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y more for Ferriage than
w pay for taxes. Help remove
_xtra taxTH E H ERA LD. Cheaper and Better Ferriage
Devtd to the Upbulldlng of the Weot Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURER$' RECORD.
Mrs. Geo 11 in '::-,ri of Burnt.
. is spendi_ a r. with rel
tMr and r \I um if are
sttertaiinn, '.' a d ieut.
Chri L stu :r . 1. ft ' t.lI
te trk. a i - ' i , I at
nrn of I Irre u th; I s i t ):
ieated with t!'e ,i,. rll
has hen in r : lt a" :li ur t. a fn
itpay ren ionts I t d.
Mpe ndi n l hir ,; ' , , i chil
The manycf i*nI Ir y I ttl ,arye
Aeim Ga n > :will r .2 . :1 lt \ .. i ti- , i
enwalesCelt at hi r h 'av Inl .\tti,
s renue after s
Mr. John Lock, l 't.I :lt",,i ~,1 . li: -
g .t of i a i * :+v5 , i h 0
The man) fri ,-t" l it rtle viry
Teal will regret ti i, he is
o saly ill at her 1,! In I' i i i
Beileille street.
Mr. J. R. Jurte f ir til,\in. wa this
0onsected with the ste. on-iI- iiI'd.;
b now at Halifa\. N. S
Kiss Myrtle l;rioihi.~tt if ( ilv.-
to. Texas. was the MiiU- t of M~,l- \.i.
Tanter Josepyh iicr( , altter \a w ikl
ein is convalescing.
Kr. and Mrs W .1 Gissawai of
gmonedy. Texas. tre th, e guests oat
ly ill .rs. Wiers sister. hlr. l;as
ay teills of many street. terti sr
r; some of them i aret of his iow
tg days, when he used to b-hring ('a t
Missfrom the plains of TeIas to (;New
trnss; others onf ('ofederate da..
uasber of Dreph caralry to tight ,.'
B war between the states.
mr T. G. Hayes ang. son left
Ly for El Paso. Texas. where they
I sde. Mr. Hayes is employed
are by the Texas Pacific Railroad;
aTy many friends of Mr. Ike Sey
Mt will be glad to know he is home
em Hotel Dwen ahter undergo ing a
froma e operation.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Com
IIe 21r Olfvier street was bright
mar be the arrival of a baby girl
Mr Trday. G. Hayes and son left
4 te. aid Mrs. F. Digovannl of ye77
r steet are T receiving congrat
, l the arrival of a fine baby
at will be glad to know he is home.
L J. J. Cleutat left for Beaumont.
SHotel Dieu after spending a few days with
tb wife sad baby.
r. Joseph Thorning is expected
gem New York tomorrow on the
ms oper El aonte.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Com
m as of 433 Atlantic avenue was
ighmned by the arrival of a fine
i girl last Thursday.
r. L. B. Blackman. who is em
~rld on the steamship Eldie, spent
hiy here the guest of Mrs. W. R.
Ire. Wagenhauser of 211 Homerl
imat presented her husband with a
CJ.cg baby girl last Thursday.
The many friends of Mr. Harry
m of our town, will be blad
. Jo he has reached France safe
I New Yorkln good health.
The Want daughter of Mr. and
bI .J. Clentat was baptized Sun
y at Mt Olivet Church. Rev Vail
SaMr.L.The name bestowed upon
Sttle one was Myrtle Elizabeth
ere the gponsors being Mrs. J. R.
ithe.lt g and Mr. C. Cleutat.
tirs Waberlbers in Algierr can
Srreesentative of the Sehusband with -
p mlma of our town. will be glad
aSW Water Board is at the Al
ou rthoase for their accommoe safe
b rtg a trip across the river.
The last meeting of the Dock
- te J atJ. . MtatcCord was made
o4 1 the Samson to succeed
Nick Danese who re Elizabned.
Met Wa. Stalcup of Bootheville
~ Sta last week to attend the
tlof her aunt, Mrs. T. V. Casan
Rm . Anderson. stoker of En
sIamy No. 18, who was kick
be chin by a horse several
ebI. austaining fractureg of
IS two places is out again and
S ao Lask, Frank -Killeen. C.
aI Isa. O. Stewart and Dr.
I ipent a few days at the
~ t & Rod Club last week.
these in the senior class of
bi 4 Lw School this session
& Donovan, Carl Conrad and
, of h rs. Mr. Tierney sym
with her in the loss of two
oiery n-la.w, whose deaths
recently. MIr. Tht Tierney,
of Miss D. Frawley of our
4ell in Houston. Texas. on
1f He leaves a wife
i-.t Ildren, among whom are
SRbe rt Tlerney. Mr. Wil
eIFsy. husband of Margaret
died in Houston. He is sur
b his wife and seven children.
U.men ne1 wnere well-known
f our town.
hruday Night Euchre Club
l.shome of Mrs. E. J. l mothe
' th he successful players
lIE. Lgrde (playing for Mrs.
Cor tt). Mrs. E. J- Mothe
SCounevtch.n The xnso
h the lot of Mrs. Pollocrk.
w Osy ill he held " at
Mrs. Goodlet.
B. A. will meet at the
lf Mrs. H. Brown to-night.
elcan Avenue and Seguin
Al tmenber, are requested
- bu ess of importance
AuI Loulse McNeely. who
Hitgh School at Cheney
Svisitor to Algiers., the
- hr rba arents, Captain
C. Btamr er left for MNew
OWIne a weia. wTh is
M aweo Mse.
\\alter .\. Dilzell, pronilnent tlec
trical ('ontractor. I\ llng at %.-' \al
lette Strie.t, was ell. tld tlty il.i trl
it an b1 itll, (C'olulli.-elll l'OUnI11 at its
i ti elllg l u. ,tla;.y nI1lll ig. to anl -
, c'cd the lat, l"o-,ter 0110 (J . Mr. 1)11
Zell ill ia.' ii2e hlis lie % o ,fit l illtl
ary 1, I ll .
thie t'i , loari uL i I h iti and tlii ui.
Sillil - e ti li"lt .t l li- +i .rl: 1 1 ý
)i11ri. tl l iada. Jul., 1. 1 ,I. it.. l,
.;11 I' ~i I cr i -. ..11a11.:a a tIn
al.'l lc riial "c ll\. ,ll . l .t 1i l ,h :ii.
- Ill ti h S .li ..i li lt . I lit.
nl'.. 1yctal" . tillid a \ n la( i 11n .1. -
1 r l, ilztill las a wt ifl,. to dliu ll- ,1
Atill prot,.s t a iii st tlI aoil tlie.nt
ol d Mrl. -t ri'al(l l tia lma e i y I Pi. li 1't.
aite it, i and . I. Hateso . si rtaIy llof
tile e, cutitie b-rl of local o. 1:itt,l.
International Itr tlllrliod of tlectri
lthle protest. i tl a li'ttr iti . lli toi l
Iih'l i. I oth'd ita t'r,',elrit. allut ,, Sta l
iCrll llis iloner Sto4 e, was r. c eivd too
late to t lronl silerd al ti e Co. il.ll,
trey.tinh, acrctording to .tir. Stone.
ulittc., and Ji.h Pd a t.la t.it o.
t'i:a i le s stret.al ot Iir hitodch oit, nlevri
Ao t'r iao wek aSt. a couittee of
Itir i)iiznell Ston e wit., rtwe daeioh
lte tod obe onsolrd t o
A prltesht aicaidnst tho, ai.pohitoiie.t
Mayior tte irnian and adantes, ed the
name of exuti. ve. .boailler for th oitio:,
of city electrician.
The prlttest, i a letter of protest follows:
Hon. Sam Stone, Jr.. Commissioner
of Public Safety, City Hall. City:
Dear Sir-Wet the urndersigned, un
derstand that i is the intcomminton of
the Commission Council to appoint
W. A. Bilzell to succeed the recently
deceased Foster Olroyd as city eliec
triof city electriiaan.
We believe that the appointment of
Mr. Dilzell would not meet with the
approval of the majority of the busi
ness people engaged in the elhtrical
business in the city of New Orleans.
and we would, therefore, beg that you
hold off this appointment until all
parties at interest are heard.
i Signed.) P. B. AUTREY,
Chairman Executive Committee.
Secretary Executive Board.
Mr. Joseph A. Brauner one of our
most popular young men, left for Gal
veston. Texas, last Thursday. His
many friends wish for him a pleasant
The Fifth District Carnival Club
gave a fancy dress and calico ball
Saturday night at Lee Hall, Gretna.
with music by Schilllng's band, and
the following committee in charge: I.
Clement. chairman: J. Owens, Jr., ex
officio; W. Delham, M. Digiovanni, E.
Zatarain, H. Dietrich. The floor com
mittee was headed by G. Palmer.
chairman; S. Clement and W. .Mc
Mrs. Ed. Spieler of Marshall. Tex.,
was here last week to attend the fun
eral of her sister, Mrs. T. V. Casan
Patrolman James Cousins impound
ed a mule and a horse from the cor
ner of Teche and Newton streets at
3 o'clock Monday morning.
Local Inspectors McBride and Bean
last week issued original licenses to
Jos P. Barry as master of steam ves
sels, V. A. Mantranga as assistant en
gineer, and Chas. F. Garvin as opera
tor of motor vessels. They also re
newed the license of Capt. Blrney as
master and S. Hogan and A. P. Goun
er as engineers.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Skelly of Delar
onde street a-e receiving congratu
lations on the arrival of a fine baby
girl at their home.
Mayor Behrman, accompanied by
Mrs. Behrman and his daughter,.Mrs.
Nat W. Bond, left Monday for Ittle
Rock, Ark., to visit Lieutenant Stan
ley Behrman at the cantonment at
Camp Pike.
Miss Leona Koenig, night nurse of
the Hospital, is ~pending awhile
in lafayette, the guest of Mrs. Foley.
Mr. and Mrs. William Casey of
Gretna were the guests of Mrs. Julia
Wilt-ox Tuesday.
Mrs. P. J. Rhiner and r.hildren
returned to their home in Buras, La..
Monday, after spending i few days
with relatives.
Messrs. C. M. and C. P. Casanova.
who accomiainied the remains of
their mother here, erxpect to leave
Friday on the steamship Heredia for
their home in Panama.
Little Dorothy Duffy is spending
awhile with her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Barlow.
Mlrs. F. Goebel will entertain
the Thursday Afternoon Etbchre
Club at the home of Mrs. C. V. Kraft
this afternoon.
We lare in receipt of a post card
from Mr. Joseph Ruiz, one of our
prominent merchants, who is now in
Spain for the benefit of his health.
Mr. Ruiz's friends will 1be pleased to
learn that he is improving in health.
Don't forget the benefit dance to be
given Saturday night, October 20, at
the Avenue Arrademy. Admission
will be 25 cents to all. Everybody
come out and help the worthy cause.
Mrs. James Lejeune of the Lower
Coast presented her husband with a
baby girl.
(Cotinued oa jag. 2)
C Chip In
- - - " ,, ,
Y 7
Cpyrigh ./ /
't/. , .. •
. / "/
/. .
/6 p c_
4' ~ -' ~u
Iittle Anaise Perault, the adopted
daughter u "f Mrs. .John C. Perault. a
forllter residllent of (nur towli, but now
of Southt Itlope/ Street. \was struck Iy
an anttouttobile truck Saturday norn
ig and received injuries which
caus.d her death several hours later
in tihe ('harity Hospital. The chiild
was runnlling across Lopez Street,
Street, near Tulane Avenue. when
she was run down by the truck. which
was driven by Salvadore M.ontecello.
son of a grocer at 4::+ South Lopez
Mlontetello's father witnessed the
accident and with the ;assistance of
others picked up the child, placed
her in the truck and the elder Monte
ello dro,ve her to the hospital. The
vic.tim had just left Montecello's
grocery store on an errand for her
fo.te. mlother.
Little Anaise was an orphan. near
ing her sixth birthday, and was
adopted by Mrs. M.ary Perault. a
widow, from an orphanage seveiral
ago. Mrs. Perault has a daughter.
Miss Ma;aie Perault, who is ein
ployed during the day. Mrs. Perault
has been an invalid for sonme time,
and little Anaise was her only com
panion and caretaker during the day
time. The child was very bright and
smart. and made herself indispens
able to the invalid. The shock of her
tragic death has had a bad effect on
Mrs. Perault. and her physician fears
the widow may not recover from it.
The funeral took place Sunday af
ternoon. interment being in St. Bar
tholomew Cemetery.
To-morrow night Sts. John's So
cial Club will give a select dance
to their friends at Masonic Hall in
Olivier Street.
Shilling's band has been engaged
for the purpose and the many
friends of the club will no doubt
have an opportunity of enjoying
themselves again at one of these
functions which has been recognized
from time to time as one of the
social events among the Algiers
young people.
Mrs. l)aisey .1. Kramme. whose
store has earned the reputation of
her slogan "The Fair and Square
Store" has joined the -"hurry up'
squad by purchasing an automobile
truck so that she may better render
service to her customers. .rs.
Kramme has recently had trouble
with horses that would not stay alive
hence the automobile.
William Heuer, formerly connect
ed with the Fifth district pound,
tried his hand Lt joking. Monday,
and came to grief. He telephoned
the Algiers police station, represent
ing himself as a "reformer." it is
said. and proceeded to haul the po
lice over the coalP. Corporal Hyde
was at the receiving end of the wire
and, recognizing Heuer's voice, took
in all he had to say, then went out
in search of Heuer and "took him
in." Sergeant Bengert accompanying
'Hyde. Recorder Goff put the damp
er on Heuer. Tuesday, when he
turned the joke. imposing a sen
tence of $25 or 30 days on general
principles. Heuer had been released
from the house of detention only a
few days ago.
A meeting was held Tuesday night
at the Algiers Saw Mill office for the
purpose of reviving the Algiers Im
provement Association, or organizing
a new association.
It was decided to call a meeting for
the purpose on October 26, when or
ganization will be effected and offi
cers elected.
The Blue Jacket Terpsichorean
Club entertained at the Avenue Danc
ing Academy. Friday evening. Oct. 12.
with their usual dance which was en
joyed by more than 100 couples. Their
military dance is eagerly looked for
ward to by the boys from the Naval
Station and the young ladies of AI
giers. The executive committee an
nounces that admit cards will be Is
sued on Monday Oct. 22. and may be
obtained from Mrs. E. J. Hotard. 249
Believille street, or Mrs. W. EasS
wood, Delaroade, eaur Veret street.
Hieavy I'Pre.ure and Ec.aping (Gas
Indliciate Strong i-low of Fluid.
In a strip of woods on Oak Point
plantation. near ('oncession. Plaquie
mines parish. Saturday afternoon. a
group ot tired. roughly garbed men
looked down happily at a stream of
muddy water flowing through a
trough. The surface of the water
contitantiy broke into bubble and
along its length stretched a wide
ribbon of what was declared to be
oil. The men were R. Hughes, vice
president of the Gulf Development
Company, and Superintendent Geo.
A. liesse. of the company and his
crew of drillers and tool dressers.
The trough led to the opening of
Sell No. 1. of the Gulf Development
t'ompany and from it issued the
bubbly. oily water.
"By Tuesday," said Superintend
ent Hesse. "she is coming in. We
surely have a well, but how big I
am not prepared to say. The indi
cations are excellent and I believe
it will prove to he a big gasser with
lots of gasoline."
Suspended from a derrick 112
feet high swung a section of six
inch casing, which was being low
ered to the mouth of the well, where
it was clamped on to the long string
of pipe already hanging in the well,
which is now in the neighborhood of
25i01 feet deep.
"This," explained the superin
tendent. "is the last operation pre
vious to what we call baling the
well. during the process of which a
well is brought in. When we com
menced to get gas and pressure, the
well was then choked with the only
thing that will keep it under control
-mud. It is now full of mud. The
water you see coming out through
the trough is water forced to the
bottom and coming up on the out
side of the casing. making the drop
ping of the casing into the well
Drill Well IDep.
In the tiny office of the superin
tendent at the camp were a great
number of slender glass tubes filled
with rock and sand and water, etc.
These, he explained, constitute the
log of the well, showing every stra
tum which the rotary drills have
penetrated. At a much higher level
oil was struck but there was salt
water present, so the drill went on
it way through this, seeking the
fluid at a deeper level. From all
appearances, according to the men
on the job, they have struck sand
stone that ought to be full of oil
or gas or both.
"Everybody is on the qui vive."
said the happy vice-president, Mr.
Hughes, to whose efforts the devel
opment of the company property is
due. "We may get a gusher-who
knows? But that we have a well is
a mortal cinch. She's coming and
I believe coming strong. When we
bale her out, just watch and see
her spout."
A most enjoyable evening was
spent on Saturday at th.e home of
M iss Victoria Giepert, who enter
tained a few friends in honor of
Miss Myrtle Groshenny of Galvyston,
Texas. The "Natior.al Colors" served
as a decoration. Several vocal se
Lections were renderrd throughout
the evening. Refreshments were
served and dancing !ndulz.ed in until
the wee hours of the morning. All
left voting Miss Myrtle Groshenny a
charming hostess.
Among thos.e present were: Misses
Myrtle Groshenn. Florence Senner.
Nettye Worley, Kate Glepert. Clare
Finley. C. Giepert, Kate Renenb.erg,
Zita Giepert, Hazel Glepert and Vic
toria Giepert: Messrs. E. .. Becker.
C. J. Roniger. R.Pynol.s Shipp. E. A.
Dieth, Sam Murphy, William Giepert.
.Tr., Harry Feehan, Walter Garcia.
Chester Green and Officer Reynolds
of Galveston, Tex: Mr. and Mirs. A.
E. Schneider of Galvebton. Texas;
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Cunningham and
family and Mr. and Mrs. William
Olprt, 8r.
I.A. i ass. a paintr. was instantly
killed IiThursday mtrnlnz while ~ork
In- in a la' aunt Iiuildin at .2- ('anal
3re-it. The bluilding was b~ein.
painited for thile c-Ie cupaniiy of a large
ribbon eet' i eirn when Itd.-S. 4whio was
workinea in the top l )i.r, attezlented
to p;lint soimne wood.,-ork inside the
elevator slhaft just as tih,. elevator
weilght des endlled. pinioniniug his helad
and breakini his ne k.
Iva Ilarris. neuero. of '21t ('alliope
S;tre't. who was opelratinl the car.
stopped \lwhen he heard the man's
crie.s for heli:. but the hitd had al
ready been partially severed and thet
nin;n died hb,,:r Ii he ,'!d el ! lifted
front the xIi t.
Bass had ~cen working o, this job
for several days for W. II. Crews.
Harris. the elevator operator, said
that it was customary in the morn
ing to operate the car to remove theI
rubbish and boxes from the different
"I had just started the car from the
fir st floor." he said. "when I heard
'.e nan ,ry out. I thought he was
alln nt and s!.tL off the power at
Mr. Bass wac forty-tive years of age
and a native of our to- n. lie is sur
vivedl by his wife. formerly Miss
Nora .Aucoin, and by one- son. lce
cease! .vas a member of the Painters.
I)ecorators and Paperhangers' I'nion.
over 2t'n of whose members attended
the funeral. The union contributed
to the funeral a handsome floral piece
bearing the number 166, to represent
local union 166.
The funeral was held Friday after
noon, at 4 o'clock, from the resi
denne of Mr. Bass' son, 941 Belle
ville Street. The Rev. Sidneyy ,..
Vail, rector of Mount Olivet Episco
pal Church. conducted the services.
Interment was in St. Bartholomew's
Frank .loliber, bootblack on the
('anal Street ferry Thomas Pickles.
w,as run down on the gangway at the
head of Morgan Street by a motor
cyclist and sustained slight cuts and
bruises.. The police are endeavoring
to ascertain the identity of the cy
On last Saturday night a fishing
,)arty composed of Jno. Keyworth,
Felix Borne. Jr.. T. S. McGivney.
Louis Munsterman and last but not
least Old Dad Cohan boarded the
Grand Isle flyer and repaired to the,
home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Muns
terman, where the power boat Stan
acola was waiting for them and took
them to Bayou Scofield. where the
finny tribe were awaiting their
All in the party did well with the
exception of Jno. Keyworth. the man
who had boosted his game as a fish
erman, but proved to be a frost and
a joke whose record at the end of
the day was one large gafftopsail
with four sails, and another fish
which was unknown to the natives
of Buras and was called by the par
ty a Kaiser fish because it was of
no value. It is now on exhibition at:
Lutz's Tavern from 1 to 4 p. m.
Although Felix Borne had noth
ing on our friend John as his record
for the day was one stingeree and
one blind eel. The artificial bait
Borne imported from China did not
seem to nave any effect. Had it
not been for the '!shing of Old Dad
('ohan and some of the rest of the
party it would have certainly been
a disappointed bunch.
On Saturday night October 13th, a,
miscellaneous shower was tendered
Miss Alice Mahoney. a bride-elect of
the season.
The house was prettily decorated
with American flaas. Dainty refresh
ments were served and dancing wasI
indulged in until a late hour. Miss
Alice received many beautiful and
handsome presents.
Those present were: Misses Rita
and Claire Lauman. Maggie Judge,
Emma Qulnn, Anita and May Bowers.
Myrtle McCloskey and Irene Mahon
ey. Messrs. Gus Harris, Sidney Thlb
adeaux, Evans Mahoney and Eddie
Shexshnaydre. Mesdames Koenig, Ed
wards. Dudley, O'Keefe. Ed. McClos
key and W. Mahoney, sad others.
1. ' .1'" ' I ' 'I, ," . I, ' {I'
r , ,,,\ 1:.I
th e1 i l . l \" i 1. " :it * r
\. ... 1 '. ' ,ur t .:r- II j' 1: '
1,lre 1 pli t -
Pl'tnt- ttl-toled by tho- -trike 11.1
'he .:. ,i ":e: t i :.':r. Dock and Ship'
bo t! -ling , onpai.nv. Jol nson 11 Irolt
o nii l"'  ry oi l II the Oti' a it llllac :t r
ill iO mpa}ny Nontt of the tooto are
eti'nplo~ie at thle -hip re ia rinz plant
of Ithe la,1,'l Naval Statioin.
W\'itln·r JohnsonI. pre-idnt of the
Johnson Irn Wol ,rkop taolr i Time. -
l'icayoioue reporter he la= 'urpri-el
a meeting Tuesday afternoon and
agreed to have a conference with
the union men Thursday afternoon
regarding the increase.
On account of volume of business.
The Florida lat Shop. formerly lo
cated at 5i:1 ('anal street. has leased
larger quarters, and is now locatedl at
511t* ('anal street. where modlern ma
chinery has been installed. and their
many patrons are assured the same
courtesies, and better service. A shoe
repair department has also been add
ed equipped with all latest c.on\eni
ences for quick, satisfactory repairs.
Santa Maria ('ouncil. Knights of
Colunmbus. installed officers at a
meeting last week, following which
the mlemlsers enjoyed refreshments
and a social time. The officers are:
Frank C. huffy. grand knight:
Geo. .. Forrest, deputy grand knight:
William S. I)wyer. chancellor: John
A. Barrett. Jr.. financial secretary:
Alex C. Brodtmann. recorder: John
1'. McCloskey. treasurer: .lames I,.
Hoiant, warden: Peter E. .Muntz, ad
vocate: It. E. .I. Quinn, trustee: lM.
Kirby Itarrett. inner guard: Norlert
IDonner. outer guard: R.v. A. Petit.
S. M.. chaplain.
Iltuis Iturai. eighteen years old.
was arrested Thursday arternoon by
the Alciors police and charged witli
dangerous and suspicious in conner
tion with thle theft of a lot of brass
fixtures fromn fouir Soullthernll Pacific
passcnger 4ars lying at the head of
hIelleville Strert Monday. Ith w"as r'
l-ased otn bond Iending trial.
.Joseph Richard Cruse of P'eoria.
ill.. and Miss Mary E. MKornan of
New Or()leans wer. married hori' at
the Churrch of the Annunciation
Monday by the Rev. Father Hlanchet.
They wore att-ndced by Ernest ('.
Swank of the lUnited States Marine
Corps. llarry .MeKornan and Iternard
M.Kernan. The ceremony was pr
formed in the pr-sen-e of a few in
tinoat friends. Mr. Cruse is a memn
bher of the Marine Corps. Mr. andti
Mrs. ('ruse are at honm. at 214 Verrtt
O'Noal lani. negro, late Saturday
night committed suiildo hby I,0alaing
from the lower dock of the ferry boat
Thomas Pickles when the vessel was
about fifty feet from the Ne~w Orleans
pier on its way to Algiers. l,cek
hands made a fruitless effort to res
cue h;m. The btody has not bo-n re
ctvered. The no-grosa hat floated on
the water and there was a handk-r- I
chief in which was wrapped four
cents on the doeck where he jumpl.
He was abotuit five feet nin inchs
tall and appleared atbout thirty .years
of age.
Thursday night Martin Betlrman
Tent No. 1~. the Mlaccabees. h ld a
wdol-attended r6v\i.cw, with all offi
erse progent. Command,.r John
Schroder presidtld. Two newt memn
bers were admitted and ten applhcal
tions actod upoyn. The committ.. on
tht. coming ball rpcorts arraneo
ments nearly completodl and that
tickets ar.e being dlisposd of rapidly.
Much interest is being arousld
amonest the membership of the tent
in the coming Mlarkey Silver Anni
versary contest. The tent has been
divided with the Red and Blue t.oems.
Captains htve been elected andl a
campaign Is on for n.ew members,
the workers feeling sure the tent
will one of the loving cups.
i I nI.
S I ' , i, x I'.. , ;1 l
I,, i; . .r , ,,, : - I G 't
hI ai. and M s . \ i X. 11
i\\,i , 'l i';l, r .\ 1 . l l- ..
iil,. the Ithixl bhirtld: y i. trheir 1 itil.i
I'nti lit ir Illiti The lhom wa , l.1 t
ti hullv ,il atirl' .andI - i t ixt l r tir < sh
Itiets wair. nlrl l d 'li.rTi t iii fIlks
hien theyrd leirrtd fyr I thir hollles
eiit: l elen Itirdelt,n. Alic e Mis los
key, Ethel lieardoin. Mildred Itraun
Iner. IBlanche (lohter. Agnes Itobichaux
Cecil Fields. Itayniond ieldls. Arthur
Fields. Laura .endz. larararet Su
chon. hP.r 'Carroll. Inez Hobichatl.x
Geralda Kramer. Seretha IBeniate,.
Nick lIeniate. Ira May G;affnfty. Ella
RIobihhaul. (Georgei Suchon. Richard
M et'loskivy. Janliies MicMahon, Charles
lcM('ahon, Andrew Met'lioskey. Ilillery
Mc'loskey, I:Earl McCt'loskey. Troy
Kramer, Alvin Kennedy. ('hristian
Braunner, Minnie Pouche. Lillian Gar
ret, Norma and Zulmhna Barrosse, Mar
tha and Luella MIet'loskey. Mary Ito
hichaujx. Mr. and Mrs. Htordelon. Mrs.
Keninedly and haby. and Mrs. Robi
Aiinounctiiiiiimenlt of the tentative pro
grant for the threlie-dlay bi-entennial
it lehbration whliIen is to rimark the
two-hundredth anni versary of the
founding of New Orleans. and which.
to a tldegree will take the place of
the temiporary lack of Carnilval sea
son, incuitidles an adltdress by PIresident
'Vit.;on. the foirmal reopeninig oif his
torih St. IAiiis ('athedral, the- rie
dedication of ('ity Park as llienville
Park, the striking of a medal to cele
brat thie Ii-intennilal, and the adopi
tion of a city tlag.
IDetails of thle iiroi.raml were given
out following a lteetiel. ofr tih co'nl-
llitte' in charge' of the evtlentsl
\\edn't"stay night. The .elelrationii
will cover February i,. on the ieve
ninli of which day a linii!td I'arnl
val lrts laaninitnl will Iperllit proniis
'o1s niaskiii , Feliriry 14i and 11.
In addition, tlihere will bhi a prltnii
nary .leleibratliot n On ()ctoler "'I. to be
held ill the Mlayor's parlor. At this
salie timi tihere will t.- a celebra
tion in Paris. atendild by three dele
gat,$ fromnt New O()rleans.
Willianm 1. Railey. president of the
Citizens' I4aglii of louisiana, was
placed under an appiarance blndl of
$t00 Sturday morning in the First
('ity C(riminal ('ourt, where he stands
'chhrged with criminal lIhbei The
Im.l was signed biy his piartnlr, Al
frled le Blanc.
Aicompanied by his attorn.y. SRam
ut-l tloirnttilniry. the aotused!i] phaled
not guiillt . Iidgit 1ilsher thtin fixiii
i., hoin at $5iii
Thit otnphlaibtlint ixn thxl (,'t in
Philix I laag. prilri.'ttor of a groivery
and bar in I'a ifl. Ar',niil,.
On last Fritlay th,. girls tif the .s
pilaitadl.e A \VntlII lith Selhool wi.ri
xiv.,li hliir m,.,lals \rwon ill thlie T'inits
liayune \alkixig t'Jilhs Thos'
frotxi ii'ir li[trrix ti rt'i'eiv.- the
xleIdals \air. Mlimses Ila antid Tomi;a
·.,rta I larv.'y. Ilois ;ravois, alti
Ihnrot~tiy atn ('Carloita Kraft.
IIt the exerl 'isis that fornitil pDart
of the prxroar:txlx, our distri,' w;aH
ripriintld by ,li.s ('arl.Itta Klrft.
hxti ti.ok part in thli dall ,, ".;.trdi l 1
t;avol te."
th'li,'vmd to hayv. !,itxn .x'x:x' t ill a
Imarit xl a ire fe,-r' l]i'+ .iulayti i te
thire' years. tho li.-' a' ,\lix aind
Oihar r . " tr " -' t  . Alttrs. ;i. i r eh"ied
ilaintatiun iin ih rear li tari;)y the
ac-'-! mr;in \ander :,l. II. was taken
in .1 Mr. h-os alui :'iv-ri mdlic al aid
and ft,,,.
The ohl man is uinatl, to explain
i how h. str.,llet t, ltlha plantation ailt
otorns nit remnerllxer )rxing i'au'g't in
the tmared fencin. At tie thao, lie
said, h thought h.e was on th,' rivr
front. His head rested on the ground.
while his legs were twisted In the

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