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DWtm1d to the Upbuildlng o the WeOt Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly aOewpaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECRD.
. ,,...-- "  --' · ·I-;'; ......-,,, ,. ,, ,- ,--- ,,- ,,, - ,, -...
I.a F Sullivan. who for sevr
. as co".ne. t 1 with Peter
d rg store. hlas a epted a
.isn 1 hosno t,,.w Lake Provi
A The ma ,y frienus of Mr.
regret his leaving here as he
dear frtieid, w.h:!e in Al
it. are looking - etrd when
will come back Ieie again. His'
however, wish h.m success inl
Sbces Meaith.r has accept
- fraition as l,!armacist with
.i Um RuPpp, to take the place
".0 at by John F. Sullivan.
G eo. Munsterman returned to
--ue 7 Bura LIa Saturday a!
Sh ,-, Ind a week here with rela-[
SCabibl returned from a tour
the North.
". Andrew Cayardl and daughter
left for their hime in Lafay
after spending a fte~t days with
w tad Mr J. J. Vanderlinden.
hore of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Jr., of Farragut street was
by the arrival of a bounc
II boy Sunday.
ra. I n C. Kohn of Pointe-a-La
La.. was in town last week,
k aow days.
W. g. Nash of ('amp Beaure-:
ws a visitor to Miss Marvel
last Sunday.
uO~r.Ns of the all men's Catholic
Sys of Algiers assembled at the
:C. Hall, at Olivier and Alix streets,
I evening and took part in
Ierty Loan parade. The Young
Social and Benevolent Associa
h t at 7 o'clock instead of 7:30,
sight to transact business
sa a to take part in the Lib
Loss parade.
Maria Council, Knights of
, will give a Hallowe'en
In the ball room on Oct. 31,
a large attendance of the mem
ad their friends is expected.
Spagt will be open to the public.
t Tfrnday Afternoon Euchre
was entertained last week by
Sled Goebel. The successful
were Mrs. G. Bourgeois, Mrs.
IL Tassey and Mrs. L. F. Gisch.
L P. Hoogoven received the con
hraEs The next meeting will be
De home of Mrs. A. Graf.
gr1. 8. L. Vail preached ana
the Holy Communion last
at 8t. John's Episcopal
- Orap-vine Sweets met at the
&l Mr. Albert Harvey in Atlan
* Sanday night and a most
tim was spent. Several
members sang, and others re
Dainty refreshments were
Marls Council, Knights of
hald their regular meet
night, instead of Wed
to the Liberty Bond
ia which the members par
forced a kitchen window
Sbheoa of Dr. L. B. Landry,
422 Newton street, early
umorning and, stole $1.90
te pockets of his trousers,
uMy feund In his bedroom.
oy friends of Mr. Clifton
will be glad to know he
after a severe attack
sad pneumonia.
laws Gibson of Cairo, Ill.,
I Mrs. W. F. Short.
Jes. 'horting returned from
Tork on the Steamship El
W. S. King Is a guest of his
tr. A. C. King.
n amrt WIer was the guest of
hr.tr, Rev C. C. Wier last
Dr. Wier was en route to
t0 attend the Medical Con
Dswy Thorning left Monday
M Norfolk, Va., where he has
igttl as a member of the
Matea Club met last Tues
* the home of Mrs. F. Hoogo
SWeesmsful players wero
*. "aep w . Miss Catherine
Sasd Mrs. MceK. Vezien. Mrs.
Mceived the eonsola
Tf, mit meeting will be at
hmm Mrs. A. Graf.
Thrnday Afternoon Five
Caub was entertained by
 S- r last week. The suc
L rs were Mrs. A. Theard
SA. Osennle (playing for
V. . Dilsell). Mrs Louis
S for Mrs. F. C. Duric)
the coasolation. The next
wlll be held at the home
I. Sadler.
t.p) P. C. Wertsch of
- spenat the week-end here
- ad Mrs. A. H. Verret in
d Mrs. Blane and children
- *. Mrs. Petrie. have taken
stiace in Lafayette, La.
. have been issued for
Nb. isekets Terpsichorean
W-hiy dance. Anyone not
nrmig her card will kindly
f hIV. to Mrs. Eastwood or
- y was observed by pos
in New Orleans, or
"bm issued for the clos
m .la ofce Wednesday at
holiday was designated
issued by President
- i acecordance thereto
Juavier caused the clos
Koenig. who has been
, Is now at Boyce,
he brother and sister
ad Mn. J E. Koenig.
Schaefer left for Ba
*U a buslne-s trip for
Piano Tlo: e..
. s=i5pring of the Naval
i .guest of his mother
SEasen returned from
*, and is spending
Scartion with his wife
b ey, son of Judge
Sat home from lef
eia treated for his
Earl Laughlin is
Jefferson College
* are knee.
, returned to her
Lenis after a stay
with her daugh
In the presence of a crowd of sev
eral hundred, including attaches and
sailors at the Naval Station at Al
giers, the Y. M. C. A. Haven built at
a cost of approximately $5000. was
dedicated with impressive ceremonies
at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The
dedicatory address, marked by its
earnestness and the forceful manner
in which the message was delivered,
by the Rev. William Alexander Barr
of Christ Church Cathedral, was heard
with vast interest e inced in out
bursts of applause at frequent inter
Dr. Barr's ref,-rence to the great
world war now darkening the Epro
pean con;tinent and the part & the
young sailors and soldiers in the Am
erican ranks must play was couched
in dignified but forceful language that
carried conviction with every word.
His earnest apileal for the betterment
of conditions and environment sur
rounding America's fighting forces
and his portrayal of the efforts of the
Y. M. C. A to promote the welfare of
the men as typified in the new build
ing at Alciers. furnished convincing
evidence that the moral and physical
welfare will be conserved at all cost.
Mayor Martin Behrman, who pre
sided at the dedicatory ceremonies.
dwelt briefly on the necessities for
surrounding the sailors with all op
portunity for clean, wholesome enjoy
ment as well as for moral and men
tal improvement that will prove so
vital a factor in the perilous hours
that appear ahead for them. lie con
gratulated the New Orleans Y. M. C.
A. on the handsome structure built
through its efforts and expressed the
sentiment that the people of New Or
leans were eager to affiliate in any
way in the efforts to promote the
comfort of the nation's fighters, tem
porarily the city's guests.
Patriotic selections by the Naval
Station Band, which aroused the
crowd's enthusiasm, was followed by
the singing of "America," in which
everyone took part, the stirring
strains of the hymn floating from the
throats of more than a thousand per
sons, furnishing a striking spectacle
of the patriotic inspiration by which
the singers were impelled.
Following the invocation, delivered
by Rev. W. A. Jordan, the ceremonies
were opened by Vice President W. O.
Hart of the New Orleans Y. M. C. A.,
who made a few brief remarks and
introduced Mayor Behrman. General
Secretary A. O. Browne of the Y. M.
C. A., Commandant Nelson, in com
mand at the Naval Station;. and Re
cording- Secretary A. O. Godat spoke.
F. L Thoraberry talked briefly ie
licitating the sailors on the acquisi
tion of the new building, after which
everyone joined in the singing of "On
ward Christian Soldiers."
The Rev. A. H. Ziemer of the Clai
borne Avenue Presbyterian Church,
prayed fervently for the cohntry and
the men in whose hands lie the des
tiny of the nation. The singing of
"'The Star-Spangled Banner" by the
audience and a solo by General Sec
retary Browne, followed by the bene
diction delivered by Rev. Dr. Barr,
closed the ceremony. The Naval Sta
tion Band, "the members of which
were commended for having given up
their relief hour to attend the cere
mony, rendered another selection at
the close.
On Tuesday evening, at the Knights
of Columbus Haal, a most enjoyable
dance was given by BMUssrs. Emile
and Noel Parmentel and James Ger
retts in honor of the boys at the
boys at thrŽ Naval Station.
Those present were: Misses Alma
and Edna Gerretts, Florine Grimes,
Connie Madden. Merlin and Alber
tine McKee. Lillian Curren, Mar
garet Dilzell, Thelma Rooney, Eula
Judlin, Izetta Meyers. Irma and
Alma Tufts, Grace Lennox, Ger
trude Robichaux, Florence Forrest,
Hazel Frilnch. Sidonia Sutherland.
Theresa Platt, Emily Tallon, Verlan
Brodtman, Bertha Baker, Claire Fin
ley and Eleanor Richardson; Messrs.
Thomas Buchholz. Magnus Harper,
Charles and Edwin Stacey, Raymond
Curren, Jim Strong, Bill Donner.
Clark Nelson. Henry Marie, Aubrey
Gaiennie, Kirby and Bruce Barrett,
Gue Gaspard, Charles Corbett. Noel
and Emile Parmentel. James Ger
retts. Emmett Hotard. Bill Fleury.
lane, Stewart and Lambrez, and
many others.
On Oct. 15 a most enjoyable even
ing was spent at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Hansen in Belleville St.,
the occasion being the eleventh an
niversary of the birth of their little
daughter. Dora Marie. Games were
played and a general good time was
spent. Refreshments were served.
The little hostess received many
pretty presents .lrom her friends in
honor of the occasion.
Those present were Lucille Chris
ty, Ivy and Vera Smith. Eleanor
Lilly. Vivian Vallette, Ellen, Ger
trude. Elsie and Jake Hansen, Earl
Angelo, Nesbit Haal, Roseada Sho
rey, Helen Bevan. May Whitten
berg, Even and Enola Decker, Es
ther Sturtevant. Dora and Elmer
Chapman. Hazel and Pat Killeen,
Verlan Eckert and Elizabeth Butsch,
Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Fred Eckert,
Mrs. Hy. Butsch. Mr. Gus Bausler,
and Miss Johannah Hansen.
Miss Minnie Price has returned
from Bay St. Louis.
Miss Albertlne Leeourt is home
from Coylngton where she spent a
fortnight with her cousin, Miss Olga
Mr. Sidney Barrosse left last week
for Jackson, La., where he will be
the engineer of the East Louisiana
Hospital for the insane.
Loluise Riley spent Saturday and
Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs.
I..L Rymt
EIII Spiked 1
I fI
4 t
11 l l III Iý I I ý ' ; I ( 1 r 1 I ýý ;
SI 1 r 1' II' I III
I, I.
ý 7 jl o '
The following from our district
have been called into the service of
the United States and have not been
exempted or discharged:
John Edward Mitchell, 214 Pelican
James David Tufts, 449 Belleville
Paul Xavier Robichaux, 203 Val
lette street.
John E. Hughes, 307 Delaronde St.
Rudolph Junius. 1222 Belleville St.
Joshua Bruce, 1230 Belleville St.
Joseph White, 920 Verret street.
Joseph Gary, 162S Nunez street.
Abraham Palmer, 1311 Brooklyn av
From our district the following
have been exempted from military
service of the United States on the
followlag grounds:
'Dependent wife. John F. Sullivan,
331 Pelican avenue, Lawrence Wil
liams, 514 Socrates street.
Dependent wife and children:
Wm. A. Dill, 817 Belleville St., Lov
dall Pettigrove, 221 Lavergne St.,
Chas. W. Brown, Lower Coast. Chas.
Jones, 903 Elmira Ave., and John
Robertson, 1021 Vallette street.
For the reception and ceremonies
in the city hall at 1 p. m. Wednesday
preliminary to the great Bienville bi
centennial celebrations of the found
ing of New Orleans in February, and
commemorative of the ceremonies
which took place in Paris Wednes
day, the program was particularly ap
propriate and interesting. W. O.
Hart was master of ceremonies. May
or Behrman delivered the address of
welcome and read the cablegram he
sent to the president of the municip
al chamber in Paris.
The band from the Naval Station
gave a concert on the gallery of the
city hall at 12:30 and during the ex
ercises played "America," "The Stars
and Stripes Forever," and "The Star
Spangled Banner," and there were
several vocal numbers.
More than 150 men employes of the
D. H. Holmes Co., Ltd. forming the
Holmes Employes Social Club, at
tended the third annual banquet Sat
urday night at the Louisiane Rest
aurant, under the auspices of the or
ganization. A jolly spirit prevailed.
A theme of patriotism ran through
the entire program. F. W. Evans,
general manager of the Holmes com
pany and an honorary president of
the organization, made an impressive
talk, and was followed by G. A. Bar
num, Paul Renshaw and S. B. Millard.
H. T. Malone was toastmaster.
Mr. Evans was presented with a
loving cup made of candy by the
Officers of the organization are: G
D. Carter, president; J. A. Smith, vice
president; E. P. Koeppel, secretary,
and E. Elder, treasurer.
Os Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
before a large crowd, the Algiers
Playgrounds team defeated the Cam
el Walkers by a score of 9-4. Cum
miskey and Richards, guards, starred
for Algiers, while Eaten was the best
on the losers' side. Goff of Algiers,
led in the undivided scoring, shooting
two full goals.
The two teams will play another
game on Sunday afternoon. Miss
Grace Lennox, the popular young m,
pervlsor of the grounds, is in charge
of the game.
The line ups are: Algiers Play
grounds, Richards and CommiLkey,
guards; Goff and Bevan. forward; RoE
bicha-, center, and Morse, subseti
tae. Camel Walkers: Simpson, Tras
tom. Dupre,. Lurch and Eagan.
Officer Williams is making many
Mriends at the grounds for his efficitent
work. He not only maintalins spleI
did discipline but is a great friend to
the youngsters and often is seen
playnta in the games with thelm. He
is the mawug d the eal tean an
itehe pm. d e hs i I
Beginning on November 1st every
one who httends a moving picture
theatre will have to contribute to the
Government an extra one cent as
their tax towards helping defray the
expense in our present war. Ac
cording to the law all ten cents ad
mission to moving picture shows will
be taxed an extra one cent making
the admission for these shows eleven
cents instead of ten cents, the law
also provides that there is to be no
tax on five cents admission therefore
children who go to moving picture
shows and pay only five cents will
not be charged an extra cent tax.
When you start to your shows on
the night of November 1st take with
you your extra copper as your con
tribution to help along the war.
We also desire to specifically state
that the law requires that the patrons
of the show pay the tax and not the
operator of the theatre.
Ls: r s:rayed. B!ack and Tan hounr!
dog. Ji,, .car ;u right front shm)uder and
r:ght h:nd !eg. Please return to W. P.
Sa!athe, 640 B1uny Sr.. and receive re
This little classified "ad"
brought this valuable hunt
ing dog back to its owner
in less than 24 hours. Try
our classified columns if
you want immediate re
sults. The cost is so little
in comparison with the re
Use our classified col
umns. If you have anything
tosell or buy or exchange.
For Rent, etc.
On Wednesday of last week young
Floyd Umbach. ten year old son of
Mr. and Mis. Hy. Umbach of 220 Ver
ret street. was bitten by a dog owned
by Miss Katie Mahoney of 245 Ver
ret street. The little fellow was at
play in Verret street and the dog bit
him in both legs. Dr. R. IL Riley at
tended him. He is much better and
is out again.
Judge Sam Levy of Slidelt avenue
is the same old hustler that he al
ways was and he has Just realized a
sum of four hundred dollars to be
used for furnishing tobacco to the
boys at Camp Pike through his ef
fort in raffling a miniature yach, built
after the well known model whose
name is the Alex O'Donnell.
This miniature yacht was raffled at
Canal Street and the work was jbly
assisted by Mrs. Jack Stern. The
proceeds will be used for purchasing
tobacco supplies to be sent to the
boys, principally from New Orleans.
Judge Levy is now getting ready to
raffle another yacht for the same
Wol get a very
tong and Inter
eating letter each
week from hosme
(f .u we.ld se.d
The Herald
Send us your Dollar to-day
and the boey at the front
will get all the home amws
each week.
Fifty boilermakers and shipfltters
are needed immediately at the Al
giers Naval Station. according to the
announcement made Saturdey by E.
C. Hammer, Jr., naval constructor.
U.. S N. The work in hand at the
station indicates that emplo. ment
may be expected from three to six
Applications should he filled out and
filed in the office of the labor board
at the Naval Station at once. The
necessary blanks, form No. 1S00, may
be obtained either at the office of the
secretary of the Tenth civil service
district, room 330 Customhouse, or di
rect from the office of the labor
board. Naval Station. New Orleans.
Negro men who can cook and have
a desire to serve their country, will
find a good opportunity in the enroll
ments which have been thrown open
for navy mess attendants and cooks.
Experience is not necessary in every
case as the men are put through a
valuable course of training in navy
cookery, in face of the fact that they
receive pay and other perquisites.
such as clothes medical attention.
etc.. from the time of their enlist
Applicants should present them
selves at Room 212. Godchaux Build
James McCord, better known as
Dugy, who is serving Uncle Sam in
the U. S. navy, is visiting his par
ents for a few days before sailing for
another port. James is the son of
Capt. R. McCord, who has the honor
of having four nephews and one son
serving Uncle Sam, all enlisting at
the first call. The nephews are: Pet
er Shanley, now serving his second
term. Nicholas Gould and Charles and
Nicholas Danese. James McCord is
the son.
Leon Bradley, 50, negro. 820 Diana
street, was treated at the Charity
Hospital Wednesday night for lacera
tions of the head, police report, when
David Robinson struck him with a
blunt instrument at Diana and Vallette
streets, Wednesday night. Both men
were charged with disturbing the
peace. The men are said to have
quarreled over family troubles.
THE HERALD is in receipt of a
post card from Rev. A. J. Schliesser,
formerly the pastor of the German
Trinity Lutheran Church. Rev.
Schliesser, after his appointment to
be chaplain in the United States army
was sent to Douglas, Arizona, and lat
er transferred to Schofield Barracks,
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands.
The Blue Jackets Terpsichorean
Clubs' weekly dance on last Friday,
Oct. 19, was well attended and very
much enjoyed. The entrance souven
ir a beautiful felt pillow top, emblem
atic of the U. S. Navy, was secured
by Miss V. Borne. Mr. S. B. Harper,
chairman of the executive committee,
announces that the club will be hon
ored by the presence of Hon. Mayor
Behrman and maty prominent naval
officials, who will make addresses to
the club, this Friday night. Oct. 26.
The parents of the young ladles who
attend these dances are all cordially
invited to be present. It is earnestly
requested that the guests arrive at 8
p. m. sharp.
All men who registered June 5th
are eligible for volunteering in the
navy except those who have been no
tiied by local boards to report for
exainatlon. The contract of enlist
eat In the navy may be attended to
at 730 Common street, New Orleans,
[a., lake Charles,.La. Lafayette La.,
Alezanirla, la., and 'Shrveport, la.
Sl.r T i t :' in ,
no )'- 0! thr
t : t, n ,I ; p " .. I ina- , r" .
1 1 l h. . , t" ,l . i, . 1 :.. -:e r :is
. - h :. ar < u :. ...o t hi :ý ."c.,a
u ni" l t llht a ni, , 1' " l:... t,:: , 11 ,' ,t: % ..
1x1:1 m thr,,d ! .r" 1.nt n i; rsw l.a
1't-l.,e -r t ; h ., ' , h.e. .l 1. It :'.
..11 *'l 1"'" :.'- . , -:, ! . "' , "1" ~ i ,:'", I.
t r i' i l. ad ,, i ':r h I:i
th" : \ . tm l . 11 a" r 1 ,1 , et," !!
I lit- 11. 1 , , i 1 , " , I t l i
ui a th r l ai :ui
',\ 1:1 , )I1-,' I'.:l . ih i- illy.-, 111 (1 t":.ir-:!.";
t'. t!: n' i Tb trl: of tulu s i::eau .rta lt
-hi'b hr Iod e c eo ui. h
t irk. i
lit r ,.,".:';il ug at,,:: 1,.1i rt u: ' al w irk
"',' .,1 t';i:}lt,:-. ',t !l h,, 1tl~t,.a 1:1,i, :.
tihe n t h l,- ofi It. ar I' ,  -s
rh " :,re "i : , " i:i th ,-ar .: p
A .rg'il:l ~ f!. 1 h.,rai t1iI" neIt't t
>..,rily r. { it" s~i'' },lhli:' emu: li,rt. anlld
h1 .altlt tf Is' th tr... Sh t'le ty hai
rput at thl. dii, n r ,_ . i lh . tari kt
th:itie .knti-hi. b t.r ut n i.a. L : &ll ,t sth
:llrrri, ivt' tied t'ro> t hrotlall~. ý-:al",
\vh..h are oi ahch ytir nd-ir:.g the
hiday reairson at i cart r Thei
le -e estnial atkI itcrentdea to'h
do-tor will havte icharget o h is tr n
bAtion ard sale of lied Cross Christ
niitas setals for the entire state
Ir. elll is an aftable. cultivated
-'enttlenian. a good speaker and has
his heart in this gre-it work. The
league especially asks its friend. to
hack him up to the limtit in all his en
A very enjoyable evening was
spent on Oct. 2'Y at the residence of
Mrs. E. L. Casey at 429 Bo"ny St.
the occasion beintg the fourth banni
versary of their little daughter Iris.
The room were prettily decorated
in patriotic colors. Among the en
tertainers were little Margaret Au
coin and Master T. I1. Conaway. who
recited sweet little poems and little
Iris rendered a song which was en
joyed by all present. Many games
were indulged in and refreshments
served. Among those present were
as follows:
Lee and Loretta Casey. Simon and
Junior McNeely. Arthur Price. Myr
tle Chetta. Irma Lee and Gladys
Sims. Albert Strehle. Norma. Row
land andti Helen James. Margaret
Aucoln. T. H. Conaway. Benny Bea
gert, Richard. Gussle and Vallery
Krogh. J. B. Perrin and Joseph Per
rin. Victor Shelli. Mercedes. Willie
and Matona Smith. Harold Bour
geois. Floyd Legarde. Mamie Fath.
Inez Wagner, Iris and Fay Casey,
Misses May Casey and Hazel and
Adeline Fath. Mesdames E. L. Casey,
F. ('. Anderson. F. C. Fath.
Remaining at Sta. A, New Or
leans. La., P. O. for the week end
ing Oct. 25, 1917.
Men-E. Auffurth. Jr.. Adolph
Bee. A. M. Bollinger, I. Davis. J.
W. Ganes. Edward G. D. Wentworth.
Women-J Ballicka. Mary Fis
cher. Lilly Norman. Daisy Reed.
Carrie Thomas, Elsie Walters. I.
Foreign-Carmen Fraga.
Miscellaneous-511 Patterson St.
Chas. Janvier, P. M.
Jos. W. Daniels. Supt. Sta. A.
Lieutenant Colonel David D. Port
er, assistant adjutant and Inspector,
U. S. Marine Corps, with headquart
ers at Washington. D. C., visited and
inspected the marine command and
barracks at the navy yard in Algiers
and the local marine recruiting office
at 617 Common street Thursday.
Colonel Porter left Thursday night
for Atlanta to inspect the assistant
paymaster's office and then proceed
to Washington.
A letter was addressed to Mayor
Behrman Thursday morning by the
secretary of the Louisiana Fire Pre
vention Btareau. informing the city's
executive that the board of directors
of the bureau, at their annual meet
ing Oct. 10. adopted a resolution ex
tending their sympathy to the family
of the late Foster Olroyd, city elec
trician, and expressing their apprecia
tion of the valuable work done by
Mr. Olroyd toward fire prevention in
the city of New Orleans.
A mail box at the corner of Pell
can avenue and Seguin street was
run into by an auto truck and dam
aged $10. Wednesday afternoon. The
truck is owned by the Louisiana Can
ning Company and was driven by
Arnold Madison, of 1818 Conti street.
who said the accident was unavoid
able as he was tri-ng to avoid collid
ing with an automobile driven by
Mrs. J. P. McNeely at the time.
The fifty or sixty thousand food ;
pledges signed in New Orleans on
Registration Day will be at once com
piled according to precincts and plac
ed in the hands of John M. Parker,
says Mrs. Levering Moore. who is In
charge of this work. She will be
assisted by a committee composed of
Misses Adele Flower. Estelle Carter.
Ruth Tebo and Bertha Holiwege. A
booth in the council chamber of th
city hall will be open every day this
week from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.. where
women may sign the food pledge. af
ter that there will be a campaign to
all houses In the city not exhibiting
the food couservation card in the
feot wmndo,
i :.: r . ; : ," ". r.,,
'I h .. , .. t i I . ,: -
TIat k l r11t:.
I,. " 't O: jh oy le trn" - ' ride w. as
, I · Si:'ii t) a July road
T h' I I e`t the ('.mna! Street
F-:r at O" o u: . k and proceeded
:0 oi:t' a L.a-llache. a here a most
i. :ith toi to - >a- -pent. The truck
S- drive n ,y Mr. J,-. Trlne, who
Sith lt. ,a: aeire the chaperones.
.A han] of mu ic a as in attendance
andT dainty lunchs were provided.
Tho e pre-ient were Mis ,ies Flo
"urlett. Juanit' a II offstetter, Thelma
Sinclair. Elizabeth land May La Val
liere. Sophie tenoit. Thelma ('las
sen, and Ethel l Villiatl;. Messrs.
Andrew and Leslie Ernest. Sam
tra ford. John Sinclair. Wmi. Hoff
ste! ter, Willie Erick-on. Lloyd Haw
kins. Alfred Weilbacher, Harry
Kluntz. elrie Kitlnder. Ernest Bur
let and Floyd 'ioffstetter.
On last Thursday, a double cele
bration took place at the home of
nMr. and Mlrs. J. Teuteberg, the oc
casion being the anniversary of the
birth of .Mrs. Teuteberg and of her
daughter. Miss Juanita Hoffstetter.
The evening proved an extremely
enjoyable one. Dancing was in
dulged in and refreshments were
served. The two honorees were con
gratulated and wishes for continued
happiness and long lives were heard
on all sides.
Those present were Misses Flor
ence Lusk, Flo Burlett, Lillian and
Josephine Pillitere, Inez, Florence,
Vera Lusk and Juanita Hoffstetter.
Messrs. Harry Kluntz, Joseph Dina
poli. Jos. Sparicino, Andrew Ernest,
Sam Crawford. John Sinclair, Willie
Erickson, Waiter lastigne, Floyd
and W\m. Hofftstetter. Mrs. Lusk and
Mr. and Mrs. J. Teuteberg.
The orphans of New Orleans at 10
Io'clock this morning will be guests
of Mayor Behrman at a private pre
sentation in the Strand Thbeater of
"Jack and the Beanstalk," the great
est "kid" motion picture ever
thrown on the screen in the United
States. The children will be treated
to candy furnished by Fuerst &
Kraemer. Elmer. and Jacobs.
The registration day for women last
week was a decided success. The
results were most gratifying to those
in charge and the public Indeed seem
ed more than willing to do its share.
In our district the white registration
was more than twenty-two hundred.
and the colored eleven hundred and
Owing to the fact that many were
unable to avail themselves of the op
portunity of registering on Wednes.
day. the polls were open on Friday to
accommodate them.
C'aptain William A. Luch of the tow
boat iluastica Granda, lying in the
river at the head of Patterson street,
rep;ortm'd to the police that thieves
had entered his cabin and opened the
combination of the safe and stole $5.0
in ten-dollar bills. Th,'r'e was other
morley in the same allmol:tilng to $.'5
in various denomilations left un
touched. ('alptain L.uich said he had
an Ide-a the mnoney was stolen by some
one familiar with the ship.
Four brass cuspi'ior' valued at $15
were stolen from under a stairway In
Sthe (onlmmerci.l Bank building at Pat
2 terson and Verret streets. some time
between Se-It "6 and Oct. 6, the dis
covery of the theft being made on the
latter date. They belonged to the
,Life Insurance Company of Virginia.
Relatives of Captain James L. ('ol
lins now serving "SomeAhere in
Frahce.' and who has been on the
staff of General Pershing, have been
advised that C('aptain ('ollins has been
I promoted and is now a colonel Col
I onel Collins is a nephew of Mayor
SBehrman and al:o of Peter Lawton.
SLot,,tsinz control of a hicycle he was
riding in Alhiers late Tuesday after
noon r,.sulted seriously for Edward
SGlaudln. 14 years old, who lives in
I the rear of the Naval Station. The
boy was taken to the Charity Hospit
;al suffering from a fractured skull.
Glaudin was riding along General
Merrill avenue near General Meyer
,avenue when he ran into the auto
Imeole at Herina Haut.

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