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Smore for Ferriae thanSUED BY THE
pay for taxes. Help remove
_- -. _....... No. 42.
- Thur5day Aft ernoon Euchre
was entertained byv Miss Kath
Clarke last vdt k. T'le su:.
players were t.rs. Adams,
gU J. Lewis and M.iss Inez Abri
(=_. g for Mrs. 11. Lee Sease).
A. Burke rectived the consola
Mrs. A. Diket will entertain at
Nst meeting
g. Giordano and sister, .Miss
@- Ironton were here last
to attend the funeral of the
ator Escousse.
" H. Tom Malone left Saturday
for New York on a business
f. Quinlan is spending a few
is port Gibson with her niece,
J. Watkins, to recuperate after
of sickness.
Ila Hotard was elected sec
of Division B, Girls' U. S.
A1, at a meeting held last
Ballie Pearson was assistant
at the vesper services held
at the Y. W. C. A. building by
a'maes Women's Club.
e aay friends of Mr Theodore
4ishad are glad to know he is
.mW eat, after a two weeks' lli
Smauly friends of Mr. Victor
*W k are glad to know he out
after an attack of La Grippe.
Ir. C. Olivier returned to Quar
iation, after spending a'week
his family.
*. aid Mrs. William Albert Gla
_ho were married in New Or
 seary 5, have returned from
Wt Wa,rt Tex, where they spent
aam yrmoon. They are stopping
-I t residence of M. Glaser, 1139
il1gn Avenue, the father of the
Mrs. Glaser before her
Sglg was Miss Josephine Iala.
pfhals Chas J. Hyde and George
m ave 'exchanged places,
transfer orders by Superin
Mooney, the former going
SSlixth Precinct and the latterl
n Mrs. A. C. Emory have re
ram our town and taken up 1
-Isasace in Ursulines Avenue.
mls of John Moynagh will be
Shlaw that he has returned to
Srlnt la the City Hall as clerk to
Stone. Mr. Moynagh
us am the sick list for the past
fl a 8Uaday the baby of Mr. and
k J Schiro was baptized at St.
Chrch Rev. Father Scam
uistlang. The sponsors were
Mss Cetlogtovanni and Mr.
veanl. The little one I
thei named of Frances Gbo
the ceremony a recep
haid at the home of Mrs
greidts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ori L. Stumpf, the druggist
aid Homer Streets, is re
his store. Mr. Stumpf is
sp with the rapid improve
ai Ablers.
Olee.Month Euchre Club met i
S e o Mrs. John P. MoClos
lay night. The successful
-s- Miss M. Neffe, Mrs. D.
Mhs S. iCappler and Miss
lNsoU. The consolation fell
let' Mrs. R. Williams. The
muilfg will be held at the
d Ol V. Cherbonnier.
htmaday Night Euchre Club
ta bLste of Mrs. L De laup.
t almsfUl players were Mrs. L
t I M O. W. Pollock. C
IA friends of Miss A. Man
will be glad to know that
" hush after undergoing a suc- t
tlStliun at Hotel Dieu sev
S O'm Club was entertained u
I Mrs. McK. Vesien. The 8
ibis's were Mrs. C. Kratt,
rad d Mrs. George Pol- d
for Mrs. O. Aycock). H
tell to the lot of Mrs.
The next meeting of the
be at the home of Mrs. C.
l Uir. J. C. Hanlon, who
stepping with Mrs. M. Gal- N
12 Olivier Street, are leav
_ ock, Ark.. on a month's
. analona is an electri di
aval Station.
I'. SuBallivan of lake w
4k. has been spending hi
With her father and als
Mlli and daughters. a
Mr..' Robert Maxwell of ii
Street, Philadelphia,
congratulatons on H
ofa b aby boy at their w
18 Mrs. Maxwell
Ms Agnes Reaney. H
Olvia, a former rel
ia Street, but now of
I Ui Fly ill at Touro In
SOlvian suffered a neryv
a few weeks ago. S
and Anna M.rtines Di
M Boyce, L., where
their brother, WIIe a
IMay of 36 valleutt
Thurdlq fo ( Clabidae
An the eolors of some wl
Darln his aab ro
wril make her home
·it llsell. to
Olve of our town, ac
'htter rereived by Mr. in
is at Surwood, Ia., in
i harg d sofhifts of cr In
Weork for the govern- ho
Nu er baa returned.p
balt to relatives nd ithn
LDe sr ad ltay[ette, La. M
el of the te~mship
S a t ew dey in port Sc
bs of ltte Mercdles lo1
r5eSt to learn of her we
~. eaei Troop No. 1, eg
l h nr meetaing at Re
ray, n n 5 to 7
U ,s , ore raque.ted to
P M 8. asr. Peter
se he is
What has been definitely proven to
re be an incendiary fire was checked be
h. fore daylight Monday morning, the
' extinction of the flames being just in
s, the nick of time to preserve the evi
'i dence which showed that the blaze
). had been carefully kindled by a fire
a- bug.
The house In which the fire was
discovered is located at 1140 Verret
Street and has been unoccupied only
t eight days. Among the evidence are
.e the facts that tour barrels, three filled
with kindling wood and shavings, and
y one with excelsior, all heavily satur
s ated with oil, were found in the va
cant rooms of the house.
K In addition the keyhole of the only
fire alarm box in th neighborhood had
r been tightly plugged with paper.
The flames were discovered Mon
day morning at 5 o'clock by Arthur
t Gayaut, 1042 Verret Street. Gayaut,
who ran at once to the nearest fire
alarm box, which is located at the
corner of Verret and Diana Street,
discovered that the keyhole had been
plugged, and he was therefore un
able to send in the alarm until he
had picked the bits of paper out of
the opening.
The building was valued at $1,500,
r but Gayaut's quick work enabled the
t apparatus to reach the scene in time
to prevent more than $700 worth of
damage, and in time to preserve the
r evidence of incendiarism, which, in
addition to he details given above,
includes a broken demijohn which
had contained gasoline.
The building is owned by Santo
LGuistinamo, 517 Newton Street, and
the $700 loss is covered by insurance.
1 It is believed that malicious persons
desiring to injure the owner set fire
to the place.
Laina---On Feb. 25 at 2:30 o'clock a
p. m. Anthony Lala died at the age i
of sixty-nine years. Deceased was 1
a native of Contessa Entellina and (
had resided here for forty-two years. t
The funeral was held Tuesday after- i
noon from his late residence, 1411 1
Decatur street. Interment was in a
Metairie Cemetery.
Deceased was the father of Thee. t
J. Lala and Lucas Lala of our town.
Stokes-On Friday, Feb. 22, at 4 i
o'clock a. m. Mrs. M. Stokes, nee I
Virginia A. Hedges, died at the age 1
of seventy-four years. The funeral
services were held Friday evening at e
5:30 o'clock, from the residence of I
her son, H. H. Stokes, 2816 Louisi- t
ana Ave. Iaterment took place 8at.
urday at St. Franclsville, La. I
Deceased was a daughter of the f
late ,Rev. C. S. Hedges, who was s
rector of Mt. Olivet church here for r
many years. I
Mr. IHarvey McNeely spent Sunday
in Covington with his mother.
The many friends of Edward Finley ,
regret to learn that he is confined to a
his bed with an attack of typhoid I
Mrs. John McNeely and daughter,
Erminie, arrived Tuesday night from
Covington, La., to spend a few days
with Mrs. Harvey P. McNeely in Ope
lousas Avenue. They will later go to 8
Sabine, Tex., to spend awhile with i
Capt. John McNeely, who is there C
raising a ship.
Grandma Lecourt left for Covington t
to spend a month. ci
Messrs. Joseph Thorning and Earl el
Murtagh have joined the Naval Re- tl
serve and are stationed at the Naval tl
Mrs. J. G. Duchlen and Mrs. Mid
dleton were visitors to Poinba-la
Hache last week.
Col. John P. 'Mayo, of the local Im
migration Station, received a cable- p
gram announcing the safe arrival in
France of his son, Ensign Mayo, U. 8.
N. Ensign Mkyo is a laison ofcer in E
the navy's aviation corps.
Mrs. Nick Thorning went to Thibo- rg
daux, La., Sunday morning to attend M
the funeral of the late Miss Guillot, J.
whose remains were shipped from P
here Sunday morning. li
Mrs. P. J. Borne has returned from
a three weeks' visit to her daughters
in Polnte-a-la-Hache, La.
Mr. Edwin C. Kohn of Pointe-a-la
Hache, La., spent a few days here this
The many friends of Mrs. (Dr.) s
Harry E. Nelson will regret to learn tr
that she has been quite Ill at her PC
home in Banks Street. oc
Little Albert Short, while at play th
Sunday, seriously injured his finger. t
Dr. J. E Pollock is in attendance
St Margaret's Daughters will give ch
a dance at the Avenue Academy on
April 5 he
Mat Brodtman of Seguain Street was a
paifUlly injured in the right eye bu
while at work at the Public Belt Rail- rej
road. of
Mrs. dwin C. Kohn has returned ca
to her home in Pointe-a-la-Hache, IA. mi
Mr. Shade G. Smith, who has been ef
In Lake Charles for several months, sp
in connection with his work in the
Internal Revenue Oaee, is expected ehi
home Saturday. He will be accom- an
pealnied by Mrs. Smith, who has been val
in Northern Louisiana on business for W.
the Woodmen Circle and later joinedlCo
Mr. Smith at Lake Charles. B
On Monday evening Mrs August C.
Schabel entertained at a dinner of Ho
eight covers in honomr of 3s. Pens- .
lope A. Mills of Shreveport, grand K.
worthy matron of the Order of East
er Star. There were several pest
grand ofilcers present, together with WA
Rev. ad Mrs. C. C. Wlser.
* of
wsrs _
* let,
* -
mmgd iu On
[Ii Those German "Piece" Terms 1
2 1 fOf(OT P? 6J /
1b M1Nn 0N
/ -
~ CSF/
The Boy Scouts of Troop 18:
of Algiers were deeply grieved to
hear of the sudden death of Mr.
Henry L. Favrot. Mr. Favrot was
very much interested in the move
: ment of the Boy Scouts and was held
se in high esteem by the officers and
as boys of this troop. They wish to
id extend their heartfelt sympathy to
s. the bereaved family. Troop No. 18
r- was represented at the funeral by
L1 Howard O'Donnel. Eldred Drumm
in and several others. A beautiful
floral offering was sent by this
0. troop.
n. At the last meeting of Troop No.
18 there were twenty-five Scouts
present and a lively meeting was en
4 ioyed. Afterwards they attended a
ee patriotic meeting in the church in a
se body.
al The move to earn money by gath
t ering paper is progressing rapidly.
ýf We appeal to all of our friends to
d- help us by saving papers. If they
 will telephone Algiers 172 or Algiers
138 a Boy Scout will be glad to call
i for the same. The Scouts are also
is selling the following magazines to
Dr raise funds, The Saturday Evening
Post, The Country Gentleman, The
Literary Digest and The Ladles
Home Journal.
y The troop now owns a new drum.
James Stafford, of Troop No. 18
y spent the week end with friend
D Scouts in Troop No. 1 of Lafayette,
d La.
The annual Moonlight Ride on the
o Steamer Sidney given by Santa Ma
b ria Council No. 1724, Knights of
e Columbus, will take place St. Jo
seph's night, Tuesday, March 19.
The special committee in charge of
1 this ride have worked hard and have
completed arrangements whereby an
'1 enjoyable time is in store for all
k their friends. The boat will leave
1 the foot of Canal Street at 8:30
p. m.
Remaining at Sta. A., N. O., La.,
P. O., Thursday, Feb. 28, 1918.
Men-Watson Decker, Dr. Dan-1
loun, Frank J. Dietlau, John C. Grey,
E. S. Hooper. Burges O. Trank.
Women: Angel .Brunett. Mrs. Har
ry Kirlin, Mrs. 'Louis Moel, Edna
I Morris, 'Mrs. Thomas Morrison, Mrs.
J. Porter, Ruth Patterson, Rebecca I
Palmer, Lillia Williams, Susie Wil
lis, care Kohn, Julia Woods.
J Charles Janvier, P. M.
Joe. W. Daniels, Supt.
A diamond studed badge was pre
sented to Walter Dilsell, city elec
triclan, by members of the Cosmo
politan CIub Saturday night. The I
occasion was an informal dinner at
the Cosmopolitan Restaurant. James 1
Lynch, president of the club, made
the presentation speech praising Mr.
Dilsell's efforts to make a commer
lal utility organization efficient.
Mr. Dilzell responded by saying
he greatly appreciated the gift be- f
cause it came not from politicians, (
but friends. He wee elated to Sand
reproduced on the badge a miniature t
of the electrical fountain which he F
constructed at the City Park. Dia
monds were used for the lighting I
effect with a ruby dominating the a
splashing fountain.
Those present included John Mar- a
shall, secretary to Governor Pleas
ant; M. L. Alexander, state conser
vation commissioner; Robert Irwin,
W. E. McPherson, E. A. Waldron, A
Colonel Holmes. Ed Duhme, Max
Blanchard, Captain James Thriffley, i
C. R. Glynn, G. W. Reddy, Floyd
Hedge, F. W. Wilson, J. C. Coco,
G. W. Foster, J. 8. Smooth and W.
K. Knight.
The result of the sale of war say
in stamps and thrift stamps by the s
women's committee of the Councill
of National Defense is shown in a r
letter from the chairman of the city
ewumittee to Mrs. W. A. Porteous,
imirans of the women's committee.
Ou district reports ftty.ineo $5 s
 s sad thrs. haendld two, tse e
-'--- 'I·a·Ie4MdW 1,VO4d!
Where are hundreds of enemy
d aliens who have not registered?
d That is the question United States
0 officials want the people of New Or
leans to answer.
8 'Less than 700 have registered, in
y accordance with the regulations ta
n ken to insure the security of the
11 United States, and it is estimated
Is that there are upwards of 1000 in
New Orleans.
Below are printed the names and
addresses of all enemy aliens who
have registered In New Orleans; a
' perusal of the list will show loyal
a Americans whether all in their
a neighborhood are included. All male
alien enemies over 14 years of age
I- who have not registered should be
". reported immediately to the police,
0 or to the United States marshal in
y the federal building.
' Failure to oegister means intern
11 ment for the duration of the war.
0 One such arrest has already been
0 made in New Orleans.
g Following are the registered alien
e enemies in our district:
8 Wm. Bramacker, 825 Elmira St.;
Bernard Eskhoff. 327 Bouny; Alfred
. Fleischer, 919 Vallette; John Pfrang,
g 720 Nunez; Frank Schiele, 1012
d Brooklyn; Eugene Werner, Lower
A most enjoyable evening was
spent last Thursday at the home of
e Miss Anna May 'Brechtel, when a
surprise was tendered Mr. George
f Gilbreath of Great Lakes.
Those present were Misses Juanlta
and Mildred Munsterman, May .O.
f Brauner, Herbert and Hollis Malain,
B Marion Harris. Ella Hotard and
Anna May Brechtel, Mr. and Mrs. A.
1 Hunn, Mrs. G. George, Mr. and Mrs.
C. J. Brechtel and family, Messrs.
SM. Greenberg, Edmund Moore, W.
H. Geynor, Louis Jackson, Herman
Harris, Chas. McCloskey, George
Giibreath and Dan Moeller.
s- ergeant Bengert of the Eighth
Precinct filed affidavits Thursday in
the Second City Criminal Court
against Charles Harper, 340 Slidell
avenue. John Statzkowski, 400 Alix
street, and James Leddy, 323 Ope
lousas. charging that they assisted
Roy Niklaus in an attack Monday
night upon Edward Hennessey of
1923 Euterpe street.
The assault upon Hennessey, pre
sumably, the police say, because the
Algiers men thought Hennessey
sh.uld confine his attentions to young
women to those on the Orleans side
of the river and should not Invade
t.lgiers, was disclosed Wednesday
with the filing by Dave Hennessey,
father of the victim, of an affidavit
charging Niklaus with assault and
Mr. A. E. Stone, who is well and
favorably known in our town and
Gretna, has opened up a seed store
at 405 Common street where he will 4
handle Reuters Reliable Seeds. Mr.
Stone is an ex-newspaper man, hav
ing held a position with the Daily
Item in their editorial rooms and 1
also in their composing room. His
many friends will no doubt give him
a glad hand in this new business. 1
By knocking down a ladder, Mrs.
Anna Parker, 413 Atlantic avenue,
avoided robbery of her home early
Monday, Mrs. Parker heard a queer
noise, which awakened her. When
she investigated, she saw the man
attempting to get up a ladder near
a window. She sezlsed the top of the r
ladder and thrust it away. The man I
fed. 5
A most enjoyable evening was b
spent at the home of Misses Bowers I
last week. Games were played and a
refreshments served.
Those present were Misses Thel- C
ma OHlver, Besaie Chaustin, Oasde p
Barry, May, Olivia and Anlta Bow- E
ers. eers. R. . Crurse, K. Abbott I
and J. MeCu . Mr. sal Mra ~ Bo Da I
ess a r4g ag
The Algiers Branch of N. O. Chap
ter. A. R. C., held its regular month
ly meeting Monday, 25th inst., in the
K. of C. Hall, with twenty members
y present.
Miss Rees, Chairman, reported
a that there had been no sewing done
'- for the past three weeks, as Chapter
Headquarters had no work to give
out; but that sewing was resumed
this week and will continue unin
The Knitting Department has been
n most active, as the following will
On January 29th, we sent over to
the Chapter 30 Sweaters, 3 Helmets
a and 2 pa.r Socks.
On February 20th, 30 Sweaters,
1 Helmet and 1 pair of Wristlets.
Several pairs of Socks are now near
e ing completion and will be delivered
to the Chapter within the next week.
'Miss Herbert, instructor of the
n Surgical Dressings Dept., reported
the following muslin bandages sent
over to the Chapter on February 19.
n 50 Abdominal ,Bandages,
41 Four Tailed Bandages,
n 50 Triangular Badges.
4 T. Bandages.
In response to an emergency call
Sfrom headquarters, 139 Wound
Dressings were delivered on Febru
ary 26. These were delivered on
February 26; they were made in
four days by the members of the
Surgical Dressings Dept., assisted by
other members of the Branch.
Miss Herbert wishes to express
her deep appreciation of the co-oper
5 ation of the ladies who so promptly
f respopded to the call for extra
i workers, making possible such a
s splendid contribution.
As this emergency order is the
i first of many such that we shall re
ceive, it is highly necessary that our
force in this department be in
I creased, and we, therefore, again in
vite the ladies of Algiers who may
have some time to spare to Join us.
The class meets three times a week,
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thurs
days, from 1 to 5 p. m. Everybody
A most enjoyable dance was given
last Thursday night at the Avenue
Academy in honor of IMiss Hazel
Cayard, the occasion being the eight
eenth anniversary of her birth.
(Danclng was indulged in, music
being furnished by the Triangle Jazz
Band. ,Miss Cayard was presented
with a pretty gold barrette.
Those present were Misses H. Cay
ard, C. and M. Hildebrand, M. Spell
man, C. Spahr, 'R. Humphrey, N.
Keenan, Irma and Alma Tufts, Leah
Kirby, A. Dllzell, E. Munts, I. Schro
der, E. Holton, L. Knowles, E. and
A. Gerrett, F. Luask, M. Himmel
richt, E. Niklaus, G. Dubois, N.
Tamborella, C. and A. Vanderlinden,
L. and M. Burmaster, S. Barry, M.
and 6. Sutherland, G. Shirk, M.
Collins, E. Quinn, K. Spence, I. and
H. Prench, L. Schroder, N. Herbert,
I. Clement, L. Marxen, E. Richard
son, A. and M. McKee, Messrs. H.
Quinn, W. Donner, E. Vallette, E.
Muro, J. Meyers, J. Gerretts, C.
Nelson, C. Harper,. J. Leddy, J.
Tufts, L. Cheramie, A. and T. Du
puls, J. Spellman, 1. GalMaghouse,
J. Uddo, B. North, A. Weilbaeher,
F. Corbett, J. Charbonnett, E. Sta
cey, E. Burns, -Lamprey, N. and E.
Parmatel, H. Marie, F. Cayard, R.
Horn, A. Israel, B. McMahon, O.
Platt, B. Barrett, J. Orlesh, A. Ryan,
B. Skelly, J. Lund, R. Reaney, J.
Murtagh, R. Breaux, 8. Diket, J.
Pollock, P. Krupp, J. White, A.
Galennie, L. Dulac, A. Christy and
A. Staley, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cayard,
Mrs. C. Higgins, Mrs. M. Geldert,
Myrtle, Roy and Earl Cayard.
The annual entertainment on St.
Patrick's day will be given at the
H. N. G. C. hall by the Sisters Ma
rianites of the Holy Cross and a
pretty play appropriate to the occa
sion has been selected. "The '"Las
of Limerick Town" is the title and
It will be presented by a cast a maost
capable local Thespians, who already
have begun rehearsals. Miss Mayme
Haggerty will direct the production
and will have a part in the cast, 4
which also will include Misses Luella
Cronan, Cor1n hleld., Cornell Mur- I
ph.y, Emily Talleon and Messrs. Val.
Barras,. Henry Umbach, John A.
Barrett Jr., Abrw u . J.
Barrett and John P. Ua kes y,
.MI'I)N(X;I! NO. I.
Ml ii, rs of the Junlior lted f'ro-;:
Eilhth1 Grade A--Itc:tnyv Angel,.
ohrn lHelninat. Aa.ron Breoaut. ey trail
Cooper. Carroll (I'raie. Sidneiy A
pont. -.John Forrest. ('liaude( l:- r"o rt,i.
Evans Mahoney, Felix Me1.lnesa
Melford I'itre. WValter P'op-, Vine ctl
Ilosaintanol. Edgley Schroth, .l: i rnts
Stafford and Philip Saleeby.
Eigheth Grade Ii Milton Acker,.
Joseph l'Folse. lalljh Gerrtts. Ah in
ioffman. ,John Kri itne, Iee lol
ntae1, Stelphen Quartaiio, Ma1:treel Ser
pas, Ansel Shirk, Ar, hie, "inclair tiand
Ed Williams.
Seventh Grade A-Leonce Andre.
Roland Cayard, John Cietait, .ants
(Curren, . John Dufty, Ilenry Dutau,
W\illiam Ellis, Tracy Entwistle. Johnl
Fournier, Donald Gatreautx, lernard
Grundti yer, Ed:dard lMolten, Morris
lmuf-r. Eugene Le lleuf, lBeverly
lAgI ndre. .laholm Mlanent, Ot'to
Meder, Edward N-ewell. Harold Os
wald, .lames l'eelr, .Jolhn lolerts.
Hilary Schroeder. Marion Short.
Joseph Simon, Austin Spahr awl
Dearo Trotter.
Seventh Grade I--Clement Balk,
Richard Biiehler. lester Broussard.
Felix Borne. Marion Crawford, .Mathis
Crawford, Olin Cooper, Roy lrumm,.
Joseph Dennis, Theodore lIubret. Ar
thur Felsher. Emile Frederick, Alvin
I athreaux, Samuel Harding. Claude
Hauer, William ,Hidden, Roy Keenan.
Hugh Lilly, James Maggio Frank
O'Donnell, Melbourne Reed. Thomas
Riordan, John Ruiz, Frank Silva,
Walter Scott. Eugene St. German,
John Talluto and Hlenry Tierney.
Sixth Grade A-Clarence Arnold,
Austin Borboy, Roland Briel, Charles
Christiansen, Andre Couget, Clyde
Gilder, Louis Fernandez, Jacob Gluck
man, Mark Hynes, Joseph Matranga,
Emile Mothe, Louis De Roche, Wal
lace Owens, Alfred 'Peterson, Roy
Rlpp, Siney Swayne. Clifford Sevart,
e Joseph Trauth, Peter Tripolina, Wil
liam Wolverton and Albert Monroe.
Sixth Grade B--Malcolm Schwar
e zenbach, Peter Anderson, Fred John,
r L'lger Gaudin, Floyd I'mbach, Karl
e Saleeby, August Pujol, Alvin Covell,
d Stanley Baker, Luke Gillen, Arthur
R- Rau, William Kassmer, Fred Herbert,
Thomas Herbert, Thomas Little, Ed
n Gerrets, Delmar Pitre, Adlan Baker,
11 Mark Senner, Milton Henry, Robert
Talbot, George 'Bengert, Royce Flem
0 Ing, Albert Peeler, William Rau and
s Alton Diket.
Fifth Grade A-Clifford Angello.
& Eugene Brown, H. Walter Bond,
Charles Beninate, Henry Burlett,
Leonard Chauvin, John Curran, Isa
dore Davis, Byron Gruner, Emmett
Hogan, Roy MHingle, Fred Langford.
Alvin Le Blanc, Lee Menge, Harry
t McNeely, Andrey McQuillan, Albert
Newberry, Note Richard, Joseph Buss
lin, Charles Willis, Royal Williams,
Stanford Wilmore, William Parker,
Louis .Broussard, James Carter and
Francis Sadler.
1 Fifth Grade B-Henry Carruba,
3 Ethelbert Lagarde, Elmo Voegtlin, Ju
- lian Humphrey, Hymel Amuedo, Mau
- rice Thibodeaux, Sidney Andre, Wil
s liam Entwistle, Charles Terreborne,
e Richard Fernandez, Charles Gerrets,
r Roland Meyers, Joseph Weir, Hypo
lite Vezien and George Zatarain.
s Fourth Grade A-Victor Cleutat,
- Charles Ramelli, Willis Nelson, Earl
P Angello. Emile Legendre, Wilson Lar
rett, Jake Hansen and Fred Kraemer.
Fourth Grade A-- Marjoral Mc
Neely, Charles Sutherland, Walter
Pierson, Herbert Trahan, Melbourne
ITmbach, John Hunter and Aloysius
Fourth Grade B--Armand Delcazal,
Maurice Davis, Hart Callow, Giles
Gait, Patrick Cantrelle, James Fa
bares, Peter Fink, Marcel Roth, Louis
Deltrich, Bernard Covell, Malcolm
O'Donnell and Emile (Hantel.
Third Grade A-PFred LAughlin,
Harry Bodinger. Joseph Koenlg,
Paler Armitage, Lyle Albrecht, Mel
vin Perron, Jerome Mine, Robert
Rastrup, Mark Amuedo, Allen Guillot,
Thomas Henricks, Thomas Duffy,
Tony Carruba, Osburn Hunter, Wil
liam Bond, Ben Olivier, Charles
Nicholls,. George Kestler and Adolph
Third Grade B--Frazer Koeppel,
Gurdon Camus, Alvin Reed, Russell
Gilder, William Short, Lyman An.
gello, John Casey, Christie Babin and
Frank Nugles.
Second Grade A-Jerome Cantrelle,
Frank Malmaison, Charles Pink,
Kevlin Morse and Charlds Carroll.
Second Grade A-Preston Deleasal,
Edwin Schwalb, Tracey Lilly, Bennle
Whiner. Alfred Decker, Karl Brodt
man and Wialter Talley.
Second Grade B-Louis Murphy,
Evert Ramsey, Clinton Whldden,
James Henricks, Ludovle Gerrets,
Dan Church and Sidney Bennett.
Second Grade B--Bertwell Andry,
Louis Bengert, Pred Gait, Nelson Pal
lon, Gilbert Manson, Philip Tran
china, Peter Provenzano and William
First Grade A-Audley Berthoult,
Harold Bourgeois, Robert Brown, Mil
ton Covell, Kenneth Guy, Hugh Cobb,
Alton, Morgan, Charles Rostrup. Sig
fried Sprada, Charles Hildebrand and
Albert Brodtman.
(First Grade B--Noel Durkes, Au
gust Oantln, Leslie Collins, Lucien
Esmunard, John Carruba, Edward Ger
rets, Leslie Brooks, Ashton Roberts,
Bernard Henry, Lee Schwarenbach,
Gerson Coqd. Warren Glsch, Alix
Gluckman, "altph Pltre, lmrenee
Humphrey, Arthur Mar~ln, lbert
Mine, Edward PuJol, Editard Casey
and Anthonf Bourgeois.
The followlng cMpplug from a
Chattanooga, Tenn., paper will be of
interest to our readers:
"Mrs. Robwt J. Platt To Entertan
SY. W. A.
Mrs. Robert J. Platt, wife of Dr.
Platt, of the medical corps at Camp
Greenleaf, will entertain the Young
Woman's auxiliary of the Pirst Bap
talt chlurch Friday afternoon with
a knitting party, at the home of
Mrs. J. T. -Martin.
The members are knltttns squares
for an Afghlan to go to the boys In
'pportunity For Small Investors.
\\'ill Begin to )rill in Terre
homnne in Sixty Days.
IThe" op, rtlunityv for small iInvestors
in L.,unitsina has arrived. \\ith the
rL: l tiftiltll of the' .(,lli lanla South
Ir ()I and Gas (Corporation in New
riT.elns ith ri te ill be amphL chance
for Aill t, paItit! pate in the profits
froen oil that e ,n1m to all hcavily
tin , ied elv *'lpmiittnt m(Iipanies.
Ihis t , 'i r ii l is out to find oil in pay
inl quall ti t ls i 'terre onne, rtapidels
and Ato. Ile.s pa is.iis and promises
to begin f ritl!if:g a ithin sixty days.
If .i i'onllll is no stronger than
it;; uiiters and directors, thlen the
I .oiii ina Soutlhern can rightfully
Ilay claimf to unlimited pre-organlza
tion ;,ow er. For it has oue of the
sir Ifctest sets o(f business nmen and
tinian iers in the State. headced by C.
C. (;aspard, secretary of the Federal
.I ltl. d flank. Tilie nf11 are putting
their hearts and soulls into this com
pany. bad;lusl thhey realiz/i that any
thintg amiss w\ill be a mark on their
unblenmished reputations for honesty
and flair dealing.
Officers and direcTtors are:
C. C('. Gaspard. president, banker
and capitalist.
lierman IAvy. first vice president,
Levy Loeb (Comllpany, wholesale dry
i'. S. S*chneidau, second vice presi
dent, Schneidau rIeal estate and in
John Perez. secretary, attorney-at
Stonewall .lackson, treasurer,
wholesale grain.
Hugo Weldmann, sales manager,
Maison Blanche Building.
C. J. Webre. Friend & Webre, engi
Wm. Bancroft, secretary-treasurer,
Bancroft & Ross Co., Ltd.
Charles Dickensheets, managing di
rector, the Louisiana-Southern 01
and Gas Corporation.
Emanuel L. WVeil, capitalist.
Frank Constant, contractor, Alex
andria, La.
Millions have been made in oil all
over the country, which is the best
possible proof that millions more can
be made. Most of the millionaires of
Oklahoma and California were made
by oil at 40 cents a barrel. Now oil
is bringing $2 a barrel at the well,
with premiums from the refineries
ranging from 25 to 85 cents a bar
rel. Certainly if 40-.ent oil can make
men wealthy $2.85 oil hardly can fail
to do less. Not only that but the de
mand for oil to-day is greater than
it has ever been. The country and
the allies need it for the thousand
and-one war purposes. Therefore, it
is not unlikely that oil will advamee
in price, because it must be had at
any price and the Loulsiana.4-othern
is out to get it.
First of all, this company poesitive
ly will begin drilling in Terrebonne
parish within sixty days. The pres
ence of gas there Indicates oil in pay
ing quantities It has about 1,000
acres of leases in likely territory and
most of it is offset, that is adjoining
property that has been developed or
in state of development.
Then the Louisiana-Southern is
going to extend its operations to Avoy
elles parish, near Marksville, where
oil already has been found. Geolo
gists, mineral experts, say that there
is a deep pool somewhere in the par
ish and that it can be found only by
a deep test. The Loulsianm-outhern
proposes to make that test and has
the money in the bank to drill just
as long as necessary.
Last. but not least, the Iooosiana
Southern is going to drill in Rapide
parish, near Boyce-a recognlsei oil
center. There are 1,000 acres of
leases In this territory that give good
promise of yielding oil and that In
big qnmntles. A gusher will mean
many new millionaires among the
men and women who are cooperating
with this company in its venture.
It should not be forgotten *that the
Standard, the Texas, the Atlas and
others of the large oil companies own
property near that of the LoUaisiana
Souhern and in some lnstarices they
have started drilling. This would in
dicate that faith in Louisiana oil i
not unfounded.
On Monday evening, Feb. 25, St.
John Chapter Order Eastern 8tar
sntertained the Worthy Grand Ma
tron, Mrs. Penelope A. Mills of
Shreveport, La. There was a large
attendance both of members of Ste.
John Chapter and from other Chap
ters in the city; also several visitors
from other parts of the State. There
were a number of Past Grand OS.
ters present, who made appropriate
addresses. Several candidates were
admitted to membership and the
work of initiation was highly praised
by the Grand Matron, who was pay
Ing her official visit of inspection.
The Worthy Grand Matron was pre
sented with a handsome Bible as a
memento of her visit. After enjoy
ing a short program all were invited
to the banquet ball, where delicious
refreshments were served.
The Chapter will celebrate its
12th Anniversary in March.
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