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ay smore for Ferriage than
e th eUmbudlln M the Wee* Side f the River. "A very live and creditable weekly aewpaper."-MANUFACTURERS RECORD. UNITED STATES
g- . Hildebrand and daughters
Bailey .. d Miss Viola
have returned to their
Slor.ston, alter visiting rela
sids Huckins, the talented
aghter of Mr. and Mrs. J.
has been appointed plan
ia Summer Normal School.
wleed a great honor for Miss
although it is but a just rec
ot her ability as a musician.
George Bengert enjoyed a
leave of absence this week.
C. A. Borden has returned
pp""s where she spent sever
with her daughter, Mts. Ed
Mrs. Borden's friends are
to welcome her back and
aM that she has again taken
residence in our town, resid
ier pid home in Vallette St.
Dehrman was a visitor to
-, m this week.
Spitzfaden. who was op
Sat Hotel 1)ieu, is home and
Ages Cabibi returned from
Miss., after spending a few
a the guest of Mr. S. Cabibl.
sarvel Stumpf spent Sunday
with her sister. Mrs. Geo
-iwis Munsterman returned
elsr a week's stay at Moss
smads Zwicke returned to
uaregard Sunday after spend
,ty.eight hour furlough with
Ss4 1nlk of Dayton. Ohio,
her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Bargau and daughter Lil
g her sister Mrs. C. E.
f Birmifdgham, Ala.
W. Geldert has returned to
after spending awhile
Mrs. J. J. Vanderlin
Aialth returned from Lock
G. Smith is at Tallulah,
interest of Internal Rev
annle nd Agnes George of
Is., spent a week with Mrs.
I. Vallette who has success
the examination of ma
has accepted a position
t on the government
Orlesas, at Burrwood,
I .. Kerlin of Ponchatoula.
*a tor days with his mother
to Vallette t.
the bright little daugh
M rs. W. R. Lilly of
seseied a Srat .honor
al adesat oear mia
Croes worArt B
. T, Younger and
asmlseiag at Bay St.
; laerer gad daughter
y for Lafayette, La.
-.murl months with Mr.
Kaights and Ladies of
No. 30, will hold their 1
tonight at Mechanics
of the convention held
read. All members are
Zed (hoss branch re
the ladies meet at the
Clmabus HRal to assist
"a Eugene Thlgpen have
of their many friends in
their baby girl whose 1
last week at their
Mrs. Thigpen was 1
Odle Borne.
Bais was graduated from
Normal school last
McGarry and Plor
Web graduated from the
Wigh school Thurday
spent Sunday in
Cognerich returned to
Malira La., after spend
. l Mrs. J. Heindel and
Twvele EZuhre Club met
eo Miss Joe White. The
players were Misses Rit
Sfor her sister Es
in Abritat. The eonso- I
*o the lot of Miss Ruth
Club met at the homre
Aeker. The suceeestfulI
MVr. . A. Garland, Mis
The consolatlon fell to
Mu. W. Lampton. Thea
will be held at the home 1
fdsds at Mrs. W. Chan
treet mare sglad to know
trom the Touom lnirmary t
after undergoing an t
thrnily returned from
S after spending
arrived from Beau' .
* la his wife and baby
Manls8 of MIss Leona
to see her out again
an operation.
Whe.in received a tel-i
r son Dewey stating '
stfe from Prance and a
of Miss Mildred
-ad to know she is
an illness of some
day was spent t
lawer coast by Mr.
, Mrs. C. Russ
and Miss Loulse l
of 'Ir. and 1
SP. Russo motoredt
the shoe Retail. I
enjoyable day. K
who enlisted
ben deelarel has
SS-haer on the
le. oft Abita
v. Chris Kned-I
othe loas Luth
a few days hereo
to Hlebr., N.4I
4*d rith heaw
Greeted by the cheers of 2000 or
more persons, a service flag contain
ing 254 blue and one silver stars was
raised at the Church of the Holy
Name of Mary, at 7 o'clock Monday
evening. Archbishop Shaw blessed,
the flag and made an address, while
Mayor Behrman acted as master of
The event was one of the most elab
orate ever held in the Fifth District
and the church grounds formed an
impressive setting. Music was pro
vided by the United States naval sta
tion band and there were present
many men of the army and navy.
The ceremonies opened with an ad
dress by the Very Rev. Father T. J.
Larkin, S. M., rector of the church.
who called upon Mayor Behrman to
preside as chairman. The mayor
praised the pepple of Algiers for their
many evidences of patriotism, point
ing to the handsome results of the
Red Cross, Liberty Loan and other
"But," said the mayor, "no greater
evidence of patriotism can be shown
than is represented by this service
flag with its 255 stars, showing what
the C'atholic fathers and mothers of
Algiers have done in giving their boys
to Uncle Sam in his tight against
Very Rev. Jules B. Jeanmard, vicar
general of the diocese, delivered the
invocation. "America" was sung by
the entire assemblage. including the
school children and Knights of Col
umbus. The latter attended in a body.
Blessing of the flag by Archbishop
Shaw followed, after which the arch
bishop made an address.
"Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean"
was sung by the audience and an ad
dress by Hon. Ed. Rightor brought
the ceremonies to a close. The flag
was then carried from its place on
the balcony of the rectory, where it
was guarded by men of the army and
navy, to the flagpole and raised by
Harriet J. Muntz, the 7-year-old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Muntz.
The silver star on the flag is in hon.
or of Charles Rupp, son of Peter
Rupp of McDonoghville. who died in
New York several weeks ago while
en route to France.
Following the ceremonies, the mem
bers of the Naval Station band and
other soldiers and sailors who attend
ed the event were guests of the con
gregation in St. Mary's hall, where re
freshments were served by the mem
bers of the Red Cross.
The arrangement of the stars is un
ique, forming the insignia of the
Mr. Peter Muntz deserves much
credit for his work In connection with
the service flag. He worked earnest
ly for the cause and should feel proud
of the success of the affair.
The War Department desires
photographs, drawings, and descrip
tions of bridges, buildings, towns,
and localities now occupied by the
German forces in France, Belgium,
and Luxembourg, sld likewise in
that part of Germany lying west of
the line running north and south
through Hamburg.
At the request of the War Depart
ment, the Council of National De
fense asks you, to secure all possible
material of- this character. A large
quantity of material is desired and 1
may be sent without sorting or with- t
out any attempt -to avoid duplica
tion. It will not be practicable to
return the material to the contri
butors. t
All such material should be sent I
by parcel post or express to:
Colonel A." B. Coxe,
1156-15th Street,
Washington, D. C. t
How should a servic6 flag be
marked forone who has "passed on"
while in the service of the counary?
Numerous inquiries about this
matter made to a local flag dealer
caused her to write to a large ser
vice flag house in Chicago asking
for the correct rules. She received
the following reply:
"In reference to the information
regarding service flags, these flags
were originally made with only blue
stars, Indicating one of a family or
firm fighting for the cause of de
"A white star on the red border
or a white star covering the blue
star, just showing the edge of the
blue, indicates death while in the
"The gold.star is also used in this
manner but is used more strictly by
the people to indicate an officer in
the service. A silver star 'on the
red border is ' supposed to indicate
one who has been injured or dis
abled. The red cross indicates one
in the service with the Red Cross
and similarly, a Y. M. C. A.
Mrs. C. Bialas, of McDonoghville,
formerly of Slidell Ave., was the
victim of a peculiar accident during
a rush for seats in a Spanish Port
train Sunday night.
A woman ahead of Mrs. Bialas,
whose name was not learned, acci
dentally kicked Mrs. Blais in the
stomach as she scrambled to mount
to the platform of the car. The in
Jured woman was rendered uncon
blous for a time. A Charity Hos
bltal ambulance met the Spanish
Pert train at South Rampart stree
and took Mrs. Bialas to that insti
tution, where it was found that she
had sustained a severe contusion and
nervouns shock. Her condition was
reported as not serious.
PWPrr THInvBn.
Thieves were busy again last week
in ouear town. The store of Mrs.
. Goebei. neraer of Lix and Ver
et sttets, was broke inato ta a sg
re tte ad s a seo weith S7.45
stoi. e h sae mf aUba rlss,
ermer et AfMi ad Ue.ety streets,
-e al lg into en robbed St
In compliance with the resolution
adopted at the last meeting of the
Retail Grocers Association, the re
tall groceries of our town have de
cided to close their places of busi
ness at 7 p. m., instead of 8 p. m.,
as heretofore.
This is in accordance with the
government's request to eliminate
the neceslity 'for Itsing lights as
much as possible. Everyone is alive
to the fact that each little act
counts in the great matter of win
ning the war and no one should re
fuse to co-operate with the grocers
in this effort. Therefore let each
person decide to visit the grocery
before 7 p. m. and also to arrange
to have their orders sent in early
in the day, so that the retailers and
their clerks can have an extra hour
of daylight free from business cares.
The class of June. 1915, held
their third annual reunion at Espla
nade Avenue Girls' High School Sat
urday. A large per cent of the
class and many of the high school
faculty were there. An impromptu
program was enjoyed. Miss Mary
Harvey was mistrtss of ceremonies.
A paper on "Do You Remember?"
composed by Mildred 'Morse, was
thoroughly enjoyed. All joined in
the singing of the class song. After
enjoying refreshments, the reunion
closed with the singing of "The Star
Spangled Banner."
All retail groceries in New Or
leans will close at 7 p. m.
That this move would be taken
was the unanimous decision of the
members of the Retail Grocers' As
sociation at a meeting of the organi
zation Wednesday night.
Mr. J. E. Huckins, our well known
wall paper man and decorator, is
branching out in his business to in
clude bigger things and in keeping
with war times
Seeing the possibilities ahead
of him on this side of the river for
such work as painting and scaling
of large steamships and sailing ves
sels, Mr. Hucklns has entered into
this business with a vim that has al
ready secured him several contracts.
Although this work may be % lit
tle new to Mr. Huckins it was shown
a few days ago that the first con
tract of this kind was finished by
him in less than the time re
quired and the despatch with whic?
he completed this work resulted In
praise from the ship owners for the
very satisfactory manner in which
the work was executed.
Mr. Huckins already has in his
employ a score of men who are ready
to go to work in an hours notice.
Magnolia Troop No. 1 will hold
their regular meeting at Masonic
Hall Saturday evening from 5 to 7
o'clock. Anyone desiring to become
a memberfl can do so by coming out
between those hours. All members
are urged to attend the meeting.
The scouts are glad to see Miss
Mildred Thorning is off the sick
list; but, are sorry to Iearn that
their captain Miss Loraine Stecklin
is sick.
The Scouts have been having so
many visitors that it interferes with
their drilling and other work. They
have decided to set aside a special
day for visitors and hope that they
remember this. The girls' parents
are welcome to visit them at any
time, however.
Patrolman 'Ben DeRocha of the
lower coast arrested an Austrian
Tuesday forenoon and lodged him in
jail on a charge of dangerous and
suspicious. Recorder Goff commit
eed the accused to the parish prison
p nding investigation by the federal
athorities. The prisoner was un
able to give his name to the police
and an interpreter was obtained.
[J[ .Work or Fight . j[J
*.. *i. *.
4Z ::~i...Yr.. *.·A·.:
* i:'. *......*.
- ~~.~*;':=;: ·~~.2..:.. ·- ..
That Mayor Behrman will go to
the San Francisco convention in
July as the guest of the New Orlean.
delegratiot was announced Friday
by the committee which is handling
the campaign of New Orleans for
the ad club convention in 1919.
The invitation was extended to
the mayor following the close of the
convention fund campaign, and con
stitutes a partial recognition of his
work as chairman of the money
raising committee. The main rea
son, however, for the invitation lies
in a general belief his presence on
the ground will aid materially in
getting New Orleans the convention.
All markets will be closed on Sun
day if a movement begun by the
Butchers' Protective and Social Un
ion is successful.
This will be done through legis
lative enactment, amending the Sun
day law to include all public and
private markets, according to offi
cial advice from that organization to
the Retail Grocers' Association., Wed
nesday night, asking the official en
dorsement of the latter. 0 was
given unanimously. The matter is
to be put before the legislature at
the August session, it was stated.
Property owners in New Orleans
must cut the weeds on their prem
ises or face the penalties provided
by city ordinances on the point
Commissioner Lafaye said Saturday
Next week the forces of the pub
lic property department will begin
surveying the weed situation. Those
not heeding the warning are going
to be hailed before the recorders.
Maximum penalties are a fine of $25
or a jail sentence of 30 days.
It is up to property owners and
occupants to slay the weeds and grass
not only on private premises, but in
that part of the street parking front
ing on the lots.
Mrs. Kate Lamor of McDonogr
ville will leave for France this month
with the Base Hospital, and will be
the only trained nurse from Algiers
taking this position. Headquarters
stated that not only trained nurses
are accepted in this Base Hospital
Unit but practical nurses who have
not had a training in this line but
who are able to nurse are also ac
cepted. Mrs. Lamor is a sister of
Penrose Radovich of our town.
Our town felt the effects of the
explosion at the Market street power
house of the New Orleans Railway
and Light Company, Monday even
ing, the lighting systems being out
of commission and the street car ser
vlc. being tied up for more than
twelve hours. Regular schedules on
the car lines were resumed at 8:45
Tuesday morAng.
Captain George Bengert, Corporal
George L. Hoffman and Patrolman
Jules J. Fisse rounded up a gang of
alleged youthful burglars Friday
night. Arthur White, 17 years old.
of 523 ElmIra avenue, and four juve
niles, were taken in custody and, ac
cording to the policL, made a com
plete confession of their guilt in
connection with the theft of tobacco
and other articles from the establish
ments of Anthony Cardona, Mrs. M.
Goebel and Thomas Norman. White
Is held for action in the criminal
courts, while his companions were
sent to the Waifs' Home. There
have been half a dozen similar burg
laries In Algiers during the past few
weeks and the police believe that
they have broken up the practice
for the present at last.
C'harged with being drunk and dik
turbing the peace and with having
become abusive to United Statt"s
Naval guard detailed on the ship.
Isidore Osorio. Guatave .azie and
Manuel Ebia. Mexican sailors of the
steamship Jelisco. were arrested
early Thursday. They are being held
pending investigation by federal
Joint memorial services were held
by the nineteen groves of the Wood
men Circle in New Orleans, repre
senting a membership of over 5,00,',
at the Woodmen of the World hall
in St. ('harles street Sunday night,
in honor of twelve members who
died during the past year.
Supreme Representative, Mrs. Em
ma Short was a member of the Me
morial committee.
The members from Orange Grove
in whose memory the services were
held were Mrs. L. Casanova, Inspec
tor Jas. W. Reynolds and Mrs. :1.
M oiore.
The Blue Jacket's will entertain
at the Avenue Dancing Academy on
Friday. June "lst. Detroit's band
will be in attendance.
On last Saturday, a most enjoy
able day was spent at the Bonner
Home by a number or young folks.
former pupils of Miss Amy Hin
The jolly crowd met at the home
of the Misses Barrett and there
boarded a truck for the Lower
Coast. They enjoyed the day im
mensely. Those present were:
Misses Amy Hlnrichs, Helen, Imo
gen. and Viola Barrett. Doris
Drumm. * Cora Shields. Dorothy
Kraft. Nellie O'Donnell, Nellie Honi
ball, Sarah and Leah Davis, Hel
ena Ehlers, Roberta 4-afkesbring.
Yvonne Fernandez, Claire Wilson.
Georgiana Reaney, Hilda Koelmel.
and B. Cassidy, Mrs. Jno. A. Bar
rett and Clarence Hinrichs.
Another of our boys has made
good with a fair start in life. Mr.
Carl A. Conrad, a recent graduate
of Loyola University (Lail Depart
ment) begils the practice of his pro
fession at times when he is not en
gaged with his present position in
the Quartermaster's Depot. Mr.
Conrad has been a resident of Al
glers for the past ten years. He
attended McDonogh No. 4 school
and was a graduate of the boys high
school. He graduated from Loyola
as a lawyer on May 30. He has
opened his office at 229 Lavergne
St. His many friends wish him much
Miss Mae Casey entertained at a
miscellaneous shower Thursday night
ino honor of Miss Anita 'Bowers.
The parlors were beautifullt deco
rated with cut flowers and the chan
dflicrs were draped with asparagus
ferns and tiny American flags.
Mips Bowers received many beau
fuil gifts. which were showered upon
her from an Hmerican flag.
The evening was most enjoyably
spent. Miss Casey rendered several
vocal selections accompanied by
Miss Camille 8pahr. Dainty re
freshments were served.
Those present were: Misses Anita
Langforde Dot Labit, Camille and
lMadeline Spahr, Alma Qulnn. Letetia
Desonia, Marcle Johnson, Mae Casey,
Olivia and Mae Bowers. Helen Jones,
Corinne Biagglni, Mrs. T. Morrlson,
Little Lea and Loretta Casey, Row
land and 1orman James, Mrs. E. L.
Casey and babies. Iris and Fay, Mrs.
J. I. Casey. R. E. Cruise, J. S. Cazan
bon, and N. J. Casey.
I t
New Manhood Registers
For Service With
Uncle Sam
110 Young Men of Algiers Who
Reach 21 Years of Age Since Last
Draft; 74 White and 36 Colored
June 5th., will long be remember
ed by our young men who had dur
ing the year reached their majority,
for the fact that they not only as
sumed their own responsibility in
this world, but they offered them
selves to the United States as select
men to help fight this war, to its
successful conclusion. This will
take from us 110 young men, 74 of
whom are white and 36 colored.
Their places will soon have to be
filled either by women or older men
not of draft age.
The board at the court house was
in charge of Jno. Moynagh and Mark
Ameudo, assisted by J. E. Huckins.
Frank Killeen, Remy Charles, and C.
E. Lee Dung. The board at the Gen
eral Mayer school was in charge of
August Gaspard Thomas Fox, assist
ed by J. U. Lewis, George Babin.
Theo. O. Hotard, Felix J. Borne, Jr.,
and Joe Simon.
Willie Ward Busy.
Mr. Wm. H. Ward, one of the
members of our local board was busy
during the day between the two reg
istration booths, giving assistance
and taking a genuine fatherly inter
est in the boys who came to sign
Our New Soldiers.
The following is a list of our boys
who registered:
Registered at Court House.
William Morris Spencer, 170 Del
aronde St.
Irvin Charles Briel, 546 Verret
Salvador Provenzano, 530 Elmira
Jules Louis Lusignan, 627 Atlan
tic Ave.
Royal John Strassel, 217 Atlantic
Abel Trahan, 1003 Pelican Ave.
Ernest Leathem, 91. Bellville.
John J. Braai, Jr., 1021 Pacific
Joseph John Wingerter, 601 Bell
ville St.
Earl Herbert Williams, 223 Bell
ville St.
Emile Zatarain, 513 Seguin St.
Joseph George Strasser, 917 Nu
nez St.
Rene Joseph Breaux, 631 81idell
Henry Alvin Graham. 926 Vallette.
Earl Jacob Booth. 214 Delaronde.
George McKinley SBrey, 425 El
mira Ave.
Alvin Irvin Verdoodt, 925 Bell
ville St.
Claude Calllout. 154 Alix St.
William Edward Hogan, 917 Pa
cific Ave.
George Watts Hymes. 336 Opelou
sas Ave.
John Aloysious Stassi, 418 Pelican
Henry Philip Senner. 338 Elmira
John Edward Coyne, 622 Pacific
Prederick Charles Dubret. 739 El
mira St.
Wallace Joseph Zeringue. 507 Pa
cific Ave.
Slcer Leon Phillips, 718 Bell
ville St.
Joseph Touraillion .Hogan, 239
Pellean Ave.
Herbert Joseph Buras, 1226 Ver
ret At.
Henry John Umhaeh, 220 Verret
Milton David Marcour, 481 Ope
lousas Ave.
Ellie Robert LeBlanc, 309 Atlan
tic Ave.
Martin Digiovanni, 112 Lavergne
Peter John Folse, 543 Olivier St.
Arthur Charles Soulant, 329 Eliza
Selden Ed. Talbot, 229 Pelican
James Gibbons Lange, 213 Pacific
Nobert Frederick Helder, 815
Bellville St.
R. E. Owens, 224 Bermuda St.
Frank Joseph Calderone, 1200
Teche St.
Edwin Leslie Munsterman, 521
Slidell Ave.
Edward Henry Luft, 527 Seguin
Andrew Lee Bevan, 512 Bellville
Fortune Bourgeois. 232 Leboeut
Herbert Ftgarola. 404 Diana.
Roy Aloysious McCloskey, 21V
Alix St.
Wilson Paul Levron, 407 Elmira
Mark Charles Abbott, 316 Seguin
William Robert Aones, 405 Ope
lousas Ave.
Raford O. Cason, Zephryhllls, Fla.
Michael Kirby Barrett, 705 Peli
can Ave.
Elmer Wallace Wilson, 909 Ope
lousas Ave.
Manuel Puma (Alien), 934 Brook
lyn Ave.
John Bruce Barrett, 705 Pelican
Thos. Ure Buchholz, 215 Vallette
Charles Robert Corbett, Jr., 314
Pelican Ave.
Guston Adolph Lyneker, 235 Mor
gan St.
Hastings Eubanks, 500 Powder St.
Karl Leonhardt liofmann, 919
Nunez St.
John Peter Pugo, 235 Atlantic
John- Henry Connell, 401 Pacific
Benjamin W. Borne, 621 Opelou
sac Ave.
Andre W. Green, 323 DeArmas.
George Franklin Page, 823 Paci
fic Ave.
Edward Davis, 730 Elmira Ave.
Governor Thompson. Farragut St.
Samuel Charles Perkins, 1320
Nunez St.
Ferdo Leonard, 246 IleBoeuf St.
Charles Southall. 724 Elmira St.
Robert Mitchell. 1207 Teche St.
Roy Winand, 72S Uciver St.
Willie Hayes, 310 Atlantic Ave.
Mitchell Kelly. Jr., 1218 Brook
lyn Ave.
Harry Lewis. 1611 Terhe St.
Leonard Johnson. It. F. D. No. 1,
Robert Harden. 1223 Brooklyn
Henry Alexander. 1131 Teche St.
Viliry Parker, 538 Powder St.
Robert Thomas Brown, 724 El
mira Ave.
Oswald Jules Levy, 1123 Nuna St
Thomas Simmons, 816 Elmira Av.
Victor Lewis. Homer St., R. P.
No. 1, between Odeom an
Walter Jones, S07
(Com a

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