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Deved to the Upbildlng of the Weot ide of the River. "A very live and oreditable weekly aowspapec."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD.
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Cbharles M.idIahon and daugh
t nd Mrs. F. Weber have
to their homie in Marshall.
fter spending soime time here
Sl . J. Borlne. Jr.
C.I J. Le\%is is the guest of
it n Pointe-a-la ache, L.a.
itlursday Afternoon Five Hun
Clab met at the IiomU, of Mrs.
gdler. The su.ccssful play
Mrs. R. E Whitmore (play
ter Mrs. 'I A. Nelson and Mrs.
LDil.ell. Mrs. 1). Murtagh re
the consolation. Mrs. K. Val
will entertain at the next meet
bsel Gladys and May Munster
a d Olive Holmngren spent the
ap t Buras, Inl., the guest of
ad Mrs. George M:unsterman.
Alita Baker is spending a
at Burgn, La., the guest of her
 s. George 31unsterman.
j Bslleie Chauvin spent Sunday
iUaje Ruby Webert spent the week
the Misses Rozes.
gglaoad Curren has received
teas a registered appren
I pharmacy. Mr. Raymond
will receive his next week.
yug men are employed at
;./'of interest to our rest
' .was that of Mr. Elmo C. Cara
-afhrmer resident of our town, to
Sartha Julian of Violet, La.
Behrman left Tuesday for
Christi to attend the meeting
Ino lland Waterway League,
promoted the intercoastal
agNo New Orleans to the Rio
sad Mrs. Walter Harris have
-spgathY of their many friends
gss of their four-year-old
, llian, whose death oc
Monday at the parents' home
a-sn~tos Avenue4 Interment
& e- PJ Tuesday in McDonogh
AbUrt Goebel arrived last
-o pend awhile here with his
Mrs. W. L. Anderson of
Atesne are receiving con
on the arrival of a baby
t*ir home.
ten-minate service is
given on the D.retna and
Station car line through
ea the switch In Brooklyn
The work was completed
S elaning fell while re
Lems trogp church last week
a fractured' arm. Mrs.
.was severely injured about
aera ago by a tall.
sulg crutches when she
.he second accident.
will be given for a worthy
Thursday night at Electric
music by Schilling's Jas
j*ctures also will be
the committee In charge
a successful event.
Mrs. R. E. Hingle and
Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.,
day here with Mr. and
 f Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
2l3 Verret Street was
t the arrilm of a basb,
thursay Afternoon Euchre
temtaned last week by
Heletetter. The sue
were Mrs. L. F. lsech,
Clarke and Mrs. O.
for MAs E. J. Moths).
received the consola
4. 80se will entertain at
spent the past
4Iacha the guest
De Blau and Charles
S the week-nd at
Albrecht and children
from Boyce, La., and
residence at their
Euchre Club met
a Miss Salome Kappler.
players were Mrs. &
Cmlile Nelson, Miss
(playing for Mrs., J.
SI Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. p.
thLe consolation. The
115 be held at the home
a negro boy, was at
dog and bitten oa
In Segun Street.
hp a physician ad
)resented her
Sbaby girL
Clib met this week
Mrs F. Goebel. The
Were Mrs. Al *0***
Mse A. Short), Mrs.
n Mrs. H. T. Malona
reetred the cems
the South New Orleans
on Conmsay asve
nta for their
it masquerade baill at
hepes to etatn a
rmisiang a delight
eialant is chairman of
aesting of the rleens
R was (seided t charge
rn Parish who are
Rlght sdhools a ee of
. syrne, 6. ., who
U actor and sow Is
*prlsou at At
ithie the Morist
Cearess in New
rae Is ~a msn ef
SlacPlse AVate.
Snd BErteemth
fl Corpse Co
aMe dauhrtper. Dc.
vtatters to Mr.
The surgical dressings and bandage
class was held at the Knights of
Columbus Hall Monday, the 19th in
stant, at 3:30 p. m., for the purpose
of meeting Mlts. Hayes. head of the
surgical dressings department of the
New Orleans Chapter. Mrs. Hayes
was accompanied by Mrs. George A.
Williams, who will conduct the
classes. Instruction will begin Mon
day, December 3, at 3 p. m.
Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Williams
were well pleased with the facilities
afforded by our branch headquarters
for this work, which must be done
under the most sanitary conditions.
In conformity with the regulations
of the American Red Cross, which re
quire that either a white dress or
I apron of washable material be worn,
the ladies will wear the white Hoover
dress, with white voile headdress.
An irleresting event of the week to
all Red Cross workers is the Louisi
ana Red Cross convention, which will
be held Thursday and Friday, Novem
ber 22 and 23, at the Hippodrome,
Baronne Street, near Poydras. The
following ladies of the Algiers branch
have been appointed delegates to the
convention: Minmes. Owens, Whit
more, Goff, Healy, Giblin, Clark,
Gerard, Corbett. Nolan, Mills, Gaien
nie, Vallier, Selph, Vallette, Brous
sard. O'Brien, and Misses Barrett,
Herbert, Heitmeier and Knowles.
Other members of the branch are also
urged to attend the convention to
hear noted speakers tell of what is
being done on the battlefields of Eu
rope. Their story will be an inspir
ation to every Red Cross worker.
Mr. Leigh Carroll, manager of the
Gulf Division, American Red Cross,
will also be one of the speakers.
The first session of the convention
will begin at 10 a. m., the second at
2 p. m. and the third at 8 p. m.
There will only be two sessions on
Friday, one at 9:30 a. m. and one at
2 p. m.
Miss Rees, chairman, would like as
large a representation as possible
from our branch and requests that all
who can do so attend at least one
The regular monthly meeting of
the branch will be held in the
Knights of Columbus Hall Monday,
November 25, at 7:30 p. m., and it is
hoped there will be a record-breaking
The members of the surgical dress
ins class are requested to attend this
Congressman Albert Estoplual vis
ited the Naval Station. on Tuesday.
The General is a member of the
House Naval affairs committee and
his visit to the station may mean fur
ther activity there.
Mrs. De Armas was a week-end
visitor to her daughter, Mrs. Ponti, in
Delaronde Street.
Mrs. Ellen Bloom expects to leave
shortly for Texas.
lme Schroder sailed on the steam
shrb El Sol for France.
Miss Elsie Kahoe returned to Em
pire, La., after a week's stay in Al
giers, the guest of Mrs..J. Bowers.
Mrs. A. Baminai of Bermuda Street
on Sunday entertained at dinner Mr.
Anthony of the Naval Station.
Miss Florence Kinkaid left Wednes
day for Houma, to spend awhile with
her sister, Mrs. J. Attenhofer.
Mrs. F. D. Kiakald left for her
home in St. Louis, Mo.. after spend
ing some time here with relatives.
Mrs. C. Olivier of Bermuda 8treet
entertained Mr. Camera of the Naval
Station at dinner last Sunday
A Jolly crowd bLpent the week-end at
Bay Adam on a fishing trip. They
had a most enjoyable time and sce
ceede in landna a large of the finny
tribe. Among these in the party
wen Joseph Bowers, F. John, K.
Abbott, Miller, Meyers and Benedict.
Mre. Joseph FP. Bowers of 433 Ope
lousas Avenue entertained two of the
United States Naval Station boys, C.
Maida and Joseph 8spurway, at dinner
The residence of Mrs. Joseph Marty
in Opelouas Avenue was entered
T-uly attroon sad $40 stolen.
ks. JdOy of Pla~ueminines, Ia., is
the guest of her daahter, Mrs. F.
'W. P. Martines spent snunday here
with his staors.
Mrs. HIndley and son, Bunny, oe
Patterson, L., spent the week-eud
here with kiss Mamie Martinez.
Mis sAn Martine~s, who holds a
responsible position with the F. B.
Williams Cypress Company in Patter
son, La., spent a few days here with
her sister, Miss Mamie Martine.
Mrs. Radulh Freaosel entertained
at a daainty lancheon last Wednsday
at her home in Vallette 8st. She had
as he Iests, Mrs. roussard, Mrs.
Dikey, Ti Mrs1 Dp.p.
The embr siven last Saturday
night $t the heses o*ISrs. Thoe. 3c*
arsoe in ellea aveanue, by St. Mar.
sarsts Deghtrs, was a decided sue
-es. Whe inseseal ehre players
wore Mrs . J ua. rbad ard Mrs. R.
Sapl-e. The omeneafl lottoplayers
were Miss lia Roes and Mrs. Clark.
Mist Mary Hetll of (sta received
the ntraes pgap. They expect to
give a serie. eo aechres Sn the nesr
-i a le ofa Mr. U'qak
Waiwuss 11 he Wlao to Rer that
he is twrevieg after undotaeg an
time is promised all *ho omes. All
ids oe amsements. Com and help
4he wqea eue.
We rsese I r~he s
El I Some Melancholy Days
,/ N-J .. $
DID / ~e IAIDLES5 -6w5A.A
',- / WEU yes
*ALS 110HA
_ ~~SuPAY "Wo
A test case involving the validity
of the ordinance requiring the re
moval of cisterns and the substitu
tion on premises of the city water
was tried before Judge O'Donnell in
the Second City Criminal Court
Tuesday. and was decided in favor
of the Sewerage and Water Board.
E. H. Block is the special attorney
of the board to conduct prosecu
tions, of which there are 1500 pend
The test case presented to the
court was that of Mrs. J. Servat,
and the defense filed demurrers
making general denials of the va
lidity of the ordinance, all of which
were overruled by the court, and
the case went to trial on the mer
its, with the result that the defend
-at was fnaed $25, with the option
of thirty days' imprisonment. This
is the maximum penalty that could
,be imposed.
,While the case will no doubt be
taken to a higher court, it is the
intention of Mr. Bloch and the board
to press all outstanding affidavits
just as rapidly as possible. As
stated, there are 1500 such cases,
250 having been dismissed in the
last two weeks because the owners
have complied with the law. When
cisterns are removed affidavits
against the owners are dismissed.
The Order of Maccabees on our
side of the river will give their sec
ond grand ball at Pythian Hall on
Saturday evening, Dec. 1. the pro
ceeds of which will be used for a
very good purpose, namely the pay
m(nt of dues of such members of
the crder who have been financially
distressed and are unable to keep
up their payment.
The Maccabees are many strong
here in Algiers and they have a big
crowd of hustlers who are working
to the interest of the organization.
Mr. Theodore O. Hotard is the ac
tive chairman of the committee,
while Mayor Behrman is honorary
chairman, the committee is also rep
resented by fifty of the members.
On Sunday, Nov. 18, there were
five prominent Algerines, Mr. Felix
IBorne, Jr., Mr. J. ('Dad) Coan, Mr.
Phil IBrown, Jr., Mr. Phil Brown,
Sr., and Mr. Henry Brown, went on
a rabbit hunt down at the Staunton
Plantation and after being out all
day had the luck to kill one rabbit.
Just think five hunatrs to kill one
sick rabbit and Dad Coan had to
kill him. No doubt had they been
in some restaurant they could have
killed "a couple of Rarebits, in less
time than they did. All of us wish
you hunters better luck the next
time but let us kno# and we will
have a lot of rabbits sent down
there for you to shoot at so as you
can bring some home to the folks.
Also Dad don't forget to take your
safety off when you go to shoot at
a rabbit.
Sam Holly, thirty years old, was
arrested by Patrolmen Hofman and
Weintraub at Powder and Alix
Streets, Priday morning, and charged
with dangereg and suupicious He
could not preduce his registration
card, although he claimed to have
registered at Houston, Teas, so the
ederal ntheres were notified.
Soal etertanments have slacken
ed to sweb a extent In Algiers oflate
that a ob consisting p1 the most
p-mlment yen men of our town,
sad elg themselves the Aetopiams,
has been rmll fir' h. purpose of
remewing aetuviaes. The irst or a
seres of eoatertaiments wml given
ea Thakaging atlght, Novmher .,
In the ein of a date b take uie
at Pythis Hal. MusIe fs the ocs
ses wil be turaled by eae o the
Iet erehestrl tI i he city.
News was received in New Or
leans Friday that Lieutenant W.
Stanley Behrman, 26 years old, son
of Mayor Behrman, had been pro
moted to the rank of captain, and
had received this new commi4sion
Captain Behrman. formerly with
the contracting firm of Hampton
Reynolds, was among the first that
answered the government's call for
student officers. He went through
the hard Itraining at ,For4 Loas
H. Roots, and at the end of three
months was commissioned a first
lieutenant, and assigned to the
Quartermaster Department.
His previous training was of in
valuable assistance to him, and the
way he was able to han4J4 s p s
doing construction work at Camp
Pike won him quick recognition, and
his promotion is considered by his
numerous friends in New Orleans as
the natural sequence to his proven
Excellent work was done by Na
val Intelligence Bureau in running
down a "strange motor boat" that
appeared before the Naval Station
Sunday afternoon, and from which
a woman hurriedly emerged to the
docks, snapped a picture of a boat
in dock and then jumped back into
the boat which sped away. Before
the Naval Station authorities could
pursue the swift launch it was lost
down the river. The matter was
laid before the naval intelligence
department. Monday night they lo
cated the launch at the head of De
sire street and succeeded in getting
the film which had not yet been
No arrest 'was made, but a thor
ough investigation is under way.
The woman who snapped the pic
ture was found, and gave as her
excuse "that it made a pretty
scene.' She denied having "hurried
ly jumped from the motorboat to
snap the picture." as the watchman
at the Nayal Station reported, but
declared that she never left the
boat. The woman is an American
and Ib the wife of an imekican
capitain.of a vessel now in port. He
said that he was with his wife when
she took the picture, and upheld her
in her story.
C. H. Beckham, in charge of the
Naval intelligence office, declined to
say whether action would be taken.
At a meeting of the Drum and
Bugle Corps of the Martin Behrman
Tent No. 18, Maceabees, a motion
was made and carried to change
the Drum and Bugle Corps into a
band, to be known as Martin Behr
man Maccabee Band.
The following offiers, wer elect
ed: J10. Schroeder, president; E. A.
Lalande, vice-president; W. F. Le
court, secretary-treasurer; and Prof.
f uhn, director.
The Martit Behrman Tent No. 18
will give a first class motion picture
and vaudevile show at the H. N.
G. C. Theatre on Dec. 12 and 13, for
the benedt of the band. The price
of admission will be ten cents; no
war tax will be charged. The az
rangement conal  is s followlg
W. F. Leeourt, c4 a; J. Schr
der, ex-oflcio; U'ra N , J. Wor
rell, Dr. M. O. Carey, H. Daigle
Capt. J. Caruso, W. J. Beylan, I1.
A. 1alande, N. Verret, C. W. Brodt
man, L. Perron, A. J. LeBlanc, Sid
Be,ett, W. A. Crombie, J. Beau
dean, J. H. 'Hildebrand, M. Nolan,
and F. Di Giovanni,
A seven lee. orehestra, directed
by Protf. Kphn, wll tfurnish the eu
R4 tairnig att. A, New Orleans,
IA., P. O., Thursday, Nov. 232 1917.
Men--C. D. Powell, Joe Howorld,
Doek Jeonsee, Jim Norton, M. Phil
part, .Henry Perieter, Ed Tumery.
Women-- Mary Alexande Mrs.
SAnthony Coppola. Mrs. Hannal
Cosetter, Mrs. Psal Iaeomlo, Mr
Itsas. Mik L Walt16~
Johann Svelson, alleged German
spy, arrested at the depot of the
Grand Isle railroad Monday, was
turned over to local officials of the
iDepartment of Justice for investi
Svelson was arrested by Corporal
Hyde and Patrolmen Hoffman and
Wintraub of the Eighth Precinct,
and when searched at the station he
was found in possession of $2793 in
currency, together with complete
maps of New Orleans, Louisiana,
Mississippi and Illinois. also rail
road time-tables and guides.
He declared he was unable to
speak ,English, and was thought to
have been headed for the Naval Sta
tion, where it is presumed he in
tended to obtain ltformation con
earning military opeYations.
After being questioned by Forrest
C. Pendleton, in charge of the De
partment of Justice office, the sus
pect was sent to the House of De
tention until further notice.
In our issue of last week we print
ed the statement of the 3rd District
Buliding Association which showed an
exceedingly healthy growth since
May 1887, when it was organized.
For over thirty years, it has been
instrumental in the upbuilding of the
community by purchasing and erect
ing a great many homes for its mem
bers, and repairing and raising in
cumbrances, and assisting and en
couraging its members to acquire
habits of thrift, thereby enabling
them to accumulate funds to provide
for various purposes. Its activities
during that period has resulted in the
acquisition by 1,394 members of
homes, on loans aggregating $2,036,
400.00. It has paid to members for
withdrawals, matured stock and divi
dends the sum of $1,682,198.00. It of
fers very liberal terms to borrowers,
in the amended charter, which was
published in the Herald, and the sec
retary solicits prospective investors
and borrowers to 'call at the new of
fice building corner of Lafayette av
enue and Royal street, where he will
be glad to impart full information re
garding present methods of saving
and loaning funds.
Quite an enjoyable time was spent
at the Harvey home in Atlantic Ave
nue Sunday night, when a Jolly
crowd ipet there and tendered Mr.
William H. Harvey at surprise, the
occasion being the fifty-first anniver
sary of his birth.
Mr. Harvey received many hand
some presents, among which was a
beautifully engraved tie clasp, which
was a token of friendship from the
Grape Vine Sweets, the presentation
being made by Mr. A. Lightell. He
also received a pair of engraved cuff
After the presentation all pro
ceeded to the spacious dining room,
where supper was served. Dancing
was indulged in until a late hour.
Everyone present \had a most en
joyable time. Those present were:
Misses Violet and May Strassel, Mil
dred Munsterman and Imelda Har
vey, Mrs. C. Gonzales and son, Mr.
and Mrs. W. Dubret and son, Mr. and
Mrs. Will(t- H. Harvey, Messrs. Joe,
Albert and John Harvey, Louis
Chisholm, Gus Lyncker, H. and G.
Omer, G. Heitmeler, A. Lightell, W.
Hughes, C. Platt, Val Lauman, H.
Doyle, L. Moll, P. Wilcox, Hugh
Linstrom, Joe Gonzales and J. Sea
Last Thursday a Jolly crowd of Al
gerines went down the coast to at
tesnd a spaghetti dinner given at
Trahia's., near Point Beta. A crowd
of about 14 took the ride in autos to
stimulstp the appetite. After the din
ner, wlhich was served in grand style,
the crowd mased itsetf with eried
ly gemnes domnes The telowing
atemied the adnaer:
san cyasgh, Judge G.oE, Frank
EMleet J. a Hdd E. J. Mothe,
. . L3. Bs..us., . aL 3ea..m
M~~~ 42tinseser a) seems
,ohn (;. O'Kelley, fuel administra
tor, startted the machinery of his de
partmnient Saturday to dim the lights
of the "Great White Way' in New
,)cleans. every night at 11 o'clock,
thereby saving fuel.
lelo received the official order from
'as.hing:toin asking that all unneces
sary lighting be eliminated at 11 p.
i. .Mr. O'Kelley wrote the New Or
I lonls lail ay and Light ComIpany.
rho c'oisumers' Electrict Ccuillaiiny
anid ail other producers of electric
current for lighiting purnsrs. adsi-
ing them of the order and asking
their co-operatiron and assistanctm
Last Friday night Sts. John Lodge
held a special session for the purpose
of conferring the Master Mason Die
gree on Mr. Andrew Henry Hlall and
Mr. Claude Renshaw Entwistle, both
of Algiers. After the degree ceremon
ial, the members repaired to the lower.
hall to partake of sumptuous repast
prepared by the famous Sts. John
stewards. Brothers C. J. Green and
C. P. Fink assisted by Brother Lucas.
Toastmaster, Bro. Louis Acker, P. M.
presided at the table and called upon
many of our visitors for toasts. Navy
men from many states were present
at the session.
We give our service, you cut off our
But the slacker can drink until
it runs from his ear,
We quit our jobs to keep you from
And the slacker goes by with a
girl on his arm.
And laughs at the sailors, poor un
lucky cuss,
Girls go with the slacker, then
why criticize us?
The slacker rides around in a Ford
of his own,
And a quarter to haul us to town,
We are doing our duty, his liver is
Yet we must turn in at eleven
each night,
But he sticks around as long as he
And laughs at a sailor whenever
he dares.
Discipline is a thing that must be.
But honest to goodness, we fail
to see
Why the sailor must drink water
and pop.
While the drink of the slacker
can never be estopped
If he can dance it seems rather hard,
Yet from all decent dances the
sailor is barred,
We've shouldered our rifles and ta.
ken our place,
And we will go to our death with
a smile on our face,
But this, our honest appeal unto you
Until we cross over-please give
us our due.
1018 Verret, Enlisted May 1.
Paper Day November 27.
Paper Day is November 27. Any
one having waste paper about their
place, please send to Belleville
School. If you have no one to send
it by, send word to the principal and
it will be called for.
Interest in Music to Be Stimulated.
Daily States and others to offer
prizes to Public School and Other
Pupils Most Proficient in Recognis
ing Classics, contest Feb. 28.
To stimulate an interest in music
among the children at a time when
they are most receptive to the de
velopment of music appreciation and
to encourage a familiarity with the
musical classics, the Daily States
co-operating with the public ,chools
and with the National Bureau for
the Advancement of Music will offer
prizes for the greatest prodficiency in
recognizing standard music.
rrhe first prize will be an indi
vidual one of twenty-five dollars to
the one who can best prove recog
nition of the music named in the
list given below by giving first the
name of the musical composition,
second the name of the composer,
third the character of the muasical
composition that is, whether the
original composition was for the
violin, the voice, the grchestra, or
the piano, etc. The second prise is
for the pupils of the High and Nor
mal Schools; the third, fourth and
fifth prizes will be for the ele
mentary schools, making the best
Mary M. Conway, School Super
visor of Music, has been asked to
select one hundred compositions
representative of the different types
of classics. A public list will be
made in the Sophle B. Wright girls
high school auditorium in February.
Every child under eighteen years
of age is eligible, whether a student
in the public schools or not. The
public schools are planning to play
over the sel!ted list at special
times. The coatestants may also be
come familiar with this muse in
their own homes.
A handsome photograph of Hon.
M. Behrman, Mayor of the City of
New Orleans, now adorns the office
of the principal. It was a gift from
His Honor to the school during the
past week.
We feel very proud of our gift
and appreelate it more than words
can express.
Durilg the past week a test in
rapid arithmetic was given to the
Fifth Grade A. The following hand
ed in perfect papers Loretta Schae
fer, Grace Cssanbon, Lucille Le
Court. Those perfect in spelling dur
ing the week were:
Fifth At Roy Tatert, Chas. Smith,
Julius Ollich, Stello Cronan. Wil
liam Gerrets. Lucille Le Court, Inez
Bourgeois, Grace Cazaubon, Loretta
Srhasefer, Willard / Walker, Irma
lFifth !B: Jennie Caruso, Josle
Catalanato. Ruth Parlong, Alden
Smith, Grady Scott.
FoPurth A: Vera Luck, Pearl Hy
Foaurth B: Margaret Roberts,
Maria Udineim. Ul1ka Sullivan.
, .s;r A Nw: , .Wal, - ta .
(IF 4)11i iS I'iII"1 1'TO (.l-'T HANDi
SOI,)ME I'Iti:S.\N'1`S,
tnmount Realized Will Give About
$10.00 To Each Man.
('omllmlitte'. froml Various I'rec'incts
eIport SUmn of -iu24,45.o i ilt Ilanl.
The drive for fund:: far 'h ristlmas
pre.I l nts olr the A.lgi.rs btoy in the
Initeil State- ariny and navy our
patl t\d pcta' iii. the uto:nit
tes-i It r li the va rioi-is precincts re
partling 'liTuesday night the results of
th.ii tfflort;. Thlie s of $2,u212 t
las. rated. The caimpaign was
,iget'd under the per. onal direction
i Al.iyor iPhriian, ho. as head o l
the lif tJcnth Ward It-golar ithmo
ratic (tlli. Sbar ted the movement,
and w itlh his accustomed vigor'
piulied it to it succetful conclusion.
Assisting the mayor aere the fol
lo" ingj precinct captains: 11. N. I'm
hth. First: M.. J. tooney. Second;
cGeorge lIahn. Third; Gecorge V.
Fo- ter. F'oirth; Jolhnii E. Moynagh,
Fifth; Judge T. P. Goff, Sixth; Au
gust Gaspard, Seventh. These men
were ably assisted by a corps of
workers in eac., precinct.
The Second returned the largest
amount. $628.01, while the Fifth
Precinct brought in the next high
est. $332.10; the First, $242.50;
Sixth. $222.5:o Seventh. $185,15;
Fourth, $172.10, and the Third, $29.
The entertainment given at the
Folly Theater, of which M. J. Roo
ney was chairman, netted $214.50,
which was not credited to any pre
cinct in particular.
Mayor Ilehrman complimented the
workers on the showing made and
said the people of Algiers deserve
credit for their magnificent response
to the call made upon them. The
committee is now receiving the
names of Algiers boys in the ser
vice and it is expected the list will
be completed shortly so the pack
ages can be made up and forwarded
early in December. Just what will
be placed in the packages has not
been decided, but smokers' articles,
writing paper and the like, cakes,
candy and other good things are as
Successful Beneits for Soldiers and
Sailorst' Christmas Fund.
Handsome financial results were at
tained by the patriotic ladies of the
Second Precinct, who gave a dance
at the Avenue Academy on Friday
night in aid of the Soldiers and Sail
ore' Christmas Fund, the receipts
reaching a total of $162.65.
Under the auspices of a committee
representing the Fifth Precinct, Fif
teenth Ward .Jtsalar Democrat I
Club, a successful entertainment was
given Saturday night at the Electric
Park in Algiers, the grounds being
thronged with men, women and chil
dren, all eager to aid in the cam
paign for funds for Christmas pres
ents for the Algiers boys in the
United States 'army and navy. The
feature attraction was the Naval
Station band of forty pieces, which
provided a delightful concert pro
gram. Dancing also was enjoyed.
Vaudeville, moving pictures, $re
works 'and other features also were
enjoyed. A salute of twenty-one guns
was fired. A committee of ladies,
with Mrs. Chris L. Stumpf as chair
man, had charge of the refreshments.
those assisting being her daughters,
Mrs. George W. McDuff, Misses PPay.
Katherine and Marvel Stumpf, and
the Misses Alva Salathe, Rosie Chl
ici, Albertine McKee, Alma Gerrets,
Mamle Smith, Claire Conrad, Sophie
Benoit, ¶Hannah Street, Marguerite
Kerwin and L. Schroder. The ar
rangement committee was composed
of the following: John 1. Moynagh,
chairman; Mayor Behrman, ex-ofi
io: James Foster, Melvin J. Keenan,
Patrick A. McCloskey, William Owens.
Alex Brodtmann and William Con
The third big event In aid of the
Christmas Fund for the Algiers boys
in the United States army and navy
took plie at the Fqlly Theater on
Monday night when a vaudeville
and moving picture show was given
under the auspices of the ward com
mittee, with M. 3. Rooney as chair
man; Mayor Behrman, exfoleo, as
sisted by H. N. Umbach, Georgel
Hahno, George W. Foeter, John E.
Moynagh, Judge T. P. Got and An
gust Gaspard. .Mr. Rooney succeedei
in arranging a program that excelled
anything of the kind ever presented
in the Fifth District. He arranged
with Arthur B. White, manager of
the Orpheum, for the appearance of
stare of several acts from that popu
lar playhouse. Pete Herman, ban
tamweight champion of the world,
gave a four-round boxing exhibition
with "Kid" Kelly of New Orlesa.
There was also the usual highclas
moving pictures.
Byrnme-On Friday Nov. 16, at 12:06
o'clock a. m., Mrs. J. E. Byrne, nee
Victoria Justine Babin, died. D
ceased was a native of New Orleans,
and resided in our district for many
years. The funeral took place Satur
day morning at 10 o'clock itom her
late residence, 125 5. Heunessey 8t.
Interment was in Greenwood Ceme
Schaefer--eo. W. Schaefer, a re
tired shoemaker, died last week at
the home of his son-in-law, Corporal
A. C. Prados. Deceased had reached
the age of 64 years and is survived
by his wife, who was Miss Julia llok,
and five children. George W., Jr., Ed
ward, Thomas, Mrs. Charles Matulich
and Mrs. A. C. Prados, together with
a number of grandchildren. Funeral
services were conducted by Rev. C..
Kuegele of Trinity Lutheran Church.
Interment was in McDonoghville Cem
Tumey--On Wednesday at 6:19
o'clock, ,Mrs. Daniel Tumey died at
the age of fifty-nine years. Deceased
was well known in our town. The
funeral will take place this afternoon
at 3 o'clock from the residence of bet
daughter, Mrs. A. Delcasel, t PeI
can aenae. Intermet wIl ie in
Monomosh cometrr

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