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At The Playhouses
ml~j • | • @
Mme. Bernhardt's Two Roles.
It was a great accomplishment for
Mr. Martin Beck to offer Mme. Sarah
Bernhardt In the Orpheum Theaters.
A secondary accomplishment was the
happy selection from her immense
repertoire of "Camille" and "Champ
d'Honneur" (from the theater to the
battlefield). During her engagement
here she will be seen in both selec
tions. giving the Orpheum patrons
an opportunity to witness Mme. Bern
hardt's portrayal of a role in which
shabe Is still supreme, although "Ca
Aille" has been played by the world's
i .
greatest actresses for over sixty
years, and also a role that, if for no
ether reason, would command atten
tion for its timeliness. Also these
sesections give Mme. Bernhardt both
a male and a female role.
Bernhardt of the golden volee has
met changed a bit in the last thirty
years, if the unanimous verdict of a
majority of her critics is at all ase
iarate. The story of -Camille" is
Sliar; "Champ d'Honneur" less
S. Playing the male part of Marc
Dertad, a French actoreoldier,
Bsraharlt is given every opportunity
to display her mastery of dramatic
tehnilque and at moments rises far
above any heights hitherto attained
by her in the greatest of her sue
earsse. The actorgoldier, mortally
htlured (his right leg hopelesasly
thattered) has hidden the flag of
Prance in a tree before delirium
soes him. His wounds do not pain
-him halt so much as the thought that
he cannot recall in his clearer mo
ets where he had concealed the
From trench to trench the former
had gone, always under enemy
reciting poetry to the men ia
trenches, until finally he is
weounded and staggers to a tree,
agalast which he half sits and half
reclines. Here he is Tound by an
Deglish iaceer, who remembers him
and who interrogates the dying sol
dier. ernhardt waves aside the field
aurses and the Red Cross dog. and
threw her whole soul into Paul De
'relede's veres, To the Bearer of
the 1la." When dying, the actor
-mule  ere defiance to the Huns in
a bnal 'lve ia Prance," and at the
eds J earnhardt clutches the tricolor
« France to her bosom.
Ma. Berahardt will he supported
b- her own cmamy from Paris upon
fe oesaoem of her New Orleans Or.
_eam easaemeit, whleh begins
keeary, Marsh s, to cotinue for
wo weeks
6 p.·
t; .,_ yT-i:ýt4 '4,siý'v ýi ~:.M[=ýý:Y" iS
Headlining at the Palace for the
last four days of this week, com
mencing Thursday and concluding
with the Sunday night perform
ances, will be Tom Brown's Musical
Highlanders. billed as "a musical
muse in kilts." A big feature of
the new bill will be Olga and Mish
ka Co. in sensational classic and
modern dances. assisted by Walter
Slater. violinist. The balance of
the bill includes Captain Jack Bar
nett and son. diminutive comedians,
in "At the Little News Club"; Jack
Corcoran and Joe Mack, original
laugh creators, and The Ferraros,
surprising clowns.
Each of Tom Browm's seven Musi
cal Highlanders is a musician of
ability and as skilled with the more
modern instruments as with the
bagpipe. Their program is a med
ley of tho old and new song num
bers on the modern instruments and
the real old Highland Bagpipe se
lections on that famous and pictur
esque iastrument. A number of
vocal selections are rendered by dif
ferent members of the group, some
of which are comical and all of them
well received.
One doesn't have to be told that
Olga and Mishka are Russian. They
hale from Petrograd where they
were graduated with homor from the
Imperial Ballet School into the Im
perial Opera House Ballet, which is
the ambition of all ,Russians who
adopt dancing as a career. Olga
and Mishka separately came to
America. and here formed the union
for vaudeville that has resulted in
one of the best dancing acts in the
Olga's beauty, control, flexbility
and grace are perfect, while Mishka
is a decidedly superior male dancer.
They are assisted by Walter Slater,
a violinist of pronoumced tempera
ment. The effect of expressing
moods simultaneously in dance and
on the violin is not only out of the
ordinary but most impressive. In
fact, as dancers, the Olga and uish
ka Company leave little to be de
-THn- N
*"v" Eight at 6o:
neding Prveram stars at 8 e'lses.
Tlde*bues Abears Mss 4604
Ibervie and lIpq, Ns e s
10 BIG ACTS 10
Of Vaudeville
an. Phos epy, PM i.
IraN.. and 2%w 1.,
Prises 5S. se. lie. See.
1The Precious
(coprght1. 117. West ra Newspper Uaem.)
"A precious parcel, Miss Lane,"
spoke Hall Barton, secret service man.
"It represents the best roundup of the
department for ten years. See," and
the keen-eyed, pleasant-faced sleuth
flipped over half a dozen bundles of
greenbacks and then rolled them up in
three manilla paper coverings and
placed the package in front of the
pretty stenographer employed by the
Merchants' bank of Woodville.
"What am I to do with it, pleaser
she inquired.
"Just lock It up somewhere and I
will call for it in a day or two." Then
his voice dropped to a whisper and the
Janitor, putting the place in order,
failed to catch the import of the sub
dued tones.
The detective smiled, and Nellie
smiled, too. She nodded her head in
telllgently and arose and placed the
,package in a drawer and locked it.
"I will have the cashier place It In
the safety vault in the morning," she
isaid, but her visitor did not seem in
the least anxious about a package
which, judging from the contents, rep.
resented a large surface value.
It was after banking hours, but Nel
lie had some pressing work that would
keep her late at her desk. Mr. Gregory
Valle and his son, Clinton, had gone to
i bankers' convention at the county
seat and would not return until later.
"Young Mr. Valle told me that I was
to bring you a hot supper from the
potel when I come on watch duty at
nine o'clock," the janitor said.
"Mr. Valle is very thoughtful," mur
mured the young lady.
"And he will call when the eleven
o'clock train comes In to see you home
safely, he told me."
Nellie fluttered and flushed. She
more than liked Clinton Valle. It was
p strange circumstance, her present
environment Gregory Valle, after op.
rating his old established bank on a
uamdrum basis for a quarter of a cen
ftury, had decided to put in plate glass
land marble counters and electric ights.
Pf course an up-to-date stenographer
and typist must follow. Nellie Lane
lad been hired from the city and a
jewel of Industry she proved. At the
very first Clinton Valle had fallen in
love with her. Now Clinton feared
nad Nellie suspected that the precise
and cold-blooded father would replace
her with a rscceoor to break up their
budding love romance.
Not that Mr. Valle did not value Nel
lie at her true worth, but she was poor,
and his son could take his pick among
a cholee bevy of heirelses, and money
was the god of the old banker.
The janitor pulled down the shades
and left the bank. He was to return
In four bours. Nellie got out a great
pile of papers and began to work. She
was fully earsed In her task, an
hour later, when she started, paled and
stared with a thrill at thre men.
"Don't scream or stir, or get hys
terics little one," spoke their leader
anoothly. "We're here to do a job
and all you've got to do is to keep
quiet. She's your special care Jim,"
and tranquilly one of his pals alouched
into a seat opposto Nellie, revolver In
"We have three safe hour ," resumed
the leader. "Get out the tools. Of
course the staf Is an the vault Rlg up
the oxyacetylene torch and we'll burn
out the locks."
Nellie was helpless to defy or baffle
the crackmnen, but she thought hard.
She knew that aside from the regular
funds, the bank carried all the cash
tax collectlons of the district, amount.
tog to half a million dollars.
"What's pleasln you?' projected
the main burglar, as Nellie Indulged
In a gleesome chtrp of a laugh.
"1 was thinklaing yu' waste your
time," replied Nellie coolly. "There
are two more doorsm to et throgsh anad
a double aie t-e
"Crackr' paned the brglar.
"Yes," nodded Ndllie. "Besides, you
will spoi the beautial laebks ad yo
look wicked enough to carry of a lot
of stouff belonging to ealnts and all
that. There's moner enough lag
loose outsd here to tiafy eq won
eable robber."
"You're an aolrastl one r' mled
the admirtig erackman. "I suppoe
yu'll show os wherbe tis aforesald
moeey is?
"I will," ured Nellem promptbly,
"If u premiamse to go away and not
try to get Into that vault"
"And bow mueb loose chane do yu
let a gtaer apup raprpeaded the l
"Oh, about two humnred thousand
dollnr. There's a key. Open that
dmrwer overa yonder and be aeted
with what you fid."
The lMader ok one look at the pack.
age the meet usriee man had loft
he shete delrk y to his- echeres.
"lttle gir yu're a Sete." aend dap
pae with h owesL r and the foYr.
tons, la qusimon. han Nellie with a
-I mle reumi d her work. e
w mdered ew en the looters would
discover that the money h the pck
Swars atereit, d with a
t secret ervie m had br.
Nae aend apth pollee and told
a stsry. S had saved the hak a
heary les that was re, and Oresry
a'b forve her fr being pcer, whch
best M brlgbteladcd a leek advan
bae h, ,, a Ma,.,,. M,,uY; ,a,
0 /
The Pepper
" "
(Copyright. 117, Wester Newspaper Union.)
"I'll never marry you while you
wear that preposterous beard and
great shock of uncut hair!"
Thus spoke Edith Harper, spinster of
thirty, but girlishly fair for all that.
"And I won't go back on my word
for twenty wives !" retorted Joel Bry
son, five years her senior, bachelor,
but not too old to love, and Miss Har
per was the Idol of his dreams.
"A foolish, silly boast! a wretched,
braggart bet I" scolded the lady. "It
shows how shallow you are, to have
engaged in such nonsense. It evidences
your obstinacy, making a walking sight
of yourself, the laughing stock of the
"Don't go too far, Edith, or you'll
reach the limit with my patience."
"That for your patience " said Miss
Harper, snapping her fingers derisive
ly. "You have reached the limit with
me already. Please refrain from speak
ing to me again until you consent to
act and look like a civilized human
"That's enough," observed Joel
"We'll call quits right here and Just
And thus they parted, and quiet, or
derly, respectable Rossville took sides
as to the merits of the particular
phase of the case they championed.
The feminine portion of the commu
nity favored Miss Harper. As the
months went on Joel certainly forfelt
ed all claims to manly beauty. His
hair grew long and straggly. His un
cut, thick and bunchy beard suggested
a Russian dragoman. For worlds he
would not clip o straying wisp. He
had made a pre-election vow to never
Well Call Quits."
touch beard or head with razor or
scissors until his party, the Regulars,
were victors In the local political con
test. The Regulars were beaten two
to one at the polls.
Until the end of a year, dith hoped
that at the new election the favorite
party ofat her lover might win the con
test, and her erratic fiance be restored
to normal Alas the Reglulars were
beaten three to one this time. Then
came the clmax, and her toleration
of a year terminate ia the nal ban
Ishment of Joel from her company and
her thoughts. At least so Edith a
formed her friends, but she dId not as
well tell them of sleepless nights and
tearful days. "Yo are beginnlng to
look Ilke a wild man," Joel's best
friend told him, but Joel imply held
his lips rm, and a certatn grimace
of heroia came nto his set, resolute
S tl keep my pledge, If I never shavre
agat l" he said obstately. "ybe
beo Regulars may hit it next election.
i'm goalg to cotane to ampaignl for
Mem. Th war has come a oln, and I
am injcting a patriotle phase into
the local politleal trlrge ahead of
the other aide, and ts godng to help
s woederfany,"
To miltigate her logi for the
puarned love o Joel, HM arper de
voted uherself asdomsly to hakttag
for the boys at the treot and allmed
hegelf with all the patriotle move
meats a whthe he faminine part of
3- fille was inaterested. She saw
Joel rarely, and the at a distance. She
felt drawn eloser to him, however,
wha shbe learned that he was devotlnag
his time and money to ncouragag en.
-stme-t sad to providlyia those
who ralled for the easo. ThIe ptr
tclte eture, to, brought Joe late the
arm a a new way, sad the womem's
ds wmre ardet in wking tmo re
an oration for the Regulars at the
"I see yrc-Ct at or Mr. 'M
is partbclpatiag ia the spirit of
te fmes tna a practctal way," a lady
ndo sem ved to Weth eoe day.
"Iee" murmuared Ud, sad
psmewhat dista.
"e he bee a tarne th eld bar
o hs pam ia~o a sort of la batery,
sad they sy h s maksng sem then
It pays to Advrtls Ia the Herald
of special munitions for the govern
Gossip expatiated on this theme sl
a decidedly animated way during the
next week. The old barn had bees
surrounded with a high barb-wire
fence. There were signs of "Danger!"
"Keep Out!" and the like. Some ma
chinery and ominous "Handle With
Care" casks and boxes were admitted
to the grewsome structure. A sallow
faced, dreamy-eyed individual ab
stractedly haunted the place, as itf so
engrossed in thought that he appeared
utterly oblivious to extraneous obh
"Who's your friend, Joel?'" joclar
ly questioned an acquaintance of
"He's an inventor," answered Joel
"and a good one."
"Inventing something for you"r
"He Is-for me and the government,"
complacently advised Joel
"What may it be, now?"
"A bomb."
"Shoo!-what kind of a bomb?'
"Well, I don't mind telling you. We
call it the 'Pepper Bomb.' They've used
all kinds of poison, shrapnel, fire
bombs. The enemy's latest is the mus
tard bomb. We go them one better.
It's my contribution to the war de
partment. That is, If we succeed in
perfecting a device that will blind an
approaching army, and make the sol
diers sneeze their heads off. We pro
pose to make the service a free gift
of formula and materiaL"
It was four months later that Joel
dismissed his hired Inventor, and
strolled the streets of his native vil
lage a proud and happy man. He
might well be, for a little Item In the
local newspaper covering a dispatch
from Washington recited the fact that
"Joel Bryson of Rossvlile had contrib
uted to the government a valuable shell
which had stood all tests, and which
entitled him to approbation of all pa
triotic citizens."
"It's a thousand dollars well spent,"
declared Joel. "I've done my bit, and
now I'm going to pitch In and hustle
for the approaching election."
It was Saturday evening just pre
vious to that interesting event, when
Joel about dusk went out to the barn
that had been transformed Into a work
shop. He carried a lantern, and his
thought was to gather up what was
left of the powder used in the manu
facture of the pepper bombs and set
it off with a great flare In the town
square to attract the people to the
meeting of the Regulars.
Joel set the lantern down carele-.
ly, never noting until too late that It
had overturned. There was a blinding
glare a crash of breaking timbers,
some flying object struck his head, and
be knew no more. It was fortunate
that three of his pqtlcal adherents
reached the house just as the explo
sion occurred. Prostrate and senseless,
Joel was the center of great shooting
masses of flame. He was singed in
face and hands, his clothnlg was on
are In a dosen places. They hurried
alm to the hospital, and there for a
preek he lay, mostly unconscious.
81owly, uad more a lt care
than he reallsed, Joel Bryson came
eck to senslbllty and reason. He lie
sened, awed, to the narratlv of his
ps ad rescue. Then his hand hap
to go up to his face.
"Why," he exclaimed with a great
_t, "my beard I"
"Burned of In the explosion; halr,
"Hm I Well, I shall have to let it
grow alsin."
"No you won't," inned the attee
"Why not'
"The Regulars won the election."
"Glory I" fairly shouted Joel, weak
as he was.
"Better than that. John Wilson, the
candidate for village prealdent, in re
ognition of youar services to the gow
ernment and your latest misortune,
vacated the eandidaey in your favor,
and yoa were elected.a"
"I wonder," said Joel, after deep
tbhought, "what Edith will ry now?'
"You mean Mlas Harper' ma
mnred the clever attendant. "She has
baeen here every day to se you. In
act, sir, she is now toIn the walting
rooem. Do yeo wish to see herl, sir
"o--I-wish--to--see-herr' gau
ed Joel in a delicious state of long
a. "Oh, Edlth I"
She seemead to loat lnte the roa ,
a ethreal anel o mery ad eonm
puanon. She was kneelang by hs side
eras with jer.
-35th, have yeu chaed your
mindr ahe ed sotly.
"Oh, Joel," she ttered, "after nall
r aerlag asd r heroie service
for the goverment, l marry yea it
your hair aie to yoar waiat ad yor
beard a your feelt"
New arag el.
The claim made for a nw e,_brea
bridle is that It is so d·else that It
gives remrkable coantrol ever a a
maab her. became presrar
man be exerted on certain et the ai.
mr-s sqpa-cord aerves. This -im'
e had harness has a bit which
will 1t aaure the horse's month, as
atter how tender It may b. At each
end is a large dreular guard. A strap
attached to the Mbit eteds pap the
right side o the head and then ju
baek eo the ears, ad teilass Ia an
pulley a th iIe left . hatened to
the end tim Mt at th aet slde is a
mu reg which passes apwa
threu the puller ad then back
thrgh a isial leep prodectian from
the ead ot the meuthpleee. An ma
tensio of tis roge srves as the lead
ing rein, the thery is that a pull en
this reina eausaes the strap bead the
eams to prm down o a spt Ia tho
ogine which as mid to beso s smiuiv
that the hors s seem hreught lte
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday. at 2 p. m.
High Class
Pictures begi 1 P. M. 3 Vaudeville Shown Daily. 3:30 7 9 P. M. 4Sw
Sunday, 2. 4. 7 and 9 P. i.
Prices Except Saturday and Sunday 5, 1 , 15 e
Sat. and Sum. Afternoons I 15 25
Two Complete Chanus, Sunday and Thursday
EVERY NIGHT 8:15-10c TO 75e. ID g SgE
Foto's Folly Theatre
Week ladiag Saturday March 30th Soul." Win. Desmond, S*
SUNDAY, March 24.-"Mrs. Danes De Nine Lives," comedy, i pu;
fense" Pauline Frederick, 5 parts; ILolmes Travelouge.
"Fatty at Coney Island," Fatty Arbuckle WEDNESDAY, March X- "lw
2 parts; "Fotos Folly Screen Telegram Players." "Selected Piemeau*
of Latest Events," 1 part.
MONDAY. March 25.-"Her Sister," Olive THURSDAY,
Tell, 5 parts; "Charley Chaplin Comedy SA  ,jt
and Educational," 2 parts. Closed on account of Rlegie
PO R TOLA Pearce's Thealr
High Class 814 CANAL f,
Motion TUDOR
Pictures ' 610 CANAL 8T.
Flower Seeds and
Vegetable Seeds
We Have the Kind Tha t Gr'
Start Your War Garden
Bermud~ i& Verret
R. C. ROO0
Painless Dentist
Teeth, Pull Sets, $4.00
We make this great ofer to latroduce our Pdl SystU d
ianto every home. Be sure ye are i the rilght - Ptymem.
satisfactory. Gold crowna, porcelaa crow., bid workl,
9S per cat of the teeth. We give a writtem gIuaraate for t a
Ma* 36 5as CANAL ST., msiI
our reoduesi atoeet ate ofler Uhe 1% lassimi a
ve asth Cs asie grado r1k ed a ehe. of lem.
-- -euassn

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