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-Pa N!for taxes. Help remove]Help The Herald Boost for
Devoted to the Upbullding of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."--MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
--o - = == =I = = = o
Mien's Clothing in the Great Kiam Sale
Kiam's \\j\s h.lt 1i t 1. thll; i',1! in l th" , m.- 'i tl t
11111 ! In W \ (11> ;. }t riad e 10 ,it it 1 :;. I!.111 \ l \1l, 1 }1:Jib
it w ill par \' u tI IIuI n,,v.;ii , and lax ItJ . fr "'lJ r \,v...1Inlh ,.i). .,1:i1h ke' a',
ltein BlE k. A1, , lam kl' . k ,I1. i , ti h .-\l t ,nni ,thi 1I . \
Kiam's 6.00 to 8.75 Kool Kloth Kiam's 8.00 to 12.00 High Grade
Suits (Also Other Purchases) Suits ;Also Other Purchases)
d tr ., , r : A:.' -.'I
c. '
I fL Genuine Palm Beach Suits at only .95
K IA .9 'S i . r l . - f: "i, 1. . .p .1 -U t , . !'i
C ;111 i i t t da rk Ii I, :
Men's New Wash Suits Men's New Mohair Suits
l '.l.. a n d d a i, r  .5 I : _, $' ,',, ,,, :
s-iads. -\'alrd + ", 9ll5 .- , 95
 a l,, 1. .-p I
Kiam's Shantung Suits Calcutta Seersucker Suits
.57 .95
-an s v w ! .:ie - :i " •a n t" 1 , w . ; h i tk
, I1-- 1-- I . \-- I-- --1 - - i i i-- --ii--i 1 i
Wonderful Values in Shirts,
Neckwear, Underwear, Etc.
Kiam's and Other Purchases
Get in on thi :. mitin. I t \,u h;\' In prc.,ni need ,to k ;:.p r later use. The
pricc trend i, "tip and in x\1 \ II the hi h llqualit. an Iw 11\ 'p ce this .ale atbrd.
i Ytu lthe lo ical chance to Ibu\.
Note These Extraordinary Shirt Values
I : z i . . t . & - n 1i:rl A I t .i i rari i L r - c
" . (t "t. - ainll. : ti, es $ý1. 0" T1. $ _. n,, : h:.i t!I -. <itpep .- allnd 1 illlki l"" . : T!,
shirts. Ift and stiff urtt . st. Min rll s ,i l i i . ... 50.c
satin strip- mn ' i : t 1 Tilt u l
$3 to $5 Shirts $1 to $1.50 Shirts :d b
Kiam and other fortunate pi.k- ups. All- -or an . laun led I ff shirts. oi ts
ilk. also silk nixltures and tiber silk in sh lirt i i i r irs itn ai n d rl s i irs: ' tlf r - ii
tiis lot. ors, i f soft tini 1 n r r
There are plain colors and 98 izd fab ri i and fan y
stip_ ............ ...... ... 9 I Iadra ........ .........
ftl's n 5c Shirts. of per ale; w hite, light and mediu.u, , 4k i ,t. am, . ith detahea c i ,olar. N ,t often ar 8
h s; sott or laundered lfls; all siz.s in the lot ......... 4 4i able to I u> sui.h shirts as the-. at this I * ........
Underwear, Pajamas, Night Shirts, Etc.
Ce lthlrtae Shirts and 1D ,lr t-! E rtmtr l Si:rdl <t irts irt , 7. , a:o $51 " 'o -I . in t t .-
5i-la longcloth. nainsook, basket IJrait 'rs-Sell regularly at ., $1., t, . ,, ltsl. Thr dl Nains.oks. pil the ks. plaids
_lSs crepes and krlnkle cloth; and $1 ..1.: half anld .l rt , s (onradi and k rin kl, cloths
IIIIt Varsity and Pieadilly long sleeves: siz,"s also I'trsknit gar
Il s; also feather-weight nain- i; to :t: garment .....and Frei anns. A...eri an .. ...........
I-ahirtis anddraw.rd l9i ·,r I. and other hich- lass
L L olor; sall sizes ll Kiam s .7"n. um la: an k kllit . , also illmp rt ,d mesh a it a rt
and knitted fabries. atle.tic , half athhltic shirts nainatlk. 0in ch,.ks:
or -long-sl'eve shirts anrIn h.. .. . . .ulll.nt.
Neckwear and knee .inI lon25 c ..... 95c a- ..
drawtrs: garm, ent. ...... -
c Silk te krc.tLw ar- iSquare .. ,n o $1 ------- I. 'l £1 ( i
, t Sowing end( four-in- . " .,"k es . f I" l t $" " . il 1 n' n Fults- -VasiT y, !h daker. Hrokine.
S fowin; igured de- s a.in stripes and long hdak r ind Ite'atta nakes ; air ~arniiints inI the :
I' .; white, dark loth shirta and dr . . iI , silk t s ai sher alta a - .r
SI id colors.. dra. a·r. ;laid bkftlll. olhers aI ietr li h Ia a
Ik ?bur.in-Hands-Also silk .h san strips , ht ui7
hu tisi; washahle mrd, and I'rdern7u n h k e
tSS- S rand good 2 5 l re rs- Kiat sold hm --- -1
' tiltrali k .........  tlB a at $1.0,: worth at heast $1.., int l, t, $ , mn's I ,lmrlus-- A 's -:. t, ., .h
be NTr c',klar-r-Silk and today: EIgyptian Maco un- Pinl mad:as rith vi.\en strpes: '; , i, rP. , ,,as-- Also other
hsi.S Unixtures with bleac.hed otto n: talf-,leeved lich- l.las, ierve rize d loths In lo.: silk InixturI s el.; " nI
lIt; large open I shirts; ankle drawers: id sha . ot a llt d ada with .J
ai shape".. I-.... sizes slightly broken" w C s k fitt and satin rips feathr- I  . ;
S . .....g.arment ..n .rl ttn I weiht ,reps. .. .
UIs Talbot and family re
h i Addis, after spending
lllr of Alix Street has
- Bayou Lak ombe. w here
W weeks with friends.
, uekink will entertain
w June 3o in honor of
Mq ivernary of htr birth.
ren returned Tuesday
Ten., after a ple asant
J. Talbot returnel firom
atter a 'vr. ple..sant
-- *k.
and son. Tii. ron. are
itr a pleasant v\,:t t1,
J. McCluske; slent t h,
Or nm erc,. the 9a ,t of
1 H. Irving.
Who took part .-n the
the Southern c'i.-..e of
light was M1:s-. I,:
'1"ived a siver :n",l a'
SYe several s, lt tions
.ltrn is spending a
arrived Muonday
York to attend the
[a M
funeral of his father. the late Ed 1.
I av\ezae.
Mrs. F. .1. Borne. Sr.. is spendine
alhile at Pointe-a-la-tla,-he. la.. with
her daughters.
The .lolly Twetlve Enulhre Club met
last %week at the home of Miss Anna
Martinez. The su't essful players
were Misses Esther Yurati h and Ruth
Horne. Miss Adele H|ousselot rece.ived
th c unsolation. The m.etingz night
was , hanged to Wednesday. Miss C'or
nelia Murphy entertained last night.
Th. Tuesday Night Etiuhre Club met
at the home of Mrs. P. ('ognevi, h. The
su. ,essful play. rs xxere Miss C'lairia
li hards and Miss Esther Yutrati, h
ci laying for Miss Ruth Borne,. Mrs.
F. l'urati hI reteived the' ,n.olation.
Th. n.e\t ml.-tintt will he hell a1 rlh
omnie of Mvrs. Gaiennie.
MI . F". Yturatilih tand son. Andew.
s 'nt Suni lay at Ilturas.I .a . lt' _ sty
of \Ir. andlI Mrs. Tom (;ralhatm.
Mr. and Mrs. WV. P. Salathe are
S'niding a \eek :it their .:lilll*t r
':,:' Ill Ri' St. louis. Miss.
1Mr. I \wie ht Salathi " has r, !'irl. d,
it, r a " eek's stay :i hay St IM')iii
!-Alva Saitathe sp"lt Sutlday :n
!..it St. I.'i li at Salath, s Cta'ttla-e.
\lts Ial!: w lIro\n of ;ar'; v:lŽe.
a is tie ue'" of 1li-s ('le .at.
NMrs. t. i'. Ilnin , anl fa ::ily ..
P'oint. -a-la-. la. h".. l.a. s,.ent . lendav
let e.
William Oso..Ir.. left Monday mo:'n
ine for Hlome Place. La.. to spend
awhile with Mrs. aM. Lyons.
Mrs. .1. Burg and family of Bermuda
Stre,.t left Sunday for Milneburg.
hrhere thr.y will spend the summer.
Mlr and Mrs. W. .I. Mermilloid and
family. Mrs. J. .I. Vanderlinden and
fa:mily and \I rs. iH. S. W.bert and
.hildrtn returned from West End.
aft. r spenliniz a t\eek there.
A;r. and Mrs. R. Favre of Elmira
\ven:ue I,'lav Sunday for Bay St.
l.tnui,. \Li s.. to spend tw:) w,.eks.
.i:Mr and )Irs. V. W. t'herhonni.r left
Sunday for lo)troit. Niagara Falls and
,ther point.! of inter,.st. They aill hle
dtne several weiks.
Mrs. Ed l. ('loskey and Mrs. Henry
'tr, n spent the w.+.k-end at I.afa
,t te.
Mrs lHenry Fretuil and a few fri,'n l
s int S ;nday at . ilneb -ur ,.
Mrs .ta:ies St,-'art andl Mrs. \'Lt
p«nt a fa"w ,l;ts at Hay St. ILouis
.ast \%, k. t:Il guests of Mrs. 11.
On inilay. at St. St. pli ns (Churcih.
'he iinfan .  iht. r of Mr. and Mlrs.
Y la' rde .\ is il; t toe l. Tihe s; tll
-,or "' \tre (' innil K. Hlardy and .Miss
'.h ,in,e K n nllely.
tA p nni party a il e iv,. n Satur
,;ay nick at ,, , !" k at tih, hom',le of
M!rs. il nr Ay., , k. 417 Elira Street.
i : t i.tieit of the 1.d ('ross..
M 'r. and Mrs. ('. .1o<l,,y an.! baby
Stuitn.t1 to their hItt., in lio s:on.
t.inrs. aft-r a iisit in Al.iers.
I1i-s .Minnii (;o- ibel rturned home
yester.day, aft, r a few a meks' visit to
Norfolk. Va.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Verret are still
sojourning ia Washington, D. C. Mrs.
V\rret spent last we,.k in New York
with relatives.
The RH1l Cross Chapter held a spe
,ial meeting Monday night at the
Knirhts of C(olumbus Htall and it was
agreed by unanimous v\ot. of the mnien
blrs to pay 1(t, .cnts duts to defray
culrrent expenses.
The Ladies' Aid attended a lta tore
blv Ilr. Iluizan .1onday night at the
Kni bt.: of ('olumnbus Hlall.
Mrs I-. C. Il)lfyv antl family spent
Sulnlay wish her parents in A utII ibhm
Strr, t. .rfr. Iutyf having gone to
I'la, i( nine to assist in thi" initiation
of the Knghts of Columulls.
The once-a-lMonth Eiuchre Club etal
a' rhi home of Mrs. I,. Ii. lautl. The
sI ,', ssfJl lay·ers were M.is. S. Kap
,I r. Mrs Ta h,:. Mrs. tl. A k.:' and
M:s. laninl b.Th, n xt e*etin- ill be
h.lt at the ,h ne of .Mrs. ('ati ro.
Mrs It .I. Williamts ent-rtaintid the
t'rida, Nizht Eu, hire ('lu. The sit
.'s-fu! ;!a ,.r- 1e:e Mrs. ;aienni,.
Mrs. C. liit tet. r and M1rs. T. I'.
Iu, ihh,'z \1'.s: ('lairia Rti. hards re
, iied the. *nsolatiin. The next limet
ina will I.e h. id at the ho:.e of Mrs.
a dll .tl T . o i. '. "t " " ' ra n t- I * au ls on
titurala . ..l:t ..". at thi' Kni.h:t. of
'itli,!2lbu H lall. Th, a mlniis-itn wifli
to 2.- 'its and il cents for Tallies.
The.re m ill !e se.;,arate prizes for lotto.
Maro-,rs Ran I 'ill furnish musi, for
tIh- dan.in... Refreshments will b"
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1_ 1 : "- • " " .A - , i ,1
" : -1 I; . : . ' ! . :.. \
'", , I. - . " t.l . 
.t ::' T .i..1 .l "I ". 1..t !
nlit"\ h !:.! ! 1:::: . r" ni .
!: : '.... .l I pt "
.- 'I ni ·: a k
h - :, :' :
,t ,: : : .: " 'n ,t Ti' . .l 11
Z : ,.'':'-',tT In*t. h ' , ' ,- I" ,'
I g 'r - . . ,ig na l" i t t [ ;. 'n :.ta
I l:t o - Ill l -t -i t lT p!.i l the'
,itul tr' ant , 'ill' ,i, tmaric, . ti l
ti 'it- pi-ni trounk: M1r J. Hod
Ia: .'- (r ;iginad lth tae "n tlair n . t
taken The " dmerit-sto the' tetue 1i
,.,' i 9,t "a tll I'hie at c; p. nl t111 the· I ''
a:ikiint the- tit-ket .iainiz eats anti
14th at thi e re i d- l n.l . ,,f l'r.- hl nt
tiikets. anti thes aire being quickly
taken. Th ni."rit. of the t'i l e i
l ak\lne tit. ti,'ket s,,llinl: e asy, and
the ,otlnniitte-- is very imuch pleaed
anld enth siast it. D(n iat iins are
i'oning in fronti all s-idt-s. and a large
and at'raTltive ad n'ard is aIlmoist
otrganizatioi,.s in .lgie-rs iil bie in
viteI and ithe t ooperation of the
Ladi!e-s I hapter of the litRed ('ross
w iii bthe solicitetd.
As the-re i!i not he another mlet
Ins of the 1ssociation before the
14th of Jtil. the membni)ers are no
titled through this tntans to asseni
b!le at the re- ileine of Plresident W.
N Il rnmasteor at 6:#tie p. m. at 721
Tehe st reet.
The- next meeting of the commit
tFe % ill he otn Mtenday. July 2. The
tit initte -onsists of Etig, l in ht-.v
tlhairmnal i. 'a'. N. P rniatctl r. ex-ofj
Ilitio. . A IErt--. lII. A. utjol. Sam
(rini e-sP. F luin. Jai. .ikian.
'. t. North. ('. 1 V in e o. l" Matu
li-h t". Jtam '.. J. WVeigmania . I. M ir ,.
." ii. 1. .ier,. r anti ('. \V. Nhihols
.M1r. andI Mrs. Louis Zine enter
tii,'ie it their home. 2- El iza St..
ion Fritay evening. Jlune 22. in
honor of the third anniversary of
ti e l irth of their eldest son. l1ol ls
Thw evening wa, mnost enjtvabl"
spent antd Master Louki received
many pretty tokons in honor of the
- ,-'a ,.on IRefreshmien:ts were served
Tiooe present were Misses tita
S.heffel. Juanita Wetkerling. Mris.
'ha.Fi ('hetta. I.Mr and nMrs. (c. Wek
ertl.'ig. Mr. andi Mrs. W. Weekerli.g.
iR. Sc. heffel. Frank Doir. Williamn
ianl \rmand O)e-. ('has Benoir. C.
Hutzler. Jos (ampbell. Pat Ilntzler.
id. Shhieb. Jr.. Leo llthards. Er'.in
!uhn. Leuis Hliengert. Fred 11am
hiacher. II. ()se. Ien fioeringert. Lionel
Lusigna'n. I'ranis i)el; cha. Th'resa
Jones. Ethil. Oudeal. andt Irma Lu
-er.nan. Lillian llihn. Rosie is '-in,
.! a z Sttiie-rlani M 'rtlI an 1 Atini
i:. ,theer. Myrt:e I'hotta. Aguet Me
'-', . tate aend Dera ,'hiehl. Evelyn
Martinez. Milhir.-, Bengert. Ethel h
lIem.It. Itt-iallh so. Margie ITutzle-r.
Margie O(-to. llian FVol.sther and
F'lore.n, - .Mci'e rd.
,,,ak 'ii-- ttore.a Si-hapffer. aged
14 year-. ",a painfully burned
athie 'li right hip and bark and her
right arm and two hand.i
.Ii- ',chaeffer ..a- vi-iting at the
h,,n' o' Mr aid iMr-. C. It Menaco
i :, ( )ii -r -tre ,e-t. ea r A lix a n d a a
tri; 'ni ,.(flee' I: t ing: thit edge
,,: ir k ::. it pi.k tip 'he pot. it
'ilht ,ie- .ini Ttt . l ntti.-'- spreati
rapiditl Sh,. F i h the al. llevy bee
: . 11 . M a ,, ,,, t-d t; 'to her.
t'.' , i b r in .i jtilt. thtit extin
i t .-h 'n z th ' .e'itt t -. In d o(-lio u t0 .
i u .,, feai: yll ureid :ibo.h t tht
The young girl's nmot her. Mrs.
Shaoffc-r nas al-o turned on the
right hand in her attempt to help
her daughter. Dr. V. Lowe is in at
Our Annual
July Sale
Begins Monday, July 2, I
Once-a-Year Values are Offered in
this sale, for which we prepare by
gathering linens of Quality from the
available markets of the world.
D. H. Holmes Co.
eni.. Now orkn, LIMITED Establihed
Berlin, Lendon and Florence, April 2.1842
Best and Cheapest Pianos at Dugan's
I -.d I'nI., i k -t iiikt - rt h.i lt rt r":t < nl.,r nt << t ,pr , tt,
.u. 'i, ,- ."St u1 i. 1 r Iv- 'iat ,,. , up.
SuccessoPs o CblePno" O E912-914
I1J1eso It Cb no CANAL
Successors to Cable Piano Co. STREET
Are you prepared to take
the Civil Service
To Be Held
June 28th.
My Special Rate to Alger
ines for the preparation
that puts you through- -
$10 Cash, $20 only
after appointment.
Here is a $1.000 position. oppor
tunity knocks at every one's door.
Office Hours, 8 a.m. to 9 .m.,
12 m. to 1 p.m., 3 p.m. to 4 p.
Sm., 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Sbisa's Business
325 Camp St. New Orleans
For Your Pets
We nave just added a new line of remedies for
Dogs and Cats
known as
Vermilox Remedies
besides the different remedies, we also carry
A Big 16-oz. Box of
Corylopsis Talcum Powder,
We have a preparation tfr prc,,e.rving EýgS for min yv
months. Buy them when ,:th.a' and use our pre,,cr alri\
FEIR UPP Dru.gist
Ber mudk, Ew V, Verret Sts:.
it Pays to Advertise in The Herald
:i\ . h .rr, a li-t o; "what wt
,arry. that are -elling at prices
not at,.- ,,,d by iar ,olitions
l,.I Khiln. I an inti i tin.
24k" a rhi; I.ed Kidney leans
in la- -. 25." a jar: lioston
It an,. a k d with tomato
ý;aur". '24k a jar. Small Lima
elan: i ga-. '25 i a jar;
all SIrtg i i g s
23." a jar; Snall Ili klid Beets
in quart tar,- ; in - lb jars,
23. a jr: Su4 j trsh in -Ib
jars. 25" a jar: IRed itp. To
m ao v, 1. -lb. jar 24k " ai jar;
!:, kh (l (;rreen Tom toom- quart
jar-. :. a jar.

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