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Ice Cream
Made from the Finest
Products Obtainable.
1300 Dryadee St.
Phone Jackson
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
Seaboard, Canada, Now England or
ever*-bVI P r
If your dealr doe not handle "GRAP1c
Soutlern Railway System
Askt or" Land of the SkyLan or "Where
to go this summer" folder.
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to this we summerd folder.
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SolAudubon Building
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work tspeet. a r "Never-Fa Plates
lifetime. Ah we k d.- bye a t best den
taGold Inepertirs nd Gd Fillin-matud, ape
nese men- : s:udents. Our prices
Ore lewer an ar. o:her dentstl Co.when
"This Winter." said Daddy, "a Wal
rus was the Iceman in a Zoo.
"It was this way. The Keeper had
noticed that whenever the Walrus'
pond became frozen over on cold. cold
nights he was just as happy as happy
could be. IHe would chop up the ice with
his sharp tusks-for the Walrus has
his tcel ick always with him' Then he
would leave a 'lear, open space and
down he would dive into his pond and
have a lovely icy swim.
'The Walrus loved it nice and cold
and how he did love the cold water.
"Of course. at first, he simply
chopped up the ice because he loved
the feeling of working with such a
cold substance as ice. But his main
object was to get under the water and
have a good cold bath.
"When the Keeper noticed that that
was what the Walrus seetred to want
mn,-e than anything, he had the regu
lar leoman of the Zoo pick up all the
pieces of ice as fast as the W'alrus
He Would Chop Up the Ice.
would break them up. These would
go into the Zoo icehouse all ready for
the hot days of the Summer.
"When the Walrus saw that he was
doing some real work, and that as I
soon as he chopped up the ice it was
taken away, he was delighted. For
you see, he was very fond of his good.
kind Keeper, and he thought it a fine
thing to be a regular business Man
or business Walrus--and work hard
each day. He enjoyed his swims more
and more because he felt he was do
ing some daily work.
"And the Keeper was delighted and
said many very kind and flattering
things to the Walrus, which pleased
him more than I can tell you.
"But alas! All too soon for Mr. Wal
rus came the warm spring days. The
Keeper could not think of anything else
for Mr. Walrus to do. and Mr. Walrus
felt very sad that all the ice had gone
away and that he couldn't chop any
"The Keeper really felt very badly
that he had let Mr. Walrus do so much
work and had nothing now for him to
do. But the Queen of the Fairies
came along, and whispered to the
Keeper a fine scheme as a reward for
Mr. Walrus-she whispered this when
the Keeper was thinking very hard
one day about the Walrus.
"This is what she whispered to him.
"'Mr. Keeper, go to the icehouse
everyday and pick out a nice big piece'
of ice for Mr. Walrus. Then have it
carried over to his pond, and when you
give it to him tell him it is his reward
for working so hard all Winter, and it
is to cool his water-not to chop up.'
"Well, the Keeper did as the Fairy
Queen had suggested. At first the
Walrus did chop up the ice-although
It was such a small piece to chcp up
he did seem a little surprised when
It was put in his pond. Then he wait
ed for it to be taken away, but instead,
the Keeper came and told him to play
with it himself.
"After a few days the Walrus un
derstood It was all for him, because it I
was some of the ice he had chopped
in the Winter.
"So every day when the iee would
come he would be so joyful. He would
take a rest on the piece of ice first
for he thought it a lovely, cool sort of
chair-and then he would dive down
Into the cold water. And the Fairy
Queen tras so pleased that the Walrus
was getting a good reward for his
Winter's work."
Magnetic Torpedo is Latest Invention
of Young America-Attracted by
Mass of Metal.
The inventive mind of young Ames
ica has become proverbial. Its latest
invention, and one in which belliger. p
ent Europe is greatly interested, is a
magnetic torpedo which is attracted
by any great mass of metal, so that
when it approaches the ship which is
its target it will turn and follow the
unfortunate vessel in spite of all at-*
tempts to dodge it. This apparent hyp. I
notism is caused by two wire magnetic
coils four inches in diameter which
are attached to two nickel arms pro
jecting at right angles from the sides ,
of the torpedo. The presence of any
large mass of metal affects the cur
rent passing through these coils, which
in turn affects the motor controlling
the rudder, so that the torpedo will
continually trn toward its target. no
matter how often it may dodge.
American Boy. . I
Refrigerators, Cold Storage Boxes,
Display Refrigerators.
ffiew and Salearu s: 74 Psdras Strut Facftry: 1024-1121 larsme. Strut
England, France and United States to
Exercise Joint Protectorate After
War, is Report.
Palestine is to become a Jewish re
public at the end of the war. aceord
ing to a recent report that appeared
simultaneously in London and Wash
ington. It is thought possible that the
disposition of the l ely Land wasee one
of the subjects discussed by the Brit
ish and French envoys with 'Pre.ident
Wilson and Secretary I.:eniing at
Washington. That the, United States
wouldl favor such n plan is considered
Accord ing to the report the Jlets i.h
retpublic. krcc ,5 n as Juteiea. w'1u, i be ait
protectocrate of E'~.lanid. Firan.ce anU
the United States acting jointly. Je
rusalehn would be the capital of the
new republite. which woucll have- local
gove'rinmenlt. Should this plan Ie car
rledl iinto qt-ratioln it great nligration
of the Jets li.ck to their uacilt-it land
will likely take picew. Not a great
liany are, exp, eted to leave the Unitedi
State.. but the several Inilllol nmore
er le-s pererc'zited Inem'ibers of the
raie' in ltouuniaiit. St rbia. Austria
!!eungary nikil 4;.rrcmany, alonig with
e )line from tlu .s-.a, lno douhbt will take
advantage of the chance to live in a
state wvhere they will have *equnal op
Iportunity as we.ll us the right to woor
ship ie t . ir ,lIt tem- liles. J,.erusalem .
waier suwh ia e'o nli tieon, would ie-'lemne
again a city of hillII ni and tihe great
Ispces of now ari I lands in P'ale-tine
Vecuid Ie re lai id.
Number of Publications in United
States in 1916 Showed Gain in
Spite of Rising Costs.
The ri-ir: c,-t of paper. Ink ant
the other ll:tc rial'i of iooekmaking
dlid nit certail the' numbeinr of ipublic:a
tiocn< i ]'tit'; i-in etecl therei was it net
gairl f 711. i )f Amt.rican publications
there was it ftailing toff in the nuimbler
Ibr u;hlt fr,,tl thie l(her side, showinm
the u riters, though generally liail
taining The ,pen is mightier thuan the
at, r, haw t!aktn upi the latter. That
th e Cos t o f ] ,r ,,,lu c(tio n el ,e . n ot re
strict the l.eeok output is indelee fortu
nate for el.-iring authors; if the pub
lib.hers che.ese to make the price of pa
per an excuse,. they could make the
path to literary  ,''Cess stonier than et
is now, says the Pittsburgh Gazette.
But in a land that turns out 10.44:
titles in a year. as this one did in
191(. there is a chance for the medi
ocre. O(f the output. 8,797 were works
done in America, so leaving out the
best sellers and class and technical
tbooks, quite at number of poeets and
story tellers mnust have taken their
p!,e'es amonn g the elect. tne would
hardly think authors were see plentiful.
It is probable the war has speeded up
bnok production, and that it would
have to make prilnting costs very high
before the tide of war-borne fiction
and other matter would he stemmed.
Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.
An Unsolved Mystery.
The St. Louis Art museum recently
announced the pessession of a poly.
chrome earthen vessel of unique de
sign, which remains a mystery to
archaeologists. It was found among
the ruins of the ancient city of Quiri.
guna,. Guatemala, during the excavation
of that site in 1912, and since then has
provoked a great deal of discussion as
to its origin and purpose. The vessel
Is described as seven inches in height,
with a constricted band around the
rim, doubtless intended to accommo
date a cover, and "its fluted body
swells below into a bulbous base,
which is slightly concave beneath. The
paste is moderately soft, light gray in
color and the surface is finished with
a slip or wash of light salmon hue
carefully rubbed down with a polish
ing implement." But the odd feature
of the vessel is the human face mold
ed on the front of it. It is a type of
face totally unlike that of the abori.
glnes who inhabited this region and
archeologists are therefore puzzled
concerning the history of this one
relic. How did an aboriginal American
potter happen to model a face of the
type seen only in the old world?
IF S-1 liR.N Il' II.IeING; & LI AN AS
ad a' q, I.  nd t :. ,,. : thein party
. ,-i , "ccei-c, ty
lie -: e' c - "l~' .: - ."ae-c:, fir'sc
I en , I we : H q c Ctie e " - an" n n
, I' e. - t- 1 :- a e. b n: the
c,-e c ." . "L ,:".e . e"; C~r icamei~c
I . i'.!i'c€- ,cc .,;{,'--. , v.~ . e'rr i-c-I ap
J.,'i N. I}'..,ce c. <c- cc-.e--tet cf ac-iJ as'
-': . hc.e, c-ecoder:cn. tce -$:e ;uurbace
iti-cd.c-e & I.e-c A-- ccct:,cc. du)"y mnccr
p >rated :nst '.n vi u:cs city and state,
-'--,te ", .e: a ecicie Frederick Zengel, nc
:ccy public, dated Decen-.ber 6, 18c,4. record
ed in the Mortgage Office of this parish in
Book 51. Fo. 434, and act aeendatory there
of passed before me, the undersigned notary
publhc, daed Feeruary 3. 1897, recorded Ict
sa:d cMrtgage Book 516, Fo. 434.
eh:ch sa:d appearer, actng en his afor,
sacd ca,.ac::y, and under and by virtue of
a ree-eut:on of the board of directors ,,
aid Assoc~ia,,n, ad ,p'ced at a meeting held
on the )th day ,f May. 017 1 a certified copy
|herecf bectc hereue:, a nexed and made
part here-ic deceared:
T at a general meeting of the stockhc:d
r e " ,aI, Associatn was held on June
ll. 11. at :', ,rcce. after the notice acd
p:',: at. c pr.v de-l by law and the char:r
'f the A ' ,n. t, v.-ce upsn said amecd
.re::s A-' e III IV a 4d V if sa ,t
-e .  a:ed in :- -f -; '. • and " sc-i
eI cII I aL - -. , , . " " . - -s "
- a-I e "ei-e ' ,,i ~re cr-i a--,.! r. "'gsa-,
,+" ":t  ' .4 - - r'iee- -I- -e ':"i . -
,· , ·.  ,. 4 o.·~ I
t I
\ . ...
'i ' 1
* -'--'a
. . i- .,
• ::
Fr " i, ",l- "
:i ; - ·· · : . .t-.. -:
h i' e i
· It i
"a i ,-' .:a' , '- . :' c , . . : .
Jac I a U' 'I
, " . - :. . :. ...,,-..., i...
.: " " " r i " ' -i ' icef g 'a
• " .i , ;. . -" " '" .
I e tIOc tel
I'e- . a; " " . , a. ' ': -" ''h'
" ". - "a -"c! " . '- "  "" ,, -a .;c . .'
1"s'iate"i'":.'e aa ar it
. - .e . . . * - , ...s , ,. -.:
S'. i- ' , :" i, -r - : " t. :
". . . . ,, : . :, m :e ",,.e 's , . n :;
....... i  - . "r l''-e -i N' : e a-.:
ae c c a p d . e f
. ' .Ic-. .,a -c, c" ". 3: , " :
." t'"ra a".!.sr n~a' p-nice Id r 3 e
' a, -- I e a - c ' .re;, a-- ,' :- ': 'i
:-i i. -' : .i . c. , ' .-' c -c ' r : I. ,r t x T'
* f h e: 'et': .-e t : e : -i h ,':
• :e e ;;. E:" " ':: :,e , of " | a t , - ": , ha , b e't ?
;,., " r x' - . n, a t : e a' te- t'.:
Ii I ·I I""a-! I v e rt , : re - :: ::
vle pr ov.:' l" %: , vkh.-. , t e-- , . he .t n,. )
a"]c'm' iec tawtttveve: hia
x cc.' :r - y-e:: ve. N. ::. e ,,':: : Jerec
t ,'ia i . "ilc p  a; i.' r :'i e ma -a I e g'
.:' :' . '" ' , ' c'aa;C-a " :1 .:" ii' ee,; :
• e e"- "e'1ii - " n ,ia:i e -c'i.n i-3d am
'Ic " :,:a r " 'r e y a' i 3 :,:'. r en a -a- . ra os;: -
vae t, ,e p t -:.rk: e :' : *e g.v
"" ', a ' E i ve ? r.~ "we ty-tP n e *>.e n h:
,e : a, . e. :r' -,;,e t::e ,,; : he t ner a  ."
-:,3' 3re 3. a a he '. , arpj :. a a,, i
T.,f "e +-:ea", s ., : e :, : 'a m: :`i e:* m he [
S ,,e va e-.'. ,':ae nr nre n'e are e-- de.:a aI
i-sr *sIy deter.iie. it seeta,. q zean trer.
an atas a a c -d ia n:ir , p -,'v.led "a: t:e I
a~ e -f -e ": " ' r " ai-:' :-ePaire- ":t'.j ae
Il::·\risial Sacred a¾r \·~~~ F"arr, Pa.;
Vi~ 'amr-eri i-i ai J V~ier el?~u Vi Ao-a
:m :,neI :' the , :e" n :. e H:,e la-d: Thce
Hart ,h,! app.,IO -MT u J:hr other, and
a- c ine e c a r 'iR," ' 'e -e 'I e - - , -y . - g  h e
iiiti m e tr i ha tple iavu e ar-th
t: ' ,f at' ,tf -t.:. a'a :,] m ,,vee.;. an 1 :a::
i: re the pwer :0 enac: by.laws n ,: rep.:
:',tet t* , he th rte-. a!d:.| 1" cas'e ,. v.a¢,riacy
•n "e Halrd r Iang the .fs , e-'a i-i
Ie.tL. c :"'l' r :, rem.va.. ,- an, other
,: l·e. :hle re:r :*:R f C: o,.-: - sh '. ti: l s.C h
hv vacanc:eg es a naLeer not iess t''an ten.
F ve d:rec" ,ri -ala: c :nstit: :e a queru:n at
aaa "-et:ngs of - . R 'rar
Or:,eans. af reaMi. I? the presence of Ed
m'no l \W'egener a.l \':tWhel : :n a V.,n Beh-e,.
w me.eS. 'yth ,ff lawfu aze ant reiems
Sthe citf, wh. c:gn t:hee presen:s a:th
-rdt aperJ-er ani 7e, n str:. the day a:nd
late fir-: af,,reri i
corie:nal Sioned· J·,hn N F awen. Prre :
1::ne .sep es. E, u:,tA \\'ege':er. \\. V n,
IT I. I IW IS.r JR. . N.,t Pu
I, th underigne Re. i-CZer of· ·)Ir rt age
n a- t f ,- " P la-.-'. ./ O r:ea'v " 9*'e of
I ,'-." . r - Av :e-t.iv *h t th- a' ve a.,
-"ed.,- ". -ren,nen., t the < lav *,- ,,; the
S '",:. l . & i" .1 .... T' ,-. we-
"h' · day ree r,|ed :n mri y ,,ice :': B -k 12:2,
I', it,';
N', O~riea. T.a .. ti, _. y '
ireT!I EMILNE Clr (.F.RTR \ I TlE.
i.i-A - -.t.".  , ""- " { .'" ": a!'!'
ib-ra';.\' Qty - Ne
l- " i-c a"c  '.. . ~. T - .I t. da .- *Tv
":- , t ' -.|~. ""v ,fl'': ~? .;, IZ"!";  n ,| Clf t '
'a Ja e a n ir e ra of 'an- yiri. 'ant
·--i~ "-ndn-i ia'alrdr1 an i scvrn:ec'a. h!arf."e
I L. F .' 'ii" ,n. JR a. Na . Pa',
a-ad f.1-*r S'ate > f L-a-aiwana. Parfish o
-ran. Pa-, eaf t de: . c:iy of New Or-and
'e it kd-,nd in the preosne of td *he i
-'h -, June. tn *he yea- of ,u- Im.r]. o.r:
• "-'r,' nim, hundre,| a.' I seve-:'een, ,ef,, e
me. S'doey [o Fe:ble-.ann. a n.)tary pu )'.c.I
:- and f,r the .g'ate ¢,f Inuis;a~na. Parish of€'
O'rlean.s. a.fremaid, duly commissioned and
qual:Md.e and in "he presence of the wit-
ne-es hereinafter named and undersigned,.
persnally came and appeared the aeveral
peran whose mases are hereunto sb-'
, . _ . - . ,,
ep T
K - , ...- , .. ,
. . . .· . .· - - .
.. e .- - . .c . l -c:
I. --- •
j . -el C A'lal
• A -i . . ,
. ~ ~ · : .... •
-re"-C" " 'h
"- e- 4 a - . c- :
-0 -at . . -i " r .I
"i ; """ " " -" "\ • -" A- " :'-'·· .· "'
- , . . 1. . . . - . . . A S' ,
S "- " - -,. . : - :- :,- " aN "
tee of theSte
-cc at : *taeni
*h e t - H' aei-a all W I!
. . ... t. , " -ee. .ce .
' - . h " " :"' -- ,- "' . n - s , a.te
sigre" l " " ' '," • ,Nne if 'u ::vcr ,crs
: .-. . , ti e 1 . r -' . .ag T
.a.: . . :- 2: b l. ·'. - *' the
I~a-a 'ech e:''chat" ve aboen,
--'"-- ' ev' . , 1 P 4ra: .n A fa the
R wE -uale rhsi dayI
- 1-- 2e 1 t -:n1 te
"'4 g. 142 Fl,,-k ..1 LE; .iNARDt. D . Cp-rk.
-, c ,na , aa J r, N e
I ce
.~.......... 1, t- - c ':: v-e
. - '. e " , - " e. . I a 'a'!e f mne - "e
'a and 'he- a- h -. 4)'e
. L T': M . > , h ,.h , er,- tra .,e ag iueiv
a Iq alte- andr':-n the -h
e, 'it- c aT" i csc! . h ci'te.. nam a: d -a"
e-," • a - - . A e a, , he--in' "
c- . "e i e- M the thi - eof i na i ah ' .
in . ·l'. c ma 1" . -ng'he'-,si-v 'he p'
N-¢*ew"- rIc n. L:- a" aa. "he ,ta e . a•'! :n
• i .i ce i o R o TER-ea' In and . Io-.
I t >e *". e-.- n" -e' i t)'hne- c.-. tev - e rnen
i ": - .:it,. 0: P14.c e ean- - u ie e a T a. -her
s ---e ic -c- a- I Rail FVL !
-e ne , -IRE t : a n ye-, eb c. a
e C. -, ,·s:. r a d te -, 'cfe th r 4:
\V: " Lo. . :.-a. : .ere:.· '-i: dec . a' r iv -
Cn'Ny dir . FE i': E' n.-.-a-y mu hare.
Ic :" *e w:t-, e ss'ee h e :r em ter , nam.): age.
P[.,",-'erso l1. ' 1'::e h ny ape- :ar Tathe aover
·."pe nr : w" E- " ,n ,- c.le ne hI-'a e sud .
S" a kri. · ralv :f t y ,,ric e i f ,'. d -2I , c -,
S'" s t----------.. ±:-a h. l
- cict-E -c I"I.F tn:NE RDSvs Dya ie rV.
A A : :ru 1iy. on- Ž sf the re:c
N t :a n- r o y ta 41.i: .aa ue v, 'tve r
-.4- n- e-· -r t I :<rjr 4. c (C -lean ,'Ac -e v
. sc <~aE . F p.I -MAN, c a'e:ng o ut :c.
-r -'-rr 2c .al 1 4 -2 e. hl Ice
-ev at n'h- zp'e---~lent or ~in ns ce
't(,J" RI\'I-: ANI`) RAIl. TI"RUIN:I.p. IN'('.
-- '- ec-c-ce-,dc--- anr ind the asenpce of
Vl:'h 1 '4" ' i u'::rer e tae ,t Ict-y i
A e- . l'tr:-,l T -ljcnc. (aI' p"r" oew ():
amae h ereb -ecareT --and
I a. d in to ae i ve
v Ire :- ;··.. · , .: " ::a o'1 th;, :.r' 'It.:: etr,r d
- pi-has slllese conve mortg age, hy
da hec "he n; ,nt egf pper. in tyhe yae r one
' .. " ::," ":u |-e! al hl haeven'ee e. -
, ad' n , ed tok· ac qu ere, hl lerese, purhae I
an se::l:l-- anye and I' al:l ned r a nds the p err
e-e of ":e w:tr:e.e ersa· welr namedi and
n ender t rcn, ,
Pr.;.ma::y ca:e and ape o ared The several
c',e|, all  the ,*i'l a .-e of malrrty, a ef
, , 1 dr tr\ e e  , * e pr .
v~''. ·:. L` ,,.".te .av. ,,f •h,~ .,'ae re'.attve t
".:" ,,' a-l a t,16 - of c rtrh,:< nd m r
· '-;,e.,,.Y 'y .,f A.: 2o ,r. 1914. ::.icy h~t,.•t t ,v.
-n."'e ·.! ::d ,ta'ee t ~ :w ?h ,'n; eve.. e rr
1 dr~ ,. .- !. v - i.ra n do : e ve ve,
" , t <~~r l ,l;-~~,,-a". ,- a-.,l ',,Iv (-,:..• b:,- the
" '% ee•l to~ a- 1t* prpe ca'"I. T y ' ou o
A e l T e':v cam ,• : ?:"e ,,f "hs - cr ,-.
;, f:- a': 'r'- . Se ,h t:' II t -: ,;'. wh.,ve
atl r·: · o1,.r 11 ? 3.ia! pr e~:. · f, s a:1
; e,- vi, nre! v "',::r y,-,rs i,":h, a he date
herr).". :;-:"tee -,v, r I:·,!:--.cv',: i: ihxi'. hve
iame ? :,-- k tI a-T e r o ct an piea ure; o. have.
"::. con- st:, "" herb: - d.ela.)e , and, e
"' " ".at '. i'" ,e. -- t c ,e td ,: t e c r y
,-J :r-a e n.,'- as,:! ont eyr c ort': 'age, y; .o
'. -i.h. -. a . a:,ldg p e'r: ty;,'- . e al ..av r ,s e
:,*" .....~ °y ," f,'v d0'-: raDr I,,r "h*" ":i
,-;,-" ,~· i ·::, :an,| r- ," r ahy ,-, d evei- v €,'r:
I an" ed: , .t a-i pr, oer ca-ryse.g ouh oi
Sa ".n e ll .--T':e a d llrm:.:a e of lain .. th a
!:I ·--"a: ,', .r .-,t'- '.eCal pr.,Te,€ sha:; he
.erve| 'al, .n ::h- T,'e-: ,|e.".. or In h:l a',r ence
," 0.., v.,'e-?rre~i.d', :r in the a',ence of
!).th u;,.)n ?he ecreta-y.
A'" .·!, If!--T he ,'jectt an,'] purp~a,e o!
:':, c -,'--t: n a~re hrereby declaredi andl
1:. To deal in, and to hare, hold, receive,
2r-rrhaK., sell. lease, convey, mortgaie, hy- c
i>hecate and pledge property, real. personal
a nnl a~led: to acquire, bold. lea.e purchase
and tell an and all natter of Lands in the
•J~i ,P ,4 ·'-, yrs. t ive >-;
and HighGrade Courses ati
SFin W i ns Soliciqtorso i.,
and High-Grade Couk has reat Strength, LE et
Fine Wines LiquColors. of
CORNER OF ALIX andy Brick 24 H
Our Sand Lime Brick has Great Strength 10Brick o,
Absorption, It Resists Heat and Cold, and E{ ýUmit*4
Uniform in Size. Shape and Color. Costs ge"'
More Than Good Clay Brick. 24 Hours
from Raw Material to Finished Product
New Orleans Silica Brick Co,,
JAMES H. DYETT. Pros. and Mgr.
Phone Main 1786 812 Common Street, New 0rica4
Felix Borne, Jr., A
,iI for FINE OL LA
New Orleans Brewing co
Established in 1903 1216-18-20 ROYAL
New Orleanus. Phoe ha mll
Southern Cabinet and Refrigerator
I. r.-t A':.:r d. w c .
- :. } _. : y .. i a y
] . :::-.::r I w: . k.·i, :. ':s a'; v"ege'a.
.-, " ,i r 'n :e r ":"- t k :. r:.' . ig
:'. a' t . : e pr 1.1 a d a. cre ';' s t
:,.: :., . e a.di c ::ec: ,::n s. :s a;d
re terI e r tTr .:o :'. :r I:v '. r t1l -; "
:--ne ; n-; borrtw and - e':d rnev se
ireI 'v .¶:age o o :c-er -e; t'. ;perate
S- :,i " -: . - .to ow :, ,;era'e and r. :.:.I
te-. i, .-. ' hir e, ant er::.:"a-; :. ' a
.;e 1 :e-, ,rn:AaA ' a it ra:::"a -; "t 'u:.d
-"-. or"Ul t- , o"':e' C IveyJ::.e ; .1:l,: d.
; cr a t e a: '1 | a n . 5 t u 2t d c . i, , . a r v .e a n d: '
,ci re a ..p r.
:: T,: :he :ke p'a rp -e; a::j :. - . er t) a
u.s carry .u: sa:,d ,. ec, a::. ,r; 1" es. ]
·. uchl.le, :ease dn e'' w -e at:lqu:e pe;
:: -, tr :wa . ', ra". . ,ad , " 1 k-. : aC, ' vt -,
it-v a:: i ca r" : :I K a a . :,, . :a. ll:
ptan:,, adir p an" ' ..a' o'·:r mach:ncry,
Sappar"l::: and para;h'··: rl:a i :u Cesar : . :
3rd. T, bua!!. cn a:. 'vae. pa ,.:ae a
r ,,th: erw:se a . r :re ·u:',d:ing , l:::ervy cr:
-er Ip'-:tu ': a or :.:'t e -ec^-' a*
either .::: ehe raw ,r naural . :e ,r :ar..geI e
, ""'.: :l.` e. e '**r ;, . 1 h ,v h: ' s c r .
i, ra'"  r ,:er per. " , c rp rat: antd
r: r 'ket ::e pr . a .: , t';e '.e,: ,.!t a::.: , .
4!1. To carry ,a ,he, ,'-:ness or
bus.ne-.es appe.r a:: : ng t: ie pu: rp-,r- htere
:,a cve -e: ac:1, , - 1  are ge"'er., y d
engCi ' ' '). -n' "p .i r. ' "C k'ij t
Art: ce IV -The cap.'*.: s.,k ,f t':5 c ,:
Se-e y ;'cr'I a: ';e a - 1ni
:a tre? ani f. y : ,ru-.,:'r ,.5.7in l ,. d a
a'., t:v:de, :nI , .':c :h us.,nd ::ve h- nds r i
1l- V s'ha-e' ", the pir va:le f :.e e:.:d'e d
u '1,t- ea: p v:lee that "e:r
:m ant : l'1h the cap, a : ,k 1 :
. r,- t r :y 'se :!vcreaae I .ha'l be :-.o.
h :un r-i| a : 1 : ty I e a '. i : .4 c
r A ghty :x ta h '. a'd a r hu' 'ied '.
c ra: n ::: t e ca1 1 :)e! " "e t.e
:i':' g  "'i th e a , " t : ,:e . -I r a : , 1 :
, :'eg - .tp 'a: .'idk ,f :h:ta c ,r, a':.
ha e' pai. " ;,e-Vty 'Cal r
'pe'-mn ' r ' r ia',r a"t I ervc.- re^..ered
ant ',"' '.-" .C'
N\ ick der h" ' ever "e h.".: t '''e r
1 thy c 1",prat, a rany , 1he- -n a"a
" h ae . ec , f w ,,-k su ' .| ', .'. a
.. '1,: ani mere i : ,r-na:v :n an C. a:
have the etect t' e"',ler:" :" ,
la 'illy bha'cnever.
Th:a corpo ta:f . aal n, ei ,e :. " -
I· t I:- 1· C g':. y r :' a- . I f :1^ I
SM,.4t' , r ,l ,,:ar7. ,r e'a't hun-,re· a" t
either in ca h. . c p. ,p y P erv:c, -.e" !
a' af )ear t If aa:v of 'e a" k .
corp-ra':., I e xu a ge , "er :n
:n part ' .r p >pe rty '- g ,i wd': , :i '
-'e:t the p",t .. ,f S ,. 3 f A: . 37 '.:
I'l14. 'ha'a '" .,' ';.ed w'.., -' .:..
T 1l ' ' en i !." .
'r a ; e ..fý,t , 1 .
T" : g I
a'l- " e ..e -' -- . " , . ..... . 1. I
h )14 e en v >
of the c ",', ": on. b"t the pr, i."- " - nay c,:"
specia l rme I .:-T te ard of I ., '.r * a.
such timers as he may deem aidv'ale, a'!
he shall be required to call seua' specila T
:e reqauert of a mesyr
e:;rs. T" ays
r:al meeting
"'' " n-c ·rlwair of
" :he d:recto.. AmI
::: e b- ard of dlnte
e tta:g sn , or Inacjst
ar ed ::ng afer d1
d .rrd The Ade bL s 0
"o: . C • . roratn ahailk
):e by-laws for tie
,'rpvrailo n, whrich y
- ~, or Chaned as thea~e
SAr:: e VII.-The os:ck of t
. .. ' :r -nserred , peovyed '- •
dd, e Ie -rded upon the h~,rd
e: " ° :,trre t shall erot l -
::e or the new aJ
.. c::e t-tal aa rout ofhe i
" a. , erein set fortf , a -
: thousand Jout Ma_"
S ..tas. or eight bnaes,
;'e h",sed flly t nd and
S :n exchange for wu at,
i e.: . co. or any ct prtL
i " :') *1) ade to appear by latter m
addr:esed to each stockholdr a a
:- : t tSae exp tra: a i f .1
Sa. .,.. ,.,Jder desiring to Il I
y to da Mal
S : whoe he shall pM I
:.: ,a VII.-.D charter ay I,
• , Lr tee a, the capiad stk ,,,
Cte d:,:ved wi:h the raebe dst
r +" r ,':el stock present fa
a a :: :et:n of the atayohlnsimh
_. ;-.. ; , after prior otice sag
- :der, or nailed ti, b "
iai t r office addis, al
a-re o.s- tie :e:ms of At aitI
.e IS.-At the ezut dr sta
er tie earlier dissolution of d
a : r ay cusde, its alfai dW k
r: r:e . more liqidlsasmwk
e .e khalders, all fd
} ",d " ,n,: this corpaatis, ad
thereby vested wok U
,,:i.:I :::y t) liquidate the aims
"; ' " , ::h full power f ad
Section 0s of Adadlll
\ -- The appearer, se
:I:J: ".:rv. .ve subscribed at -
S ... r <: a eares of the Capital
Si.,r R.senberg, U s eM
. e La., two hadre.daI
': _.V r., r ,; Earl B Mac A
' : *r '.New Orleas. La.. ter
S- .," Iegttye:ght t (M) jise;
S '" +b (trod St., New )i
. " --"--- -- - - - a n d e 'tg t y .e is W It /
' .e =aid suhscrtptsn do
S,-..: Bruce Bowas ad 0
1r ,'< - : .,usand four hsuid
Sa- r .h: hundred salt.
:: a--- e _h. shall be fully p1d
-..::',. !,yv :te transfer b7 do did
T; -: :-. ' "and effects originally .
. 1i IF:;,: ai Rosenberg by por
A .:-... gne, per act b.t,
:"- '" ,:ar public, ow Mgo -
" . r: Brace Rowa dI
.,-. ra- a an undtivided m lil,
: r le . , act of  lPW
- :ed notary paus a
:. :er wt the iaprovaes
, ! purchase by rheas l -
S ' aggregatignlg th I r r
(s v 1 - ] (g rh1e aure
a e -ns Refntng Ciplo
P'.-re 1). Olitie, 20
:. , and two l l .
2+1- 9 acres sold Ua
irt art nder .
.v :hel on the .
.. arid registered s -
.- ,I 9/100 (77.91 acre
.o y -,hem toAtm
-i d before the
.. June th,
_ red statefl't
. . S e.
;"erty bin b
, • + -e uartos of L • •
v- i ttear t ' ,
six t _
Spassed at
' i State _
a. d yea,. n r 0 1 -
. " eA : h e ce: m. o r .
.e . :o sais -
'" Ballds appe J
Y. E. l .E th
hBItRowian two
"e ,t 5 U , 1.1 pl, -
-. Mc
. n ;y o"
N ( Q:rin'. L. J J t 9 1

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