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In a atv Sret
' : ! \ 41. !;t :I1111 TI I': 11,',. b gr' ea t:
11rn. r in tL.. :a:: l:, t yl Time,:.
' i t ,i"i t ,d ,o-: ~n l il ti ,',ii
t!r:-`- K t .': l itll .t I ', ' T d i tion ' t rh e
ri e r i'i i t rt'li ::liir th. oi twe'e.
of *h u,' nehr ili'.a, t * .rint h r
is- 'u liIf i l 'y th'r . t~,, t('u1la' -t. The
t.,d.,nts. He r re "ntl, < hi mselr o'en
"' , : t the p:!: l. frt , : tile r ,indow
e: ,'.- ,' ' : f 'i: , iru:a - in I':r I .-t. ul II,)o
ab. e his iTh, llitlh lery yi< k nd all rt
whit, i 'd to do \o h'.avI' thle righ t to
ii,'! itir himA fr redress of . ro:ngs.
And h t hli ,nt. The "ni ,'ts :,Ii d nonei"u
ii,'.,, 1- il uta tn, 41 satl :t haivil sata d
City of Winding Bywayhs
i' r nc':ies h lhl' thai t jl t ld' uni der h a
iieti''Vl*'nt pi' rt iectoar: ' to. lii o' evr''r.
T'utui- .till has Iths b y. rv. in'. s .rvly ias
lni', but still kee'lr. lhp Ire lth panoply
fit rule, nder thel . lirfla t super-nt
vision of the Frent, governel n rlt. The
rbot has his court. hisi guardst and at
tendants. He pre.ents himself open
ly to the people from the window
hove s is dwensellin every day. and all
wi , wisfh to do so haive the right to
et.'itin him for redrits of wrongs.tle
.lits he has all the njoymlntsr :nd none
df the. responsiilitie ors of high ef
vt,'ce'n. the rctnot he bt to lave arit sor
rowful lot in life .
City of Winding Byways.
A.lot thre ulth tive tewly into
ts lrthyr cit, ithe brad A levttnrds or
th," cafes ald the joie de vivre have
swhal.ed. erippi tariny tcu of tnarrow
'ihlng lTurkne wih beverage srved apor
sltt< for eshly yars. Tey are linsumer.
v, ithl natitve houses. flat ruofed and
r nrroy whi str ieet lor, thrllged with hu
intii.s- terers, Arahs. thiors, welasl
.rln donks, nd havi black tribeght of
frTo the desetourt. The nostive city acil
ways is itensely alive. and derustling and
ull oe of life as itro origh- onstrung Frenoplnc.
T'ihloer outside tihe gte. The motley
lisplay oif colors adond ulon t he squre
ere:lny hurnouse., scarfs of rich bro
udes., the full white trousers of the
w l, the rtod zzewith goods and varegated
turiln, the by owing ro ofprieto, sts,
all colebine to nak, a brilliant and
fA inaing pich Linture.
About the naive codistri hffee house
rioswrthy flin ed Ileren are sitting or
squatting, sipping tiny cups of the
zteanting Turkish beverage, each por
thion freshly made for the consumer.adder
The narrow streets are filled with hu
it, makes te peddof the ewelers with thell
Inden donkeys having the right of
To the tourist oe not most attra chative
arud of old Tunis is the bazaar di-enjoyment of
trict. These souks, or bazanrs, are
almost as picturesque and divers lfde
as those of Cur airio or Constantinople.
The hines here are roofed over, and
the light filters down upon the square
cuhicles, each stocked with goods and
guarded by its proprietor, sitting
cross legged at the entrance.
A Street for Each Line.
In the souk distrlit there is a sep
arate street for the dealers in the va
rious lines. Ihere are the streets of
the perfumers, of the saddlers and
slipper makers, of the Jewelers, of the
cloth merchants, and so on. One may
pause and examine and buy; but the
w Ise tourist does not buy without chat
fertug, else the seller would feel de
frauded of much of the enjoyment of
the transaction. If he becomes really
Interested In you. or if you have made
a good purchase, the merchant will In.
Red Dragon of Wales.
Henry VII. the first of the Tudor
monarchs. Introduced the Red Dragon
of Wales into the Royal Standard, af
ter the battle of Bosworth.
Queen Mary had it removed, and
Queen Elizabeth replaced It; but It
was finally displaced as one of the
quarterings by James I in favor of
the unicorn, and has never since been
accorded a place on the monarch's
personal flag.
King George. however, when the
Welsh Guards were added to the army
a few years ago, approved of the Red
Dragon being emblazoned on the
king's color of that regiment.-London
S8parating the Votes.
JIust after a recent election a large
crow(d had gathered at a courthouse
In North Carolina to see the official
vite counted. To facilitate the work
an adding machine was used.
Among the attendants there were
largb numbers of people from the
rural districts who had never seen one
of these complicated machines. They
viewed it with open distrust. And
i1' y,,u to pa:rt:.ile' ,f ctTe a:itnl Turk
i.. %eem, ttn,, :It pith hill,.
M1alvy of the 1:tzaatr -hp r art fie
t,,rh.s a.; 11)-,ll. \he' the' spei 'iali.ts
I .it in fu!l ie,,y weatin | lba.skets. f:tah
itiin., roI antt! i',ell -lijiers or mnak
it'n , r.:ire ornalel'nt. andi tiny icui -s
Stu:! ,ithers of hluticlle'tt br:ass. All
"f the m'nr'chits iant Jual ntla:r and
o,, irl ,,rt:tu li'. The.y lon:;.: ag he':trn
,il 1h1.t t .e t'lhri-tian : 11, h:1' it I1lon
'It-e. utrl the"y Iretnt him , a'ue ,-f
th i ' ui l e i-;irt th'e lChri-t'ilitt3.
'l r* htori - at Tu in Tll-i se' e e'1i
li- . eIf Ipr- 'r:tl. The , po 1le. are'
h! 1, :;i'1l , ,lt`,.'ll. h!,'h - ii-,-:, v ol
". f '1', '!." b ":l l e' .u  r ' , n t I i -
flDlb l t ',.,dl 1 ',, r th," "r t it,'U l i rot.c=
Catacombs of Guanajuato, Mexico,
Where Mummified Bodies Are
Placed in Long Rows.
One of the sights frequently visited
by tourists in Mexico is the gaillery of
the deadl at (tGuanajulato (pronounced
Whan-a-wha-to). The town of that
name, where the cataomtblis are sit
unted. Is one of the most quaint
and fascinating in that grotelsque coun
try. It lies within a day's journey of
the City of Mexico. with railroad com-t
ittnicattion. iThe 'hlur'hes and paint
ings, of this city have :mde it wirtli
fatntous. but the most peculiar of its
attractions Is found in its ctatombths,
or nurinly chatmbers.
iOn the hillside overinoki ng the city
is the IHlontr of the read, which an
swers the pulrpose of a graveyardl andt
yet is not the srlnin aS tine in the cii-ll
tllmon a lceptance of that terni. It is a
veritable Pi'nnthitin, or Houset of Bur
la!. In its thick walls the tombs
are arranier" I. tier upo n tier, of identi
'al size. like si tanlly numlberedl plgeon
holes. 11rnlpepl up Ilke mutlmils the
bodies of the dead are here placed,
each in its little recess, and they are
registered In a hook according to the
ntumer thereon. To insure care of
tlhe dead II certain fee is expected year
ly. and if it should not be forthcom
ing after a period of five years. the
bones are taken from their pigeon
holes and thrown in a heap in the cttent
comb below with countless other flesh
less bones and skulls. Another body
is then placed in the recess and the
process of eviction is in time reseated.
This treatment of the dead would,
of course, be impossible in n moist cli
mate. In Mexico at that high eleva
tion the air is as dry as an oven, and
as it has rare aseptic qualities, the
flesh of the dead dries up and ultimate
ly crumbles to dust, giving out no odor
of decay or taint to the air. Not al
ways, however, tbr now and then a ten
ant does not dissolve into his original
elements. The dryness of the atmos
phere simply mummifies him, and his
perishable clay puts on the appearance
of Immortal age. In such a case the
body is saved from the pile of hones
and taken through a trap door down a
spirftl staircase to the grim corridor
beneath, where it is placed with a gris
ly army of other mummies, there
to lean up against the wall while
awaiting the blowing of the last trum
pet call. It is a ghoulish company,
yet many visitors go up the hill to
have a look at a scene so strange and
Natural Inheritance.
June-"Does he get his mechanical
ingenuity from his father's side or his
mother's?" Bess-"From his mother's;
she was a poetess !"-Life.
when the votes were finally counted
one of the defeated candidates re
muarfed to a friend as he turned away:
"I know I was elected to that of
tice., but that blame separator cheated
Inm out of it."
Shameful Libel.
The first man to use a bathtub as a
coal bin was not an untutored Immi
grant, as many persons suppose, but
a conservative old New Englander1
who regarded the new-fangled tub a.
a sinful folly and remained loyal to
the Saturday night washtub In the
kitchen. The new bathroom, being
off the living room, was found to be
convenient for storage, and they used
the tub for keeping the coal for the
Franklin stove.-Exchange.
The Return.
A young recruit was on sentry neat
a home depot one dark night when he
observed a shadowy form approaching.
He immediately gave the challenge,
"Halt! Who goes there." Out of
the darkness came the hoarse whisper
at one of his comrades, "Shut up I
aln't going; Ft comlng back I"
Only Eleven of Colony of One
Hundred Survive on Bar
renl Island.
Starvation. Ocean and Murder Clanrr
Most of Colony on Clipperton Is
land, Off the Mexican
L,; 1 : , "t :1,I ! ;li . i . 'l :"
Story of Gove. nor's V: w.
iI ':11 ! '. I\ 'te u, I' j'l i illll ', \ _tl II l''l !jl:
* lc . . . t tli 111 s c .!. i 111,j - . \.*
" t r;1I "I'\t .. il.l, l i1i1 n tl. h r ' . i" n t t w!I'> r '.
res"athel s Il ' .he r,'. \' lit h re i hey '.ii:ltii' *I
fIr sll v\c l:11i l nlil h< I \hil. :- i le'w cf tile
-uiellecr. rtc).el itb ck Ilt .Ad pilurl ~.
IIt : ,rie' it tie l eee.ef Llli 1 I e r.el f i ) t.
, "o s l i ln 1 h1 i-in dlst :111 . m 'l'l,';t:li m -
1..b ;1 \\.1T th .ls't. ;il1d tonok oi T mlh ' . 111"r
it':ili , bitt nl l t f r th h:\It Ill:t ,
r i : lly d i m li li-n h . tI , ft i ,l, sIt l , D . i
the eel. ists.i-t. al-s 1tT,'1-, I tlt I t: e'
-!I :1!.' \ , 3 1, .ilia.t i s d -'llli,',l it,.'
lf' r. ,.\1" in th1 :1 :1 I,,,:it \1ith -Ait
!,ii. itetild cirijve :lily iav. Tlhe ii i.,
nlee, r . " 1i '.
Attempt Rescue; Drown.
1l` l'i liertl r ll t d Iist ' e \ :!, i : - *! t. *,
.'ii 1 ih ' i. : ii  e i  . , I I." l-.
with three Ion 11 .11 it a Ic-ni ~ t t.
, ii i it tl.l:e ; 'iii ' i
tr ili lir i inteii l l :1 lý titl it 1: .1
ci,, sii hl,-. it:t li-.ir I elt c,: ,-h/cdl
:i 11 it : ee' :i1':lll \\t'cre rlis\\e I ,l.
T h ,' lI Ir t 3 til hi ,I i .l: t olI t h . n n'ii l
rl o, h1 o\ l c\ o n t in u a .ll . thr t nII ' hill l theim.I -
He murdered one of the woueln. but
another woman beat out his bratinc.
with a Ilinlllmer.
And One Takes With Her Her Chum
-All Three Philadelphia Girls
Now Brides.
Philacldollhln.-Two new male mom
hers we-re a:lellhd to the family of Mrs.
Charles HI. Schofstall. 2722 North
Myrtlrewood street, within the last few
days by the elopement of her tw,,
tdanuglhters to Elktonr, Mdl., where they
were married.
Miss lMary Schofstall became the
wilfe of ('harles A. ltrowne of 2423
North Corlies street, and a member of
Company E, Nineteenth regiment of
Emma Scholstall, another daughter,
also went to Elkton with Hlernia Lip
part of 1818 West Venango street, and
became his wife. With the latter
couple went Locke Lippard antid May
Allenlaugh of 3014 West I)auphin
street, who were also united in mat
rimony. The brides of the last two
men had been chums for a leng time.
Wife of Inventor of Wireless Tel
phone Says Cell Has Made
Him Misanthrope.
New York.-After serving a term in
the federal penitentiary for using the
malls to defraud. Archie Frederick
Collins. Inventor of the Collins wire
less telephone, has come back to free
dom. according to his wife, with his
disposition ruined.
Mrs. Evelyn B. Collins, formeriy of
54l Riverside drive, says that she
can no longer live with him and has
filed a suit for separation.
Collins returned a thorough, blood
cold misanthrope, she alleges, soured
againsf the worldl, soured even agalnst
his benefactors. and soured against
her. Hlie has often since coming hornme
made long harangues and tirades of
invectives against the world in gen
eral and the United States government
in particular, she asserts
h i I
I':r- t . r I ,' a 1,,, ,,I part
Wise Words.
No Harm Dcne.
! !,. r,: . .. .. a ,!.,\,. " .i ,.:- ;,I:. ~ 1',",
v'. r, . ... "t: . - . ,
'.\ .1 1 ',. I ",, 1'"t ., t - : irll., i,',
trutia.t , I ,pr.--'iii, thr,, \:., ' he
di. t.Ii- ",f a r,,\."
N o . T h . , 1 , ,t t , r s w\ ,r ," : I l l :  , ; ,!r , , , . d
to \1:'.. I hltitw ,."
The Optician's Little Joke.
"What la'lused the sioul'n i('collnes
he; t. ve.i yv.i. ail .Mr. G;uth,,rly?" a.ked'l
the. l optr tii'., wife.
"W hy. h ,- \\u- tt'llin; mt ' that in his
liar ii.%If. lh .,:w tit. ill.iSt i"roiiTi -
plish..l, the 111,.1 I,." be tit'nl \,om n In
th ,' \vw rb,. un , L mI .r ,,ly as- .ed hitit to
.."iln " .,\."r ath,! I'd tit himu up w ith a
l:ir ,,f 1la.
I  '1 ( h " i, .. : ,i u , . ,u . ," ) - -.1 n ' I k e
11: h.': I .-.t ":,'1h '1- :.':t m inut,.- '"ill
.1; : .i;i- '.'. i hu,, :,," mgit A t the
pri, thi i; :Ir,-?
Good Grounds.
l ai! - 0, w hat gr ,,u: -i, ,lil l~linkle'y
Nit I . It 'l:uit:r,l hIr. wif°, made -ich
poor ',IfflT,.- hie (."iu lni't idrink it.
;l; it- -- ,C ,r, , g ro ur, il< , . 'h ?
Not Much of a Show.
"DiI . nj,! oiiy the ila3y?"
"\.it vliuich. Th"- 1I,'.1i1 li l ti: ly only
Ch:an .lll I i-;"r -.,unii i hr-i- tuIlllti-."
There Are Others.
"That fIllow is liii, a tuck."
"Sharp, eh'"
"N,; got a l bllnt hiald."
"'I t"Il Ike a biri.'"
"Ilow'. that?"
"'Lh laly's hultdog muade rue quail."
Der Spieler.
He played biy games with reckless seal,.
New rules to ianiqillier fate lie planned.
lie got a "mailed Iltu" In the deal.
And then he overplayed his hand.
Mean of Him.
"You w,-re foioli'ih to quairrel with
Fr-l. He's a m-au man. What has
he dloni now ?"
"I telephonel himu today to send
back tuy lo'k of hair, and he asked
me if it was red, yellow or black."
Secrecy Assured.
"I fountl that our .srenograplher can't
read his notes after they are a day
old "
"What dlil you do? Discharge him?"
"No. Italtled his salary and put him
under contracet."
A Proverb Gone to Smash.
"Two wrongs don't make a right."
"I'm not sure about that," mused MIr.
Chuggins. "If I travel faster than the
law allows and a luotor cop travels
fast enough to overtake me, It's per
tectly right for him to arrest me."
Not Thorough.
"Bligglans affects to be a regular cave
"Yes," replied M!ss Cayenne. "But
he doesn't carry out the Idea; hba
clothes are sufmclenUtly out of style to
be ammnoyin without beltg prelbams *
Sixteen-Year-Old Girl Joins Band
of Robbers and Lands
in Jail.
Ir I
l,' i I : ,I' -,r *' -o i" ' "
Saw He. Mother on the Floor.
S :.' , , . ot,"t ~ ,i; r', t l .,
. l,, I , u r ',, ,:, . t hI,, t t \ :,I, 1 lay. ;
i , .: I , ,u" r ' , . T, u tr.
yi ht 11 i T '" Itn r fathltr ].i.' in
arnc to/ th{ hIuse.
t All
Saw Her Mother on thc Floor.
t , ti ttn . it, . h e l itht ' e.irl lad
in h ,e] v lIs b1ilt,l ." trie. ,et s a t an lit.
:t lulPadlock, Chain, N iý.tails and Hookstiel
Amongthr th icles. Swat' llowedk until
uidyliglt :at theit h,,r titnhr camie in
t to her relI tinl llrcs-wl her lr'," srhuel.
hef 'tl. lked hint thrle frnit on-h andl
t ie itr in i th l ller oxne the ilscr. The fa
ther had slainn tlts aunt, to,. when she
'allle t the . t he'
In the drays that fr llwed sheton wa
shifted ablout frlne hoitl. In home. All
love was glne frones the girl'.s heart
with her mother rtlad anl her found ther
n tismall ~palock with al th-ln both.
how she Is being tried, tns a bandit.
Padlock, Chain, Nails and Hooks
Among Articles Swallowed by
I'hil;,lelphla.--.Mire, than 4.e1) rleces
af nmertal. welghintr thrin and one-half
i'eetell allel and includit. nails. screws.
trac-ks ani1h safe-cfl it. we're- foeund In
.Josepth Quinlin's stomnacih. xwhen-t he'
was eleeratetel upon fo",r gaelstone's at
Dr. the . Ehilalhhn f t ho spital. In adi
tion. .'et) gall stones were' removed.
hAn onr the other artuinls fosaid were
w small padlock with n t.ree-Inch
mhama. a cigar eutk'r, tenpe-nny nails.
:34 spoon handles, one dozen safety
lnest req40 pieces of type and the sameo
Mayon-r of lead slugs twrom "Chr. C-. nc..
hooks"C. O. S." Is ten yeaors anold. so.everal
in a way, she doeins not need badges
Dr. mother. L. EasoBut her hrospital staff.
writh oer's wayte of thinln, said he
oulplht to have at least a .uple
of parent. Here is her letter:md
et requert Plcomes byconfer on meal to
a Tucsonavvr. I am a little girl tenrz
"C.ers ol. going teno schoyea ol. soI've
gotin a way, brothe doese years old. a
motheappa works soBut her brother has
only nefihbve. so accr to look ater
uhim throu thave at least a Please,
Mayor itparencs hel, get some goodletter:
"Demama. WSir I read your adpp. inHe
thI a goodper. Pleas conf per on mday.
hegot a brother five years old.
Mamppa woIrish-American. My ma
ma only neighbors to look after
ah through the day. Please,
Mayon't like tchell getull nasome gooand
".mama. Wright my PappaO. He."
is a good Pappe. $5.51 per day.
Man'she 35 Years old. I like goodasket
Mama Irish-AmTerican. wire stMy ma
maple weres driven throung.h FrI ould liken
son's arm an cliel full name wasd
"Yoursoperating a Res mctfully. The
Matin'l naler and tUp Like BPcsrke to
take the mL-chTwne apart to releas wire thea
plOne-Legged Men Seek e.throuh Fe Wlk
Denn's arm ad O.-lincTwo one-. whle hgged cas
dmdaten's arm was caughtit t ot forn the auto
bentic nailer anatd It wby the Democrats,ry to
nominated mac thne apart to reubllcn, alsoe th
Dehas but one leg.-Two oe-gged c
d dates will ft out for hot Wtemayor.
Toledo, O.-While dreaming that
there were burglars In the house,
Frank Leroux walked in his sleep, pro
ctred a gun and shot his wife. She
died nJust as he awa.
~s L,
F -
tillll 1I O il. ! Ii!i li I.:I!I. ..._ t,
Illi. \l 1'\ 1t
'I i, "till- tT ' i I I '.l," ý'. lu--IT xx '
Iz:x j xi t . \,'w 1 x iIxI r",1 1 t, :. . it
l. 1:.2 tug ' II x In , IL x' l'1 ; it:, l , .x I
:111u1 II:I' hi`:" nur. k."t - .. _ ili..u, ~ !
,ýrir r l. 1.- 1"I . A 'ý t:l~ " .,"ý .
It Is a Velvet Season
" "Z
I't i :ta velvet easoll'" say the rail
IItrs. :lai the elielays of new mill!i
nery foer fal! l" t Iýv no eltia in tihe
lii. ! t r d itl a\nm L this :!'-se'rtioe n. 'lain
an li paite v~le'it d rmiintte, all the'
it,,nin.ý-. lintterts llut-h. with a .ul
face late: lii' 1 :cpnn" velvet, is re'I
resente'd. :l: hueavy elocr-. andl eluve
tynl--ll)th \l !\ety inll aler''antle-arel
in the' lrutltin.. In plain velvet and in
Velours :tnil delluiyn the quiet. rich
tcolor' approve'd by fac.hitonalles are
at their eist. l 'anne v lvet :,alt i Init
ter's jlludae tath lootk thst in 1l:'k and
white and in the darkest shades of
seulate colors, to which they add bril
Trinaninas arr very simple and ne.:
permitted to interfere with the lines
of the shapes in iany way. Fatny fea
tures, illudiing ostrich. ribbons anl
ornamenlts. ire relied upon for deco
rative fe'atures. Small ostrich tip4,
used in groups, are returning after an
exile of several season,. along with
draped turhans of velvet, and thay
lo0k so well together that there is a
sort of kinship between them. It is
hard to think of velvet without being
reminded of ostrich. Wile-brlitnned
hats with a frinie of ostrich lahid upon
the ulpper brims have already made an
assured success.
(oque feathers and furs In pomplns
Handpainted Oilcloth Utilized to
Make Attractive Runners and
Luncheon Sets.
There is a sal ing that in these days
of war prices. only the millionaire's
wife can afford to use real linen in he r
dining room. A great mlany women
are sulbltituting handpainted oilcloth
for the accustomed lace and linen
lunche6n sets, says the Philadelphia
North American.
Stunning sets In black enameled oil
cloth for thgout-of-door English break
fast or porch luncheon are decorated
with bunches of brilliantly col
ored fruit. A large center dolly
Is used, with four each of the
medium and small sizes. An or
dinary enameled kitchen pie plate
painted black and decorated with the
same design makes a unique bread or
sandwleh plate, and a papler mache
bowl stained black and decorated with
the fruit motif on the outside. filled
with luscious grapes and oranges, is
the most stunning kind of a center
The square luncheon set Is rather
new, developed In tan oilcloth stenciled
with field flowers in brilliant blues and
reds and yellows.
Delft blue with sprays of small pink
flowers or pale green wIth bla'ck and
white will make very pleasing c.om
Small Breaks in Lace.
Where there are only a few threnl
broken in Irish or Swiss Ince they ,aen
easily he repaired with a needle and
thread the same size as thaet used in
the manufacture of the lace. Place a
tiny knot at the end of the" thread on
the needle and draw this through the
place where the broken thread joins
the body of the lace. IHaving dine
this, draw a succession of loobp knots
over the floating thread very tightly
close to the base. Now follow with thei
sew, thread the course that the old
,,, I i ~I
fie plan.
' 'hlc for ti. r
..II :.y'! tlni,·ands oIf th
ni 1 .: . I *. * p IO
for I jnt r
~" .I t~i n d f ýt
re ', ure to iºe found oa .k
hat:. shalrilng honors w~ithi
tl.wer' moadse of fur. Sal
hat tare :ade of velvett
if trinmu!iier Is exerdel toh
sqi'verin in the shape' lI I
waoy', as may be ptheri
zgrupl of chic velvet hats
The coamºlination of two aM
or two fatrire, as midlk
winte-eilhred velvet, or bid
with beige velour, Is th
slaltes, is a feature wrth
new millinery. It agMam
slartest littert'l
ISoft. draped aonU I
,crowns have already
selves ,on the styles fir wIi
the latter the "hag" trua
importation, r.ade like d .
used in France, aDd l
Sous brims. The buly
best on women with
faces. One of them I
halt at the left of Ik
draped crown, whibh U hr
:ny tingle becomlalgM I
pears in the center W T.
at the right atteltl to i
the fittest with the lU
rolling brim of the 1
Insteand of the CSa-i
and Individual plate Ui
row runners crossalt dI
the center coveri~lg
particularly good a
table. In this cam US
of the runners, the CWI
hlps a narrow berdt 1
all the decoratio 00"0
The practical valed
as a subshtitute for
parent. Abfter the ,
cloth, and your wt b1 .
and tear on the I
bill to pay.
New tulyN7 s
The new tallorsd MI
with front and bact 1
hox plaits are laid t."
:economist. as 5there i
o' plaits In the ei
either sRle of the ftSL91
lar is not fguringl
ored models, theY
reaches far down the
arrow fluting fl s n 0
wal.sts. It is used to op0
and front.
Line VY
Line your wintte
if you haven't new '
will never wear oiL .
than liik, and one
constantly relni*hl t "
thread had take4
with the other 04 10
se..urely close t
zwai the loose
no longer Per
Farrw *10
sequayah. -s
alphatct. gets J ,
the Indian rca e
~hose EnEd fI "
IGuess. His
and his

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