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artu.A Cheaper and Better A LrriaDge
Devetd to the Upbuldlng of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper,"-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
D. D Martin ant two chil
Charline antd ciaire. left for
S- City. where .1.y w il spend
Sew days.
1)s . D Amahrin, ' ,rtd from i
- Rouge atter .,.,tidng a few (
.a there.
Ale._ Verdo i :.. has been
M harity l lopit.: *.ith typhoid i
ose, Iant daurg , Mr. and
hW Gafllin h .- h. a,,tiz ,i
" . a Olivet Epi .' ur, h on I
y The uinat' 1.: upn t
i .ttl one Wn IF .'ins Mercees.
glit onsors tr' M1- Katie Gatl
ponse a . Iay Nash.
i Alma Qui'n! .,- ,prttd on t
Sthe hospital n F lay and she I
Sdoing nicely.
oporg Albert " I'rado- has
Sdtailed at th," Eighth prec(inf't
stdon in plate of 'orp'c ral Martin
Chicken thieves ' -i•i tte preinl
Sof Mrs. A. Law . 1.50r. Patter
a street. bOmre tinlmt Friday night
mtd mole chickens valued at $17.
At a recent meeting of the Schu
a Choral Society. held last
, Mrs. Frank Gal in was elect
ed librarian.
Misa Irene Brookes a as chairman
o the hospitality coniiitte of the
j. W. C. A. Sunday afternoon and
s Rath Pettigrove took part on
Mrs. Albert Goebel anti little
8aghtft Violet have returned from
lrgla and will be the guests of
jr. sad Mrs. I. Engler for several
The dial of the clock above the
ii courthous was destroyve( by
$% wind Friday morning.
i. G. R. Murphy. who is stay
g at Mrs. Gahn's. left for ('amp,
p, Ark, on Monday evening.
rs E. Oahn left for Covington
isJay, where she will remain some
Mrs. C. Sphar. who was at the
%o Infirmary, was brought home
bitay, and her many friends are
.usd to know she is improving
Mrs. J. Vidrine. of New Iberia.
mr the guest of Mrs. II. W. Ander
Slast week.
IrS Aug. Schabel left Monday
ik Detroit and other points in the
ath. She wil be gone a few weeks.
Oi Mayme Haggerty will be one
f the accompanists at the musicale
Ihe given for the I'ptown Jesuits"
W School on Monday evening
S1rs. C. A. Borden left Saturday
for Panama. where she will
some time with her daugh
Mrs. Ed. Demuth.
+r. and Mrs. George J. Peterson
Irmeedring congratulations on the
lital of a baby boy at their home.
talts Maria Council. Knights of
-lhobus, Algiers. will celebrate
has Day. October 12. with a
olher at La Nasa's restaurant. 1019
hastur street. Arrangements are
aig made by a committee headed
Joseph P. Skelly and an elobo
alair is planned.
The newngravel road from the
Ihal Station to Stanton plantation
M the lower coast of Algiers is com
slsd and was inspected Saturday
City Engineer Hardie. The work
as done by Perry and' Bonner.
As foi ([Hampton Iety
and the road is a splendid
arpfra Hyde, one of the new ap
If Superintendent Mooney.
lB hes detailed on night duty in
-ihth Precinct. This makes a
SAliers ofeers there. Sergeant
being in command and ('or
C. Prados on day duty.
I d Mrs. W. Hupperich and
tm have returled fronm Mc
Mrs . lJ. Le Blanc and famlily are
Ih~ Laekport. la., where they
nt the summer.
ellre Aglnes. infant daughter of
.ad Mrs. . lynne Walters, was
ikbsui Sunday at the Churih of
Hald Sane of Mary, Very Rev. T.
t 8. M., offliating. Mr. and
Oorge E. Walters were spon
. id Mrls. H. i,. Rlgand are cele
the arrival of a bouncing laby
at their house on Monday.
hleBry Duchlen. son of Mr. and
• 0. Duchien of Brooklyn Ave
b left tecently for Detroit.
melr that he has been accepted
ii Awlatio. Corps and will be
liter on lh Chicago.
1_ladot Sunserl. who was
• a few weeks a)o by Dr. A.
i t Hotel l)ien. returned
fro that institution, con
 'Ua Chlsholm has returned
Sa Nob.. and is spending
-Slid  et a very
* OI and inter.
, g letter each
sI woald send
Th Herald
Z Dollar to-day
ait the front
M the home amew
Mrs Louis J. Brune, of our town,
is just in receipt of patent issued
by the United States Patent Office of
date of September 25. 1917. under
patent number 12401933.
The patent has reference to an
improved toilet lock applicable prin
cipally for railroad trains.
The object of the invention is to
provide a lock for these sanitary
toilets to be especially used when
trairtk are in railroad stations and
.\Another objec.! o: th- invention is
to provide means yv \a hich the
met ianisml i" actuated by the appli
cation of tilhe air brakes of the train.
a hit .t will calose the re+'eptacale when
the train stops and which will open
it again \\hen the train is again in
imotion or the brakes being off.
Mr. Blrune is the patentee of sev
eral other articles but this olie
seetiis to be his best invention. Mr.
Brune is one of our coming young
inventors andi he is always busy in
his mind in thinking up 4ome new
things for the public.
Remaining at Station .. Nev Or
leans. la.. I'. 0.. Thusday, October
4. 1917:
Mlen-- Erwin Auffurth. Jr., Bud Bel
ger. lien Flays. Arthur isr. Louis
Markey. Moses Williams.
Women-Mrs. ('has liawkin, Miss
Emma ileary. Mrs. Fleolon Hlesere.
Mrs. Lucy Noile. Mrs. Ella Robert
son. Mrs. Ellia Robersonn. Mrs. I.
Miscellaneous- No. :417 Whitney St.
Algiers. La.
('harles Janvier. Joseph W. l)aniels.
P. M. Supt. Sta. .\.
The Young Men of Algiers Aid So
cial and Pleasure Club are perfecting
plans for a rousing send off to the
men of the colored contingent leaving
for Camp Pike next Sunday. Other
organizations in Algiers are invited to
join the club. There iwll also be a
send off for the men leaving Gretna
colored citizens in eIneral planning
to participate.
a ftw tlays aith retlativ-es. tI. I. a\ve
SulItday for the tr'ainin c'atllp.
Miss t;ladys Mlinsternian left Mon
day for Hllra<. l.a.. to spend a ie.'k
w itl htir :aint. Mrs. (c;cor, l M nster
Mrs. Ilatti. Ta!ll4: oI -'til n dl firoh
a trii tlhr'oth the Northelast SItuniaic
nil ist.
Mliss \laleline \'ea/i i return, d
frotlli Ie fiv1-, atr Visitin : ,er
li other.
I 1r. and Mrs. T. 4;. Ilays and on
have returnlled tront El P'aso. Texas
Mrs. .I. P. Tiern,,y left Saturday
for .!ack-,,n. Miss.
Mrs. .1. P1'. Nolan is visitini her son.
tI Ir. Il.iet lt. Nolani. who is stationid
at San Antonio. Texa;s.
Mr. ('Connell htartly .~pent Sundalllly at
Ilatotli Route, La.
\Ir. antd Mrs. Tnurner Morrlison r4"-)
turnlled Sullday night, after spendiilg
tIh .ir htne.ymnioi -along the g ill
ITh. itally friend., of little Merle
Yataes N ill be glad to know she is ollt
again. alter all attack of dilthelria.
Miss Marvel Walter returned from
IlHuston. Texas. Sunday night, after
sptindint ihr e \weeks with hilr sis
let. Mr. . I ou-issartd.
Miss Emuta G;ttorge returned from
lora.n c'ity. after spendine a few
days vuith h.-r sister. Mrs. ;arrett
The lho.lot ot" .ilr. anid Ml rs. Ienry
(;oodlwynf taf Paacili,. Aventue was
briehtened tiy tile arrival of a inlin
-inli baby girl Ttueday.
Mr. anid Mris. (tstrge WM. c)lilff.
.ir.. of Na 1\ i,.ria. have taken tija
their resid nee i9 New (irLans
where they have gonet into business.
They are located at the corner of
Magazine and Thalia Streets.
The Friday Night Euchre 'imlli met
at the home of Mrs. Nelson last week.
The sotacessful players were Mrs. L,.
D)e laup. Mrs. I). 1lurtach and Miss
Yeffe. The consolation fell to the lot
of Mrs. R. Williams. The next meet
inri will I, hlhld at thie Ihome of .Mrs.
P. ;oelbel.
The Saturday Night Five Hlundred
Club met at the hoire of Mrs. lI)e
Laup la.!t ,eek. The succes.sful play
ers were Mrs. i.. l)e I.aup and Mrs.
S. Boylan.
Mr. .. T. Clark of Houtston. Texas.
spent Sunday at the home of .Mr. and
Mlrs. F. I,. Clark in Elmnira Avenue
The many friends of .Mr. (;,orge
Thorning will regret to hlarn that he
mnet with a severe accident last Friday
while at work at the Naval Station.
He fell from a ladder in the hull of
a ship and sustained internal in
Mrs. Hl. J. )Du.bien and little
daughter returned to their home in
Detroit. 3Mich.. after spendinc some
time with .Mr. and Mrs. .1. G. Du
Miss Margaret Bradley ,,f Cincin
Snatl. 0., is thile guest of Mlrs. .1. G.
The Bluebell Lotto Club met at the
home of Dot Toledano on Monday
night The successful players were
Olivia Bowers and Gertrude Wagner.
Those present were: Ardath Mc
Neely, Alita Scherer. Ernestine Stock
"r-th. Hyacinth Muntzi. Bernadette
Wagner, Imelda Schroeder and Leti
tia Shorey.
.Mr. A. B. Clark of the battleship
Fiol ida. wnho is cnloying a furlough.
Pc~nt a few drjs here with Mr. and
Mrs. F. L. Clark.
Mrs. J. T. Clark of Hlouston. Texas,
ia spending several days here with
her son, Mr. F. L. Clark of Elmira
(c0inPakSb A s!.
400p#ES ; ,NnA.1- ANT MK, fT1- TS$E
rTArcArT 0 I5T N ws, HE WAS A 9Roi)O
DM AeM j1r {f" . I RE
yON 77 i.fREP RIG4T
D -
*d 1
.II Wanut The Herald.
During the past week THE IIEit
A.\i. is in receipt of several letters
fromi Algiers boys. some of whom
are, serving at Fort Pike andI al-o
trcJill tho-se in Fratcet'. liI an inter
c-ting letter from Riaymnond Hlealey.
who i"s now in France and expects
to be home shortly. lie says that in ,
his voyage across lthe aters to
-France. one of the ships in the fleet
nas torpedoed but that none of the
American boys were injured. lHe
also tells about how nicely the
American Iboys are being treated by
the French people and the cordiality
in whic'h they are received anti the
courtesy e'xtended them. Raymond
lHealey will return to Algiers the
tir.t part of October. In all of his let
ters lie malllkes special request not
to forget to ,end TlHE HERALD.
Letters from ('amp Pike. Ark..
received fromi Alphonse Arnona of
2:,!3 Vallette street and Gus. F.
Kern. 41,7 Opelouti.a avenue. lay
special stress on the fact when they
deny the report that the boys are
beillit n!itrerated at the camp or
t h,,t arr- not being given sufficient
amollllllt iof too i. Tihe boys state that
al! of the .\leiers contincent are
being well cared for. that they are,
receivinlg mtoret food than they can
+eat and that all the boys gather
iightly a: the Y. 1 t..\ .ssociation.
Sihe.re tll.ey vie awithl each other. Both
boys alo call the attention to their
homei folk.- to pIleae send them THE
iEIitA 1.1.
While it is a tact that TilE HERI
.\1,AL i- hbeing sent to thle Y. M. C'. A.
headquarters at Fort Pike. Ark.. the
relatives of the boys in Algiers will
render them a great service by hav
ing THE l IIERALID forwarded themn
directly from our office.
A new profession is being taught
at Tulane I'niversity and young men
desiring to fit themselves for higher
positions will do well to investigate
this new branch.
Mr. Paul Renshaw. advertising
manager of D. Hi. Holmes Company.
who is one of the three practicioners
teacding this profession it the Tu
lane College of Commerce and Busi
ness Administration course, would no
doubt give further information re
garding this subject.
A distinct treat for the artiied
forces in camnip at ('ity Park and
those stationed at the Algiers Naval
Station and .Jackson Barracks will be
furnished by .lohn E. Lombard, chlair
man of thIe physical recreation com-u
nilttee of the New Orleans Conmmis
sion on 'United States Trainint ('amip
Aetitevities. who has perfected ar
rangeuments with the ('timberland
Telephlone Company for furnishing
last ball "dope" for the nmen during
the worldt's series.
Inlstantaneous service. giving the
Ibyvs the play by play report of the
ganmes betweenl the White Sotx and
the Red Sox is iromise-d, and the
lively interest manifested in tile pen
nant fight assures an enthusiastic
crowd of rooters Itsfore. the btllletin
boards, where the plays will tbe called
and posted at the different arity and
navy stations and camps.
News has been received by Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Kevlin of Delaronde street.
that their son. Henry A. Kevlin who
left here' with the National Naval
Volunteers last April. and who has
been in training at the United States
Naval Training Camp at Charleston.
S. C., has recently been assigned to
duty on board the U. S. Nereus.
About ten days ago Mr. Kevilin
passes very successfully an examina
tion as electrician, and it is in this
capacity that he is doing duty on
board the Nereus.
Charged with a violation of the
lottery law. Julius Woods. 1018
Val!-'tte street. was arrested Satur
day by Sergeant Bengert and Patrol
man Hoffman. of the Algiers Sta
tion. The police say he was acting
in a suspicious maner at Teche and
-Bringler trrets Thae pioHee fond
1Mayor Ie ihrnati iliha received a C
bottle I'containing a foulr-lma.-tte ship ri
lying in front of a vilage by the sea (
and also a catboat and a steam tug fi
in the aý:ter:. a!! inside the bottle. d
The -ea solvenir was male by Carl :;
Sc heniman and Fred Ven usi. (Ger- 4
maItns internted at the immigration t
Station. and it was sent to the i
tmayor through J. II. Lewis. The (
,hip bears a .=nmall (;Germaln flag.
As the mayor cainnot get inside ,
the bottle to take down the German dl
flag he will have to let it fly and it
a'cept the gift in the spirit in which
it w as sent. i
The Ferry Company's re
ceipts each day are
about $400.00 or for
the year
We paid in City Tax for
the year 1915
We paid the Ferry Com
Company $58,708
more than the entire
amount of our city tax.
Boost For City
Owned Ferries.
Eventually Free
A patriotic farewell parade was
given by the members of the Silver
City Social ('lub In honor of Mr.
John Voekel. a brother menlber. on
Monday. the eve of his departure for
the training camp at Littler Rock. The
parade left the club house and march
ed direct to the depot to bid their
brother member goodbye. Outside
the coach, two large American flags
were raised and crossed above the
head of Mr. Voekel and his relatives
Swhile the band played patriotic mel
Just as the train was ready to leave
two small American flags were pinned
on Mr. Voekel while the band played
"Goodbye Boys."
Mr. Voekel is well deserved of the
send off tendered him and we all
1 trust that it won't be long before we
will be able to greet him back with
the other members who went previ
ous to his departure.
: Sts. John Social Club will give a
Ssubscription dance at Masonic Hall on
SFriday night. Oct. 19. Music will beI
i by Schillingers Band. This will be
Sthe first social function this season
I for the clb, sad many more will be
mm d ather.
Orleans aoer the Illinois I',ntral rail-i
road at X::Ii o.clock Friday nicht for
('an p Pike. niakin I,: white Ienl
from local division No. I:%. :int to
date. The quota for the division is
3':1i3 ment. The sixteent mintl, aunon"'
whom were several fromii our town.
whe left Friday iti-ht are: E ueneo
Lasalle. Isidore Treadaway. Sidniey T.
Groff.l Michel E. I(onner. \'ictor J.
Maniscalo. Andrew 'harlies Swanl.
Frank I.avie. Louis Iurton iulrke. An
drew Charles Reaney. Albert P. Su
berville. James W. Feeney. John ('lif
ford G;rout. Ihilniel Joseph DIaley. Wil
Hiam .1. Schroeder. \Warr-n i'. IBrech
The Ferry Company's re
ceipts are about $400
a day or for the year
$146,000.00 y
This amount is an Ex
tra Tax on the Algiers
Ferriage At Cost
would wipe out this
extra tax on Algiers
Are You Willing
To Help
No charges are made by the
City for crossing the hundreds
of Bridges that span the
Bayous and Canals on the
other side of the River.
The cost of all these bridges
is considerably more than the
cost of the Physical Property
of the Ferry Companies
tel. Richard lielury Sharp. Thollai. .I.
Birney. Etarice ('. Mire.
On Sunday night the fllowiing left:
.James Edward ('hltholmi. iloiner John
Allen. Janies Edgar Ilassinger. John
M, Iire. Arthur An.\thony Sperirer.
" Robert Francis Muller. George Robert
Murphy. Portune Salvaagie. Alvin J.
Mut. Alphonse ('amus. John William
Voelk-el. Jospeh J. Michel. Albert .Ios
eph \Vil!iamns. Fred David .urn-.
NEGi( 1 WiMlIEN.
TI'hree iegr. women \were intjurld
Thursday morning when the secontd
floor of the Louisiana ('anning ('om
pany. Soctrates and Brooklyn ave
nue. gave way. .A carload of tomato
, pulp on the se'-ond floor was too
I much of a strain.
e The women were at work under
neath. One is said to be in a seri
- ous c(ondition. The women are Saidiie
Willi!amn. 24 years. 1323 Brooklyn
avenue. bruies of the left leg and
aide. and iternal injuries; condi
tion 'erious. Lizzie Smith. 45 years.
1311 Brooklyn avenue. injured
a about the chin and left leg. The
a i wife of James Young. 25 years. 1303
etTeche street. suffered a contusion of
,the right leg. All were treated by
n Dr. Green. 1223 Teche street. The
* tomato pulp was damaged about
n0 a. th M ellou t 100.
7 h
j'-tT, 1 ' 1 . \.-, I:. sit 1; ,l t }1''. .: "i,
Io r ,.. r l 1.1.1,, 7 ! :1 ,. ...
.1 ,4 : n..441r : 1 r I I. I I.
I i ý ' . i i i, . t a - ". . ; , , , , t r . i . l t r ' t ' l l , ,i"' ' 1
"A l . ..'' " O l .1::i .I' ,'n k ' 1 1 10,
to r '!.F r 1 . A. 1!, :1 , " ,'" In ". 4.11 1." at
\ "i llI :t r rt'r . l. r /.,Itl ,:1 .I/4.1 ' ,." htl"' , i
.I .i ., , ]I 1: t!i!t , r- .t," ., ilt
,1 .1 ': 1.., 1' . pr . h
1;. 11' \1 1'.. : r-(,:,.. l.i n. . ,I ,: 4(t
*t - 1- I l i , .t .I "',4 . " 4ti
ItII ' . 0t'.. ,, , I, : tt.
1 IT ! t .' 4.t1 , L" Rt A1 , . 11
*' :, "* 1 4 1.: ' i 't 744. -? ' ta i
\ siit )*i , * Illts ,i ,tlllt -, I iti1.
Lo u nllt I , H 4," ? -.f t, I'tl M... nall t it!
loirnl ,,1 h.:")-re Ite .tar it- .il4(', h th i)
IllltlI,." r1 ~ lll.ll -lli',it ,1 >.. 's~ 1111 1
4.,1 }1, 1 t1 ., *. 11i 1
7il 7,. llhi.-e -.lil ;r :l e ri- 714?
I t rt i4 -. i t -:ii it , I ha ) .'r. r r .ll - 4i-,
Si !.:.1" t.'t':. '"1"11.i'i.1 .. t il
.irt. dtllt o f t'r,"-," ll ('{t\ 1.4 -: 1I
.\It, \ '\li+)t. 111." N',.- 1iIi ' :,ls h ,;i
" il
\ \.1 ':ti h. n a llint. . nr ':ni)on4 N.r
i l, k 4 7 474- 14ui ? r, 7Irlll , !. I-.17 - l7 . l 1-4l t
.\4 t 4 rt- ll.-a . ,i \1t-. (;nIt k7n l a4t ll, 4 . 7 It
~I, 744 4t1 'r 4 ltair 7at l sth ioai r. a4 -
}t 1 t Iii  . 1 ., ; . h 11h - (', .i 41i l ' \ II.,
' alluat' rit l 7 :ill i ll..i lle t il$1.-. 1\ I
4 4l4"l.. I.t Tld- t tl . t . lN.l l ti ll taIt li
'I 44 ll' n t 7 t ,, 4 I' nlt 7l, < p }' lt i. Nl ' I
$ 1 . n tihiiR ti l 4 i? t t' I t t'. n l ii i . 'rtl 7 .n
11;, lit.r4 i- I i i 1 1.- :l-l in lia it Ihly
4 _.7 l i t.' Ill, c tllh n l.st 17,7l7 \", 7ti', _ 4l\
'rlh tnc istud l)ot, r t Ihe Nat\al . Sta. 1
17lio7n hIave fornt edn it r11l tIll g1ve i '
rigs of dances at the Avenue on () p
elousaas tvenit7. The young ladies, at-i
te'fndinl.g tt ancea wrte aekd't to
Ha l thd clu . h a ch irint. V ta t.tl ,
t7lie 7if w4hic-h ht Itt 'i4177..?'i Itn v at ote7777
aittt' of. four (7 f to4 h 7 Io. s at llt Mrs.r
:i. . Ih i a,ri4 . .lrs'. V. atlathi . \il s
illi; .l!. I. \Vacil.itox wt is the i t, unllr 7of
the7' I'rizt. aI 74' lt 777 p und lit\ itf r'4l'r.t t
& Kraeme'llir -h it'.t. i.hocIlia. 7's.. 'rh.,
7T17 7 -holste.l w 7 ...The r ahtkit. 'ter -
l s.l hhe 7 ,a4 l i7 I '7 "17 . -
The' .iatki.t"' Ttr.'si,+r7 1 lr- ai i 7 hill,
w7 ill. 214' the 'ir da1n'e on 77 In'rilay. ()rI.
".th lth.' ue nitt%. 1ne anl civ'viy ridy
l'rei't!t'r nto th e 1474777: iAln'e onf .\
 -a Ilot s kindly helped illi te t r-i
tin lithem. Thi. will Tffer this tt'ok
int til ihe.i 7t perizt . aivithe r live y
14t( 11tt1 tt,\ tlf line1' ith it ' itt attt'+. Eat-h
yote l hiay will ibe livon a numltittr
7) 777iltrain I7t haIll. Tlhe . 4 7innll'-7
itllth'r thi re'tt'i 4' 7ht' pLriet'. \ isih
ii .tto I.or ilrt.t - the ttitlltt' t tha was Ir
i . 114t. 1 a h 4 ',.eok 4-a t the o V r'llrL i
I.illlte hainig tot h1a4ve7 admists74ii onl ctardsI o
tlih"y iare all ciorialIl invitei fronthe
p1in oe io tie abithou. t aimli.sioti .ar. .
The t.oys alki Teh Ii to say they will
.iv.' their taner. 77I hIalow'en r nighlt.
\Vt..ih7tsta . ()(-t. :;I. I 71 . i l747 ,i7(I of
ittai. Nt'lstyt lit',e. .te l c 7 7li4 rt,. .4,
lh atrrhos.e .vne d e -rd
.ilrr" I' .1. I,. tl arlh 44n77 Mrs. W,"
.4 llattrt t-hjtoyult e tilti,' ofas "4747141
-1t tht, holim 4 Thf .\r. w ill771 irs. '. '4.
'7 Ihdmistin. o p r iVt- 7llth . Sthlt. er 74 ill
hounor tif their ho( l Mat. 44ho ltft fr
y'4in77 Pike. Ark.. 7777 li.i nuri mer.
tnitmil ti late ho r. T httri '. irh-,'1t
wie 't 1is-r I', t r . . tah t. h'. '4 ariliat.
A. ILoantr. '4. Met'tl-sk'.y t . Io. th'
- 7'hlek'V. h . l.Iiti. h .% 7 7'ii7 tion \. l.\r
h. 7 'ari. l)'..'. ('alht in . It That.fr- -
Iitr gou t.is. i-'. lit ivlra. .A .' "itrr -Il i.
n Io ('arrl a,'n. il. aiiltl wr ant I - . it'
n ('ieakay Messr. 71. SwlIter. I..1ill- -
Ser..Iht. Poun 2 . T'oictriax. I1 .i
'- 1 alh sun .. ir. Hait Mrs..I. 4'ilhttk l
mir. 44l74 Mrit i... . 'aulghr. Mr a7ii1
.Mrrs. (',eary. ir. ard ilrs. 4'. I i
.Mrr. . l.1turglos. Mr. and . tns I.e,
. ;tslitwr d\ r rd Mr atri . 4 I: \ 7': I
A 77o1t enjoyable tii74 4,as :.-p4'7t
-at the hone of Mrs. T. irt. tht. 177
0 .atalon being the tenth an771en-r77'ir (n
0o the birth tif their datughter lnez
[)ant-ing wal indulgedl. 41atls 4l'ern*'
. ptlayed, antI r efreshtliintvs w+r* st'r4
ei- . The little one rt-,in.ved many
u nretty i'rtlents. "rhttsa, larst't wrei
wn .lise Mai d '7./lrn,. i.argaret rib
ad bet-k. Eva .rnglh). ''ra l 'k-zien. 17cr-,
!. lok'e 4 1arbe.k. .Martha Pomanl. 'irate
Pontl. Ronie I.bllonie. Noralle Koll and
.d Hazel Blehianna. The .Messrs.('lTffort
Stevens. George Zataraln. Joseph 1111
,f de rrand. August Costello. harold and1
ny George lollinger. Lloyd Fernandez.,
ie' Benn.e Sarbeck, Gus Harris. Earl
tIPruion, Beruard Rice, 'Mr. and Mr. .
0.1ro flU Mr. E. ti gr Ma
'ýl itlr l .(!-11,.1 yil t. - i lI :{.1
. \ .. l!:I'. l 1 . (.ii t1 . o 11 h- .,-;11111
th"i i, t fi r tiht re 1 ' 1 1 t, I' ll
lit l:tl 1t .,, -I;' l"I ,:11, ', 11.,, 1; ~t, ."' I. ,.-1
i, tit1,, \1 1 :,1 t .i I1. -, 'i. ,' I '. , 'e .,i,.
hik L' '. '1 th luI Il rI
Its ,.l , t s-1' " - _.I"-r,.; i ' :ti'} Sire. hi.
in i >tt: t. 1 . --,l , . t .t site . ii, i n
\\tk l aik '.- i-ut rde I a nly i rf l 'uni-ikl
It l  1 1 t 'ti . t o " . " t ,.ii 1 "t r ,ati e tu
I,. ,i r,.vi ii- hijit II, ..ti l. a n-I-- et
att- 1.\ t tii rtt t t- . 1 . .i i tln . .r'h
f,.r -,trr , i t, h  " :,. :itu , : and
ttill =.I I I,'" . 1 itirt li, t h e t b , ': ,,ll w h ih
,.I - th ith ," . it tI11 .h. e ttl:, uetl l1It -
itA .ilt i'.,ltr. t t it, "' I" t ,-: tri- la ll.
kit i I -tl i li : t i ti t. h re . ,itra ti ir
hill ituut ".al 1i th- u:tu. rtirtl
th e e it , n rl t li 1 ha, , i "t, e i, u* , at
in thte hill a- it ,.. [.. 1!ti the ' ar,
e, flit\ ,1tt h1. \\ l"tl 1hit 1" sirn,,-tlr, ,
wa ll llnut it II. thi . :i h.isltt. \!rW ithe
\\ltikiai,'" tr lit- I'k,,a t, ,f L .h a rlie r'.
t, lkt e ,tt ,;t. tt illk iithsr iti h avin t u o.'.
ahnee 1n_ thatr thl. hill Iave utnerlield
"I'hnrt. w:1- nork twhii lj tihin, alind ther
atlentit nl aii'st t- a ritt e.n b M r+.
It*ii .us w,1 a i-, I rt l.d in the hill which
pl .-d tlhe, S ".nate, In the Ih use no
Iobij: .if 1i t avhl.,l'd to thvne amllend
nlw"nt ,ither. a,.,i it became ia lah
Thie tt t lrequl Irs thoi State Council
Iof 1)t,'n .e to see toh the rgistration
That .hrdy calul,ed uponl the covernor
to takHe lerso I supertision of the
Thel regifstration i to p;hrovide, data
needed in the protre.s of the war.
and it is hbii itved isin tha will abe
valuable after\ward
Misses Sarah IDavis. Georgians
it*+ain't .and IIel*'na Ehlers are re
'eiJiw bt'ilratulatiorns ton having won
schelarships to Ne.omlb College. llII
three young ladiii e haveti done exacel
lent ofork wlhile, at hool and theinr
latest sut t ct le t i a ju t recorgnitiont
of their ,effortn
1li,es Davis and tl aney are grad
watt s of Es.'latladl( avenue high
School anri Misps h lrs of St. Mary
of the Pl'in's. ('hatawa, t triss. r
Poli-ce of the Eihth Precinct stna
tion and Specnal .\: nt hJohn Murtphy
Iof the i e-k , 1i rtrlntt of Justice. Tut e
day niiht are-ted lohh Kot ar at Nu
nez street and Slidell avenue anr
cthargd him witih e vadinen the draft
law by failing to register on June :,
Kogel arrived in \lt:iers soie me n timel
:I:or tioni, Shian Anto ni. The iepart
1Ilt ofu .i ti- " i, iti;e t. hiad infornia
lion fro(thi the authiorlities of San .bin
toni, that the man failed to register
for the draft. Whenr taken to the
"lih .c :arh ,. Fw t' i-i aid to hay''
thil Mr. Murph" he was in San An
tnio on .lue -, but did not register
I llwill Iie senat back to San Antonio
to .ta:ld trial.
iss. r Georglana lIteaney. the bright
iyoun d tughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Ituaney of lthe l. S. IlmmigRra
tion Station, is reteiving congratula
on SeIt,,ilber IX. ; and ". This is
,ly onel of tlt.. lmany hlonors which
halhe be)en ,.lestwed upon the bright
Slori.. lad .is her I'.cirer in Esplanade
II th School was an ,extraordinary
one'. Ilavine Ipartidclah'd nl the Hligh
,I ho. l Italli,, oif 1 l l". 1); and 17.
hr- itih. woni thi* - highest honors
ri-o alo a tchtlarship t) thlle Lous
ina i itate I niver- sity r i e rt
in< IAtny olitain oe hWtr ouarly ed
n1i io-n I . t. ork mary'it., a ronhnal
,h.rt thl , ttair alwayi a briaht- and
- t dia I it. tt -ul)l.
th-r m.a fri,,ettlr w'i.h her ¶ ua -
i i +-lll \ ish t s.t, h.r add to hA nr
c I- .ita tio nrl h :v ,, h .i- ,i t rii t t i iived froaf
t1rt .'lna ;i h ,ii i t" lVr.,t Fourteenth
-t',;;y . New York h-ity. N Y.h annorne.
h their rirritti ,. i f hNr h-ughter. An
24. l,. tW .1Tr iTthomas \t r uilltng of
)ox.r lwn, V h, w\d.line to t ake ila.t
1, k Sati t Sr ; ard' i a'hur nih. A rr,
it -.rpinl .\ill of fr ht.ha i nrnediatvely at
.. l ar the, w.ddi l-. Thte yii nrg couil
will hi avn . I,)r utii.ahh -i-n. Virgltitl.
SrIg oth,-r aItiju )f in t,.r h.i rh
Th r .e ,x ,illitlo i ,.0nt l i nging a r
'r in . a d ,i-h rli - ; rt r e ro u s a n d
lharpy Il;i. Th+,i will r,. at homno ta
d .h Ir tri.nd  offr . Bor.mher andt, ar
Ii ette.n N Y
n: .Joh ria andn. Grac I',ti ovenue an i tend
'r amer l at 1n ieri and Sinting and
r" ensOr"id. had Ci g l, t ' ad. Refresh
r. \!lt,, t ' lr,--,-n were Mr. and
=-. John and Iot Saith, and iMr. and

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