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THE HERALD.__ wss.
*ev Io t0he Upblldig of the Wee Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly mewupeper."-MANUFACTURERS' RECORD. UNITED STATES GOVRNMENT
Ch as. Brown left Sunday eve
gtgr spending a few days fur
with his parents.
,M Tharsday Afternoon Five Hun
C3lb met at the home of Mrs.
ard last week The successful
were Mrs. W. Dilzell, Mrs. C.
and Mrs. A. Theard. As this
the last meeting of the season
member received an appropriate
The club disbanded until
'l plans for the fourth of July
celebration were arranged last
 at a meeting of the executive
Among those on the com
ai re Messrs. Philip Foto and A.
-m. Robert E. O'Connor was a vis
.- to Baton Rouge last week.
phi Thrift Club was entertained by
 . T. Malone last week. The
*.fsl players were Mrs. C. E.
v and Mrs. C. V. Kraft. Mrs.
. Malone received the consola
'm. The next meeting will be at
h'Ibme of Mrs. tI: Lee Sease.
-" John Chapter No. :3, O. E. S.,
their regular meeting Monday
when it was decided to close for
minaer months.
I May Cognevich returned to her
Ito Nalrn, Ja., after spending
time with Miss Bessie Chauvain.
S sand Mrs. Jno. lleindel leave
ry for Milneburg to spend two
and Mrs. F. Spotts, Mr. and
,amL Stenhouse and children and
p. Cucich are spending a few
at Milneburg, La.
Ssaid Mirs. M. J. O'Shea of Oliv
met, left Wednesday for Biloxi,
a while.
L.Ias Lois Walters and Eleanore
hit last Thursday for Lafay
nere Richards. O'Neil Barrett
bBan were among those who
igdig parts in the play "In the
 lke" at the commencement
at the Jesuits High School.
~as Lois Walter and Eleanor
are spending a while in La
Swith Mr. and Mrs. C. Brous
mim friends of Capt. Chas.
se glad to know he is Im
wtbr a spell of illness
Mis. Thomas Entwistle
from Savannah, Ga.,
isding their honeymoon
Alio Ilnch of Morgan City,
the week-end here last week,
of her sister-in-law, Mrs.
4l ch. Shb will attend the
a aesity.
. S rey, of Atlantic Avenue,
Iller for Birmingham to spend
I1s there.
Mey friends of Mrs. N. House
Avenue are glad to know
i prviag after a serious ill
P,, & Toeeny of Camp Beaure
'gt a forty-eight hour fur
hi lst week.
i- Mrs. Octave La Costa of
.Aese, have the sympathy
= ny7 frieds in the loss of
sea, whose death oc
dgap friends of Mrs. C. A.
et Paelfle Avenue, will
knew.she is rapidly im
a serious illness.
Walter returned from
eater spending some time
aete. Mrs. C. Broussard.
pealed by her little
ey Broussard, who
s.Ae time here with rela
en's Union and Be
seuauation has subscribed
death of War Savings
Mrs. Sidney Legarde of
lit Sunday for St. Joseph
speed a while with reln
hy1 Ose and Edna and
speaot a few days In Bi
mStumgf left I Monday
to spend a while with
O. W. MeDuff, tr.
Johland Tender Chas.
%m St. Genevieve, Mo.,
tsr the Illinois South
Coe. They will be ab
er town for some time.
Mury and daughter,
their home in Houston
a few days with her
sone and dauLghter
ad Mrs. M. E. Barry.
C. Rueasell and chil
ma t Mrs. Ray Harding
the guests at a water
shlm by Mr. and Mrs.
iMtr home on the Low
ST. J. Morrison last
Short is spending
Pit Town.
and James Colomb
Iea after spendt~ n
their grandmother,
le of Camp Besaurt
here with hbl pa
uehre Club met
the Msees Abriat
It senoessful players
tt Tmratich and laf
n tell to the
*bat is home enjoying
Mtetrio' left last
te the service of
of Mis. Maer
s~ ve my much to
Metwistle has jut
Ga, where
ot the South
of Mr. George
* teew he Is oee
home tn Sstal.
an eper
rhe orteh ou
Smo turamid
Among the folk who are doing
more than their share toward win
ning the war are the retail grocers
of this town. The demands of the
government on the grocer's have
been hard and exacting, but the gro
cers have responded willingly and
are making their sacrifices cheerful
With the distribution of the food
supply of the nation such an impor
tant matter, the retaan grocery busi
ness is one of the most important
branches of Uncle Sam's service,
even though not officially recog
Besides observing the 7 o'clock
closing order and the order restrict
ing the sale of wheat flour and su
gar, both of which orders have in
terferred with the conduct of the
grocery business, most of our gro
cers have become agents for the sale
of War Savings Stamps, thus giving
much time, and consequently a great
deal of energy to this work.
ILast week we published a list of
the grocers who are closing at 7 p.
m. By next week we hope that
every one who is not closing now
will see the advantage of this
movement to conserve fuel and light
and join the rest who are doing so.
On last week a penny party for
the benefit of the Red Cross was
given at the home of Miss Ernestine
Stockfleth in Verret St. The party
was given by Misses Olivia Bowers,
Gladys Meyers, Ernestine Stockfleth
and Master Roland Briel. During
the party, a very interesting program
was rendered: Recitation-"Lov
ing"-Lillian Olivier; Song-"Bring
Back My Daddy to Me"-Rosie Wei
ner; Song. "A Japanese Love Dream"
-Irene Dorsey; Recitation, "When
I was in the Ones"-Isabel McVers
lin. The exercises were opened by
a salute to the flog by little Misses
Grace Stockfleth and Leanora Ber
After the program, a yoke was
disposed of and received by Master
Duril Talbot, a sailor doll by Roland
Briel, a Red Cross Nurse Doll by
Theresa Jones and a large rag doll
by Jean Pagon.
The four little workers deserve
great credit for the success of their
undertaking, for they were able to
give eleven dollars to Mayor Behr
man for the Red Cross. "
Miss sPye Stumpf received a gold
medal at the Holy Cross Convent in
a competitive test in stenography.
Miss Stumpf's speed on the type
writer and her shorthand work was
the best in the class.
Texas, where he goes to look after an
accounting job for his firm.
Master Clement Stalcup of Booth
ville is spending awhile with his
grindmothe, Mrs. C. A. Borden.
Mrs. William Stalcup, who has been
quite ill, is doing nicely.
Mrs. C. A. Borden has returnpd
from Boothville, La.
.Mr. and Mrs. John Quinlan have
taken up their residence at 623 Olivier
Street, which house they purchased
The Eachre Club was entertained
last week by Miss Sadle Garland.
The successful players were Miss
Mary Traub end Mrs. Hy. Acker,
Mrs. J. A. Garland received the
boqby Mrs. Garland will entertain
at the next meeting.
The Saturday Night Club met at
the home of Mrs. LeLaup. The suc
cessful players were Mrs. J. Gerretts
and Miss C. Richards.
Little Martha Ann Carey is at
home again and is doing nicely.
Mr. Prlank Leeourt and family left
last week for Bay St. Louis, to spend
the summer. Mr. Lecourt returned
Saturday night, but will spend each
week-end with his family.
Miss Mary Sullivan of Memphis
was entertained Thursday by Mrs.
W. P. Salathe.
Mrs. Emanuel Calderaro of Pat
terson St., has announced the forth
coming marriage of her daughter,
Esther, to Joseph P. Maset. As
Mr. Masset will join the colors at
Camp Beauregard Thursday, no date
has been set for the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Davis of Pas
cagoula, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Souque and daughter, Myrtle, and
Mr. Ernest Dellucky were entertain
ed at dinner Sunday by Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Amuedo, and daughter, Verna
and son, Royal.
St. Margarets Daugathters held an
Interesting moeting on the 20th.
$100.00 War St.ap were taken.
Miss Kennedy was present and made
an interesting address.
Captain and rs M. W. GOeidert are
visiting their parets, Mr. and Mrs.
J. J. Vanlidels, for a few days.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs
H. Duchiea will regret to learn t
their little dasuhter, Yvonne, Is -
rloeuly il
IUtte Hele bese fel while play
ing Tmaeday and cut her helad
verely. Dr. W. L Weaver attended.
Mrs. R. C. 1avret and childrea ef
Peatnte-iache are spending awhile
here with Mr. and Mrs. P. J. eorie
Mr. sad s. Udwi a Kehn have
returned t their hense a Penten*r
aehe, after spendn seeal days
herm -
Mis Vem BSerne sad Mi iier
fo he-tae wish reltamse
Pum , se - her "er
ann w .a m s a igsmaates -m
UI Right Wing Halted
I ))
_. . 
One of our local boys in the ser
vice of Uncle Sam, Michael E. Don
ner. has again been promoted and is
now commissioned a lieutenant in
the army. Lieutenant Donner is
to be congratulated on the advance
ment he has made since joining the
service, and we predict that it will
not be long before we chronicle an
other advancement for him. Keep
up the good work.
Through Col. John P. Mayo, Unit
ed States immigration commission
here, $1,700 of enemy alien money
has been invested in liberty bonds.
Col. Mayo has a number of aliens
in his custody. Their money was
deposited with him. When he
pointed out that it could be made
to earn interest by investment in the
bonds three of the aliens promptly
asked him to make the investment
and he has now received the bonds
for their account.
The graduating exercises of the
Southern College of Music weresheld
Tuesday night at the Tulane Thea
tre at eight o'clock, where a large
crowd of interested persons gathered
to hear the beautiful selections ren
dered by the graduating class. The
class motto "Harmony of thought
and sound," was well exemplified
throughout the evening. The dif
ferent artists were applauded, again
and again, which testified to the pa
tience and ability of the teachers of
this great institution.
Mrs. Schoenfeld is to be congratu
lated on the excellent showing made
Tuesday night.
War Savings Stamps workers are
busy, and the reports so far received
are gratifying, every effort being
made to exceed the ward's quota in
this drive. M. J. Rooney, ward man
ager, and his lieutenants are honey
combing the ward and the indica
tions are that their efforts will suc
eeed. The meetings sEheduled in
the various precincts for Friday night
will bring out everyone interested
and no one will be overlooked in
the final summary.
Love, Service and Sacrifice Thrift
Club, Chapter 'No. 1, gave a most
successful penny party at Electric
Park, Monday, June 24th. The sum
of $90j84 was realized which will go
towards purchasing Thrift Stamps
for the club.
The honorary members of the Club
are Mesdames J. J. Vanderlinden, J.
W, Reynolds, W. Lilly, J. Hull, C.
Cabinol and J. Hansen.
The Club wishes to thank Mr. J.
Foster for the use of the Electric
Park and lights; also to Mr. Jne.
Hull, C. Bareusse and W. Lilly for
their kindness in helping to make
the party a success.
The club intends to give another
party in the near future.
Messrs. A. J. Hull, L. ierra, 3,
Hall, A. J. Schmidt, and Sam Os
wald returned Monday night from a
very successful fishing trip at Spahr's
The boys made one of the largest
eatehoes of the seoon, landlrg ilght
heads of spekeiod trout.
Sam Oswald caught large me
0mb wIl gste se 4 **s h
wear asseen..s as ames
Algiers is indeed proud of her po
lice officers, who have been pro
moted lately. It is only another S
evidence that we produce the goods c
on this side of the river. The lat
est Algerine to be recognized for pro
motion is Albert C. Prados, who has I
been promoted from Corporal to a
Sargeant to take effect July 1.
Prados joined the police force sev
eral years ago. He was soon pro- i
moted from supernumerary patrol- I
man to a regular patrolman and af
ter several years of hard work, his I
ability as an officer was recog
nized and he was promoted to Cor
poral. As another recognition of
his straightforwardness and good
judgment, he has been further re
warded and his Algiers friends as
well as his city friends join in offer
ing congratulations for his success
in his profession.
The second meeting of the Dixie
Follies was held at the home of
Misses Helen and Doris Graham. As
usual, a most enjoyable time was had
by all present. Dainty refreshments
were served and miniature sailor hats
were given as souvenirs. Among
those present were: Misses M. Collins,
Anna Escousse, M. Comeaux, G. Fin
ley, D. and H. Graham, D. Kraft, E. I
Muntz, A. Malone, M. Morrison and P.
Stansbury. For pinning hat on sailor
Miss D. Kraft won first prize and Miss
M. Comeaux the booby. Miss D. Kraft
will entertain at the next meeting.
Remaining at Station A, New Orleans I
Post Omce, Thursday, June 27,
Men-John J. Abrahams, Peter An
derson, Leon Davis, G. L. Dillon,
Sheriff Dan Dupre, W. H. Harris. J. 1
Dave Jackson. Willie Jackson, Dan
King, Thomas McGee. James Mc
Laughlin, R. Norman.
Women-Harriet Bentley, Mrs. Lee
sen Broussard, Diana Clarke, Laura
Forbe, Margaret Olson, Sarah Smith,
Julia Thomas, Myrtle Wiser, Jenevia
Wilson and Bertha Young.
,Miscellaneous - "Carpenter. Oliver
Street, Algiers, La."; "915 Elmira
Street, Algiers, La."
Little Miss Ermine McNeely, the
winsome young daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jno. McNeely, formerly of our
town made her debut on the stage
in Covington, when she took part in
the play "Everysoul," and "The
Land of the Sunrise Sea," at the
closing exercises of lt, Scholastiea
The little Mis was also flower
girl in the big procession on "Corpus
Christi" Day.
Two new bands of colored Red
Cross workers have been formed re
cently by Mrs. Sarah Brows, chair
man of the Red Cross Branch No. 11
of our town.
One, the MeLellanville colored
Red Cross workers reported $43.00
for membership in Branch No. 11,
and $5.00 from a psnny party give
Saturday, June 4th at the Cutoff
tead. on the Lower Coest. The om
mittee In charge of this branch is
Medames Iolia Brown, I. Psher, C.
Stokes, L. Joses, C. Jackson sad
The eother ead wheIh was foeed
Ses Jlme 1Ithl, ta re u $te$1s.0
Captain Benjamin F. Kelly. re
tired United States Inspector of I
steam vessels and well known in lo
cal marine circles, died at his home, r
2215 Canal street, at 6:30 a. m. I
Monday. Funeral services took
place at the residence in Canal street
at 4 p. m. Tuesday. Interment was 8
in St. Joseph's Cemetery.
Born in Belfast, Ireland, Captain 2
Kelly came to New Orleans with his
parents at the age of three years. He
spent the greater part of his early
life in Algiers, where he worked on
the docks. When the Louisiana was
launched in 1862 Captain Kelly had
risen to be foreman of the yards.
After the Civil war he served as
one of the justices of the peace in
Algiers, during the reconstruction
period and the title of "Judge'
stuck with him more or less during
his lifetime.
For thirty-one years he has been
connected with the local office of
inspector of hulls for the govern
ment and in 1900 became local in
spector of hulls. His retirement
came in 1915 as the result of Ill
Captain Kelly was twice married.
By his first marriage, he is survived
by three children, Mrs. Jno. Sch
warsenbach, S. Kelly and Chas.
Kelly of New York. His wife by
his second marriage. Miss Annie
Douglass and one son, Franklin
Kelly survive. Several grandchil
dren and great grandchildren also
Mr. Theo. O. Hotard, whose office
is located at 320 Opelousas Avenue
has consented to take care of the
collections for the Red Cross 'con
tributions for the month of July,
This arrangement with Mr. Hotard
will be quite a convenience to the
many subscribers to the fund on
this side of the river. All those who
signed pledges during the Red Cross
Drive, some time ago, and whose
monthly pledges come due I nJuly
may make same to Mr. Hotard or his
clerks at 320 Opelousas Avenue,
where a temporary receipt will be
given. The official Red Cross re
ceipts will be forth coming within a
few days after the payment of your
contribution to Mr. Hotard.
H. T. Plaggling, 813 Opelousas
avenue, was bitten by a mad dog
said to be owned by Mrs. William
Oser, 432 Bonny street, Monday.
Corporal Charles J. 'Hyde of the
Eighth Precinct station, killed the
A most successful penny party was
given last week on the lawn of the
home of Miss Dorothy Acker, 245
Belleville St. It was given by the
"Neighborhood Club" and the sum
of $10.44 was realized for War Sav
ings Stamps. -
The little ones deserve great credit
for the success of the affair. The
following were in charge: Dorothy
Acket. president; Hilda and Viola
Carroll, Hilda and Thayer Suher
ville, Thelma Kennedy, Edith Hil
debrand, Irma Brauninger, Hazel
MeMurray and Faye Scott. They
were assisted by Alvin Covell. Jas.
Jurren, Bernard Covell, and Milton
0O Monday eventng, the loeal
Chapter of the Amerleian Red Cross
I stalled the follewla offleers: Miss
nlla N. es, pnestdaet; :lm Vilat
SBaset, vieq.prsliemt; Mis. L. C.
*aI. sy, siag smeretar;y: Rew.
Lr 1Irbst tree. The aint
It is claimed by the Groer'- ()r
ganization in Algiers (most of whi,
signed an agreement to close their
place of business during the sntm
mer at seven p. in..) are protesting
that some of those who went into the
agreement have violated it and the
organization threatens to publish
the names of those stores who are
keeping open after seven oc lock
herelby violating their agreement
tnd not shoatinig the good spirit of
,atriotisjm in this matter.
The purpose of closing hll the
;roceries at seven p. in. way for ton
'rvation of light and other explten-e
neident to keeping open thli:
places. If all the grocers will agree
o close up at seven o'clock there
will be no loss of trade and in rt
turn for this patriotic art they \nit
be rewarded eat h nilght by l,.1iog
given anil opportuniity for re'creatini
front stven to'clock on. c lhich tihe,
have not bleen able to t.l1joy hi:' eto
We believe this is a very goot
mnove and the plub lc no doubt v\ill
join in reconin tllldnig that all the
grocery stores close promptly at
seven p. In.. as well as all the othier
stores in Algiers, excepting how
ever, those of a nature that would
not permit of the establishment of
this rule.
On June l!th, the Holy C'ross ('on
vent held their closing exercises and
many of the students received di
plomas, gold medals and certificates.
A most enjoyable program was
rendered and each number received
its share of applause.
The following are a list of those
who received diplomas, certificates
and medals:
Graduating Crowns, Gold Medals
and Diplomas were awarded to Misses
Clare Cassidy, Mamle Morrison and
Mary Collins.
Gold Pins-Misses Mamie Morri
son. Clare Cassidy and Mary Collins.
A Gold Medal for History-Miss
Mary Collins.
A Gold Medal for Literature: Miss
Mamie Morrison.
A Gold Medal for English: Miss
Clare Cassidy.
A Gold Medal for the best Essay
on "The Catholic Citisen," donated
by the Santa Maria Council of the
Knights of Columbus: Miss Clare
Cassidy. '
Gold Medals and Diplomas for hav
ing completed the two year Commer
cial Course: Misses Elnora Mitchell
and Katie Spence.
A Gold Pin for Bookkeeping:
Miss Nova Sadler.
Bookkeeping Certificates: Misses
Nova Sadler, Elnora Mitchell, Katie
Spence. Katie Cogan, Catherine Sun
seri. Nellie Herbert, Clara Kristen
sen, Osceola Casler, Leonatus Cas
ler. Claire Munsterman, Loretta Ger
rets, Irma May Vinet, Zema Judlin,
Ivy Mae Sterling.
Gold Pins for Stenography:
Misses Elnora Mitchell, Katie Spence,
Faye Stumpf, Edwina Muntz, Rita
Humphrey, Rita Lauman, Nellie Her
bert, Ann'sa Escousse, Clara Kristen
sen, Nibble Donner, Monica Escousse,
Christine Giblin, Mary McLean, Al
vs Salathe, Ruth Vallette, Eugenia
Pennlson, Adre Meyers, Nlmle Bu
nlff, Claire Munsterman, Katle Co
gan, Oseeola Casler, Leonatus Cas
ler, Catherine Sunseri, Thelma Sin
clair, Mildred Camus, Maud Munster
man, Henry Gerrets, Emmet Munts,
George Munsterman.
Gold Pins for Stenography donated
by the Commercial Girls Club;
Misses Faye Stumpi and Nellie Her
A Gold Medal for Composition:
Miss Prances Haggerty.
Eighth Grade Certificates and
Gold Pins: Mildred McCauley, Feli
cie DeBlanc. Landry Adams. George
Huff. Emma Collins, Anna Foster,
Dora Morse, Carmelite Goflf, Doro
thy Murtagh, Georgia Cobb, Helen
Tallon, Rosalie Genlusa, Elma Sir
ey. Emmett Dwyer. Martin Cummis
ky, Alice Riordan. Mildred Murtagh,
Alden Johnson. Mary Brown. Irma
Vinet, Ruth Fridolin, Neil Wilson.,
Earl Cayard.
A Gold Medal for History donated
by Mr. Alvin Foster: Landry
Diplomas for Penmanship from
the A. N. Palmer Co.: Mildred Mc
Cauley, Emma Collins, Anna Foster,
Dora Morse, Ddrothy Murtagh,
Heleu..Tallon, Georgia Cobb, Allce
Rlordan, Mildred Murtagh.
Certificates for Penmanship from
i the A. N. Palmer Co.: Landry Adams,
George Heff, Carmelite Goff, Rosa
lie Gendusa, Elma Slray Irma
Vlnet, Ethel Pitre, Cecile Breed,
Sterling Roblchaux.
Pins for Progress in the Palmer
Penmanship from the A. N. Palmer
Co.: Eunice Cunningham, Ella Per
sons, Vplma Boyer, CVarmel Oswald,
Marguerite lEper, Florence McCord,
Ineas Parish, Edwina Shields. Blance
Mcdloskey, Grace Morse. Alma
A Gold Medal for Fidelity in Serv
lng Mass merited by Ignatius Sten
A Silver Medal for Fidelity in
Serving Mass merited by Joseph
Rewards for Serving Mass are
merited by: Udis Robichaunx, Lan
l dry Adams, George Belanger, Ster
uallng Robiehaux, George Huff, Nor.
S* man Bristlig, Thomas Tallon. Jobh
SRpp. Samuel learwo, JosephL Cox
- Charle Morris, Malcolm Andry, Wer
. ele Boate4ls, Alfred Chestnut
tl Cneam LiShtsll. Ba. Comasu
. Nahlsq Ubla, Mmli Malala. WiI
tasm War. smpsh 3riettWa.
S pi tt 'it lndeit M10a 'ny. will in
-triir all pI recĀ·ilnf t iniIIIanders to
se'e that i,. dealers in their sections
,arry scalts on Ith.ir awagoons and sell
ThI ruling i ,lw out of a letter
rl", ivel lbv .la. or tllhrinazn Tuesday
tornine trilll . Food A.dministrator
P'al kr inll hih Mr. Parker states
that nilulrerolri -ompnlainti have
rt"ache.I his ,ffile lhari iing that ice
Ittalers alnd distrilutors are not sell
ing 1orr,,,t weight to custotmers. Mr.
I'ark,.r iL<k- thel ,o-operation of the
IUnllii:pi l autholltlituL III etnforcing
a " t;~ a tichl e i", nires dealers to
,trry -~~ a s onl their wagoins anti to
,Ir lirker a-Iks that as a matter
i' p.trioltint. tllij ait hel enforced
thrugll h tilh ptoiiLue irce of the city.
.a.%or lhe]rtI.ltIln at l(one co lmunli
atel \ailh Sulllerintenldeit Mooniey
anti the inltrutlionl< to precinct com
manders followed.
S ..
" ,`
One of the livest and most eneg
getic business men in our district
is Mr. J. E. Huckins, who for many
years conducted his business on
Alix Street, as the exclusive interior
decorator on this Side of the river.
It certainly does take a hustler to
keep a competitor away from him.
and this Mr. Huckins has success
fully done in Algiers for the past
sixteen years. But, there is a rea
son for all things, and the principal
reason why Ned Huckins hasn't had
an active competitor in Algiers is
because he has endeavored to suit
the people and to do the best work
in the city.
Mr. Huckins has always been a
great believer in Union Labor, and
whenever possible his shop was con
ducted under Union Labor, and he
has been known to have paid the
very highest prices of any other in
terior decorator in the city, regard
less of whether his employees be
long to the Union or not. He has
the reputation in the city among the
other decorators as always paying
just a little bit more than the Union
Only a short time ago, Mr. Huck
Ins branched out into another busl
ness,-that i6 for taking large con
tracts for painting ships, and his
success in this line is due, to a great
degree, In his treatment of the la
boring man and paying the highest
wage for the kind of work involved.
Mr. Huckins has recently completed
several large contracts in painting
ships located in our different dry
docks here, and other big work along
this line is now waiting his atten
tion. He is, however, not neglect
ing his interior decorating work, and
is ready to serve his old time cus
tomers as promptly as ever.
Mr Huckins was born on August
i8, 1871,. and since the age of 16
years, he has been in his present
Mrs. J. E. Huckins and little
daughter, Zelda are also very promi
nent in our town. Mrs. Huckins,
having been for the past years, a
leader among the women, in the or
ganizations, where women were cal
ed upon to do their share. She
was the originator of the Fifth Dis
trict Civic League, and kindred or
ganizations on our side of the river.
She has also been elected to mem
bership in other women's organiza
tions throughout the city, and her
influence for the good of many
things have been felt here, in our
Their daughter, Zelda Huckins,
who is an accomplished pianist, is
wrapped up in her music, and it is
predicted for her that she will soon
become a star in her chosen pro
Mrs. Edith Schabel of Patterson
and Olivier Sts., has Just been ap
pointed district deputy grand ma
tron of the Order of the Eastern
Star. for Division No. 1. Mrs.
Schabel hal always taken a great in
terest in the Eastern Star Organiza
tion on our aide of the river, and
her selection is looked upon as very
favorable by the other members.
Misses Doris Grahan, Daisy and
Marion Kramme, Alma and .
Lauman, and Uather Yuratick
ters John Kramme, Wa.
Edgley 8ehroth, Isidoe
Galnes OGlder teok pat ii
Slast Suada7 at the M*
Canal St.

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