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THE HERALD..l TeHradBas o
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(harles Konin. of Newplort Net
ail l\rt hit-If Te ,sday to splend a w hlic
V ith hi nmther. Mrs. N. lpnin.
i. a Mr. A.\dams left for I)alla-.
' a.e TI' 'ue iday (on a business trip.
At a recent meeting of ('arroilton
Branch, Grand Fraternity. Mr. ii. I
Iiafkesbring was elected regent
Mr. Jos. Yatter left Monday morn
ing to attend tihe, \\'dlumen 'oliven
tion in Ne-". Iberia. lie goes as a
,!*,'e .te :rom Eu.reka ('antp No " .
The Thursday Aftternootn Five
Hundred ('lub fmt la-t week at thei
ione of ,li-. Eugenia Hierbert. The
uh,'er -!u:'l player. twer- Mrs. 1. W
Peterson andi Mrs. A. Trheard. Mrs
\W . .\. llzell recelived :ihe, ~on-o'a
tion The next meeting. r-. ;1r- (0.
Slth rbert " ill t. hostess
Miss Euge-n a Herbert le:t .,-'er
day tor tllh- Sea Shore, Camp;lll
4 ro nl
Mr-. 1ly \1.y : k. of Eliza -treet.
ha the - p, ll i:t h. : tiher matny
:r: nl- in the l,- (,o her father. the
late (usar J Ilitne,., ,ho.,e e-aih
:u i rredl Satardl .y.
1lr- I t'ha 'H. Ii- key e n'ertai .ed
th,* N and i. .Sewing C(luI !a-t Fri
Mr, (C. V Krat:t enteirtai'ned the
Th rday1 ; . .:ternoon E chrll el I, ('llc
la-t week. The succes:ul pilayers
were Mr-. : J Mothe. Mr= F. hlo
goven andch Mrs. F. (o.bel. Mrs. C.
V. Kraft received the '.cnsollation.
The neXt meeting \\ill ,be held at
the hioni o : \r-. ' J Lew. s.
John '. I)e Arnmas. Jr . of l;ras.
was alppointeld l'laqullenitiines parish
I surveyor by Governor Pleasant. Mr.
l)e Arrnas is in charge- of the exten
live Itlras drainage distriet. hei-re
drainage- iý iheing provided Mr.
BIueras i we-tli knoiwn in our town.
a he-re he' attended sclhool.
McI)onoghville Lodge No. 141. B.
ft. ('. of A.. has elected the follow
ing delegates to the conve-ntion of
the Loui-iana State Federation of
Labor at New Orleans April 2. .
and 4. viz.: Anton Graf and A. C.
Lands, of Algiers: C. E. Toney, of
Mcl)onog"hville. The alternates are:
J. e'. Johnson and T. J .Schaefer. of
Algiers: W. A.\. Barry. of New Or
Company II. .ijifornm Rank,
Woodmen of the World. held a fully,
attended meeting and drill at Elec
tric Park, Thursday night. Matters
in connection with the forthcoming
encampment at Mobile were dis
cussed and plans for the trip w\ere
further outlined. Major Nolan and
Captain Wicks. the latter in com
mand of the hospital corps, were
present and took an earnest interest
in the discussions.
Mr. Thos. i'. ('arty has the sym
pathy of( his friends in the death of
his uncl.e, the, late Alfred Brown.
who was buried in Baton Rouge last
Miss Violet Engler was operated
on at Hotel I)ieu Friday. and is
doing nicely.
,Mrs. t'. V. Kraft entertained the
,Matron's Club Tuesday. The suc
I'essful players were Mrs. C. V.
Kraft. Mrs. E. . Manent and Mrs. G.
BHourgeois. Mrs. It. A. Tausey re
ceivetl the consolation. The next
lmeeti.ng will be at the home of Mrs.
I'. J. Lewis.
Mrs. Leo Jeansonne and children
left Tuesday night for Hamilton.
N. C(. where they will reside perma
nently. They were met at Atlanta -
by Mr. Jeansonne.
Mike O'Shea returned Monday on '
the Str. Excelsior from Havana.
Mrs. ily. Acker entertained the
Friday Night Euchre ('lub. the sue-,
cessful players being Mrs. R. J. Wil- 1
liams. Mrs. Cognovich playing for i
Miss (lairia Richard. Mrs. S. Bov
lan playing for Mrs. Best, and Miss i
Delery. Mrs. Lester Brooks received
the consolation. The next meeting t
wil be at the home of Mrs. L.
James Peeler. 12 years old, of
120 Olivier street. was sent to thet
hospital Sunday afternoon for treat- !
ment of appendicitis, with which he i
was suddenly attacked.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Weber and
children of Marshall. Texas. spent a
few days here last week, the guests
of Mr. and Mlrs. F. Weber of Ope-,
louses avenue.
Edwin C. Kohn. of Pointe-a-la- i
hlache. La.. was a visitor here this t
week., I
Forty board of health cases, in
which alleged violations of the san
itary laws of the city were charged.
were disposed of by Recorder Goff t
on Monday. all the accused being dis- -
Miss Daisy Stephenson was ten- ]
dered a farewell surprise party Mon
day night by her friends. Dancing
and refreshments were enjoyed.
The Junior Circle of King's
Daughters visited the Bethany Home
last Saturday. A delightful program I
was rendered.
A delightful lotto party was given
at the home of Miss Bernadine Hil
debrand last Friday. The success
ful players were Misses Marion
North and Bernadine Hildebrand.
Miss Florence iorne received the
consolation. Other games were I
played, after which refreshmentsl
were served. Those present were
Andreas Gallagher, Bernadine Hil
debrand. Marion North. Bessie
Pierae. Nesbit Haag. Annie Trauth
and vy Sterling.
MIr. and Mrs. W. A. Nelson enter
tained the Social Senior Euchre Club
Monday night. The successful play
ers were Mrs. F. J. Borne and Mr.
R. E. Whitmore. Mrs. W. A. Nelson
and Mr. F. J. Borne. Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Brownlee received the conso
lattoas. The next meeting will be
held at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Nolan.
Mr. Alonzo Burke left Tuesday
night for Houston. Galveston and
other Texas cities.
The Jolly Twelve will hold their
meeting to-night at the home of Miss
Julia Birney.
The steamer Hettie is now ruin
ning at the Third District Ferry. The
Hettie has been thoroughly over
hauled and the patrons are indeed
glad to have a large boat here again.
The new boat for this point is ex
pected to rearh here within the next
two months.
Mrs. C. O. Roome spent several dav
lin Morgan City.
I (gZ eslv no penflU~loO) [
aS Trat1mn1,t (-f ,al, OF TRACTION COM
Naval Statiorn I "('utratctg
and ]Public Scandal.'" PANI[S HERE
41414 F\IPE1II TI IF" III, ILL -:
.. , i a n ! t' , t, j lil\ i£ ]  'It:1 ,)t1 ' t'-. t'-.
, : .tt r 1 6l. ti l rr, '-l - -a r ,i.
h et . , . "-; -' lt l . o r k e d .t .: ; i - t ' h ,
.r ".r\· A- T, , IA'! _,i.+ rr lItr h lilt
I t .1n t n ll n .l l l- . A 'p . : i - l i t in-t . II -
i;: l -:: 1it s .. , .n aIduA t. d. it ( h , h
" ',nr .'t':I "u - n ) tui'he rl,"(a':i pl, ttltt
to r.. ti ingl" th. \. .l s l I T TId
c' t r l T ' t !illi- ) ,l:" ti:'', ret l nary
|A', tt, r-. Tl'hoi !i h itt natur l ad
,;t4; 4 ', ,t'e hi '  I p )ortl d To tiel,
A.At i ,, '.IaT t:l.t , and the hI:h the
- .t t lhall . k ,t hate , $1 ),.,,1 .\hal't
! ' I : .t h t - r ' . il rt " .l l , l , r F i p e V * nt e dll ; (
thIi \p.l,:l itIr"e. at,- it tl ' A. w itlattr
11, i.1t hu r ig and .1I I pi I :
- tl dall . th ' - ,'l nadt r at- ,r t -. "til1.t
i, t tA ' - Ial. T h' t ill t t hte. it.\
Tlal Ai l lntl , af 'xp.lino l - t" ' ITA
t iptlt pit thi' N." (irl'Ati- . xar,.
AI ' t (.' a ,l, lair u' that a.t-'t -iim
.. ., 111 114.It,, prlr 'idt.'d Io r It , val
",t \penditIrell . . , o llgr,,. , i- , to iet
i'-l rll-'d ' t he Newt ()rl'Ianl " nad.At
: II 'd t - .' ! 't I t h"I ' t 1 t h tT I re \1A:ln d i
t r,- ): the pIla tT.'
\. 1. ltard 4i et, I'etI lfunsl-.
I hal l long Tel! that at th, lInter-t
, ': ,. I ,i' t, , re i .lle tii.d A it h TeI
.+.tt r.Te . than thll arie, n ,ie t I
hate th.r ioriti o.lI n, at trIraAn t rA
No , 'i t .1 ' td v llt 'in t t A evi denh', o.! thei
'hI lel pe tA. t rhe i- n!'i ld .ttt ( be'
,liud th an tIo " tlorl 'art tiat con
Sr:'""-. h.,i just prl)ided for natal ex
p A! it '- i agIri egat! :i.the $: .1 .i4ii 00 l
and yl '. , ar .elyir t a dollar of that
Vt't Y11i is to hibe disbul rsed atit ti.'
Ne. ( )rlean., Navy Yard Aside fronti
the petty routinle exptn-'.s (o the
pI:IAnt. I \it1 to illiake it tllear that
nothing I niaty say in thi con(o eclt'tion
is to he construed as a r''iti'sli 1it
SIll gre;'S'ilia It :t olpinallA . who has
been untiring in his labors, as a
mll mIIber o' the naval .'otntlnittee of
the hlouse. Bu1t Awithou t cto-iopera
tion in the senate his hands are tied.
-' I nvAI the A\ish1l.s of the head of
the dlepartment itself with respect
t to the New Orleans Navy Yard are
,blockedI by inliuences in the differ
tent bureaus of the department. This
mialign influence cannot be broken
up until there is the most active and
aggressive co-operation between the
house and11 setnate conlnmmittees in the
interes, of the New Orleans yard. A
ani4erete illustration that I call to
mind t il marke thi< plain. Dluring
the last congress. after the naval bill
had passed the house, andl was be
fore the senate for amendenint. I
re-ceived information from the senate
'onnltittee that the department
i ished to improveA the facilities at
the New Orleans yard and was es
pe-ially anxious to have an appro
priation carried in the pendi"ng bill
for the enlargemenlt of the wharf in
front of the station.
"New Orleans' 1Work Illocked."
"On being informed, inasmuch as
1Loisi ana was without representa
tion on the senate committee. I
cailed at the department and went
over the matter with Secretary Dan
iels. Hie expressed himself as most
anxious to secure the adoption of the
amendment and suggested that I
press it. Accordingly. on June 29. I
introduced an amendment appropri
ating $1it).00,00 for the extension of
the whArf. In compliance with the
wishes of the department it was
adopted by the senate. h in con
ferente the bureaucrats were quick
to put forward the information that
in order to hold the appropriation it
would be necessary to secure an "es
timate" for the work. Application
was made for this perfunctory esti
mate, but in vain, and although the
secretary was favorable. because the
estimate was lacking we lost the ap-,'
propriation. The same influences in
the bureaus that never lose an op
portunity to block the improvement
of the New Orleans Navy Yard took
advantage of their discretionary
powers to see that the wharf was not
"I feel. however, that these ob
structionists have now reached the
end of its rope. for in the future, the
items in the naval bill referring to
the New Orleans Yard are going to
be mandatory and not discretionary
if I can possibly have this, done.
"Outrage ands Public ei4andal."
"In the same bill that permitted
the New Orleans wharf fiasco, there
was a mandatory provision to place
the yards at Puget Sound. Boston.
Philadelphia and Norfolk in such
condition by the addition of new
equipment as would permti of the
construction of vessels of the largest
Io Call Us ill
Up If You
Can't Call
Upon Us
Prepare for Easter Dinner
This .is the week in which
hundreds of families will make
special preparations for Easter
dinner, and as usual, Solari's
complete stock of choice gro
ceries will be in first favor
with those who appreciate l
In order to avoid disappoint
ment and possible delay, we
suggest that you place your or
ders early in the week, al
though last-minute orders will
receive attention we are able
to give.
Royal and Iberville Streets
:[ .1 T , ,' , : 1 .: I- T.' 0 . '\,10 1
-,Ila,aIt \I." '.",),q, :is \·1, " pr.'"IIf-ic l
"I1r I' " -' " 1 r'"+' 1- *'" ! hnI r . i: l l,
li. II '.\ 11;> \ r t. ' t . lirt * lta itl -
,':. artl , 1.l" " 1 ilc i .'i +r il 'h . 1 11 , ' -1:
, .nif n t. " :\.r i- t r h;;1 in r1'"
S Ith,' h)'l, nt ll, nl'l :: t hd llvL thIi '*'
;rt II 1rn -' 1 ' 1t il 1 (1 it iI rer
It t "- t'l h'*' i llle t i - tI ,Ie 2i7. It r 'n
.i - 1 l, g i , a , 11n . r.,1ial .I ' lrt In
? \ ,' :7.' 7 1t 1l-110 -- :.W;L ,')' ' L iZ/ -n!
,ill . r:, !'"~ " '"t1 '' l '. !i ' lt -
11t'i. 1! 'l." :-,La ,nt 14a11 he al il
LI, - 1", ,5'\,7 • ,I 'i- l 7' L I . :11 "Irl
. c'l.,l "'- " nit' " I ! 1 tl hn t "h Ii ..I"
1 I.il i :'T ,l .d i ,a il4; ,. l ie 1- ill f11 1
- in*, .. . i .n tl' em ' F : s  u11 mnt., \ r
l' 'ii 't l- a p',"l1 tl ha e on l rl : 1."
ir).i. -i' . }et, .iing ,0hou liF hllitle .L',_'i r
, ' ion i: or t'he 11,! yard aliong tlles-
l e.- a lo t ih , sli time. til nbeavtui
lr II, i ,. 'itl '"  /if 'l it - lal i l'oint d i'
Lw1 are not repre:1 l 1 lt on t) Fsenatei
commlit-l I. th atemt the ae the 1the
N.Iw OrI eails Yard eqi ipped for the
ci.'" 1:ion a7 I \t ll ( 111 1llier vessels,
!1proved abortive.11 11 1 t,'ion° n il at'
he [ lk*- .(, th 1i.l ' halre'' on1 _%pril I.
.lp' . .-Soone iliril -h ,oul hav'i 1t: n
dn titfor hstande t his persi tent
apiiitling t again'e tnihe Nebw Orleans
eYard. we are flow treated to thesea
colies te. e attempt t o haveo thefor
oprivate u(constr llctors to turn 'vesev
eral hundred mati ll vessels a hun
"Nodred feet itong to act as pesubmarinent
haer. we isare an outrage anted to the
practaionle of the new naval programme
ieof expans fsion e-combings to e the ountry for
thrivate cw Orleans ard.s to t t sev
"It should be remembered that
when President Hlarrison appointed
the Ommission to examilne the va
fious sites on the Gulf of M.1exica
and waters 'colln-ted therewith.
upon which t ere't ta suitable sta
tion antd dry oking facilities. the
aval neetds were mentioned as see
ondalry to those of commerce. It is
most likely that had our business
mlen during all of these years exert
ed their efforts to bringing private
shllipbluilding enterprises to New Or
leans rather than to overcoming the
subtle and unfriendly influences in
the Navy l)epartment, we would be
in a position to undertake some of
tile contracts now being let with a'
prodigality never before dreamed of.
New tOrleans Natural Advantages.
"El:ver since my experience rela
tive to the new wharf I have been
consulting with the men who have
the new naval programme In hand.
They. no less than I. have been anx
ious to find a way to defeat these
obstructionists. We have been work
ing on the matter for some time,
and at last I feel warranted in saying
that instead of the New Orleans yard
being. continued as the victim of bu
reau chiefs, developments may short
ly be expected by which this plant
can be utilized for the construction
of merchant craft when not required
for naval purposes. This will pro
duce the trained and adequate force
of ship builders which is a necessary
concomitant before the government
will seriously attempt to expand one
of these stations.
"'When the lc ard appouinted to
select the best site on the Gulf for
a naval station made Its report in
1889. It stressed the fact that New -
Orleans was the terminus of six I
trunk lines; that its water commu
niiation with the vast territory of
the Mississippi Valley was unsur
passed; that it had unusual facill
ties for obtaining every kind of
shipbuilding material; an abundance
of skilled and unskilled labor, and
finally, that coal was abundant and
"Costs Less at New Orleans."
"In a very recent report to the
department I understand that not
only was this glowing tribute re
peated but the numerous facilities
added since that day were empha
sized. For instance, since the report
of Commodore McCann and hl's
board, the Lake Borgne canal locks
have been opened and coal, steel and
other products from the inexhausti
ble supplies eo Alabama can be
barged to the gates of the Ne# Or
leans yard. The trunk lines of rail
road have multiplied and a steam
steel barge service from the upper
stretches of the Mississippi, Missou
ri and the Ohio has been inaugurated
by which the output of the Pittesburg
steel district may be landed at the
wharf as cheaply as supplies from
the Birmingham district may be
brought by way of the Warrior river
and the Lake Borgne Canal. But
one of the chief facilities to be add
ed since that day is the Public Belt
Railroad. This is a utility that is
acknowledged by all traffic experts
as withouit a peer in the United
States. By its use every class of
material used in naval construction
which must be transported by rail
can be lail down at New Orleans for
less rost than like service at any
other yard.
"Plot to Strantle New Orleans
"Sinle the sele'ti'n of th, local
yard tile navy has chanred Its prin
.ipal fuel from coal to oil. and with
respect to thi.s supply our yard is
more advantareously located than
_any of the other plants upon which I
the government has been lavishligg =
millions while our enemies in the
bureau plotted to strangle the New t
Orleans yard through the misuse of *
of the most recent developrment: irz
Bien Jolie Creations
Bien Jolie Grecian-Treco
Corsets and Bien Jolie
In Our Corset Department
March 26th to April 14th
Unellcr the dirc':tiýn 1 ti' Mrl-. \,nLta Miller. at
\Widcl\ ki1wl :1 cXpci' . cL 'cLl d C( )V>t1.CF'C
I r()n11 t1 h1e11 irt I thle I a'-llil CFl.ter ut N\ew
1 ork (:it.,. ),u are c >,rdiall\ invited to avail
II \ urscll I lc r e xpe ri~ e ccld ' 1Ailit\.
D. H. Holmes Co.
er' .. Now Yk,r. LIMITED Establh,.ed
Berlin. LeAnden and Flerence. April 2,1842.
laston & laulin Fiu SImO, S A oTo)
. responsible : r I' tir.;e ng ../:.
I'.: - :: t'.,': - : : v,.. completely satisfy.
.:Pw PR912-.914
Successors to Cable Piano Co. STREET
For the Coming Week
We. S. Hart, in "THE GUN FIGHTER"
S Reel.
Triangle Kemedy "His Deadly Undertaking"
"Path HlNws of the World"
"lnternational Comic Carloon Pictures"
Eight Recl. in All.
"The Mysterious Mrs. M"
5 Rel.
Also Other Pictures
Fox Foaturo with STUART HOLMES
"The Scarlet Letter"
Hathornes Tragic and Beautiful Story
of Old Puritan New England.
"The Shielding Shadow"
By Request of many Patrons, we again offer
"The Light At Dusk"
With Orrin Johnson. 6 Reel.
Your Spring Tonic'
The old-time custom has not been lost---the beneficial
custom of a
Spring Tonic or Spring
Granular Effervescent Phosphate of Soda, the 30
kind that tastes like soda water, 1-4 lb. bottle 3 c
Sulphur and Cream of Tartar Lozenges i 1c
per box ................................................. ........ 0 c
TER UPp, Dru ist
Bermuda, E1 ia Verret St9.
"discretionary" powers. I think proiching session, if pos<ib!e. to (li
that the day for these tactics is at vert a part of the building program
an end, and I propose at the ap- to the New Orleans yard."
W'e are the originators of the
idea of selling exact reproduc
tions of the latest French and
New York models at the popular
prices of
$7.50.. and $10
Maison Elise

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