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Uee o M r Up fis Wo.. *do o W Se S mve'. "A vry live and odltabl weekly ewpaper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD. NITD STATES
Friends of Mrs. ylve
O-~s et are glad to know
- iaMly after a spell of
CS Delaume of Stumpf's
i spending a few days
with his parents.
ý_ friends of Mrs. Ray
be glad to know that
sJscet after a serious
pm- . Riley and Lowe were
. Chiaci of Camp Beau
p ot a few days with his
- lest week.
--W. McDuff, Jr., attended
aW. Defioto Hotel given
S,)m'f Mr. Cousin, who is
t othe National American
- efferkorn and little
, have returned to their
 es sadria. La.
__r  a k H. Killeen, Hy.
ad L. F. Glach, were elected
ta the board of directors
drd District 'Building and
-Rat n'Reaney was one of
-ýslin the debate held at
~elee by the freshmen,
j Ject: "Resolved: That
.astrol of national re
aIgd be furthe strength
geaded." She repro
' egativo side.
ml of Atlantic Ave. is
t hotel Dies.
ttie s and Esther Marxen.
art, Marion Harris, Ella
sad Alva Salathe were
StLs members of the senior
d 0 U. S. N. Aid who en
ot a dance in the city last
b beaMr of Uncle Sam's navy
-I*.d, 1t years old, of 1229
- elie avenue, fell into the
sMto tsaship Maryland. ly
b bead of Seguln street,
sad sustained injuries
ft leg  ad jaw. He was
by )r. PollOck.
a. gesmader Jno. Schroeder
g-" 1be address of welcome at
sUJbs5N reception which was
- W uy Sight in honor of
gaggander D. P. Markey
wawaleft Sunday for New
' e a position.
9 a.. Saturday damaged
owned by Patrick
street, to the ex
4N The loss wuas covered
The adjolaag house,
I. s MWiller, was also
Be ., Wooedmes of
4ecided to meet but
-aeasfter, the new
yv ril 1.
Meeting wa
ss Tuesday of **c
t, the Junior Euchre
Sof Mis Rita Yara
1 players were
leharde first and
Cofltt, second. Miss
reeelved the booby.
vit be at the resi
Amirebs Gallagher in
4.mtadmss left fr her
after espeding
aistives here. She
home by her little
W. Otlpert and daugh
mre turmed reom
-t,, where they
iThey also visited
to leston, Newark and
*m y th week.
iHudl of Bunkie, La.
Stwo sisters Mrs. Cox
i Cidamati.
he ds of Mrs. Thoe.
Sre ngrot to larm thmt
tlieod to undergo an
eaterizedta the
thsweskr . T.he sue
wee Mrs. T. U.
SO. Bourgeois, and
Se Katherine
smeuoltUon. The
_e at the home of
lad childres have
Roue to rel4e.
returned fom
La., Monday
i wou.a u te e.. s St - an.ucs. at a leia1d, mear aa.uapm, a SS.amr
Mr W e.+ r s a. ewaIl d am. liM.U Mna. k.lor tmai. US
a weit a.ds bmte amms v sm.e fft eMyag s an ar
SM 'er Um. aw r r M Rl4t t 1118
Locomotive Butts Street Car
Public Belt locomotive No. 12
crashed into the rear of Louisiana
avenue street car No. 0106 at 1 p
m., at Canal and Water streets,
crushing the rear vestibule of the
car and slightly injuring the hip of
one passenger, William P. Donner,
339 Verret street. Mr. Frank Kil
leen who was also on the car jump
ed before he was hurt, but he suf
fered the loss of a suit of clothes in
the wreck.
The conductor of the street car
failed to flag the car over the cross
ing, and the motorman tried to beat
the engine across, says the police
Engineer Victor Ladner and Fire
man George Roberts were in charge
of the locomotive. Conductor W.
R. Shriver and Motorman Henry
Develle were in charge of the street
The engine was on its way down
town and the street car on its way
uptown when the accident took
place, says the police report.
The Algiers Branch of N. O.
Chapter, A. R. C., will meet Monday,
26th inst., in the Knights of Colum
bus Hall, at 7 .30 p. m.
It is hoped there will be a large
Mrs. Dave Mills was operated on
Tuesday at Hotel Dieu for appendi
Mrs. V. Cherbonnier entertained
the Once A Month Club. The suc
cessfull players were Mrs. L. De
laup, Mrs. J. P. McCloskey, Mrs. P.
O. Caflero and Mrs. G. W. Pollock.
Miss Ferguson received the conso
lation. The next meeting wil be at
the home of Mrs Henry Acker.
Miss Josephine P. Thomas of Bil
oxi, Miss., spent a week here in Al
giers as the guest of her relatives,
Mr. and Mrs. Gus. Kevlin. She has
recently returned to her home in
Biloxi. Miss Thomas was called
here on account of the death of her
uncle, Mr. Octave B. Vallette.
Mrs. B. Williams entertained at a
party last Wednesday night at her
home in Lavergne St., the occasion
being the anniversary of her birth.
Mr. H. Morley of Buffalo. N. Y.,
was a visitor to Mr. and Mrs. 8. J.
Hogan last week.
The Saturday Night Club met at
the home of Mrs. L. DeIoup. The
successful players were Mrs. G. W.
Pollock and Mrs. L. Brooks.
Mrs. Corn Whela speat last week
here with her sister Mra F. J. Borne.
Mrs. A. Cararas was also a guest of
Mrs. Borne for a few days.
Mr. Geo. Gordon of St. Louis. Mo,
was the guest of Mis Mildred Ves
lea Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Elder spent the
week end at Biloxi with their
The Catholic Knights and ladies
of America Branch No. 30 will give
a euchre on Apri 7th at David
Crockett's Hall, Oretna. This en
tertainment rwll be for the beneAt
of their branch.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Duffel and baby
spent the week end at Biloxi, Miss.,
with relatives.
The many friends of Mrs. Hilton
Hardy regret to learn that she is ill
at her mother's home in McDonogh
Mr. and Mrs. Jso. Berg and fam
ily have taken up their residence in
Milueburg, La.
Misses Kathleen and Hazel Barry
of Houston, Tar., are spending a few
days with their brother, Mr. M. E.
Barry, of Seguin Street.
Mr. M. A. Cowen has returned to
Camp Beauregard, after a few days
furlough, spent here the guest of
Miss IEdna Verneull.
Mrs. E. Manent entertained the
Thursday afternoon Plve Hundred
Club last week. The successful
players were Mrs. Ward 8adler and
Mrs. Geo. Herbert. Mrs. D. Mar
tlgh received the consolation. Mrs.
Engene LeBoeauf will entertain at
the next meeting.
A lawn party and dance will be
given Saturday night from 6 to 12
p. m., at the Avenue Academy.
There will be a program at 7:30 p.
m. A Jazz band will furnish the
musice. Admission will be ten cents.
(Continued on passe 14)
The Sower
_ ~ d itf
b --
- - " -
I, _
" _ _ _ _
"He did not attempt to commit
suicide; he hurt himself accldental
a ly during a nightmare." This de
i nial of the poMce report that Leon
I Tepsich, age 26 years, interned
r alien enemy, tried to beat his brains
out early Friday morning against
i the iron bars of his cell, was made
r Friday afternoon by Colonel J. P.
i Mayo, United States commissioner
of immigration, at the station where
the trouble occurred. Mr. Mayo
was the first to force entrance into 0
Tepsich's room.
 The police reported Tepsich at- tt
* tempted to commit sueicide by driv- ,
Ing his head through a glass wla- o1
dow and then butting his head on th
t the bare outside. Mr. Mayo de
dares that duria a nightmare he m
I ell ever a table and eat hbmsest oa e
the beek of the head and on the a
nose. "A man who tries to commilt
Ssuicide desn't start oa the back of "
his head," smid Mr. Mayo.
Mr. Tepsich has been removed ci
r from the Oharity Hospital to the si
Immigration Station. ti
LoutL Gaudin, held at the United
States Immigration Station in Al
I lers for deportation to Henduras on
a. charge involving bringing a
woman to the United States from
Headuras, decided March 1.1 that he
wanted a little change of scenery.
IShortly before noon he obtained it
by climbing a fence and walking
away. March 14 he decided that the
r Immigration Station wasn't such a
bad sort of place after all. So he re
turned by the same over-the-fence
route. He had been back "in cus
tedy" two hours before guards knew
he had returned.
Mayor 'Behrman FPaday returned
t from Atlanta where he went with
General Manager Joubert of the
· Belt railroad to try and prevent the -
government taking over the belt as N
had been threatened.
He said Mr. McAdoo told him he
- has not changed his opinion that
Sthe belt should not be induded in g'
- the roads taken under the govern- h
menat control. ci
Johnson Iron Works Obta5ls Co r
tract From Esmergscy Fleet 1
Corporation Sov
Warren Johnson, of the Johnson
Iron Works Company, notified May
or Behrman that his frm has re
ceived contracts from the Emer
gency Fleet Corporation to install
the machinery in ten wooden vessels ce
and to build six harbor tugs. All
of this work will be turned out of
the Johnson shope nhere.
In order to safegpard the John
son plant fres river disasters, such ne
as eeurred recently when a steam
sMp-esesl d hate a veasel moored
at the Johs wharf, that fir has
requested the Mayor to try to prs
vail on all river pilots to keep their
craft a safe distance away from the not
ship works. It wees represented to Ial
the mayor that aeddhlets of tlis of
character, delaying important gov- In
ernment work as they do, serve to
put the port in an unfavorable light the
when local ship and repair yards wa
operators seek government co- offs
tracts. edu
frsel o s Ory Fo He,
thje L eeds ya
That rudVt ly I'm s e
I eer htamer wit
d.M.d saw
Mr omr res e s m1. le
theye ounfm to this r
Mrs. Robert E. Whitmore of e- Mrt
guin t., has the sympathy of her Mr
many friends in the loss of her nep- To
hew John Edward Lynch, who was nan
chlef engineer on the steamer Wini- La
fred. Mr. Lynch was drowned in lny
stepping from one ship to another. -
Mrs. Whritore received a cable
gram announcing that his death
came by drowning, that the body
was recovered and he was urled
'rOver There."
Mr. Lynch was a brother of Mrs.
Louise Eble and of Miss Naomil
Lynch, formerly of our town, bat
now in Baltimore, where she has
entered a conaent to become a Smn.
On Friday, March 15th, at the home
of her parents, a birthday party was
celebrated by little Miss Ethel Ader
sn, anda her manay frise . aasagn
games and deadng were Indulged I.
Among the features oa the eveiang
was the reitation by little Miss Mar
aret Hymel ed the splendi playing
of th pano by Nellie Hoamlbali, e
treshmests were served In adaoace
ald al voted sris Ethel a delghtfnl
hosess. Amog sthose present were:
Bae sad Irma Roberts, Doris Als
weeth, Ceda,. Pat, sa Hirret
Mos. miass sea Leoe Cheslanut
Gram Marts, Waeie and haalle
Thates. M erd aoses. Veas V.
alen, Myrtle L" MoCtlake., LUewna
Gomer. Ma Hyme, Uassbn
Shiarey, Ktherlse SmhaeL O, Ch
ce, Dorethes WebestErt en Chmrle
vime, Nee Reaihau Thvi gagh
- May o uE. Wails. Sierd, Ebsin
Marphy, Ida Morgan, Agee O. Don
neil, ias Brash, Vera la9a.
CImra le , Dorothy Aer (C d
Virgist Aune, Behenea W1lams
Miusse Gerde , Int al MU
The opening of The Marine Bank
and Trust Co. on Monday, with de
posits for the first day of $2,525,
573.13, was another record-breaker
for the bank.
The banking house looked like a
flower shop owing to the number of
floral designs sent in by financial in
stitutions and well-wishing friends.
'President Pool said he was very
a much pleased with the result and
is very thankful to the people who
have shown their confidence and
friendship. He expects a rapid In
s crease in deposits and in business.
Mr. L. M. Pool is president, Mr.
W. T. Marfeld is cashier and Mr.
W. J. Pillow is assistant cashier.
The Herald Joins in wishing the
new institution success.
J Clinton M. Byrne, an ex-Algerine, is
e now an enrolling officer In the Na
Sval auxiliary serivice, with the rank
s of lieutenant. His headquarters are
Slin New York.
o Lieutenant Byrne saw service in
it the Spanish-American war and when
s war was declared with Germany, he
i- offered himself and his engineering
education to the government. Uncle
- Sam considered them worth a com
mission as lieutenant, in the U. 8.
Naval Auxiliary Reserve, and he sent
Lieutenant Byrne to New York a few
months ago.
Lieutenant Byrne's residence in
New Orleans is at 135 South Hennes
sy street. Prom 1900 to 1902 he was
warrant officer on the U. 8. 8. Pom
pey, in the naval auxiliary service,
with the Asiatic squadron. He also
saw service during the Boxer rebel.
lion in China. Returning to New
Orleans at the expiration of his navy
service, he became an engineer in the
Central Station of the Sewerage and
Water Beard.
He Is a nephew of Mrs. L. A. fy
mell, Mrs. P. Borne and of the late
Jules B. Babin.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Emery of Urn
line avenue, entertained at a dinner
and card party, Thursday the 14th in
honor of the anniversary of the birth
of Mr. Emory. Those present were
. Mr. H. H. Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Judge.
sr Mr. and Mrs. Bloodworth and son,
. Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. L. Higgins
I and children, Mizabeth and James
i. Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Emory
I_ Ana .. 11 V.
m lbS foum pm U
March 15, 1918.
Q A. Scholarship and Deportment:
Philip Saleeby, Evans Mahoney, Jas.
Stafford and Sidney Dupuis.
8 B: Scholarship and Deportment:
Milton Acker. Jou. Folse and Ralph
7 A: Scholarship and Deportment:
Eugene LeBocuf. John ('ieutat, Ed.
Newell and Hilary Schroeder.
6 B: Scholarship and Deportment:
Malcolm Schwarzenbach, Alvin Cov
ell. Milton Henry. Wm. Hassmer,
Ulger Gaudin, Arthur Rau, Alton
l)iket, Luke Gillen. Karl Saleeby,
Stanley Baker, Thomas Hebert.
5 B: Scholarship and Deportment:
Hymel Amuedo, Charles Gerrets,
Jos. Sutherland, Elmo Voegtlin,
John Hunn.
Scholarship: William Entwistle,
Sidney Andre, Geo. Zatarain, Eldel
bert Lagarde. Chas. Seitz, Chas.
Terrebone. Julian Humphrey, Ches
ter Camus.
4 A. Scholarship and Deportment:
Victor Clentat. Friedrich Kraemer.
Willis Nelson. James Louis Higgins,
Harold Hans, Chas. Ramelli
Scholarship: Emile Legendre, Wil
son Barrett, Robert Smith, Arthur
Sutton, Edward Harper.
4 A and 'B: Scholarship: Esse
West, Chas. Weilbacher.
Deportment: Ches. Puckett. Aloy
sius Serpas, Mayoral Mc.Neely.
4 B: Deportment: Marcel Roth,
James Fabares, Malcolm O'Donnell,
Carl Cooper, Armand Delcazel, Er
nest Andry, Giles Galt.
Scholarship: Bernard Covell,
Louis Hubener.
3 A: Scholarship and Deportment:
Jos. Koenig. Osborn Hunter, Jerome
Mine, Arthur Muensh, Allen Guillot,
Chas. Nichols.
3 B. Scholarship and deportment:
k Vincent Tranth, Avon Vinson, Rus
sell Gilder, Alvin Reed, Jordon
Camus, Francis Nugier, Leslie Du
r plan and Leonard Johnson.
2 A: Scholarship and Deportment:
a Alfred Decker, Preston, Delcasel
)f Bennie Weiner.
1- 2 B: Scholarship and Deportment:
5. Walter Bainsfather, Wilbert Bains
7 father, Louis Bengert, Leroy Coop
Id er, Elbert Ross.
t 1 A: Scholarship and Deportment:
Kenneth Guy, Segfried Sprada, Chas
' Rostrup, Chas Soulant, Walter West.
Alvin Short, Robt. Brown, Floyd
'. Brune, Albert cBrodtman and Harold
r. Bourgeois.
1 B: Scholarship and Deportment:
John Carrubs, Ashton Roberts, Lu
cius Esnard, Aug. Oautin, Lee
ak Miss Caroline Albert was a visitor
e to the school during the past week.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Cv.operative Club was held on Wed
t nAsday of last week. The final re
Q part of the recent Festival was read
Sand showed the net proceeds to be
$170.20. A vote of thanks was given
to all who worked so Indefatiguably
3 for the success which was achieved.
During the morning last Thursday
tthe Red Cross flag was raised. The
W student body had been assembled
near the flag staff. With bared heads
'n they stood at attention and gave the
s salute and pledge; this was followed
As by the singing of the "Star Spangled
I- Banner."
!, The folowing pupils were perfect
0 in the regular weekly test In spelling:
Sixth Grade A--Margaret Mosely,
W Olivier Wattigny, Louis Cronsa, Pe
g ter Rouse.
Sixth Grade B-Lucille LeCourt,
Ines Bourgeois, Orace Cazaubon, Wil
lard Walker, Alfred Olsen, Charles
SSmith, Henry Oregory, Stello Cronan.
SFifth Grade A-Ethel Rice, Orsdy
Scott, Alvin Whitney.
Fifth Grade B--Vera Lusk, Thelma
Willse, Pearl Hymel, Ellska Sullivan.
James GillIs.
a Fburth Grade A--Nick Carona, Mar
ir lon Edgecomb.
In Fourth Grade B-Myrtle Boudreaux.
th Third Grade A-Jennle Scott, lone
re Cox, Azella Nepreaux, Tbelma Rice,
e, Marie Wall, William Sullivan.
m, Third Grade B-Eleanor Steele,
s Ethel Hodgpon.
as Second Grade A-Veda Baker, Irma
ry dean Simon, Martha 8chluter, John
('amllaign of Education to Show
IFolly of Rtenting
With more than 100 New Orleans
business men and tirms financially
supporting the enterprise, "Own A
iome'" has been given a whilrwind
Istart, and hundreds of persons have
been given new starts in life through
the message. "Make New Orleans A
City of Homes."
The New Orleans campaign, one
of the very few in which the public
has not been asked to contribute
and which is for the civic and in
(dividaul benefit of everyone, is part
of a national movement.
With wages of workers at the
highest mark, with the subject of
"Own A Home" before every Or
leanian as a result of the big public
ity and advertising campaign, the
campaign leaders believe great and
lasting good will result for the city.
The campaign. purely educational,
is to show Orleanians and any others
the advantages of owning their own
home: the folly of renting, and how
easy it is to become independent of
New Orleans is just now striking
hard blows for commercial success,
particularly through the industrial
canal project, and the housing prob
lem will be difficult when the canal
is realized.
An interesting table of rent fig
ures has been compiled by the "Own
A Home" leaders, showing how
much rent amounts to over a given
period of years with interest at an
average rate:
Per 10 15 20 25
M',n:h Yar. Ye,rs Years Years
$25 $2.954.20 6,982.71 11,035.65 16.459.28
26 4,112.37 7,362114 11,427.08 17,117.65
27 4.270.54 7.541.35 11.918.50 17.776.02
28 4.428.71 7.0821.1) 12.359.93 18,434.39
29 4.586.88 8,05 ).'7 12.811.35 19.092.77
30 4,745.04 8.374.27 13,242.78 19.751.14
The literature on the campaign is
being distributed without cost or ob
ligation from the campaign head
quarters. 413 Carondelet street.
Committees from the Real Estate
Board, the Homesteads League,
Furniture Men's Association and
Contractors' and Dealers' Exchange
direct the campaign. The joint com
mittee, now complete, follows: Mey
er Eiseman. ex-officio, chairman; J.
L. Blum, chairman; R. E. DeMontlu
zin, W. A. Kernaghan and Louis
Schuler, treasurer, all of the realty
board; William Pfaff, chairman. J.
J. Malochee and George Morris, re
presenting homesteads; Robert W.
Market, J. 8. Galennie and C. P.
Reimann, representing the Contrac
tors and Dealers' Exchange.
El Paso, Tex., March 14 1918.
Editor Herald:
Dear Sir-Will you please publish
the following?
Your March 14 issue reached me
here in Texas today. Under the
heading of "Contractor~' Committee
Makes Statement" appears some
news wherein certain men claim that
Charles J Donner might be sattisae
tory as a clerk, but does not, in their
opinion, possess the general qualifi
cations devolving upon the secretary
of the General Contractors' Assoe
ation. Realizing, as I do, the ability
of C J Donner as a secretary, by his
faithful and eelfficient service for four
years and more as secretary of the
Levee Board under Governor L K.
Hall, forces me to take some stock
in Donner's idea of being persecuted.
The fact that Donner served as
secretary of this General Contract
ors' Association from August 1, 1917,
until January 22, 1918, proves be
yond doubt that his services as such
must have apparently been Natistao
tory. If his services were not satm
factory, or if he did not possess the
general qualifications, etc., why was
he given thirty days in which to re
sign? Why was he not diasmsled
fro request an employe to reasig
is O. K., but to may his general quaB
feations are such that he cannot pms
form certain duties is to harm him
In landing a position similar to the
one from which his resignation w
Yours very truly,
T. 0. HATES,
1100 Texas Street, El Pao, Tel.
Miss Azella Hibben is the proud
possessor of an American Red Croes
Nurse's pin and will leave shortly
with the unit that goes to Italy. We
congratulate her on her success and
wish her good luck in her noble

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