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ay m. ore for Ferriage than
Seb to oe Upbudling eof the Wet Side f the RIver. "A very live and ereditable weekly newepeper."-MANUFACTURERr RECORD.NITED STATES GOVERNMENT
SGe. Thorning is spending a
3 Maandeville, La., with his
who is summering there.
Katherine Schabel who is
. the summer in Bay St. of
~ spent a few d.ays here this to
. Jerry Heitme.·(r spent a day's Pr
"L with his mother here. of
and Mrs. S. L. Vail have re
w. e from a visit in the northern m:
L ed the state. an
g, Frank Johnson and little te
IM Gaillot, Jr.. returned from fe
svl , I., after spending ten in
there to
Sjite Roy Landry of Schriever, ni
is spending ten days here with pr
Ap Guillot. pe
mIs A. Burke left Monday even
g hr Norfolk, Va., to visit her m
aT Thursday Afternoon Euchre
w agS entertained by Mrs. A.
}M The successful players were
g . Clarke (for Mrs. J. A. Gar
Miss S. Garland and Mrs. W.
Mrs. U. J. Lewis received the
ýslatlon. The next meeting will
ma the home of Mrs. C. Hoffstet-sa
Mhe young Men's Setal1 and Bene- l
t Association has purchased as
Sworth of War Savings Stamps.
09Se w members have been added tl
1 therolls. O
gS. H. Lee Sease entertained the J1
rift Club last week. The success- be
players were Mrs. C. E. Dickey
os. R. A. Tansey. Mrs. C. V.
- bIet received the consolation. The
ilmeeting will be at the home of
p PB. A. Tansey.
a: jr Behrman and his secretary, ol
4 i.Brodtman left Tuesday night ci
to Francisco to attend the con- in
of Advertising Clubs. A
i-t American Social and Pleasure ai
.'ig give a picnic on July 4 at It
aietric Park, and the committee it
iarge of plans, are doing g
-.Ihi3 to make the oc-d
MI highly enjoyable for all who
,m6M. Dancing, moving pictures,
and other amusements will
M the program. Every lady at
will receive a souvenir and,
there will be two entrance to
R. C. Favret and children h
returned to their home in
-Hache after visiting rela- a
Barbara Schabel returned t
fron Bay St. Iouis, where
a few weeks.
paupis eg4I6 Now Or
-t Oratory were given d
at graduation exercises in
Hall, Loyola University,
night. Among them was
Mamls Morrison of our town. a
. tad Mrs. A. Menot have re
trem Beaumont, Texas., and
lelMtin at 432 Belleville St.
Mildred Ose is spending a
i tMandeville, the guest of 1I
sat Mrs. H. Lecourt of Peli
e., spent Sunday at Coving
It., the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Juasits McNeely left Satur
ir Galveston, Texas, to spend
iolader of the summer, the
at Miss May McNeely.
.eha McNeely and son, Harvey
ave this week for Port Arthur,
to raise a boat that was sunk
ne ago. r
M. Waller, of Bay St. Louis,
'Gatrday with her daughter,
Marry Thompson of Opelousas t
W. B. Covell, Sr., of Herbert,
s peding a while here with
m route to Galveston.
hlk Meyers and daughter,
hae shortly for a trip
tke west.
PaMay Night Euchre met at
at Mrs. J. E. Collins. The
plalyers were Mrs. W.
Ien. T. U. Buchols, Mrs. J.
and Miss Nelfe. Mrs.
getlved the consolation. The I
_Stn will be held at the I
st Mr. Gerretts.
. W. EBastwood left Monday
SRoueaston, Texas.
man friends of Miss Carmen
gret to learn she is ill at
Ia Morgan St. 4
bly Twelve Euchre Club met I
hams of Miss Ruth Borne in
lt. The successful players 1
m I. Abribat and R. Yura
.th easolation fell to the ,
"ig lee White. 4
lkt and Nelia Bondreaux
some time in Thibo
Sget of relatives.
estee Twickler returned
Safter spending a
aMh his parents here.
Twickler is spending
here with frlends.
Jao. Behroder and
SMarjorle, have re
31w York.
Isds of Mr. Edward I.
Mmlt very much to learn
baesly buarned while at
Sand hope tt will not
he will be oat amoeg
ramp entertained the
thise week. The sue
were Mrs. O. Ayeock,
. and Mrs. L. P.
Md. Mothe received the
The next meetiag will
at Mrs. L. P. GlaOk.
Uind/s of Mrs. C. A.
MI Oe pesed to tease
left Tua eemr
, am*. s e
tre. who is t
h t sI.
~ ti- -
At the request of Bat. P. Sullivan
of the "Loyalty Day" committee,
Mayor Martin Behrman will cause
to be rung on the fire alarm bells of
the city twenty-one taps, (as a
Presidential Salute) on the evening
of July 4th, at 6:45 o'clock.
The Mayor will also request the
manager of the Public Belt Railroad
and managers of all trunk lines en
tering the city, as well as of the
ferries, tugs, and all craft operating
in the harbor to blow their whistles
for a period of five minutes begin
ning at 6:45 o'clock on that evening,
proclaiming to the world that our
people of all races, creeds and con
ditions are standing squarely behind
President Wilson in their loyalty to
make this world safe for freedom
and Democracy.
The Trinity Lutheran Society held
its regular monthly business meet
t ing Tuesday night. We are glad to
say that we have taken a few new
members into our society and would
like all our young people to join us
as soon as possible.
A special meeting will be hald at
the home of the Misses Clasen in
Opelousas Avenue on Tuesday night.
July 9th at 8 p. m. sharp. All mem
bers are requested to be present.
A few weeks ago. Mr. A. C. Heron.
of Slidell Ave.. found a mummified
cat under the old house he was mov
ing from Vallette and Opelousas
Ave. The mummy is well preserved
and Mr. Heron has it varnished to I
look like a genuine imitation, but t
it is the real thing. The cat is a
good sample of what the Egyptians s
did years ago in preserving the dead. I
Mrs. Garrett Lynch is spending
some time in Alexandria, La.
Miss Estelle McGivney of Galves
ton, Texas. is visiting relatives here.
The Red Cross are very busy sew
ing and would like to have all ladies
help on this side of the river and
at headquarters.
Mr. Emmet Hardy will play pa
triotic airs On the cornet at the flag
raising at the Catholic Church in
Gretna this evening.
Little Miss Rhby Rol'icbauc of
Garden City, has returned home after
spending a week with Camilla Glan
cey of 509 Olivier St.
Misses Minnie and Bertha Price
spent Sunday at Bay St. Louis with
their parents.
d Mr. John Finley has atcepted a pos
ition with the government in the city.
He is stationed at the I. C. fruit
wharves where our ships are being
loaded for the allies.
The many friends of Mrs. Winm. Ba
bin of Verret street regret to learn
she is ill.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Attenhofer and
baby and Miss Florence Kinkaid re
turned from Beaumont, Texas. after
e spending some time there.
Miss Mildred Smith of Baton Rouge
is spending a while with Mr. and Mrs.
y L. Kinkaid.
Miss Lottie Watkins and Mrs. Dru
ry of Berwick. La.. are spending some
time here with relatives.
Miss Hattie Metzger who has been
the guest of the Misses Hymel for
the past six weeks returned home last
Mr. and Mrs. J. Imboden of Rose
land, 1,,I mIlted their parents on
rMr. Roy Moore, U. S. N., is spend
ing a ten day furlough with his per
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Seymour left for
Madisonville, where they will spend
Sawhile for his health.
Mrs. Joe Gahn an! children left this
e morning for Alexandria to reside per
e manently.
Mr. Warref Seymour of Baton
,y Rouge is in Algiers on business.
Mrs. B. C. Gilder and 4amily are
n visiting in Cuba, Ala.
t Mr. and Mrs. H. L Hoyt and Mrs.
Cora Johnson have taken up their
t residence in Arcadia Court in the city.
in Little Irma Klink was severely
a burned about the right leg last Thurs
' day when a pot of hot coffee upset
on her. She was attended by Dr.
SMrs. W. T. Christy' returned Sat
urday from Pittsburgh, Pa. where she
visited her daughter Mrs. Bancroft
Troop No. 36, Boy 8aouts of Amer
eain will give a penny party arsn July
9th at 415 Atlantle Ave. The price
ad of admiassion will be five cents.
Mr. and Mrs. Nat W. Bond are
spending the sumamer at Bloxi, Mis.
. Mrs. Hy. Dlchlea and baby left
Syesterday for Birmaingham to spend
t stome time with her great grandmoth
et r.
* The W. .S. . 506 Club met Tuneeday
night, Mrs. L. Brl0kes entertaining.
e The succeusstful players were Mrs. L.
Do Laup, Mrs. Walter, Mrs. W. Sadler
(tfbr Mrs. L. Brookes), Mrs. J. P. No
lna, Mrs. Van Hen, Mrs. McCloskey,
Sa4 Mrs. Lyaekr. Mrs. T. U. Buch
1 holsw eatertals at the next meet*
m Mrs. L. Do Iap eatertatiaed the
lateday Night Club. The seceastal
Mrew e. e Missl C. Richards and
* UMs. 3. 3a esa retused tm ba
S iIs alter pin*is te weeks there.
M mn i ~as W. kib. med de-
ml Ir b ~ s Sat
Get Busy! I
i ý ý ý / rý "a/
_ _ -
Most of us have heard how the
Belgium children are suffering as
their country is being devastated.
Most of us have expressed our de
sire to help. Now, there is a way
in which you can help the Belginas
by becoming a member of the circle n
known as "Les Abeilles," (The Bees) 0
a Junior League, for the aid of "Des- a
titute Children of Belgium." 0
The duag are very pmall-'only ti
five cents a month. Any member i,
can take out one or more member- b
ships. There are no meetings to tl
attend .... Just pay the dues. The n
money is sent to Mr. Leon de Waele, b
formerly Belgium Consul to New a
Orleans and Mr. de Waele sends the g
fund direct to Her Majesty, the t
Queen of Belgium.
0: K . .3 Sty, i2 ianiras A -e.,
Is soliciting contributions from the a
people of Algiers. If there is any- p
thing you wish to know, regarding t
the matter, Miss Sirey will gladly
furnish you with the information. I
Surely. no one will refuse to give b
such a small sum for such a worthy 4
cause. a
'An impromptu "home talent" pro- d
gram given Thursday night at the Y.
I M. C. A. at the Algiers Naval Station
was declared one of the most success
r ful performances ever given there.
Captain G. P. Chase, U. S. N., called
for volunteers from the audience to
supplement performers previously
announced, and a number of addi- i
tions to the prbgram resulted. r
Among the most popular were F. C. a
e Wilkingham; "the marine clog dan- I
cer;" Misses Gernmale Casanove,
I Genevieve Pitot, Florence Lusk, Eola
r Mitchell, Marie Soulse Gaspard, S.
t M. Bright, Rita Cauvin. Irma, Cau
vin and M. Russo.
Captain Chase has ordered the
I Naval Station band to play at the
Y. M. C. A. every Thursday night,
Iwith one of the musiclans detailed
to play four nights a week in con- I
cert and in accompaniment for mov
r ing pictures. "Home talent night" I
d this Thursday will bring forth a
more elaborate program, according
to notices received by Nelson L.
Bossing, secretary of the Y. M. C. A.
Mr. Bossing has announced amateus
talent from New Orleans will be
n welcomed at "Y" entertainments.
r An enjoyable truck ride was given
,. Sunday by a jolly crowd. They
rode all around town and then down
the Lower Coast. After they return
t ed, dainty refreshments were served
,. at the home of Mrs. Harry Dellam
and dancing was indulged in.
t Those participating were'. Mr. and
e Mrs. H. Dellam and two obhildren,
Mt r.' and Mrs. Chas. Traub and chil
dren, Geo. Matulich, Misses Chris
tine and Rose Zwicke, Evelyn Ellis,
Prances Doyle and Margaret Huff.
it The Blue Jacket Terpsichorean
Ad Club will have their regular dance
b. at the Avenue Dancing Academy, on
Saturday, July 6th at 8 p. m.
i th little busy singing
I bus
They nake e keck
*- mdar
Miss Roseada Reynolds, eldest
daughter of the late Jas. W. Rey
nolds has been appointed inspector 01
of moving picture theatres and has
already entered upon the discharge m
of her duties. p
Miss Reynolds bears the distinc- d
tion of being New Orleans' first mov- tl
ing picture inspector. That has
been an office which, it was felt,
this city needed. The selection was
made Saturday, and Monday Miss
Reynolds received her commission
and entered upon her duties at once.
She will be carried on the rolls of ,
tke police department as matron.
The recent thirty-three &nd one- F
ta; per .eut irrdtae in the sal
aries of all members of the police de
partment will bring her salary up h
to $80 per month. r
There will be nothing spectacular W
in Miss Reynolds' performance of
her duties. She merely will go
quietly into picture shows--one after a
another-and if she finds anything 3
objectionable in a picture, will re
port the matter to Superinetndent
Mooney, who will issue orders for
the manager of the theater in which i
such a picture is' being shown, to
didtontinue it. If that is not done.
an affidavit will follow.
Legal advisory boards are getting t
busy with the questionnaires of the ,
newly selected men for the national p
army. Judge Mahoney announced E
Friday that the Algiers board would
hold nightly sessions at the Algiers B
a courthouse at 7 o'clock. t
e On the evening of the 4th of July
a dance will be given at the Avenue t
d Academy, the proceeds of which will
help to buy fans for the hall.
Whitaker's Jass Band will furnish
ý* music for the dancing. The price
a of admission will" be twenty-five
g cents.
On Saturday, June 29. Mrs. Law
rence Gerrets, one of the most es
teemed residents of Algiers, passed
to her eternal reward after a long ill
n ness, borne with Holy Christian pa
y tience and fortitude. Her entire
n family, husband. sons and daughters
I- were with her in her last moments.
d One son, Lawrence, Jr., a student
n for the priesthood, in the Marist
Seminary, Washington, D. C., was
d allowed to come home and brighten
his dear mother's last hours on earth.
The funeral was one of the most im
pressive ever held in the Holy Name
Church. A solemn requiem was
celebrated on Monday by Rev. P. F.
Qulnn, 8. M., assisted by Rev. J. A.
Petit, 8. M., and -Rev. Justin J. Howe,
8. M. The absolution of the body
was given by Father Casagne, 8. M.,
he also delivered a touching sermon.
n Rev. P. H. Dagneau, 8. M., was pres
ent in the sanctuary. Two of her
,i son's schoolmates in the Marist Semi
nary, Messrs. Clyde Smith and Robt.
Parrish, acted as acolytes and Mrs.
Louis De Monsabert wos cross bear
A large assemblage of friends and
relatives gathered in the church to
pay the last tribute of their respect
to her memory. To the bereaved
family we offer our deepest sympa
The regular meeting of the Chap
ters of the W. 8. a. Clubs of Belle
ville Sehool will be held at the school
on PrId.y, July 5. at 2:45 o'eloek.
All members of all clube are ursed
to he ptsmet as a plieasat time
lU be -ld alte( the reoerts ae
hmw. A eruuei e hl an M -
• od----d id Ji e who rrl E q -
mammonTh am metme o
One evening last week, little Miss
Alice Kissinger. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Jack Kissinger, entertained her
li'tle f'riends at her home in Alix a0
St., in honor of the third anniversary a
of her birth. The yard was beau
tifully decorated, and dainty refresh- 1
ments were served. Games were
played, and several songs were ren
dered. The pprty was made more
delightful by fancy dances, by lit
tle Misses Harriet and Patricia
Little Miss Alice received many M
pretty gifts from her little friends. b!
Those present were. Muriel Yalets, B
1 Winona Gouner. Beryl Gouner, Mary C
Gordon, Myrtle Johnson. Norma Au- fc
coin, Ellen and Margaret Sansovich, U
Helen May Covell. Mildred Sutton, de
Ruth P.:'- . ~-^'!r:a -n,! D tr:r!u G
Muntz. Muriel Lucas, Lorine and n
Harriet Muntz., Hilda and Thais Su
berville. Louis Sutton, Earl James,
Philip Brauner, Morris Brauner. Ed
r wary Sutton, Edwin Borne. Misses
Ruth and Gladys Braurer. Mrs. Geo.
n Brauner, Mrs. M. Sansovich. Jr., Mr.
r and Mrs. Alex Suberville, Mr. and T
Mrs. Jack Kissinger. do
t. to
r S1
o ('iLOES. m
The twenty-third annual compli- t(
mentary pupils recital of the South- m
ern College of iMusic took place at w
Tulane Theater last week and bh
brought out some excellent talent in
g the various selections. The college
e was established in 1895 and incor
l porated in 1903. Mrs. Arthur J.
d Schoenfeld is president.
d The orchestra and glee club did
some fine chorus work. The dance
by pupils of Madame Nina Picolatti
and the play entitled "Beauty and
the Beast" under the direction of
Miss Mayme Haggerty were notable.
Miss Grace Quinette received a
y diploma to enter the violin gradua
e tion class of 1919.
I1 Misses Helen Wilmore, Thelma
Kennedy and Eleanor Kennedy, re
ceived diplomas to enter the 1919
e piano graduation class.
Remaining at Station A. New Or
leans, La., Postoffice, Thursday,
- July 4th, 1918.
,d MEN
1- B. G. LeGrand, Octave Harrison,
s- Sidney Holley, K. F. Legendre.
Mrs. Ferdinand Bergeron, Beulah
at eolse, Orelia Green (2), Carina
st Hells, Louise Hell. Mrs. Clarence
m Hoript, Victoria Johnson, Leatha
in King, Mrs. Livicy Moore, Mrs. R.
b. Thompso*i Ida Wolf.
Charles Janvier, Postmaster.
1e Jos. W. Daniels, Superlntendent.
n. Among the three men commend
s- ed for services rendered at the wreck
or of the trestle at Camp Jackson re
ii- eeatly was Private F. J. Meyer, of
t. Company D. 317th Machine Gun
rn. Battalion, formerly of 445 Atlantic
xr- avenue, Algiers. Before enlisting
in Uncle Sam's army, Jake, as he
ad is known to his numerous friends,
to 'was an employe of the machine shops
,ct of the Southern PaciNfc in Algiers.
ed Private Meyer is now stationed at
a- Augusta, Ga.
ºp- TUO.
k The Johasem Iron Works an
a ensreed Iastrday It ha lased a
a 10-tofeet site e0 3a5m .St John
Ssad that werL will bein at eoEe
- e- the iM t6-Seet tga the flm ha.
M* eastre d to helt Se the severe
-he Ih o t s dlr***
July 1st, 1':.
bear )r Kraft:
I take this means of conmplimnentin:
you upon your proler celebratin t, f .
the silver anniversary you have of
The Herald.
I appreciate Very mucth the .ervices
The IHerald has been rentl.ering andI
trust it has LI.iy tllT (io e day r
years of usefulness bemlor,. it
With best wishes. I amn
Yours truly.
C. " \ itr.
FII{MEIN AND )Itti'E 4.I:11 I'l\1
.AlV ANC'E.4.
AdIvantes in sa elaris Ir" al. ,1*
plhte,, s of the police aill tirt', . p( t
uilnt.Is except th*. chie, - ;IIL .intin
to ::1 1-: per ent. of their pr, .-, t a
pay was announced follittti it.-.t
ngs ofi! the tto bhoards hell in to Ir
ilyn ;ra parir Ia -t 'tik.
"ireltn n and patrolmen i, , r -
, -iive , $ ;S a niilth. I,.'l , nl ; g t I
?70 a c ont . ()itt tf tof I I p. I
nowe,\+ r,. there are (|14 .+11 ti, !, t
he pen-ion f-undt t u - a t ini l ,li
1'u." advan:i a "\ 1t:'! mll:t ek th." p \ ty .:
:firemen an'id i itrolnwltn 1e' p",,
montlT h
sin'e the ne lW order a ill Int n P
into eiffe t until Au u.t 1. the ad
v ian, ed salaries will not be , r .eci''l
until the .lugust 15 paiymentis Th.
men are paid semi-monthly.
A most enjoyable day was .pe.nt
at Spanish Fort last Thursday ity a
jolly crowd from our town. The
day was spent in boating. hathtin,
Those participating were Mrs.
('has. Zatarain, Mrs. C. Arnold and
son, Clarence, Mrs. Robt. Anderson
and son Bernard. Mrs. Garrett Lynch.
Misses Lois Stafford. Irva Daniels.
Marvel Walter and Emma George.
a A penny party was given Tuesday
evening at the home of Mr. and
y Mrs. Albert Bourgeois in Verret St.,
by little Louise Bourgeois and I'ra
B, Babin for the benefit of the Red
y Cross. The sum of eight dollars and
forty-five cents was realized. Miss
U, Ura Babin received the Thrift Stamp
i, donated by Mrs. Kinkaid, and Miss
s Gri . .*.' , ,,le:I. the do1t's hat. do
d nated by Mrs. A. Babin.
r. At the review of Martin Berhman
d Tent No. 18, Maccabees, last Thurs
day, four new members were admit
ted and ten applications received.
State Supreme Commander M. J.
P Bulger was the guest of honor and
made an inspiring talk. Past Com
mander John Schrodler announced
that he will present a service flag
to the tent, in honor of the fifteen
Smembers enlisted. A celebration
t will be held and Mayor Behrman will
d be invited to make the presentation.
e Launching the bow, the second section of the largest dry-dock In the
I world, at the Morse Dry-dock and Repair company's yards, BIrooklyn, N. Y.
There are four other sections still to be launched. When completed the dock
will accommodate the largest craft afloat. It will be 700 feet long and weigh
Aso00 tons.
ai f
C(I 4 ..ati .. * r e l * *
I, - b · -oft A -.
\n t'l. it:u of th, Li.kinI of the
l'. hut h i s" , iv In :n ,Id tail by
.,Itu, Ii. liter in a I, trir to his
I 'I ;..
"\b,,,,t b,, r ,i lus,,1 F : I.iy a m .,
t.,' ,r,. r* tl : kn;i. (, t, l trrific
tra t. al thoa ibht ii l\\ . a slhtlla
il n It:ti k h \ 1s i . ': ll. Itt '_ iIr
r . . t ri th e l ,'k a ,l t unl tl.haIt the
S hurl !t h d <,,il;,h d with th!, tank
-,.Inl, t. ' Titi ()lir a '.tI a till, it
,t.Itilli th ' ship at o nr ",' I :1,
pr, ,,rv r in the other. - ii nIttri l
I'ht ' i' I 1I ift.lr I , I.I l tiil r 1ant i
r' ht OrD .et., to : nt o i1[. ;:I oo ,'1 :r.
:., " , t,,th r, a,.ý a,,+l l not
- \\V, ,t on. a l i ,uIur rait.
I h - t ,t t It, .' I t . i I.; l Itlt - I i It d y'-.
i , it r "i .t k ' h er lst !.I'll h, ' plunge.
i, l r itim i ll rvi, l," t irll i faci t thatr
S : i' an t, re tr'li tl injure k.
Iicip t' atI.o ... ,s for the- ftw it
.jir, t an ' tl- i ui dea'. Er i'lo ne act-l
ttl with re!ark;r . * bravery.i
n n b r,.,' th, -:. , ,, ,,t th , . S 'I z w hich
IThe crw and asse ir of thet'r A
"'"l i t"rl ll' , . " .)It It Fl, ."i ta d
:i- .1 i . 1r h ," ril 'lr 414,1 t :,"1 p ink
I -ra ala dihd all thtl c'it 1 to lmak
I h , c l .tforta hll , We cr. ate! l itel
r ., l to, exr"ite tt and conitident.
int 'we aorrived ll hn w York. Our
the sl nothin g--no one was noprop y
liyht and all todre wion arl the Sara
stiani. ha llidl itl tie i sihler tae the
,<hurz muake her last noble plunge.
thell called ev ald thtre fats that
,)lily (ole mnill was ni..shing out of
at,1. Macny were slighitlyn injured.
the head iscipline onts for the few in
jured and one dead. Everyone act
rd with remarkable bravery.
The crew and passehngrs of the
Saramacria did all they ouldpr to make
tusl comfortab req We rd-atenfac quite
a lot of exi ate home.' nt anirst comment
when we arrived in New York. Our
attire alone was, oys rused laughter. Am
erly ertad. All these without shoe
some had blankets thrown around
them: others had mattress ticking
and sacks with only an opening for
vhe head and arms. The few in
thred wree taken to the hospital.
IThrongs crowded around tous to hear
the news.
The lad great of lifhe Y. W. C. Aen,
were ready to rreceive us on our ar
arrival here. We wre stprovided
with comforts required-ln fact we
fdi 'quite at home.' The first thing
they said was, "Boys rush a telegram
home." Certainly these women are
doing re noble .work.
We are now comfortably stationed
on a receiving ship at Brooklyn. I
am sitting on my bed to write this.
Yes, a real bed, the first I have slept
in since I left home. We were pro
vided with shoes yesterday and all
the boys are walking as if they were
crippled. It has been such a long
time since we have worn shoes, that
it is hard to get accustomed to them
This is a great life and I enjoy
every minute of it. We are still re
lating the incidents of the "rescue
before dawn."

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