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'United States. of A tneria.. Stat. of louis
,iTna. P'arish of tOrlatus. (ity of New
Ie it kiinown. that oni lhis. div. the.
itth dity of the unnnth of l.Febrar . nt
the year of our Lord oln thousand nine
hllired. lld ericiht.~lt ll: illlnd of tlh.' lied'
l.'nde..el.e of tier Ilciter l 'taites of A\ieri,.r;t,
the. ei hi elll reld t ille d fort-onlld I,.
fotre rte. les-ie.r,. Itodee.n. it notary lp bici•
ill anCd for thie Parist of iO rlens.. State
of l.o .ialt, . d tily -o lll .,ioll. sh orne
end ilantl i tied. and iln t nhe Ipre'ellc.' of thlle
i'ii.ciee'd, lpersonaillly c:ann, aind :pl peilaeired:
,r '". parties· t hwoad Otiere anl l nder
sicned. who did elesIir.r.r thia-t. :availing
the' sc-l v. '. of the i, ro i-l.ccess off t-ir heirs
olf Ihi stat'l . rct. iet, te the oraner izat ion
of c.ortporationis  . "'c ,eI daq.lly tihe piro
visionls of . t No. 2;. Co stit-lt tlhe
4-n-r:en A. ..th-oj.lv of this Mte dtorin
li:Te ye:r ll . the lnne. ai tiele t nd th.ritle
fi thie' law, exitinL in tll chi tate otlh r
thanl salicl Acr Nor. te7 of e114. thyll have
iove'lliihte o aeeil :nre-d t., ailt d . o iy ties
lir-tseut. c-ov'eeailt ainit agtrr-ee and lhind
th. il-e I .of thlisr test.or.nd ntheir heirs
aitnil cs+.iausl~., to foremi emil a indhereby foriti
tI. setl.e'lc-e-s into, aindi coistliiiute thi. -
ely tlllle ftheir ct-ssors. nto a op.io oro
etlIi for tI.-e oljoct d purposaneds flr
lton i: l. to-wit :
AIC anI. s-lli.-The n ottme. style tahe olr
iof this cor oretiou shall cer WesiTl. I:In
Feltll ('il.MI' & iel'lie.e \'Y, INC'.." ant
nil oller .:ahi corniorate iion allt . it s tll ithav
ill the' coWie-rs  nilld lttieth i-rity gr.il+teed by
the lllws of this ttl. \ to. eand not ealpress
ly wsiith.hel fromn. corlportio u ns."
.r nTII'lE f-r tlhe olljects and pIr
poses of this corporation are del-iere'
agenertelly. to hol the cold llucting of ta n
eril c ltonl lnintes. incliding the' buy
,1g and st-lliocl of tistol or tinl the oper
telon of tw rthouses nd te 0otilresses and
all othtier leiaineeess conlie-.tedl fiith the.. said
thrile \'ervluen of %l'l Ion lle hundlr doll..rs
-oevale eotton. waerihoise and ompress
h . gnrowiing out if such lbeisnesst.
Sllr nesollary for tle sill ohj1 et- treredt eor
1ss., ad In so doing, tek f tsl i corpora
tcion atill hall' t tenr to I lrnci- ine rea l.
Er.oil, or ixedof rtcLrt syall enof title theid
itl e the holder n owlli therileose of cat
.AItTI'I.1: III.- The present einmount of
tapital stock of this orleor tli is i Two
hienree d r lliounidclte dee ollairs . $215J.11t111 licvid
e'tl lto hi tso horact:intl 1s.r1 of shirt.s o
tionl plartitllt, or con lition ll.tred dollers
ircsentl ecill ined tertitiues for e.itheor
h thel or sutt of ra ale. or trmansir. exepts
srt have olered the k said tc' for syilde ln
to the or re rty.oc' oldrovided l law.i
The amount to wh lh the cpresent c-tsp
here.lye detl::re-d to be Five- lihlundred thou
saeled eullalters (i.'K1e.iWlle), to lhe re.cresenteel
and erninfic tes of bstolk of the itoer value
oftrm of not lnred than thlirts$ (:1 ) each.
Addre ef th t'o elaltdl sto"k of llis orpcord
apon thi stock rectnr, or m stock :n oothis
iorporlorioniall iolie the liistal.dress i
new- lcrovhiled by hlae-.
lishown thire of n: hick shill entitle the
holeder and owner thereof to Oile' vote, to
le cst eithe er b ters ofll th or by written
hroxwn ynd tlci frctiooks of the shorall tion
title to re holder nd owner thereof to slch
frtionalll part. tereof one. te Is ree
e.aned tls froaition andl shonreiti of stock.
AITi'Li.L IV.-The seeid stock shaill be
only partlially, or condiitionally, the sub
dent of sale lnd transfer, aelnd no stock
leresently sellis'crilede for or Issued, or
hereaefter sutlescribted for or isseuie, shall a
'trar of the ssutoj.t of sale or transfer, except
is , tlr the subsc to ribery or of wner, shall
first hve offered the said stock for salei
to the other ~stockholders then holinf of
and owning the baltince of ther stock of'
this corpordition tre a writen offr for ant
term of not less than thirty (30) days,
addresseed to said stockholde'rs of record
. pon the stock register, or stock llooks.
tof i this cororatiorn, at the last adress P
- shown thereupon: whiceh said offer shall II
1 be at the book value of the satl stock as
shoARTIn by .Thhe doks of the cor cortion T
at the next prceding iannual meeting, atl
which price, and for which term, aney or ,.
tell of lhte existing stockhklolders shall lce ;
enporatitle to rcll hle the whole, or a pro- f,
portonherl part. thereof. it
I And this provision tend condition prece- ti
elpo to the slreld tra. ofer, resale, or re
transfe'r of the stock of this corpeoraetion.
ise Pre.se'ntly ogreeder to by rll of t ehe sll
nowribrs to the stock of this orporaetion ai
on their own lbeehalf as well ias on behalf of t.
their lee irs, assigns tand successors, aind
is inceepte-d by themnl tvs a mnaterltil pro- m
vision. condition precedlent lnd warr nty,
,es it pctrt of thIeir sellcn.criletiou to tl, ic P
stok In I. ths cor oror tion shionall
ARTICLE VII.-TheA doicile of this cor- a*
poration shall he in the exeit sed by of
lean. State of Loisiagh a Bo nar d of Directors to be
or other levenl (roe') stocboldrs, which
upon the President. or In heb.oall he
saide Precsident or othaver o rht to ote, sh
not authorized by or to written proxy. di
ARTICLH Vt-This rectoos shratlon shall
exist for a term of ninety-nine, (901) years, cn
unless land hidatve the prior thereto ahold now di
poration'd dom lew. of
AItTI(,lt VII.-AII corporate powers St,
Th oof this corporation shall ee exercised by of
and through a Board of Directors to be of
coposed of not powerss than three (3) nora to
aore than seven (7) the genetockraolders which in
said directors shall have the right to vote, csh
either in ierson or by written proxy. did
The Board of Directors shall be em- Pr
powereed, and have the right, to hold di- of
rectors' meetinges either outside of the de.
State of isian with the by-laws of thisState or
of Louisiana elsewhere than at the cor- ne
poration's domicile. f
ThehI.-The oofficers forof this the
a President a Vle-Pre esident , Ha retars
seend a Tecreasurer, and moTrerer, than one of- st'
oleansrd. La.a
The corporatfcers shall act ahs scorprch and s
ahold ance winthl the general laws of thare wi
elected. and with the event of a thilus cor
elect oners at anynnal election, the
oARicers then actln I-Thefor the id ortpore
ensuing year s hall :hold oe ntl their sces A
Willisors are elected at herfordeneral stoe hold
onshall be Texas: Norman Mayer, ionday -Presi-n of 1
ee,. Secretary and Tre'asurer. New Or- A
T ic eent the saidid officersmtg shall act as such andA
held officn the nut iollorin egal day. held
Alleted, and tions shall n the eventby ballot. and thfailure of i
eot offit voters at any annual electio; nd the
officer thereofn acting for the sand theorpora- shr
tion shalnd holder offie until their suchaces o- the
store shall e entitled to genech tractional of
prt of meetine vote athis cotheir tporation, and shalle bey
hars to one d;share, which said annualvotes mely nctine
shall be held on the third onday in
ind which eventwo rs t this meorporation, in t
andll electiontracts shall be by ballot, and then
er and holdertd of y ctional shiars of also
-w crpt iU ClahIdg the President, f a
when pesible.I T
!kuo 4gm nod Dmed ~i my sbes In Im
thei c'ity of New ierchanr., on the, day.
'ionllth ild ti:ar he're'in lirt abolee writ
nis- tell. il th." lpre.ceni.e. teof .hhl 4. llollinic.
iessw ntorthl :ind S;ll il Mac lfre.. both .ie peellllit.'lll
witnsllc-.. re.i(linc it thli. -ity. who hale
.signedi their ii,.iin.". lto.*-tler witlh the
the said pi rtie.-. ;oilId ne'. ncetiary. lafter due
tin ri hdic, of ther..' re-ilt.
liee CiriLe1al :i h .icned: N=oriman Mayver. ):9
.e- (ira iler St -.. N. w irha s. LI .. 4ti. ha.l:res,.
i.'I, .1941.ilon; W. \eatherford,. lHouston. Tex.
I re- . .11 1 ir.. re - l.10. nl ; IrIoill I e. Frliree..
.Iie 'Lt! eIracvier St., New lteril-a . La., l 1 ehre.
:ite $tli0.l4i.
rn Witne.-te: Jlohn 4'. Ilolling-.worthlc am
le' tluei .I:-i fre.
er- 1:15. Il el'i-:N. Notary luie.lh'.
I. the i n Ide'-r-i \:nei.d. lie-c-order of li rt
er- gages. ill andi for t!e"- I'ari-h of ierleaer.:,
i1, State of Loulei-i-:ui. diet i're--by e'rtify thant
isc thei. a sovorte d foir ie.- inc. A'. t of I Tiil r r
ill ation of th. ie He:.li.rtteordl rumpl & 1 ..
ro- ln'.. wasc, chi, d:yv dily recordedll in cmy
the office. in Heook 1l!4. -Folio 2.
i.g New ti-renic.. Ft-ebru:iry .tih. 1911.
''Y. (seal) .icnedl: EMII .i-E J. LEe ENAltll.
hr I'1. Rev.
,ve I. Itn--ier., Itoi ic. a Notiary Peuhli- for
'e the P'arlih of rten-. lfore-aild. do hlre
nld it y certify th alo. and foreoing to be
irs t I trie 'Oi. of c tie ririinaCl A.*t of Ineor
ln piOlation of t' the ' .:ilherfordi riurl &
in- Companyi . Inc..I. and lof the e'rltieie-itc e of
.r- th.t; Ite.ordetr eof ~ortca: e for the Pi'ri.i
al- of erlean, l. ereto attis bed; the whiole
extenit iU In y cu-Irrent NItar:il IHe't,-ise'r.
tI,' lee faith whereofi. I railt lthee ipreectil.
It. undeilr clly si l:tulre ancd tlhe iccilpre.s of
cid 13ly S.eal lIof I lhi e.
y. Newis ierIlea.e, Februarvy the ti A. . II
i ,y 191i .
tislnel) I T I'S. IO'tU EN. Not. Pub.
1ele' 14-21-2s ileh 7-14-21.
"e January 31, 1918.
idl l'nite'l States , Amer.ca, S:ate of Louisi
,.y anc. I'arich of Orleans, li'y Of NeMw
lIce i" k: :wn, that on this 31st day of
l. the nth o. Janslei'-y, in the year of our
is. lird, one th.ousand nine hundred and
at eig'hteen !',1. and of the Independence of
the t nited S:arcs, the one hundred and
of i .rty-second, cLef,,re mte. Arthur B. Leopold,
vo a N,:a-y P:iiec. h:!y c-errnm:stone i and
d- qual me.,t in and fi r the ''ty of New (rleans,
of I'ar:- c - lrle:,i , there in residing, and iin
rs the pre-s:.ie of :he w:tne-ses hereinafter
Ir ..T". aId : under-:gned, perc- ally came a:nd
is- aCeared:
in The s.veral pers is whose names are here
:nii: 'i -e:scr:bed', whas severally declared that
is atrsiling :he n-elves of the laws of the Sta:e
1s- f Lou:.iania, s in such cases made and prc-,
e vded, they di , by these presents, form
ue theme:ves in:t a crporation under the fol
1 'wing stipulations:
r- Article I.-The name of this corporation
is -hall 'e the Belvedere Private Sanitarium,
as Inc., ly which name saitd corporation shall
have aind enjoy corpora:e existence and su.c
e cessi:r for the term of ninety-nine (9P))
to years, fromn and after the date hereof, unless
n siner dissolved according to law; and its
Sdomiricile shall be in the City of New Or
Seans. It shall have power to contract, sue t
and be sued. to make and use a corporate
seal, and the same to break and alter at
>e pleasure; to h, d, receive, lease, purchase,
sell and on vey', as well as mortgage and
k ltypethecate, under its corporate name, prop
er ertr ith real and personal; to borrow money 1
ii and lend money, to give and receive secu
I rities therefor; to name and appoint such
managers, directors and officers as the inter- e
est anid convenience of said corporation may
require; to make and establish such by-laws,
rules and regulations as may be necessary c,
and proper, and the same to alter and amendl
at pleasure. I c,
Article II.-All citations and other legal
process shall be served on the President of rt
Sthis corporation, and in ease of his absence, l:
iupon the Vice-President, or the Secretary or' S
1 Treasurer thereof. . n,
t Article IlL.-The oljects and purposes for S
nwhich this corp-oration is firmed are declared
toi lie the operation of a private sanitarium
f,,r the care and treatment of sick persons,
including all other things that may be inci- c
iental or necessary to the primary purposes et
for which this colrporation is formed.
Aticle IV.--The capital stock of this t or- m
poration is fixei at Frty Thouisand Dollars -'
s-oi(.000. represented by four hundred (400) e
shares of $I00.or each. Said capital stock hi
may he increased or reduced. ea
Siulscriptions to said capital stock may be or
paid for in cash or in property and good will to
and when paid for or exchanged for property, re
and good will, there shall be annexed to this t'
act and Ie read in connection therewith, or "
hy other proper instruments, an accurate de- an
tailed and itemlied description of such prop-. ch
erty. as to amount, location, extent. charac- re
tee. and state of improvements, together with e'
a statement of the value placed 'upon any
good will included in the capital stock.
Article V--All the corporate powers of this in
corporation shall ie vested in a board of Bi
direetors to he crmpose" of three of the su
stockholders whno -.. an. elected by the it!
stockholders on ,, .cters, %day of January
of each year 1 t, -e share he first Monday C
of January. l. "":, rand I hoard of direc. se
tors shall hold ,c ll. he first Monday an
in January, 191 ~.&It be,. their successors ca
shall have been j ' 'Fg,4nd qualified. The i
directors shall t President, a Vice- sh
President. and r y-Treasurer. In ease an
of any vacancy occu-Vag on the board from the
I death, resignation or otherwise, the remaining ste
menbers shall fill the vacancy until the Tr
next election. Two members of the boardI pe
of directors shall constitute a quorum. kb
Article VI.--The following persons to-wit: the
P. Doullut 400 Egania Street. New Orleans, Pri
La.: W. Horace Williams 33a18 Coliseum St., Tr
New Orleans. La.. shall be and are hereby a
constituted as the first Board of Directors, or
with said Benjamin Franklin Gallant. M. D., inc
as President; Milton P. Dollu.t Vice-Pres nthe
ident, and W. Horace Williams, Secretary- the
Treasurer. seea
Article VII.-Alli meetings of the stock- 7
holders shall be called after fifteen days sit
previous notice in writing mailed to each of
stockholder at his post-office address. har s
A,'ticle VII.-Whenever this corporation con
is dissolved. either by limitation or other. onf
wise. its affairs shall be liquidated by three st
liquidators, to be selected by the stockhold- .
ers tafter a meeting convened for that tpurpose Cit
shall have been called. - yea
Article IX.-This act of inco ration may Vic
be changed, altered or mended, or said nec
corporation may be dissolved, or its capital whc
stock increased, as provided for by the laws not
of this State, after a general meeting of the resa
stockholdters shall have been called, after 0
fiftteen days previous notice thereof given. Mil
Article X.-No stockholders shall ever be Pry
held liable or responsible for the contracts 5346
of said corporation for any further sum than 3ic
the unpaid balance due upon the share of Col
stork subscribed for, or owned by him. nor Wit
shall any informality in organization have
the effect of rendering this charter null or I,
of exposing a stockholder to any liability in a
beyond the amount of subscription to the Loi
The subscribers hereto have given ojoosite G. 1
their respective names, the amount of stock dull
n this corearation subscribed for by each of Fols
them, so that this Act of Incorporation may N:
also serve as the original satdscription list (S
Df said oeporation. 1,
Thus done and passed, this 31st day of that
FeDmarye 1916, in the presence of A. S. Gel of i
t.e ,- M't' . ' .t€ - ,
S \ . \ c \\I 11:l an
\\ A -. A O Trlea, 1
if, A i- - r-- t It 1 I. h' I· N ,. sixe
1n-: , : I pabl - . -
t .. . f" '. Lta,'R, : a
, ' .,' ' nDr. y ign . :n Pa, e2'
. '
-\ I I'I'R It T .E I ' I .D . Ni .ar-tc lal''v.
r ' ~i ", 7i of Or.eans. Coft7
•" : .,, ., ,- ,-, hn-': .' h a O :e car i
r ,. I nl eigh: een flae!
•e :,- , d :lr , l'` 1,. Ie a n:" t.ary pubh' ,
Sc :d .re-l . an t in the presenc.
S " ' -t's t--. ftef r nh red,. perso:,
f i",e id ia , tde everal tperons
It : r ny t'l an I underinel. all rcs
:n: f : (: f Neir Orleans, ani ali
, rt 1 :h --, ,::n - : then s te tes of the law
. T' l:a i :e , . L :anA, and particu!arly o
Ssrv, , f thecI Act N ,. 27 of the
i ne Ai- n y a f t e14, res ative to tyh
i t -tncI n adan d fa )trf,]• and in t he e presentt
It"fn re " t';lftyri iiht haten fr the ar n .-alve,, 1
- ,, .c-,r a-: rd .--:- t i ,1 thea naeal t verons
"i ht, ,it:c r ,h"arllan evernell rs. eveallr trase
rf heerc - l w'ithp v .irs and under the s:apu
i Art c!e .-The nam ad d ti:!e of thie caor
nt s, , I ::t be . -y icf haew s & Crlan Spant
,1 Art te I. -T e p.. ,use acnt ojecth fer
S e .'. aacr; e-a on i s crganrt ed, ando th
re p a lc e ,al l e scere: t ohe arried osn i.
d T. ca-ry ain :ihe usenne, of retail dealers
*tn cecra.lry. :V eareear. br:ca-ra, rnamenti
'ttc. The crrypng oan the a vnes of paw
enf ker.s. e ,le. and lan r thusiness, and t
at o , l i ea:l n ferham d;e gen erally a
S Ar'icle I .--The cadetal stock of this con
2,i3Art. re IL-T| thepe .sec tan. of c t ty-he.
Sie ora$l2s s all b)e vies el dvd n tde ri s tie
Idhina I ti r  ,o Direc ors the i a shall e
I ,r i c - i o ino equ ivan en t th e n p r ,perty. N
h nthcke , jory shall hever t i evrea tranqfe,
. - the transc tnio ohef business. ofntil
s to rhe ex-ting sh1areh1 der thrugh tahe Boar
sh f irectr at the Bok value of said stocks
niey e;tngt s irechlirs, thNro.t2 thel ilan
t preference t M any ,ther Ntock transfer.
T Article IV.-The domicilest of the is corpor
htreon shall 1ethe olsty <in Nw reans, Stew
Thenred:aifte(2r the shares of Dirctr shall be
i .oise i nof stockholders h shl bellato o bel
legal prochrs shall be served on the Prens.
l m re.r th whsuahence, r on the secretary,
ir the n'exisreof sharesownr d y thint. All
SAreticle haThis corey ration shall have and
ienjoy succession and durt ati on for the peri
e of Nsret Nine years from the dase hereo.
Article bVo.-Ts o the corporati the oftei
to p eastin pha be rsnte or bN prlan itxale
by a moard of Directors which shall be
cmpsed of not less thanr three (3) direct ors
.lanuary i. l910. the follawins named pereson
rshall constitute the oard of Directors.
nartiely: V;utav Michaelis. No. 2l8 hMilan
Street. Si muel Mn . Mayer. No. d346 Pretania
crpreet Joseph Gevldstein, No. 7443 Maplei
Thereafter the Board of Directors shall be
ceomposed of stockholders who shall be elect
ed ann ull Ieginnin wit January 15. 191o
Any stockholder shall be eligible to the
memba ership o the Board without regard to
the num.her of shares owned by him. All
,lyet:ons shall e chy hallot, and each stock
eache rea B d of sck standion in his name
Amn te oooks of the coreporation the vote
to he cast in person or by ptroxy it shall
ell n majrity of tok present or re
f aDirectors on January 15th, 1919. or there
focter shall not k as a forfeiture of S het a
chaer hut the old oard of Directors shallme
re'.nain In ofqice until their successors are
Any vacancy occurring in the Board of
Tirectors either from death, resignation or
inahilit to serve, shall he frlled by the
Board of Directors at its next neetin, 19after
tuch vacancy shall have been brought to
The first Roard of Directors under this
Charter shall be required to draft a suitable
set of by-laws, which by-laws may he altered,
case may require.
Article VII.--Te officers of this corporation
shall consist of a resident, a Vice-President
and a Secretary-Treasurer. each of whom with
stockholder. The offices of Secretary and
Treasurer may he held by one and the same
person. The officers shall he chosen by the
Board of Directors. 'ntil January 15th, 1919,
the following named persons shall be the.
fshicers of the Company. to f-wit: G stach
aivet ois. President, Joseph Goldte in, Viaed
President; Samuel Mh . g Mayer, Secretary and
Article VIII.-This Charter may be altered
or amended in any manner including these
increase or decrease of its capital stock, and
the affairs of the corporation wound up, andb
thoe corporation itself dissolved in the manner
and n complyin with the existing laws. of .
The incorporators hereof hive placed oo
ilt their r spectirve si Mnatures the number
of shares of the capital stok for which each
have subscribed. which is to be taken and
considered as the original subscrption list
of this corporation, and to be recorded as
Thus done and passed, at my office at the 5
City of New Orleans, on the day, month and I
.ear first above written. In the phesence of
uictor K. Kiam and Edwin P. Adams, wit
nesses of lawful age, residing in this city, 4
who, together with said appearer and me,
notary, have signed their names, after due
reading of the whole. T
Otriginal Signed: Gustar MichaeliMs, 2l a
Milan St.. 115 shares; S. M. Mayer. 346 A
Prytania St.. 114 shares: Mrs. S. M. Mayer.
5346 Prytania St.. 10 shares; Mrs. Guitav y
Michaelis. 2711 Milan St, I0 shares Joseph
Goldstein. 7443 Maple St., 1 share.
Witnesses: Victor R. Kiam. Edwin F. Adams. v
BERNARD TI'8CRE, Not. Pub. d
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgage,
in and for the parish of Orleans, State of e
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above st
,nd foregoing Act of Incorporation, of the
G. Michaelia & Company. Inc., was this day
loy recorded in my otce, in Book 119,P
New Orlean. Jan. 22. 191 o
(Signed) EMILE . LEONARD, DyR. .
". te under.igned Notary, hereby certify
.1 t .t , " - " ! .-. I
il .C\ \i'lt "I i f Ill., . I'L.: ..
i' "! I.I lTY .\\l) (,M i'.1\Y
S c . A :l a tI " I'.. i: . S I
e I tl e ct a n .1
1\:" : It .,: ' ; :. "t. e .n t ,i,,n; a:rei r..
t I : : 4 tant r .
.144 .1 1 I .4.t* '1454e. >lsar a-!! au.ith'40ty
c . .:t . sea .l, -le .-s , . an d :san
a - ,: e r; hnd, t a t nsell t , m 4,rt-'4.
f , ..-...t r el:e Acpet',t teal.
r4 er fI.r te carrinsg on of its ofiusinscs
e., '' c .:ipanies t!at miay aSy slr thise canm
I . : -:"In ;:1 -".jc: ane d p-ur.t se; to make
n 1 s-::e 1 d :ei an414 cr::ticateas of indebted
:"-; 1t4 nahi l. e!e,-t and appoint managers,
. r.. nl: , clerks or eotser , el vees to
. i pt ca i:,s clrporate business and
atr: p.se tar; : b", ho~d rules and reula
-.15 as iaiv be f 4i11d necessary or desir
.e fr "t.e mbna-t:: r e an d buriness af
rs . t !:- cortorat4 ., ani generally to
s aneveav l r az:. rd:ar or t:ing necessary
r the c0.4.l44t a0d I-roper carr)ing out of
A t:cld i.-T'ie ,dom icile of tlis corporation
s bh.. be in "ic City of New Orleans. I'ari4h
S'; to r!ena; ~:te of Louisiana, where all
tat-n,:,' and . ::er lesal process sh:all he
s-rved ,,: .nc .' "ie pcdenrt. or in the ab
Scnce ot ne presilen:, upon either of the
per. iprei ,ent, or in the rabsence of both
sI u, aes se crtary.
,'Ar~ e i.-The 4,4jc tsm and pu-poses of this
c":rn iof.:n cre znreby declared and stated
to 5e:
To ive v. set!. inport, export, prepare and
feal ard tran ! in farroen and domestic
cheese. utter W'estern dairy products, eggs.
-tanace, hacon aned other cured and uncured
meats. tra'le delicacies and any other com
nidities. foods, goods or things, and to do
en rall- a wholesale grocers and provisions
m erchsants ybesiness.
.Aricle -f tha) The capital stock of this
co-r-pratin is heret, fixed at the sum of
ne hte ndred thousand t($le.00ari dollaros.
divided into one thousand ~.(.00) shares of
'he par value of One hundred ($10.nO) dol
lars each, provided that the amount to which
A:e capital stock of this corporation may be
increased shall he Two hundred and fifty
ihosaand ($2Sainfrelm dollars.
sF:tv per cent nt50') of the capital stock
ef this corporation must be subscribed for
before the filing of the articles of Incor
Arrartien. The subscribed capital stock of
this corpoation shall be payable in cash
and in propery, -. real or personal.
(b) No stockholdler shall ever he held
liable or responsible for the faults. con
teapt a or destc of this corporation in any
'nr:her asim than the unpall balance duef
the corporation on the shares of stock suh
se-ibed for Iy him, nor shall any mere
infomality in the oleganiation have the
effect of render ng this charter null or of
(c) This corporation shall not engage in
tisiness until Seventy-three thousand ($73. -
(n.r) dollars of the capital stock shall have
lien issued and actisallt paid in. either in
cabsh or property. as aforesaid. If any of
the stock of this corporation is exchanyed.
in whole or in part. for property, in that
event the provisions of Section three of Act
.7 of 1014 shall htie strictly complied with.
Article 5.-All the corporate powers of this
crrporaton shall te vestel in and exerciseh
by a Roard of Directors composed of five (5)
stockholders, each of whom shall own. in
his own right. during his term of office.
at least one full-paid and unpledged share
of the capital stock. which shall he shown
lIy his written declaration. Three (3) direc
tors shall constitute a <Overum for the trans
action of business. Said Ioard of Directors
shall be electehi annually on the second
if wodae in January, beinning with the year
e119. They, torether with the offices elected
by them, shall ontinue in office for one
'ear, or until their sloccessors shall have
been electedl and inducted into office.
The electi on rof directors shall be held iny
the ofie of the crorwation under the su
pervision ot two cmmiissioners appointed by
the rard of I)iretors. Fift een days' pre
vious notice of such electicn shall be ivhen
to eacha stockholdter ry the secretary by
letter. deposited in the orst office prsoerly I
adldre.4ed t.- each st .ckholder, as prescribed
by lawU All elcc!ons shall e by ballot.
A mnj9ority of the votes cast shall elect and
one ve,te shall ie allowed for each share
repr eentel by the holder in person or hby
britten proxy. Any vacancy occurrin in 1
said helarl fromn any cause shall be filled
for the unexpired term by the remaining
tirectors. The Board of Directors shall at
heir first meeting each year. elect from I
heir numbher a president. a first vice-presi
lent, a second vice-president, a treasurer,
od a secretary, or the same person may b I
lected both secretary and treasurer, or ff ice
>resident and secretary or treasurer.
Article 6.-The first board of directors shall
oneist of hos. J. Kelly. 400 Techra pitoulas
ht. a New Orleans. Louisiana. Ceo. C. Kel
eher. 2122 Cambronne St.. sew Orleans
ousirana. Geo. F. Ross, 400 Tchoapitoulas t
it., New Orleans, Louisiana, Edward Brou,,
STchoupitoula St., ew Orleanse by ballot.
na. E. D. Segrave. 4.0 Tcho.pitoolas St..
,ew Orleans, Louisianar. with the said a
hos. J. Kelly, as president, Geo. C. Kelleher E
Sfirst vice-president and treasurer. Geo.
Ross, second vice-president and Edward
erou as secretary, and these directors and b
aicers shall serve until the second Monday
e January 1919, or until their successors 0
ided the secretary shall hold his office
urine the pleasure of the Board of Directors
Article 7.-This charter ma be mrodified.
hanged, altered or amended, the capital
tectk thereof decreased or increased, or this
sporation may be dissoIved with the as
ent of two thirds of all its stock, after
riot notice in writing to each stockholder.
r mailed to him at his last known post
ee address in manner and fores as pre i
Article 8.-At the expiration of this char il
it, or earlier dissolutian of this eor o.
r any cause, its afairsn shall be sid
. I , ' '' .' . sal e
"1 ' , . ,
tI ! 1 ,' " :, y of',
- I . .'5 it" a " pe
', sa ' r ". I whole
" : d I . ~ 1 .:. a t
I 'c . 'ie, c . i . 1 - t. ' . Fie Is d
a . I.t -ou Fi a . - ..s F. I ".g.e Five,
1RAN5\st I. ItIRNS, ' Pubic
I. te tin -sine: ', e"r, " er if M t:agv of
t .' in ' tr i e i of t - .t t ". St- "toe
"I " i i ,. ." , y c"i. tha 'l-, e above
Id '."i >i aid I Inp Itt.r': w f Th s.
'" 'I ' ," . . " . : ' ,. "·,:v · " s ale
" , ! : a ndl , . ,rd, . i !i " t l inLe
I: " i," ,r ,:1111 " 1 . E ''\c f . I,y. R.
li'.te "hr-t Ccve F-!r'rn. R 7" File S,-r "s, of
R'ft ' ~ ' I Pi RT' eS Ni Public.
"Tand it  t e o :1roai' o f1S Ii , Se w o
.aInf nao uc't all ,.o ,omeae, -as
ara nlrou, Fit e JSk res, E. eln raivn , Fi. e
:ha- p.
\Tlt.,- no: uS. tougir Ala. r'iusir R'n.
WRAYCIS p. T'N$, N.,'-v PuWlTic.
I. ise und ch i anel weholesmr ef CIOrtlaes.
on and fr heil rered of thrl a. 7.ite ow
FIsh Balls With
in n s't , omato Sauce.-n
Cas teIy ul rsk'srfrtll in gl fice inr
Sflaked fishe three
til the potatoes are tender, AIh.n Dy. R.mas
Iand bet very I'ht, add one cupful ofic.
milk, a seasoning of salt and pepper,ch 7
aTalnt nod bre't d crumbs, then ry
Cthe thseasoning, rub through a sineve
Tantcook for five minuto growl seanson and pour
yaround the fish balls.
BakeCodfish Codfis such a whelCe.m-Take
of mshed potatoes, two use It ihree
Fish Baill With
Tomato Sauce.
":.":;-.~~ Take one and a
cupfuls of milk, a half cupful of sweet
flaked fish. three
cupfuls of potatoed
Cook together at
cll theee, and toes are tender, throlen ma
anI beat togethery light, add one cupful of
milk, a seasoning o salt and with wellpper,
shape into balls and roll In beaten egg
and ttered read crumbaks, then ry in
hot fat. Codfrain and serve with halt
a cupful of strained tomato, three peuntil
per corns, a bay leaf, stew and remove
the seasoning, rub through a sieve
tnd thicken with a tapfubl of richnful aour
ream, saltflour and butter, creamed together,
ook fsmor othve minutes, seaslln and pour
around the fi shsh alls. o the sa
aked Bgu's Codfish WitCh Beansese.Take
two cupfuls of flaked fsh, one cupful
of mashed potatoes, two eggs, three
cupakeuls of milk, a hal cpundul of wearget
atpound a ourth of a canupful o grate
cheese, and two milk crackers rolled.
ixase. all tCook gether, add the bate on ego
and seasoning to tasten cover with well
ipttered crackers, and bake.
Creamost delicious odsh grTotTake twmay
en mader by using sour cream ich, nsteadur
ream, smilt and a little or. r, cok n
Wl smooth, pour over well fforttered
Inast ater addingon there ish to thing worth
kLe natione-hal honor is Involved the a-nd o lar
ind seasoning until tend-Govereu Pt ore

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