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r taxes. Help remove SAVNG STAMPS
Se Uw upOe a M t INwW.* e o of t iver. "A very live and ereditable weekly Mewmper."-MANUPACTURER' RECORD. NITED STATES GOVERNMENT
rina Favret, who spent
with her grandparents.
hIr home in Polnt*-sl
Hotard, Georgina
'ad Ulie Ott returned
*s Baton Rouge, where
uests of Mr. and Mrs. E.
4 ring the techers'
es s were decorated
Aigiers with miniature
-lm"i and the campaign
Pt New Orleans over the
rent drive is well under
SHoffstetter, who was
for appendicitis, has
r and is improving in
rimes of Montgomery,
~ as here for ten days, the
s. and Mrs. H. T. Malone,
hose last Wednesday
Br was Indeed on a sad
Sah wife died Weddesday
a institution in the
$l ageompnated the re
the same night.
s. G. A. Weber, and
g Mershall, Tex., spent
here with Mr. and Mrs.
to Opelousas Ave.
s g umphrey has return
SbelUlMm, Ala., where he
- aw case.
friends of Mrs. Jno.
will be pleased to
she has returned from
sad is much improved in
LBurke entertained the
afternoon Euchre Club
The successful players
A. Oral, Mrs. A. Diket
Aeker. playing fdr
_ o_Irstet ter. Mrs. H.
reeived the consolation
P. 0. Catiero will en
s neat meeting.
Moyers who is teach
at Burns, spent a few
Petroviet attended
Convention in Baton
week, stopping here on
te Sunrise, La., where
Borne and daughters,
Bueali and Florence,
at lnate-a-la-Haehe,
Ioeanf eatertaled
afternoon Five Bun
%g week. The success
ren Mrs. W. A. Dilsell
Manet. Mrs. A.
the consolation.
will entertain
was entertained
. The m sem -
Men U. J. Lewis.
AoshNris sr
. A/eoo wW eo
tetnaale the
club alut wes.
Iplyers were Mrs. U
C. uishk and Ma.
la. P. O. Casero re
MNe. 8. Be
at the next meet
spent Sunday
entertained the
Cl0b last week.
were Mrs. D.
sned Mrs. L.
se sameeting wt
at Mrs. T. U. Back
of the Catholic
labia of America,
he held Thurseday
Gretan. All at
n tla before the
rt Alexandrin is
aeta Mr. anad
Dr. Loehte, U.
tebamerred to port
Me Mrs. Lochte will
Jr., is home
a serious op
ef Jaeoby, la.,
kt er mter
et BIviue St..
tth the Hoespital
ir las. Hie
sulr for this
the ooleohS at
Cerete lysique.
Wednesday the
OGrnewald Con
Seon of John
Oeut eof Apeal,
at Newport News,
belng his see
ta honor of
. who came
,bet wil re
In a week.
has been v&
$tsL. end Mrs.
Uturnae to Camp
Fathers Le
There wil ba big pat sltote ras
unde the W ru.emet of the Lee
liana, Couneil Nateonal Detfese a
the . oW. 9. C. Ham Verret san
Eliza 6ts., on Thursday Apri - 1g
at 8 P. M.
Mayor SBehrma, Mrs. W. A. Poe
teous and other promineat speake
will addres the meeting in the i,
terest of Child's Welfare. War laf
ings, Food Conservation and lbrt3
A large crowd Is oepected to b4
in attendanee. The Boy Scouat
will act as ushers.
Leo Favrot of Baton Rouge,
Bishop Thirkfield, Superintendent
Owinn. President Capdau of the
School Board and Inspector Gore
visited Cut Off, Wednesday mortial
to look into conditions with a vie
of obtaining a school building foi
the negroes there out of the Rosen.
wald fund.
Mr. Farrot declared, after the inl
vestigation, he believed there would
be lttle trouble in getting Mr. Ros.
enwald to contribute the funds foi
a new school.
At present there is a school it
the settlement conducted in a tr
ternity home with two teachers oem
ployed by the School Board. Then
are 103 children. Previous to the
establishment of this school, som(
six weeks ago, some of the negrc
children walked three miles to at.
tend the Lawton school. There are
some 500 negroes in the settlement
two churches, and there should be
a substantial public school there, said
Mr. Owinn.
Miss Jane Adams, founder of Hull
House, Chicago, who is doing valan
able work for the food coneervatioe
cause also social welfare work, will
be in New Orleans, Sunday, April
14th. and wil laddress a meeting at
the Athenseum at ! o'clock In tOf
aftersoen. The meeting will be a
opea one for men and women.
Mr. J. H. Seaman has accepted a
positlon with the S. N. O. IUght A
Traction Co., as eisetriees eaginelr
Mr. Seaman Is from the Wsting
house Electrie Co. He also foerme
ly held a position at Almadria,
La., where he had charge of thi
Municipal Lighting Pleat.
The danme of the hue Jacket
Trelpbehesk Clb wMid was pes
poeod Satudray evornng on aeeouni
of tad weather, will be uivea ets
urday evening, April 13, 1918; Si
usual at the Avenue Academy s
Opelouas Ave% Cistiib be-nd
will be in attednance.
The dance given Friday night at
the Avenue Academy by St. Mar.
garet's Daughters was ily well
attended, considering the bad
weather. The ladles wish to thank
-al who *lestted, The ,eg4qlar
meetas m be held tonight at Y:!0
o'clock at the Knights of ColImbus
Hall. All members are requested
to' attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leits of An
nunciation St. entertained at dinner
Sunday in honor of Miss Alita Baker
an Mr. Soat. VS*asir.
Mr. Chas. SBtth of San Diego,
who is aviator iustruactor of the
mpaon camp there, left for his
home in New York, after visitin
Mr. ra assG. . Walter of 1436
Teche S.
The regular meeting of the Belle
vle landerlarten Mothers Cluab
wti be held FPriday, April I1 at 3
o'clock P. M. All members are
rged to be present as all arrange
ments for the annual picnic of Belle
viie Kindergarten will be made.
Mrs . .. Evams sad ebadreda are
hero treem Baltimnor MEd., to vii
the former'e mothek, Mrs. O. h,,
The Jolly Twelve uchre Clua
met at the brne of Mb BRuth bro-e
lst wek. The smcmful players
were Mrs. Coeveich and Miss Josh
White. Miss 8taBsile Abribat re
calved the consolatlon.
The 'Tuese lNigt Naneh Cla
met at the home of Mrs. F. Yura
tib. The suecoesful players we,
Mrs. F. Turatiuh and giss E. Yurra
tfeh. Mrs. P. Cognerich will en
tertain at the next meeting.
Meedam K. M. Valer, H. T
dMalone, H. L. Hoyt, Vie OMver and
R. P. Whitmere atteded the lrnh
eon at the Qrmnnwald Cavn In hono
of Dr. Anna Roward Ehaw, ehai.
man of the Connat of National De
A penny party w given at ths
home of Ch, WII5is, 02 VateL t
It.. Tueeday pight by the fifth I
and fourth A eaCde of MoDonogo
No. 4 school, for the benefit of th4
Julelor Red Crorss. Game were
played and a pieture show enuJoed
Jbe sum of $7.00 was retimed.
Mr. J. Meader, driver of eagia
Co. No. 18 is on his rvastion, part
of wheh will be spent at Bay Ada
Where be wnl.tspeed the time fsh'
MI Marvel W ter returnet m rom
Lat·ayettef La., Weadnsedsy sft,
speedi two weeks with her s ter
Mrs. C. Brouassmr.
traire stw leocae la-t
to gti st at Me"Ie~.
whe be is e oe of thi ems.
Mrs. 5. P. Walter Le home fro
sqar City. e she gent a few
with herge.ghte, u . Gr neG
-Ir a Mr. st
I April Showers
D,. D·.r. *
* ,e w:, I7.
d o **o ' a° ;°..
• o * / e
. -
!rý I
f:: ·
Measrs. Anthony and Nicholas
Castrogavasnl, who have Sone to
Camp Beauregard for tralnlmg have
been selected as two of the young
American Italians to go to Italy with
Dr. Danna's Hospital Unit. Both
of the boys speak Itallaa fluently
and it Is for this reason that they
were accepted. When they left for
Camp Beauregard a few days ago a
large crowd of admiring Mriends
both ladies nd boys were there to
bid them God' wped In their eat
fort to capture the Kaiser.
"Natural gas for New Orleans will
be an accomplished fact probably
within six months. At the latest
it will not be over eight months."
This is the assurance given by
authordtUes to several New Orleans
industrial plants, which have re
quested some definite statrest as
to the prable date on weh nat
ural gas will be availaste n this
It was said Satutday that Senator
Ransdel,. at the request of the city
admainstration, has already taken
up with the War Industrie Board
the matter of getting priority orders
on the pipe necessary to pipe the
gas from Terebonne field to this
city. It developed Saturday, also.
that the city has already asked the
New Orleans Oas & Light Company
to fix a price on Its system of gas
mais,. which Mayor Behrman pro
poses to take over. The company
as yet has set no price on its prop
The Algiers Playgrounds basket
ball team defeated the Camel Walk
ers Sunday afternoon by the score
of 10 to 4. It was the most exct
ing game ever played at the play
grounds. The feature of the game
was the all-round playing of Tex
Richards sand L. Lgendre. Mc
Glvney made a wonderful throw
from midfield; R. Worley also star
red for Algiers. and the guarding of
"Ply"' Cummiskey kept the Walkers
helpless. Dupre and Simpson were
the best of the Walkers. Nest San
day. the two teams will meet Is the
fifth and deciding game at Audubon
Park and a good game is looked for.
AlpePians come out end root for
your team. Patrolman Williams
The Boy Scouts of Troop 30, held
their regular meeting Thursday,
April 2 with a good attendance. The
bes met Thursday afternoon at the
Courthouse grounds and drilled un
der the direction of Capt. L. P.
lsch. The Seots Pet Friday even
ing at the Alhambra building for
the purpose of dlstributlg iberty
Bond posters throughout Algiers.
Troop 32 and 18 attended the patri
otic parade last Staurday. We are
glad to report that c800out George
Jones 1s off of the ick list.
Funeral ,of Charles Edward Rapp
Is Attended by large
The funeral of Charles Edward
Rupp of the United States Engi
neers, who died from double pneu
monia at Hoboken, N. J., on route
to France, last Tuesday afternoon,
was held Saturday from the family
home in MoDonoghville and inter
ment was made alongside his moth
er's remains in St. Mary's Cemetery,
Algiers. A great throng attended.
Services were conducted by Rev. J.
P. Cassagne, S. M., whe preached the
eulogy at the Church of the Holy
Name of Mary. Very Rev. T. J.
Larkin. 6. M., and Rev. Joseph A.
Petit. 8. 5., assisted at the church
services. A military escort from
Camp Nichols atteedod the obee
quies, and four f the atlenial army
nomen ate as pa bearers. "Taps"
were somded at the grave, which
was beaked la flowers, eyaglst of
the eigaa basng magilest.
,Mr. Rup was a member of the
Knights of Columbus. Alexandria
Connel., No. 1134, and representa
tives of that body, as well as of
Santa Maria Council, No. 1724, of
Algiers, attended, together with
members of the various railroad
fraternal bodies. Deceased also be
longed to Little Rock Lodge, No.
325. Brotherhood of Railroad Ma
Mayor Berhman left Monday af
ternoon for Alexandria. La., to at
tend the funeral of Mayor Whitting
ton of-that town. Mayor Whitting
ton was an old friend of Mayor
Behrman and frequently called upon
him when he came to New Orleans.
Virginia Lodge No. 136, Knight
sf Pythias, decided to purchase $100
of Liberty bolds at the meeting held 4
Monday night. This is the third
bond of the kind bought by the I
lodge. one for each of the issues.
The Royal Pleasure Club elected
the following offlcers for the manu
lag year: F. P. Dietrich, pesident;
C. . D bar, eretat~-treasurer;
S. IT. csrry, chairman, Investiga
tion Committee; L. Speies, chair
man Hall Committee. There will
be a grand opening at the camp at
an early date.
Herman Norris. 2 years old, of
419 Newton street, fell while ridiln
a bicycle down the Newton treet
viaduct, Sunday afternoon, and sue
tdned a broken otllar bone. He
was sent to the hospital.
BOlliS IOkEl
Litle Clarence Warren Oisch, 6
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence F. Gisch, of 414 BellevUlle St.,
who was injured by a horse at Belle
ville and Alix streets at 8 o'clock
Wednesday night, is reported to be
doing as well as could be expected
at the hospital. The little fellow
sustained a fractured jaw and a
fractured shoulder blade, and it will
be several days beoorg he will be
able to be out. He was playing and
ccidentalir ran into a horse at
tached to a wagon belonging to J.
Tripelino, 639 Elmira avenue.
On last Sunday, a most enjoyable
truck ride was given to Stanton
Plantaton by a jolly crowd of young
They met atthe home of Mr. and
Mrs. P. Comeaux where th beead
da the trcek alat poeoued t the
Lower easit. he d y was spent
in playing ball, ,lkng blackbe
rimes asnd erayshlmag.
They arrived home at ?:20 P. M.,
and the rest of the evening was
spent at the hone of the Misses Ab
ribat, where dancing was enjoyed
by all.
Those present were, Misses Inen
Carmen and Stlla Abribat; A. Cal
houn, M. Bijou, V. Bouterle, E.
TYratich. G. Slrey, M. Comeau., '.
and N. Bourgeois, U. Con, E. Levy,
U. Johnson and A. Landry, Messrs.
P. Comeaux, . Bourg, U Ree, B.
Williams, n. Woods, I. Lpshr, Clar
ean Metsker, Fill HermeMki. C.
Webre. N. MeDeasid. S. Yorker sad
L. LeBlane, O. Bourgeoir Otis and
Edna Bourgeois and Alice Mae
Owing to to the high st of living
and the advance in the cost of what
is grouped under the general name
of cosmetice the barbers of New
Orleans have decided to advance the
cost of having the tface saed and
the hair triame. The rabers'
anion Tuesday night decided that
beginnlng next Monday their charge
for a shave shall be 15 cents In all
the shops In town, while a hair cuat
will be advanced from 25 to 35
The barbers have also advanced
the east of honrlg razors from 25
to o easts, in oe expeeatisa that
this may have an effect on the self
shaving habit.
Followtng is the official schedule
adopted by the unioaln:
Hair out, men's, 35 eents.
Children's heir cut, under 14
years, 265 enoats.
Shaving, 15 monts.
Shampoo. 25 eents.
Massage, 2$ esuat.
Hair tonie. 10, 15, 20 esnts.
Beard trim, 25 eents
Shavrngldead men, $5.
Hair stage, 25 ents.
McDonogh No. 4 Represented in
Patriotic Parade
McDonogh No. 4 School was rep
resented by twenty-one boys in Sat
urday's great patriotic Liberty Loan
parade. Despite the fact that the
rain was falling in torrents at the
time, these young citizens of Uncle
Sam's great and glorious domain,
assembled at the Canal St. Ferry
Landing at the appointed time and
proceeded across the river to the
place assigned to the schools before
the formation of the parade.
The rain still continued and there
followed a period of doubt as to
whether there could be a parade or
not. The Nation's motto. "In God
is Our Trust," seemed to be the
prayer of the people of the Crescent
City, and soon that prayer was an
swered. The clouds lifted, the rain
stopped, and the parade was formed.
The boys of No. 4, at a given sig
nal from Mr. E. Etier. took their as
signed place in the line and every
one of the number marched from
the beginning of the route to the
end. Cheer after cheer greeted
them as they marched through the
the streets.
The banner-bearer was John
Beninate and his aids were Sidney
Dupuis and Edgley Schrith. The
large white satin Red Cross banner
was donated and made by the tearh
ers of the school. The name of the
school and "100 per cent." were
suitably arranged on it, and it was
the prettiest standard carried by
any school.
This school bears the distinction
of being the only boys' school rep
resented and the only one from the
Fifth District.
These young Americans feel proud
that they "did their bit" towards
helping their city go "over the top"
in this patriotic undertaking, and
they will always remember the part
they played during this stirring war
Mrs. M. Hopper and Miss L. E.
Averill accompanied the delegation.
The boys were: John Beninate.
Sidney Dupuis, Edgley Bchroth,
Gerald Cooper, Evans Mahoney, Mel
ford Pitre, -Reany Angelo. Walter
Pope, John Forrest, John Leonard,
Joseph Folse, John Cleutat, James
Curren, Morris Laufer, Charles
Beninate, Hilary Schroder, John
Roberts, Dearo Trotter. Donald
Gautreaux, Joseph Simon; Edward
The followring boys from this
school marched with the Boy Beouts,
James Stafford, Felix McAnespy,
Philip Saleeby, Milton Acker, Ed
ward Williams, Lawrence Menge,
Hugh Lilly, Frank Silva, Richard
Bilehier, Carl Salseby, Roy Williams,
Joseph Weir.
Eighth Grade A--4cholarship and
deportment: Philip Saleeby, Evans
Eighth Grade B--Scholarship and
deportment: Milton Acker and
Marcel Serpas.
8ixth Grade B--,eholarship and
deportment: Malcolm Secwanrsa
bach. Alvin Covell, Thos. Little.
Milton Henry. Fred John, Wi. Kass
mar, Arthur Ran, Alton DIket, Luke
GOllen, Stanley asher. arlu Saleeby,
Alvin LeBlanc and Louis Brous
Fifth Grtde B--Scholarship and
deportment: Hymel Amuedo, Elmo
Voegtlin. Jos. Sutherland, Chas.
Gerrets and Jos. Umbach. Scholar
ship: Roland Meyers, Maurice
Thibodeaux, Chas. Delta, Chas. Ter
reborne, Sidney Andre, Ethelbert
Lagarde, eGo. Zatarain, John unn,
Julian Humphrey, Chester Camus,
Jos. Weir, Wi. Entlwistle and Le.
ie Kirkpatrick.
Fourth Grade A--Scholarship and
deportment: Vietor Cleutat, Juas. L.
Higgins,, Willis Nelson, Chas. Ra
me$i, Aloysinu 8erpal and Chas.
Puokett. Scholarship: red Krae
mer, Robt. Smith, Wilson Barrett.
Harold Hano and Esse West. De
portment: MarJoral MeNeely, John
Hunter and Walter Perron.
Fouarth Grade B---cholarship ad
deportment: Marcel Roth, Jes.
Pabares, Jos. Wilmore, Louis Hubo
nor and Armand Deleazel. cholar
ship: Bernard Covell. Deport
meant: Elmear avidson ad Mal·olm
Third Grade A--Scholarship and
deportmene Weliman Boed, Nor
man WLhitney, Arthur Mesanck. Al
len OGlilot, Loauis Peterson, Melvin
Perron, Lyi Albrecht and Harry
Third Grade B--Scholarshlp and
deportment: Vincent Trauth, Rue
sell Gilder, Alvin Rad, Chas. Car
roll and Lucien Ahysen.
Second Grade A--eholarship and
deportment: Bennie Weiner, Pres
tda' DMleasel, Edwin Schwalb.
Second Grade B-Scholarship and
deportment: Walter and Wiibest
Bainstarther, Henry Buras, Nelsea
' Th9;IS
Lii t~t, -
K ic1 ~
-~E% - _c~i
In response to his querry to Sen
ator Itansdeil, Mayor Behrman
M.unday morning was advised that
young men who volunteered their
services to the country and were re
jected for physical disability and
other causes beyond their control
would possibly, in the near future,
be awarded buttons showing their
Since the declaration of war
.Mayor BAlirman has received nu
merous requests from young men to
ascertain if some Insignia would
not be given them to show that they
had attempted to volunteer and had
been rejected. The Mayor wrote
Senator Itansdell. who took the
question up with Adjutant General
According to the Adjutant Gen
eral., an act was introduced into the
United States Senate to provide such
a button, and was passed by the
Senate Feb. 5, 1918. The act was
introduced into the House of Repre
sentatives Feb. 7. and If it is adopt
ed there, the buttons will be issued.
Mr. Alphonse Niklaus was the
victim of a very serious accident on
last Thursday evening while at work
at the River and Ocean Towing Com
pany. He was operating a circular
saw and in some way his hand
slipped causing the loss of three fin
gers and laceration of other parts
of the hand. lie was attended by
Dr. A. C. King and was taken to the
Presbyterian Hospital where he is
now improving.
On last Tuesday morning at the
River and Ocean Towing Company,
Ed. Munsterman, was palnfully
injured in the groin by a piece of
timber he was sawing, coming dis
lodged from the saw striking him.
He has been laid up for several
Remaining at Station A, New Or
leans. La., Postoffice, Thursday,
April41 11, 1918:
John J. Abrame, A. M. Bollinger,
Antonia Bush, C. H. Dumser. James
Linzy. David Aaplet (Special),
George Williams.
Mary Dreckey, Matte Gillins, Mrs.
F. Jones. Mrs. L. Joseph, Victorta
Owens. Alice Parker, Box 135, R.
F. D. 1; Mrs. B. A. Posey.
Charles Janvier, Postmaster.
Joseph W. Daniels, Sup.
The attention .of every housewife
is called to the advertisement of the
Retail Grocers' Association in this
edition of tahe Herald, explafnlag
the order of the Food Adminlstra
tion, as to use of wheat flor sad
substitutes. In order to explain to
the housewife the real meaning of
this order and the beet way to con
serve wheat the Grocers' Associa
tion has published this advertise
ment. In many instaneds the gro
cer has been blamed for his sup
posedly arbitrary action in selling
wheat flour, when, in fact. he was
only carrying out the order of the
Food Adminlstration.
Fallonu Louis Bergert, Henry Coop
First Grade A-4-chlarship and
deportment: Harold Bourgeois,
Chas. Hidebrand, Domnlago Migael,
Albert Brodtmas, Alvi Short, Tas
ley Eroes, Alton Morgan ad Ro3het
FiPlrst Grade B--4cholarship satd
deportment - LAe ehwarsase&,
Ashton Roberts and John Carubba.
Scholarship: Luolen Esaard.
Boys Who WIl Pastldga te emba
Meet I- May.
Eighth Grade A-John Leonard,
70 yd. dash.
Elghth Grade B-Edword Wil
liams, 60 yd. dash.
Seventh Grade A-Relay Race sad
60 yt dash-Donald Gautreax,
Hilary Schoder, Morris Lastu, John
Seventh Grade B--0 yd. dash
Arthur Feleher and Alvin Gas
Sixth Grade A-o0 yd. dash
Auitln Burbay.
Sixth Grade B--100 yd. dashu-
Ga4rgt Beugert. 60 yd. dash
Raymond Hener, Boyee Plemlng,
8'hos. Hebert, Peter Anderson, Nd.
Matehett, Stanley Leoard, AtMe
Laker. 20 yd. dash-Pred HRebert,
Alvin LeBlane. Abton Diket, Prd
John, Alvin Covell, Loul Brk sgld
Sand Thos. Little.

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