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t M surtn w.',; s 'eer:
the skJes ' e'' ter
orya asid e.
N e a", which lavil- i' n 1! for
a s forage r t' ,'- , try.
ý _..- are n,,w ~,u.!.: into
their own n- :,I r lthi
human I: ".1. Th
are r.-.: xa'v;r,".
early s ak
green : :;i n. 'iThe
bean :-h h I:',;.,
coIlt:;:,inL ' ' ' ~ hi. It
furid,- wuild
gaterial. an l - t , ii fat.
aD espccalll} \1'. :: i d
aformore exi'eni'l \ - "'lith
t_ they con hta ' : : kr
S ra alulle f, l : ; :
he restrict,',l i .; i .
flljbeans will 9w . liht.
soil, which kill a .. . thwr
.successfully. *a il if ,. , ri! ,r
Is lo ocu litc d till io,,,l: ,', ' i tinl
of food and lei th,, Oi il tred
the valiable nitir .  t hi, h will
other crops ylell \-Ii 11 I the
sol. Where they ,re . ,rln l on
ftt for corn they giv. h,.:iy .ili.
Imre dried sty beanl ; :ar, avalllle.
My be used for ,l:kin:g. Just ias
aQy benn. and art. much iheaier. I
Apren soy bean COtnltiar"s favora
with the lima bean'" andll may be
and served In the sainte main
fth the Increase in airence' fir the
season, we may expect to find
-iadance of these I lens atl a re-a
leprice. As soy beans take Il1ng
_ cook than the navy hulln they
he soaked and cooked n little
to soften before puttilng themn
til. As they lack starch, a little
my be added to thicken thlem, if
A teleis cooker Is an economical
of cooking soy beanm anid n hesI
Inee Is In use the ibean pot mayl
ied on the ledge of the furnace
which makes a tine place to
Iq bean meal Is a 1y-product of
ilatl~ and will no doubt fornm a
stock food when it comes into
peral use.
t say bean is somnetimes called
lea. ~he fresh Iean ma:y Ie
for winter use. just lis other
Shell and put thet intoi a jar
adlding and chillin_. add a hilf
of salt to a quart jar andut
tli boiling water, piarly tighten
e t the jar, so It may Iie safely
sad place in a bhller, ci-w er with
Isthe depth of an inch and cook
ban from the beginning of the
sutrate thrift Iha your homes and
thrift among your neigh
Sk slaving rather than spend
I se l standard. Make econ
Sblable lest it become obllga
Dtat eapect the women to do
l tralts contain yeasts or fer
they must be destroyed by ex
posing them to
heat. In canning
fruit of any kind
it is important that
the jars are thor
oughly sterilized,
as well as any
utensils used in
canning. Place jars
and tops in cold
sl let them come to the boll
Cse rubbers that are soft
ie, dipping them into the
water before adjusting.
hit Is then put into the jars
-If With sirup of any dlesire
Two cupfuls of water to
Qtal of sugar is the forniula
L iat generally liked. Four
et blling water with six cup
- r will fill about four quarts1
*I 1aqberies or any clesely
fit or three quarts of halved
he or cherries, or two quart
hI, whole fruit like plums.
IStiup sdowly and bell gently.,
-,il that may rise. Do
t boiling will render
h_ ., If one likes a richer
itrlp muay be used for all
e auount of slrup will ad
e th fruit. The sweeter I
hihing closely packed, take
tI larger, loosely packed,
Pa 'hip and need more to
- llt ll with a wire dish
I na ht haktes a fine holler.
i th the boiling sirup and
a. fter carefully sealing
i rew them back a half-I
tt they are kowe. hut fitru I
th l ed by lifting the
lI th clamps are llnttedl
i e clamp unfastened un- I
'takeL from the oliler. I
b s to the depth of an inch
_ the highest Jar and
tiq. re4 time for small
- hllnautes from the time
Ibll for a quart can, five
f ua pint and ten mln
a two quart can. For
Ie Peaches, pears and
-i thirty minutes are
hi Ibl. Thinnes.
IrtIng paper is some
te 1000 times thicker a
SI:le that can be made :
S e ,l purp,,ses the ti
a- gn have Just a little II
about It than that. but i,
and lmpreive fact ,n
it be grains of weight 14
] to make up ther
- o-edinary use today t
Sthe 25 leaves into
- aily s Incheae
Those who are fortunate enough to
obtain wild fruit will find the flavor
Wild Plum Pre
serves. - e I g h
carfullyu v ten
pIlpounds etcrh ,of
plums and sugar;
dlu oit r:make Inuore
at i timet, lest you
crush tihe fruit and
p"- il its a1,pelnr
uh',e. A0dd thre.e pints of walter :an'
hail !h,. sirlip until clear. reno'tinlg the
s' ;::i hilt nit stirrling the sirTlp. AddI
i te pn'll ,np ful If -,!+ t" six tltirt; oif
Iater. .and whl ,,iline' hot drop iln
a few. I'!unils alt a tiie ntititl t t ,ll
""tilcks ,.en. bhut lIl noti let anry of the
pu, i 's'ape.. T tk,. , ,t it.th it wir
" (,1 l-l illy. 11.*'."( : thi'ic+.," t 1 : tll.'l :a t h,, e]
" u:rap : t 1': :i t : tim , ::i,] , ,,{.. t itl: a
,in!'.x et-ily -penetru t*,, th,.tn,. Lift
I:trflly fronti the -irul nald pI:' iin ai
stIne, crck. It l:eat until all the phllu s
:er,. tsetd. then tril d,,wn the jui,''e to a
thtik sirupl and pour it over thi fruit.
',,ver the Jimr I\it l'hth anld paper
ai keep on ith. ('11Iar flt.or.
Chili Sauce.-Tkke halif a peek of
ripe tllmilt.oe,. a qtlitar!tr of a peck lof
oIlions tl an greetn lpe'lIe'r. IpeIl the to
Iniiattesit and ltionlis. rerrit'- the, inner
lwhirte skin froi the l pinr:, leavini
iU thel 'c.t l. chfop all tI I:ethei r vtery
tfile. Add a cupful f "snilt. two 'ltlp
ftul' of ucar man a q/:art of gil lin
,'car. C,,hok lowly three hour.. then
put into bolttleis iii 'etal.
Tomato Jam.-i'ut into tthe preerT
ing kettile seven poundtls iof1. Ipe IIa
tol,*. three potinls of $stuic'i. o lie ipu.ln ,
of seedael raisini-, ony.l pint oif vinegar,
,Ine lemlln, two teasirtiipnhfltE o.f ilrlnia
mlnl and two of ground clthves and a
few .lashes fifenay'nne p.ppwr. Cut
the fruit fine and cook nntil it forms
a thick jam. Seal in glasses with par
A lffin. Served as a conserve with imet'll,
thi. is deli'ius.
Peach Butter.-'are and ouIt into
thin slices fully ripe freestone peaches
of ctld Ilavor. Addi a third of a cup
ful Ef wa:ter to ia pound of fruit, ook
atwf mna h all the ti .ne.,all t1.n lintly
chlipped blahnc(hed p,,uch kern.el and
three-furtlhs f a lpound ollf tar to
eich pounltlld of fruit. welighed lbeforet
hoillinl. C'EoEk. stir :iil test bly tr in
ton ita i'tll lih. Us' care as it burns
A small tamount of mealt ny siteas'In
a large irount of Dloter food ir cart
fully cokeld and well
selasond, w thus miakinrc
both a wholilsom nl and I
attractive dish.
Hungarian Goulash.
This will provide a good
main dish for seven per
sons. Take one one pound of
lean veal, half a pound
of lean beef, three tablespoonfuls of
sweet bacon fat, in which an onion is
browned after chopping, three cupfuls
of boiling water, one teaspoonful of
paprika, twelve potato balls or small
new potatoes, six small onions, six car
rot balls, six turnip halls, one bay leaf,
one clove, four tablespoonfuls of flour.
half a pint of cold water, one chopped
~hll pepper. Remove the browned
onion from the fat and add the veal
and beef, cut in small pieces; brown
these and remove them to a casserole ;
add paprika and boiling water, cover
the dish and place it in the oven. Fry
the other vegetable halls in the srnk
ing hot fat and add them to the nmeat
iafter it has simnuered for an hour and
a half. Add the seasoning and flour,
per and the Iolling water. Cover and
silrnet.r for another hour andl a half.
Serv'e fron the enasserole.
Dried Peas and Rice.-If one dries
their owith peas this year they will have
pman'y gloo l dishes to serve this win
ter. Pick them when yloung and ten
der, seald two minutes in boiling wa
ter, pour off the water and chill with
cold water, drain and put to dry at
once. The quicker they are dried the
sweeter they will be when dry.
Wash a cupful of dried peas and let
them soak over night, put to cook in
three pints of water, add a teaspoonful
of salt. one chopped onion and simmer
until the peas are tender. Drain and
mix with a cupful of boiled rice. Add
four tablespoonfuls of butter, one cup
ful of strained tomato sauce and salt
and pepper to taste. Bake ten minutes.
Garni t with hard-cooked eggs and
fried onions.
Barley Broth.-Barley is rich in min
eral matter. but contains less fat than
wheat. Being lighter and less stimu
lating than wheat or oats, it is espe
cally good for people of weak diges
tlions. Take the meat from three
quarters of a pound of the neck of
mutton, cut in small pieces, cover
hones and meat with three quarts of
water, add a teaspoonful of salt, one
diced carrot. turnip, onlon, stalk of
celery and a quarter of a pound of bar
ley. Simmer two hours. Serve with
minced parsley as a garnish for each
"Blue-Bellied Yankees."
The term "Blue-bellied Yankees" was
a slag epithet formerly applied to New
England people. perhaps in reference
to the so-called "blue laws" of 'urtltan
hays. The term "'ennsylvania Dutch"
was applied originally to a language,
not to a class of people. It was a dia.
lects or patois imported into Pennsyl
vania from Germany. Gradually the
term came to be applied to the people
who spoke the language. The s.ecallest
Pennsylvania Dutch came from Ge.
many, not Holland.
Horace and the
I ,
S By Katherine Howe
to _ ~'p.
(Copyright. !17. by W. 0. C'hapman.)
e!"TIhis i, outrageo~n : JA~nhb- nin;;
h 'f he lilit
ri r i'..1 aI'ulti , 111 lthr \ t' i tlhe % i .'p.n
of cit \ itih "hit hi halt th. 4 1 fr\ I. to
" mrak"" ft-e tint t."nzh lraff ..1 h:" tury
"t ' -htr ! pfak ii'll utn hir witr tui r ti'
u . il I i- i ."r rii ! ~ f'iti'i *i
uI l . chat .1'i ' th . it al ire. t i
. -i . h" i c Ih' h at. up. ' nii' . I" ..
l- ý,,. .heh o *Tr r .,t th*" raurn
i hri.i k fl on :i . . : "li'n on it:li ii-..r .,"
u' ! '\,w 1.i -. th 4h."la t. !."{.ha tot rieg
1 le. go.t til :.ti1 an\,l \* r a l tn.S
if 'l I, " .i'
Ye- h i I*u . h nh0
n TL-1 ah" I t iii a twu i -n n he pubs t
iml 1\ i : "IiBrw n me. ..hi man ]~
I , ii .l: ' lK -a ' . ".1.1' ii I
i \ ul, a " t.:i erneu .:: th i; tlime- if it
' : :.1 i' :i
'r r :it tott. ' ha i
is a n."rv, r:.k."r surt" ."ir.u b:: " .x"
if fa n ii l i t iiin-;t vr '< t si.r I' of
t. 11. i."\ . ' r. t, i t:h hitbi the uilr iltie i
r dn
"' itt right has i I:n.lork . janitor
of or ::nt h".1 to let that h ds, on a o uiet,
.f ...inning mm uflit ? }' 1 hen I 1"a1110
r ha:e' :t biet lure. us I 1aU in wrN'itfbr.
IT've liji heriE IthrA,' ylbars tin pbabil,
Stitn have aiinnofiid ino on. to fiyt knowt
"- jlgr . I've hall no tlhin loto c plui ln 'if
1- tillt ii.w-. But ttiiis . fhe lng fi be silue'
n Ii. iiiplapijt . in if thtis kfeeps iu."
"''. h1bh it's soeino...ne tulhbho has to
- ti:ke hi litv ng" 5fuc&e':st'i I Taltbbt.
S '1,t ll, .ti IIn ii have. Iib t In:.k" till Hll -
d in;::" p~rot," to,1 I':ohh .n with n
r. heat. 'Iiio t j hivb tib nsak,' it 'rit
ý ~ "
ý,I If·i~lh~ 11I r~r
The Violin Bow Began to Get in Its
Fiendish Work.
Sing for the magazines? And how in
I Hades do y4u think I'm going to do it
*with that going on?"
Talhot. tbhing pwbwerless to answer
this. fmad~ble matters twombr-e by suggb'st
I' ing that Ji'bablbhtilV the offenier was
S",lust blbarning." 1 Pubdd glire at him,
I and explobde(I.
I *'.Iujt lefrfi ing : he shriekebi. "Have
: bbu 1n4 flI 1. bf wtt thatJntans? Tfr
tires woirs to comne. Ufi flbbre bbf
Slbl I ffin.. an. llrbtfh who has
-n fl blfbblb r o bitif the sinib' rbate
every ftie. ns this one does. will n.ver
de "Well." sad Tl~htll. "I~~l· suppse h
fibnly thinlfg t d iS fb kick." mn he
- prbbibid tbb flffled tih. e'rrfd ubon
Ihch lhe h illad (mflC.
hIfuihen II Siii gtloom(bill'41 tblfinn in a
rb'staitraint fhiat elI'ning llll.n a young
fInun with ak iery prb'fty girl entbbred.
As they dreitw. nei:ir hb' recognized
Burn-, f feiliw club meffiber, and 1how11'
ed. Ittrn'u efnmi' Vi tib the table.
andl intrbbbitcbd hinm tob the youing lifly
I a his (busiin. MiSs Adams. 'uidd.'n
asked them If they woujid not join him.
and hurns very rb'abiiy iicC.pted the
Padblen fotund Miss Adams exceed
ingly giod company. She was bright,
well informed, and wIth a mental
equipnment capable of formning opin
Ions of her own, which were in the
main sane and reasonable. R.sldebs,
she had a sense of humor which Pad
den thought delighftful. Padden was
thirty-three. anti sib far, not badly
scarred by the little god's darts: In
fact the club fellows calble him "nim
fInute." He stufek b'loO'ly to his work
of stbbry writing, with always a dream
of doibig greater things ltbomling up
Mother Sees Nothing Funny About It,
and Daughter's Glance Simply
Expresses Pity.
When a man hears a joke wbich his
primitive sene of humor classlfies as
"the funniest thing h, has ever heard"
he hurries home to hear the glad tid
ings to his wife. Father produces his
great discovery., hut mother's counten
ance remains untroubled by so much
as a smile. Nine wives cut of ten wil
gaze blankly into that interesting emp
tiness to which woman's eyes are con
tinually traveling eover her lih:and's
shoulder. The tenth azl crlule.et crea
ture n ill wither her sIpou-. with a pen
etratitng stalr whleh re-!<tters. "I see
nothiag-a-e<oltl,tely noth:ng-funny in
Disgusted and hafleld, the' hus!,and
tells the samne joke' to his laughter.
ler only Indicatien of amusement is a
pitying uplift of the eyebrows and a
subsequent absorption in her knitting.
With his finger on the last unbroken
strng of hope father approaches his
nearst masculipe relative. At last
..1 l.... ,. ..h!'1:. h .,, ,,\ }, ?.. ., ," . '-,
:iit : f i.n ll l Thr. fl..I ,.i. . ! '.h
 * . rap l dt:1- of urti-ttrbt.d'l qu.it. rioo
pr i:t! at i i. rni s.jh.d irianv j:ags' 'f
r: n'u: ' ri"t. rf e. n on.' day when h.
\. . -' i.- t,':ir gC t,." l ;in x of i "t.r.. aind
.'"'" paul, hlit 1, t think ,it thit Infet 111 ul,1-1:0.
itnd lift -t,,-de:,, way of bringing it ,out.
iti, v i, llt t,,t at t .(% h, i4.1 I lt.
ti,.1li4h work. lIh, '- o.i'pid. tro t' h:a
,.". "t, h. 7n d l,,'trr 1!w d to se,',k 1h,' j.:,h -
M r. "I' ll t ' h . .' ::' .,d. :I! i '
n- i " 1 t.. ý,, ,,1, \ w ith hip ,, . lint ,t
e Id 1, 1;; f the
1".. 1 , hr', ,:.'! ,, :;!, l,, r....h . :n i"l
r n .e ! r, ;;,i;. , . ".int. I11 '1 :, t. al":, t'.
.' ! o , : ,r.
I 1 1''t ,!, , i ,.' r 1" . lo i r ~'it o . y:l.
\r1:- , n, :l, iu:n. It ,!1 - fuill
r f h1i- ' .' \:i,', PI':,b ,n. . f,.r !L. fCr .
Ju i. 1. I' 1 "..1: i t' f
: f . h' t" I ,._" ', ,, ' 1 1 " ,r -
if ,hy
' IIr.! ' ! hur t Int! n
" ,.." ' " -.., !.i -. r" t"a.. "l' ', "? i ,',
I Iltk ,ly f, ,hr a , bl 1h - ftir ni..' Any.
S rn'. :tI,: l'f. I rdu ii kn ' n , hr ilhr . -
:,I thrin i :l i . dr.. l \- frth :n he h ia' i.
r !in ,,n ! l :i i , t ,i: . n ,,,, hl , ' rati, tn fr .
' !Iv i, - u.iii. II. i- rt,:.,, fI , r 'ti r.u ,on
itr:,t' In :,:I' l ' itl '
y "Ir -i,' td ti rt ith " a, l- ,''f
Suhtli r.ii. li: ' " liiokt , h rt rt a if in.
'li a t. Sl "1a": 1;= fu- . wl tro d to
f took ,. ril, nt.
"Iha p,:'ron t:'e" <in 1.' l. "y'.: i piutt
it I' s. fornile, nd i . ,h irtrur,.sque
Ian ngyl:i . I t'.~ :ldn' gt t.. i.p r i , ting ther
llir il . anOf It.' a itur
"I ikl It 'urn ; ,nd si kc'e I n thll ,
S "I li'' hre it. I'' e een trin.r t.d.
"\r ' h . thi' a \. life r' nrit hbf oro.. I a
:eyii.hl: for a \d hile i h mit y frtnind.
n.rs. luhtks. Io y.u know hert.
"Sil.n Iit are thed crlnk hblrte outhad
the ir. trrai. Then Fny madPd hld
to ank him t1 :ic, l. t ,hi,'h ' hel prompt
ly aci' 'l. Thon hfri ul a d! : "If yth r
Iarf lai thies h,,u yi i te.o nnyt h av l h tard
thai' til ndisfh olinlt. IHow ranlt your
"I ' ::n's ith i n r . ' Intu h, thi.tr airl.
"n11d1 I'm Iirhnig i tn hni ti le ttien'l . I'i
]':heinw r ,,archt iha :nknc : t,:irn 'nt
cvry 'hortly I fit' r thir hi : vint first
thlt hl dan, ii tak if hi.' j nit ih. Tho
1 ho l i n h ia ,! l,. , ri n" t f ,r t w , , ,
:!'1 bi.. n:I, it. '1 t,'f h , r f':W in," of m ind
hu' c \l-i ,a iri iii 'hnse to gi, ' ,iIt 1'1n.'
Then illi 'i'rl, i 'tilt f inl th Irl ( -:r 'n-!
She Ti-' :h'e: . \\ut . I tll ' iant lintro
hait til ','t itr y to i. I' n't i't?
! ie ' - e ,1 ll. 11 I ar:k llf i o that l
h \ \ ta . go oi riietlm'.
Suit the hi' 'iiP:4'1l0ni- oalling on Fus nd
"if iiu'al . ii' ie a littlnu . T oht nr than
" that.i tt k shut you off for
go Didn't Like Men.Burns.
li'ss i ,igir- I'ttin' rid rl tor mher
n fair. Mrs. Itirnks wready looking utterlye n
iral and Pa n a mixture oft.
t 1l.k.'d at Bur n sn d ind' k s l'lt: "Well,
Cei t hSelin a desire for a small rt
Sth,.y .i-llt ng ?
suc'es. 1i hi . for his con or his inn
in-nw o"r hl- uncle ronar. aiJneIod jand
slailu him ion the hnek. Fatliqhr tows to
llaginalryll Iuelle 1m n'd enmplliments
hi. fedllow man iin his perscleiea:eity and
hi: fortunate pes estonn of a sense ofI
humllr. IIe Mlites "thos.e womenl-om-those
liwir defectivee women."--New York-
Evening Sun.
"My young friends." said a lmember
of the hbnard of trustees, who wa~s ad
dressing the school. "lht me urge upon
you the lee.slity of not only reading
good Ihookc. Iut also o f owning themn
so that youl may have lce'Ce' to them
at all tlnjre. 1Wby. when I was a
yein moan I used frequently to work
>!1 night to .earn oll(nev to hmy books,
and the n get up he.fore daylight to
read themn."
Real Nerve.
Stenolegrnphe.r (for Itutte & Co.)
"What a nerve somwe men have got!
Right after dictating a letter to him
banker sayin' he ca,'t plossibly mak,
up his overdraft, I~utts asks me to
C(:,nduut 1 ty N fl;. r.l c.urCrll of the
Every boy with ir:acni:atrlilr mutt
f,.l thrills unmnin u ll f nti dI.,wn his
spine when lie tllinks h, .u stul.enlld."
are thi,. days throlgh w\hi, h ie i lia i
ing. Thi. wcrrl lihai nu.ver ief,,rre be. n
e'"llna:giet in suclh a -war as that into
n hi".h nfaw l.ost of thel great naUtitals
tInI hi,.% (a:in the A n.ri.::iaa 1".,y i . -t
e , .r\ ,. .i' e.,r ntrs in tlil e.ri<ie? ):r.
'::r.,t i< ha.ing; a ht!:t r e'xp,*rieh:.," wih
h .r lvy'. ',,lie. r, :.2 :I.taut,, alre r.
!:i1.. tei 1 11.<tt s !t ·! : :. - rk r *ull I . tie
hi hi..ls Tre i-.-i! to r-e. a'e- 1.-..s fr
':r!"..r. a ctl tile.. thin .. ar. :1it havi':,,
ti, Ir ,. .e tr en thi, ov,,rals of Ih,. bo s-.
trll :'ir, "tiy tihts . l,:h..r. it, all o.,, ntri.
:r r , ,: .r. in1g h".' 1. .f\ I", Olie t!" i,, I -
friftirn fit- t i.f.t.,, gir.-at xar .i thi t
. t'. ,'! ,r,. . wh;,,-, I i1l,,!s I'." {t :
:! . e: , . - . .. ,!:1 l,. t i,
I" . oy ,f \\a* r .k '. uit - i :. th r
t\ " l to 'th' of t . I 'fitu .Iuta1 u
tlhrF It i x t! . :,.y ,. :.:: . ,f lA n ' . 1i,:t:
"Th+, f,.ol,,w %\h,, qu!t.: ,,ll !ii< v,,,rk
1:. ho IrI.:I< l I::,i(. ". 1 lit ; .IulT. It
fir lfi-t,. is inht r .i.l .itA , rit " :i inilo
T,:::te.r law :.t ,:pr:tl,. he w\tal,.ha .,
,r !,w n n:,:y r,.,1, wt hit,. : d ,lua. but
tI. hi. \\,t"r<. Th,,r,. i< 'n., tin tdray
fr ,l'lwn!in:: thr,,ua h-c h.-,.I and st!:1u,
ih ",n the 't'riet iairuir-. unlt tryilntL toi
:1 : ike life Ia lhut.. Jke,. TI,- tit ,6 i hf,, is
eaint; bth-a In manl rot .show it w hpie
hf is a h, -in itvd a buy ean he a
fi aurtis . fill l thiat hi htla, r: i.t tI h
u:amrmr, anid haiias xamli.hi i-s a giood
one fir the ina-iratirhn oif ,'hir Itty
ap,'uts. l.i,\is V. Flt<s of Niowata.
Sikhla.. N1hu is not yet a fitrst-,las . S,.,ut,
bat inr: 'lnily takI.-n hll< ie-'tii ,u-Ili"·ss
hrl g ,i., rp,. rti < to at rl .i:t l hkaelnaijiari
tir. s the re."lnt of his rsufrlin:r'-s
aork. 12o hiu:, I of e.:llui.h .. 1 tlu-heIl of
iell, ! ourn, 24 p ul.l n. i f ni'i. c iiinhier<. 13
i,.ks if I. ali'. t lut a huthii ihel of elarly
hl-anis. 14 l1uiu'li s of oliit:ate.s. 1i i"" ks
.'f eai- . 1 hu h, l fi f ,ai.inu l nt p . 31 au 'l
eIl'< oi f l "I c',-aril. n li iin hi.ls of h'r ts. 8
hl ! of1' ,,lo m ,t . i ,,11r 11 ~pe< k. W. u
Ir 1. ill it ks ,' l , Tui .ill,' ..e tl bu i't!lh.is of
,,'.r:. 1f! "i""*. 1 ratil i s I nr l ti squashil 
!h,. I..nr'r, thallt h,, has aualte at nroitl
Iý I
Boy Scouts taking the pledge of one
household to prevent waste.
t,,,.. tlf tu.lviaag ttae fir-ut oir~n tifazi,
di',pIrtaala'it iwaraIala if the f1ai,'1
e.iautnaAter, (htuarles I,". llilnry, Jr..
i lai i is aa~l sit itas t i it-fur iif' thi, tjriilni in"
rl. Iil· .ilratd. they proved flaefinelvtv
jirSelnti aifl, fire +".'hting. iir,-t ahl, ri s
ith the fire conaptany, and the hmys
Isite from th,,ir S ,out dulty sulh as .
Iitllag. ctinae'-f, it' Uli a taiul di ricf Pilag
It,,-0' :tiut! fai7Zt5.. Dlluring tlaeir .talort
I,,iriml of alitang ttte lrtrna.nf. thlhy haiuve
'i-.i-n cnhlhimi lii quiai' a f'.w tar.'-. ilidaa
huive ri--l, ,lit'lx itta l·ii ;ivr -tat niiin c
ylel. Ti afa.. hllS Iaat aUltiahir olf .'det.alu
i-t ti- alhaat uhil.d tei Its oxn rt,.et:ur
-The lotruit 'count vIt of the b-I .
-Ciil, of .Awerica, Ibneluiltaa 2ii72
Di VS rYPE r8C
"A litlhe' hli k d.lg." s~ai Teaal-y.
"behlnged to i \%'r) 1,t:le oid T;,ily \i%,,
always were bloack
\ as very ttty:. hut
tlhe h1 lady wtas
- aI Small that ie',
^-- - 1- ull n ' -aid:
"'!The little i l :tid
tlh, little I:a.y are
,lliei i by tgr e
c t-w- hause:.
- - - \as i.,, . fr he'
._'_" wa\ s jui.st ii- li, I
He Ran to Some a ll n. e
snitr, : I emi'at tiwhh h
alwn}. h.1k,., htl ny ai nd \ tll k",. t.
"lie hald iit, h ;arr., ait %ery l.ilt -'d
a ; t-1 ; l. t ti I r :t II I " e ,lit . .11,ie-t 1
eo, t "at'l a :: .ll i . t,. i ta!.- th. r,.l
If hel s ite uI rI-i f ted :Ia' u r 1l aI rt:- i.
lg e, < ,i \en had l ,l I tt t ,f bt.h"o
TO'U.r-,, fr lrui h ,r . knew- l ,t lit,
ii. to e " i a t ha. e to '-ar- -.. tl :t..
"I'e rhapy. 1..- in i<tre.- tht.' ,l t he
Wtas arl: r ihter ti.,n.. faor ..st woul I
Eio:k the hil :h.t i > Sty: 'Y . 1 d belie\e
Siut thal t \h e Inp ut w:ilk a litr Ile more ."
"\I ot \ ul ( t''h lliy i r-inte'd ta:Il is
If he quite urtll' -r.'t,ood ' ant l :t ,rted.
'Sot h, t l nt'r - ied e toite r shonlt of
our-;e, for his mi<!re:< kI.n .w. that lit
11l dogs did anot have, to hl.:rn I, mo-s.
lut if there h: id i. I suich thingll is
it dogs' Vchool Sh'e "w.utbl haw been
\ery halppy. Sihe knew that ,,,t 'wa:
so much brightr than allmst o ny' thil
er dog she had . ever seettn that hl w\,ilket
vin aull the priz,.s of riblIs and hot ..'
for being stuch clever scholar.
"It wits a chld day ing.d Stit s mire
treiss was fteel:ng quite pooirly. 'I htve
a cold,' she tc ll St i t, 'and I di rnot feel
like going out hre ies t vis sot darp.
You take it run iby y.turself.'
"So she Olpened the (oor and So, it
ran out. 'I think I will go on the side
of the hill.' he s:tid. ' would like a
goii! sctmptaer. I will get waraed up
then - aid will not hte oa trouh, to iy
nia stre.. She is s.e good to re wrhen I
am ill atil( thtere ie so little I Ican it for
her exept to lir k her hanld and tell
I am.'
"btot's fleon lcoked quite k ad at th.
thuighht of hie I stre h I Set ll fith a
ctdl. 'I shatll take htr ia stick for the
lire,' he sail. 'She .sem,'Ts to like my
sticks f::r b I.ter than those ithe khi
(lll1 ll in llrit ' :1 .'i
"S.t t a (':,t i ',t red this w lay r iln , th::.
:,lte leig k:,l Il bice sli'k tnhe thie.n ge n
1tr., h ten.ls : ore11,1' " " the w r in ti lke
to! a" th"r hi!L. Anc, i the- hie ,ait a
"lhg looked :b:arin an. thi tim . h'
'n' e. r:air. o ll r:s i mn aIn h :11to
rthe et'i e of the ltv :r. a'nhder. out in
the lake. ftr ollut from the share - wl
n uptrne crll e d.nd two girls try
ing to swim t ith all their clothes on
to the sh.tre. They could s\ in-yes,
but how long eould they keep it up?
"Oh dear. how badly toot dhl feel
to be so small. HIe coul not re cuo
them. He was so very tiny. But he
had a voice and he could run o hi
little legs. So back Into the village he
tore as fast ns he could, barking, bark
ang. harking.
"Ile rtn to some enr and he sedtood
tround them htrking and jumping up
sad and worried.
"snomething must be wrong with
ihe little old hndy,' satd one of the
on. 'Lnt's ci o and set. Thi dog ne
or Iet· li;e thi  r s a rule.'
"But the d,,g: did n,,t lead them hi
the drection of thr ho-ye hVhtT aher4
hlu lady leve-id. 'She must hav ben
lirt ou !ki .' said t oth r n.
E"But n. Sco led them do y the
"vter ae-n! ther. thy sw the upturned
boat hnol tuet t0o ,
teshor e. Oe l-e ert ha dn o
rtes tig on pth r tel.e . rrseel
kOnown ernugh not -"
tao halmors thi-r and e boa te e etlO
went tou he haud
broe opt-n a ber hi tease a they Iteo
ao take it with
rtat-hhem. e I ta gs ,nte-. Inan
ted to one of the They Keep it Up
hoa t houselttans on e' Tir
he shor- of the leak. Everyting had
been tlhsed up f- r the i anltir-g season.
tas almost over and very few people
went outh in the autumn. The men
roke open a btat hwuste iand thiy tooik
beahd the 'rt-fl girls in time. Ihn ane
ltheseir three minutes they nunit nwrt
atled f,,r help -ut the wolnd had arr
ied their vices in another dir.ctton,
Glld the only onte rhoe had ten thr ae
"How happy he waw, and nI t only
to tw (endr wthat wns gievesn tIr Iti!
•ry the grteful grl ,td-e ae h ti sre
,iease,. ,. f:,r i ,rt t tan that wa
-he pride of the little old lady for he
Service of Good Humor.
nood I ualso r n-t only heles u- to getn
Io get on with ourelyls. Irraltai .'
e -lks keep themselv.s as well dtre can
bekociates ralped and unc mfortad;-.
Ler, a better sis'-r, a thatter friend,
indit also makes " re- i a wtter cmpan
:ay. (ltar the dining table and let
all engage in a contest of twirling
pennie-. or oth,-r coins. setting thern
going between the thumb and finger as
"ou do t,,ps. Secme-one gives the sig
•al to start, and the game Is to see
whose penny is last to falL. A prize
tan be given to the one first winning 20
Expert Says Copper Wire, Art-ough
More Costly. Will Outtast lroy
Many Times.
T !. :t I t ,i.. II ''t I . t , t" ... . .''I
It . ' . i I . . ,
I" r , 1 "
SI . ' t i
V." 1i'.--. ".. 1 I, (ri- 1k. 'l. :ii .- " l i all
1,r: ,Ill:.. -n i . 1. . ',: l i' l. h
tl. v ,1f j . , y . -h , : !a, te urn l Iit
Ot!., ire ch i i i t". • il , tlr at
Course Which Is First of the
Kind in This Country.
].l\" p; n, r, t at n t . r t'.r . ." "
itsra h ti:r li'. -ih a ftl ur-l .:!r ' ,r*
 ll T Il' h thie L,l',-i t i. lir-t of :-Ir
hin-.. a: :t kn,,h " ,,,k. a h, r,, .ho ,, .
klr::.l i fi r t , rvl nt 'ianr Iwi . l. t h. I
.hivtlp had tlh'ir.In r l i r r', I n in l
(l ..rt l:i:. it ..f ait . 'If hoir- t\ f i tutu
Kansas State University Establshe.
Course Which i Is First of p rthe
or 1 .-K-indr In This .Country.
Kann as l ,r, 'I pre rin.. to ,talih trl
lit 1 t.t' ull. iV, '-ity ' l f. ur-r.l , :fir ,it -r
cll t l lul l :ile I , ' tl i , ' Illr-' t ,l f t .ll
k lhs t o 1 ,,' , s t : sh li- h ,d i n t hc , e ., : 1 ,,rr .
tr::o i-t.' d fr.' o mq thi . l"'cIor.foot I t ,i
h rv, aul hruinlhI t ra .'1in r , " inn f -n
d , ":iri t:,.i t f hT :" : f:, ir.: :i ,, pt pr t",
ci t yf tr il1ral '.tl y :,, ir l, r tl ..I f ip -
ar oi-ain,.-r . l"ril . Ih . \ra I it l n t ttr t,a',
t'tl ' ti elt. ..i ,f t*rin , ,i t fr-*. l ." ':.ii ra -
thrnfleveil sidilc .Tha i irnhiint nit.! tartik
to fit ht ,in,''.ita tho, stu, ,I flr l;:.ii
-hrn.m n,, . ', i ne etuaIihia i: iiiin :It t
"ni Ih n fra in t he rlas : elt in -ltl
li ite ',r i r. ln u thorn :h I: h r-ilaui t ,r..f
If it-,m li r,. T h* il.:, . " "
ort , ain,. r. ,tr o it hei,, -r. Vhu tn or
lut univer<itic i trath in . II r .n lu s I
inv. sto s suriidif. It fin s;: l itn r thr
prt, fsir.l ito ? Thfi t ir te h :ir wi : nr-: Ii
ho ue. nho. Thre oif stl.\ for trKin
titur wrk tl df thp rt nt l~p rI Intry in
rvaled Dllnp. shinrs oni brle. k
-re uiii tr fiiis i thl e in -tri ir tlf Tll  ol
flit uii.i nrih\w. Tht rombiPV ift n if til i,*
fL.nih, lBt th ey h m,,nllt la.nr itif it.i
rh, bri'k arrd I f trtin tlhe ftushauri,
Thr ie Uh-t ,f tlhe horkL Ir 1rbtL-.
with Thi .! ihnel i p tly tha rr ,.tlnl .
rtatnrtd s,, fa irly ,lark ti it rirtri th..
trlep, t h!int! t ih. ,:lint , 5 .,l1 + Il Ihit
,l-irkn th, in ff,+ 't li r,,,-I ft 'i,' is .wy
Trade Development Profitable.
Thit* ', ,, ,t;'i,,n if u'ti,.'- t ' akure
t rh a , , , , f , ,r t h ,i r tml-r s t l- fr i ' rt . r -. wl . or -
h-r. ir nl Jf i ,,t r,. i< |0:ir fi,.t: rl' ," kf , n.l i
tI-'i thIi ' xI 'edit in g ofI nr'','iie n I - if li
th,, fTnirhlii- if di rri-IV, th, qui .k id
ruthilh l i T n f! i It rtli lD i o min. l nii l ,
as tr:ni. Ur niviter --thfi w-iIrk .'i f iir
rhallyiinrt o-f r.ili.rti , \ith i h 1iir l uh.
lrfp o l and the .i,,iii" l ,it i n thir
wtrk rtirin Ii htmt fo red fiihl in oew
Throuseh Nhumbher onf C.r:,i, -,, ' ,rk
th e r, outril iit arit i ri it P,: u .t .ri
(.l.:,.Trli- inu. f o nr i e't u ri . In .r I
Alt frihe i- ri t - lf i tI;i, I f -. I'r -, i" !,41t
Thel w! h.rt u-i i v a titC.u i' -i-t,.,I
iIru gian. the i alri: I h tr 'lii' rI'n ,,+ - r
teally air ,,iy-n id .r ir, il , rk- 1.
fiit only fr the ir+,th, ii of f yh-+ ra
nll .tr<.Al but fAour t, armtect.o of
"Ahe cust eimz.r.
House Numbers on Curbs.
uow.' ,re Bltar, o tbee 'url i frtcnt
bef andh rithoughthe. cacieid- about"
At ti str.e t as r,>sig the ,. " :: ,- ,,f t
sheamme m the othem"-- U.e.X.

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