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MAIN --from one ton to SCHARFENSTEIN & SON coal, Coke, Anthracite, Wood, Char
2657 A a carload COAL I 1121 Clara Street (See Pae 3 Phone Book) I COAL coal, Knots for trash burners or grates 26 g
If rour dealer d.e wet handle GlRAPII'
we will supply ,oe ditet. Phame Maim. 1
Manufacturers of
Larp Stock of Dry Cypress
(Opposite New Orleans)
Cable Address:
cr cean , ads, basesCtkd ,
1u'q snd Tvee rvNsues.
setas Nos Nolm Poun i umus.
35 alr60 Coots
We have the best bread be
cause we pay the highest prices
for the best tour. No order too
large or too small.
Cske--l khlads at retail or
.by theo huared or thosmad.
Always the best. laI assort
We Are Ieari m e.ar
H. Martinez,
dli . rBLRA AVBiN?
Itldel. Emrbroidery and
Pleti·g Works
IBinstitchnl g Plot -dge,
Butto.s Covered
73aO'l Stet. New Orlem
Tdephses Mam 3900
Electrli Vancum SweI
eot all the dirt oet
Corpteo amod IUttg
Frank Braal,
fti.so.m 3S II mn.
. t i I
'U a, umn,'
,. * are , gne foprS~
-'.'A sason, ,,,  '
Seeing what the war garden accom
plished, the gardener is now looking
about for a war pig.
Don't call It "war bread," call It
"Liberty bread." It's just as expen
sive by any other name.
Pershing wants football training for
the army. But he is willing to omit
kicking from the program.
It is all very well to display the flag.
But this game is not to be won by
bunting. but by hard hitting.
As a rule the more a man drinks at
night the greater his determination
to fire the boss in the morning.
The average small boy is the orig
Inal "conscientious objector"-to soup
and water, as applied to the neck and
Perhaps some of the men asking ex
emption from military service w ould
be willing to do some knitting for the
Red Cross.
However, as everything else is high
er, probably the tax rate would feel
lonesome if it were not higher, too,
next year.
By turning his cow loose in a hop
field a westiern farmer hopes to devel
op a periputetic brewery and dairy
Don't clear your war garden entire
ly of stones. You may need a few for
the neighbor who leans over the fence
to give advice.
Liver and tripe are now aristocratic
foods. Verily, we believe that out
rageous prices would make even car
rots respectable.
About 100 vegetarians have asked
for exemption from the war, possibly
being under the impression that we are
to eat our enemies.
With women fighting against each
other in both the Russian and German
armies, it can readily be seen that the
war will go to a finish.
The price of elephants is said to be
advancing. Possibly somebody has
suggested that elephant steak be add
ed to the American menu.
Quite a number of the new soldiers
claim the exemption boards have for
gotten the biblical adage, "Many are
called but few are chosen."
Simpler living will result in better
cooking, and that in turn will reduce
drunkenness by reducing the craving
that liquor too easily satisfies.
It Is said that the demand for Bibles
is the greatest ever known in history.
That of itself is evidence that the peo
ple are becoming less bibulous.
Among the tragedies of life is the
good wife who has just observed her
twenty-fifth wedding anniversary but
is still hoping for a set of silver
The government will exempt a man
where his wife is entirely dependent
upon him, but what can it do with a
man who is entirely dependent upon
his wifet
Advocates of sheep raising point ouat
that the sheep can be worn as well
as eaten, whereas the pig can only
be eaten. It seems to be up to the
pig to grow wool
War has become a mighty big propo
sition. We will now fight in the air
over the earth, in the water under the
surface of the sea, and on the land
In the face of the enemy.
Despite all anxiety on the part of
nervous people who are confident of
the government's lcapatity to handle
the fuel situation it is a safe wager
that none will freese to death next
For the benefit of men who think
their Insomnia is due to overwork, we
offer the dreamstanace that very few
farmers who sweat 12 hours a day in
the field are ever bothered by In
The ashortage of one and twodollar
bills complained of by the banks
seems inexplicable to the average dt
msen, who finds very little occausion to
use anything of so small a denomina
tio in meetaing the high cost of lving.
"Fashion has gone out of fashlon,"
remarked an Enatishwoman, speaking
ef feminlne styles. The Amerlean
head of a family may faintly hope that
the fashion of being uafashionablo
will presently spread to this country.
l'nited States of America, State of aLouisi
ama. Parish of Orleans. City of New
Re it known. That on this twenty-ninth
day of the month of December, in the year
One Thousand Nine Hundrel end Seventeen.
A. D., before me, Charles Rosen, a Notary
Pablic, duly commissioned and qualified, in
and for the above Parish and State. therein
residing, .ad in the presence of the wit
nesses hereinafter named and undersigned,
personally came and appeared:
William H. Gueringer, residins in this
ciy, First Vice-President of the Pmas
Amusement Company. a corporation organ
ied under the laws of this State, before the
endersigned Notary Public, by ct'dated
September 16, 913, recorded in the Mortgage
Osre of the Parish of Orleans, in Book 1119.
Folio Ill. end with the Secretary of State
in Record of Charters No. 81; who declared
that at a meetins of the stockhbolders of said
Companr bheld oa Joune 4th, 1917. at whikh
wa present all of the outstandians pital
stock of said Company, Article V of the
Charter was amended so as to read an ol
lows, to-wit:
"Artiele V.-4A11I the powers of this Ce'
pertion shall be vested in and the busines
and afairs shall be mauged by a Board of
sin Dimreet~.
lThe rat Bord shall eonuist of: Jlia
E Saeam ra. Srpic t, LeCisir. PGos
enenm Cs h d*
officers: a President, a First Vice-President,
a Second Vice-President, and a Secretary
"The Board of Directors shall have power
and authority to appoint from among their
own numrber such other officers as they may
desire. and to prescribe the powers and du
ties of all officers.
"Any Director may appoint any other di
rector his agent by written proxy to repre
sent him at any meeting of the Directors.
"All vacancies in the Board shall be
tilled byhv the remaining directors. All elec
tions of directors at the annual meeting of
the stockholders shall be by ballot under the
supervision of tw , commissioners appointed
by the It ard; and each stockholder shall be
entitled t,, one vote for each share of stock
held !,y himn at said election. Notice of all
'suh ,meetings shall be given by the Secre
ta- -Treasurer in writing delivered or mailed
to each stockholder or by one publication
n a neilwspaper iI the (:i:y of New O(rleans.
I.o-ilsand,. at least ten days prior to such
tinc log; but airl notice n..v ibe waived by
all the st-ckhollders. At all stckh,lderr
:n-itiT;g tile vote- may le cast in teron or
`?) prosy, and a mnaj rity of the v tes cast
shall elect.
"Tihe f.itltlre It, e!ect s~nce ll:lg directors
; (Officer, ihall not ,1lis,,lve .- :affect: the
Isr.ritti-n , r l-ilmp r i-ts lllanage-t i-nt in
any re-pc,-!. gut the Ihrecto. ,.nii (ltticel
in oftice shall r" naIln it o ittice unt"l their
iace,sor .re elected ,and qualhied. The
It ,rd of Ihrectors may at ,sy timne appoint
w hI agents arnd empillee- as they may derii
proper, who need not be directors or stock
ih-llerg. and may grant t thern uiiih powIers
and prescrtihed sutshi dut iers a- thisy deem
"The Board of Directors shall at all times
have power to make. amend and repeal all
by-lawS and regulations of the ('orporation."
And. in accordance with the resolution
unanimously adopted at said stcokholders'
meeting. appearer appears before me, Notary
Public, to make an authentic act of said
.AmenInrlnt and record and tile and publlish
thei same according t, law; certified copy of
. dt resolution bering hereto annexed.
Thus done and passed in my notarial of
tice at the City of New Orleans. State of
Louisitana, on the day, month and year first
hereinabove written, in the presence of
James M. Dillon and George Arthur Seaver,
competent witnesses of lawful age and oe
slding in this C'ity, who have signed these
presents with the said appearer and me,
Notary, after due reading of the whole.
(Original Signed)
W. II. (;ueringer, First Vice-President.
Witnesses: J. M. Dillon, G. A. Seaver.
CHARLES ROSEN, Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages.
in and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Loniisina, do hereby certify that the above
and foregoing Act of Amendment of the Plaza
Amusement Company was this day duly re
corded in my office, in Book 1219. folio -.
New Orleans. La., December J1. 1917.
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD. l)y. R.
A true copy.
CIARLES ROSEN. Notary Public.
Jan 3 10 17 24 31 Feb 7
United States of America, State of Louisi
ana, Parish of Orleans, City of New
Be it known, that on this seventeenth day
of December, in the year of our Lord, one
thousand nine hundred and seventeen (1917),
and of the Independence of the United States
of America, -the one hundred and forty-first;
before me, Rolla A. Tichenor, a notary pub
lic, duly commislioned and qualified, in and
for the City of New Orleans, Parish of Or
leans, State of Louisiana, therein residing,
and .in the presence of the witnesses here
inafter named and undersigned; personally
came and appeared:
The several persons whose names are here'
unto subscribed, who declared,
That availing themselves of the provisions
of the laws of this state relative to the
organization of "Trading Corporations," and
more particularly of Act 267 of the General
Assembly of the State of Louisiana, for the
year 1914, they do by these presents cove
iiant, agree and bind themselves, their asso
ciates and successors, to form and organize
and constitute a corporation for the objects
and purposes and under the stipulations,
agreements and regulations following, to-wit:
Article I.-The name and style of this
corporation shall be Old Lake Petroleum
Company, Incorporated; and its domicile
shall be in the City of New Orleans, Parish
of Orleans, State of Louisiana; it shall ex
ist and continue as a corporation for a
period of ninety-nine (99) years from the
date hereof, unless sooner dissolved; and it
shall have power to sue and be sued in its
corporate name, use a corporate seal, to re
ceive, lease, purchase or otherwise acquire
property, both real, personal and mixed, and
to mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or other
wise encumber or alienate same; to appoint
such officers and employees as its business
may require; to make by-laws, rules and
regulations as it may deem needful. prope
and necesary for the management of its af
fairs., and generally to have and enjoy all
the powers and privileges granted by law
to such corporations.
Artiale 1I.-Objects and Purposes. The
objects and purposes for which this corpo
ration is created and the nature of the bus
iness to be carried on by it are hereby
declared to be:
!st. To buy and otherwise acquire, to hold
and own, manage, operate, improve, lease,
develop and sell land, mineral rights, oil
wells, and other real estate and interests
and rights in and to any of said properties.
2nd. To engage in and carry on the busi
ness of prospecting, borjno, drilling and ex
ploring for oil, gas of other minerals; to
produce, refine, distill, treat, manufacture,
pipe, carry, handle, store, deal in, buy and
sell oils. petroleum, natural gas, asphaltum,
bitumen, bituminous rocks, and other min
eral and hydro-carbon substances, and the
by-products of such substances; and for such
purpose to buy and otherwise acquire, hold,
own, manage, and operate refineries, pipe
lines, tanks, manufactories, machinery, tank
cars and other works, property and appli
ances that may be incident or auxiliary to
said business, or that may be deemed neces
sary or convenient in the carrying out of
the above objects and purposes.
3rd. Also to take and acquire by pur
chase, exchange or other lawful modes, and
to hold, own, sell and-otherwise dispose of
the capital stock. bonds and other securities
of other corporations engaged in the same
character of business as this corporation.
4th. Aais to establish agences, oflices,
storage tanks and houses, and to sell articles
and products manufactured by itself, or other
prsons or corporations, engaged in the same
ine of business as this corporation, in this
state and other states or territories or de
pendencies of the United States of America
and in foreign countries.
5th. To charter, own, and operate ships,
tugs. basrtes and other vessels for the trans
portation of petroleum and its products,. and
to lease or own and operate wharves, docks,
tanks. cars, and other equipment necessary
for the transportation of petroleum and its
by-products by land or water, and in con
nection with the business aforesaid to erect,
naintain and operate telegraph or telephone
ines. and generally, to have, hold and ex
rcise all such incidental powers and privi
eges as relate to the objects and purposes
bore set forth.
Article III.--The capital stock of this cor
poration shall be Two Hundred and Fifty
Thousand ($250,000.00) dollars, divided into
twenty-five hundred (3500) shares, of the par
ralue of one hundred ($100.00) dollars, each;
snd this company may commence business
and be a going concern when all of its stock
has been subscribed for and paid for in
ull. in cash or its equivalent in property,
real. personal or mixed, the location, value
and description of which property to be siven
in payment for the subscriptions to the cap
ital stock of this corporation, otherwise than
in cash. is hereby set forth, deasribed and
itemized in a statement and appraisement
nd valuation hereto annexed and made pert
hereof. as required by Section 3 of Act -
If 1914.
Article IV.-All the corporate powers of
this corporation shall be vested in and ex
rcised by a Board of Directors. to be com.
psed of not less than three (J), nor more
than five (5) stotholders, who shall be
lected on the nrst Monday in the tonth
f January of each year, commencing on the
rst Monday in the month of January 1919.
The present board of director shall hold
-iee until their successors shall be eleeted
and qualified.
The following prona shall constitute the
,rt Board of Dtrectors and ccers of this
orporation, namely: L Edward Clark,
resident. J. W. Brownell. Vice President
. L. loser. Secretary-Treasurer.
Each member of the oard of Diretors
hall be entitled to one vote.
Notice of all meetings of the bes of
-irectors shall be given in sneh mnaer
and-i ud is time as mr be ade by the
y-laws. Netiee . all matngs of th*
tokholders shall he given in writiiq.
ail. at least sea days ernie.s to
Artiele V.-The- digeted shall be eleed
a trem of e ( m , at s ama1 a
It-'. d tVL addmam,_ e 11
, - ,Ar t  kml
I '
t, admitted or held to be valid or binding, un
less made upon the books of the corporation.
Article VIII.-This charter may be amend.
red or the corporation dissolved by a vote
r of twothirds of the capital stock present
Y or represented at a meeting called for the
purpose, and notice of such meeting shall be
given each stockholder in writing at least
thirty days prior thereto.
Whenever this corporation is dissolved
either by limitation, or by a vote of its
e stockholders, its affairs shall be liquidated
by three commissioners who shall be elected
at a meeting called for the purpose, as pro
e vided in this article.
d Thus done and passed, at my office in
e the ty of,i New Orleans. on the day, month
k and year herein tirst above written in the
1 (.p)lon here.f, :n the presence of Messrs.
Iluter: M. An.ey andi William L. Poer,
J competent witnetses who have signed these
i prectct,. togeth'e- with said appearers and
:nr. N it.ry, after di:l readling of the whole.
SignedS LI. Steward Jlark. New Orleanis.
t 1re.r:r-. L. . ,i l one .sare
t \\it:re.-: Itert M A"-icy. W. L. Poer.
R. A. TIC'IIEt ltR. Notary Public.
I. the 1,1 iertsigel. K] t 1.,r of Mortgages.
n . , ;' e l i'.r t- OtI rleants, State of
I. i - 1 h, re,|} l 't rr" that tthe above
il I ,t ig, Ai: I . ,-p.ration of the
r 11 l.ike I'e.r o!e '. : tp y. Inc.. was this
,Idan luly ier rlet 111 Lk 1219, folio -.
t New Irlean s. I)eccni 'er 17. 1517.
I Sgned,) EMIL.E J. L.EONARD. D. R.
I hereby certify that the above is a true
: ,l c, -rect copy of the original act of
i c.rpration of the Ohl Lake Petroleum
ttiCompany. Inc.. of record .tttd on file in my
Ntarial Office in the 'ity of New Orleans.
R. A. TICIlENOR. Notary Public.
l).c - 27 Ian .1 10 17 24
I tted States of America. State of Louisi
ana. Parish of Orleans, City of New
t lie it known,l. That on this 17th day of the
f mtnth of December, II the year of Our
Lord, one thounand, nine hundred and sev
enteen, and of the Independence of the
I nited States of America, the one hundred
and forty-second, before me, Hlenry G. Bloch,
a Notary Public, duly commissioned and
qualified, within and for the Parish of Or
leans. State of Louisiana. therein residing,
and in the presence of the witnesses here
inafter named and undersigned, personally
came and appeared the several persons whose
names are hereunto subscribed, who sever
ally declared that, availing themselves of
the benefits and provisions of the Constitu
tion of the State of Louisiana and of the
laws of said State relative to the organiza
tion of corporations, and particularly of the
provisions of Act No. 267 of the General
Assembly of the State of Louisiana, for the
year 1914, they have contracted and agreed
and united to form and do by these pres
ents. contract and agree and bind and obli
gate themselves to form and organize them
selves, as well as all such other persons who
may hereafter join or become associated with
them or their successors into a stock corpo
ration and body politic in law. for the ob
jects and purposes and under the conditions,
covenants, stipulations and agreements of
the articles following to-wit:
Article I.-The name and title of this cor
poration shall be "Terminal Grain Company,
Inc.." and under and by said name, unless
sooner dissolved in accordance with law and
this charter, it shall exist and continue, and
shall have and enjoy corporate existence,
and succession for a period of ninety-nine
(99) years from and after the date of this
act. It may have, hold. receive, borrow,
loan. exchange, acquire by grant, gift or
purchase, devise or bequest, sell, alienate,
dispose of, convey, lease, pledge, pawn, hy
pothecate, encumber or mortgage property of
any kind, whether real, personal or mixed,
corporeal or incorporeal. movable or immov
able. all subject to such limitations 2s may
be prescribed by law.
It may make, issue and endorse bonds or
notes and other evidences of debt. It may
accept mortgages, pledges or other debts. It
may contract, sue and be sued, plead or be
impleaded by its corporate name in any
court of competent juristion. It may make,
adopt and use a common seal and alter the
same at pleasure. It may hold stock in
other corporations, and its capital stock may
be issued for capital stock in other corpo
rations. It may name, appoint and employ
sunch managers, directors, officers, agents and
other employes as its business and conve
nience may require. and may fix their com
pensation, having due regard to the nature,
character and value of their services. It
may make and establish by-laws, rules and
regulations not inconsistent with this char
ter or any existing law, fixing or altering
the management of its property, the regu
lation and government of its affairs, and the
manner of the certification and registration
of its stock. It may wind up and dissolve
itself. or be wound up and dissolved in the
manner prescribed by law. It may conduct
business in this State. other States, the
Federal Districts. the Territories and pos
sessions of the United States, and any for
eign country. It shall have the power to
invest its Board of Directors with all of its
corporate powers, subject to such restrictions
as may be named in this charter. And it
generally shall possess all the powers, rights,
privileges and immunities which corporations
are and may hereafter be authorized to pos
sess under the Constitution and laws of this
State, particularly under Act No. 267 of the
Acts of the General Assembly of the State
of Louisiana for the year 1914.
Article Il.-The domicile of this corpora
tion shall be at the City of New Orleans.
Parish of Orleans. State of Louisiana, and
all citations or other legal process shall be
served upon the President of this corpora
tion, or in case of his absence, upon the
Vice-President. or in the absence of both
of these officers, upon the Secretary of this
Article TII.-The objects and gprposes for
which this corporation is formed and the
nature of the business to he carried on by
it are hereby declared to be:
Section I: To act as agent or representative
of corporations. firms and individuals.
Section 2: To do a general business as
commission merchant, selling agent and fac
tar under del eredere commission in the
manner and to the same extent as natural
persons could do.
Section 3: To carry on any or all business
as manufacturers, producers, merchants.
wholesale and retail, importers and export
ers. generally without limitation as to class
of products and merchandise, but especially
of cotton, corn, hay. oats and feed stuff and
grain of every class and description, and to
produce. adapt. prepare, buy, sell and other
wise deal in any materials. articles or things
required in connection with or incidental to
the producing, handling and dealing in such
commodities or any other commodities which
it may be desired to handle.
Section 4: To make and enter into all
kinds of contraets, agreements and obliga
tions by or with any person or persons, cor
poration or corporations for the purchasing,.
acquiring, holding, manufacturing and sell
in or otherwise disposing of, either as
principal or agent, upon commission or oth
erwise. cotton, sugar, corn, hay, oats and
feed stuff and grain of every class and de
scription. and any article of personal prop
erty whatsoever, and generally with full
power to perform any and all acts connected
therewith or arising therefrom, or incidental
thereto. and any and all acts proper or
necessary for the puoses of the business.
Section 5: To carry on and undertake any
business, undertaking, transaction or opera
tion commonly carried on or undertaken by
merchants, commission men, factors. importers
and manufacturers' agents, and in the
course of such business to draw, indorse,
acquire and sell all or any negotiable or
transferable instruments and securities.
Section 6: To do a general commission
mserchant's and selling agents' business; to
buy, sell, and otherwise dispose or, hold,
own, manufacture, produce, export and ia
port, and deal in, either as principal or
asent, and upon commission or otherwise, all
kinds of personal property whatsoever, with
out limit as to the amount; to make and
enter into all kinds of contracts, agreements
and obligations by or with an, person or
persons, corporation or corporattons for the
prchasuing, acquiring, mandfacturing, repair
mg and selling and dealing in of any arti
esof pernonal property of any kind r
nature what mevor, and genr~~ly with full
rer to perfarmi sany an cts connected
rewith or ansng therefrom or incidental
thereto, and all acts proper or necessary for
the purposes of the bosiness.
Section 7: To own, lease, acquire or oper
ate public warehouse or wareboes for
storing and caring for msuch commodities
may be huandled.
Section 8: To borrow money and to plodge,
mortgaus or hypothecate prperty theretaf
and to loan money on ecurity or othrwie,.
In fract, to.de all things necessary or iaci
dental so earrying nas aes-al brokerage
Articl IV.-The a.thomnd ... tal .toek
the -, wInty 1~esan Dllaro (St.
U5_ -, which aital stok moy e iauesed
Ia the mannr oa l the suaml
"1 Oe U.du,,mh, D ,llars a I.
s 1i· h ei a mbeissad eeek t1l
1amae rrwr drld
~dr 19 CI
a. cates and shall lie personal property. No
n. transfer of said stock shall be binding upon
I- this corporation unless made in accordance
te with its charter and by-laws and recorded
it on the books thereof.
ie The capital stock ot this corporation shall
1e he fully paid and non-assessable when is
It sued, and shall be issued only for labor
done or for property actually received or
for cash to be paid at such times and in such
ts amounts and after such notice as may be
,d determined by the Board of Directors.
Ad rticle V.-All the powers of this corpo
ration shall be vested in and exercised by
a Board of three (3) D)irectors. each of whom
n shall hold. in his own name, at least one
I (1) share of stock. Said Board of Dltrectors
Ss-!hall be elected annually on the second
sT Tuesday of January of each year, the first
r eliection to be hell in the year 1919. All
e such electioins shall lie by hallot at the office
,of tIhe crporatio.t, under the supervision of
tie comnistioner to lie appointed by the
board if directors iand in the absence of any
mnl:ni ,to:eer the Plrestdent shall have power
to ;ill the place by appointment. Notice of
all suchi electins, as well as of all meet
rigs of stockholders, except for the purpose
otf liquitlation or dissoloution )or as otherwise
irequired by law, sha!l lie given fifteen (15)
days prior thereto by mailing to each stock
e holder who appears as such on the books
Sof the corporation at his last designated ad
s dress, r at the general delivery at New
I)rleians. If lie has not designated an ad
d:ies. an announcement stating the tiThe, the
place and object of the meeting. Each stock
e hlde: shall lie entitled to one vote for each
share of stock standing in his name on the
,n iook of the company, to be cast in person
y or y proxy. and a majority of the vote cast
shall elect. The hoard of directors shall have
ipowi to, iill all vacancies that may occur
in the Board. Failure to elect directors on
the day above specified, shall gat dissolve
the cortporat u. but the directors then in
otfice shall remain in office until their suc
cesonr are elected and qualified. The Board
of Directors at their first meeting following
each annual election shall elect from their
Snuimber a President. a Vice-President and
a Secretary-Treasurer and such other officers
e as the Board of Directors shall deem necessary.
it The Board shall have power in its discre
tion to unite two or more offices, and the
e same to confer upon one person, and shall
d have power to fix the salaries of all officers
andl all such other officers and employes as
d they deem necessary. The Board of l)irec
-ors shall have power to make and establish
as well as alter and amend, all bylaws, rules
and regulations necessary and proper for
y the support and management of the business
e and affairs of said corporation, not incon
sistent with its charter.
f A majority of the directors shall constitute
a quorum for the transaction of any busi
e ness. At any meeting of the board, any
-director absent fromnt, the meeting may be
e represtnted by any other director, who may
1i cast the vote of said absent director according
e to the written instructions of said absent
d director. The board of directors shall have
the power. by vote of not less than a
majority thereof, to sell, lease, mortgage, by
r bond, mortgage, or otherwise, or to pledge
o and and all of the property, movable or
t immovable belonging to the corporation or to
receive in exchange therefor, moner or stocks
or bonds or other obligations of another
i, corporation without referring to the share.
f holders for the power to do so; and they
may also purchase for stock in this coporation
or for cash. or any of the purposes of this
corporation, without authority of the share.
d Until the next general meeting to be held
i under this charter on the second Tuesday ip
January, 1919, or until their duly qualified
successors are elected and installed, the
board of directors shall be composed of:
s Chaille P. Sims, whose post-office address
is Adeline, La.; William F. Giles, whose
post-office address is Adeline, La.; Edith
V. Ganmnell. whose address is 50! Canal Bank
Bldg., New Orleans, Louisiana, with Chaille
P. Sims as President. William F. Giles as
Vice-President and Edith V. Gammell as
Article VI.-This clsarter may be amended.
ed. and the capital stock of this coarporation
may he increased or decreased, or this cor
poration may be dissolved in the method
t and rpanner provided by law.
Article VII.-No stocthq der of this cor
poration shall ever be 141 liable W espoa
sible for the contracts or faults of this
corporation in any further sum than the
unpaid balance on the stock for which he
has subscribed, nor shall any mere infor
mality in organization have the effect of
rendering this charter null or of exposing
a stockholder to any liability than as above
Article VIII.-Whenever this corporation
shall be dissolved, whether by limitation or
from any other cause, the affairs thereof
shall be liquidated by three (3) stockhold
ers to be elected and qualified in the man
ner provided by law. And they shall con
tinue in office until the affairs of this
corporation shall have been fully settled and
liquidated. In case of the death of one of
the liquidators or his refusal or inability to
serve, the remaining liquidators may fill the
vacancy from out the stockholders or may
themselves proceed with all power and au
thority vested in the full membership.
And the signers hereto declare that they
have affixed opposite their names the number
of shares subscribed by them and they here
by declare this to be their subscription list.
Thus done and passed, in my office at the
city of New Orleans, La.. on the day, month
and year herein first above written in the
presence of Gertrude Cowan and May Lorio.
competent witnesses who hereunto sign their
names with the said appearers and me, No
tary, after due reading of the whole.
C. P. Sims, Adeline, La., 75 shares, $7.500.00,
W. F. Giles, Adeline, La.. 75 shares, $7,500.00,
per C. P. Sims, Edith V. Gammill, 401
('anal Bk. Annex. 25 shares, 2,500.00, A.
S. Baker, by Edith V. Gammill, 25 shares,
Witnesses: Gertrude Cowan, May Lorio.
HENRY G. BLOCH. Notary Public.
I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages,
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louisiana. do hereby certify that the act of
incorporation of the "Terminal Grain
('ompany. Inc." was this day duly recorded
in my office in Book 1219, folio -.
New Orleans, Louisiana, December 18, 1917.
Dy. Recorder.
A true copy.
HENRY G. BLOCH, Notary Public.
Dec 20 27 Jan 3 10 17 24
United States of America, State of Louisi
ana, Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
Be It Known, That on this 2th day of
the month of November, in the year of our
Lord, one thouasnd, nine hundred aend sev
enteen and of the Independence of the Un
ited States of America, the one hundred and
Before me, John Marshasll OQuintero, a No
taR Public, duly commissioned and quali
fi in and for this City end the Parish of
Orleans, therein residing, and in the prem
ence of the witnesses hereinafter named and
undersigned personally came and appeared
Fiecro N. Betaucourt, Miss Lenm- etan
court and Narno Dorbecka ell of e and
residents of thris City, who seperally de
clared that, availing themshees of the pro
visions of the laws of this State relative to
the formation of corporations, they have cov
enanted and areed and do, by these pre
sents, covenant and agree and bind them
selves as well as such other persons as may
hereafter become essoeiated with them. to
form and constitute a crporetien and boy
politic in law, for the dblects and purposes
and under the clrauses and stipulaton and
articles hereinafter set forth and expressed,
which they hereby adopt as their charter,
Article L-The name and style of this er
poatits shall be Mexian and Central
American Echanqe, Inc., and shall continue
for a term of ninety-nine years from date
hereof shall be domiciled in the City of
New Orleans. State of Louisiana. The pes
ident of the corporation, or, in his bsleece,
the secretary of the corporation, shall be the
proper officer upon whom eitation atd all
other legal process shallU be served.
Article IL-The abjecta sad ppenes for
whid this coarpomratio is orgaminsed aend the
nature of the business to be carried on by
it are hereby declared to be the followin:
To buy and selH Mexic an end Central Amer
ican sod and silver in coin or bullion; to
deal am Mexican and Centrl Amercan pet
roleum lands and other properties similar
thereto, as well as oil wells and oil prop
erty; o own, operate or deal in shares of
stock, mining company stocks and oil com
pany stcks oerated in the Republic tof Mex
ico; to do a gemneral mail order business et
any and all chantser that the Board of Di
rectors might deem proper and nt prehibit
ed by law, and so d a oenral e lsis
buiness with Mexico and Centl America,
generally to do an tnd dll acts asd
--Tie cptl tsock of thMs ee
ti is hereby fied at th e ofle
7huu d D ( am divided lets
fty shoreas of the e valus of One Hun.
SiDelar m ) ach, n such seLtoek
may bhe - on*5 ca e In pay entof
heit bush vi. C oes s
of the corporation. This corporation shall
be a going concern when Five Thousand
Dollars ($5,000.00) of its capital stock shall
have been subscribed and paid for. The
capital stock of this corporation may be in
creased, from time to time, to an amount
not exceeding Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50.
000 00).
Article IV.-AII the corporate powers of
this corporation shall be vested in a board
of directors, to be composed of three stock
holders, a majority of whom shall constitute
a quorum, which board of directors shall
hold office until the first Monday in Janu
ary of each year or until their successors
shall have been elected and qualified, ex
cept the first Board of Directors and offi
cers appointed in this act of incorporation,
who shall hold office until the first Monday
in January, 1919, or until their successors
are elected and qualified. The first Board
of Directors shall consist of Flacro R. Betan
court. Miss Laura Betancourt and Narno
Dorbecker, with Fiacro R. Betancourt, as
President; Miss Laura Betancourt, as Vice
President, and Narno Dorbecker, as Secre
tary-Treasurer. All meetings of stockhold
ers shall be subject to a ten days' notice
mailed to each stockholder at his last known
place of residence. In the event of death
or resignation of one or more of said board
or officers, the remaining members of the
board shai, supply the vacancy.
Article V.-The corporation may buy, lease,
mortgage or sell real estate, as occasion
may require, during the course of its objects
and purposes, and all such transactions shall
be effected by the board of directors then
in office.
Article VI.-This corporation may be
amended, altered or modified, or the corpor
ation dissolved by a vote of three-fourths of
the stockholders, voting by shares at a meet
ing held for that purpose, after fifteen days
previous notice of such meeting shall have
been given as required by law. In the
event of a liquidation, either by expiration
of this charter or otherwise, its affairs shall
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CIFAMEý3 ý ý'ý y-_Z.: ~.-· j
be liquidated by the ho:r- of di
in office, who are vete I wih full
sell all the assets and ,;perty, re7 _
per-onal, of this c rporat: ., to convey
and complete title their .. and .
all acts essential to a ivl and
quidation of the affairs ,f the ,
and to divide the proctesd, if anyL
cordance with law.
Article VII.-N, s:ckh :dlr shall
held liable or respont-.,l ifr the ,
or faults of the crorpora' on in any
sum than the unpaid b.ua: ce due
poration on the shatre ,.: stock
by him; nor sha!l any nere infor j
organization, or fai!u c :, elect dir
officers at any requ:red time. have the
of rendering this chalter nu:1. or of
ing a stockholder to any lability bity
the unpaid balance d.i on his stock
Thus done and p:ia; d,. at ev office,
City of New Orle.ln;. on the day, m
year herein first above writen. in th
ence of Messieurs. August II. Ritter
bert Ritter, competent w:t .e;ses, wh
unto sign their names w::h the said
ers and me. Notary, after reading
whole. And the appi aresr have set
ite their names and add-r ies the nL
shares subscribed by their.
Original Signed: F. !'. Beta
Godchaux Bldg., N. O . a . 5 shares
Betancourt, 606 Godchaux ltldg., N. '
40 shares; N. Dorbecker. 5 shares.
Witnesses: A. HI. Ritter. Albert Ritter
J. M. QUINTERO, Not. p,
I, the undersigned. Recorder of Yetl
in and for the Parish of Orleans, do
cestify that the above and foregoing ,
Incorporation of the Mexican and Cer
American Exchange. Inc . was this d_1u
recorded in my office in BoIk 1212, pslih
New Orleans. La., November 28th, .
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, B. -
A True Copy.
J. M. QCINTERO, Not. p,
Nov. 29-Dec. 6-Jan. 3.

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