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lod States of America.
a City of •ew • rl ';
*it known, that ,n "h, f ,,:-tc i 'r ti l i0
aId t e m o n t h o f A p r l . t :t r l e " % t ',r , f .,:1 -
-e thousand n:le t - tr ,In an s-
S(1917), and f - he t: l'endenc i
t srted States of .t,:c. e i :e I h i
sad forty- first; .i  r-u rt . ("-arle, j
- notary publc i> i :'un-- ' :" te an
in an for the pa-, f t tlen-.
' Louisiana. and i :L. p ,en.c ,i
witesse hereinatter 1na1n1d an 'l ', ri
personally came nlt i i;;pcre. "I*
whose names are hrerant't sub
who declared
asailing themselvs - "' the gr:eral
Ihd the State of ILou :. ir ttuc ca -
ad provided, and n ,r, pItrt.e larly
la of the teneral A~i e i lv n tt :hht
I f d laaisiana for the .ear 114., thev
Meweasted and agreed a-lit base i --·l I
ilssted and do by these prese:- r f ':no
aitae themselves, as well as su.uC
a may become associated with them.n
aI eonstitute a corporation an:d htlv
0 is law for the object- and purp,-ei
a tlr the sttiulatirns fall twang. t-i
I.-The name of th', corporatIo,
be D. Mercier's Sons. Inc.
IL-This corporation shall exist
s succession for the full term of
yars from the date hereof, unless
i dinlved in accordance with the pro
d this act.
111.-The objects and purposes for
this corporation is organized and the
Si the business to be carried on by
heteby declared to be:
anin all the interest of the c-.-wn
ii to the clothing business and eo
now being conducted under the
io D. Mercier's Sons in the City of
tlmtiawe the operation of said business;
ly to carry on a general mer
dry goods and clothing business,
lalbemale and retail, and carry on a
store business.
IV.-The capital stock of this cor
ohall be ninety-two thousand dol
OU ), which may he increased to
llisi and thirty-eight thousand dol
d.- he capital stock as presently
shall consist of nine hundred and
tsies of the par value of one hun
each. Stock may be paid for in
is services duly rendered to the cor
e in property transferred ta the
of stock shall he hindtng upon
unless and until made upon
of the corporation; and, no stock
 hll have the right to sell or dispose
lsck, otherwise than by donation.
1Jd antil the same shall have been
1 the board of directors of this cor
bllgh its secretary, at the market
W at a price not in excess of the
ars dof said stock on the {late of such
ia the said board of directors shall
thirty days from the date the offer
h t accept said offer, and to this ex
Sall stck issued by this c.irpration
e sa-1-aotiable.
VI.--l e domicile , this corpora
iA be in the city of New Orleans.
laaisiana, where all meetings of
hlr must be held, provided that
written consent of all the directors
i of the board of d:rectors may
IlsIswere than at its domicile.
VI.-Service of legol prcess shall
psa the vice-president and 'ir ht,
Mt the secretary-treasurer.
VIL-Service of legal process shall
shall he exercised by and
wested in its board of ,lirect ,rs.
eoasist of not less than tive nor
S tm directors who shall be elected
 ad from the stockholders on
[ r esday of January of each year.
ttre the stockholders shall decide
IN of directors to he elected.
Ikt beard of directors shall he cam
it following named eight per- ns.
d whis shall constitute a quorum,
Il sactioa of corporate business;
irve until the next annual meet
stholders in January, 1918, and
3 aso ors are elected and qital
: Asslme K. Merrier, whose post
is New York. N. Y.; Anselme
whose pst-office address is New
; Andrew Hynes, whose past
Sis 9 Music St., New Or
Rt ert Upshur. wl osec pstafhice
I Dauphine St., New Orleans.
Mercier, whose pet-office ad
Dag.ine SL. New Orleans. La.:
ria., whose post-nofice address
meSt., New Orleans. La.: J
, whose post-office address s
whose post-of,ice ad ress is
, New Orleans. I.a.; with
ar as presidert; Anselme
'sce-president and general
--- Iew Hynes as secretary
a n ngra dl ed t ar
SMo. 27 a of the s;eneral As
tate of Lou:siana for the
Y :tt-shall have power to ste
Smalke and use a common
the same at pleasure: to
by grant. gift. purchase,
and to hold. lease, mort
3 eheotr'wise dispose of same;
iS Mers and agents as the
OWporation may require and
Imsation; to make by-laws,
with law, fixing and alter
of its property, the
Pemmmaent of its affairs and
Scetideation and registra
I to wind up and dissolve
d up and dissolved in
law, to conduct business
tes, the Federal Dis
Spoeions of the
I ireiqs ounatries; to
oeapetwonas and to cx
in ot'er eorpor
*epaerte prs are
\. \ \.
.\·" . \ \ I I -,,- " ' .". ... ,v,
'."t I .k they
.. .. lee - •i C, ...
. I *
St-, , I - .. ' I . ..,l .
' ,, ' , 1r ,' ,' . - , . • ,-, p r"
Anna Do. i: 1'1
Irf < I ,- V. T. N .
'.i Stat of Ai mriia State f I .-;ana.
i' a .. ,f - I , , 's .it .rf New • :e n'
the m., th it M s.) . in the year of our Lo-d.
.ne tousnd n ne huIndIre and seventeen
t'tli. and of the i pendence of the United
Sat of A ier:. . te i- e nilred and forty
rirst, befo"e tr. Arthur R Leiopli. a notary
di:ly c ."u is.- ,ed arnd q .alit'ed. in
and for the ciy if New Orleans. Parish of
Orleans therei- resid:ng, and in the pres
ence of the witnrese hereinafter na-ned and
uidersigned, persinavI V can.e and appeared:
The several persons ahose names are here
unts subscribed. who severally declared that
availing the selves of the laws of the State
of Louisiana, in such cases made and pro.
vided, by these presen ts they constitute
hemrselves their rce.:nss and asn tsighes, and
all others whtn may hereafter bename assnd
cilted with themr. nto acc a rporation under
the following t:pulatn y dcl that
Ar tle l-The name f this corporthe Station
shall bei Woet New Orleans Light and Trac
tion, Louman, y wicn su h name sand corpo
ration shal have and preenjoy cthrpeyate ex:on-it
ence and sucersirin for the term of ninety
nine (99) ears, fma here and after the date
hereif unlew them. ooner disa solved according to
lArtw;le and it dmic name shall he in the city
hallf New \\rleans. It all have power to
contract shall hae and e sued to make and uxs
a orpornine (9te ealrs. and the st to break and
alter at ple.s r r-e; td hi reaccordive, lease
purchase, sell and convey, as well as mort
gayge pledge and hyp.thecate. unler i's cr
p'"irate name. property, both real, personal
and mixed; to brrow money and lend money,
to give and receive securities therefor; to
name and app, ,t such managers, directors
and officers as the interest and convenience
of said corporat:on may require; to make
and establish such by-aws,. rules and regi
lat:ons as may he necessary and proper, and
the same t * alter and amend at pleasure.
Arru:!e II --All citat:ons and other legal
pI, ces shall lie served on the p-evident of
.Lid corpo)ration,. an'd in ca;e of hi. absence
upon the vice-presdnt,. or the secretary
treasurer thereof.
Article III.--Th- o'jects and purposes far
which this corporation is organized and e5
tatli.hed. and the nature ,f the hu, ine.s to
,e carried on by it are dc,.ared t) be as
To locate. constrtct, maintain, own, lease.
operate and manage. railr adl or ra:lrciads of
the character known as street. u-ban. inter
ilrani, sthiurtan. ra:lroada. stree' railways,
and tramwayt with necessarv side tracks,
at. tites. turn-iuts, stations. d,o:ks. wharves,
bridger. elevators, warehouses, terminals.
track connections, poles, wires, etc., and toi
that end. to acquire, purchase, lease, hold
and own. street railways. --rban. interurban
and subourban, railways. and tramways. rights
if way, privileges and franchises, etc.. street
railway and tramways, whether urban, inter
urban. or suburban, and whether completed
or inconmpleted, in this state or elsewhere;
to construct. maintain, and operate the same
and to use all and any appliances, contriv
ances. motor power, electricity, gasoline, gas
,r any other motive power. the use of which
-, or may hereafter he recogntred and adapt
ed for such railroad or railroads. street rail
ways or tramways. and which is necessary
and suitable to operate the same; also to
acquire, construct own hire lease rent and
pilerate and use ferries and vessels In con
nection with or as auxiltary or that may be
necessary to said railway and tramway sys
ter:n. and the business thereof, and to con
struct, and establish, purchase, lease. own.
manage. maintain and operate electrical
plants and works for the purpose of supplying
:native power to said railroads, and electric
itv fr light, power and heat and all pur
p'oes to railways and railroads, and the
gene-al public, and to towns and cities and
the inhabitants thereof; and to any and all
plerns and corporations; to lease. or sell
its lines of railroad in whole or in part or
any of its facilitties, or appurtenances rights
if way. franchises and privileges, to other
c inpaines; to lease other street railways and
tramnways. whether urban, interurban or
suburban. in whole or in part. either within
or without the State of Louisiana; to pur
chae. merge or consolidate with other rail.
war companies or corporations. chartered
under the laws of the State of Louisiana.
or any other State; to acquire by lease or
purchase, rights of way, and privileges and
franchises, for electric wires, poles and elec
trlcal plants, complete and uncomplete and
the same to build complete manage operate,
maintain. lease, sell. alienate, or dispose of.
In furtherance of the above objects and
purposes to purchase, acquire, hold, pledge
and hypothecate and dispose of stocks and
bonds and other evidence of indebtedness of
street railways and tramways, electric light
power, heat and light companies, of the char
acter hereinabove described, and in respect
of any and all of such stocks and bonds, to:
possess and exercise all the powers of i
dividual holders thereto, including the right
to vote thereon, and generally to hold ad
exercise all such incidental owesm aid
privileges as relate to the busiesa sad pr
• -"' . ' "- - . .·· " 1 ,
a . . - -l- .o- "d
'IV I' ;, : k of ,t s co -
:s ' xe', a: ,u e h T·i- h do- i ut sand
A. \" i tnt
S i. , ' .' ! d r ..:
-r ti ter an-I " : and
i . -, r.l.. -l NI' d Ie c t s
. . en1 ]a ,. ny! to ' nr e O
,1 . - . .. .. . , .,'e I I '
•e o ., . ,.u - and cruat.I · s
- " • .: " ,":. :"c I ` 1. , · i l .• N e '- ·; e . c.,
". " ... .:. . ..... ., let -,:,,-1 ,f ,,
t'd 1 p- .pe n den a-ide oter cthli
! . " ,, - - u . ,-1 . . an the a r a ers.
al1 i.-. cot-- ltr obnrw:se, and
i u- 01-I aW hngs nece-sary
, t ' t ' ," : e "" n ,07-r - ,. tI h or -i
. : !: . . d , . at .• :a . o ,,er I ,l!
. - a r r - , . ,, x -". t '.: r":..r ', c" !,,'.: , r d
" "- , " . : , ... w1 I: "- :,"1da y
Sthe "r{ r c rrt:' g so n aof the business
.  atfi'rs.t -i i1 .,-rat , . and to select
N I ai•l, - .v- 1 ' (C. rules an• , ." :- : C a: on,
u . 1 -tap-h ao x i-w:ie vimititee whe
.teen m .eeng. . ot the boar.!.
ir srd f d ,ecto-o shadll b . offce
innil seir sress..rs have been elected and
li::: ied Iey l shall e- nt a pres:dent, a
e e I. . d-, - secreary-treas rea., In case
San.y s a nc ocurr:nrig nt the bard rotb
"li Ith resign a non or tfherw se. the remain
. " ,'.rr::ii - til be hard shall tillthe, va
en t ntii l the next elc t aon.
4- :"e : I - The fill ,ow n persons. to-wit:
Iet, re. :i; :1 Flit orny o ret, New Orleans,
S" 1 ..Eal Il-ward Ml( aleb, 4i8 Walnut
r-et. SNew Irleans. Louisiana: IK. . Sal
.e":.. I -'-: lsune Ave . New Orleans. Lou
- Ca -^'a i 'e and are hereby constituted a
t :e tirat lTard of drecirst all three of whom
shall conats:ute a quo,e , with said E. W.
Ilitreis. as president: E Howard McCaleb.
as v:ce-president. and R. M. Salvant. as
,ecretar-t rea-ure-. who shall le the officers
if hie corporatl on anlu shall serve unty i the
regulaor meeting ini stockh ders on the first
Mn,,ndle of Januiary, 1,15, r until their suc
--eoars have teen elected and qualitied.
the siud rir,: board of d:rec:tors may in
c- aae the hard of directors to seven (7),
to ble selected from amolng the stockholders
i ,.id ho.aird ,without further authorization
f st.,cholders until the next annual stock
leerr meetrng for the election of seven
Sdirectors a-nd until their successors shall
have lren duly elected and qualified.
A-n:ice VsII -hensver thI: c-rporation is
-ia, rved. cither boy lmor tatihon ir otherwise,
t. cffa:er , hall lie liqu:da:ed s iy three liqui
a- - o ble iclectel lv hie stockholders
Afuc- a m--T::rng sonverel for that purpose
,..: i nhave leen called.
4-"cile IX. -Th: act of --rpci ra:won may
-re i' inge I. arered. r a"rerdeld or said (or
i'.t' :: . .I" i" e diAssoved. or :s capital
Sik in, riaed. a' proviled for hv the laws
i th:o - e, after a getneril meeting f the
-,, -il ider, shal have hern called. after
:e-n dart peri-otis rot.cre thereof given.
hail d ar orb restt ,nso-le for the cintra ct
if cd. r e,-ati. ir any farther sum than
-e rtllpa- It alance lhe upan the sharer of
k sui-s-nhbed f . it owned by him. nor
-lI : ne in rpnaat lv in organization have
the effect of rendering this charter null or
t ext--si og a stockholder to any liability
.erv*:-d tie an -urnt of sub-:ript:ti to the
lThe s-isren ers hereto have given opposite
her respe- tive names, the amount of stock
t- t- corporation subscribed for by each
if them. 9 t shares of the capital stock of
t.i - ,pratin sus',criled foir by the sub
ieers hereto, have been subscribed, and
certiticates of full-paid and non-assessable
stock shal: h-e issued to said subscribers in
consideratoin irf the c'rvevance and transfer
ti this company of the property and rights
mi-re fully described and appraised by the
. -ect.r namedl in this charter, in the cx
dhiit hereto annexed, made part hereof, and
read in connection herewith.
ThIs d ,ne anil passed. this day of March.
117. l n bhr presence of Gerald Netter and
. A. Wa idvlle, comptrcnt witnesses of
lawful age and hlth ofi this city, who here
uno  ign the- r names with the said appear
e-,- tid n:r, n :ao-s. on the day and date
Names of Subscribers Ommitted.
Witnesses Gerald Netter, J. A. Woodrille.
ARTIItIR B. LEOPOLD, Notary Public.
IA ttle undersigned recorder of moartgages.
Ho and for the parish of Orleans, State of
Lou siana. do hereby certify that the char
ter of West New Orleans Light and Traction
( -lefeany was thei day duly recorded in my
offise in hook 116. folio -
New Orleans. March 23. 1Q17.
Signedy EMLLE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
A true copy.
march Y9 april 3 12 19 36 may 4
United States of America. State of Lou
isiana, Parish of Orleans.
Be it known, that on this r7th day of the
month of March, in the year of our Lord
one thousand nine hundred and sevestemn
191i), before me, Watts K. Leverich, a gotary
publc, in and for the parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiuana, dulyi commissinoned and
qualified, and in the presence of the rwit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared: the several
persons whose mnes are hereunto sabscribed,
all of the age of majority. who declared
that, availing thempselves of the provisorns
of the laws of this State relative s the ere
anintiae of cor, rati,on they hereby a ma
. I c. ii
.. . . . -" . . " ! ., i . . , I . , an
" " - ., '. ' "i, ,'" " a "i - . r id
- ' \." .a ,.- 1" ' t....., 1 rat . . e:" ,v a I c
-.- - . .. e ..i " L,'. : i o' x:.ne, y
" t " :: te here f,
.:t to c dn
,. I, . r' . .. . . t.;. n and' ..' -
Si- ,: ral gas
b ,. ,ea e .'mrt.
S . In real estate of
.. , r ," n. ," , .ni .re. deve op
S . . e" , t building' 'and
' e a. . le, ae. or
" . e-" 1 e ,' d deal therein; t.
SJ and per Ite all
. j,, telegraph an- d telephone
Switerwas at an othr
.... .o " " - ; ." : :ec- " sa" y o, conve
i eg tr1e huoiness of the
, ", , , ." I " ' rate hotels.
I " e. -al st',-e; to issue
-, ? .t , a ,- h p' -' theca ion' to the
i ':.e; a-v er proper for its bu-:ne's;
Us hol. c. en, e her, or d:<
S. , ," Ird hind. of other companies
ti" er'' ti r itrd by law; to exchange
S'. - ,ck. , "any part thereof,
t ;.r -y w' bI it io authoraied to ac
1't.c or -i exchange to entire a"sets and
r part tieeo, for property,
I . 1,ica ris of other
S o ".. ,, her corpora
Sp . . d- tt "-' paent rights.
,.,. ,,... . , r.. . a- toa do and
' - .< . r. perly conneced
. . t . • , -., t t, any of
''- a .1 util - Ci
A t'." -' " I-, - i, , k of tl -s c ,r
. .. . ,t . .t' :! t ,,e ithundred
- r. \ "t't ia d, e!i irt n , to be
.r.. .. d ref -c-ei--t- by twenty five
' ...a.es of a par value of
•'; ` "I : •, c,:-'i . win s i . tai, i be paid
- or iray he tuecdi foir prperty
s t e. d b' the n'lorporat.n. or for
-'-t t .... e d - 1 ' l 4:-c , ., y parok may lie
ir. up , -I en of tire shutndred
, -1 --. it-i iir e ,r` ropeifty,
- . .. A. 1 p.we  of th rc--poration
a' !,r d in and esC-ciscd li ab brd
S;t"- Jn : ^th'* ir "i- than seven
" w."-. se I nits the number
,1- r - r, , at a-. nre, and the new
Ar ' ied 1-v a an thrds vote of the
. . .-ct rt Te i'ard shall elect
n r rimner a pre-idont, a vice-preoi
de t a -c-etary atd a treasurer, and such
Cr ". ,r as they maye tuhink proper or
re-^ r : 1 i c.iasing on of the cormr
a'v i-ne-'l,, and , ill have power to
t- : ,- . ! "'. or . a I ., and the samne to
S :;. . ". i-e n, .r or ! d!penoe with
"v- I. e :1 ": d:<'cret: ni. at d to nix the
", < f a'l , f r<ce , agents and employees.
e d.,. -.. at a r: l 1 eie'ed an
v::I vb " ' "rd Monday of March of
,a ve. ' ,v ae " c-i dn to e held in
" tJ ear f' All i' r.!c ltirons s hall re
the r ire of the corporation.
iatal -'rrt:r'e, as well as of
S ":g t of io( ki c'der '!holl be
c'^ tw e- cc 'e mailed tifeen t15)
-sr in a van cc of the dare for su h meet
a'. a -,'ca khbl.er appearing as such on
* - ki of tile co'npiny. at his last des
'-':'ed ade.-. '- at 'he General De'ivery
Nra (n-' ... Li.' if he has not deoig
*.-1 - aidtl e-.. Each 'hareholder shall
e er:!,ed tro one vote fo,.r each sha- e of
. ' and or in h:i ran:e on the books
to- i ciiri acy. 'ad vote to be cast in
cer- r: or be p-ot and a major:ty of the
o, a .t al:! electr The board of dire
l ha'1t have the power 'o fill all vacan
tc wh'ch may occrir. or in any manner
a 'es o- be erated on the board of directors.
even bhough rno qunrm remain at the time
-uch v scan, 'e a-e to lie filled. Failure to
elect directors on the day above specified
-hall rot d,s,!ve the corporation, but the
d rectors then in office shall retrain in office
uIl their successors are elected. The board
;i i-ect.orr `hall have power to make and
e,.a.lish. as well as alter and amend, all
sy laws. rule' and regulations necessary and
;.rope- for the support and management of
'he affairs and business of the corporation,
and not inconsistent with its charter. The
board shall have power, without referring to
ibe stockholders, to borrow money, execute
mortgages. rssue notes, pledges, bonds, or
other obligations, in such amounts and on
such terms as in their judgment may be
advantageous: and generally to do all things
reasonably necessary or convenient for the
proper carrying on of the business of the
orporat:on; and they are specially author.
'red to issue and deliver full paid ahares of
-tock and bonds or obligations of the corn'
a-ri, in payment of propert7 acquired by
'aid corporation, and espeially for the
whole or any part of the leases now held by
Charles A. Poir'on. at such valuation as in
their judgment may be proper. A majority
of the directors shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business. The board
of directors shall have the power, by a vote
of not less than two-thirds of all directors,
o sell all or any ppart of the property, mova
ble and immovable, belonging to the cor
poration, or to receive in exchange therefor
money or stocks or bonds, or other obliga
lions of another individual, firm, or corpora
ion, of any character, without referring to
the shareholders for power to do soe At
ny meetin s of the bhard of directors, any
irehator absent from the meeting may be
epresented by any other director, who may
east the vote of the absent director accord
ng to the written instructions, either gen
eral or special, of said absent director.
Untld the annual meeting of 1918, or until
the board is enlarged, as herenn provided,
the board of directors shall conaist of the
following 0e G. Devenish, post-office ad
dress, 30 Burin Block, Ceealy Canada:
Maren, s Janse, post-ohfice adnst st No, Io ,
Robert street, New Orlenss. LaT; W. Ar
amoel post-oficke addessa MeArther Blild
S. - 1. " ' - av
1, k , . .. . 1.-· a' l t t, l'. r
-I·. " "V -: : L ~. V .-v, ; i '. d
t" ·\ !, " v . a v " t h:: d, ,f
1" : i ·1. i". ir ".:,ý .k. present
S " " n.-g::rg of the
* fred
• ,,: -" · : ". - ; - . 1a " i
i : 1.. ::: a
" , n hane
:," t Oe b
'4 4.11 '. te sis e 'h
S- "- ! 1, t- e d-a:h,
71 -- , . : ' s · ,- e - i e - n
.- ." 1 i '. . ,:e' . ..
t I :7 V,
e Ie d hiever
4r . Sn : ,, ,, - - .. - e r : te c,
Sq, " :. As b y
S - ,',- • -" .',.,*: , 'xtx !: " -i. -i- r- s i:a:
a" '; ::,, e ·."r ,."~: t o::v hn a " an:c t:edn haoe
, "1he a 'i.r a'ct rde ,n h:'xi ' . ke
A t':' e 1 1 -°l 'i'e:c :s i: 1-, x, I be-e"- a:'
, ,u". *, . ",': s:cd a"d itc'.-.7 it ,c..p-r; ," n
S -' 1^.f pt kv, 'e bins-r ,.',,.t f ~ fob- rea-e
i" :tmar-h .f 1'.r- i, I.,',-:ana.
T:w 'ý h ,:-. ll nd. i re h'r ,' I 12.5 , hares
i :,-  ;,:a .' k rlwwing the amount, 1o
, • c' Ira, , a , .-ae of its
t. a:t.::-x xu ! ' ,;e , thie -a:d leases
isn Tl 'ra:.e t 'i' taie drec:or. oif this cor
e' -.n A'--, in order that this charter
iav -.-' s- a 'he orginal s:Lh'crlption list,
:e sit', ee hereto have Indecated oppo
-"e their rer:,ecc"ve ignathres the nu, ber
S-'.: I-r- i, stck su.xr, bed for by each
itf "hem.
'F:::I. d le anld pra-ecd in ory orf'e at
:!:r i"y f Ne- () rleans. on the day, month
a. ear i-" a ,ve wri:ten, in the presence
Ii i Itlao- M ,nroe and Len Furlong. com
p r t e -es. who have hereunto 'sb
i:il'.d "":r names. together with me, no
.,¢.. t..e; ,,f S.Si'-,'- iers Omitted
\\ :---e- I. Jar: LMnr.'-e. LIeo Furlong.
W\ ArTS K. LEVERI'II, Noit. Pub.
I. ,'- ale -:greI recorder of mortgages.
:n a:ld fr the parish of O)rleans. S.tae of
L. n-:aina, di, herebv cert-fy that the above
a'd ."re--:rig :act -"f incorporation of (aria
d: I ie l ('o, lr.', was this lyay duly recorded
" " gr:ea ,,dnie i book ln. fiio -.
\N'a (l;eans. I.a.. March 27. 1lil.
,'ý edi EMII.E J. LE NARI), lDy. R.
. :rue copy.
n. tr :1 O "p-hl 5 11)I 26 may 3
-.:,i S'ate, "f Arneca, State ,f L-ou.siana,
It" 't kn -'.n. "ha' on th:i 21.t day of the
"" f Me-ilr. :n the year of our l~ord,
,', '1q-a'd nine hiunlred and sever:teen
i, . xi ,' ere,. WVatts K. Leverich. a
: !'..r:i an arnd for the jiarnih of Or
'-. Staxe '-f l.,iunt ana, duly commisstoned
.-'1 q:alled,- and in the presence of the
a': -sc-e hereinafter named and under
d. persn:ally carne and appeared the
-r. ai persions whose nam:es are hereunto
,-:1ed. all of the age of majority, who
', a tei' tha' avail;:rg themselves of the
pr,,v-i,-.s of the laws of this State relative
:- ,x organization of corporations, they
S't'y for- theni--ve in:;, and constitute
. 'p:at. i.r !he iljec' and purposes,
! 'lh ter the st';,ulatinna hereinafter se:
A.4r: ne I.--The name of this corporation
- . i r: ('arre Sales Agency, Inc
A-t e'' II - lhe purposi-s for which this
"-p. 'a:on 01 formed. are de lared to be:
• ,, ge n:he ,s nl:g and -elling of lumber
- ..1 fr n- ,i t:m:her produlcts both whole
i. ; rtl; arnd to make advances upon
lulmber and !umnler accounts.
Ar :e Ill. -'[he am,,unt of capital stock
SI- e -piratr! n sh all be the ui:n or ten
:, . " ,:-,+ xI" 1fi .xuxx dillar-, div ied into and
re:-.''-ente'I hi oce hundred (txl0 shares of
•'.e par value of nie hunodrid ($l(0.0,) dollars
per share: saxl stock to be isoted by the
, . , ,f it-rectors fir cash 'or pr,-perty or for
--srvIes rendered the corporation at their
pipraised value, as the board of directors
de.,v d'errmine and d:rect, in accordance with
A-icl- IV,--The amount to which the cap
-al s'tck may he increased, shall be one
.undred :hhtsand ($f100jWL.00 dollar,.
Article V.-T-he domictle of this corpora
-, thall be in the city of .New Orleans.
':ae of I.au;-;axa; and the duration of the
S hall le for ninety-nine (99)
vaer:. Sesrv:,e of cita::,ns or other legal
r ce-e.s, hIa:l he served upon the presi
-'. ,,: 1" h absence, upon the vice-pres
Art:e VI -All the corporate powers of
th:' co-:,,r; ,n shall be vested in a board
rof d -ec'ct , . cans:st of three (3) stockho!d
ers to he elected annually at a stockholders'
-:ee:it:g to be held on the first Monday in
March of each year. The directors so elected
shall remain in otffie until their successors
are elected and qualified. The board of di
re.t ,ro shall elect from the:r number a
p-es'lent, a vice-president, a secretary-treas
,arer. and such other officers as they may
:h:nk proper or convenient, and shall have
p~wer t x unioe two or more offices and to
confer the same upon one person, or to dis
pense w::h any office in their discretion, and
to fitx the salar:es of all officers, agents and
emr:,lyees. The directors shall have power
to till all vacancies occurring on the board.
even though no quorum remain at the time
such vacancies are to be filled. A majority
of the directors shall constitute a quorum
for the transaction of business. At any meet
ing of the board of directors, any absent di
rector may be represented by any other di
rector, who may cast the vote of the absent
director according to the written instructions
either general or special, of said absent di
rector• The directors shall have power to
tsake, establish, alter and amend, all by
laws. rules and regulation, and to borrow
money, execute mortgages and issue notes
and pledges, bonds, or other obligations, as
they think proper, without reference to the
stockholders; as well as to exercise all of
the other powers with which the corporation
is vested by law. Until the anual meeting
in 1918, the board of directors shall consist
of the following: Paul Havener post ofice
address Whitney Bank Bldg. New Orleans,
La.; C. W. Fox. Jr., lce ddres 14I
Iloonore St., New La.; W. W.
a I
,M, . :. } . .
- I. ! I ... .. .
, \ h I \1 I , I i'. R
.1 • . ! . ;. -,- " ' .,
1\ i1 - K 11- ',\ 1 II. "
Fr I' 11 q,.\R( IA. IN1
It ti lh. wI
h w.
,- .. , .. i I 1'L . ,'- . " i. 1'e
I I1
- I I': :srr t tn .:e cOrp'rS at1 iin
. . P. . if r. , In , and . . s p r. d of
a , . . tl e,"e id r, . .. , Lav l e for
, a-ne." t, be carred
,i: : -'';AerC ci'iferrtd by law
,I; , - :..r . .. ,:: shta'. l exer.ci. ' g len
t, ',"e , ,,w, : nee. ar: y ti, carry on
", Il bau ne
Ar. II - in, in: le t~ f i cforpora
New oa 1, he cty If New ( rleans.
't',I of Lou,'r:I ana, and all c:tat: rLs and
le/r .:; . 'r ne hall blie stervedet on the
p " ":"r- t, and in his absenci or In:a':isty to
ac:, u;,' any .dier of this company
A--.i IlI -l The objects and purposes for
1. ,' ti:. .rp' at:, . ai organized and the
"', t the b,'niess ti be conducted by it
r h- de red to e the Ir e following:
" : por tr pal producti a nd all aid Lati and
An:e: -in  anufa , ture, and to expert all
A irhin man ufactures, a.n1 to deal in said
a., u,in all legal ways; and generally
A. -ill it- ng, necessary and Incidental to
,:I! i . i trp.'-' ,r, a:IS is a nd or related to
an.1 grwing out oif anid connected therewith
Art:,e IVt -'The amount of the capital
t-- th!e c irpoirat:on :s hereby declared
t. a 'r: : v-ve thr usand dollars l$35t,(l.00,i
a'hich shal consiust of three hundred and
'rry . :aresn (:50 of the pnar value of one
!,ng If the-e articlels of incorporan n, and
a or eln i of which said subscription or
*wrn:- live tper cent of siii capital) shall be
paid for lefre thu c ,rpa at in shall engage
,h tree. All if the stick sue scrined for
,ity: hr ts .~ f. either in money or pr oerty
rece sed oir ila'r dine fr said corpisratirton,
SI :tinea, thv- he r: rle d of dcrectors shall
de ertine
1he a'r ,iiun to which the capital stock ofr
thp'd ic )ratine in i r ble increased shall be
ne :hundred thousand dollars $li)r,0e f).
N., transfer of stock shall be binding on
them cimpany uneles made upon the looks
of the company, and no sale or other dis
pi s:i of k shall be valid untl. thrst of
fere',l t. the ren: n:nr g stockholders of this
S.p.itrnV for ten days at a price not to ex
-er the ofk value thereof on the date of
-: .1offer, after wah,, if the said offer is not
,etpted. the stock may he sold by the
:r there at will. All stick aiqu;red in
th: crpo ratrlon shall be subject to the pro
-;- - of thi- charter.
A-:; ' V -.\Al the powers ,f this corpora
d shall be restet in and th busines-s and
.atl~ a i of the corporati.in managed by a
oa-ri Iof tre,a rs c imposed of three stock
holder: of this corporation, who shall be
e '. ', " s1 'v the st ckhoilder ann:ually on the
%: -- " ., ndi sv In the re,nth of April. The
first board of directors to be thus chosen by
the stockholders of this c;-plorat:on shall
erve for the first year an td in:l I tlheir suc
ce-mars are elected and qualilied
The first board of directors shall be named
it:: "'- charter and sh'l lcon.it of the fI!
a ;,ir Petetr II. Garca, ill) South Peters
S'ren:, New ()rlean-, La., ('harles Berniard.
1s13 ( ,:.,'a nin .ple St-ee'. New ( rleans, La.,
NI'-- ( '':ie l..vad.atd-. 1715 )utmaine
strn, Nesw Irleans. La.. and of the above
named directors, the following shall be the
, - t,-wit. P'e:r II. itr " t, pre-dent;
S'h.:' IHerm' ard, v:ce.prestle t: Mt:ss Ca
::ile Litv c:d , secretacry and treiasr: er; all
.f whom ah 1 h ad rher offices unt.l their
:co r are elected and quait'ied.
All .!ec'on: shall he by ,a:l ,t at the office
i th.- c .rporat; in. un ler the su;-ervision
. tw c ,':nm -,stoners ~o lie appointed by the
,iar'l of d-ctirs. Notice of such meeting
hall e, g yven by the secretary in wr:ting,
,I.,l . e- , t . ' each s:'ickh ilder, at least fif
teen days pr: i to said e!ect;on, either in
per, in , ma;e I to hs last known post
Sea add re.: rut sail n-,tce er.ay be
waaivedt ,y unan.mti'iS consent. At all sitch
elte ins and at all meetings of the stock
h iiern, every stockh Ader h all be ent:tled
Sone vr e frc each share 'f stock standg:n
:n hS noame on the b',km ofr the co-,ratt.n
in the dote of such etectn or - meen:ng; said
v ,te I to e cast in person or by written
p ,xy. atr! a maj er:ty of the votes cast
<: elect.
The fa;lne to elect directors as af!resaid,
or the falre to hold the annital meeting
as aof-resait, shall not affect or d:-s Ive th:s
i ,rpiration nor impa:r its manage went in
any respect, bit the direc'or then 'n offie
-ha'l remain In office until the.: surcessors
are elected and qualhied.
Each subsequent board of d:rect irs shall
ele t from :ts numbe- as son as possble
after the:r 'wn electi-,n, a pres:dent, a vice
presi:de:: and a secre'ary-t easur or; and may
.appoint and elect s'vi' ither .flters, agents
or employees as the I oarl of directors may
deem proper, and may grant to such officers
such powers as they tray deem proper.
All vacarcies .n the "tnard for whatsoever
cause shall be filet by the remaining di
r.cttars. Any member of the board may
appoint any other person his proxy to act
in his place and stead at any meeting of
the board.
Said corporation shall have the right to
make and amend by its board of directors
by-laws, rules and regulations necessary sa.
proper for the maanagement of this corpora
, 1 '. v ,
S .' '- I , liter
, , ", e. ;her
'a i a.! ire, of
Smay i le
,t f the
I:,1 ,t 'ated
iy th. h, -
S , I \" , r ,' ~:. ever he
S . . f , a1!, ,f this
;hai the tun
o:.:. n n the
,. shill any
i w the stock
L. t, .ny !:a .'yv beyond the balance
d:' .,. ": ,"! ' , . .,, . open
(t1 iI'so , L"t, al` l !` . yan ;; re i
" . - ,- "a , t ,herc f. a i.
.I cvc ..rs sh' i .ng the
S.. . " :.- . , 'I <' 't , , pa .i a le, tio
I'. l: ', , t i , c', t"'""' v ' i;,l - if the good
S.. 1 "  ,~tupany;, which
i t: tohe by
t'. ,pa;y, and which
S , ol , inecctin with
lf tlhe sa e as if
" ,!. the ,,oal appraise
:rt f the sit i prpery and good will thus
t-ar.n f lr--d t , this i th,:pan , less the bills
p y , *:e ;:,h ,b,• ~.-tia eIt by this com
pay, 'e:n, thih .i:n ait e .chteen thousand
seven hundred twenty tive and 85/100 ($18,
7_:` shi d.,liar.
And the said transfer to be further evi
len ed iy a firmanl bnll of sale to this
A-iy h a IN The subscribers have respect
:ve!y written ,lposite their names the amount
f the st.ock ulbserlbed by them. in this cor
p.ration si that this act of incorporation may
serve also as the original subscription list
f the c r ,irat:,. and they have stated
their post office addresses to be as hereina
iove set out.
Iha ,is ani and pas-ed in my office on the
day and date aforesaid, in the presence of
Messrs. Frank Kleinschmdlt and Jules E.
Avrard, competent witnesses, residents of
New Orleans, La., who have hereunto signed
:heir names with the said appearers and
::c. notary, after a due reading of the
(itigieidi 1' . II Garcia, 610 S. Peters St.,
187 shares; I has. Ierniard, 1814 Constanti
,ple St., I share; Camille Livaudais, 1715
D:tnnaine St., I share.
Witnesses: Jules E. Avrard, Frank Klein.
In, the undersigned recorder of mortgages
hereby certify that the above and foregoing
charter of P. It. Garcia, Inc, has been
duly recorded in my office on this 17th day
of April, 1917, in book 1206, folio -.
New Orleans, La., April 17, 1917.
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R.
A true copy.
Ne.w ( rlean. l.a , April 17, 1917.
SCOTT E. BEER, Not. Pub.
april 19 2Y, may 3 10) 17 24
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