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Clears the Head.
Many colds in the head are relieved,
particularly that heavy, dull feeling,
when breathing through the nose ..u
possible, by employing as a throat and
nasal douche half a teaspoonful of bak
ing soda to a glass of warm water.
Fill the passages with as much of the
liquid as possible; this will clear the
passages of obstruction and in a little
while breathing through the nose is
Queer Epitaphs.
Queer epitaphs are frequently fakes;
but the following really appears In a
Salop churchyard: "Elizabeth, the
wife of Richard Barklamb, passed to
eternity on Saturday, 21st of May,
1797, in theeseventy-first year of her
age. .Richard Barklamb, the Ante
spouse Uxorious, was interred here,
26th Jan., 1806, in his eighty-fourth
year." What an antespouse uxorious
may be is not explained.-Cardiff
Safety Matches Cause of Disease.
"l'our writers in turn," says the
Ugeskrift for Laeger. ('openhratgn. "de
scribe ca'es of eczema which they were
unable to explain in the otherwise
healthy patients until they learned of
ltasch's experience with local poison
Ing of the skin from the use of a ce>
tain brand of safety matches. In most
of the patients the burn was on the
thighs corresponding to the trousers
pockets in which they carried the
match boxes."
Washington a Free Mason.
That General Washington was an ae
tive Free Mason, in good standing is
shown by the historic statement that
"the southeast corner stone of the cap
itol was laid September 18, 1793, by
Brother George Washington, assisted
by the worshipful masters and F, e
Masons of the surrounding cities, .e
military and a large number of peor.e."
Dietetic Habits.
Some people seem to think that a
vegetarian Is a curlosity. A rough
calculation shows that the population
of the world, now estimated approxi
mately at 1,600,000,000, is said to be
divided as to dietetic habits about as
follows: Strict vegetarians, 250,000,
000; practically vegetarians, but est
lag a little fish or flesh, 450,000,000;
eating meat about once a week (on
high days and holidays), 500,000,000;
eating meat daily and sometimes more
than once a day, 400,000,000.
Keep Cherfl.
You find yourself refreshed by the
presence of cheerful people; why not
make ernest efforts to confer that
pleasure on others? You will find
half the battle is gained if you will
never allow yourself to say anything
Pure maMny n tiiM s
The poet mu t alike be poaised by
u Intecourse with the world a with
the studies of tute; one to whom Is
o Is negligence rednement a sleanee
esd art a naturt--Dlsrael.
That Might Help b e.
Mald (about to leave)-"Might I ask
r a recommend, ma'am" Mistrem
-"But, Mary, what could I truthfully
say that weould help ys to get another
placel Maid-"Jt samy that I know
many of your family secrets, ma'am."
-Boston Transcript.
United States of America, State of Louis- Se
isus, Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans.
Be it known, that on this 18th day of the 191
month of Se.teker, i the year of our Lord
one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, andr
of the Independence of the United States
of America, the one hundred and forty-se
ond; before me, Meyer Samuel Dreifaus, a
Notary Public. in and for the Parish of -
Orlean, State of Looisina, aforesaid, ealy
omnmisoned and quMlified, ad in the
presence of the witnesses hereinafter samed
and undersignaed, personally came and np
pearued; Oscar Schmert, Vice-Presideant, sad e
J. B. Warfield, Secr.etary, and said appear
era declared that at the meetinr of the stock
holders of SchumertWarfield-Waton, nlac.,
held at the domicile of the Corporation, No.
411 Camp Street in the City of New Orleans,
said meeting haovin been convened and held
in accordance with the Charter of said Cor
pratio. as pased before John P. Sullivan,
Not Publac, on the Slat day of July,
NW, recorded in the Mortgae Office for
the Parishb of Orleans, Book am. folio 173;
arid meeting being convened on the 6th dlay
of September, 1918. It was the sense of said
meeting, by motion regularly carried, that in
Article "I of said Charter of said Cor
poration be amended and changed to read co
a follows:
ARTICLE I.-The name and title of this pe
Corporation shall be "Schumert-warfield- fo'
Baja. Inc.," and by that name it shali
enjoy succession for the term of ninety-nine th
years from the date hereof, unless ew He
dissolved. It shall hnve power to sue and be sa
sued, to make and to use a corprate seal, ch
to beorow money, to hold purchae, lease, m
sall and hypothecate real and permsonal prop- Ca
erty; to make and appoint directors, managers tri
and agents and to dischargle them at plea, -
mre; to establish such by-laws, rules and resn- in
latioes for the man ant of the business
and affairs of the rporation as may be pr
ssoesr'y, the same to alter at pleasure; me
else t make and issue bonds and other evi- 4t
dece of . abt and to secure same by mrt- So
- does sad pared, in my notarial of Di
fice, i. the City of New Orlenas, State of "C
Lmisians, Parish of Orleans, the day, month I
andJ year ftit above writte, is the presence m
of Maruserite G. Stein and Marx Pastal com- Co
potent witeses, who have signed these pres- da
ents with the aid ppenarers nd me. Notary, th
after due reading of the whole. Witnesses: GI
MG.G. Steia, Maru Pastal. (Original sigo- I
ed) Oscar Shmmet, J. 3. Warfield. Meyer -
S Dreifun. Nota Pblic.
I, the urigned Recrder of Mortgages,
Is and for the ris of Orleans, State of
Lomisiasu do hereby certify that the above i
and foregoins Act of Amendmeat of the i5
S (arter of Scbdmert-Warfield-Waton, Inc. lee
Swas this day duly recorded in my office, in of
$ be h h feoio-. New Orleans, Sept. Lo
a, m ree
Sismd) EXILE J. .LEONARD, Dr. Stel
S YME ~bDEP F Sd , Noteary Public tr
ep. mOct.NN431-l. fit
il District o r Parish of Or a
Me i3MI Olvisin V' Dcket No. . ais
sn JLe mae ve rsus District res
Alsore y the Perised oreana - d
JUDG(ggT. the
Ihis . em. th d, y to be herd
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with a .mile t,, battle and l '. ' ur cause an mine
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Mail Orders Fied BRADFORD'S Buy Fr C
Same Day Received Save the Diferen
P- inl the State of Louisiana in this matter.
Judgment read and rendered in open court,.
a. September 19th, 1918.
5 judgment signed in open Court, September
be 19th, 1918.
rd (Sined) E. K. SKINNER, Judge.
A true copy.
es Deputy Crelk.
a Sept. 164)ct. 3-10.
he State of Louisiana, Civil District Court for
ed the Parish of Orleans.
d I hereby certify, That on the 4th day of
d Sept., 1918, judgment was rendered in. this
' Court in the following entitled suit, in the
words and figures following, to-wit: No.
S134,85. Division "A," Docket 5, Mr. and Mrs.
Horace P. MeLean versus Chandler C. Luzen
' berg, District Attorney.
This cause came on this day to be heard,
upon petitioners application to change, alter
Yand smend the name of their minor son
Y' Carey Henry McLean, to Leal Carey Henry
SMclean. Lawrence M. Jania, Attorney for
s: petitioner. Chandler C. LuAenberg, District
id Attorney for the Parish of Orleans, represent
at ing the State of Louisiana.
When. after hearing pleading, evidence and
ad counsel the Court being of opinion, for the
reasons this day orally *assigned, that the
s petitioners are entitled to the relief prayed
d- for:
It is ordered, adjudged and decreed, that
me there be judgment herein authorising
er Horace P. McLean, and Viola Carey. wife of
be said Horace P. McLean, the petitioners, to
Ll, change, alter and amend the same of their
e, minor child, Carey Henry McLean, to Leal
pp Carey Henry McLean, which shall be the
rs true and lawful name of their said minor
o. son, after the publication of this judgment
a- in the manner required by law;
as It is further ordered, that all costs of this
e proceeding be paid by the petitioners. Judg
e; ment read and rendered in open court, Sept.
S4th. 1918. Judgment signed in open court,
t Sept. 11th, m191.
(Siged) k. K. SKINNER, Judge Civil
d Distrct Court for the Parish of Orleans, Div.
of "C" acting for Div. "A."
tb In testasry wherest, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed the seal of the said
s- Court, at the City of New Orleans, this 12th
* day of Sept., in the year of our Lord, one
Y. thousand, nine hundred and eighteen. J.
s: GRIESHABER, Deputy Clerk.
SDec. 6.
Cs. AMTEt 01 1. LANDSr & CO
oPAl'.INC01PO .6 CO
re United States of America, State of Louis
b iana, Parish of Orleans, City of Now Or
., leans. Be it known, that on this 19th day
in of the momh of September, in the year of our
g, Lord, one thousand nine hundred and eigh
teen, and of tle Indepedeuce of the United
L States of America. the one hundred and
forty-second. before me, Peter Stifft. a No
tary Public. duly commissioned and qiali
fied in and for the Parish of Orleans. State
- of Louisiana, therein residing. and in the
presence of the witnesses hereinafter named
r- and undersigned, personally came and ap
peared the parties who have hereinafter
L signed these presents with me, Notary, all
t residents of the City of New Orleans, La.,
end of legal age, who declared that availing
thenelves of the laws of the State of Lou
isiana relative ** the orafniration of car
parabo asd especially of Act No. 7i of
291 they have contracted and aseed and
db tee premsets, easbmet ad s and
ind I elvee, well as mch oe per
i SeM &8m r becoee aaoeiaaed with d
pa.Ims wo and assr -sm Wt d
meetelsa T o"pon th data bteu an"
is QlWgWt qe4 to .INi b go" at .
see r e pense ard ide same >
tion; to establish such by-laws, rules and b
t, regulations as may be necessary and proper o1
and the same to amend, alter or abolish, and td
r generally to do and perform all such acts tl
as may be proper and necessary to carry out a
the purposes of the corporation. tl
ARTICLE II.--The domicile of the corpora- o
tion shall be in the City of New Orleans, b
State of Louisiana, and all citation and all d
legal process shall be served upon the Presi- '
dent, and in his absence or inability upon 6
the VicePresident, and in the absence or in
x ability of both President and Vice-President n
upon the Treasurer of the corporation. ,
f ARTICLE III.-The objects and purposes
is for which the corporation is established and a
K the general nature of the business to be con- b
o. ducted by it is hereby declared to he: the u
a, purchase and sale as principals, or upon s
g. commission or othewise of skins, furs, hides. h
and similar and like merchandise; moss,
4, produce and general merchandise; to store, a
rr pack, ship and export the same; to maintain
,n a store and office, or stores and offices, h
y and to do and perform all things necessary,
r or accessory to its said business, or to any
a branch or part of its business; and to do t
t. and to perform, through its officers, agents
and servants any act necessary or requisite (
Id in its business and to make such contracts I
as may be germane or incidental to any of p
the purposes above set forth. t
:d ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this e
corporation is hereby fixed at sixty thou- 7
sand ($60,000,00) dollars, divided into six 0
hundred (600) shares at one hundlrd ($100) d
f dollars a share and shall be paid for in c
t cash, or may be issued at par, in payment I
it for property or rights actually trasaferred d
al to the corporation, or for services actually I
te rendered the corporation. said payment to be
made at such times and in such installments ii
as the Board of Directors may direct. This I
corporation shall be authorised to commence ii
is business as a going concern as soon as fifty P
per cent (50 percent) of its stock shall have c
been subscribed for and paid for in accord
ance with law; and the said appearers here- E
by subscribe for the said stock in the num- e
i her of shares as follows: Edward H. Seller, C
two shares; David Bach, one hundred and S
fort -eight shares; J. F. Landry, one hun
d shares; C. J. Richald, fifty shares.
d ARTICLE V.--All the powers of the cor
Sporation shall be ested in and exercised by
a Board of Directors to be composed of Sour
stockholders to be elected annually on the
first Monday of January of each year, be- B
ginning in the year 1919; the first Board of tI
- Directors shall be J. FP. Landry, C J. Rich- L
ard, David Bach and Edward H. Seiler; three t
members of the Board shall constitute a
quorum for the transaction of all business; tI
I- the Board of Directors shall elect from among s
themselves a President; a Vice-President; a fi
, Secretary and a Treasurer; the first Presi- 01
r dent shall be J. F. Landry. the first Vice- pI
r President shall be C. J. Richard; the first a'
- Secretary shall be Edward H. Seiler and the P'
I first Treasurer shall be David Bach. The t
Board of Directors shall do all things nec. th
- essary to regulate the proper conduct, sup- w
e port and management of the business. Ps
ARTICLE VI.-This act of incorporation to
may be added to, modified or changed, or
r ths corporation may be dissolved with the
Sassent of two-thirds (2-J) of the capital stock
spresened at a meeting of the stockholders
Sconvened for such purpose after notice by fif f
teen days' advertisement in a morning dail fo
newspaper published in the English language t
in the City of New Orleant and also' fifteen
I days' _ ic by mail to the last hkown resi- 0
Iduee a idess of evry stockhilder of record;
I and w-henever the corporation ia dissolved.
either by law or othebmwise, its affairs shall
be liquated by wo comisioners to he
appntd f anm the aecleelder at a
maeein of the stockhlde and said
shag smi ia an b aetilde
a d m unaof
4Mi mmpeg
be held liable for the contracts or the faults
of the corporation in any further sum than
the unpaid balance due the corporation on
the shares of stock owned by him, nor shall
any mere informality in organization have
the effect of rendering this charter null or
of exposing a stockholder to any liability
beyond the unpaid balance which may be
due on his subscription to stock. As the
subscribers to the capital stock have signi
fied herein the number of shares each sub
scribes, this charter shall serve as an origi.
nal subscription list. No shares of the capi
tal stock of this corporation shall be trans
ferred on the books of the corporation, nor
shall any such transfer be recognized by or
be binding upon this corporation, unless and
until the' person, or persons, holding said
stock which it is desired to transfer shall
have first offergd the same to the other
stockholders of said -corporation, by letter
addressed to the President of the corporation,
and it i% stipulated that the said other stock
halders shall have the right and option of
purchase of said stock for three days next
following the delivery of such offer of sale
to the President of the corporation.
Thu; done and passed in my office in the
City of New Orleans, in the presence of
Benjamin T. Waldo and E. M. Richard, com
petent witnesses, who hereunto sign their
names with the said appearers and subscrib
ers and me, Notary, on the day, month and
year herein first above written, after reading
of the whole. (Original signed) J. F. Lan
dry, 411 Decatur St.; C. J. Richard. 411 De
catur St.; David Bach, 413 Decatur St.; Edw.
H. Seiler. 413 Decatur St.: Benjamin T. Wal
do, E. M. Richard. PETER STIFFT, Not.ry
1. the undersigned, Recorder of Mortgages,
in and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the Act of
incorporation of the J. F. Landry & Com
pany. Incorporated was this day duly se
corded in may office, in Book 1222, Folio -.
New Orleans, September ,0, 1911. (Signed)
EXILE J. LEONARD, Dy. R. A true copy
of the original on file in my office. New
Orleans , September 0th, 191. PET£ER
STJFF'f, Notary Public.
Sept. -Oct. 3-10-17-24-41.
United States of Americz. State of Louis.
iana, Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans.
Be it known that on this thirteenth day of
the month of September, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and eigh
teen, and of the Independence of the United
States of America, the one hundred and forty.
third, before me, Benjamin Y. Wolf, a No
tary Public, duly commissioned and quali.
fied in and for the parish of Orleans, State
of aouisiana, therein residing, and in the
presence of the witnesses hereinafter named
and undersigned, personally came and ap
peared the parties whose names are hereunto
subscribed, all of full age, and residents of
the City of New Orleans, State of Louisiana,
who declared that, availing themselves of the
provisions of the laws of this State relative
to the formuation of corporations, they have
covenanted and agreed, and by these presents,
covenant and agree, and bind themselves, as
Well as such other peosons as may hereafter
become associated with them, to form and con.
stitute a corporation and body politic in law,
for the purposes and objects, and under the
stipulations and articles, following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The name of the said cor
POration shall he Gillman, Gardiner & C.,
ARTICLE IL-The objets and purposes for
which this corporation is oriained, and the
nature of the busminess whieh this 's-oatio
is carry em, are declared to be: make
Mad oname cllshing of a knlads and
deseriptlomo; we., and so dlohing of all
liads and de. gesem. and o d mny and
the sove ohioan.
___ _ Ie "d do um se mad by I
t nsmdmof m "i -& d ewI
5h ap
hesuind loooe em i da ·l.
chasing same after which thirty days' notice
the said stock may be sold in the open mar
ket. The corporation shall commence doing
business as soon as twenty-five hundred dol
lars of the capital stock shall have been
ARTICLE IV.-The domicile of the said
corporation shall be in the City of New Or
leans. State of Louisiana. The president, or
in his absence, the vice-president, shall be
the proper person upon whom citation or other
legal process shall be served. Said corpora
tion, unless sooner dissolved, shall exist and
continue for the period of twenty-five years
from and after the date hereof.
ARTICLE V.-AIIl corporate powers shall
be vested in a Board of four directors. The
first board of directors shall consist of Mar
tin J. Gillman, P. O. address 328 Delaronde
Street, New Orleans, who shall be president;
Edwin S. Gardiner, P. O. address 941 Wash
ington Avenue, New Orleans, who shall he
vice-president, and Zebulon Gamlen, who
shall be secretary and treasurer, Postoffice
address 903 Camp Street. New Orleans, and
Mrs. Elizabeth Doris Donenfelser, wife of
Martin J. Gillman, P. O. address 328 Delar
onde Street, New Orleans. Said board shall
continue in office until January 2, 1920, on
which date and, thereafter annually, a
board of directors shall be elected on the 2nd
of January of each year, unless the same
shall be a legal holiday, when the election
shall be held on the next legal day there
after. After each election, the board of di
rectors shall flect from their own number the
officers of the company. The said bqard is
further authorized to frame and adopt such
by-laws, rules and regulations as the offairs
and business of the corporation may require,
and as it may deem necessary for the con
ducting and management thereof.
ARTICLE VI.-This charter may be amend
ed, and the capital stock of this corporation
may be increased or decreased, or this cor
poration may be dissolved in the method
and manner provided by law.
ARTICLE VII.-No stockholder of this cor-.
poration shall ever be held liable or respon
sible for the contracts or faults of this cor
poration in any further sum than the unpaid
balance on the stock for which he has sub
scribed, nor shall any mere informality in
organization have the effect of rendering this
tharter mull or of exposing a stockholder to
any liability than ap above provided.
ARTICLE VIII.--Whenever this corpora.
tion shall be dissolved, whether by limita
tion or from any other cause, the affairs
thereof shall be liquidated by three stock
holders to be elected and qualified in the
manner provided for by law. And they
shall continue in office until the affairs of
the corporation shall have been fully settled
and liquidated. In case of the death of
one of the liquidators, or his refusal or in
ability to serve, the remaining liquidators
may themselves proceed with all the power
and authority vested in the full membership.
And the signers hereto declare that they have
affixed opposite their names the nunwber of
shares subscribed by them, and they hereby
declare this to be their subscription list.
Thus done and passed in my office in the
City of New Orleans, on the day. month and
veer here;n first above written in the pres.
ence of Huhert M. Ansley and Edmond J.
Jaceuet. competent witnesses of lawful age.
and residents of this City, who sign their
names, together with the said 'parties and
me. Notary, after due reading of the whole.
Witnesses: :Hbert M. Anslev, E. T. Ja
uet, (Orisimal Signed) Martin J. Gillman.
14 shares: E. G rdiner, 10 shares: Zebloen
Gamlen, S shares: Mrs. i. J. Gillman. I
shars. BENJAMIN Y. WOLF. Notary Pub
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Aw-ent Equipnmt.a
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she will have to quit her present
boarding house is because the dining
room chairs se so low she sticks her
head under the table when the blesa
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Roofing ~h
Rubber-V Crimp CV. oll
Stden.._ a. Tli
Rents Collected
Model Sheet Metal
Repear Work. Gutter Spoutig, Ss
Sheet Metal Work at All
Storve Repao g sOur °'T
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Sm a. or. Age
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