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SwDeved to the Upbulildlng of the Wet Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newepapr."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
. . ..~ -~--~- " ,m = . .. ... =m ,;• , ... ° , , ,
I a "Y frien!s ",. Leonard
will learn ', . ' ,, ,, r, gret o:.
,sltortune s.h i . aining D
h- kie and Ir . 1, td v \'es- Sa
her right if" ,- .I. E. Pol- St
is in kttenda" - St,
n F k I . lPacific int
presented ' i and with th ,
Sboyenh little, on th
go gehg .:n 1
-retrned hou . l : .;,ending w
Reeks ithl ., t r, Mrs. H1
in Vallette , . rh
E. Eddna Schlrui,' , r '"tring be
an attack of h .. . h
E E tienette ar' .I zard, La., he
0 Gershi.i I ' , v iljitll th
SaJ Algbert Gui "t i i \ i-s iti tla
• iama. 1ý C :tl : ,il. h 1:- t
agdhter of or .L n avthy
of EgL, rl. ' . . , e
visited the ii .... :u ,
" eo ry . T e ." t ' " ' 1
friends of t" .. .. . ,.
at the b, , ,tl :tation
We and tO f
Ht ugh l'-C il
returnd .. ' iit
"a. son in th
-- ai Florei '" ", . r' t irted ('
he Houston. T, - : -' n'l:nr
J with 1h ' : . . \W. ( ,
re. Frank Kinh.l~ d i Luis
b dtning hber a " 1rI. WV. f:
cap Jake iit il Itn
am Fla, las: iw aftir spend "'
i a few day.s ",i '. . i. amil), of
,. John I. 1\-1oi, licltihout e I p
reper of Southi\, '.i-. i- \v'ti ii i li
Mr.J. Hansen of ;,: S et.
l the Dolly A:n".d , io:luy cut ,i
I foot, n('"'' at il s.\veral r,
aim- Dr. A. C. li- in at
"r. Frank SiLiuri ri.ir ned home
.ight and is the guest of her
.e many fri,,nds of Frank C.
will regret to learn that he
- een ill at his honme in Verret
for the past iet k.
Friday Night Euchre Club b
at the home of Miss Maggie
last week. The successful
were Miss Maggie Neffe,
Nelson and Mrs. Murtagh. The f
ton fell to the lot of Mrs.
ler. The next meeting will m
at the home of Mrs. Lagarde. P
,Ileville Kindergarten Mothers'
held a very interesting meet- Si
• hat Friday night and several w
.M mares were added 'o the roll. n
t i Verna Amuedo has accepted a
y psilios as bookkeeper for the is
Piano Co.
leallle Kindergarten chiluren e
at a very pleasant day at Audu- n
eIn Park last Mtonday. They were n
b charge of the Kindergarten A
There will be a euchre and mu- li
*mie given Saturday night at
*4uil's Hall in McDonoghville for
pu)pose of raising funds to
a sew Catholic school. The S
Brothers and Emmett Har
1wi1 ftardh the music. n
Joe. A. Brauner. who is em- E
at Galveston. is spending aE
with his parents in Pacific C
r. Geo0: Munsterman returned to it
.bme inBuras. La.. after spend- r
a few days here with his par- f
Yr. Vivian Oulliber. formerly a d
Ar at C. L. Stumpf's Pharmacy, o
la from Patterson. La., Satur- t
to report at the U. S. Naval
as pharmacist mate.
Jos. Roberts of Brooklyn r
and Diana street, presented
hkaband with a baby boy on
"" and Mrs. Chas. Diket are re
- ongratulations on the arri
of a baby boy at their home last
PI.cc B. Wattigney III will be'
-ame bestowed on the little
bey who made his arrival at
heme of Mr. and Mrs. Francis 1
.attigny of Sumner street.
Mrs. H. Goodwyne is home again I
"leading two months with her
S h.ome of Mr. and Mrs. Louis
of 532 Pacifle avenue, was 1
by the arrival of a baby ,
- et eek.
t' Glrl Scouts Magnolia Troop
I will hold their regular meet
~lnlay at the home of Miss
amy friends of Mr. and Mrs.
of 208 Monroe street. sym
SWith them in the loss of
mfat son whose death oc
, last week.
' Ilv Will be a nov ysout penny
lIrie on Frilday. Nov. 16. at
Cui street. Admisslon one
e. and re. J. C. Yoakum are
eongrat~autions on the ar
* a baby boy at their home.
-'I Will be a rrand dance given
USEde c Park. Thnrsday. Nov. 22.
1 nefit of a most worthy
Msle will he furnlshed by
l Die Jazz lRand. There
- mornin pictures and dancing.
Will be twenty-five cents.
ueay frfends of Miss Irene
will be pleased to learn that
Stm hproving after an attack of
tehrman Tent No. 18 has
a Ma-abee band with
members under the leader
- Prof. Kuhn. Everv Macca
- eardially invited to become
of the hanri. They will
th- meetlngs every Monday
Ursadav at the sttdlo of Prof.
137 Vallette rtret.
A. Barrett was elected treas
the Nown Orleans Funeral
Ausociatlon at a meeting
7 nIght.
Iailus Messncr of 244 Pa
*, presented her husband
Sthby boy.
rbHlic schools were closed
Mt soon to allow the puptls
teechers to attend the Na
and Live Stock Show.
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Of 828 Belleville street,
by the arrival of a
l rke enatrtaed the
$119 DAHLIA OA '
An attempt to steal part of the
"Dahlia Day" receipts was frustrated
Saturday afternoon by Miss Fay
Stumpf, daughter of Mrs. Chris.
StumpfL who had charge of the sell
ing of the flowers for the benefit of
the American soldiers in France.
Three stands were used to sell
the dahlias-in front of the Grune
wald Hotel, D. If. Holmes and alaison
Blanche. Miss Fay Stumpf was in
charge of the Holmes statnd. Shortly
before 4 o'clock a woman - walked
hurriedly up to Miss Stumpf and told
her that her mother reouested that
the ci.ar box coltaining the money
he sent to her at the Grunewald lio
tel at once.
"I do not believe my mother sent
you for the money-- she would have
riven you a note." «as Miss StumlUf's
oaniswer to the woman.
.At tlihie words the w llhoman tulrned
away fromt Miss Shtiminpf and soon
was lost in the Canal stret throngs.
Thi- "iname" was worked succ 's
fIlyly h a woman last year durinm
th.e ,lIe tions for tlie benefit of the
('hild \ Welfare Association.
DI)ahlin I)a '" was a complete sui
(' ras. Mrr. Stlumpf announcing Satur
day nia-h' that bele.2. h:;il been -iven
by generous Orleanians in exchange
for the 1,I (,i. riven to Mrs. Stnumnpf
ito dipose of as she pleased by George
tiiks. Algiers florist. Deciding that
she would sell them for the Ilenefit
of the S,4nmies in France. Mayor
I ehrman proclaimed Saturday '"Dah
lia Day."
Those assisting Mrs. Stumpf in
dispo~inz of the dahlias were Mrs.
Gordon Riddle. Mrs. George W. Mc
Duff. and Misses Marcuerite Kirwin.
Alma Gerrets. Albertine McKee. Rosa
Chifici. \1\a Salathe. Leah Schroe
The Thursday Night Euchre Club '
met at the home of Mrs. Chas. Car- t;
bett last week. The' successful s
players were Mrs. Chas. Carbett, and h
Mrs. P. Cognevich. The consolation I
fell to the lot of Mrs. Goodlet.
J. C. Root Camp No. 579. Wood
men of the World, will give a com- t
plimentary euchre and lotto party at 1
Clark's Hall. Elmira avenue and Alix t
street. next Friday night. Dancing
will follow the games. The com
mittee anticipate the attendance of
a large crowd and a delightful time t
is promised.
The Girls' Naval Aid very cleverly
entertained all of Uncle Sam's boys
now at the Naval Station Friday
night, November 9, in the Y. M. C.
A. building.
Employes of the South New Or
leans Light and Traction Cimpany
will give a fancy and dress
masquerade ball at Lee Hall. Gretna.
Saturday. Nov. 24. with music by
Laine's band and the following com- I
mittee in charge: A. P. Soulant.,
chairman: Herbert Fink. ex-officio:
Ed. Miester. S. Erris. V. Macaluso.
O. Lacoste. L. Cantin.
Lieutenant Wallace H. Herbert. Jr.. I
Is visiting his parents at 204 Dela- 1
ronde Street during a ten-day furloumh t
from Camp Pike.
Corporal George Hoffman was on
duty in Algiers during the absence
of Corporal Hyde who enjoyed a
three-day leave.
At a recent meeting of the Story I
Tellers League, Miss Lois Gravols
I narrated a folk tale "Uncle Wind and ,
1 Brother Drouth" which was greatly
On Friday. at 12:30 p. m.. Miss
Sarah E. Pearson will present the
t following "European Lands At War"
at the series of meetings given this
e week by the Young Women's Chris
e tian Association.
t The Junior Circle, King Daughters.
s held their regular meeting last week
at the home of Miss Elizabeth
n Higgins. The winter work for the
r circle was outlined and routine busi
ness transacted. The Juniors ask
a that the public kindly assist them
a by sending any old or outgrown
y clothes to their leader, Mrs. Jas. I,.
Higgins, 537 Bermuda Street. who
D will forward them to the needy.
t Mr. J. Ehlers, who was seriously
injured in the eye while at work at
the Naval Station some time ago. is
out again.
James H. Blenk Memorial Circle of
St. Margaret's Daughters will give a
euchre and lotto on next Saturday,
November 17. at the home of Mrs. T.
PF. Richardson, 712 Pelican Avenue.
The following committee is in charge:
Mrs, R. Whitmore, president; Mrs.
.. Morrison, chairlady, assisted by
r Mrs. Robert Whitmore and Mrs. Ella
Mills. Mrs. W. F. Short is chairlady
n of the lotto committee.
Mr. McEckrog is enjoying awhile
y here with his family at "DI)elaronde
v and Bermuda Streets. after a trip to
'e France and England.
g. It has been discovered that the in
s. fant born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Good
te w-ne a few weeks ao' came to this
it world with a perfectly formed tooth
f of which the parents are very proud.
The Tuesday Night Euchre Club
as met at the home of Mrs. Mills last
th week. Trhe successful players were
r- Mrs. Alice Corbett and Mrs. Blag
a- gini. The consolation fell to the lot
r of Mrs. J. Owens. The next meeting/
Ill will be held at the home of Mrp.
IY Alice Cowbett.
tf. Merton Sadler. who enlisted some
time ago. has been called into ser
15- vice and is stationed at the local
al Naval Station as hospital apprentice.
ig The many friends of Mrs. Theodore
Conaway will regret to learn that she
a- was compelled to undergo an oper
Id ation Monday at Hotel Dieu.
Tickets are out for an entertain
ad meat to be given for the benefit of
Is Miss Alma Quinn. who is having an
a- operation performed on her hand.
w. Miss Quinn was burned nearly two
ik years ago. Everyone come out and
at, help the good cause. The benefit will
a be given at Electric Park Thursday,
November 22. Music by Schlling's
b te Jass 'Bad. Admiaem 25
. , .
II Reason Enough U
BJ -8WIS5 Wrs iv"
\ \
, ,\\\\\ , \,
w - PRENT p o o p a
Aon G ouR ALLIES '
..rnothr plan to o:;tainl moncV by
nosing ~s an aIrmiy oIiOr was lip|ijed
Monday %hen WV. It. M\illkj. alias W\il
lii n Evavs. was arrested by Patrol
wen \Weitraub and ltoffman at At
1an3tic and l'atterlon stret s. lie was
tal:e.n to the Algiers police station. ,
sayviog he was a clerk and had noof
home in this city and giving his name
is W. H. Miller.
He admitted. the police s-y, that
he registered at the St. Charles Ho
tel Sunday under the name of Wil
liam Evans. Sergeant Bengert got in
touch with 'he hotel manacement and a
learned a man by the name of E. H. E
Evans registered at the hotel and at of
10 o'clock Monday went to the cloth- T
ing store and ordered an army lieu
tenant's uniform, for a hich he was to
pay $7 2.ot telling the clerk who wait
ed on him to send the uniform with tl
the bill to the hotel.
A toy was sent to the hotel with
the uniform. where Miller took the b
bunllo containing it. then dlisappeared
out another door with the uniform in P
his possession. lea\inc the boy stand
inc in the room without the money. fi
The police were notified and a des
erintion of Miller was sent to all po- 3
lice stations. When Miller was ar- 3
r-steed he was in civilian dress, but F
carried with him the bundle contain- !
ine the uniform. t
A clerk from the store who sold I
the uniform went to the police sta- t
tion and identified the accused as the ,
The Blue Jacket Terpsichoreant
Club gave their usual dance Friday 1
nieht. Nov. 9, which was well attend
ed and much enjoyed by all present. d
The feature of the evening was the d
giving of the prizes won by the young a
ladies of Algiers. First rize was giv- a
en to Miss G. Legendre. a beautiful l1
middy blouse, an admission prize: I
second prize to Miss B. Fahares. a I
$?.50 gold piece: third prize to Miss I
A. M. Tierney. a $2.50 gold piece won 1
at the Hallowe'en dance for the most 1
orizinal and prettiest maskers. An r
admission prize will be given at our
rextt dance. Friday, Nov. 2?. a beau- I
tiful swagger stick.
A quiet but pretty wedding ot the
past week was that of Miss Louise
-mbach to Mr. Arthur Ruiz, a well
known merchant of our town. The
ceremony took place at the home of
the bride's parents in Patterson St.,
the Rev. S. L. Vail officiating.
The bride is the charming daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Winm. Umbach, and
- a sister of our esteemed assessor,
. Henry U-mbach. She looked lovely
in a coat suit of Burgundy with shoes
and hat to match. She carried a beau
r tiful boquet of bride's roses and ferns.
L Miss Monica Escousse was brides
maid and Mr. Charles Marxen was
boat man.
After the ceremony the bridal party
attended the theatre and afterwards
) enjoyed a supper at the Grunewald
C( ave.
The newly married couple have a
hc-st of friends here who wish them
s much happiness and success in their
1 married life.
t The fuel administration has set No
e vember 15 as the effective date of the
. -estrictions on the use of coal for
electric display advertising.
e ,egulations will be issued limiting
- to three and a quarter hours. from
I 7:4. to 11 p. m. the time in which
at -ank UM e ihm md erlep.
James Hubert Blenk Memorial
On Thursday, November S. the see
and meeting of St. .Margaret's
Daughters was Jheld at the Kniahts !ul
of Columbus Hall. Quite a number v,
of new members were enrolled. IAi
Mrs. Behrman sent her greetings' ha
to St. Margaret's Daughters togethert
with a donation of $10. 1
The Circle hopes to realize quite ,v
a large amount from the Lotto and fe
Euchre party which will take place a
on November 17, at the home of Mrs. at
Thos. Richardson. in Pelican Avenue. su
There will be no charge for admis- lu
sion but tallies will be 25c. Several
beautiful prizes will be offered among
them a piece of fancy work from
Mrs. Short.
The second prize will be donated
by Mrs. Whitmore. while Miss Ella
Rees has promised the entrance
The following is a list of the of
ficers elected:
Mrs. R. F. Whitmore. President:
Mrs. E. Mills. first Vice-President:
Mrs. A. B. Clark, second Vice
President: Miss Emma Rees, third
Vice President: Miss Mamie Hagger
ty. Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. El
la Crane Andrews. Recording Secre
tary: Miss S. Murphy. Financial Sec
retary: Mrs. J. P. Nolan. Treasurer.
An enjoyable evening was spent at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
Haley. when their popular daughter.
.Miss Grace Haley. entertained a few
of her friends. The parlors were
decorated with cut flowers and ferns
and a large American flag draped the i
arch. Dancing was kept up until
late. Those present were: Misses
Rachel Perrin. Gladys and Lillian
Burmaster, Mamle Frost. Rita Damns.
Verna Hausknecht, Winnie Tillotson. ,
Emelda Hlindelang. Myrtle Ehrhardt.
Emma Gegenhelmer, Edna Zatarain d
Mamie Nichols, Grace Haley. Messrs. n
A. T. Higgins. James Owens, Stanley
Diket. Earl Tillotson. James Coney. (
Raymond Daly. Thomas Noonan. Mal- j
colm Ehrhardt. William Anderson.
J. Miller, C. T. Williams,. H. E. Rol- i
ler. John Gegenhelmer and Mrs. L. c
A. Haley. c
Mr. Harold C. Malone. who was
company clerk of Company H. Thirty
second Tnfantry. stationed at Seho
field Barracks. Honolulu. Hawaiian
I Islands. has been promoted to the
position of custodian in the ordnance
department at Schofield Barracks.
Mr. Malone has been in the regular
army fur three years.
SI There was placed before the Fire
s Board at its meeting Wednesday in
I the mayor's parlor a petition signed
by every member of the department
I from assistant engineers down. ask
a ing for an increase in pay of $10 per
r month. The petition asked that if
this cannot be granted permanently.
that the city at least make this al
lowance temporarily, or while the
war and the inflated prices of food
I. and other commodities exist.
Remaining at Station A. New Or
; leans. La. Postoffice, Thursday, Nov.
n 15. 1917.
'I Men---Collin, L. B.: Hunter, Prof.
I. Julian: Ivory, Prof. W. M.: Jensen.
s Christian A.; Lewis, M.; Powell. C.
Women-Barnes. Miss Billie: Bell.
Mrs. Kitty: Chearlene, Miss Emma;
Gestellian. Mrs' Rose: Hughes, Miss
Susie: Killebrew. Miss Emma; Pir
. ree, Matilda; Reed, Miss Everlener:
Romero, Mrs. Philomene; Wain
wright, Miss Espie; Williams, Mrs.
SMisceilaneou--"The Seven Daugh
e ters, Algiers, Ia."
a Charles Jauver Postmaster.
3.s . n. eaets IwS. ISti A.
Any financial writer or others act- Ila
ive in investment matt-ers know that the
until very recently the small In- in
re.-tor has r,-ceived a raw deal in the
Amierica. The man N ith millions wit
has been fully protected or can pro- thr
tect himself and enter into a minute eff,
and detailed investigation of any in
vestment offered hint, but the little chl
fellow. with his funds at interest in ter
a savings bank, who has neither the wo
ability nor non,.y necessary to make in
such investigations, has been abso- wh
lutely at the mercy of every glib- Ito
.. T
. .
K i
S. 'ci"
tongued indiividual with a pretty
sounding scheme.
New Orleans has had ample cvi
dence of this during the past several
months, and recent developments
~ should prove to the small investor
the wisdom of knowing fully as much
concerning the house offering him
- le security as the isisue itself. And d
it Is in this hasonnection that we take
occasion of bringing to the attentionveral
of our readers what is without doubt
one of the most remarkable successes (
inuth prove thent world-the Sar- P
I gent plan of servh e, originated and
I practiced by Sargent & Co.. Inc.,
e swhich is the largest and best known
concern of its kgid in the attord to
The success of Sargent & Co., Inc.. h
may well be described as the growth i C
of an idea. Three years or so ago. tl
SLa Roy Sargent. now president of :
r the company which bears his name. r,
con -eived the idea that an organiza- 1
tion which would offer to the small I
investor something of the service ohb
tained by the large, and whch would l
make safety and service its key notes. ti
\nwould succeed. Ils faith in the idea
d resulted in the opening of the oriei- 'i
nal office of Sargent & Co., in Minne
t apolis. The idea was to offer only h
safe seurities, which had been care- e
.r fully investigatedl in detail and which a
contLined little of the speculative.
and to offer them in a manner within I
the reach of the small investor.
e The big company has offices in the 1
d Whitney Central building, with Mr.
Wayman in charge. t
r The friends of Col. and Mrs. J.Tames
v. Lawton Collins will be interested to
know a son was born to them Novem
ber 5. Since tLe departure of Colonel
SCollins to France as General Persh
inc's aide, six months ago. Mrs. 1
"Collins. who was formerly Miss Vir
ginia Stewart, has made her hoine
' With her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I'.
;' S. Stewart, of El Paso, Tex. 1
r: The many friends of Mr. Rudolph
in- Engler will regret to learn that he
*w'Ias painfully hurt about the back
last week when his train was in a
h-I wreck at Addis.
Mr. George Munsterman, who has
been attUandin achol hLre left yes
terd tor hi. .es la B.rs ...
Mayor Behrman Heads Movement In Algiers
To Send Soldier Kit To Each
Man At The Front.
: ii .I''F'H 1," !'.\ ," ''.I . . .l
' .1 th i '.hrl- . , .
( I,, 1 1., - fi" . . ,- "'r. l. ' ] ,ih , , . ..
th, i wll rr .. it a~-, ' l
ri ' i ir.: , :: '!" . .
Ir. it. ! n l
11 11" ! t. i
' , I, h , . ' "- 1
'- , i I- '1 . i. ,1" i , , n"
C"rL re, ,V .'on.-t",r. f "n h .I h'
,1' a.:h. fifth. Tlu' ,l ' T . 1'.
, t 1 th , "'. - _, . n t l , , n , n w i l l ' rh ." t h
\1 ,,1nr I hi r i Ei' :,li utric · :i ll , .Ia
p' l, d ,.o w r f itil:zi in th,.:r 1),,w ,.'r I , -
Itn' 'i r al: I-te li-t lfh"' 1f i h twc wh}
ha .- bleen 1ia ft ei a',,I t thl oe l '",
h;ve oenlisteol, inchlidin.2 white in, Ii
aitd n ari,.. , t hatI nto one might hb. !.1.
¢,lniftted It is d,,ir,.,I that th ' pulh
lit. ,o-o1 .r'te with , the' ..omln itteent, T) t"
to this and th
A fnot'n*telmenlt w -a tniide th:t Philip tr,
Poto of the Folly Th,.ater and .Tatn' . I
Fo-ter of the Electric Park hal
placed their places of anusement at b'h
the disposal of the committee for uis" Iii
in connection with the campaign and1 F'
the organization accepted the tend.rs ll'
with thanks. The meeting was en- .W
thusiastic and all pledged their hest
efforts In behalf of the movement.
Mike Roonley who was named
chairman of the committee on en
tertainments, stated that the clubs
would also give other entertainments
in the Electric Park. the dates of
which have not been fixed. Mr. in
HIoonevy's committee is as follows: nr
Henry T'mhach. George Ilahn. W.
Dilzell. George Foster. J. .Moynagh
T. Goff and August Ga .pard. ni
The Gift-A Soldiers Kit.
With the funds raised, a Soldier's
Kit will be purchased for each of the i
boys. This Kit is put up in leather
and contains a razor. brush, soal.
tooth brush. needle. thread, comlb
mirror, and the necessary toilet 1
articles these are so essential to h
health and comfort. Each of these or
Kits will cost about $5.00. each h,
With this Kit will alsQ go randy.
cigarettes. and tobacco.
Lists are being circulated by the ,r
different precinct leaders for con or
tributions. Mayor Behrman heads S.
list with $.n,0. 0
The following is a text of the ap
We the undersigned do subhscribe or
the amount set opposite our name.
to the Christmas Fund, for the pur
pose of sending a Christmas offer- at
ints to the boys of the fiftenth ward
who are now in the service of the r
United States Army and Navy in
recognition of the partiotic response y
to the call of our country. Thouih
absent from home they will always T
he remembered by their friends.
Judge Sam Levy Lends a Hand.
In order to help along the hie I
movement for sentling ('hristmas
r presents to both the rolord and 11
white soldiers at the front. .tudte ('
Snam Levy is now busily eneated in 1
I disposing of a beautiful modeled
* yacht aliQut $IWe feet lr4g9. 'ahich F
wais manufactured in Paris and sent
her, a few months ago. This model
cruiser is valued at $100. .Judt. r
. On last Saturday. November 11th.
. Mr. and Mrs. II. Pallon enterained
a jolly crowd of children at their
home In Delarondo Street. the o- i
h casion heing the fifth annivyPrary of
Sthe birth of their son Pat. The hoite
Swasr prettily decorated anid daiinty I
e refreshments were served. Many
a ame x were played antong which was I
illtehn's Nnuahty Bably. The first prize 1
. which was a Rled C'ross pin eu-hion.
Id was won ly little. Anna (Ixmtn:, andi
Sthe Se otlid, a J.apansCs dll, wa. won
a. hv l anlitta Botlo l)ancina was ih- .
i" dulged in until a nlato hour.
. The little hoxtess received many
lv boautiful and usefull presents. Each,
e child received a hand painted plate
h as a sonvenir. i
. Those present were: Katice and
n Iolots Dennlis. Lilllan Seawarid.
Mvrtle. Anna and Rosalie Oxman.
b .Tiuaita and Evelina Iotto. Alha and
Ir. Grace Crombhie and Betty Guy. M.
tors: Kenneth Guy. Audley BPotto
George Dennis. Nelson and Pit F:Pl
S. Ion. Miss Mary Riley. Mi-, Mary
Meyers. Mrs. Geo. Botto anid Mr and
s Mrs. IH. Fallon.
.h AIls Henrietta Miller entertained
rs. her friendts at a party last Thursday
Ir- nieht. Refreshmnnts were served anti
ne dancing was Indulged in.
I'. Pop-corn balls were much enjoyed
by the young folks.
Those present were Mixse Myra
Burmasser. Tillie .tutz. Norma Fred
ph erlcks, Adele Burmastfr, Rosalie Ila. I
he Sadie Brias and Henrietta Miller
k Messars. (eorge Jones. Earl Cayard.
a Marion Short. Claude Hauer. Nell'
Wilson, Emile Fredericks, Irving
s. Felst. Melford Pitre, Edgley Schroth.
5- Rene Oivier, Warrean Spitrtdden and
t. •h b'. 1 .t .1 ý "' t City. 1'
* " t F T ,
(! (' . '. ! .I; . ..
I h i I
. .i i
I i. h. I' T h ' i T ..
'L, V. '+ i , ' i-' 1 .
!,, . l ti ia t i
t f,.ll-i i- h " 1t mitt :it te in
Elhetrie: John MSatnhrd hNiriaht
'1 in Miiitin liehrminan. i'. fli-o; .lnai.
P ,tr. MIvin T. t e' i-in. Pat Mi
I t " h ," , nf, , t. i h i .t
It ,' . ]i, . h ,, ,i . ,, or tr l in (,
Ladies of I iSecond Precinclt to Give
(in 'Mat1 ly n3iht a nnibier of la
milt l tl h :1 f ilhnc. of Mra . P. F.
\lintz nflld S ,oir i i l to nsiFt in aliR
inT flsmf fhiir the s i, iolr s aniil, Sail
IDor ( Fhristl i  Nl i it AFinei.
They decidi-ii to rive a dance at the
Avene Dancinhg Academy on Frliday
ninht. Nov. n1i The admieit ol will
be ?"i ents . If is oepected that there
wDill e a lanre Nittindance. ans the
The ila tie extenie thof ir hearty
thanks to thre .Tackie Tlorpichor and
Th'li for deine so kivie a dance at them
hven the Dan lin for thadet niht. Ev
help t.e wo rthy dission wil
Thwill f alloire will sernd e on the
cotOntitttl: Misses I. anil A. Path. F.
imont E. on7. tMnd a tokrniernn. Fhlor
inc thet erv is. . li ,onler. Stanh plry.
Th cin. . eTdlin. th. lrke. heartylv
ilankth Ton e .TIckitn. 7Terla ihork
ins. Al ic .uin. K. o ;ihon-y. I. M rr
hirne the A. Slhol. 't f cr Sha nich. .v
Ir itO crt is 'x, iiitiecd to con l ic oii t and
an M. followsin. Nlelason . on lCe
I. nnirl,.: P.i nd IF. advell, IT. and L.
elnF. MI.i. 'Miary. .\ictorIa. Hazel.
and hitar Gi,.rt. T. .ann d . F narthet.
i. Z-ar-in. C. .tanley. K. and F.
.r.ilah. C. ~n lner. antd . 7rodtman:
1in. Al~ce P. F. hfuntz.. e. Ma. M:C.
letz. T. er orri oii. d. .a. Stanhd ury.
i r.nolltr. . ho. .T lin. . .T. Mothe, S.
lnoldnt M. F. Short. A. Short. . P.asey,
. Kirthey. F.M cndor niack. M. . an LM
\h'nor. J . IMcGakin. VC. hrnricak. A.
a. .mita tlpo . T. lnien. . .Berthe
. Zatr. ai. F. Sence. C Vint. .Tno A.
I rtpp. C(. .T. Peterion. Lx and Scoot.
Sc. t;errtts S. Keunntir. Ayrock, C.
i Boltnick. . lont. i r, A.F orrcEter. F'.
Ialerthot. IK. Mcornac. M. lln Ma-illot
Iho Prak J .inson akin . .lihnso. an. A.
1. .Irai eod ..t. 1, llieeinsl , P'. Rorthe-.
s Mainys. .. F.Spene. C \'inet..inn A.
I \ilprril. C JarrPis. Sahnriau and ReSo
l ney.
i Th licknse linron u Ir the re-l. .
ir tratinn of chaiffeurs will lie located
i·- in iommn ircianr'i nr Stone's icifie or In
it lthe orlic ha .f Ti rk of t heI o (uilloti
P in con.il. ichn orn a in to ohnnounc, e
v t mi aie y the M. ould. M. Ptlsirsoner. No
Sipositpln. which Jiwill . I $t100 i per
le month.
av The iT phli lt- f-it i. .-li t.c.-'i -will ni t
il bi i1jm lt -it to their lri-int- g nhriil
in -it. Jut ri-fe - ' --- - ii t -haraitior
i r torril. (' ll tarrsr- Sabarliu and Rea
t owifi n irit-.' i-ira whti~' are inot
Susied fr himr, to i.bjtain liir.nses anti
i. e .
The menlobr of tllr. Comnh rn-r :t
tr en Tsln ay of last u rwilk in the I tn
ryi v('n i iarlors and' a r n i. .aunini l -
ad tinr- was hatl. The t.an tlits
Tp ho anJ-u i-hr anf ti , wi. lssfil
lar. rt wiT-Nre , S--s Anrri.n E ussh-,
.This i -ub is for,.. ,d of th os hlr ioten
illil/ di 1arlrho ; ie gra1lnatie y from thI
al cote nor i our o of the Praor hial
nt lsn Lol ite io l r ilhint nion of the
hlUt to fl',n't onle R month. anir thi
ed os'' mertitn witll ie held on th"
r!t fr ronl ay of ,lie l .mer.l .n
rd. t 'iuh Herald will not hold the rotn
ell , a o Thanksgiving races thi year as
n I heretofore on a.hount of the war ha..
thI ing taken from our d.strint tany of
ad the h oung men who formerly partic
"l ated i. these raees.

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