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pf uiAuzrxahl
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, City
of New Orleans.
Be it known, that on this Fifteenth day of
the month of 1ay, in the year one thousand
nine hundred and eighteen, before me. Wi!-l
liam Waller Young. a Notary Public, in
and for the Parish of Orleans, State of Lou
isiana, duly commissioned and qualified and
in the presence of the witnesses hereinafter
named and undersigned, personally came and
appeared, the several persons whose names
are hereunto subscribed, all above the full
age of majority, who severally declared that,
availing themselves of the laws of the State
17 of Louisiana, and especially the laws rela
tive to the organization of corporations, they
have covenanted and agreed to bind, form
to and constitute themselves, as well as all
Ar such other persons as may hereafter join
or become ass)ciated with them, Into a cur
poration and body politic in law, for the
objects and purp-,es and under the articles,
agreements and stiplulations following, to
r wit:
ig ARTICLE I-The name, style and title of
this corporation shall be Coate Bros., Inc.,
and, under that name, it shall have and
3* enjoy all the rights, advantages and privi
leges granted by law to corporations, and
d shall exist for the full term and period of
4 ninety-nine years, from this day. It shall
have power to contnact, sue and be sued; to
make and use a corporate seal, and the
same to alter and break at pleasure; to hold,
receive, lease,. purchase, sell and convey, as
well as mortgage, hypothecate and pledge I
property, real, personal and mixed, corporeal c
and incorporeal; to name and appoint such u
managers, directors, officers, agents and other
employees as its Interests and convenience
n:ay require, and to make and establish as I'
well as alter and amend, from time to time,
such by-laws, rules and regulations as may
be necessary and expedient for the proper t
nanaegment andi government of the affairs r
or said corporation. It
ARTICLE II-The domicile of this corpo
ration is hereby fixed in the city of New e
Orleans, State of Louisiana, and all cita
tions or other legal process shall be served
upcn the president of said corporation, or, d
in his absence, upon its secretary, or, in the c
event of the absence of the secretary, upon s
the reasurer.
ARTICLE III-The objects and purposes ep
of this corporation and the nature of the of
business to be carried on by it are hereby bI
declared to be to buy, sell, export end im- p
port any and all merchandise of every kind at
and character, whether on commission or as vl
merchants or dealers; to act as forwarding, ni
exporting, importing and financial agents; ia
to establish and conduct warehouses and to
do all kinds of commercial, brokerage and o1
commission businesm; and, in connection la
therewith, so own, hold, lease, buy, sell or if
otherwise acquire real, personal and mixed 04
property of all kinds; with the right and db
power to do any and all things necessary bl
or connected with or in any manner ini. p
- dental or complementary to the objects and P
purposes herein set forth.
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of this dl
corporation is hereby fixed at the sum of e
($f100,000.00) to be divided into and repre. la
seonted by one thousand (1,000) shares in
the sum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) at
each, said stock shall be paid for in cash. Rt
The capital stock of this corporation may tb
be increased to the tamn of FIVE HUNDRED (9
THOUSAND DOLLARS ($500,000.00). lt
ARTICLE V--A4l the corporate powers of Pi
Ssaid corporation shall be exercised by a VI
board of directors consisting of five stock
holders, a majority of whom shall constitute tli
a quorum for the transaction of business. of
The Board of Directors shall elect annu- tot
ally from their number a president, vice- -ri
presidents, a secretary, and a treasurer. The en
first board of directors shall consist of five elf
stockholders and shall be composed of
Charles B. Coate, Harold W. Oliver, James fu
M. Beley, Malcolm B. Coate and Fred W. u
Coate, with Charles B. Coate as President, ,.
Harold W. Oliver and James M. Beley, as I tl
Vice-Presidents, Frederick W. Coate as sec- or
retary, and Malcolm B. Coate as Trasurer. up
The post office addresses of all of said off
directors are as follows: Charles B. Coate, sal
New Orleans, Louisiana; Harold W. Oliver, plt
Ilouston, Texas; James M. Beley, Memphis, to
Tennessee; Malcolm B. Coate, New Ortleans, ha
Iouisiana; Frederick W. Coate, Memphis, the
Tennessee. l
These directors and officers shall serve Ie
until the first Wednesday of Sptember, 1918, and
or until their successors have been duly COp
elected and qualified. The annual meeting the
of stockholders for the election of directors tor
shall be held on the first Wednesday of e
September of each year, unless said day be s
a legal holiday, and then on the next ink st
day thereafter. Each subscriber hereto sets bas
after his nate his post-office address and a amn
statement of the number of shares of stock at
which be agrees to Sake to the coaporation. e
At all elections, every stoelolder shah be oth
eniled to one vote for eat share of stock wit
standing in his name on the books of the wel
corporation, to be cmt in person or by his era
written proxy. A majority of the votes cast by
shaill elect. the
  ARTICLE VI-lo the event of the liqui- fell
dation or dissolution of this corporation, the add
dsckholdesa drell elect three lijuidaboes P.
ftom among their number at a meeting conr- te
vened for that puspose, after fourteen (14) N.
days' written notice sent to each stockholder S
by mseil to his last known address; aid liqi- .
dators shabl have the authoritT at wind up e<,
the business and affairs of this corpomtion.
In case of the death of a liquidater, the ad
surviversa ball appoint a stockholder as suac- ti
cenor to hias the
ARTICLE VII-This charter may be modi
fied. dranged or akered or said corporation ar
may be dissolved, with the assent of stock sub
holders owning twothird ofS he entire cap. A
tel stock, at a general meeting of the stock- be
holders convened f.r such purpose., after tt
fonrteen (14) dlays' writoen notice sha have fr(
been given to each stookholder mailed to e
him a his last known address. shal
ARTICLE VIII-4io sbcriber for stock has
shall ever be hold liable or the cotriact, l ll
hults or debts of said eorporstioa in any ay
fther sum than the unpaid balance, if any, his
due the corporation a the stock for whideh A
he has suberaibed; m shll any aetckholdr mn
ever be held liable for suah estreba, faults cr
or debts i a sther um thanL the unld ael
balance, if atny, on the stock rowned by him;law
r shall any mer Intermuality in rganl tl
nation have the oeset of rendoria this thr
charter null, er r any euh~ r
stoedolder liable beyond the aeid amet, the
f arauminiuy den a hi seecR, b
AR~LE IX--i caeratip is ora
mied uader the hlws of the S~ of lan - ll
i.as, and espeially Hot Ne. o 1"o 4 and bas
ti e crhe bereto, r themselves a·a d to a
d this darteor and as emeditlm of t r. dis
and i m to re e n AIi
peated to ald mosfeerd won erieesa, dl. TI
reaes eand st eMers a earpeatiee by the
mid lawss a id at; ch adn lse e.
,.the ar$ 5 C r 5 Nl
cl~l -ii~
City Original Signed: Geo. H. Terriberry; T.
J. Dobbins.
y of (Names of Subscribers Omitted.)
sand W. W. YOUNG, Not. Pub.
W'i!- I. the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages.
in in and for the Parish of Orleans, State of
Lou- Louisiana. do hereby certify that the above
land and foregoing act of incorporation of the
after Coate Bros., Inc., was this day duly record
and ed in my office, in Book -- , folio
imes New Orleans, May 15th, 1918.
full (Signed) Emile J. Leonard, D. R.
that. A true copy.
;tate W. W. YOUNG, Not. Pub.
rela- May 23-30-June 6-13.20.27.
they -
join INC.
cor- Inited States of Amiierica. State of I.ouis
the ianai. P'rish of Orltans.
les, le it knownl. that on this 29th day of
to- tih month of .1:ia, ii tilhe y}ear of our Lord
onIe thoulsan11d Iline hllndred and eightea-i
of (191tl. before Inu. ;Gustave A. Llantl:tas. ai
Notary l'Plulic ill and for the 'Parish of
and Orlans, State of L.uuiiann. duly commis
.viO llted and qualitied, and in the presence
and of the witnesse's hereinafter named and
and undersigned, personally calllt and appear
of ai tlhe 'eeral ipersons honse nanies are
hail hireunto subscribed, all of the age of usa
to jority, who declared that. availing them
e h.ees of the provisions of the laws of this
old, State relative to the organization of cor
as ,orations, they hereby form themselves
dge into and constitute a corporation for the
cal objects and purposes. and under the stip
uch ulations hereinafter set forh.
her Article I.--The name of this corporation
nce shall be "tlienville Ship Trading Comn
as puny. Inc."
me, Article II.-The purposes for which this I
lay cor oration is farmued are declared to be:
per to buy, sell. own, chdrter, lease, operate, I
irs employ, manage, repair, equip and trade
in vessels of all sorts; to act as shipping
po agents, and ship brokers and freight brok
ers: generally, to deal in all kinds of ves
seils and objects of navigation, either for f
ta its own account, or as brokers or agents t
for others ;to acquire, hold, encumber, or
or, dispose of, stocks and bonds of other I
comp anies: to exchange its entire capital
sto ,, or any part thereof, for property b
which it ia authorized to acquire, or to
a' exchange its entire assets and business, b
he or any part thereof, for property, stock,
by hopds or other obligations of other cor
m* porations to holl stock in other corpor- c
ad ations: and to tran.siet all business prop- o
as erly connected wita, incidental or conve
W, nient to any of the aforesaid obligations
ts; and purposes.
to Article 111.-The amount of capital stock
ad of this corporation shall be the sum of
on ten thousand (t1O0.000.00) dollars, divided
or into and represented by one (IMO) shares
ed of the par value of one hundred ($100.00)
nd dollars per share. sal.i sto.ck to be issued Ii
ry by the Board of Dire-tors for (ash or o
p Property, or for services rendered the tor
ad poration, at their appraised value. as the
d oard of Directors may determine and
direct. In accord- tme with law. a
Artiele IV.--The amount to which the
of capital stock n:ay he increas.sl, shall be d
IS one hundred thousand ($100,000.00) dol
'e lars. C(
in Article V.-The domicile of this corpor- b
0) ation shall he in the ('ity of New Orleans, D
i. State of Louisiana: and the duration of a
sy the corporation shall be for ninety-nine C
'D (99) years. Service of citations, or other th
legal processes. shall be served upon the B
of President. or in his absence, upon the w
k. Article VI.-All the corporate powers of
te this corporation shall be vested in a Board
· of Directors to consist of three (3) direc
tors to be elected annually at a stockhold- co
e·rs' meeting to be held the third Monday ed
ne in May of each year. The directors so of
elected shall remain in office until their ie
e successors are elected and qualilied. The th
Board of Directors shall elect from their eli
S number a President, a Vice-President, a ho
Serretary-Treasurer, and such other offl-ea
t, ters as they may think proper or conve
5) nient. and shall have power to unite two
or more offices and to confer the same c
r upon one person. or to dispense with any tm
d office in their discretion, and to fix the to
salaries of all officers, agents and em
r, ployees. The directors shall have power fe
Sto ll all vacancies occurring on thef
hoard. even though no quorum remain at of
, the time such vacancies are to be filled. the
Directors representing a majority of the
e issued capital stock shall be present at ret
any meeting of the Board of Directors to
constitute a quorum. At any maeting of
the Board of Directors, any absent direc- va
tor may be represented by any other di- kn
i rector, who may cast the vote of the ab
sent director according to the written in- chi
structions, either genecral or peal of set
said absent director. The directors shall t
have power to make. establish, alter and or
amend all by-laws, rules and regulations, ms
and to borrow money, execute mortgages
and isane notes and pledges, boneads, or po
other obligations, as they think proper, vic
without reference to the stockholders: as ur
e well as to exercise all of the other pow- Sec
sers with which the corporation is vested he
t by larw. Until the anual meeting in 113, off
the Board of Directora shal onsitnt the he
following: W. Scott Bryan, pest office the
address. d08 Whitney Bldg., NW.O. John n
P. Couret. poet office address, 213 . P- of
ters St., N. O.; Louis 0. Dessemmes, 213 p
N. Peters St., N. 0., with the said W.
r Scott Bryan as President. the said John S
P. Couret as Vice-Preeldent and Treasr- A
er, and the said Louis O. Dessommes as ten
Artile VII.-The names and poet oIcree
addresses of the subscribers of these ar
ticeks of incorporation, and a statement of
the number of shares of stock in the cor- lu
poration for which each has subscribed,
are shown by the signratures of the said
osubscribers hereto appended. Et
Article VIII.-No stockholder shall ver of
be held liable or responsible for th- cm. ha.
tracts or tfaults of said corporation L sany
further sum than the unpaid balasue due thi
on the share of stock owned by him: nor
shall any mere infaormaity in oganalsaten T
have the effect of radering thi charter Cit
null or of expeeing any stckholder to
say liability beyo tho amant due on
his stock. lo
Article IX.--This set of inacorporation wit
may be amended, and its capital stek in. ha
creased, or the corporation may be dis- in
solved, l th manner oew provided by
law. Upeon the diselation f the orper- C
atin, its atfairs shall be liludated by
three (8) commissimers to be appointed Rog
at a meeting of steckhoiders eenvened for
the purpose of IquldationL, to be elected
by a vote of all the stoekholder. Said I
liuldators shall remain in oRice usntl the in
affair of mid cporpatin shall have be -
fully sett and liqudted and they shll sad
have ull powr to trn r and ghu title Na
to all the reperty and assets of tho cr
n.tL at pu.blc paiae ga ls, ta to4to N
Aied bythe mrvtver or ervivocs.
TLhu doe an pasd at my ofs in
"mot nd year list above writen, in
the presenco Doaile . Tlhar, alnd
inb..: Dhal N.k aLemr 0-. C-d
T. State of Louisiana, do herebty ertirfy that
thie bltove and forUcoinca act of inlll.orora
lion of hthe Ilienville Ship Tradinlg (t'or
b. poraitio was this day r,-iorded in toy of
iges lice' in book L"21. folio 4'.
e of New 4rlrlans. A.. Mlay :31st. 1.l.
hove (Signii-l) EMIILE J. LEi'NAltlt. Itl. I.
the I. the undersiiied. Notary Public in and
for the Parish of tIrlans. State- of louis
O an- . do hereby crtify that the o freoinjil
is it true and correct copy of the origcinl;t
R. i't of inorplloration of the lti-ntill, shipl
Trading Corporation of Neiw 4Orlian, La..
of record in lly notIrial oflit-...
New llrleans, May :l3st. 19ts.
4t;S. A. L.LAMIlIAS, Not. Ptub.
Jun 6-13-20-27 Jly 4-11
o tnied St 't.s of An.- .,, s:-e I.::.
o :,, Itli, l.Parch ,f (tr aln l . t y if t .
S Ie It k: wn, :h t , l this Tw-e :v Ei;'i:!.
o day of tie "n':ith of lay. in the e.ar (Ja
I h Iu-r.:d Nine lHundred and E:ghtcc n (1'",SlI
t lefre n,. Bernard Titche, a Ntary l'ut
Itrl , duly co:n:nissi-nei,,d and qualifiedl n and
,r- fr t!he Pa'rish oJf i(rleans. State of Louisia:a.
and in tile plresence of the witnesses hercin
sa- r iter named and undersigned, all re.-ilentis
- the city of New ()rleans, and all of the
111s full age and majority. who severally de
or- c:ared, that availing themselves of the laws
,es "f the State of Louisiana, and particularly
the of the provisions of the Act No 27 of the
Gi- eneral Assembly of 1914, relative to tile
formations of corporations, they have cove
on nated and agreed and by these do covenant I
m- and agree for themselves, their successors
and assigns, to form themselves into a cor
his poration and body politic for the objects
te: and purposes and under the stipulations fol
te, lowing:
Lde ARTICLE I.--The name and title of this
ng Corporation shall be the New Camelia Steam
- boat C(ompany, Inc.
to- ARTICLE II.-The purposes and objects
'or for which this corporation is organized and
its the nature of the business to be carried on
or by it are stated and declared to be as fol
er lows: t
al To operate boats, or buy, sell or charter I
y boats, vessels, and water crafts; to engage
to in indand and ocean transfer generally,
s both freight, passenger, mail and express. t
'k ARTICLE II.--The capital stock of this
'r- corporation is hereby fixed at the sum
dr of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars, di
1' vided into Fifty (50) shares of the par value
Sof One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars each, to
r be represented by property. This property
consists of what is known as the Steamboat
ofNew Carmelia, which has been plyig in Laket
Ponchatrain and near navigable waters.
ARTIC;LE IV-The domicile of the cor
O) poration shall be in the City of New Or
leans, State of Louisiana, where all citations b
or other legal process shall be served on
r- the President, or, in his absence, on the e
he Secretary, or Secretary-Treasurer.
td ARTICLE V.-This Corporation shall have e
and enjoy succession and duration for the
Speriod of Ninety-nine (99) years from the
Sdate hereof.
I o ARTICE VI.--AII corporate powers of this
corporation shall be vested in and exercised
r- by a Board of Directors, consisting of Three tI
. Directors, of whom Two (2) shall constitute
nf a quorum for the transaction of business.
ie Until the First Tuesday of February, 1919, d
yr the following persons shall constitute the A
we Board of Directors of this corporation, to- hi
J. W. Corry, 1407 Bordeaux Street.
if Alfred Clement, 2305 Milan Street. b
d Victor K. Kiam, 1707 St. Charles Avenue.
Thereafter the Board of Directors shall be 01
I- composed of stockholders, and shall be elect- pt
y ed annually beginning on the first Tuesday st
0 of February, 1919. Any stockholder shall bJ
r be eligible to membership without regard to to
e the number of shares owned by him. All
r elections shall be by ballot, and each stock- of
aIholder shall be entitled to one (1) vote for da
I each share of stock standing in his name on th
the books of the corporation, the vote to be ht
cast in person or by proxy; it shall require a m
majority of the stock present or represented to
Sto elect. Failure to elect a Board of Di
rectors on the first Monday of February, an
S1919, or thereafter, shall ot work as a for
Sfetture of this Charter, but the old Board be
tof Directors shall remain in office until lie
their succesors are elected and qualified. . t,
Any vacancy occurring in the Board of DI- th
t rectors eiter from death, resignation, or in- sa
ability to serve shall be filled by the Board tei
of Directors at it net meeting, after such on
vacancy shall have been brought to its
knowledge. of,
The first Board of Directors under this da
charter shall be required to draft a suitable we
tlset of By-lawsI fo the government of the an
cororratin which may be altered, amended ha
cIn as the exigencies of the case th
may require, red
= ARTe.1 , VIL-The officers of this cor
poration shall consist of; a president, a
vice-president and a secretary and a tres- ta
aer, each of whom with the exception of the
Secreta ry must be a stockholder, and shall
be elected by the Board of Directors. The I
offices of secretary and treasurer may be in
held by one and the same person. Until ce
ethe electio to be held in 1919, the following me
named persons shell constitute the officers wa
of this corporation:
P ident, . W. Corry.
P-e editent, Alfred Clemest.p
Secretary.Tressr, Victor K. Kiam.
ART.CLE VIII.--This Charter may be .
tered or amended in any manner including
the increase or decrease of its capital stock. I
and the affairs of this corporation wound up -
and the corporation itself dissolved in the
lsmnr an on complying with the existing
The incorporators hereof have plced oppo
site their resctive signatur the nu r St
of share. of e capital stock for which each
has subscribed, which Is to be taken and con- 1
sidered u the oriinal subscription list of mo
thi.orportioa owich is to be recorded asl'e
Thus Done and Passed at my office in the o
Cito New Orleans, o the day. month thu
,e , of John L Donohue and Wynne G. Pu
Roges Crpet.ent witnesses, who toether an
wh h said APear and me, Nota, the
have signed their names aer due read.
(Signed) J W. Corr, 8 shares Alfd A l .
Witnesces: jno. L Donohue, Wynne C.
I, the nadersignd, iacorder of Not. Pb.h
in and for the pomab of Oen. s, State of -
Louinsin, do heoby certify that the shove bef
New Cmla Stmbot CO., WU this d
rec-rd in ty oice in Book lp, Folio th.
-New Orleans, May lst, 1918.
(figied) EMILI 1. LEONARD, D. 3 on
offcBERAD TllE, __
Not, Pub.
June li-I-July Ill-I and
of Lonmisn, hariah of Or.ms, City , d
D It KIn, that o tYs the trwety- S
gg1rLt I i·~ C D~'iU OuI. ,
-rt the prec:ne , :'c w1::, r , he:t."a
of u iipe.,r,] l r'td it K,," .ICi l .'ul It
! "' te' , .e t:' "t' I ' l . .- tl R t: ' ia '.1 ..r
int 'l h t at a T.p 11 rats- e tint of "'e
l a c a r p ,r .t t : ,. t , " :a e t t ae w r - ,t" , I . .
S : he) s a nit a t et . ' . I , t ; t !. .
r%'.' . le n I :l ,'t ,y .n'er InI-. I,'d,,ly c - ,:
th e .Irr c ,t (of t l it, f t, .ts I' h I
I,.- i .1: i,1]..) 4'. alit~ a i e "1., ( :"1 c':,'. '
NY. "I e , ..... ,,d ', ...: n x :, ,th I,
aI, i:r-i ar : ' .... \rt ihr, It or. 1 .it.r c .:
l o'clock p. m. and adi r ::r tit ,h .
theSride~l and rer,l t i th. Iri :hr p tr capc.c
In c ac-te ti"esk the sata :i e nc's ! rv sitp t",y
i exrc.i:e ther ane:-il:nen"l an ,'d : 'y wo th Ii,
in- laws relative th rieto," ll as will ftrllv a' I
irs t I:rtlengt atij.,r ty referent e ti a dilv ch r
tr titied cth-v of tie nminutes of thic aid stcock'
de- hiltrs nteeing, annexel d in the nlargin
i heret,f" and make part hereof for greater cer
I taits, and,
theI siid alpearers, in their respective capaci
I ties, of the said Riparian Land o('mnpa:iy.
Inc., and f.r and on behalf of said crho l.r o
its tion, declared that there was present aond
D reprsernted at said meetings eight hcndred
sl shares of the capital stock of said corpora
tion, out of a total possible one thourant
i shares, being more than three-fourths, bth
in nniber and amount, present and repre
sented, and
S That said stockholders were acquainted
t-* with the situation as found by the Board of
ts thereupon moved by James Flotte and second
nd thereupormoved by James Flotte and second
ed by Otto Mayer and unanimously adoptedl
oI by the stockholders in meeting convened.
that Article III of the charter of said cor- c
poration be amended and re-enacted so as
er to read as follows: a
gC ARTICLE THIRD:-The capital stock of
y this corporation is hereby fixed at the sum r
of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars,
ts divided into and represented by three thou
r d sand shares of the par value of fifty dollars 6
" each; all of said stock shall be paid for in
ue cash.
to The capital stock of this corporation may
ty be increased to the sum of five hundred
,tthousand dollars, divided into and represent.
Sed by ten thousand shares of the par value
of fifty dollars each, which increase of
r stock shall be sold at a value to be fixed r:
Ir- by the stockholders. Such increase shall
is be made from time to time as the conveni
SO ence of the corporation shall demand.
e That such stock if any is, issued, shall
not be issued for less than its par value.
re either for cash, or for property actually re.
Sceived by the corporation, or for services
te actually rendered to it; that in the event
said stock is sold on installments the Board
of Directors shall provide and fix the time,
td manner and amount of deferred payments
'e thereof.
tA Such stock shall be fully paid and non
assessable, subject only to unpaid balance
9. due thereon, if sold on installment payments.
ie All stock of this corporation provided for
I herein or that which may herafter be is
sued, shall he valid only if signed by the
president or vice-president and countersigned
by the secretary.
All transfers of any stock shall be valid
only when made on the books of the com
pany. and no transfers shall be made and no
y stockholder shall dispose of his said stock
Sby sale until the same shall be first offered
0 to the stockholders of this corporation by
1 written notice directed to the secretary there- b
of, and the said stockholders shall for ten
rdays after the delivery of such notice to
the secretary have the right to acquire such
stock at its market price, or if there he no
market price for its book value according
to the books of the corporation.
And, whereupon the said Ferdinand Kate
and the said Conrad Buchler, presdent and
secretary, aforesaid, respectively, appeared
before me. notary, to perpetuate into the pub
lie records the result of the meeting of the
stockholders, aforesaid, and to make, by
these presents, autrentie proof of the afore
said amendment to Article Three, of the char
ter of said corporation, to be spread publicly
on the records of this Parish and State. Pt
SThus done, passed and amended, in my E
office at the City of New Orleans, on the
I day, month and year herein first before a
written, in the presence of Mable CoIneaux bi
and Louis F. Sauve, competent witnesses, who
have signed these presents, together with
the said appearers and me, notary, after a
reading the whole.
(Original Signed)
Ferd. Katz, President; C. Buehler, Secre- di
tary; Mabel Comeaux; L. F. Sauve.
Notary Public. Of
I the undersigned Recorder of Mortgages
in and for the Parish of Orleans, do hereby
certify that the above and foregoing amend- .
ment to charter of Riparian Lend Co., Inc.,
was this day duly recorded in my office in
Book 1]06 at fOlio h d
(Swigned) EMILE J. LEONARD, D. R. M. gi
New Orleans. May 21 1913L
A true copy:
Notary Public.
May 30, June 6-13JiO- .Jualy 4.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, City
thonusand nine hundred and eighteen; and U
of the independence of the United States
of America, the One hundred and forty
Before Me. Lawrence M. Janin,' a Notary gi
Public duly coa issioCned and qoualified, in
and for ths city and the Parih of Orleans,
therein rsidig, and in the presence of the I
wrtnresses hereina ter named and undersign.
ed; personally came and appeared: Edward
A. Adey. Jr., and David V. Johnston, re
spectivelly, the President and Secretary of
the Associated Oil Company, Iancorporated,
who respectively declai-ed:
Thla at a special meeting of the stock- T
holders of the Anoiated Oil Comspany. In
csororated, a corporation organid under the I
rlaws of the State of Louisiana by an act *
before William J. Forsento, a Notary Public
oat the Puih of Orleansr Louisiana, on June I
4th, 1915, recorded in the Mortlage Office T
of this Parish in book 1157, folio m93, held
o' ursday, May 30th, 1915, at 3:0) P. M..
t the or e of s id corporoation in the iII
hernia lanmk Bldg., in thisr City, they rwere t
Authorizd and required in their respective
capacities to appear before a Notary Pubthlic
and eecnto awy act or instrument which *l
may be eeeary to amend Article IV of the Sm
charter of said corportion, all an will more
fully and at length appear by reference to
a duly eartified copy of the minutes of said
stockholders' meeting annexed to the mar
gin hereof and made part hereof for greater I
And sid appearere in their respective cx
Iwitte of President and Secretary of the
Aaeciated Oil Co.eJay, Inorporated, and
for tad i bealf f ad eswpoelon,_de- de.
-'I Seta ther wmanreoat assd .e
 ,,t . ; /m~i ,.r · .r id
! the I l
S . .. . ·, ' . i t h I i
I ' o hurt
t IV
, , ... .i , t-a
t r.I. , .i , rfi\ the i . tracts l ,f th i
... 'len ' " t' p to - "1, a " , af resai sum
.A . I ,- c,:r I t.r uon
r- , "t : ', k 'ii-.r,'. II fr by him'
k o r brt.y ,1:1% '22t ts 2 n'? ine2it2 in r ie o rga
11 'at . r "i h.t- c.i m "" ', t f r i t IrV og thi
lit Charte i i .r of rcrpor o g n.. y sharedholer
S t, -an I li, "ility M'A r2 .t
c l Andtlicy I the rr.to si lf I' t* I arish A ey.
of nd the. -ai d h ani A. nded in my
o', n an S a t+ , ,r.lspevtnd lyd
1 'firr at thfoe ty r tf ew it lans. Serpetuate of
a- oui , o n the t day. nohl is a afor year hr.c -
nc make by , .. i th , ic proof of the
r th .t irt ent witltneses, who hve, I IV of these
e hresents tof uthir worith tohe said p eardrs
n e, notary. afStr tad. the whole.
of nit, Doo: eo. F l'.srIr. Amended nl Fry
,I. ori inal Sinty Nd: w Orean, State of
d Louisiaa, on ther, President: D. V. John
Sin anfirst ahhe written in the presence of
t eore rtfy that the abre Fernandez. foroi
I) EMILE ). L.ElNARD. Dr. rc
Sco Orleans, La.witnesses, whoJune have signed these191
A tresents tthr with the oy.said apeare
and me, notary, after reading the whole.Public.
of Witnesses: (eo. F Ilerber, Gabriel Fer.
n Originafl Signedbas tire:d et td
rs ston, Secretary.a n too d to y
Notary Public.
S . thWe undersigned Recorder of ot heare
bt wei dthe arish of thO e rethbl e
t. y c ertify that the aboved and forego in
wa amendment tTho charter of Associ ated il
of Compan Incorporated, was th day dulyher
common vegetabtese
Srecorded in o Ihe , Folio er
New Orleans, La., June 19th a t191
meA true copy.Tr
bo lann them eer 10
or 15 mlgtsn wnth
te Th metod mNotary Public.
by bastinu tsimply beng tired ret in
hinothing, and being too tired todo itY
Sthing l ther ae.
But we do weary ofad the vegetable
l oa, a ncpoat, reway dThis cs true
btter, pepper and L alt, hn th a er8
of mon Jate f or ofthr. ther
tod d t ft ma be ookthe
or cpped -d same old waylnd. Try
nn a lttut tet or tl a eomt f
the skins to, them
peel andod put tce nd the ve to bake.
ladEvery bit of such a potat will be
eaten. This me lso be bd tre
by basting them withcramed sweet fat
mwhile bt ill taof e o d aind theal
a pan the either case.
Beerots when young ad tender the
size of a walnut, are delicius with
Sbatter, pepper and alt, with and da
of lemon uice or inegd cart. Whe
good boied they may der cooked
bowed to hemer wa i lttle weet fat
sooped ouit and used as receptacles
for chpped alad of anyld bkind. a tandb
Sa lettue leaf or In ad cat dt
hr the monthstuce when serve with a g
salad dressing. The hie a most whole.
sod m re an d attractive salad. it
sa orlad filled with creamed c a rrots d
-moldoed and sered as a garnisd or hot
eat they will taste good and appe al
 be cooed tnd serve as; peraes
woi t lemon rpp or a bmat rlan wt a
rlad. Foncs ar MSonlcle drerosar
Sd pproprilte ar thilr eletbl ea
TM as a alloped dioh,
min ppplem, ·aln lermd o ett t
a endlesr u etc ho do stew.
Imuee or ix wih ceery fr • thtd
The~ ~ Ipso sr r-td nvro Ay

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