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"'7- - ' a- -
It,. 1. " . h.. 'h I
si1hql, i f.l '\ f + jl:t , _ , " - .t
1i '.h i l i. " ' "
it , t , . r ,'
'it: .:..t 1 r
1."'"." . , ' , -
t ,'ir . ",r . . 1~ 1 . . , l "
:111. i. n a 1 r '
'ii tta I' I. lla1 • , r. . i, " . n !
5111|:1 1,l ' "1." . :,h 4 , . :i . , ,1. .. ", , -
r :tl l Irt. i : sllul . l "l' 1 :111. '+,*'l',
('ol d-lttril i: hIrt-i iie'arttiftil h,'s'4fl4
'of a city or sI-etio n oEf c Eonlry vkither
oither ':uncolrN Idi his tihrt lllnr.'si
!ins. T slll e s inrs, i the tir's :ln i rs
ofa o h th e wrtr illl ite ,. "To',a thl
w ith b la z in g ;:ir .e . . .. "* T i , 'ra ,I.I If t: ,
gVo" sraie, oan l prl :h5p thlii : , etarr
llte t lln ln - :'M l "'.;:l 1 ,11 Fir.." It hl ts
been otae inr avery thue x fl thl 1"i
Ilze weatrhl, wnhtlen iIl lin lil that it
1o-s pre-tnrny tly the rEf orll. At
epe Cold, But Beautiful.
Cohl-blut . in parts iIl,t ifil heytnd
ifmpartlon. SrNaturafllly one' I lpilnon
of a city or section of country visited
.Is often colored by his lfirst i ipres
'lens. These limpressions in the .catse
mf the writer Itly have bIen unusun'lly
favorable, owing pe ,rhnaps I Illo the sn
slon of the year and the xiceptolally
ne weather when he vliewe this olt
of-the-way corner of the worl. -At
t Tny rl ltt, ihlt will llv 'V r' f','gt the
tcentic wonders i ,i'llounterel a it ta trip
through the Strait 1f .1:ltllan. miil
especlally of Ihat sectioin ', f thif F1ile
lan arehiplhago whii h l) Ireli'r" on
Pagdlen foirna. h tin armli of the htrait
which stretches almost ' h irily ".11th
from the elbow frmled hb e';Ilp Frl.
lwierd, aIthe soulthyertim tlst ti of11 t1he
Sotuth lAmlrienn mtain lIranl.
It wets luri hth fttirl lays (if .April
O--l'ly ltlulllnl ir n othe r 'utll irn rtei n
Sof S with A lmeritc: -iwen teI.st:ll inl
ntoe tra tait of Mtellan:l aut It' al
cnii endc. We weres e rintl teo reorunta
oArenas. tInd the ie:I ptin of thI . vte.l
biud kindely ctnientel t.oe give  s aI
tnr view oif funatll Mlunt So:trlient..,
whch ellllllt :t detoliulr of m5h.i' ,'venllty
mlles 41down into 11ueal"l'ln stlnd. It
Is rust where the soane :ital 'er aknrt
hnnetl lpell.et it ale mot a rihtl :inl
t h a t t h i s i ' ,e - hln d e ,l i n . 1 t ', k n l. \w : as
the "Mount:in Kin ,f lIthe s,.lthern
molnst Aulltls" ,Ilotin t,.s :i s'.'ce, .of
nmarvte!lul ttl:llty.
W e It:111 pI:iss a*' b etwe,,l 1'i::r'1.nc' is
land oil the wev.t.rn a dl I);i\.,,n i,
11(11 o11 the o n t rll side of the s ,,lnil
whlen we timi.illy tlh ,it,,I intio alit ,I)
peare i t he n Illnel. l I bity. All
shout us acre .lii, an , 5.'r ils and
snow-covered l.eks :ull there. Just it
he soutlilhe iS , "h i lrner f h by taid
Ins; like a ,li ,iteninli ini, iii ;lwho ,
ciip was hi!1,en in the 5irilini wreaths
of vilpr adl of l*,l. we saw Sar
Magnificence of Sarmiento.
we drifted co.'e, to 1h,1 foºot of
reat mlount',,, ,i 1 , ,t li1, its llealls
was a nerfeto shnp most woinfm to l
, ! . i ' : ' . 1 . . 1 ·.
- N, ..:: 1,. - ,',1 ,
1li r l "i ! ! l i" ,"1. it is 1.m , i.i 1 1
\\," :'nll' "1 :him i'.T: !1. -, l,:lrat,,d
:r' uin tlh * Ir :,ii n nll l 1, l,"'i. 1, ',' -,, 'i ,,i1
i .\ 1 ! l lm i r :l l ty - , ,il ,l . t h a t . ou nl,, t .:i r -
-itiint, is I ,letedl . It ftor, uti 11iy,. I r
itrn ti r t11 1' l ,h"' l ir'g ti l rl. ncl ,. 1:hi l h1
stre tl i.i e fr , n ld i ,11t .1 ,lll l I l ,l'1
111,1 t\ 111:tinlt-!. Tlhe  \r th r 1 extrII'IIe -
, ''h ,"' Ir;l iri f, ,',ivir, us n, 'nt ie ar m 'l
-If t)"` rairi 'ru ti'h to a l f- i ith It 'y
t fin olt, .rt: ' i r m 't l stl , atliI thr-li', lh
rSt ll .c.,'inl :Ti't I int ll arti ittr thi
pith I1 A .lllt ,li iLf t: l: l ll. T hi - i set' .il
oif thi l i htIut , 'NNllii l' i , les ti pi t ll'es'
than thatll lill cni u toi Mlul dnlen
Ilil, its of mIull iih jIgreate' r utility, for
it i here that the llrgi sheepi rlanches
aif to ht, foun il d.
Scanty Resources of Archipelago.
The i'll''hy i,'lnl environment of a rame
lof people has mulh to d, with its d,'
vielopi le'it, 11nt0ll.lily 3 s 1 l el l 11 al i physie
li, in the iiiourse iof centuries ol.f ex
i"tenii. 'lilnate. lharactr iof the land.
rfsourci ,ts ,l ,r dll in the lit atter of
folod. shfe lt ,r. etc., all are imp'rlnt
f hrtlcorls ahicrh ,Wither retllrd or hsten
the denll,, h inent of the ilttllest'l and
oIften nlt lify 4 ,,In the t trl't ire of the
I.ody. l,'iariii thi n inl iti l, it irs llo
it aill tlii , ei-thi ri th utl ih,t Fut igilI
irie( s ha l rl'aie,'h l ill :1 1',l-t''l : I tri"hV -
1vo lll'tli, l. ''.li]pIe l llyl i tlhis trie. sal
the Y ilil- n : ll l : h,, . h ' i,'l '. T' 'i
iriliols of ilne ar-rhipio lgo in ttlinh
lh,,v h:at livi,, for llanyi3l ::,gllratiioll
ffrierld hlt s rnltl - re. ur s ti. l, whiht
tlhle lit a te aituls lertniri'y tfr Ilfr, l
i'':lnt. hlse rilnnie I hr. foi r ate llitti
dliar rtt'n thet' Ilace wt:lirtn that retl
above th4e sulrfne 1o the ::. at.teordl
mu n tain 1lint i that ihl . in1'll time l' nil
iipast Ite'l ishlonlyr sc mer.l' inl te.
is1 :r 8t "hold . n oi 1 tir n i :i r !iheed
nail is-a I'rt I Ihi'ti' illd Ito ,,hi fitur wiil,u.
for haline t ln t' e1. Thiet the o tn
tain i t he- preairit'fl seli the water
it' it i< :ble\ i. m <ily lprove d, fur
Modie lotn the the lhd ble lead line
often giupan ii tI 10) fathernl  lthin
1li) fbeet if ithe, ' shore line."
Photographing Wild Flowers.
E lwln IhIae [inoln u.f l'ittsfihld,
iMass. has pursued one .ashy dfor 'i
Ieoston (ahte. In that period MIr
ALgnerln h:1s houtlinld 4nIt b ictlres of
the i o wl l hra of lerkshire nounty.
a pictuare the h artits care to p by
students in the foremost art schools
and universities of Almeri.i, so hil
1. .: I" ''' . T. . .1" 1, 1 t1
: . p' -" 1: : 1 " ' :, i n
u '1 : i l r .j i. . h 1: "1 mul' i ,':1
],,, i. %a : , . \.rr lc "i, 1
• II i r m l l' . ". In ' .' t 'I
" ipl>.* t 1 n n thI \i
lu-;ts. L 'p~tin the l-. :I , ,tr ;;i ht
- i .R ad l" I. " t I '  l * : , . i n. r-., I
t; iN'l i " i 'll '[ lilw fv i+ ; . I' + In o :,.r pal'
r1 ,I ' .t . ot, , t,, i, lt - bi i1 ,.
ISpnucu b Jelly Salad. d.---'1' :l . ' :t ,
' I t''' 1' " i 'fr ii' . 1.. if l ia 11r 13 nI pr
r.1 1'l tl i ...ll ; in' l it t. . in i i ,lly l":. l
It .a e r t'li 1 i', ii,. tii'i tIh i ;11
-i \ ! . , ill lh, . t 11 !; a , 1',: I;, . l ', . Ih,'
Radish S l aJ.- t.,1'1 r !1I
r cucumber Je.lly Salad.-i 1.' \irl a gain
I i r re, pis:e, anh .i ,i t vli , , Iitlitn h
n r, n spl r'. Iit theie 'lje. tS 1.1 .l t b . elim
' 'To s'i'.r,' a I irii.t hf flit,,d 31141 keep
t- thl . -ll  .f imits pl one's imI.ll rla' i il-s
,i - ' t ' :tiLt i11 ..rl h r, " t, t ld ' t', 1 1 : 1. 1
11; ir .'"..i"1 :It " ir 't. i.f.h .1 tiu l .i -pl,! ,'i
Sil If ,t, tl in of all J Lint h, se
i t' o il n -'i'\t l it olt. - 'rnuimill t
It, iuti".i is ' i 111113' h.
cut \',r}' : thin -t. ,t11 r 1 . . in thheilY ,l -
1 ,-. ,t i , l th :r i :.'" ,.tl to ,in.,ilt. T ' ,ii
-lit -ill ,l l 'Baked Kidney Ben- il
il I tlhlIr i'iit truI 111. t f ;: r g:i r N 1 'ih r3d'l
I' 'tigll " :r fii l ' :l lT I"'i i. Ikiki'
I'f ''' Iow II ili r ] I lt lmki.i .1 .- i . 111 ' 1ll f
haveClub Salad.-rkly Iusles l : thing1111
r i In i Toni lllp, T o.1 l i . l lis' What a gaintl
for repose ant l eltr', uIto say not llng
1.1, . ~li11ll , I1' f Ir h i l l X,: 1. 13 L11i 1StI P Iif t.i
of spaIe, ilf these h l -Jer s ollld b,- elimi
inr. Oatmeal Bred. d.-ir int il
'- To ser rve a variety if food and keep
SI i f thin the limits if one*--1 allowa :te it
1. the k im of all just h1.se
- hnlf , wf lr i vt ilur. '- Ifh l' a t one is l too
Lt . ,lIl t tnsipnful ,is us, it may he"13l n
-n hull ,it it d ni t byr lla ile !r
l1 1 iiL i s' expensive ft:Inl fli. t the:'
A nother Thousand Island Dreseping the
,, irthef ilf oter wI-e lyl1 l expeli -
I n tut ed.l balanced.
T r Baked Kidney Beans.
S Si t ellli'T'.j 1f lln s of liiili 5311n1, s115
i he'm lit with n pint of tll toml a
tl Elf o , th ip'rd cfhivi'. o s lle n l n fwa is(1
I t s lril. , f sit an d i i b
IihOyster Curry.-(hut tais small ionlilns
di n iiti' h lit , ill 311 o uli' oEf lltl'r. tdid
S 'inth t ni'r o tI ilicy. stir ,eIln' thi' fire
Ifor twiE 11 , inUtis or unttl h the nyi'y
ar I le cilitwitd and fcovreud ith sIute.
i twIne thleir hearts with our lives. They
Sas.sume our Ihurdens share our car,
lighten our gltoom, or carry our mes
sages, so that, depending on them as
I on a rol d or sti , we gelt to requir, e
Sthemli we thlnk, as spiritual if not
iA o way ot making a delicitous thlel
Sirn. rom muscadine igrape Is spri
k lounced by the Unitedl S te nllb au ll
Pt plnt uidu ntilttl)k
.Au1or /' -ikE , E
5T -4`CAA l i, i:,W -
1k4,, I" .I
Ilh: , ,k t ry, 4i r),', i,. ,,, r i' ,, ' t . 11:
h,+ is in a cla.,s livy hi11i ,. and h
(arry; , tor,' tri:. in his tail tha:;
any other fish. 11,+ is truly an Ameri
can and of a stirdly typ'e that can
forage a living in any stream or
spring fed lake that is cool. Al
though he does not grow as large as
his cousin, the rainll),w troult fr,-ln
the West. or h;s foriCen relative. the i
br,,wn, or Ge;rmar trout, for his smna!l
siz.e and weight he puts up the keenest
figh:t of th, trout family.
The trout is a trinm-bilt fish with
graceful lhii " - al"I his con:istant b::t!',
with s',u ift (curr , s ,:, rakes h::n a
strong. l.u ky y.:;ngst r. As a , gein
d,.·,..r :Hi .., : i is w .ll ;.' l k,.-. A" ,!i
'11 a.ti r : ait i: . i , i , i' ' ;u '
c,. ii t.: ii i 111·: li t. ,
hr, ia t :t i*.,nti r l it . i; s 1,
fall.s, in tIhe s'i t rp ' l :, anId lh .
tr,)ut in t}!,, li-i 1.-.r 'i.l(),.-1 "' ,.iY
tiicse th, ;".. ,t b..,t- ash,, t:',
is a ral a"' ,,",. ,. and tak,'.s i-Li
food troull th, surlc', in n i: liat''r
Sa: 1, at llthe b )tt > l "; he is, hL w .cr,
mostly a s:riac's' fcIaer and dotes on
!-h.s, gra..shlopp'rs, insects, gorm.. A
small niunnovs aol even small frIns.
Trout Has Keen Sight.
TVndoubthd'y hi, has the konlest
sight f any . >hI. and he evi-l'ently
watches his lre.y i. -fore it strikes tiie
water, as he will cie , his jaw.; on a
fly the instant it hits the: water, often
.leaping up and catching it on the ,
wing. Its a pretty good guess that he
watch'"s the lies or insects as they
fly over the water and this same sight
makes it necessary for the rod wield
er to match his wits against those or M T
Mir. 11. Trout.
Trout are caught with artificial flies, t
grasshoppers, worms, minnows, crick
ets, grubs and almost any small In
sects that are found along streams,
also with very small spoons. When r
fishing with a fly It should be kept in
motion, imitating as near as possible a
the movements of a fly that has v
dropped on the surface and is strug- t
gling to rise again. This can be ac
complished by a slight broken twitch
ing of the wrist. When a trout takes
the fly, strike quickly, but not with
a heavy jerk, only a slight move of r
the wrist Is necessary. In taking a
fly he snaps his jaws together over
the fly, but is quick to throw out the
artificial feathery substitute for a
square meal.
Lot Depends on Rod Work.
The sport begins with a rush right
after you hook your fish and you sure
have to work your gray matter,
luck, hiefore you can evr el a trout.
tli seems to know every rift, rooted
hold, snag or windfall in the stream,
and you got to keep your mind
in the game to hold hliu from ruch
ing cover, which means a lost fish and
a snagged line. Let your rod do most
uE the work. that's what a good fly rod
is for--keep your line tight, at no
time give any slack, as the trout may
not be securely hooked, and a slack
line gives him a chance to cough out
the fly. You will find the trout is more
quickly landed if worked down stream,
especially with a large fish, as the
current is in your favor. Keep the
rod well up and the line shortened,
as a short line gives better control
over the fish and you need every extra
bit of advantage, as the sole object of
the trout is to get away and at that
game he is some little getter. E
Fish Both Up and Down Stream.
If you are fishing a slow running
stream it is best to fish up stream
and on swift-running streams flsh
down, making it a point to walk
around pools and fish them from the
lower end up to the head. In fishing up
stream the ftiy comes quickly down (
with the current, this can be slowed
up by casting diagonally up and r
Trout Gorge Angleworms.
Early In the seasop the common
angleworm is considered a delicacy r
by the trout and this batt iof floated
down stream under a shelving bank or
around a log, which makes an Ideal
hiding place for trout, it's a twenty-to.
one shot that another fish will be add
ed to the creel. Htook the worm so
that the entire hook is covered, using
a No. 6 or 8 snelled hook. Always
fish down stream with worms, as the
natural action of the current carries
the worms down stream. Let the bait
float from about thirty feet above the
spot where you anticipate the trout
are lying and throw In the shut-off on
all noise.
Association Football Feature.
One of the features of the Eastern
association football season will be a
friendly game between the champion
Univer.uity f Pennsylvania team and
the Intercollegiute league, and the
Ilethlehem eleven champions of the I
country. -
Horse Show Prizes.
Since the first National Horse Show
association events, held In New York
33 years ago, the association has dis
tributed $832,780 In prizet to 7,017 ex
hibitors, represeating 39,535 mtrles.
Destroys Ca!c;',ations ofi ~'~\i
t: :on 'nd L;.inds e,. :: ceid
Ca tin i a 'd C;' a ACl J.r?
A Shor Line Somctim s Vissbie ond
Sometimes Invisiblc.
i . ' tu .-. i i -;\ Ii ci
'r.. I i ... w hci hIt ilw -t :u ,
Itli II .i '. . " ' 'ute 2 p .: .I:c h I1
tr'i m T i. - I t ,i . ii ' t Ii:ii lt mtile.
widl, rut. n.Iti n " outh. 4 aptain
II:m-* a aii el eltieIt tu le. et' the
west must tllnna ttw 11r'1 \igh!.
but at  u-, I Il" i as urrie
to . ntlt only the we' -ten. but al.4
the ea-t"rn shoreli e. 'ithe - latter up
-Ieatteil eight miles te4 starltard.
Here was a struit 1m0 tiles wilke that
appeared It). Captain Hansi n anwl hip
rIIates eillle they were vitIn.s f
111 il optl-:lI illt i'inl. S ,t they Nilet in
a wide zigzag ands the eastercn .heore
was always just on the horizon while
the western ho.re Iehavel s nirtuial
}l-, disalwaring and rpllrleari|g as
llthe t.Ii al'erel its litiurse. S, tlhe
Ilav'igatirs lhe-ilel thait the ste:ir trly
lad was a mirage.I But Iwteri the i
rage lhe:iue retality and near ta h
iL ent lll'e of ilthe giult the Sesiel went
r ti the bIecvh oef ltilg:e too iitelu, .
' Il e Mar-i t t.t1 saw til l li. t'li e hu teh
Si attejiletl ti y iiater.
* Sii I i Iti iIc).-- hi n iciet
1 I thri ti: lll A. Tttritr. tc sutlchfl i
i -lhlit iel te tllhei ('aliti'orniia h r,ir
nlI iren-d tee prlie.,cute her tic-it
c'',iee e-th leearnteed line rule eof
] ernceed|curee llt 1'letutitli i[le ii her •
I *. r, t y, u the i:LttL rley in thic
. n'l " qluerice,, the judh,. .
.Mi.- Tlrnler tuts ereel in the ,
i u' Xe'r. alwc- remlve ttetr*
eicirt," .i' Sh ,ii0 tieil. kietdly, helt "
ii rmly.
MiOt Tirnter ihithieT. :init pull
* inl eit th, leegi lint e h oitel I
. the hi it oIl lihe ttttocereese' tblhe.le
( Civil War Veteran, 75 Years Old. Has
Recovered His Sight in
I California.
S M::ry.vile. (cnl.-Twenty youtrs ngo
> (or.T Viln Iteekirk. ii vete'rin eef thei
1 (ivil wir. h"':iuncei bllnd while ieepllothy
I ee in Macry'evillte. (ttl. Hi itcase was
I re,:ucre tc ho1ee lelhe tne l he wXent
ibhIct thel e wert gicuiee by lihiu grin!
chelehlreen whceili hc hutul clever Sei'il.
t Se-viral mllotnthl-ltl e f eite t to llof t h ieev
re Ill shirt item, n i ';I nl ,w ll eii ,r tell.
ticu f it in epe0rltion In Sui i r:iiiii 'o
rwli,'eh had re-,teireeh li t tee i1 blhind
. ltln. V nili lIcc-t irk deciehh, tee iueiergo
ai 3iimil.'r iei riltielti. - he' t-e,,
hreLIcgh hi.avy glalcie, but c ('iE n
S::n iltkilrk, w lss ihe In Su c c . c':i .is
no, .il" fur the' tlrst tine cc teh.hillllee.
an,'i ll 1ute (,11e eheihLe'. lltiion li ture'
.shwie. a wirehes,. tehlegrtch ittit ii, i li aicl
t cin nirscip.
t Saved $1,400 Worth of Puppies.
S Ne'sw Y,,rk.-M-llss iertrudr , IeLes.ter.
returnlng frciom a shihpeinci trip. feund
he'r hemne In failmen. She ethIsheid insih e
ind reied an arniftl of pUpple.
which, she said, were worth $1.400.
1 Woman Divorced Fifth Time at 35.
SHiunthlcgton. W. Va.--Mr,. Muaudee
l Young. tlige thirty-tive vy'clrs, declares
e that marriage is a failurre. She has
e been divorced ftire times by as many
different husbands.
Likes Heavy Music.
Nashville, Tenn.-John Lightelnger
likes heavy music. lie stole a piano
out of a church and carted It two
miles. He was caught when he went
bck for the stool.
Ia hatMýeli Dy
"1 f" y
i. .
C s St Fe4,
Clss Sit : Ci F e ,, c ....
 iii fT ''-, .
"" ~a: -" ":ac :: '"
  .:::. ;~-:i,::.:-  -:..   .
\    ..::  . ... ...
". .'.  ::i' ':. .. .,;. .
Ct,-".vSutofFr,,e e-F,, _
 '.r , , !.." , : . - ~. ,'
, , n o i, l is 2 . :,: : t, I . ,,,I r .. ha ,
i+,+-,  ,:''oL . ,,** e r n,,1. .1 w h+,l, r-, ..i
t+,t l "f" l r !.,irt- It. h! ýh ,l it t r
. 1 ,'." : : 1 ; 1 : r: . i , tir, ný t~ h,
w o r t . 1 i t lh o t .l l u. i t : ,. . 'h , i , + u i t yt
o f1t .\ t r ., ' n' :i+|' " u.' , ,: . t o Tr| , *' , m i ,r
rn' I, . I!tt:I ::,,:, ,', .; ,r, .. h, r th:,t
it :slit !l r t ;,,, a:iol a. i. tl t, the
m i,-+ lny ofl,,f h,.r .ir h' , lt,,. ,.
112~ o, f th.- nl \'o " ý.',' r.: s in.. ,'Is i1
sh-o, I: h'r,, ann, it, tine, lirm<, and
" :la, &s" fl:t-h th,,ns,,Iv .. into th,. [:intl!
a t it ,l an ,", ,. T I i." j : t '\ i o u t t". ih e
moist poptular l."hngth. Is h.alt«"d at the
back andl front ant smartly finished
with fancy buttons. The collar way
,":." 4 .:
"" ."., : ,;:
Easter Hats for Little Girls.
Everyone is cntitlel to, new hat
for Easter. eve'n the. lit:lst maid In
ithe family. anl no one V ill wnar her
new finery qulite0 so j,. Ol"-ly. the lhas
not been n.eglected by the nllllin'rs.
who Iu.ist aittend to the alleore serious
business of seeing to it that her elders
are' properly hatted, and it is not diffi
cult to (',IIIn to a (lecision in ch.,eoslng
a hat for her. In shapes those that
resemhle little honnets have all the
preference'. Many of thenm hlave round
crowns andl na:rrow brims and as :many
more are hell-sha:ped, but. for the' very
little girl, there is no great variety in
IOf the two hats shown in the picture
the on,. at the top Is de,-igneud for a
chlld of three or more ycers andI the
lower hat for the little miss of sevenr
at le:lat. For the yoitIm,.,r girl the
shape is ,overed with silk in ltight
color as a felllat!een fir the rows of
fine lingerie' la'e pla.ith'_ that cover
it. At each sideh near the hack two fant
rosettes. InIaIle of the pIla:itedl ihce'e, are
placed with the ede ' of onrte, overlhl
ping the oether. A collar of griorninrl
rihbon is run through the center of the.
rosette' and finished with hi,ews at the
back and front.
Th's is ouni of the pretty llttlhe hats
that the home miilline'r cten ma:ke w"ith
out much risk .of failure. The other is
a satin-covered shape. trinttne,l " th
baby velvet ribbon In two colors. It Is
Chiffon to Replace Georgette.
Chiffon, which, so the wlseartre's say,
Is to triumph over the long reigning
crepe. Georgette, is embroidered, lace
trimmed, beaded. Flowered chiffons
are made up in the utmost simplicity.
but on most graceful lines. Fine cot
ton voliles in a bewildering array of ex
quisite designs. striped, dotted,
checked, flowered, openwork striped or
plaided, bordered, are fashioned Into
sRttly-girdled, stralght-falling, be
Writching frocks.
. . :, t l ' 't . ketS wb:l
' n , . e" xt,,u ion lal. 1Er
+h," pfss. wher e
k is inavi. It ils
I: T"': I ~~s thte (dot over i
I'!,,. -i.i, 1- ,i'!i n. gathermld ln f
:! th hI:.:; :an h: I lo Iose belta
t, ., \\:':-I. .1 i- :I little lon>gertht atl
-lirt- ,,f :h,. ,;hit two se.tson .i t
r ue : ,11 ":t \,, i.i}l'he's below the t
,t" lb' Xh1-'.
•1u-, :a- pie tur,.l this suit is
I rrih ,.ir._. ijt r:try blue and aft
'l1I I. otill t .hiri is nothing beta.
Iut t It has Ieten develhped ia ohf
2oii f aunti is a succesilaaa
,if thlntn. The juriket I isn ied l
p:..:nu-n'-, c.n" w\lhic'h has beco a
well estuhtlilhe.el that Its ~a abn
MnrVeos an IEnlish tnrnslttlon.
not a diflicult piece of work, bit
quires sotr." knowledge of
nmaking. Alming, the hats that
rlnade ait hoouIe with little tro 0ble
those of ha:lvy linen, decorated d
enmhroldery. Any of the steandtd
torn con.1c.rntt furnish pattll f
them. Thy :Ire always good stll
summll r n ich fr.
Pongee and CrepS.
White l.pa, ' conbined with
gitte cr.,' \ iiill malke some or tedL
llest sluui:a.r fr,;. These int
hav'' shI. :'LitnlLtage of belio
inn] :liw.::t. *'s ally If t0h I60
variety ,f ge .rý. tte is boought
Th°. n,,w blti'res are, m0l1 (lWi
in thi- hii:iy crepe, one Vr M7
Ille beting In the palest ad M
e.ribr I'l'.'r in dlue.
Pastel Shades In Vil
An.tn ih, l:tintlest dres 11
at -:itrp"Iicl resorts ort Io
are thi,-' tinlde of fine cotton
i:,.I rlu t o l, in white. I '.'
ien.hal:: ý, n tlu.', gray. wistari..u0
Inl Iit r" .. re taking wl
str:aight -lion. 1 tl. 4, white with
,if hail . em'br iuie.ry or besdlaig
colors Is al-t, selling freeld.
No Animals for HiS.
(nt. ila> .1 lhnl' mother wu
hy, v,".m:m.,,'ni' indl she told l
,to the rrlt and get ioma
Sht s:i : "'\e will have oldit
J-hn I,, isv thloklkin g.
stll d: "I'l 1eut the soup, bt
for hre."
Fad That May lstsr
"In ruti imeic" declared
"girls were more modest 
said the flippant girl. "It
once. We way get bgack 5

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