablished in the city of New
ny rlansStteof Louisiana, and all cita
th legal process shall be served
otionnl hthberseed tn the vice
in the absence of both, on
-The objects and purposes foral
rporation is formed, and the
business to be carried on by
Sdeclared to be: to manufac
s , deal in ice, in this city or
The capital stock of this cor
i ed at the sum of one hundred
a0,000.00 dollars, divided into
shari s of the par value of one
thn as ea-h. All shares of stock
paid and non-assessable. No
ma-trasfe ofstck sail be binding upon the
tot coportio uless made upon its books, and
of stock shall be signed by
r f s may be designated by the
of- oar of iretors.
913. Thiccorportion shall have the right to
ipital stock to ;he further sum
od thousand dollars, to be di-lI
of vdedint shres of rone hundred dollars each,
a increase in the capital stock
been authorized by the stock
a eeting to be held pursuant to!i
of Article V of this charter.
c Il the corporate powers of the
Do-coman shllbe vested in, and the man
P. aemen andcontrol of its affairs shall be
H. xerise bya -board of directors composed
are ofnie soeholders, -the membership of
(I)whchma b increased to a number not
515, eceeingtwnty-one by the board of direc
~ew~rsat ny f its regular meetings. -A ins
~1'fl jriy f hedirectors shall constitute a
~stl- uorm fr te transaction of all business.
are Th diectrsshall be elected annually by
hoo baloton hesecond Thursday in January in
1169 eah yer. ach stockholder shall be enti
tld n esn or by proxy, to a vote for
eershrowned by him, and all elections
edunder such rules and regula
~re- Iion asma be determined by the board
Coe ofdirctosafter fifteen days notice by
par mal f schelection shall have been sent
es toeac stckholder at his last known ad
me, dess.Tue irectors thus elected shall con
unt n fie for one year. or until their
tar; ucessrsshll have been duly elected and
All-quaifie. N failure to elect shell be re
'ar: grdd a aforfeiture of this charter. Any
itI vcacy ccrring on said board shall be
tere flle bytheremaining directors for the un
Her.expredter; the said board shall likewise
ske, eec th aditional members in case they
shuddtrine to increase the number of
Co..sai bord.Said board of directors shall,
oh. t is fatneeting after its election, nomn
sags mteoutofits number a president, a vice
le f pesient asecretary, and a treasurer. Said
thee har shllhave the right to consolidate
the ny to ofsaid offices into one, or segre
Co.gat sad ofies, as also the right to appoint
e i an dsmis uchl clerks, managers and other
emlyeso the corporation as conditions
myjsiyor the butsiness of the corpo..
rein a equire. lThe tenure of office of
al h mlyts of the corporation shall be
duig h leasure of the board of direc
con tos. ny f the directors or officers shell
and ave he iht to appoint, by written instro
su. etanter direcstj-t or atoo4hoder to
dat- at a hi poxy and in his stead at any and
Ly f al metigsof the board of directors.
Aril -I-No stockholder shall ever he
New eldliale r responsible for the contracts.
Rai. full ordets of saild corpora1,tion, nor shail
Di an mee nfomlitt .in iuts Orgeniastion
liss) avetheeffct of renaleringr this charter null,
algo orf eposng a stockhohlder to any liabil
sadhe haged adited or skated, or this sr
te~ disslved with the assen
b. tsr.qn.ii. at eattady.w~Maato fti
F tha , dtrsss ts7
~ ~ krn in ihsf aumber
tno. 118522 the
)iv. Bto p
i reoft
tlItIAI I (11 P ,RFININI,;ER, JR., ire
At .is I IiII' ;REININ(;ER, e
31)4 n Il\t.
S th : ..,v to .te heard ie
' ecat pp ti, f-r change of
Pet K iner er and L.iuis R.
I her luzenhc erg, Ditrict
,ý rnr i-r the l ) of i )rlacn:, represen:
i:.g the St~ti -f . iislana.
I olta..
i t e r.rg plealne-. ev:dence
t --t bacng of the opiin-ta.l,
tie reans thi day orally a-s-gued. A:
ti i are enttithil t, the re- i
l iht.e-I an l decree-I that
inet erein aluth irntlin pet- A
e:.p i;re:ninger. (C :arles ,
i e Jr., anJ - A:ii-;t Philhp
Sch.ge their natntti t that
* l i fe r Ii (-roeyer, ' iar!e I' l t p i l ,i
t - it rip : .\,i t Iht-t- I):t)rneyer. t
t A: h N ' h1 e thie t",tue atl,
i " i pI :ttiti- er, re- -
;,., str: . f :e l p:',!i, tt:,a' ,,f this T
' Rc :' "i . eu e y l.t.
1; , it ll 1 - -l "'t It .11I t:.;t r of, ,.
.t: " c c,:"'" ,l. ,a..[ ,P- t-':,t . ,'.r - a:"t
S: T r ie C.oiter t'
º ~. - .v, ,rt l -:- - :, v :r(p:v- nt
1l. i, . L tt n .- r.latt r '
. '1: i :.. open- c Ilets i
fir ,;,v: ('1,rt l cc:'. c ,
I_"i I ,o'r I-,ar tbl Deedsfr 0cilAe
: I r1 RKF: Ua I 1:KI;, 3- lie.
I I I II.\ILFR , t e rlety l SLak.
____ Iov :
Phat- laas
~Onosi ads Tp1 h e Clover,. on
Collard Cab- l (a- mwn Alfalfa, s.
bage. Spinac ed and Bru;
~Iris hati os. Abruzei Rye.
Wsuusdsllaeils rda Ol~slal I.'.y
Specialofer12pkaesa el 'aegrabled Seed for t e A
J. STICRULI SKiD CO.. Lid. .ew Orkas. La .
1 I ri I , o.i . if ,l.- t - r i ",h a- .
- . , -- r t.1| u nn ,:- r s
ti a 1 ly , t!, , - Is 'aa. ' l
. t"r a : T: rre '} :sots ret
S;a {.1.. esr JIn t hec
hI.h .) ,iIi 1 -. wliih .
f chae pro e t,r a:l ,f r w:. r p
,er t. pr )volen f. ht , cve'. .
" e i eite o', til b ,, l tilr
e n". ay r :nl ,,l'tl¢ , i.:tJ':ct' 1 de- ':
* " -- I -ir, a t I) it t a t-l.
cc-,,r.i~t,,n. "l 'iv" I.I, i \' 1
t , 1 . : e l:ttr l r m t J su e 1 " "r li
ll. I t c.fi : r ce't' and pr,,p-rty In thle N
, l f ltra l, r. ,I :nh t '', a sued Sit s
et y te wit aaa . and they ",ila:l h)e 1:a- i
se" creelht,,r ,r e.,k 5 dd \s: ,
e. ptpery , the ctheprra-h
v-I1 -. -iDrgnonco
w fir h ,ta to t'i :r ,.itiI r )r i)s- a
' ,-,'-.. ari for the proper
pO tin andziitrtutin there ft.
Aricle I - itft- ,sine t ,,u ha1r l d ars I.
ht tr 'ee iu d the c. taln t.k of
m p f ,ll w, t al,, ph r '.ncca ro .
a tNilurt a. ihares; Matta n
, ; Peter T'.rre 4) s4hh re : I
I .-I.n- , are-i 1) ci hare: ; ,hn .
,u ih n, 1' shares; (itlie II Icihre,
.rderick le)y.rnitrg. 21 share,:
a.t I) 1n. e lraffagn ,,. 24 B. a-es; the
~of ave em, a ,i all of which it,orpo
ne rtr are hderetnafter given.
re Ati IX-ntil the electi.n to be held
al in the second Thurstda in January, 1918.
of the illa tg shall constitute the irt board
re- If irctr, v:z: seph Vaccaro. 501 t.
ns . l tliburn. 421 Fourth
h tret Marc PpovEch, 919 N. )urgenos of
ri- t- eter Tore. 42) Decatur street; An- a
to t~i-i Mitumfrey. 24_N Maagzine street: John r
irc W. Joachitm. t6 Second street; Charles 11.
s- hre. 4 avenue; Frederick Mey
14, nrg. 134 S. Sctt street; and Domitique t
do. lraffagnino. 3324 Camp street; all residents
id. f New rleans, La.e
as Thus done and passed in my office, on the
e- day. mointh and year. first above written. N
- i the resence of Frank B. Twomey and
fib- Joseph L. Wetss. competent witnesses, who -
its have signed wth the appearers and me, the
notary, after reading of the whole.
or riginal signe): Names of subscribers
nd and number of shares subscribed by each
all omitted. Witnesses: F. B. Twomey, J. L 1
for FELIX . )REYFOUS, Not. Pub.
es I. the undersigned recorder ot mortgages, 1
c. fir the parish of OIrleans and City of New
to Orleans. do hereby certify that rite above /
me anid firaging act of incorporation of the
re, Dixie Ice Co.. Inc.. was this day duly re
he- corded in my office. in !.ook 12)l. folio 58b.
New Ne Orleans. D)ecember S, 1916.
've ,Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
iffi- A trite copy from the original act
the FELIX J. DREYFOUS. Not. Pub.
ra- Seat 2 L. & L. & G. Building. /
nd e 7 14 21 2 an 4 11
America, State of Louisa- a
Orleans, City of New Or- j
that on this 16th day of U
N year of our Lord, 1916, U
bre Rouen. a notary public, I
d and qualified, in and for I
reans. State of Louisiana, I
and appeared the parties I
undersigned, who dad de- I
ii themnselves of the pro- I
ws of this state relative to I
of corporations and espe- I
ivisions of Act 267 passed I
O l ssembly of this state dur- I
, the laws amended thereby I
b e sting in this state other I
act 267 of 1914 they have I
a greed, and d. by these I
t, agree and bind them- I
sessors, their heirs and as- I
themselves into and consti- I
n for the objects and pur- .
to-wit: I
name and title of this cor- I
t i "The Carioca Company, I
r said corporate name, it I
hwers and authority granted I
ahis state and not expressly I
s objects and purposes of
are declared, generally, to
ing, building, owning and
propelled by steam or any
wer, and all other business
ith, growing out of or nec
said objects and purposes;
b, the said corporation .shall
purchase real, personal or
of all kinds, and the same
.-he amount of authorized
c this corporation shall be
oousand ($100,000.00) dollars.
tcital stock of this corpora
s h y thousand ($50,000.00) dol
to one hundred (100) shares
ce of fre hundred ($500.60)
t l said stock to be common
corporation shall commence
rided by law.
he said stock shall only be
onditionaly, negotiable, it
nd as a condition precedent
w stock presently subscribed
reafter subscribed or issued,
ptible of being negotiated,
tgaged, nor can any rights
reunder by pledge, uwrtgage
vxept, first, the said pledge,
rtage, or request to pledge
rtgage the said stock shall
o the stockholders of this
poit crpoatin a ameeting specially convened
othr or ha pupoe, at which said meeting a
ckholders voting ther
me agree that this neqotis
cc f io, plegeormortsg shall be permitted.1
ertified copy of which sad
i t annexed to such stock so
pledged or mortgaged,
astr- Te sad-k shall be further only par
c ionally the subject of sale
n that all stock presently
or issued, or hereafter sub
issued, shall be subscri
er the specific condition that
cannot and shall not be 4e
easferred; nor can the rights
nrs and owners thereof be
a f t solely after the sbeerib.
shall have first ofered for
skholders sad subseribers thea
a sidstckwhchthe said susier oa
a d is. sad the said wutl
.s b cd bed hs aid earporatles
thia a eatseh o rersed s~s
ad the sc e s dd e Id
Iessek shell ho shl
bask idluso the steas
hada asg lmaas
the next preceding annual meeting. at whiour ch
price, wnor all of the then existing stock
lderfeto n this corporation, shall e entitledw
to purchase the whole or a proportionate part
of the said stock so offered, within the said
arCoi an vnantel a anda condition pe
wtyo t :ght irf dese yor sale of any
.f th ot c-,k in thi-s cirp~iration or
iB. - . NORThret, -n. the pro
v i . th i RATION, I sTC. hall
Noventber 21st, 1916.
, itiied States of America, Stticate of
n -i" pr1"--ctl iv oidl .,f this p1r vuiiit ii
ana, Parish of thiOrleans, Ci riorty a
e it known, thatmicil on this corpora21
nth of November, in the eOrla,
ord one thousand nine hundre
tten, beIfore meI , Pierre D. Olivin or other
ublic, duly commissioned and
nd for thee parish of Orleaus,
•uisiana, therei residing and te
nce of the witnesses hereinafter
ndersigned, personally, came an
he several hersons whose nam es
nto subscri who severally rat.
t ailin r them rtI.ves of prdi the laws
A-: 1 Il All c-irpor.itt' powers of this
f Loui s iana, relative to the or ugh
S I"ot orenirs, c tn I of four (41A
Ie nr, .ttic If Aai-m board eig S
presents, for themselves and th
rs and e assi thins, form them of the said
Srporatio an d body ontic in of the
ipot oI afe
(:. - 1%IiI'," 5I"I t' cI. op~oratlon -
Snd st a io '.v thit' ofticers int
Article I.-The sime of this
" t . ti a-il -:11~i-l po~werso n-jng
all be: "Ri hardn AeiIl tn aler by
.." Inc.," ndtc- which corp oa
all have . e \' , exi nce a( l
f th tvei r i naretyno Te n .
\!. e de -p-ilerf' Ni. 0t isa tc
Osue a be o l to l ointrl
lease, so:rte ple, ihenMAt
mber 4el-4 te New Or-pers
and .eneralle to exericse cl r
\ hor 1411 it onnected wih thew leans,
oganiation or incid ntl theirs
h ae powerti and athrity en ent of
ratons byi the law s In hi d S olnce
Article II.-Them pupoes r
poro s ris eeleced at ae
watr af sad comblastios
it mhi e It f tie ijr . tlts, which sidi
ter it tli, o dC mtee ig shall he held
n e for ir aid wat Nve- er a f each
.ins ce the te as wedatell as all he
, elld ve hic even t heo aid meeting
S ip hd upon the next folowing legal
A:. ,.... " lit' ~ by blalot. major ty of
c .. ti.; ' e ts i'd each share if 'aick
ra t i-'tef one vote,
Ni .r i. i tp e nt o mr proxy.
Ar~i'," VIII-I-i rime -it continued ab'
V." "thlt or nlonitit' irmance of duty.
in.e snth %-nil al-isrce. ina',ility or
iner 'w. to-te - .f - " t Ih l arise fromn a
rut. p~s~~ca 'I riethe majonrity of
., trlf~etors are e Inlawert'i to ap
t , .r to .:l te nt'npsrt' tern'.
in .-t .1;r -'i-o'i' nto i .e. reusting or
'i:e I g it 01IfntO't cht I-triesU
IN- -:e IX -b cecks shall hie signed by
4'- -Pt-s: co-rpratiar
TI.slrcat passeid in 'it' otlice in the
;"s iNet ii--oiei', or. the clay anl month
I i-l sn-i' .t-reciid. in the p-esence of John
II. If .li'rgw.w-it an-I Sanmul Manfre. conm- V
;,r:,:t H , "" r<, "reiding -in this parish.
withov'e sgoedt1heir carve with the said -
~ir : -asn-I stru. notrry. after a full reading
fi the whole.
(lrig:nal Ssgred: Mrs. B. Wi. Allen. (born
V nir-gin~iai Wiidsl. I share, Lakeview, N. 0-:
Ir c1n-v M.Allen. 8 shares. 4344 Coliseum.
N. (1: Carroll Wi. Allen. 22ý shares. $ Ma
I dieta IllIg City; Camille J. Friedrichs, 30
- hares. 3417 Whitney Central Bldg.; Riddle
sW. Al~en. 39 shares. 307 Whitney Central
-Bld-g. Witnesses: J. C. Hollingsworth, Sam
-u-el Manfre.
BUS. ROUEN. Not. Pub.
sI. the undoersigned. recorder of mortgages.
If I and for the parish of Orleans. State of
..oltisiana. do hereby certfty that the above
and foregoing act of incorporation of The
.(arioca Co.. Inc.. was this day duly re
co-tied in my office, in book 1201. folio 480.
New Orleans, November 16. 1916
f(Signed): EMILE J. LEONARD.
e (SEAL) Dy. R.
I. Bussiere Rouen. a notary public for the
dparish of Orleans. Louisiana, do hereby cer"
tify the above and foregoing to be a true[
qcoyof the original act of incorporation of
' "he Caic- Cman Ina" and of the
t~ certiticate of the recordi there-of in the office
hIf the' recorder of mortgages far the parish
sof O rleans. thereto attached: the whole ex
"tant anid of record in niy current noatarial
nt register.
1. In faith whereof, I grant these presents
ie uinder my signature ano the impress of my
:sSeal of (iffice.
New Orleans. La.. Nonv. 19. A. D. 91r
lieUS. ROUEN, Not. Pub.
i. Nov 23 30 dec 7 14 21 2E
tors /
w re le *
te 5
1 /
1 /
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and generally to do all things necessary
and incident to the baput stockiness of this corpo
poration is hereby fhavxed at thoritye sum of carry I
hundred thousand dollars (0000in other statesdi
vided nrritori fesfty thousand sessin(50,000) shares of the United
Srates. as well as all foreign countries.
the par value of ten domicillars ($10.00) each; 1orpora
t the corporation shall be in the City of New Orleans
as soon as two hundred and fifty thousand
Louisiana. Citationars (0,000.00) of the captll legal prstocss, ands
eben subscribed.;
All stock shall n otices shall be served un the ]
property, of the corporationsferre, and into the abor
pratsence on, o r by sercesid rent.dered o it. e
Articlthe IV-The capital stock ofrs this erre
poration is hereby fixed at the sum of five
hundboard of directors; and the said (0000oard di
authorized to fiftselly thousand (500t) shares ofrra
tionhe par vyable ofin instaten dollarments at($10.00) each; ies
and in such anounts as the Nid board may[
fix from time to time.
but the corapital stock mayll be a going concernot
as soon as two hundred and fifty thousand
exceeding one million dollars ($1,000,00.00)
dollars ($250,000.00) ofthe creae i the capital stock may be
eben subscribed.
ferredAll stock shall be paid for in ash orne aby
property, or rights transferred to the eor
poration, or by services rendered tn it. The
value of the prother, or rightshe transferred
orerd stock rendered, toshall be fixed by the oar
of directors, whichtors; andy bthe sain existene atd board i
the time of te proposed increase in the cap
ital stock.
authorized to seV.-ll the owerstock of this corpora
tion, payable in installments at such times
and tion such amounts as he said board mayof directors
fix from timposed of not less than.three stockholders;
and owThe capital stok marty be increy eased to not
exceeding one million dollars ($l,000,00.00)
and the board of directors to increase i theok may be
prbe of directd or common, or partly of one andd
partly of the other,(9); and the tesaid boardms of directorshe
maypreferred stock shafll be fvacanciesed by ther number howeverard
of directors, which may be in existence at
thcaused, by election Increase in the tcap
ital stock.
Article V.-A the powers of this corpora
The said boardon shall be vested in a boarelected annuallyof directors
composed of norst Tuesday thanr three frst Mokholders;ay
Siand power and aouthoritf Janury is hereby vested inx
the farst board of dwhich is provided fors to increase the rom
At the annual eldrectiors to any number nothe exceed
ting nine (9); and the said board of direto eahhactors
to one vniote, which may be cast inumber, however
vy ct from smong the stock
The saird board shall be elected annushally,
Snotn the first Tuesday tr the first the onday
d nthe firsth boaf January of each year, except
cers then inrd which is provhlided for til their
i charter.
At thsuccessors arennual electdion helad qualifor the elec
The first ionrd of direts each shareto shall eonslstd
to of:ne vote. whichad whosmay be astdd ein prson 5612or
a by written proxy.
Woedawn Ptsce, New Orlesas; Willis 8..
The failure So held such meetings shall
4 not terminate the co - but the o6
vr cars then in offce salhdovruntil their
a successors are elected and qualified. whoe
r-adesis 133 Arahella eaet, New Orleans.
aThe first board of directors shall consist
belect from their midst a president, viet
of: presiF. T. tichardeasarer whod se addresstary e 5612
i- Woolawn Piace, New Orleans; Willis H.
i"Cpwoeaddress is 5612 Woodlawn Place,
g New Orleans; said Marshall D. Cleyd, whose
r- address is 1333 Arsbella street, New Orleans
a Each board of direetors shall annually
Is elect from their midst a president, vice
'- president, treasurer sad secretary and it
i. may combine the .6o. of treasurer with
U that of the rid vice-pesideat or the
Seeeary, a it atet a see ry who
r- need eet he a direetor o seeIsldsr, but
ri such secretary canest ha treasursr.
SThe first president shall be . -
son. The first vice-president W b
H. Cope, who shall also be
the first secretary shall be
Cloyd, and they shall hold et
successors are elected and
Article VI-Not less thas
notice shall be given for all
holders' meetings, and set les
(5) days' notice for special
board of directors shall held
special meetings at such times
notice as to time which the
fix. All notices of meetings of a
be by written notice thre. r -
addressed to the respective
the address given to the
stockholder, or the notice sta
by messenger.
Article VII.-This act of
be changed, mondifi ed or t -
poration may be diesOilvd
of two-thirds of the stock
resented at a meeting
rtcle VIII.-No at -
held liable or respessible j
and faults said ,
sum than un =
shares of the stock o i .d
any mere informality is0
the effect of renderinL lsM
exposing the st .,
beyond the amount of hbl
Article IX.-Whenever
dissolved either by limi
the determination of tb ,
affairs shall be li".i45t-S
vision of two (2) hqmido5_WO'e
for that put se at at I i.
the stockholdera aonyif W
days notice.
At such meeting to _ lh
tion of the corporstio, the
termined by the osalt
the stock present or
meeting. In case of *0 d1ea .
to act of one of the liqlld si.
shall act alone.
Thus done and passed i .
city of New Orleansem.o *d
year first hereinbefore
t ence of Esmond Phelps
I oils, Jr., both of lawfull
of this banish,
Ssigned hereto with s
I me. notary, after due
SOriginal signed: -
fifteen thousand (15Ai
I Cope, fifteen thouannd
Cloyd, five hundred (1S
r Attest: Edmond PhelpS
2 I, the undersigned
in an.d for the Paish of
Louisiana, do hereby oil
e and foregoing act of
a. Richardsonl Aeroplanle
V this day duly recorded
494. New Orleans. No.
S(Signed) EMILE 
I A true copy of t. od '5
Srecord in my a ice.
e New Orleans. La.,
R PIERR E D. d 1 ,

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