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Si of America. State of Louis
Orleans. le it known, that
f the month f, Septemher,
f thLord One Thousand Nine
Eghteen (191R. and of the In
r te United States of America.
and Forty.cod, (142nd);
6 d1 dC.1 ] Leverich. a N'ota'y Pub
ttioned and qualified. in and
Orleans, therein residing,
h ,e of the wrinesscs herein
undersigned. personally
, the several persons whose
tow rare tsuborlldl. psho deliared
Sthe selves of the laws of this
Kto the organlrti.on .ti corro
have covenanted a:,d agreed.
these presents ,veant. agree.
h l o stitute thr.n.elves, as well
L ls as may hercat:er join or
A I ed with them. itrto a corpo
od politic in laiw. fr the ob,
s and under the .grerments
following. ,a :
I.The name ,nd tit'e of this
SIl be: T. S:t;th & S n, Inc..
orporate name. i: shall enjoy
t full term and period i f
Saras from and after the dite
hllJI have power sad authority
o and he suted; tI accept and
,Srs pledges or othir hypothe
S.k and e a corplorate seal
sa break and alter at plea.sure;
receive, leae, hold. or other
and convey, as well as mortgage
t, under its corp .ra'e name,
.real and personal and mixed;
ty and make and :.ine bonds
viodences of debt. and to secure
b nsrtgage and otherwise; to hold
othe corporations. to acquire, hold
ishres of its capital stock; to
i eelidate with and enter into
a ad co-operative relations not in
of law, with any person or
Ora, associations or corporations.
, municipal or otherwise. in and
carlring on and acc .mplishment
aty d the purpose5 of the ('om
- out all of the objects and pur
Iafter set out; to name and ap
. n igers and directors, officers
as the interest and convenience
as-at.o may require; and to make
J, as well as alter and amend
atsnrl sh by-laws, rules and regula
s" t management and regulation of
fr"d the corporation as may be
paper or convenient.
l-.The domicile of this cor
Sll-be in the Parish of Orleans,
s-sias. and all citations or other
dll hbe served upon any of the
SIII.lte objects and purposes
r1-bis corporation is established, and
g the business to he carried on
in.&h declared to be: to carry
- sst of stevedores: to load. dis
arload vessels of all sorts; to
a s oents lightermen, forwarding
chId stock in other companies; and
Sdo all such acts and things as
Sagsemat- , proper or convenient for
dIjlswt of any of these objects
-V-The capital stock of this
is hereby fixed at the sum of
- su.1d Dollars. divided into
bsld forty shares of the pa
o dOe Hundred ($100.00) Dol
share. The amount of the
a be increased to One Hundred
aoti".0) Dollars. The whole
s of said stock shall be paid
Ae or it may be issued and de
a my person, firm or corporation for
of the rights, privileges or
msud or controlled by such person.
spmmtioo. for the fair value thereof
by the Board of Directors; and
d Dctors hereinafter created is
erised to issue and dispose of
t t less than the par value, for l
pj rosm s as in its judgment may
YVA,-A of the powers of this
- sil be vested in and exercised
$* d three (3) directors. Said
ddLbeor shall be elected annually
Y go a stockholders' meeting called
p on tde second Monday in
laeth. (or the next legal day if
ba ladoy) after due notice given to t
ailers by mail. at least fifteen
Sthe date of said meeting. Each
d ab shall be entitled to one vote
,, ds of stock standing in his
is t bmoks of the Company, said
b ast ias person or by proxy, and
dý of votes cast shall edect.
d d Directors shall have the power
- 1 ",nos which may occur or in
cor wile or be created on the Board.
Sa quarum remain at the time
amcsbm wae to be filled. Failure to e
odans a the day above specified a
p C slve the corporation, but the
- hia office shall remain in office e
~memssoe are elected and quali- c
Isd eh elect from their num
sad a secretary-treasurer;
it  a R may dispense with b
d i s r may combine any "
Searq t aseh other officers (who
at umbers of the Board, or stock
* rf dtia proper or convenient
- ai d of the Company's busi
is rf tdll fix the salaries of all
ad employees. At any h
sard of Directors, any di- f
hm the meeting may be rep- d
l sayttter director, who may
the abset director accord
tnlle instructions, either gen
Sd said absent director. The
. .shall have authority to
ilis, ae well as alter and
- rules and regulations b
por Uthe support and man
i s iisn sad affairs of the
r t ineosistent with this
s W1al have power to ou
i money and the is
ga the execution of mort
ge, a nd 8emerally to do all
. osmanient for the propr
'oWs of the corporation. ,
ar a muting of stockholders
Sdsssa to be held on the
d July, 129, or until their
m 8 are elected and i- a
E Direter shall be com- m
ri, P. a Address, di
brNew Orleans La., Wil- .i
Address, 317 Caronde- th
Lras, I.; aid Leon J. t
Isok O Cravier Street, to
Othese. Terence Smith as
sad William S. Smith, ca
ll t of incorporation ha
mfied or ameaded, or th
u' 12  vote of two-.G]
rh purpose, after
tO he given of the te
suprtion. N
ah. eoroation shall sh
imitataton or from
S 8i shall he liqui- ho
to be appolnt-.
E ostelb' ol convened fi
,sdati, .ad to he GI
all te stockholders
Said liquidators shall os
Sa fafirs of the Vi
Sfaluy settled and S
wL he full power
_ior snd give title to Ci
e ala oE the corpora.
Sof one or
'W 1e shall be filled
hlder shall ever
ble for the con- a
,9i WToration in any
tpd halance due in
gtmh owned by him, orLt
t in oragnisation an
Wrag~thui charter aull No
er to any lia
I due on his stok.
m  te u the (S
Sthe subscribers t
dlthdm Thr is
L aad in connaetio C
i ' and ituciad
location, extent, 1
4 =- t, togetherlt
'as appraised by
eperty to be comn
a utisfactio of
caital sto~ .
ms offieeat New ini
ttan, monath dp
Yaon Nmqaan,
a hereunto emb. a
thr with me. No
after dAm a.
I rnsgo dS a ,t
t OrZlew Orle
.. S
C. Sept., 1918 (Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD,
Dy. Rec.
S A true copy. WATTS K. LEVERICH, No
Stary Public.
nr Oct. 3-10-7-24-31, Nov. 7.
td ; CO., INC.
'ub- United States of America, State of Louis
and iana, City of New Orleans. Be it known,
that on this twenty-eighth day of the month
ri. of August, in the year one thousand, nine
llO hundred and eighteen (1918), before me, Theo
re dore Cotonio, a Notary Public, duly commis
his sioned and sworn in for the Parish of Or
leans and City of New Orleans, therein re
rIO- slding. Personally appeared, the persons
Red, whose names are hereunto subscribed, who
ree. declared that, availing themselves of the pro
el1 visions of the laws of this state relative to
Or the organizaion of corporations, and more
particularly Act No. 267 of the General A.s
sembly of this State, approved July 9, 1914,
they have covenanted and agreed and do, by
these presents, covenant and agree, bind.
his form and constitute themselves, as well as
nc.. such persons who may hereafter join or lie
joy come associated with them, into a corpora
lf tion and body politic in law, for the objects
ate and purposes and under the agrements and
itv stipulations following to-wit:
ARTICLE I.--The name and style of this
corporation shall be: New (en:eral (annlingt
cal Co.. Inc., and under that name it shall have 1
re; and enjoy all the rights and prnvileges and
r advantages granted by law to corporatisns; it
e hall exipt for the period of ninety-nine years
e n from this day; it shall have the power to
qcontract, sie and lie sued in its corporate
rids nae; and to ake and use a corporate seal
ire and the same to pbreak or alter at pleasure;
old to hold, receive, purchase, convey, mortgage.,
old hApothecate or pledge property, both real or I
to personal; to issue bonds, notes and other ob
nl ligations or negotiable instruments; to have
and employ such managers, directors, officers.
or agents and other employees as the interest
I and convenience of said corporation may re- I
d quire or demand; to make and establish such
rt by-laws, rules and regulations for the cur- I
p'orate management and control of the af- r
ur fairs of the corporation as may be deemed t
ap- necessary and expedient. 1
ere ARTICLE II.-The domicile of said cor- I
ke poration shall be established in the city of I
nd New O(rleans, State of Louisiana, and all
la citations and other legal process shall be
of served on the president, in his absence, on0
be the vice-president; and in the absence of
both on the secretary.
ARTICLE III.-The objects and purposes
on for which this corporation is formed and ti
S nature of the business to be carried on by it, 0
tCi are hereby declared to be: the manufacture a
he and canning of all food products, vegetables c'
and fruits of all kinds, and also the import P
rCi and export of same; to buy, sell, deal and J
nd do other business connected therewith and d
00 necessary for the proper conduct of the busi- S
i ness of said corporation. n
s- ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this f
S orporation is fixed at the sumi of twenty 0
thousand dollars ($20,000), divided into 200 P.
shares of the par value of $100.00 each. All Y
as shares of stock shall he full paid and non- t
for assessable. No transfer of stock shall bes
'i binding upon the corporation unless madeo
Supon its books, and all certificates of stock vl
isof shall be signed by such officers as may be is
to designated by the board of directors. This a'
Scorporation shall have the right to increase ti
i- its capital stock to the further sum of P
he ($100,000), One Hundred Thousand Dollars. a
ed to be divided into shares of ($100.00). One al
Ie Hundred Dollars each, provided such in- Ot
id crease in the capital stock shall have been tI
e- authorized by three-fourths of the stock- fa
or holders at a meeting to be held for that pur- el
pose afer being duly notified in writing. No tF
Or stock shall be sold by any stockholder until
n, the same shall be offered for sale to the ')
od corporation which shall have the right to a
is purchase the same and no transfer shall be e;
of made upon the books of the corporation until a
or the stock has been so offered and declined. It
o In the event of an increase of the capital ti
my stock the additional shares shall be first th
offered to the stockholders "desirous to sub-. t
scribe to such increase. of
d ARTICLE V.--All the corporate powers of f
l this corporation shall be vested in. and the le
management and control of its affairs shall la
be exercised by a board of directors corn- 'If
Sposed of four stockholders. A majority of di
the directors shall constitute a quorum for it
to the transaction of all business. The direc- le
tors shall be elected annually by a ballot on ti
the second Thursday in January in each cl
to year. Each stockholder shall be entitled, in of
id person or by proxy, to a vote for every share w
'd owned by him, and all elections shall be th
held under such rules and regulations as may to
. be determined by the board of directors, after eO
er fifteen days notice by mail of such election tii
d. shall have been sent to each stockholder at th
his last known address. The directors thus ca
se elected shall continue in office for one year, v
or until their successors shall have been on
duly elected and qualified. No failure to It
elect shall be regarded as a forfeiture of this th
'e charter. Any vacancy occurring on said ne
board shall be filled by the remaining di- of
rectors for the unexpired term; the said na
board shall likewise elect the additional to
members in case they should determine to th
iy increase the qumber of said board. The pe
a said. board off directors shall, at its first to
it meeting after its election nominate out of m
its number a president, a vice-president, a an
11 secretary and a treasurer. Said board shall ca
have the right to consolidate any two of cu
said officers into one, or segregate said of. de
ficers, as also their right to appoint and of
dismiss such clerks, managers and other em- the
Sployees of the corporation as conditions may vii
justify or the business of the corporation CI
may require. The tenure of office of all oi
r the employees of the corporation shall be pri
o during the pleasure of the board of directors. po0
ARTICLE VI.-No stockholder shall ever be
Shbe held liable or responsible for the contracts, sl
' faults or debts of said corporation nor shall ret
aby mere informality in its organization an
have the effect of rendering this charter null, all
or of exposing a stockholder to any liability sul
Sbeyond the unpaid balance due on stock the
t- owned b him. the
I ARTI E VII.--This act of incorporation mn
Smay be changed, modified or altered, or this Cli
' corporation may be dissolved, with the as- all
sent of the stockholders owning two-thirds ic
of all the stock of the corporation, at a gen- "B
r eral meeting convened for that purpose, after ma
at least fifteen days written notice of this fer
meeting has been given throusgh mail, ad- pra
Sdressed to each stockholder, at his last or
known address. In case of dissolution by sto
the expiration of this charter or otherwise, out
the stockholders shall elect three liquids upi
I, tors from among their number, to liquidate er
h and settle the business and affairs of the del
I, corporation. dr
ARTICLE VIII.-Twenty thousand dollars not
5lhave been subscribed to the capital stock of suc
r this corporation, as follows to-wit: Alo of
-Glorioso, 531 St Ann St., New Orleans , of
tone hundred and fifty shares, $15,000.00; Jos- ag
t eph Cangelosi. 1124 Decatur St., New Orleans, to
r La., thirty shares, S3,000.00; Dr. D. Meren aft
a dino 1139 Bourbon St., New Orleans, La.; ce
e ten shares, $1,000.00. Gatano De Majo, 1240 fr
N. Cleiborne Ave., New Orleans, La., ten pos
I shares, $1,000.00. Total $0,0f00. of
ARTICLE IX.--Until the election to be the
- held on the second Thursday in January, par
J919, the followinq shall constitute the the
I first board of directors, via: Angelo of
e Glorios4 Joseph Cangelesi Dr. D. Merendino tior
and Gaeeno De Majo, of whom Angelo GlorIi- sto
I o shall act as president, Joseph Cangeloai of
aVice-President, and Dr. D. Mereadino as ant
I Secretary. pro
Thus done and passed in my oeRice at the sa
3City of New Orleans, on the day and date o
first above writte., in the presence of John pri
SJ. Wingrave and L de Lroix. both of this ant
rCity, competent witnesses, who sign these por
I presents with said appearers and me, Ndtary,
after due reading of the whole. the
Witnesses: John J. Wingrve L de La. the
croix. THEO. WF0NO, Notry Public, Ca
I, the undersigneod, Recorder of Mortgaplges,
in and for the perish of Orleans, State of of,
Louisiana, do hereby certify that the above thi
and foregoing Act of Incorporation, of the p
I New Central Casing Co., Inc., was this -day t
cdly recorded in my office, in Book 1,,
folio 3. New Orleasa, Augst 29, 1918 ha
(Signed) EILE J. LEOARID Dy. R. A on
tru coy of the original. THEO. COTO per
.-. --174e3SL Nov. . pe
CEA URTE O1 3. ROhENBDEN & 8033, a
INC. cha
U.itd States of America, State of Louis. -rl
iaon Parish of Orleans, City of New Orleans, thas
Be it known,. That on this second day of the o
mounth of October, in the year One Thousand ad
-Nine Hundred and Eighteen, before me, ter
Charles Rosena, a .Notary Public, duly com- clas
missioned and qualified, in and for the above its
Parish, therein residing, and in the prnc pceri
of the witnesses hereinafter med and uon- oth
dersigned, personally came and appeared; 1
the several persons whose names are bheret of t
sehocribed, who severally declared that avail- era
ing themselves ofat the laws of this State, re any
lative to the ogoanisation of corposrations in witl
such uas made ad provided, they do hare. onm
by constitute themselves, their associas, tesra
uccessor and osigns, a corporation for the be
objects adn d o ad umder the coel.d 1
tions nd stipla .s. of the following as- the
tices which tey ereby adopt as their char- the
ter, to-wit: clud
ARTICEi I.--. The same and title of sad
said Corporatioa shall be 3 ooenbem f I
Sons, Inc. 2. ta perio of duration dat
be niety-nis or from tthis data.
Said have for the
S W.UV3sear s ew s wel
a .see he -e la - he
RD cate, lease, sell, pledge or otherwise dispose t
of property real,, personal and mixed; to is- I
No- sue bonds, note or other obligations; to (
name and employ such managers, directors,
officers, agents an other employees as the I
interest and conve ence of the corporation <
ING may require; and o make and establish c
such by-laws, rules nd regulations for the e
management and eo rol of the business and a
uis- affairs of the corpo tion as may be deemed I
)wn. necessary o proper.
ARTICL Ik--1. The domicle of the Cor
heo poration a the City of New Orleans.
a e I'aris of (rl s, State of Louisiana. 2. t
is All c ion a legal ess shall he served
ron the re t, or in case of his a ..ence.
r upon s c arl rct  rer.
hon ARIC I . Tbh ojects and pur
poses f ch th ''rl~tt-in is organi.... r
pro- and the te of th : inis to t e carrie
tnoon by it r he iy dclared to ie: To cn
As duct the Iust of manufacturing, blving
914. 11and selling. t ea s and accto'-rles tin
Sth ci ety or sw. re. andl to do any and all
tIy thine; c.on ected th-rerwith.
ARTICL.E I'.-I. The cap tail strck of
as aid 'orporatian is hereby fixed at (Ine M11:
o lion Five Hundred Thousand ($l.51'.sui jia.
lt .llI.ers. can-.istang of Fifteen 'Th a-iiani l
n 115.1MM) shares of the par value of One Hin
an ad -r l ollars i$tisa.ti)t per nhari., whaih sid
capitol " st ,k ,htal ,e d:vIhly I as f-dl,--,:
this2. One Million Seventy-five Thau,an ($1.- I
.ing :, tiih I)oillr, thereoif, c' ,ns ttEng ,f Ile t
ave Th,,iand Seven lhundreld Fifty t (175:) r
and shares shall blie cnen stock, and Fir hun
S dred Toenty Five Tfhousand $4253.00) Dol
a tarsL,. consisting if F,-ur Thisand Two lhtn
to dred Fifty (4.25 shares shall he preferred
rate stck. 3 Said cnmmnon stock shall ble
seal avided into the following two classes: Eight
are Ilundred Forty Seven Thousand. Five lhun
age. dred Dollars ($847.a5000.), consisting of Eight c
or Tlhouand Four lhundred Seventy Five (8.475) i
ob- 'ares shall he destgnated as (la.ss "A" Comn- t
ave man, and Two ltiured Twenty-Seven Thou- v
ers. sand Five lHundred Iollars ($5227,50.j o
rest thereof, consisting of Two Thousand Two t,
re- Ilundred Seventy-Five (2.275) shares, shall
uch he ldeignated as ('lass "It" (omnltnon. 4. Said n
cor- pireferred stock, subject to the prvisions e
af- hereinafter contained. shall te divided into n
ned the following two classes: Two ilundred n
Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars (s$t5.0)0i00) i
-or- thereof, consisting of Two Thiiisand Two i
of Hundred Fifty (2.29)) shares, shall be desig- sl
all nated as ('lass "A" P'referred. and Two ci
be llundred Thousand ($20,fg.).00J Dollars there- a
on of. consisting of Two Thousand (2.005) shares, si
of shall be designated as C'lass "it" Preferred. re
5. All of said preferred stock, both (lass el
,s A" and ('lass "it" preferred. shall be en- h
and titled by preference and priority. over all sr
it, of said ('ommon stock. to dividends in each it
ure and every year at the rate of Seven (7 per B
ties cent) per cent per annum, payable out of the m
Ion profits or earned surplus. semni-annually on re
tod January 2nd and July 2nd of each year; said si
and dividends shall lie cumulative. limited to al
asi. Seven per cent (7 per cent) per annum, and
no dividends shall he paid on or set aside st
his for the common stock until all the dividends P
nty on the preferred stock shall have been fully fa
200 paid. Said preferred stock shall have no di
All voting power so long as the dividends are not in
on- in default for more than one year; but when oa
be said dividends are not paid for more than ai
ade one year. then said stock shall have a like pd
ack voting power with the Common stock, that P
be is, one vote for each share of stock, so long th
his as said default continues. In the event of st
ase the dissolution or liquidation of the cr- at
of poration. and in any distribution of the m
irs. assets of said corporation, the par value of fi
se all the preferred stock, legally issued and c
in. outstanding, shall be paid to the holders at
nen thereof in full with all unpaid dividends he St
ck- fore any payment shall be made to the hold- dit
ers of the common stock. 6. The holders of N
No the common stock, both Class "A" and Class (C
tl "It," shall he entitled, without priority the t S
the -me over the other, to all of the dividends. S,
to as and when declared out of the net profits or di
lie earned surplus, after the payment of the I)
itil agreed dividends in the I'referred stock. 7. ni
ed. In the evenmt, of the disslution or liquida- It.
tal tion of the corpration, in the distribution of re
rot the assets rf said ci,rpor.alin atnaug the ci
ab- stockholders, after the payment of the debts e
of the corporation, and the payment in full as
of -f the par value of all the preferred stock Al
he legally issued together with all accrtmniui- a
all lated dividends thereaon the entire balance ci
m- irf the assets oif sid crploratiun shall he of
of divided among the holdlers of all the coi- s
for mon stock. iboth Class "A" anil (lass "B." t
ec- legally issued, in proportion to their respec- t,
on tive holdings, without priority of the one mi
ich class over the other. 8. All voting rights vo
in of the corporation (except as herein or other- hi
ire wise provided) shall le vestedl exclusively in
be the Common stock at all elections of direc- tie
ay tors or other meetings of the stockholders. sa
ter except on questions relating to the liquida- as
on tion and dissolution of this corporation, or st:
at the amendment of this charter, in which co
lus cases, the Preferred stock shall have a like da
ar. voting power as the common stock, that is, pe
en one vote for each share of stock. 9. The kr
to Board of Directors nay at any time. out of no
is the profits or earned surplus of said busi- co
iid ness. retire all or any portion of Class "A" of
rj of the preferred stock, selected and desig- fai
iid nated by the Board of Directors upon giving qu
ial to the registered holder or holders thereof sti
to thirty (301 days' written notice delivered in an
he person or mailed to their address last given mi
rst to the corporation, which notice and delay
of may be waived by any such stockholder be
a and paying to the holders of such stock so thi
ill called in the par value thereof with all ac
of cumulated dividends and the agreed divi- M
f-. dends provided in this charter up to the date
ad of the redemption of said stock, after which
.- the dividends on said stock shall cease; pro- stc
sy vided that if less than the whole of said ac
an Class "A" Preferred stock is retired, each
Ill outstanding certificate shall have the same
be pro rata thereof retired. 10. All or any th
rs. portion of the preferred stock redeemed may re
er be re-issued by the Board of Directors to de
ts, such person or persons as said Board of Di- p
ill rectors shall determine for not less than par, a
n and said stock when so re-issued shall have "
II, all the rights and privileges and shall be by
ty subject to all the terms and conditions as ca
k the original stock; provided that none of of
the preferred stock of Class "A," after be
in g retired, may be re-issued except as res
SClass "B" preferred, whereupon it shall have the
a- all the rights and privileges, and be sub- thi
Is ject to althe terms and conditions of Class rat
a- "B" preferred. 11. The Board of Directors ace
Smay, after all of the stock of Class "A" pre- ha,
is ferred has been retired, retire out of the to
i- profits or earned surplus of said business all i
st or any portion of Class "B" of the preferred Cit
y stock, pro rata aecording to the total amount th
e, outstanding, whether original or re-issue, ,
upon giving to the registered holder or hold- Ion
era thereof thirty (30) days' written notice
e delivered in person or numiled to their ad- res
dress last given to the corporation, which ed
Snotice and delay may be waived by any No
Ssuch stockholder, and paying to the holders
to of said stock so called in the par value there- (i
L of with all accumulated dividends and the
•- agreed dividends provided in this charter upsha
s to the date of the redemption of said stock. sha
s after which the dividends on said stock shall sha
-; cease. 12. No shares of Class "B" of pre- the
Sferred stock may be sold. assigned, or dis- lea
a posed of by any holder thereof, without first m
offering it in writing for thirty (30) days to e
Sthe corporation, at a price not to exceed its
. par value with all accumulated dividends and G
Sthe dividends herein provided up to the date
o of purchase: and any sale or other disposi- .
Otion pledg or other encumbrance of said
:stock shall be made subject to this provision
s of the charter. Said corporation is hereby at
-S authorized to purchase the same out of the B.
profits or earned surplus, and to re-issue the dul
Ssame for not less than par, and said stockFol
so re-issued shall have all the rights and (
i privileges and be subject to all the terms A
5and conditions of said class. If said cor
w poration "ails to exercise its rights to buy
m. in sasd stock within asid period, the holder
thereof may make such other disposition of
- the stock as he desires. 13. No share of
Class "B" of the common stock may be sold,
assgn.ed or disposed of by anT holder there
of, without first offerin it it n writing for
5 thirty (j0) days' to the corporation at a
Sprice not to exceed the book vale of said
stock at thbe date of the last inventory, de- t
ductingl dividends included therein which
have already been paid, and adding interest
on said value at Six (6 per cent) per cent
per annum from said date up to the date of
purchase. Any sale or other disposition,
pledge or encumbrance of said stock shall be
made subject to this provision of the charter.
I, Said corporation is hereby authorized to pur- ao
chase said stock out of the profits or earned
. urplus; and to re-issue same at not less
Sthan the price for which purchased, and when
aso issued said stock shall have all the rights
Sand privileges and be subject to all the
Sterms and conditions of the stock of said
class. If said corporation fails to exercise
e its right to buy in said stock within said n
perioed, the holder thereof may make such
- other dispsaition of the stock as he desires.
14. Should the holder of any of Class "B" a
of the common stock die. or saould such heold
-er who is at the time of the issue to him of
any such stock be at such time cennaeted
awith the searporatio as emspoyee sd seek
connection for any reason terminate or be
,terminated, the holders of lid stock dshall
bhe requind to sell his said common'stock
to the coepootion at a price not to exceed OS
the book value .f said stock st the date of t
Sthe luast lavetory, deductin dividends in
cluded therein which have aready been paid
tI and addir interest on said value at si -I
( per cet) sr cenat per ~snm from said
I date to the date of p hase; provided said
.lori sl ·acntd pa y for the uid
I heier whee easeseetmis thl th e gpetlm e
-has terminalu after whi mit estate and
rsld stocklder shll be free to make rsuch
other dispelti , the stee. as the legal
- g " o- s-h est-te or at as.
- ~em~e wit the m
pose crease its capital stock in the manner u
s- thorized by law, and in such event to pa
to off the retired stock from the capital a
o, surplus of the corporation in accordance wth
the law and subject to the provisions of thi
tion charter. 16. Fifty per cent (59) per cent I
lish of the total (which need not, hoarver. le f
the each class) of the capital stock shall be 1 -
and scrihed before the filing of these art:cle
med incorporation, and Fifty per cent I.) pe
if all stick subscrlbed fir niist he po .r
or before the cirporatt in engage, in l in .4
ns. C the remainder within Twelve (12t I.in,
thereafter; but all stock ubs'.'.r ,i fo rit
ve a le either in cash or prIperty acI:II
e re vcid by or labor dne fr the c,
n1 Io i..r.>l.r anc. w th i ,( w. IT pa1 :t' r
e r a nr y p.,rtt .n of s t d l t ,ck . th s c
leil ratil i. l. h.rl ted to ;it'uirrP t'h 5 ta k ,te
riei tie existin 111, ]tsl llC , atnl th e. l: , r al,.,r
"t herrttia0 + r bistxe lthe right tt'+ .uIat: ern
iS ti,'c I, is ' n ". r pr iperty, a:-, to i
i t,."k ,- r an} portion thetn-it for the lI
ll there.f Ill a rdance tl:h l'. ,a 1. 1 :.
p l, -: . k of the c.,rp ,rat ,,-n i.l.
of cr ed t' T,-I s MlilhIon Fhive l:o11rt. "[l
del t$._.weiteso( D] llars, that :-. th e
Sfrred st,,ok may lie inc-ra-.eIl t., S'even lr
,I hefty Thusand ($75>.iit u n aolla
l such increase li the p, ierredl to ,
i (s "It." and the common --:ck t, EC
os Mllion Seven lHundred Fifty T",osan Il
s. is ($t.750,IJ.lOi all of such incrcase in
,feOn t:,C itI ,, be ('lass "It." 1f . Sl
Srtc-to"k hooks shall be kelpt for etc f
un1- . ,ldllsses if stick, and ni- tr:iansftrf
ol- stck sh ll he binding on this rrlr.itii .
elt when made unn its Wks by the
r :tlr if the outstanding cirtifec..t . 1a.
ts proper endlrsrnlrlt by the ,,une r his 0
gilt lstituted agentl or legal representative.
t- ARTI -LE V -I. All the towers of this
g ,t irathon shall he vested in and exert-cd
17 a Iard oif three directors, elected t
On- the stickhialers who are entitled ti the
- voting power at the annual meeting which
( shall e hell on the first Mlndlay of c
wo tuber of each year, with the right of sch
all ckh-,' lers to increase the number to n it
ai re than seven directors. Each of the di
ns recrs shall own at least one share of Co
t ntin stock in his own name. The first an
re nial meeting shall lie held on the first M.
00) of October 1919. until which time the
officers and directors named in thi sharter L
g- shall continue to act. and until their sie
0 nsors are elected and qualifiedI. At ac
re- aniual meeting of said stockholders, the sad
s. 0kholders shall elect as many of said di
ed. rectors as they shall desire, and should they
ass elect less than seven, the director sall
en have the power to increase their number to
all n. ly election at any meeting of the
tllard of Directors. 2. All vacancies in te
per Board of Directors may he filled by the re
the maning directors. Any director may be
on reresented at any meeting by any other
ai stockholder hy written proxy. Immediately
t after, or as soon as practicable after, their
d own election. the directors elected by te
ide stockholders shall elect a President. a Vice- l
tis Prsident and a Secretary-Treasurer. The
Ily failure to hold the annual meeting and elect
no irectors shall not affect this corporatin nor
ot impair its management, but the directors in
en office shall continue until their successors
an are elected. 3. The officers of this car.
ke poration shall consist of a President, a Vice
at President. and a Secretary-Treasurer. but P
n the stockholders or the directors may elect
of sch other officers, agents, and employees
r as they deem proper, and may fix and deter
he mine the power and duties thereof. 4. The
of first Board of Directors and officers of this
nd corporation and their post office addresses
Sare as follows: Abraham Rosenberg. 761
e- St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. La., Presi
d- ent; Arthur R. Berry, 2248 ( ambronne St.
of New Orleans. L.a., Vice-President: Nathan S P
is Cohen. 2237 Peters Ave., New Orleans La.,
he Secretary-Treasurer. 5. The office of the
Is. Sectary-Treasurer may at any time be P
or ivided by the stockholders or the Board of
he irectors. and in such event. the Secretary
7. need ot ie a member of the Bolard. 6. The Cl
Ia- Boar of Directors may make, amend and
f repeal all by-las  for the regulation of the
he cirpiration not inconsistent with and s
its jet t such by-laws, rules and regulations
Ill as ay be made by the st ckholders. 7.
ck All elections by the stockholders shall he by
Sballot at the office of the company in ac
ce crdance with such regulations as the Boar
e of irectors tray determine, and at every
- ch election, and at all meetings of the
stckholders, each registered share of the
stck entitled to vote at the (late of such
tie meeting or election, shall be entitled to oe
is vte ti e cast by the registered owner -
r his agent or representative by written prow
in ARTICLE VI.-1. This act of incorpora
t- tion may be modified, changed or altered, or W
rs. said corporation may be dissolved with the d
a- assent of two-thirds of the capital sock out
or standing at a meeting of the stockholders W
ch convened for that purpose, and after fifteen
e ays written notice has been delivered in
is, person or given by letter mailed to the last 01
he known address of each stockholder. The said
of notice may be waived by the unanimous
s- consent of all the stockholders. 2. In case
C' of the dissolution of the corporation its af
g- fairs shall be liquidated by one or more i
g quiators elected by a majority vote of the
of stockholders with such powers, compensations
in and duties as the stockholders may deter
en mine.
ly ARTICLE VII.-No stockholder shall ever
Sbe held liable for the faults or contracts of
50 this corporation in any further sum than the
unpaid balance due to the corporation on the
Sshares subscribed by him, nor shall any t1
mere informality have the effect of render
Sing the charter null or of exposing any
Sstockholder to any liability beyond the un- t
id paid balance due on his stock.
te ARTICLE VIII.-There is annexed to
these articles of incorporation, and to be
read in connection therewith, an accurate,
Sdetailed, and itemized description of the V
Sproperty as to amount, location, extent, char
r , and state of improvement, toget
a statement of its value as apprais
ts directors, for the subscriptions to
al stock of said corporation, consist
e ATICLE IX.-The subscribers hereto ha
r ctively written oppofsite their nam
amount of stock subscribed by them
corporation so that this act of incor
n may also serve as the original sb
tion list of the corporation, and
stated their post-office addresses, oa
nform with Act W7 of 1914.
hs done and passed at my office in
of New Orleans, State of Louisiana,
th y, month and year herein first abo
ten in the presence of James M. D
and George Arthur Seaver, compete
ttses, of the full age of majority a
lag in this city, who have hereunto sin
tir names with said appearers and m
ry, after due reading of the whole.
(iginal Signed) Abraham Rosenbe
St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, La., 7,
shr $745.000.00, Class "A" Common, 2
s, $225,000.00, Class "A" Preferred, 10
sa $100,000.00, Class "B" Common. A
. Berry, 2248 Cambronne St., New O
, La., 15 shares, $1,500, Class "B" Coi
Nathan S. Cohen, 2237 Peters Av
Orleans, La., 10 shares, $1,000.00 Cla
Common. Witnesses: 3. M. Dill
d Seaver. CHARLES ROSEN, Noot
the undersigned, Recorder of Mortgasg
ad for the Pariah of Orleans, State
L iana, do hereby certify that the abo
foregoing Act of Incorporation, of t
S osenberg & Sons, Inc., was this d
recorded in my office, in Book 12
497. New Orleans, Oct. 3rd, 1915
d Sal)
true copy. CHARLES ROSEN, Nota
(igned) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dy.
,, 10-17.M-31, Nov. 7-14.
Keep Working.
It alI right to keep hopln' fohd
" le Uncle Eben, "but you g
be busy as well s wistfuL"
*piwga Philesophy.
get, we must give; to aceuru
a we must seatter; to make or
s happy, we must make other
h .-p . K. Spurgeon.
0e Surs It's Worth It.
Who would beast a victory that os
osategy amd no careful dlspoult
he forces? But let a man be ver
that the city Is worth the siege
k arvel.
That% All We Need
e could an be better, we thlkt
oythe people around us wouldale
h way and give usa chance.
bugr ie thirst after rlghteoesmem
I - r - selshbors. m
P r  1Pteta Wealth.
emlmg ee las abeat 0
Sinwemes Fast @Veath
1B aysil l aag ailkwm
ga - -l --- -- - t
Sas Plenty of Excitement in Motorcar
ht be held legally liable for
ah Trip Recently Undert maken by
Lse of deceptiAdventurle, l.d
u To travel 1.800 milestance, as "b
,""and company," or "and eo
motorcar through the wiowner only one perSouth
Africa without a mishap is considered
a remarkable accomplishment,acod
g to a stranger would be ablory in African Motor of
Johannesburg.me and residen
etrs of not tully paid up shm
Sthe full particulars as to the
mlity, residence, etc., of mana
In this and other ofAsher of cort Eliz
abeth tells of a successful There w
Sberoads in this country are notoriouslymer
tbad, which makes the featof perfosons or concermed
lton. The present law already 1
sfor publication of many of tI
by the car they amore striking," says Mr.be f
Ach sher. ttered aces that n
The jo aur not avaiable through Gra
Wriet Seer• P~ad,
hamsown City of the Saints, Fort
Beautprt and through Bedford. a typi
am scr pad is worn, of coorm
cal iiand city, and manythe golfer larger
In spitemornda of rahis sorems asnd almost
impassable roads areno difficulty was scrawledx
perienced throughoutsed the whol be trip'
m.aside from tire trouble. Some portionsI
of the journeys were made at the rateshi.
Ih of 37 miles per Imperial gallon of
Par usettess of the journey through Mon
by tagu pass and Kyshna hills had to be
Snegotiated in second speed, yet through
Sall of this mountainous travel the e
. Wmarkable featchure was the oolness of
Stheall motor. Mr. Asher reported thatof
»-no water was put in the radiator from
a Oudtshoorn to Port Elizabethments, adwhich
he r atly opposit m eets of this hbllty cou
C , Describing parts of the trip and corn
Senting uponDem athe ppalluinsg road con
[e Grmsans thought war was
tte and glorious," said Bre
ditlockns in places, Mr. Asher says that
i after plugging ana v soid struggling through isap
almost impassable roads, a river was
he encountered which had to be forded.t
- was necessary to takein the pe lunge
yo with the car into a swift torrent, so
Iv deep that he acould not open the carry
nasatier ahe replied 'No. Re
Sdoor. The radiator was part ly subad I
ht the othe" was an immeu
swmerged, andbut the car plowedut tharough r
ti th monthly lstnllments
ea-ikpalor certala.' "
Te successfullI Ly. r
Srorn boud
sr. _ _ _c
u i Propse ,"d Commercialsd Register for na
land Has Powerful Suppoert Im c
nduaestrive. "All nors
tselt , for that matterr
A rd a lady establsh a commercial reg
15S later in Holland has been introduced in
the states gener dayl, aording to a die- Turk.
'lAd the scoundrel wear afe
S p atch from P. L. Edwards, commer- .
o,' al attache of The Hague. It idy, e was e
Sported to have the supporg t of me m-.
of bens of the government, of high lekal
l critics and of important business In
md terests generally. This is said to beEben
the culminatiks so muchf a movement histarted
S20 years ago for the passage of such a
One of the most important features
iof the proposed law is that It forbids
,e the use of precisely the same name
to by more than one concern within
given districts, it also provides that
Sin each given district there shall be
~:maintained a public register In which
)r would be given the name, age and
' domicile of each member of a firm, as
well as the extent to which each one
° might be held legally liable for its
ct obligations, It also would make illegal
dthe use of a deceptive title, including
Ssuch words, for instance, as "broth
Iera," "and company," or 'and sons,"
e where the owner Is only one person.
Is From the proposed commercial reg
t- later a stranger would be able to as
,rcertain the name and residence of
if holders of not fully paid up shares,
eand the full particulars as to the na
y tionality. residence, etc.. of managers,
directors and other officers of corpor
amlons and associations. There would
also be particulars as to former bank
Sruptceae of persons or concerns In
7.Question. The present law already pro
vides for publication of many of these
SHalf-Breed Dies Without Rys eveal
Sing Method of Recoveringa c
S r the Dea ad. bro t
Always Wmorked at Night, Possessedt
San Uncanny Powe-tr and Succeeded
e Whov were All Other Methods
a r amHad F was criled.
it Stillwater, Minn.-John Jeremy, a
t-mysterious character, who for 42 years
P made his living by recovering thq
bod e104 bodle rowned in ltr kes and
e rivers of the northwest, ended his .
ifreer recently by committing suicide
after he had shot and kutmebile and an ac
~-qualatance in a quarrel over a woman.
e Jeremy, who was seventy-two years
h old and a resident of this place, died
without disclosing his uncanny method
St. L~oal--]Rs. Lol Sedle. o t
ityf of bringing bodies to the stourface.
et Onie weof his notable feats took place
nt a shortly before hista when he re
c overed the body of Miss Helen
toLearned okf St. Paul, who was drownel I
the rlsht hand.
i Lake polaen t severaul weeks previous.
ly. The dolake bed had been raked
scores of timobes and hope had been
drdMrs. Sadler to see the cityb
t abandoned when Fisherman John." a
b erem as kn on anniese ounce thatn h
awould ihd tlhe body. Within a short
time he had succeeded and collected
$100 for his work.
Liked Starlight for His Work.
ti~s eity, obtalad small sms of ao
rom other yrked alone and always at
"night. He liked a starry sky, but the
trays of a full moon seemed to hampel
ra them than aid him. S ome person
who for years had studied the peculiar
tieoo of Jeremy, who was a half-breed,
clarestimed ae usetd ovtrained muskras to
locate the missing corpses. Others
who prclaimed he knewturn the mofreakish twist
obtand turns of the river and lake cur
rents so well that he needed no other.
~aid r
S "Fisherman John" began his unique
profession in 1876. His efficiency soon
attracted the attention of the entire
success is probably dae to the faet t
anorthwest andI store my received large su
for the recoveray I my stof many of the bodiesr"
L h
l4 teal Selds will suPS
8 ,0 0 tes equal a tt
tim seettl h> t
i - s s
2 el
It is said that Germany is enraged
at the campaign nagalnst the German
language in thin country. Aw, what's
the use o' getting mad?
If you will think moitre. of Qnving
than of spending you m ill be surprised
to learn that there are mainy things
which you do not need after nil.
It i< s:lid the (.rernt< : t: he com
polled to eo h: hr.feote it In order to
Fave leather. 'ThLey arte <, I:, i they
are not entitled to th tt tuth fun.
S A hprominent ,hyhle:e director gays
every creait athlete intherirt, h!s physi
cal perfec'tion from lii in tt, r. About
d all lald e',''r. to do is p:yv tIhe. 11il1.
Baron lturian of Aue'tr':-iI i'tgary
says that ar I"'setsele'., Idhd."
Thiere is no to,'eir lke, eperlence,
a and it took four ye'ars to whip the' les
' son in.
d Cuffed troeers are to he tahmdon
. ed by federal orders to save material,
Ssays an exchanege. Why not nmake
t men weatr knickerhockers and save
t, more, mnateri:l?
i Yes, the great American college boy,
Slike all the other great Americean boys
from farm and factory, city, town and
country, is giving a good account of
himself on the fighting line.
Switzerland is conserving food' by
the silmple process of making bigger
holes in its cheese. Other nations take
the more elaborate way of making big
ger holes in pocketbooks.
The fact that 27.o.00(000 cartridges
were turned ouf by American factories
in one d(lay recently sounds big, but,
on the other hand, it is only 27 shots
t apiece for the boys over there.
SOur idea of a popular fellow in the
neighborhood is one who owns a com
plete assortment of garden tools and
seems never to want to use one when
his neighbors have need for it.
No matter how much style is put in
Sthe American uniform, it would not
appeal to the slacker who stands on
Sthe street corner all dclay to keep from
ruining the crease in his trousers.
"What shall the harvest be?" sang
Sthe amateur gardener last spring. To
Shis credit let it be said that in the ma
jority of instances he is raising what
he thought he was going to raise when
he planted.
The government discovers that deaf
mutes make excellent aviators. And
they wouldn't be heard shouting
Kamerad very much, either.
That citizen who was willing to do
without the necessities of life provided
he could have the luxuries is about to
encounter some hard sledding.
News of the capture of German sol
diers is getting to he almost as com
mon as the headline which states that
Miss - has married Lieutenant - .
Crops are unusually good in England
this year, and we may as well admit
now, before someone makes us. that
the women are raising the crops is
England this year.
Despite the scartcity of leather, Im
provident snakes refuse to be half
soled and so shed their entire old
skins, thus having to provide them
selves with new ones.
Farmers may not wish to muzzle the
ox that treadeth out the corn, but farm
ers' wivee often want to muzzle the
harvest hand when he begins to roam
around among the victuals.
Prlncess Mary of England ii to be
come a trained nurse. Her brother,
the heir to the throne, is la active serv
Iee at the' front, Evem royalty cannot
alord to be a slacker these days.
*Not in Any Combination
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