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___S. I HAD VTAKE 1IWO _____
o1n ¶IL}Z R' =_ LIFEASN I FOOL- 1EYESSii4ENy I-l:' oC - " ' ES'i
• / / i lONE -I '/ r - r
of Ameria.
of Orleans
, ha 0a * this i'lr ."
t l eer, in the yea .
. "d sine hundrCl
e. Watt K. Lee
i*'sMd for the I'
1 shuria ns, d .ly ," . ' ' " "
ain the pte,
m l - er n am ed : l i . .
caVl me and .p' ;:.
os name- a rt t~
.i Ila, vwsof thtis $! re:! , ,.
Lit p,.an int n . ra l
 agor the obecri andqurc ... ,,
S ase and m ete ,n h, ,: .
Mermt entau Mineral b....
• e Is, red under its cor p-h
l. n succession e for the
ýý period Of nincty-nine yeat.
e toaehereof, and , i
Sau thority to contract, s t ,r
accept and recoie r n.or
. ot o e r o h y p o t h e c at l: . , n .l
a rporte seal and the sman
(ud fftr at pleasure:~to pu.cha·r. , .
or otherwiSe acqu:It amnd .
asa ogagen and hypruatlni
Wp th name, pronperty both c
aad mixed; to borrow ru- J
lu iue bonds and o:hr evn
S r to secure the same Iv It
5ewiMe; to name and co- .,r
s and direLtors, tficers
jrGe interest an convenience
a7 require; and to make
orl asr alter and amebdn
Sby-laws, rules and regula
 easgnlment and regulaton t
id the corporation as may be ;a
r wconvenient, .
" . scile of this corpora- ,f
l the city of New Orleans, t't
t other legal proess shall t,,
ib preaident of the corpo-11
'in absence, upon the vice
nejects and purposes fonr
is established, and
1iness to be carried oul
asd pecified to be: to l
e for, or otherwise obtain'
dl, gas sulphur, salt and1
Sanufacture, refine, pre- n,
l and sell and transport
gde or refined condition; ;il
S)purposes oil, gas. sul
sW other mineral lands and ie
sr interests or rights in
icals; to construct and
sad lines .of tubing and
nation of natural gas
al, hold. lease, mortgage,
is real estate of all sorts; a
eie, devrelop and im- i.
.ag buildings and other
te, lease or other
sddeal therein; to con- f
dsain and operate all a
tlelgraph and telephone
ys, boats, and other a
necessary or con- e
the business of the
and operate hotels,
stores; to isuet
hyLothecation to the i
pr for its business; -
encumber, or dil.
of other ompanies,
by law; to exchange
or an part thereof, t
S authorized to ac
its entire assets and
thereof, for property,
obligastions of other
d to in other corpora
si que5 patent rights,
and to do and
operly connected
s to ny of the a
sLta~ ek of this cor-t
t s two hundred,
ot s5 to be divided
b thousand (2000) I
bse of one hundred
auch shall be paide
ae ssed for property c
thod c eorp tion at its
stoek snay he ii
Sofiva hundred thou-t
aoa sof this corpo- t
i ad exercised by
sat oss than five (51
s The precise I
liI said lisits shall I
by the by-lawa.
f.s their number a
t allra as they
Matusean for the eari
p^a's business, and
tS two or more o(
Supon one per
u a ece in its dis
ol all officers,
bk ard of diree
ani o the secn.ni
oeab year, the first
I the year 1918. All
S baly let, at the of
Notice of annual
slpacial meetings of
l by written no
` *saae of the da'e
i teeah stockholders
hLuths of the com
address, or at the
Oeas.n, if he has
Each share
It one vote for each
8 his same on the
said vote to be cast
V thi majoritl of
I board of direc
to Ill all vacan
ma a dde though 1
C olset diruetore on
St dirssolve
s1d mroget for
of the affairs
lradtion and net
*sss. The oard
Pifterg to the
s and on suc
Ur umtent for the
* busone of the
~U'tid Shares of
of the omn.
Farm &
15tIrl5 55 in their
Ai meority of the
h 531 mesting of
ShI'i5tw absent
Yt (Lo ote e the
V\ I I t- i n tii s, i' tt: , y' 
. , , , ,, u" , ,l . ,r " h t 1 -
f • , ,l... , dv !d h t luluidtt. -
' . , 1 " ., . li . l v ,i t o ,f t ,,
ta- i! ick
',. ' til, the - t~. i i- c ,n
,, givten f :ltty e lttfld nr -
daeL u "he s ,'all have fu!" ll lU:wer IT
-it ti 1t" f i- ti it it
• -.: ert• , a< p. e t: , o. the c orpo ,t ak
," '" ,' h. ' ,'',t ab Il i t t O tC w~th- ,
,, :n.% he "! |,- ,t-1t-l rig- int .t., ,:dance w sha I }
t-l V ill '- ' c `:l t:d r shall be .,
h- ' ,t . n a t Sk v iir ::t e isn ~t frothm artn- y
St io triin an t.
,' ,,' , "-. :t- ,}Tatr - ii' tie tltq~ tt''l ,t
:n.- ., um n th',^er tu lnp i ap .lairtded at
r tI ', ,f - ik i , - cI n, t: i ,i f, r h fi
S . l .,-, ,it 1'q hi tta' i , andt t i be elect- .,
e~ , :'It" v ,t, ,f all t'i• 'Tock ol~ddcr- v,,t- iP
.. "'", ,t parity. Sa,%, 1:gnttz at,,r, .'tall
', ic l ' ie ur ti1 the anizotirs of taid
. : -,hilt h yi lbeen fully -ettled and 1i
, I, le. ,noi they thall have full power I
1 ~,1 l sn it' to itistler atid give ti,i to
41! ,, iprrty anl .t-setc i of the corpotai
S' nd tho d-strtnute the priceeds. It
, -' .,t 11 .tth, Itsa},ll1ly or re,:glatlon of
:, , r iqi, h idittr, the vtacancy shall a
S< fit , li tile ur' iVt, or dutvrr vora . i. n
Ai!, le "Ill -Nri stckholder shall ever I
It helI hia'ie or resprnsile fir the con- p
,, ir fItul:s of artil iorpiration mn any ti
"u:tht stum than the untpaid balance due on g
h" -1 tr;" ,)if ck -,wnied ly him, nor shall .
a y tietrs trifirttillmIhty in organization have
he tenTt ,f rendering this charter null, or
of espi-lsg any stockhlder to any liabtilty
ie',,ithe aimount due on hi, stlck. t!
At:le .Te . -There is anriexed hereto an
Inmatte. detai let and iternmied idescriptiton
it chrt.tiin p",irty, being certain lands t
lite 'at;,h 'f to ,tierin which are ti be cotn
v tvrd t the corpi-rat on In paytfnt of cer
tati uthcifrlptoiy s for !12) shares of its
capitalof stwck, showing the amount, location,
re:atrt, character anti state of itmprovemeint
,f -.ate land. together with a statement of
the vaslue thereof as appraised by the dir-e'
tIiii of this corporation. And in oider that
this charter may serve as the original sub-t
opritint list, the subscribers hereto have a
-dWiateld oppjsite their respective sigya
rn ire the number of shares oi stock sub
I scried for by eacht of them.
S Thus done and passed at my office in the
a its of New Orleans. on the day. month and1
vtir itirst above wrttten, in the presence of
Li t Furlong and F. E. Kelly, competent w.it
ess-e-s. whoi have hereunto subscribed their
inaTme.. together with me, notary, and said
appliarers, after due reading of the whole.
(}Original Signed): Subscribers' names omit
d ted Witnesses: Lea Furlong, F. E. Kelly.
I. the undersigned recorder of mnortgages.
d it ani for the parish of Orleans, State of
d Ln'i:o arna. do here certify that the above "
alrl ftregoing act of incorporation, of the
SMerimentau Land and Mineral Company, Inc.
I ta. this da\ recorded in my ofisce, in book
C s,,tgned) ISMILE J. LEONARD. Dy. R.
I. the tundersigned notary utblic in and
fir thre parish of Orleans. State of Louisi- I
II an.ti do herety certify that the foregoing
t Is a true and correct copy of the ori inal
r act of incorporation of the Mermentau M in
I- eral and Land (ompany, Inc.. of record in
e rrv nota'i-al office.
1, New Orleans. La.. Dec. --. 1916.
le Dec 28 jan 4 11 18 25 feb 1
f. United States of America, State of Louisi
ana, Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
d leans.
I. Be it known, that on this seventh day of
tr the month of D)ecember in the year of our
5 Lord one thousand nine hundred and six
s. teen and of the independence of the United
id States qo America, the one hundred and
d forty-first, before me. Hency P. Dart, Jr.,
to a notary public, duly commissioned and qual
ified, in and for this city and the parish of
r Orleans, therein residing, and in the presence
td of the witnesses herein after named and un
d dersigned: Personally came and appeared:
I) 1. P. Sefton Schneidau, 2. Wesley C. Law
Srence. Jr., both of age and residents of the
id city of New Orleans, here appearing in their
ty capacity as president and secretary, respect
ts ivoly, of the Moore Rotary Stufnp Cutter
,1- Company, Inc., a corporation organized under
UV the laws of the State of Louisiana and domi
ciled in the city of New Orleans. Who de
0 clared, that as will appear by the certificate
y hereto annexed, a meeting of the stockhold
5) ers of the Moore Rotary Stump Cutter Co.,
se Inc., was held at the office of the corpora
ll tion, No. 213 Hennen Building, on Saturday,
's. November 4, 1916, at the hour of 2:30 o'clock
a p. m. That there were present and* repre
a sented six hundred and three (603) shares
ty of the capital stock of said corporation out
:r- of seven hundred thirty-five (735) shares
an issued and outstanding. That said meeting
- was called for the purpose of considering
- certain proposed amendments to the char
ter of said corporation, which amendments
rs, were in due course adopted by the eatd
e nweting. That at said meeting the appear
ti ers were appointed a committee for the pur
rtt pose of causing to be embodied in due for
11 mal and legal shape the amendments to the
f- charter of Moore Rotary Stump Cotter, Inc.,
tal adopted at such meeting.
of And the said appearers further declared
to- that by virtue of the authority in them
te vested by said stockhalders at said meeting
trs held Saturday November 4, 1916, and for
m- and in behalf of said corporation, and in
he order to carry out the purposes of said meet
as ing and to give the alterations, changes and
re- amendments adopted at . said meeting full
ch legal force and effect, they do now declare,
he publish and give notice to the world that
1st Article IV of the charter of Moore Rotary
of Stump Cutter Company, Inc., executed be
c. fore Wiliam J. Formento, notary public, on
the 18th day of August, 1914, was amended,
and the same is hereby amended and re
so enacted so as to read as follows, to-wit:
lea "Article IV.-The capital stock of this
corporation is hereby fixed at seventy-five
le thousand ($75,000.00) dollars. divided into or
in represented by fifteen hundred (1100) shares
me- of the par value of fifty ($50.00) dollars
s each.
as "The whole of said stock, or any part
lea thereof, may be issued for cash, or may be
for paid for in installments of such amounts and
irs at such terms as the board of directors may
set determine, and said stock may also be is
ard sued in payment and settlement of the pur
the chase price of patents or patent rights here
art. inbefore described, or that may hereafter be
her acquired by the corporation such stock may
ach also be issued in payment, settlement and
an. adjustment of the fees, costs, charges, ex
ea- penses and commissions incurred for see
the vices rendered in the formation and organi
the cation of this corporation.
toe- "The board of directors is especially ar
of th'rized to cause said stock to be issued on
in- payment therefor in any of the methods
by hereinhefore set out, as in its judgment seems
ow fair and proper,
- & "The holders of all the preferred stock
teir tisued having assented thereto, the preferred
the stock created by Article IV, as originally
the drawn is hereby annulled and recalled, and
of the issue of •said stock abrogated, and all
eat the provisions in the charter concerning
sny said stock are hereby annulled, recalled and
the abrogated.
ia-"The capital stock authorized by this
aid amendment shall have and exercise all the
$ng rights and powers conferred upon the com
ult mon capital stock authorized by Article IV
as or gtnally drawn."
ney Said appearers further declare, publish
ten, and give notice to the world that Article V
Or. of the charter of the company, as executed
19 before William J. Formento, notary public,
on the 18th day of August, 1914, was amend
ed and the same is hereby amended and
I8e re-enacted so as to read as follows, to-wit:
hit- "Article V.-All the powers of this corpo
M. ration shall be vested inaboard of direc
rala Itori of not less than nine stockholders, which
numrber may he increased to not more than
he: ffteen, ty the boanr f directors, whenever,
ml in the opmlnos of a mtajrity of the boarn,
-,t :' ease 'I he t~ the irst il1tcrests I li
f t:.r , . era'tin,1 and the board of d:rectors
!1., ~. ,tb~, :t .r at the
" . hall ,wn at lh',: itne -
""I' lt g::r t,- -hall br Cet'te d annually, ,
li',ittr tue inttl ehlct:, te hidall
, i tr l :e m r er .t pcr-itJ deit. a vI e- '
t lt. a ,ears and a . t-a-u! r r, andi ilg e
-e -..t' I hall hi- " :h " p. w- r-, n t their du- 'I
it , u te tio el r ttm: e 1, ic e. , atid thec .
"A! , tu, :t hall he h-I.l, hv t all, t. "
i .ll , IItirii of t he- -c v te ~ cia 't shall elect.
Lt shatre fi sti,,k ,sh:ll ue ,ntt'lel ti one
S,:I ? ,, ,"1 cast. by the ho ll er thereo, f tn f:
.,:, or :y Ar,,y o t by ietter the sugna- t a
ure t wi hith is duly acktuswlelgedg as re- ,.
i::red by law, anld said stock te.ly be voted I
A failutre t. elect drecr:.r. on the date
.cit ci'd for the antual nmeeitg shall not I
I,..l, Ivc the crptratiOeu, but tile director- IIn
thei In ttnice .hall rena:ti i u othee utitA l their thu
it c'1c7orai are elected.
"The board g ,f direct-ut, shall have the pra .
Light tfr, tii e t t:itm ti apoint such otri
Icrs, cleLk-, agenth or other emplouees eeor '::
c" litllttee tl: :i :~ll be teceii-s ar y fOi the "il t
iltppr acoi.tlht uf the a isine-s atnd purpdses1 1
si ace corpr it :, and shall have the right- k
' t ,t|tit ai execittive coittuittee composed
St1hree it:nei Coi antd to delegate to sad ,
c-tavtieh, as well as alter ami aend, allp ,
lltter Af l the uppi, erh ata d nantherty pa os
iu l~ tC on.t a the hard may tax. All stutc
apptr ies dh a shall al haved rg th e pleasure
S ihe bo et tii t. beardrcte mortgagesard
itrhe tboar dt t re, trs may uske anotes.
ie-ta.h-h, as ttwell as alter agold iamend, andll
ylaw: . I rule d- and reualtns necessary and s
ipr.pr for the lirulrt, mlit nageme nt and I:1
di ,f the buine,- and affairs ofra the an alsor
1 ,,n ior i i othler lrg oration payle priymentcipal
Ind nterrest d n lawfet money of the o nited br
trally to drthall lecl re that tsonahey donece
-,i" f ar the airltenr ,llndnt.t a nd managementor
the ed that the a te ayporati be operative andlo
Ititl-iteag on all persons or omsotvhr. e l o t
Thus due anfull pa ssd at nre o ffitoc bonds or
If.rlamr n don ervce renderedday , month ey bor-a e t
r written, corporain the esece of war
hereby authorize and requlre the said
ullange and lo a . nd)untrs gt competent wincor
olsed and publishavhed according to lawsigned theiro '
th d togehat her the same m ay be op ers and
birging on all signerl: '.ns whomsoeveridau. W.
Sirt writtenc, in the ipres Edward Mac A ll an- t
qullan and Lo L. Dubourg, competent wit-i
n.tees, who have hereun to signed theire
na toge abovther at the sagon appearerst and
me, notary. r nd
Lek I. Dubourg.ded n o ic boo L l, mi
I, the undersigned recorder of mortgages,
r the parish of Orleans do herebDec. certify1916.
at true abopye and foregoing act o amen
ment of the incorporation of the Moore ao
tary Stump Cutter ho'mpano, Inc., was this
day duly recorded in my ofi ce, tin book 1201,
New Orleanse La., Dec. 7, 1916.
iSgned) Hetnry P. Dart. Jr., Notary Public. at
dec 14 21 28 jan 4 1 t 18 It
r th
State of Louisiatna. Parish of Orleans, City p
of New Orleans. r
Be it known and remembered, that on
this 28th day of the month of -December,
n the year one thousand nine hundred and
Siteen, and of the independence of the e
nited States of America, the one hundred
| nd forty-first, before me, Meyer S. Dreifus, t
notary public duly commissioned and qual
fled, and in the presence of the witnesses t
tereinafter named and undersigned:
Personally came and appeared the persons at
n hose names are hereto subscribed, who '
leclared that, availingthhemselves of the
. irovisions of the laws of this state relative
. o the organization of corporations, and more
,articularly to Act 267 of the General As
e embly of the State of Louisiana for the n
ear 1914, they have covenanted and agreed,
' nd do by these presents covenant and agree h
dt bind, form and constitute themselves,
s well as such other persons as may here- -
.fter joint or become associated with them, s
or the purpos n of forming themselves into
Sn association and body politic in law, for
he objects and purposes and under the
d greements and stipulations hereinafter set
Sorth, to-wit:
, Article I.-The name and title of this cor
It oration shall be the "Motor Parts Company, I
- 'incorporated," and under that name it shll
t- ave and enjoy all the rights, privileges
n nd advantages conferred by the State of
S' ouisian on corporations in general, and
Shall exist for a period of ninety-nine years,
antiless otherwise dissolved, beginning from fi
s he date of this act of incorporation. It C
e shall have power and authorit to sue and a
dr 'e sued, to buy and sell, hold, own. lease
s nortgage and hypothecate and pledge prop- d
' .rty, real, personal and mixed: to name,
elect and appoint managers, directors and
t :lerks and other employees to propertly con
e duct its corporate business, and to make by
d laws, rules and regulations as may be found
y necessary or desirable for the management
n. of this corporation, and shall do everything
r- to correctly carry out its Objects and pur
e- poses.
Article II.-The domicile of this coro
i ration is hereby declared to be the City
d of New Orleans. State of Louisiana. All
. citations and other legal process shall be
n served upon the president, and in the ab
ii sence of the president on the vice-president,
and in the absence of both of them, upon
i the secretary-treasurer of the corporation.
n Article III.--The objects and purposes for
t which this corporation is organized and the
iusiness to be conducted by it, are declared
to be the general business of repairig au
k tomobiles, engines, motor boats and boats,
d and gas engines and to buy and sell used
Sautomobiles, and parts thereof, to repair
Selectric batteries and charge same; and to
ll do a general automobile repairing business;
Sto handle any and all automobiles or motor
Iboat accessories, in fact to do any and all
it things necessary or incidental to the con
Sducting of an automobile repair shop.
n Article IV.--The capital stock of this cor
Sporation is to be five thousand dollars ($5,
000.00), divided into fifty shares of the par
b value of one hundred dollars per share.
V Twelve hundred dollars of the capital stock
ed of this corporation shall be issued in lieu
of all the tools, equipment and stock in trade
iof Clark-Hines, now situated in premises
d 301 North Carrollton avenue, this city, "as
t: per an inventory of said stock which was
exhibited to the said incorporators and ac
cepted at that valuation.
ch Said so < shall be represented by certi
Sficate' -tstock to be issued, at such time
e, and 1 fch amount, at the price and upon
r the .. and eonditions as the board of
I 1 . .t''t , ,lyn ill lt . -
R .r n < :.j r .n le'. t an
ti it al isecre r t rt t e-i..'' I vel. s a i Itik
, ,l I h ,' ben:l ie ',< - " ,. q \ or !I t k
',.tr , d I:m . ,l <!ectac : a'l, ,' he I- p.<
-it" : " , . . .i ... tI ,ttr' t^, i estliar Tn i '
T i , ir e t,: Ii - t t '- , d li, Inl, o ii, l" t i
\'' 1 ill', it' ,It'ti\Ii. , n ird, , . it ,r an I o
", . 1 1t,. "rt v u "t . ,, ts . t hI. .tiw stheu
I tI: .k 'r .n I 0 ri t - ,ii. i '. e hI te r s
nt :
AI " lv t,'" 'oIutn iwn It: Inaebr of di.
.t''u " ir . hI [ ti .,' u 'u l i:,e lA vaj ritr t
rl lie dnt, rnn, ,a .l maneven shll coinsti
it au o afw.: r tie ti r i , tion of any
i tld he the liripet ty. I al. llertonll and
tin it ta the crpnon as they may deen
r'I ht ' i , l, l u' .i e, ht lll. 'tit i. mort
(n the r ,awhle 'e w . g ste ckhreall oes
it.. n1.1r! used atld tutl-tp:.aI city and
lkr itnt i t t eclet } Iretgiag. isue nolies
i t ts tl , i"th" e itro Levtn " 's -"f debt. la rkd t
itl ,t al siii n,'i'tl "1u rlraton at such- t
" th l ,, . cr e!.tr c H , t:. I e, st ock- a
t ,c, lf -tIt I, . ces s I c to s ,Ih ter be
~ld tiindttiin. I" ithi tar dee. n 1 viftiabte.
"I sd y oard of i t.reti o htl.il take all the
l- ts, reglattisi tnud blaws for the gonvhe
a siinesi and atblar i, , hii corp tation," annd,
tti, , ni anit it t" "ie the a e at ple tas' p
TI'he fo. in stllowkin ,vtl der, are hereby de n
'I: s beaeI t Aflr, ,' .,~ .lp:fd Ac ,,l Dny falueie
clar'ed to he the tr t Iord of directors of
this corporation. all of whom shall hold ofhe
rice utctintil te ,t'il Miitd the s Jara of y, i
r i., or unatilh their successors sll . have I
,t ieet elected aud q'tinl ited; Clark Iies,
I4012  Ileans t~t. Aaron Levy, 704 Rober, t J -
lI.te as vicerenitlent aid Adolpc h Diefen ll
Stha. as secretar-treasl ure. ;
. A hrticle VII-No stickhtlder shall ever tber
r held liable of re:ponsilt', for the contracts
ur faults of tsaid cororatont in ateny further
'sut , pthan the unpaid balance due on the -
s shares of stock wneil by hitt nor shall ,anytd
t, mere iformality in organization have they
eiect ot f rendering thin charter null or ext l
i sing a stockholder to any liability beyond t
the amount of his uinpand stock, nor shall c
Saniy informalityt or irregularity tn organiza' I
tniond ever have the  aect of retdering any e
Stockholder liable as a partner. y r
Article VIII.-Thleis act of incorporation
this cor" oratil e shall e dissolved, withe the
r,'ie' re g hul tor I~v -elaws for te an vt
E assent of twolthirds (2-3) of the stock of t
the corporation , present r represente d at a
Sgeneral meeting called for that purpose, after
t' , i attei cntn and cn tea aa e t plas h
y priornt and an writing to each stockholder I
or mailed to hifs at is last known post of' I
htice address, in accordance with the terms
of art 267 of 1914.
ared to the expiration ofard thi charter or theof
an cause, ithe s aecn airs shall be liquidated
1by one or more liquicators to be elected by
4012 ()rleans St., Aaron Levy, 7a04 RobertP
Strthe stockh olphders, all of whom hall hold
street, with Aaron Levy and the saident comm-lark
SHines ares vice-preb veste and witAdolph Difull powerfen
te Article IX.-The appearders h ereby declare
h eld liable have sre bscribed tfor the number
or faults of pposite their namescorporation in any furthe sig
s natures thereto unpashall bacolanstitute duteir orig th
Sshnatures of sthereto shall constitute their oshall any
mere informalityation in the proporganization set oppositethe
effec Thus done arnd passed, in mycharter nulotaral or ex
S n the cty of New Orleanstock, on the dayll
a informalityear irherein gularst wr in rand za
to th e pre hasence ofthe effect W. Kaendering and
article n II. Manion, competent witnesses, who
shall be changed, modified or altered or
te hereunto subscribehall their namessolved, with the
t sadse of appearetwo-thir and me, notary, after deof
reading of thice in writing to each stockholderhole.
r Sined Aron Levyat hi s last known post of-hares: Clark
S rice address, in acordance iefetth al 3terms
r I, the undersi ned recorder of mortgagesof 1914.
t for the parish o Orleaf this Cityer o Neth
SOrleans, do hereby certify that the above
earlier dissolutiong act of this corporation of theor
anyse, Motor Parts Compaffairs shall be liquidatedhis
y one or more liquidatliors to be elected by
the stockholders, all of whom shall hold
in' (Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
Stock in saidtrue copy from the original act.ommis
nd MEYER S. DREFUS, Notah full powrc.
ant I herebity certify thquidat the affbove and foref said
ng share s opposia true and corret copynames, andof the orig
Si na of record and on file in my notarial oc
omh and year herein first written and in
SMar Fleeting competent witnesses, who
hereunto subscribe theower ofnames, withda, that
5aid appearers and me, notary, after due
reaading of the whole. n to e
l hares.
SWit nesses: H. W. Kaiseri, tM. I. Manion.
me cember, in the year of oNor tardy one thPublic.
and nine hundred recand soriteen (1 bgages
af foret oo, r rsni in baotaon th th
I - ,,, hi"7: y "i' . ..t , I e n 1 e sl t s u.d, !
s.i, d' ., t. c , t. t , , e a' ,i
itho .. .. . l s., f toll. i .. . .. : 1 ',h Io c t .
n "",, ' y , ..\,t N _pry, r f , I o',4 l'+4 mixe,
r , "a ,"t ,-i.i-, :gor-. i t i- t . t i ·-t'.i"
V , , - I ...c ald . tr lr er in h t , t'itr- p
II · i I 1 i-ittt. as:nl l t, n h h. iedl.
:ns o, r contr'i(" be', y It il thi e- the' t -
Ar it T. T le n,, '.e ani O i e:l,,r- ,r ,
i:" hac e tid enjoy et i,-eis .i l l. ex
oc f.l a ,i lirect.,d of nler-on ,l. e el n o ,,
S t oII ate n t l -," r ta iripr. fe r s lte sa etr
" i " , rian' alter rat p!ea-ire; to l hel, to
f t*,h.i-r, lease, 'ill, i nl:latiae, hypothecate,
`l,: , lh'yer. < rs ies ty, reI', liersmatl. ,uo mixed.
, g .i I In i t, Its i',t:rcts , an d. to t h.t end.
t c- i ces pa c and iler recci oh n srid la uds" it
It i'cinrte not exctedi:io the terni of iainl leasesi
k- -i-ti-d leasaesr icctaricctice mn.iy dcterntine,
iy .i ' iyl . n tr I hald n:ck iti any o ther c. tn
ila l in 'ir , tnlnle that iac an, i tt 1s co1 n -
III pin s-In it, outie Ct and tuirlises ti mike
,ie vi tl -,`ir nat', and cer: tic.itan s if indebted
rn nt.+,: t, ia-ieC. eliect a-ld a olpiniit mia. ges.
a i.r'- '-iIl. n-i cl-er  or i-i-lier emithl cen t
ii al.e in in tahililt -ach Ifwy-lass. rIlesn
ist alc ri'I. ftrc the na Iauternti of the h's- I
,all ia ntd ati f rn ot f the cortl ratl on,y anll
re ge 'ieruily . ti all and ecsey nti-her a-., mat
,e ter or thlng e. eiary fir he cauille:it and
,.Itrtl r larmlRg oTt of cald butsiness.
li a tile ti -l!he cilier otf ti  c.rdloa
iii t al, hle in the city of ! New Orleans. t
tm it it tfar is.c, Sn ate i-f Lois.-iai.ll-r, rnu d
i l ll c'tatil,ns anl o:h'r legal rnhcis- s -rall
i!t - rved t i io rn the pir l-,rli. III, liI ans il
S ilh this -itd , ticratini ai e rgaini i thet
ron li en: li hT, inpect, biet and drill for. and
ir ilun tha ll, g.ic, sulh r ini therh o i n rtie ls ar id
ei .cond: to buoit. cin trui t gi, ieslph Ir an
itv- ll lnctt i atn d o t he r f.acr litieus frn rci
ithe elthi, manuiac e nurc~ , or otherwie wol
nd n an upt tthe products of mneral n ether
hes- rhace or otherwise orpratoill or other pn r
iv i or c orporations, apparatus retie, ll niig,
i the smetltting. manufacturing, or otherwise work
[nd tig up the products o e mineral lanls. either
as- iprodtuced by this corpiratiotn. or other per.
de. manufacture, or otherwise wrIrk up the by
of products of said minerals. and to operate the 0
of- said plant and market the products or biy
ry, products as manufactured to the best advan
ive tage.
es, Third: To carry on such other busine' s s
ert pertaining to the aforedescrbed purposes a
ert may be found necessary or desirable, or such -
ark as in generally engaged in by a corpora
en- tion of this kind. 1,
Article IV.-The capital stock of this cor- to
be piration is hereby fixed at the sum of fifty- a
ets seven thousand dollars ($57,000o, divided into
her eleven thousand three hundred and ninety- e
the eight (11,398) shares, of par value of live
my dollars ($5) each, to be paid for in cash,
the or its eqsvalent in property. No certiicate
.x. of stock shall be issued and delivered unless a
and it ipfully paid for, or for property purchased
tall or leased; no stockholder shall ever be held t
Ta- liable or responsible for the faults, con-t
ny tracts, or debts, of this corporation in any t
further sum than the unpaid balance due r
ion the corporation on the shares of stock sub-'
or scribed for by him; nor shall any mere in
the formality in the organization havethe effect
of of rendering this charter null, or of exposing
ta a shareholder to any liability whatsoever;
ter nor shall the stock e subjected to assess
rder ment. The corporation may begin business
of. and be a going concern as soon as twenty
ems eight thousand five hundred dollars of the
capital stock shall have been subscribed and
the paid for.
for Article V.-Al of the corporate powers of
ted this corporation shall bb vested in and ex
by ercised by a Board of Directors to be com
old posed of three stockholders, which .aumber
nis- may be increased by the stockholders at a
wer general meeting for that purpose up to fif
said teen members, a majority of whom shalt
of constitute a quorum for the transaction of
business. Until the first Monday of Jan
tare uary, 1918, the following named persons shall
Cber constitute the Board of Directors of this cor
sigf poration, to-wit:
,rig- Clarence Edmund Fettis, George Cuthbert
rig- Itacot and Henry Richard Fine.
site Thereafter, the directors shall be elected
annually on the first Monday in January of
ttice each year. All elections for directors shall
tay, be by ballot, and each stockholder shall be
In entitled to one vote for each share of stock
and standing in his name on the books of the
who corporation, this vote to be cast in person,
the or by proxy, and it shall require a majority
due of stock present or represented, to elect.
The failure to elect the board 'of directors
lark on the first Monday in January, or annually,
I, 3 thereafter, shall not work the forfeiture of
this charter, but the old board of directors
lon. shall remain until their successors are elect
srtitle VI.- The Board of Directors
hold regular meuetings at stated intervals at
bove such times as shall be fixed in the bylawa
the of the corporation. These meetings shall bee
this held at the domicile of the corporation, but
al, the president may call speeinal meetiangs of
the Board of Directors at such times as he
may deem advisable, and he shall be re
R. quired to call such special meetings when
ever requested to do so by eight members
cl. of the Board of Directors. Three days no
ore- tlice of such special meetings shall be given
torg. in wrating to the directors unless a waiver
trial of notice is signed by the directors. Any
vacancy occurrng on the board, either from
blcl death, resignation, or inability to serve,
shall be filled by the board of.directors. The
first board of directors of this corporation
- shall be required to draft a suitable set of
by-laws for the government of this corpora
tion, which may be altered, amended or
Lhat changed, as the exigencies of the same may
t require.
Artice VII.--The officers of this coarpora
tion shall consist of a president, first vice
president, a second vice-president and a
secretary and treasurer, all of whom shall be
stockholders and menmbers of the board of
directors. Until the board of directors to
So be elected on the first Monday in January,
a191a shalt otherwise elect, the followm
named persons shall constitute the officers
boir of this corporation: Clarence Edmund Fet
Stis, as president, whose address is 35 Audu
bon sEld., New Orleans, Lopisiana; George
it Cuthbert Bacot, as vice-president, whose ad
'DId dress is 8504 Speamore Street, New Orleans,
Louisiana; Henr Richard Fine, as secre
st? tary-treasurer, w ose address is m23 Birch
Street, New Orleans, Louis ana.
Articlde VIII.-This charter may be modi
fled or altered, the capital stock thereof in
creased or decreased, or the corporation may
be dissolved with the assent of three-fourthrs
CO8- of the stock present or represented at any
general or special meeting of the stockrhold
oiusi- era for such purpose after thirty days prior
New notice in writing to each stockholder, or
mailed to him at his lasrt known post office
De- address and asfter publication in a da
thou- newspaper pblished in the cit of Newr -
be-i leansCr and upon comlrinig with the law in
-. ILssuch san end p ihaded F
,:;,. ~ 'of ,':, u ·.lI d ':,: "L,' -·,k 1,' \
S . 1'l Ir . I lt I .at l . lIe ird,.
~ I i,, ,- ,'l SI 'NAI N ary P ubi
~I. ,t , Iner'l.l I n rerrle. r of m' ortg " es "
i ir,. "i- f , , rleansIt , l htreby c-rt"
. , to Mt inlirl , I talg \ \mpinY,
I '1 ,1v :.1 . ~ t i- thil dit l ly rl v i e. o 
.I " ,li.1 21, , l i11'. f. . , I. ' .
e" I-. 1"-' ;' I :,r. ,tc1l Ise. -i.1 ' Iieard t
- E'PI'l SINAI . NEary I llAI. l
, "!tb," t -c ,tend furý :,Kl a-t of tnc r
S,'.i' lt .I Cine Stgnl ird i)r ling the,mpany, ot
I. t. , It , . I, . ln t , d.y tI dy ,dedt d i
New ..I . IIA li1e . eit"r, t
I oih",lR ENilTrd s I.I'eIiNARD, Ety t R.
a h it the Nee atd au rty Pto on i o.
l, 14 t i t.e tam to4 II l 1r
sitd nd t aer el rn-r aid o
"it .': - ,.; .t .:o e :..,. ',.(ot ,o l.h,' t.-: -
ate', · , l ,irperth. lih, ra"cl ar pe linat. ad th
" e .\ t'r"ri, n 1'an aid a'pui it ,ich f,,,f-ce r-', a
. re : tv. :e theLrl s - n, their a v ,Ic:ae r
,l'I,,- a 1 s a I s roles p acl nd1 re ui t Ilws
:. r p iritic.1 a may he v these ncsr a
S',-tl' ~..nd the 'tc" tochang', e ain at" erI
a : trilrstire: ti or rhady politi, In law, fnr the t
ie, -t uinl t.af tr d pe rfem tan ll t r.gtd i.
thit ns.,i ln ar .snid . h'ertailftlrr seuet? I
eIar",h intrls riedr dwidlel.ared tha' day
- 'ntI e he thel, a lvic-. thei ar ,c ter- c
t a In . and under this rnrporprie namee sh
:,h1 hive 1-the pter and auth ority to con- t
" l t'. put.'' od he S.. e of Iltisie and., ruse a a
corp ra ti.ti s ,rlr d it t carpr to  . theya o
ichne an hold to ltease, ell transfer ande o
S lvil-; to Itea. plnele'. aortcl ge or hypoth- g
tt,"r opr ta'r: ,cm real anted hrs thnal, and
i ,rlt ,r ntetrar, fer yts olje int and pfor the
a plert- ari the interl t and conveniene slof
laiti , aerf1ran eRay rtqu cire to make andre
Stabiah I. r he ny-las. rlihs and regulrations
,lr ptl proper mane chard-S of the affairs of
i crr. atnd lndehr may he ncrposary andame,
tear p , Bpu rad e ase, d, to adlake and mtse ai
a "'rate ( eal and the same to brang e and alter h
a r t pleamur: to lo rr r money, to reeive, pur
chise nd held, to lease, scell, transfer and
Slveo to give. pledge, mortgage or hypothe T
ate. .perl t .o o .c perform all actsonal, and
xe, nrceuiiar for ic objects and puto carry o
i tre itheets it and and convenienced o frpor "
taid c i, ratlo ray requie;hll ontinuo e an e
xe i ri proper mana periot of the aty-nine of
aid ctrportltion, as may te necessary and
Salrl. afnlfis sandr tihiolnd. fsa m the day o
:oft ,llnd de hef, and eng the anner halter
Arti ples Ia.-The purciposes for twhi this pd
elipo. .ind to cop and perform all act, andv
hiwratlg reqisrite and ne to carry on and cuon-t
tle d t a tll kiands of theatrs ao d il eopo f
e theaters ora in whion shall econtinue ind
rf unle, trager diesolve dramas, from the dayies,
operas, d variety entertand in the mannerd misel
Article 11.-The purposes for whih coir
corporateo ln is formed is to carry on nd con-rs,
rightssi raa resntation, licenses pnd pravn
s oft all kinds of torathers andexhibition of
plays, operas and other entertainments. To
produce, purchase, sell and lease motion pic
ture films; to employ persons to write, com
pose or invent playsscenarios, dances and
Sall other exhibitions of that character. To
e print, publish, or cause to be printed and m
pedlished any play scenarios for motion pic
Sture theaters, songs and other forms of en
e- tertainment; and to represent, exhibit, sell
or lease the same. To grant licenses, or
t rights in respect of any property of the
corporation; and generally to do and carry
d on all affairs and things isually carried on
of and done by parties engaged in like enter
l prises, and conducive to the welfare and
Sprtit of te corporation; and it shall have
k power to carry on all or part of its business
e in other states of the Union, its territories,
n, and other possessions, and all foreign coun
y tries.
Article II.--The domicile of this corpora
s tionn shall be in the city of New Orleans,
of Iouisiana. (Citation of all legal process, and
other legal notices shall be served upon the
rs president of the corporation, and in his ab
to hence on the vice-president.
1 Article IV.--The capital stock of this cor
pnration is hereby fxed at the sum of t fty
at one thousand dollars ($51,000.00) divided into
rs one thousand and twenty shares (1020), of
the par value of fifty dollars (d50.00) each.
The capital stock may be increased to cot
exceeding $250,000.00, and the increase may
ge in preferred or common stock, or partly
e of one and partly of the other; and the terms
Sof the preferred stock shall be fixed by the
rh hoard of directors which may be in exist
ence at the time of the proposed increase in
the capital stock.
y Article V.--AII of the poawers of this cor
m pration shall be vested in a board of direc
e, tors, composed of not less than three (3)
e stockholders. aPower and authority is here
chv vested in the board to increase the num
o hyer of directors to any number not exceed
r. ing seven (7); and the board of directorsa
or may fill vacancies in their number, however
y caused, by election from among the stock
. The board of directors shall be elected an
e. nually on the first Tuesda , after the first
Monday in the month of anuary of each
year, except the frst boar which is pro
of vided for in this charter, and which shall
to hold office until their successors are elected
and qualified.
nt At the annual meeting held for the elec
rr tion of direclors, each shat!l of stock shall
bet* e entitled to one vote, which may be cast
lu* by the shareholder in person or by proxy.
ge The failure to hold such meetings shall
·d* not terminate the corporation, but the offi
as, cers then in office shall hold over until their
:re- suet.ssors are elected and qualified.
rch The first board of directors shall consist
of Nathan Sobel, whose address is 517 South
-' cott street, New Orleans. La.: Albert G.
a'n Shear, 137 S. Hennessey street, New Orleans,
say i.a., and Ernest V. Richards, Jr., 521 Olive
Sths St.. Shreveport, La.
dn Emach board of directors shall annually
ior elect from its midst a president, a vice
or president, a treasurer and secretary; and it
fc may combine the office of treasurer with that
Aly of either of the other offcce, and it may elect
O-. a secretary who is not a director or stock
'n holder.
The first president shall he Ernest V. Rich.
' , 1 . ! ; u., h", , Lo , .
\ \ 1 1 red and
S ..., ' : • t.: "  ;1. :u i
, ' t- th"--r : '. ;", n:
"" : t,,- ," :.. " p it frt-, t thfe h  e·
. , u' l ,It _'i an eh!l it. and I
Ih . inches fn, ntc.
,,, ,i i .,j""' l.'r.. " ! ,,"". ,, i . w h uesr.d ren d
SiT : *,t 'n .nl thre Telet, fmt
S1:.: ." : t, 1,! 1 d :i p-e .idf the ,whud ,e
.,t t ' , ic,..tl I": sr'ii' t i ald eight, and u
i l " , .'i\ at.i li'tti:r Theater. con.
:..: rd ..""I ,. ,i . !,-I :n -he vard bildid ng.
1", + N' , ,el anil Albert (;. Shea-. as
ithe ' s\htngtiu Theater." t.grther with all
the fu'atuire, tOxtures a:dl apphtiances; and
.ii "e , ight ,,sne, and a'yutired by the
-t ' prties fi.r the Iprdutl.on of motion p.c
: i:" ,ra:ras, ;play. anl r,ther rights and
p::vil- gie. ail ri ti.e-tis to photographic films.
'i th, e g.11 ~Will of thie t -ltsitii s.
T~'r.l The tion l'Pctulre Theater con
,dutrl hv Na:han .S,hel and Albert G. Shear,
at N. 4-4 I inl(il Street, in the City of New
(:it -.:.1 , n·t know n as the "Carrollton The
..t ." t(:!lrher with all the furniture, fix
utr. "nd al.l.ianice ; and all the rights
,oitdl .ntI atly:nrId 'y the said parties for
tIe I 'duec:i·"' of motion I)ncturri, dramas,
Ipl. , .,,I other thcatrical presentation; the
'h:- pt.vul:]er- a:aI Iaences to photo
r itl , t !:n-. at, the gtoid will of the
lr'- Sb,,h! t,aid Shear have erected the
,:!,llg 1:1 win:lich the theater is contained
n grrond lt;et, ,y themi and they will
tran.o'.-e, '..s, all and singutlar the rights
,,lnei by tit. n l the oiC lding and the lease
t, the groutitd.
Ioi irth" A ertain -leae enteredl into by
!he 5ihel andi  Shear Aniui-ement Company.
Ltd.. with J thi T1. Holmes for the rental of
cer:artin plt:ii-e (in ('arrollton Ave. between
lainal :reet and ('leveland Ave., in the block
tb ru.dlrd by S. Pierce St. In the city of
New I(rleans, fur a period ,of ten years from
the ilate the bIlding to be erected will he
ctpiillt.:red. ,adl lease was entered int- on
the 10th day of November, 1916b.
All .,f which piroperty, exclusive of the
good., will. is well worth, and is appraised
y by the directors, at the sum of $40.900, and
c the go-id will of the various theaters above
y rnmer :ated. the board appraises at $10,o00.
° Article VII.-Not less than fifteen (15)
e days notice shall be given for all regular
s- tockholders meetings, and not less than five
(5) days notice shall be given for special
meetings. The board of directors shall hold
it regular and special meetings at such tinres
- and upon such notices as to time which the
said board may fix. Notices of all meetings
- of all kinds shall be given through the mails,
a addressed to the respectively stockholders, or
ir direr:ors at the address last furnished to
- the secretary by the stockholder or director,
d or the notice may be delivered by messen
- ger.
d Article VIII.--This act of incorporation may
r lie changed, modified or altered, or this cor
d poration may be dissolved with the assent of
if three-fourths (14) of the stock present or
d represented at a meeting convened for that
s purpose.
f Article IX-No stockholder shall ever be
d hold liable or responsible for the contracts
n and faults of said corporation in any further
d sum than the unpaid balance due on the
shares of stock owned by him; sor shall any
mere informality in organization have the
effect of rendering this charter null, or ex
Sposing the stockholders to any liability be
yond the amount of his unpaid stock.
e Article X.-Whenever this corporation is
dissolved, either by limitation of time, or
hy the determination of the stockholders,
its affairs shall be liquidated under the su
- pervision of two liquidators to be appointed
of for that purpose at a general meeting of the
stockholders convened after ten (10) days
td notice. At such meetings to consider the
tI liquidation of the company, the result shall
- he determined by the consent of three
Is, fourths (Y4) of the stock present or repro,
v- sented at such meeting.
of In case of the death of one of the liqui
ro dators, or his inability to act for any reason
ic- whatever, the survivor shall act alone.
n- Thus done and passed in my office, in said
od city of New Orleans, on the day, month and
ro year first hereinabove written in the pres
id ence of Johnson Chargois and Otto A. Oden
ic" dahl, both of lawful age and residents of
n- this parish, competent witnesses, who signed
ell hereto with the said appearers and me, no
or tary, after due reading of the whole.
he Original signed: Ernest V. Richards, Jr..
ry 2 shares; Albert G. Shear, 509 thares; Nathan
on Sobel 509 mtares. Witnesses: J. Chargois,
er- Otto A. Odendahl.
ve I, the undersigned, recomeer of mortgages
tss in and for the parish of Orleans, State of
, I.nouisians, do hereby certify that the act
in- of incorporation, of the Sobel-Richards-Shear
Enterprise, Incorporated, was this day duly
ra- recorded in my office, in book 1201, folio -.
ns. New Orleans, December 30, 1916.
nd (Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
the A true copy of the orinairal.
Jan 4 11 18 25 feb 1 8
t Try Our
heir Odenwald & Gros Co.
" 619- Canal St.-920
dict PHONES ) *646
that AMAIN 553
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