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If ll OftI 10 "\i!\ ,:i l 'il' %,'." filP Ip ' in ~ it,
fie ho ('in li.l.E of I ir, it.l ml ,. 'l'hey
1 "have I xi,'url.s ln uli 1 II11 mi tii 1 1w" fiitl.is
of hntl.l " +"iri',' fhi" t.' ntllin i g of the
;war. I lty th1 . hl,:ti hm--t lhit sial ilha or
-where' it ,l n i1Ire latltilelr ule-('l
lr stre'nh.'th unllhi'util to thait iof ltilm
Itrs heln from tin :I,, l airil thtir effort.
-lnll g, \ith the other,. h:ft of hullllllluitlt.
Jullst how I mil h of thiJ new iullustrial
terrltory tihey \\ill hl. nowh tht tlhey
-i:%i e 1 + l.. lloI it. l.1-1llin11S tot h,+ seen.
It is rtalunllnltl to, lelieve tlht t here
nare. lIl i: I' I". thi. h Vy will Ionttinue toi
In thb ' sih aitiii iiio  Iiire arei mal:iny goi il
olpd-fit hi ,on ,lid , ll( i tliiini they rliit go
Imu fulfilliln:. .11 th. I thine thtey hate
heel) dloii I!; '.N l'il l ot l lon with. ox
undi twe't\r' usnd all other knitted
thing;, liill-t I,. inlatuy ,upplied by
theirn \ Iaiii I' IIIil, illl oth lnerls whneedl
themr. 16ei Ale, the wholesome and
hourl l% duilti. they ullrnrtlnke toI raise
tllloneyl f(lr :I I slrtl 5 of' Ihliritnllhe wo\rk.
For the ltd 'ros they :are having
tuitlnh .ll ..n.s rnlnng; with cionesijdernile
tllerrituenlt biy getting 11) "tiiestas" or
county fa:ir.- held indoors. All they
a ad cm
'-ý. i::.:
Spring Blouses Novel and Eccentric
All sorts of ece·entrielties and nov
altles appear in the designs presented
la new spring blouses. In order to
Smeet that always insatiable demand
for something new, not a thing that
could be done to blouses has been
left undone--except to lowe'r their
prices. These are high, when the
more intricate models are considered.
They involve a lot of hand work, so
there is a reason.
Many women will welcome the high
tecked. fastened-in-the-back blouse
which applears among the handsomest
lingerie models. Very fine volle,
trimmed with narrow, fine valen.
clennes lace and small, handsome pearl
btttons, are old favorites worked out
it new wad s. An extended front
panel is featured in these fine cotton
blouses as well as those of crepe;
this panel reaching several inches be
low the waistllne, while the rest of
the blouse terminates there In a nar
row belt. One of the voile models
tas a panel with row after row of
frilly made of narrow lace, across it.
..Its long sleeves flare at the wrist and
re finished with many rows of nas
ow trills made of the lace.
Crepe georgette appears, somewhat
km aheer than It has been. in the beat
All In the Peint of View.
A young lawyer in Florida was run
slag for oSee, says nverybody's Man
inse, and undertook to cultivate the
SIqualatanee of all the country peo
- tfor miles round-with the idea
a getting votes. One evening he stop
-g his horse la frosat of a little cabin
1td lasired of the old man at the
'er vbether he might speed the alght
t hs heme. "ure arter," said
est mam. "l-Sp and 'light." The
- e wed Mm late the cabls.
s wa  me e am, aid Is a
t l , , t, -t:art w ili i in :ire..' r aeom
v ith :e :iitIly ^oel] ftloor. 'its thl,'
lint, ulth Iotls and palrlitio4n off into,
\lriou- "sexhibits"--u'h' ,f the'ln as
iJich if a joke' as pos'.ihl'. T'lier,' I. it
s-htootini~ gallery, with the' kaiser us a
t;irC't. tt,, fortunellll-telling te't--ratily
mnid leIttinaele statist.. jeIlie's. (c:llanneel
frlil't r, ' re:erve'. etc., 'oetitriliiteeld hy1
the' proole''..tes, -e sli'e i it it ulini1'1
lie'ennlntane',es. T'hie' thiniL are sleI :at
, "i\' Ill'C'e,.s h,''teen ,'t r, t' h'ile i l' s u ,lmest 11,1
expene' a:tt:t'htled he*re e'veryoue ('on
Iriute," t time and lltiterii:ls atie flith
plr',fits I-t.e <'hie r.
About the ayest :nl liv0,1liest c'rcedt
it the,.. fairs. or "tiet..as"'' is in that
,ortimi oef the fle.r -et :hieI' feor those.
. hu like to delane.'. 'This is raIled er
I eI'ei coff fromee the, rest of thei' rlent
:i a little he,th fer sellinzg tickets
IhI:erl tat lth, e ntrilncee. Little girls
l se heedie'le iket,' :ntltei4lie' nll wiho
elnci.('. "rTen e,('ts. each and three for
a ,lui:'rtIer" lbrings man.y ta iltie andie
eehi:ir h11eitire tee the tre':,unry of the
ehlnpter. Pif ('ours'eI lhe' pr,,:lh teris
Iltit see lto it that n.eooe tlits' is ure
•ielhd. 'War Is Ino reni:lsi wlhy the
liiug leeolele .shotlel not indulge themt
se'lv'es in innoceent pleasures, ndl they
aret lald enougnh Ito he'nefit the led
('ross while they enjoy themselves.
of models made up with real filet lace
and further adorned with silk em
broidery In self color. A pale tan
color, with filet lace exactly matching
it in color, employs a six-Inch square
of the lace at the top of the front
panel. The neck to this model is open
at the front like that in the blouse
Needlework. la which long stitches
of silk floss, and beads, In rich com
binations of color are very effectively
nused on blouses of dark colored crepe.
Sleeves are very long, but the next ex
cursion of the style reporter into the
realm of blouses may discover shorter
ones. there, will be no telling what will
be found then. Out of the mass of
new material certain styles will crys
talize as spring draws bear. She who
chooses fine cottons with lingerie laces
and georgettes, in the Pmpler models,
may select either high-necked. fas
tened-in-the-back blouses or those that
fasten In the front and leave the throat
uncovered, she cannot go wrong in
either case.
corner of It was stretched a bearskin,
the trophy of a hunt, and the only bed
of the hunter. A pumpkin served as
a pillow. In answer to the lawyer's
inquiring look, the host pointed to the
bearskin and said with great magnani
mlty: "8tranger. I tell ye what we'll
do-ye take the punkin and the blar
kin, and I'll rough it."
Avield Neglect of Duty.
A Igret may thlngt eoatribate to
mal life a ucceass but :.an ean eu
Mt soia tb mslete,
Aged Skipper Brings Home For
tune in Boat of Boyhood
Deserts Life on Water, But Sight of
Aged Bark Revives Dreams and
Lures H.m Forth to
New Bfllril. h:.11'.--Three snore
y " ,: ,'s a g o a s m ull b *,py ins th is c ity
,a4t. ,d lt-, hlmhr ('hBari., W . 11M r
g:in l eave 'l ort anii saill bt 3.l3 l the
nmity lh riznl. Ill I ,yish fan('cy li
in .:.':" hilit .If Ibrit .iilg the ship bea"k
• to port. filled :rich valuable ear::o.
tI. Ni tie t dh e i i lrui li e trie. (ap. .
I;i.'jinjranin 3. ('levelandi seveniV ye3:rl
tn lh. B:Is ju t rlltuired to Now ]lEed
a frd ill thl. dra';:li lip. hi of his boyhood
ly ith :a .;:ergo of $30,0NJ.
, As I' li\ italiil grnw to Iliilllmanhood he
y took I0o hie Site. li noa ill tiihl 'inlli4i
, W. .' ora. =i . InI. i ' int hii life on the
it waiter, :Land rtllrnledl it landi a fl'w
Ui \i'.:rs a (gi. \itith jlst ni'iigh iof a foir
a- tone to keep. him the r,.-t oif hi's days.
"i 'I'hen. a little more then a %t'"r :go,
he -Iw th lli dream: ship of his iiouth
d tied up at Fl;lirhl:aveu and dootuell to
it the seral heap.
"rThe shi ilj it:I svt.enty-}live yeanrs old.
or tut ('alptlin ('hlevehlndl knew the tillrtn
in n\l hl I h:ll ilt it. Ile klinew where 1ith1
I- tulrdly woodsmenlllll had cat tihe oak nhd
is le'l-t t"'("..: llout of which t1h4 ship was
" falhion ll'd. V'i-ions5 of Iii l1 h etoo d
or dir'l'lll hlntali,.- l I lil u l h,- toll' ]y
d hlitight tie ,lii Ilark. hirel :lI Cr'w of
It a n a iI :trni - itlted, it S-' |ptembl r'l . 1:111.
' lis a:a wais I bsolu tion i-slanl, '.'iI
º- ltle- toth of ('ape T eii. S,ith Af
e ric.:i, the lai r of t!he set elephanlit.
(- On the shelving hbeches of that
' dreary iland in tlih Soutilh Ilian
d neeoln the stea elephants dispoart tlhelm
i.alves. They lulve on a threie-llllnthis
feedling iexpedllition eac'h year. hut re
turn in the mating season. The hulls
light for lihe females and nuevter quit
) until one is killed. Hunldreds comane
ashore and lie on the beacih. It Is
then that the hunters reap their har
Bullets Bounce From Bodies.
The bodies of the sea elephants are
Invullner:tile. excapt in one soft spot
aboi'e the eyes. If a biullet strikes
ftr th had been rendered on
Toerll. He took a sekret R e oats , so Avoid
to nvoid German raiders. nithough he
sevmnay-yonr-old kippet r on the dck
of hiuns ovnty.asx-yiartlw l dream phip.
In the hold wai. rifle peru theat his
boyr kll theiy had soen.
Mbn Related From Priae on Because
Court Gave Shorter Sentence
Than Law Prescribe.
the law pres crthad ns p nshmant for
shey wsl. evarld and the ebntrt ietn
tenr him teIo srve six monthis in thevea
penitentiary. He sued ouet a writ so e
lohanias (aorpU. After the hearingh the
cbreuit court judge ordered his release.
holdinge that tIhe tril j udgte olhad aerr he
In giving him only six months when
lthe law prescrihed not leu than one
8Luso Mo.-anc When the sen.ur
'ret trough wdih Carl W. Pohlman of
.no. 1419 Talmadge street, he will hvep
oe ac omposed of skin and bone 11
taken from mis rFm and hies cnaues
PoCltan's nose was severed when c
otpiece of steel fell o I froml, the
root of an engine .hoose. The doe
tors tgisc bhilmdsnol ahi aew nose tha
teny. They ely it will tplhe about 2f
Speratlcs amnd osix months to nish the
iob, but tai t whc s they get throue
olng wa thave ta uoodg a eed
I Wiil Have Neewl Ne.
Sligh.imn '' hi. ,'il I t'rowu hl m
de a fr i l "
Can't Be Done.
, hi b,' s, s. tutes at..untid
AL An biea are ratier god0
Mantkind hai;s n:ever found
A substitute for food.
Two of 'Em.
"'One." said the truthful citizen. "I
was in the Klondike when it was so
eodhl that ay brueath froze. and I broke t
it off and threw it away."
"Yes. you scouiidr, I.' broke in the
9 deacon. "and I've been looking for you
t these twenty years' You threw that
Schum into toiy eye. and it melted, and t
I've had a cataract ever sinee!"
Riehmtond Times-Dispatch. t
Reason Why.
"Aren't you ll.ieted of scIowillng so,
\Villie? .furt se., wha't a sweet expres- t
slon Tonmuny .Jones is wearing?"
" Vell, he has to wear it. lie has 1i
lust thrown a rcck throui:h the preach
er'. window. and he's waiting now to
make tih preacher btievet it was done a
by a little boy int ":, Ile suit whei run
diwcint the stree It."-Ilic('htolnd TiLtes'.
l'i<'pIra t ch.
Same Old Way.
"When I first knew that nuilllonaire,
hie was a hey wat:lterig cows aind
horses on a farm."
"iOn he. ' th sme thluing now. cxc',.t t
he is watering stock in Wall sitree."
No Use.
Grouch-I suppose the govermun:'at
will he taking mnc'asulre's next to make t
thet hens lay lmore eggs." t
Grin-No: the hens would be firmly e
set against it. t
"He said this skirt of mine was a
"What do you mean?"
"It drags."
Phlywrl ht-Starr's nmnager has
cnno"ly of mline, but I don't know t
G'riti--Probably the night after it's (i
put on.
Still Good.
"No men enn act with effect who d ?
do not a,'t in eoncert; no men can act f
la can ert who do not aet with eonfl
common interests."-Burke.
Loial Refusal. I
Agent-Why is it too dark, madagal
"T['hils bit of literature hasn't aor at
plot to speak of, but it's got me guess o
"Detective story, eh0
"Npe; tme-table."-Louisvlle Co
"How's Ferrn n gettles alon with t ho
new automobinlet"
"ilae. He'r hot do now that w e cn
almrno tell whtat's ther mttr when it
cmot nt.i
wsmt w.
Inspired by Lurid pictures of Ex
tortion Scenes Seen in
the "McvIes."
, .1t. I 'l.,::-;l , : l,, .h . .i t , h ,. ,lh., -,
. f .l'r ], if h r. I. .r 1 i.,. t "i, b e the
r 'i " r, i; ,],.r e1 , r, r i tl] ti !l, 0 i -
I ne- 1 t'e r:Ilcn}" "V':Oiipri'"' nll "lan
der roml, " flittr': shown in tliht
ws" Do hEr ty ý "
LOyAL TO cu& 1
GANGd Ri< 2K
£EVEi OEAlttii IF
oi ATit
Black Four." a
"mnovhi ." The narlnei of the school
litbys i;have not lVietl title llpUiblih and no l
arrests have taken llace. r
The lIoys aile saii to have (,onfu.ss,,d
to threalteninig (George H. MIaeGlllivayy,
a druggist of JIt. P'leasant. with de- d
structlon of proplerty in case he refu 'd
to hand over 83O. A letter containing i1
the threat was foutdt under MacGilli
vay's drug store dfoor. The boys called
themselves the "Illack Four." Only 1
four boys were at first members of the Y
band, which was organized some a
months ago. Two more were admit- t'
ted later. tl
John S. Weidman. president of a P
state bank and one of the wealthiest f
men In the county. received a letter II
threatening himself and family with 1
death if he did not l'ave $30,000 buriedl I
in a certain place.
The charter uof the "Black Four" Is
I in the hands of the sheriff and reads
as follows:
"W\\e do hereby promise to he loyal
to our galig an I risk even death for its
honor and glory, and to the traitor
Wife Charges That New York Attor. ..
ney Demanded $10,000 or a
New York.---"Your father got the
best of lme. He promtised me $10.Oi
to marry yu. and he didn't give me ai
cent. I don't are wt\thether he gave you
the money or not. The money belongs
to me. You are responsible."
This declaration, according to the
oimpllant filed by Mrs. Selmla Levin
son, in a suit for separation from Isaac
Levinson, a lawyer, was made by the
defendant just one month and two days
after their marriage.
The plaintiff alleges the defendant
told her he woul get the money. It
not Ii: a, reeable way-in one that
would be disagreeable.
"If you don't give me that $10.000, l
then I want to get a divorce," the plain. h
l'tift says she was told. th
According to Mrs. Levlnson. she re- l
eived $10,000 as hier dowry, but the r
defendant did not get it nor was he i
promised it.su
Janitor Picks Up Paper and Finds w
He's Heir to Half of $600,000
Estate. of
3reen:hure . Pa.---(. E. Ellsworth. wi
,Janitor at th puilllc school buhilding. fr
swept out the rooms as usual thiu otl- h
or night. A bit of paper caught his "n
eye and he read that he was heir to de
half an estate of .SO00,000. on
The estate is that of Robert I. Ells.- ti
worth. aged eighlly-eigl t, who ,-i.l 14 r
months ago at his hlle il Wa.hig.
ton and loft his entire forttune to his po
nephew in Greensburg and his si-;tsr, Iof
Mrs. Elvlna Bindon of Washington. ln
The nephew here had loat All trace en
of his tuncle, neitllher having seen nor Ga
beard fritn hirt for more thani forty
years. SSoon after he received notice
of his fortune from an attoraey. FE
9,500,000 Acres of Wheat in Kansas. Ca
Tolopeka.-The Ka:lnsas board of ;i
ricllturel ha e'strtliatled that 9,.')0.e).t,
ni-res of winter wheat have Ibeen sown
In that state. Based ,n 100 per cent.
'orndlition of the s!::i;t' growing wheat
Is 70.1 per cent, or lower by 5.8 polnts ell
than was reported a year ago. The
government apportionment of wheat ge
for Kansas was 10,000,000 acres. of
Says Leg is Worth $12,500 an Inch. fa
San Pedro, Cal.,-Victor Peterson has co
placed a valuation of $12,500 an Inch vi
o. his leg. He has sued the Lando
_nd Pdesta Produce company for $25,- al
100 fir an accident which abortened is
his right leg two inches. p
America Saving Tin Cans at Camp.
Washlaton--To help conserve the
-tlon's tin supply, orders have been co
lent to army campse to save all tiha
nns. A camplaign for the aoonserva
son omf tla will be carrieed mnro
t ? ý " yf
ýt, der i
·: 77:
Ina utan Vllge
J 'I..1\ NI). thie Iw-lying. .sand
;.uiin.ul:t who-. raeline hi tori
an prohalt y wviil e llo liy lto desit
inte . thel gre;t all:lv l hbltl:
fouglht off it -ihoires by the British alr(
4;ertnll ns, Is the c.,ontinel nt-il portllli ,,1
I)-erni :lark alrl ci. pllllri-'w. neia:rl' t\\io
third-. the area of the kinghllii (exli.
%iv , oif c'lolliiiil Ip,-w .Moil-), bu hil t \\li
c,lnsidl'rllly lees than half the- totili
pouililation. It omlilparel s with Vrernlllnl
in size. biut has a :1 de~ ' itr of llolIulllltilor
tille Natleilt al (enerT:l-pll ie' 1eiu ,lety. it
-Inle t s' tr ik in ei:  p h ýiý- ': il c hajra e te i ti,, ic'! l'
iare the fjirts whi't ut intot the' suinel
ah,,ird. .:Partiularly ''n the' w 1
l'e:t . lf t elle'' the Iiru-,t. I.s:if.ihlu
is lto ly a ti- inlter for .inte 1i42 it
has lletn a s~u,iilli. joiiiia.- the wI t stet's I i
the1 North . la Nirh thle :atteel: i mial
mal: int.t :in i-l:til ii the extril-m. north
lrn portion of the, lpeniin irla which te~r
tliinit<, in a I.lt, tiallied the Sk\w.
(OWini to the 'hetlraclrer eif the. soil on
both Iani,1, the rapidity of the icurrenti
a:iil 111h violent illlp:tit of the flotling
Ice in the -4plring. onl"y :1 pintoilln iridilgi
spanneld this soun., d :it Aallorg until
The highelst point f land in Jutlan.
lwhich is :lso the highlist in the king
dom, is il 1-4-fooIlt "enlllutnei-" in a line
of low hills neiar the ienter of the pen
Ancient Home of the Cimbri.
Jutland was the ancient home of the
warlike 4'ililbri, a tribe which for 12
years kept Rome in aI state of panic,
and which was the first Germanic host
to make its way across the harrier of
the Alps into northern Italy. antici
pating the descent of the Visigoths by
five centuries. The I'imtlbri canle with
in the purview of recordedl history in
113 B. C.. when. after having hteen
driven frlom theiir northern home-, sun
A Cattle Fair in Jutland
posedly by North sea inundations, and
having made their way southward
through the German forests, they in
flicted a signal defeat upon a Roman
army under Consul Panirius Carbo at
Noreia. Instead of following up their
success into Italy. the victors pushed
westward into the Rhine valley. Four
years later, however, they practically
annihilated the Romans under Marius
.Junius Silanuns on tie field Arausio,
where Io,t) troops were slain.
This terrible reverse sent a tremor
of terror throligh the hlawnlakers on the
Capitolne hill, and tihe constitution
was set aside in order that Matrius,
fresh from his trlullmphs on African
hattlefields, might Ie, invested with
consular powers fotr five years. He was
deemed the man of the hour and the
only general who could turn lback the
tidle of barbarians that had debouched
fromt Il'hbri ('hersmnese,. the name
given to Jutland. While this tribe
pouretd over the Alps. driving the forces
of ('atullus before It across the Adige
and tlhe Po, Marius adtninlstn'redi a
c'rushing drefet:t liut Aqunae Sextitit' in
Gaul to the I'imilri.s coamlanions in
Capital of Morocco is Regarded as a
Fair Specimen of What the
Culture Produces.
Fez is the capital of Morocco. It
is an odd mixture of progress and me
dievalism, or tolerance and fanatacisim.
of learning and superstition. These
generalizations are the typical reaction
of the occidental visitor to the life
and manners of Fez. As a matter of
fact, writes Niksah, Fez is no city of
contradictions, but quite consistent in
view of the fact that the culture of the
Orient and Occident have proceeded
along somewhat different lines. Fez
Is a stronghold of Islam and a fair
specimen of what the culture produces.
There is much poverty, much oppres
aon, much disease; there is also much
charity, a justice that is sometimes dis,
concertingly swift and an atmosphere
that can only be described as one of
resigned cheerfulness. Commerce is
conducted on a fldicrously diminqtive
scal, but the total of a month's trad
lag in a six by .ten emporium often
ntee sat. sa erin ures, o d avM
-" I ' tll --t
. . . . ". \Iii an d It
ir t hl ,r, ~h:. t' I . n -1 : the
n 1it J I t :ihi ,l i 1 ,: , : 1 ' "i',. nl e th ej y
.t tl.' tra :, .'r i, l . ... ; , r y s
f les 3 h 1.: the
n,. it l t i. I !' , : .i , ,, ' 1l' hil e twh
Vi' ; ii " r J is , l. , . l.' I fithrti
I :',3-- t.t a. (· .ls -l us:i, . th, 3:li~h
lrtn in p rn. 'i i , . : I lh i tl
s lll i llc 3l3ll ' : 'i.f the ir
Its Agricultural R eneration" .
.ti¢ T l:Iti l 'tl s : 'a,ii , t -z rt y fl at,.
frri t ir - hI , ,.. n r: I_ )hila.i Ite t
iIrcent rl ". istlii " if t , s l nish rm "la
I,'lV35 lhe' hs· ihuuI. '.1.irt~ ll thi' O rgauid.
ithhh l-ogan. Ii pt.mnt lr t thr1-imzbs
1l:11e pl i3l a llh 3l. 3 l ie T ,,Vall3 e wld t .
\ort ll going f1 ,rr\lirl nl whch Irned
prvtd eds I liet t. \ll l , i r 1 ut the anish
, oplll i hlr: ~n :rf the lat.
th'., ,er e ~ll .i'e, , : , of their
rol AIinin 'l . Tlu'h'i ' t iti y uisWela
territolIril ur t, h 4 : 1..i i eclgas, a
trivifn ; ie. fri, Iiih Nrth sodetq.
th p initrlr ,f th pve'ninsllt which fh
Mountain fir-si werfi.re than a.
these 'ere y rilcceedli by red spro. b.
fro. heetrto. The re trees serve issW
rfliving h 33l1rrer lev iiit the tep re sod
driving gales fromr thi'e North sea, t 1
rThe interior of the peninsula r Ijues fat
are is Ilhernin;, i. stiettlemnent of 0
souls in 1866 and now a thrivingl aet
munity with a population of 5,01.
Jutlandl has a familiar ring is r
ear of every schoolboy for be reO'
bers that the Angles and the Jutes .m
among the first Germanic peopie r
emigrate from the shores of the BMl
and settle In Britain.
Being Ahead of the Times.
The world (ills every man that i.
ahead of his age a cranik. TherelbU
disgrame, in it. It may be a little
not to Ibe understood and appremi
whien you klnow yon have what iW
world needs. notes an exchange. Il-'
remelnlier. th:t' the \nay wwith
world. It sometimes t:keis yearn s,
even centuries for people to a
what's beyond their experience.
Penalty of Failure.
Falllure ito profit from our,owsf
takes, failure to appreciate that
have made mistakes. failure to
the warnings of Iweple more
eneed than we, alwhys carrles woil
a heavy penalty that muset be
are still to Ib, had Iby those who
where to buv. and religious fei'
runls so high that seweral Eur
have been killed for poilluting tht
cred atmosphere of II(ostques with
presence. I'opular ignorance
reaches to the point wohere the
ual In question is not cognizant dat
existence of the American coo
and in the library of Fez are nmiZ ,
absolutely priceless treasures Uie
shape of ancient tomes of I e---
Certain books of Euclid. never ll"
European eyes, are said to be ag -
Both Good and Busy.
Wretched is the worker who hi
tired permanently from active IIIP
his accumulated fortune cannot I
surcease from the weary sorrow "
Idleness. Miserable Is the Wai
whom sudden fortune has exelj
from the need of attention to ples
household cares. If you would be "
py banish unhappy memories. L~'
lect the good in men and forget
bad. Be as virtuous as you
can and busy yourself about
-~ m

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