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0.I0 o 00 Upbumeld «a he Wsi M Ne RMlver. "A very Ilve and creditabe weekly .w.spape."--MANUPACTURERq' RECORD. UNITE STATES GOVENMENT
Jeams lancey, Patrick
SJuke 'satraLng left
ar France.
tt lancey left Saturday
Toak, after spending a fiw
his mother.
Spol Jensen of New York
- w days at the home of Miss
Cayar of Lafayette is
Algers, the guest of Mi
irted of Mis 1we
m irt to leorn that she is
sI" t ElMira AvenS.
8uss00uy and little dnsgh
f Sitletl, La., are visit
the guests of the for
iMr. August Krauss, in
!g bel entertained the
a. week. The success
rWe Mrs. C. V. Kraft and
Mrs. H Lee Ieaoe re
eassolation. The next
b at the home of Mrs.
E chabel spent Thanks
e with her mother, return
l it. Louis on Friday.
aes Hartnett will enter
-e' TalurdaY Lvening Euchre
 r hbome in Vallette Street.
 aklt Donner is out again,
re illness.
ad Mrs. i. E. Hingle and
a poate-a-la-Hache were
m this week.
j Thorn was home ona a
brruIgg from North Car
hre he visited his rela
l s. Chris l. Stumpf.
tocke Street.
Chneard is spending a
with her husband at
La., where he is eam
ftrieds of Mrs. George
be gmad to learn that
eel, after a severe spell
*kroedr and family
s Opelusasa and OlUvier
Polock and family
renldee at thet
OvYlter 2aeet, nea
SWRisa will be one of the
e( the Normal School
Oak who vit the
aWb **ehool Dar" ad
ae of cemsservatsic am
S . the -be lj oa the
2, K. o P., wll
year at the
M 'eght
II a tanted scholar
laea r, played a esol
G. Q. ,ashare on so.
a e No. 6., order
nikg. All mea
ieMts tto be present.
Jtl I JaL. anmd Clayton
as ea the steamsbip
a New York.
il ile J. Leam , Jr..
1 an supping with
-s fer the bell
Was beess irea
y., -a str act
,ret Dipatch Cou
1ietiwaled the Ms
'abseay at tnorm.
ipers were Mrs. Ln
C. V. Kaft sad es.
gr Mrs.  .sb
Herbert resved
Miss Clair-s Rick
at the aut ea
Pell w ao.afhed
swU who wila qead
CL will te
S Iatg, at 7 olok.
bebre Clab mat
Mrs . Owea M.
-ayes were
is V. 14t sad
Jeha A. Marse
teiiag the . A..T. C.
Whetley was eleate
. Mnr3. C. Go e.
bay visit to Ms. a
wo i a. Y ab
OimNeda Trt" & Savings Bank
Sends Out aceeks to Algiers
People Amnasting to
The Algiers Branch of the Commer
eial Trust and Barings Bank located
on Patterson and Verret Streets, was
certainly a good Santa Clause this
year to tbhe Algiers people. They
sent out their Christmas Savings
obecks on Tuesday, paying out the
great rm of $12,t99.55.
Conideurln that our people have
been called upon durinl the past year
to buy two sets of Liberty Loan
Bonds, and subscribe to Red Cross,
Community War Work Campaign,
War Saving Stamps etc.., the showing
made by the Christmas Savings ac
counts were very gratifying to the
banking Institutions.
It is predicted that the year 1919
will be a redord year for savings
banks, and especially will there be
larger amounts deposited again for
Christmas Savinags
The Christmas Savings Checks of
the Commerolal Trust and Savings
bank are beautifully lithographed with
a picture of Santa Claus which
is very attractive and inspiring to the
young boys and girls, but the really
interesting part of the check is the
printed portion which says "Will pay
One hundred twenty dollars anad
eighty oeats."
' ery dnwasd made-on
iWedeedli_ I for a str of the
rlir ,ots bd after sevet confer
eaces the walk out was mporarilly
MaYer Behrma was brought into
the controversy by a telegram from
the National Adjustment Commission,
asking him to prevent if possible a tie
up of the harbor facilities at this port,
The mayor pesenod the unionists
and owaers o i boat for a confer
eace , the ioslmae, eforts were
also Sapended by a.J. Bm u of the
lFedea pirsm elee to avert
the waslko
This esanfseoe, hel la the Audu
boa uldingl. was infermal. No action
was takes ol. o lmer B. Wood rep
rated the owners, but sena sot
prlwe that the 26 per eat Mgrease
a5b03 1 be gives at eats.. The
amn tsi" pIa, sad said tat te
wealm tie up the whole pert saunless t
was gives thSem.
The bts were oeratisl when thl
Mrs. J lMaorag entertalned at
dianer on w ians Day In honor
o her sea Dewey Therniag. U. S. N.,
who is hers an a furlough.
Those presen were Misses Uher
Sadler, laldrsd One and Susie
T'horaag, Mr. and Mrs. W. Galling
house and daughter, Mercedes; Mis
Plesel, Mrs. P. Gerdes. Mr. and Mrs.
J. Cleutat and dsshter, Myrtle; Mr.
and Mrs. N. Thorning, Mrs. J. M.
Thboran and George and DeweR
emorik services for departed
Elks wen held by New Oreams
Lodge No. 2O in the Athenaeum at
5:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The
wourm eesa ted ehiey of- musical
bers, the BElk' band and the
Schoir taking a prominent part.
Charles Janvier and Joe P. lUlivan
delvered eulogies to themw gp who
bave died.
Amswn thee who died durti the
pat year awre Peter lupp ad Peter
A Je w meat at the bem et
A Dus Udelas was landlge in
as Cre, Dris Bake, MUdn
HfllebrLdbt Delas Ume B nd
Ntbhae,a am Rmatr ad
Yrtse wa na t e
STh I rns. aen and C ude
spottag ad athl iei es amles, Is
gu kee bik for a wu or
age the ses wa " ra ' We
Jabs - •~. ther., -s
Igh i baes ot seIg Al reete the
balag after he is masterdt at
r aesrvi* for saho *
naves ason eon M ner a als
the prest**t*
ansa m g wilab iv c *fr
asses~t~ jeae Deaker 43 a
teAvenuen pausing Aemsay, R.'
* 4
31gett i JoNhn Mpyeldda
4._ ahamean
- ~ - - -- - _ _ __ _
El Make the Him Do It[
1; THS MES~vo.
ii''·I:i l·:: .·~ ~ Ara ctEn V ·:I, i
p a:;···. . ' '
K·· .·:~
Answering an inquiry from the Re
tail Grocers' Association, Harry Gasp
ble, Assistant Attorney Gendral, gave
an opinion that there is no authority
for the issuance of a half-year liquor
license, because of prospective pro
hibition, until, after July 1. The in
quiry addressed to the Attorney Gen
eral was "whether, In the event of
prohibition for next July, the State
will exact a full year's license."
4 ot.adi~ -a 4adodtafttioa ot
tion and the West and Naval trat
lag Camp will eventually put the
latter out of existence, a naval of
fleer In close touch with both sta
tions, said Tuesday. The numbei
of men at the Algiers station will be
reduced, but kt will still continue
to be a permanent naval post, he
said, explaining that New Orleans
was an important naval center and
that he could forsee nothing that
would take the station away from its
present location.
The officer could not forecast Just
how soon the West End camp would
fallinto disuse. Present orders cov
ering demobilization at the two posts
aover principally the reanstatement
to inactive duty of the reserve forces,
called out by the war. So far, about
100 men have thus been retired, he
The present orders call for the de
mbillation retirement to inactive
duty of eme man out of five, and the
officers are attempting as far as pos
sible first to send back home those
men who most need to go back, such
as men whom the war was prevent
ing from ftnishing their education, it
was explained.
crowd met at the hems o Misses
Ireme alp Leoma Nolan and from there
the rowd went to the hoe of Miss
Helen Walk in McDseghville. Many
-thr were taken and eewryoe en
joyed themselves. Among those who
wee present are: Misses P. L
Usey, . North, E. Kennedy, P.
KinkaM, M. North. J. Usey, H. Palk.
L Guya, Ndia, A. Traha,V. Haush
ect, Ward, L Nolan, . E, tnger,
M."- t Msenerm. . O.Usey, H.
0. Peare` U. S. N, .. O. Burton, R.
J. C I. Soa s, I L. Grand. L
Wl .e . . N, G. H. Pepe, Jos.
U 4ot, i , L & Bartoa, II.
... .r -
.- Ja d m
J' -·r lrlr
The pbove Is a good Skeuses of Jel
ferson C. Gerrets, member of Battery
"C," 141st Field Artillery. The gl
ture was taken "somewhere" In
France, in front of the regimental
guardhouse, on Sunday, November 3.
The picture shows that r. Gerrms
has taken on considerable weight
since he left Algiers.
A jolly crowd of young folks gath
ered at the home of Mr. Royce
Trauth in Ehnlira Avenue. Dacing
and singing were ndulged tn ntil a
late hour. Those present were:
Misses Mildred Hildebrand, Doris
Baker, OGlesar Shirk, Hadel Cayard,
Carrie Hildebrand, Della Barmaster,
Myrtle Sutherland, Annie Trauth.
Gladys Siraey, OesulS and Laeanitus
Caster, Catherian Ioroslp and
Amelia Trauth, Nesuts. Robert Gal
liaghouse Royes Trauth, William
Barry, Igara Trauth. Ibdea ges
dre. Maurni Robichaux, Raymond
Daly, Thomas Hero, Janase Jeer,
WWmla 8Stherd and Andrew
Machinery will be placed at the
Johnson Iron Works aboard the Moss
Point, the second wooden vessel built
by the Dantzler Shipbuilding Com
pany at Moss Point. $Mis. The vessel
was towed by the BHaso Towboat Com
pany and tied up at the Johnson Iron
Works' wharf. She is of the Ferris
type, of 3.500 tons and will be put
into service by the Emergency Fleet
Corporation as soon as the work on
her is completed.
On Tuesday night 8ts. John Lodge
elected the followtig officers 'for
the year 1929:
Worshipful Master, Theo Hotard;
Senior Warden, Frank P. Dietrich;
Junior Warden, Sam T. MGarry;
Senior Deaeon. W. H. Crawford; Ju
nior Deacon, L. ,Maus; Secretary, C.
E. Dunbar; Treasurer, Geo. E. Her
bert, Jr.; M. of C., I. Ekman; Tyler,
Wm. Senat; Chaplain, Frank Hen
ning; Stewards, W. Lucas; Hall
Committee-F. H. Galt. J. E. Lorlo,
Geo. Herbert, Jr.; Ptnance Commit
tee-.. W. Bunrgis, L. Acker, C. A.
Sutherland; Trusees--Geo. Herbert,
Jr., A. Spitsfaden, Jr.; Organist-
Geo. Herbert, Jr.
Officers wil be installed on St.
John nilght, December 27. There
will also be a banquet.
In Mr. Wilie Hantel, son of Chas.
al Hastel of the old Famous Bath House,
3. has just been promoted to chief en
ta gmneer of the U. S. 8 Keresospo, with
ht the rank of lst Lieutenant, Senior
grade. Young Hantel will be remem
bered as having been torpedoed on
three different ships, namely the
Petrolltp and Log Lauman which
were sunk and another ship which
was able to make port after being
,ih strak.
a S gwP3B U PART,.
e On Tuaeday ight, December 3rd.
an agreslae surprise was tendered
Littl iss Sylvia Roseberry of
Vlcksburgk at the home of her aunt
and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Augsst
SKrause, n PiMean Arene.
JThe merry r myt at the hone of
the M Ayee m a sm Street.
then proceeded to the home. Dancing
and many .m usans were in
ad dalgsd In. Delaty re were
' served.
SAll. present spent an tj o eve
W'ednesday morning of last week.
after an appropriate program had
been rendered, the usual collection
of Thanksgiving donations took place.
Potatoes, onions, and fruits of dif
terent kinds were collected in large
amounts. Besides these, there were
edibles of every description.
These articles were sent to the
leaders of the various churches of
our district, for distribution among
those who were in need of help 4pd
cheer. Some needy families were
.,ent baskets of provisions.
The Eighth Grade boys worked very
wilingly and. under the principals di
rection, collected, arranged, and dis:
tributed the articles.
We take this method of thanking
the boys and their parents for their
generous response to the Thanksglv.
ing call and we know that they re
ceive God's daily blessings and, in
that fact, they get a just return.
The principal's office has been en
larged and renovated. The walls have
been done over in two shades of buff
and the woodwork has been stained
oak. This important section of the
school has an inviting and comfort
able appearance.
Messrs. Dewey, Thorning, and Ed
mund Hebert were very welcome
visitors to the school last week and
the teachers were very glad to know
that these splendid young men had
not forgotten their old school and
their teachers. The former came from
Norfolk and has done active work
in foreign waters in the hospital
service, and the latter is stationed
at the Naval Air Base, Pensacola,
Florida. Both of these rollicking
sailor boys have improved in every
possible way, being in excellent
physical condition and cheerful spirits.
We wish them good luck in the future.
A called meeting of the McDonogh
No. 4 Co-operative Club was held last
Tuesday. Owing to the Inclement
weather, there were not many pres
ent but much work was accomplished.
Because the school needs so many
Improvements that require funds, the
club decided to give an entertainment
the and dance in the school Saturday.
sa December 14, at 6 p. m. We need
tilt the co-operation of every parent and
im- child to help make this affair a suec
ael cess and we, hope to se a larg
rm- generous crowd present on that oc
on casion.
ris A fine beand will be engaged and
put the young gentlement and ladies who
et form the dancing crewd of our din
on trlct, are promisd a good time ff they
Donations to the refreshment and
fanoy-wolk booths will be sratetally
Sreoeved. Remember the date sad
the place. Admisem a bw -e
Iism cents td eh ret, tan its.
The next rulaor ontLh dmitn
or cý clueb Vwil tNs L , Tuesday,
rd; help an this uadertalag.
h; The following have been placed on
y; the committees:
Fu- REtertlament Committee-Msses A.
C. Poncet, Averill, Hughes, and Mee
er- dames Dafy and Sehwarseabach.
or, Reresm Committee-Meadames
en- Wm. Short, f, Burgi, Habeer,
all Amaeda, and Blakeessa.
lo, Fancy-work and Mystery Boxe-
it- Miss a Murphy and Medames Hop
A. per, Irtr, L. Acher, sad H. Acker.
rt, Muio6 Committee-Misses A.
OShaughnesy, Davis, and Ader.
Ticket Commattee-Msers. Deity,
St. Burgle, and Huhpasr.
ir Other co ittswlbe appointed
weat Tuesday nlght,
Os Wednesday of last week Thanks
dvling Day exercise were held at
Belleille Sheool . At these exercises
SMiss loreee Burgih bade the teach
e ra, the pupals, and the princpal,
ith "ed-by" as she was to leave for
'- "uy Frams" that snght.
'h Red Croe Cart is comint to
on .w to collect the toys on Tues
theday at 11 o'clock a. m.
1ch rem thirty to forty baskets were
Sich seat aout to the poor by the kleville
Spupils. Other baskets were' at to
the Old Polk aM ud to the Sister of
Poor. Money was meat to the local
ebharitable orgatnatlon.
The first I t on the War Wel
ar ple a ee due wMetr. Stl
area uwell u adalts ar 4 plylna ap.
'* MDONOGE No. 5 Nlor .
Thaksgiving Day was sherved lu
aof the uual way at MeDonogh No. .
t. Donations were reoasved and dis
lag tribtd among the needy by the
e hldren of the schoo
A Misty interest is beian shown in
eforts to adopt. a trench orphan.
Schldrn are sviag penie and
by CI'it3tas to have the rs
- sum for a little sister or
The Monthly Soeal Club met at tho
bome of Mr. Claude atwistle on
Tuesday, Decee~a er 3. DaIaty -r
freshmets were servl. These was
eat were: Misses Irva DaniLs, U.-t
Pettligrove, Anna Belle Kltrktr_.*
Helen Davis, ,Emma Georg Iella
oy, Thel a Cayrd, i Capard,.
Pearl Caletto and Gi uatcher,
Mrs. 0. G nch. Mrs. ur .r 8.
M. Cader, Mr. sd . T.N t -
tie, Mrs. C. 3t~s M ters. ILe
Hngle, Herbert inga Edgar Cy
ard, Tisdale Deaels, Mr. Rolllar C.
Widney, Claude Btwistle and others.
On Pru , Nbvmber 3, a bly
crowd of poang folks met at the
home of Misses Mare nn Ead thel
North anj gve sa dance Ia honor of
Lylua .1s~a U. N, who s
home on a f •r .
The rmls was meet enayaMy
spet. sgn bCelms tnladged It ,att
a lat6 hear. Thee present were
alasees Ednar, Kie seos asa Irae
olsan, JIess Gauy, Ella Kea~s y
Ethel sad Marion North, .M'es. Ig
Sma B. WIMde, U. . N.; htris Got.
tClger, Udwiar Me uad Chle
Petty Osew Ed Tuner
Collection of real estate taxes, due
since July, will begin January 2, ac.
cording to the announcement made
'Monday morning by Deputy Commis
sioner Arthur .. O'Keefe.
The delay in getting out the bills
was caused by a change in the as.
sessment system. necessitating the
making of new assessessment rolls.
Personal taxes must be paid by lie
cember 14, said Mr. O'Keefe, or be
delinquent. Mr. O'Keefe appealed to
the' public to pay their personal taxes
promptly and avoid rush and con
The fact that poll taxes are being
paid slowly also was pointed out by
Mr. O'Keefe. who is making prepar
ations to meet the usual last-minute
During the past week very little
work was turned out by the Surgical
Dressings Deparrment. In fact, the
result is most discouraging, in view
-of the large allotments given us by
the New Orleans Chapter. The em
ergetey order for 20oo 81-A Pads for
French hospitals is not yet com
pleted, only 1.155 being finished to
date. This order should have been
completed by October 25th, and the
prospects are that it will be carried
over into next year. The October
and November allotments remain un
touched, and the December allot
ment is due.
From the foregoing report, It will
be seen that although the war is
over In a sense, there is still plenty
of work for the Red Cross, and It
will be just as unpatriotic to desert
the cause now as it would have been
while the war was in progress. Miss
Herbert, Capt. of Surgical Dressings,
therefore, urges all her workers to
report at 'the workroom during this
and next week. The working days
for this department have been re
duced to three, Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday.
'Mrs. W. J. Vau HRes, Cotamandant
a the Algiers Canteen, wishes all
those who have expressed their de
sirp to join this branch of Red Cross
work. to meet with her at the K. of
C. Hall, Priday, 6th ast, at 8 p.
', for the purpose of turning in
their applicaton blank, receiving
membership cards, emblems, etc.
Instructions will also be given in
regard to the material for the unl
forms. It is hoped that erane
0 has given her name wll be
pasnt at this meeting; those un
ale to attend will please notify the
secretary, Miss G. Herbert, sa4 re.
Cehve ftom her the aeeeeaary ntornma
We are advsed, by the Canteen
Headquarters thatf then Is Just as
much need for this department as
heretofore, and that the movement of
men from eamp to camp and those
returning from oversees whi will
pass through our city, will make this
feature of the Red Cros veryn ece
sary for an Indefinite period.
The Hospital Gaments and Re
fugee departments have completed
their allotments which will be de
livered to tbs New Orleam ead
quarters on Monday of nest week.
There swl remain some sweaters
to be distributeod. Knitters are
asked to come forward that our al
lotment will be completed on tioe.
A meeting of Branch No. 4, A. R.
C., has been called by the officers
for Monday, December 9, at 7:06,
at the K. of C. Hall. All members
are urgently asked to be present.
The ewr an Serneat Alvin . Wi
Dias havia bes killetd in atio In
Prscs aon November 10th, was recelv.
ad by his mother, Mrs. B. 3. Willtams,
Sn Thabgvin morning, at her
home, 491? Camp Street. He was 2
yars old and a forme mredet of
Air Several years ao he o
pi a pootion with a lare manu
lecturln concern ia Jolet, Il.. and
two weks afte the United States
entered the war, he enlisted i Com
pay B. 34th Regheeqt U. 8. A. and
wa Mlmmdat* aged io duty on
the dm . Damri the latter part
of Junea, he cams home on a ten-day
frlough, and e Auust 17th saeed
ori an retters always cheerfl
and kopeal, wer raeceivl from him
rularly abalt every three weeks,
and in his lst letter, dated Novem
bier he made note of theim fact,
that although n the front ltn
trenehe, with bullets fabll like rain
about him..e was still safe and his
luck a bholdig out. He was writ
ig in a est eamp and intended r
turingn to the firtha line after a few
hours rest,ad was killed on his re
trn to the taehes on the topwring
Shortly after his arrival in lasace
he was promoted to SeriAAt, Was
efred the positton of Seu t Major,
trjo dendit wurk. iht deed It,
Wb he had . enlisted in the Regular
Ivq to w i ade eat service in
w e I nt p pretld not to he
lacd lai the offe.
TheLou atrr is sur"ved by his
ithe, Brard J. WillIms, his
amther ho was Josephine sbina, ad
feart ier Mrs. parry Monoea Mrs.
3 .Ic ahI d the Misem Ollie sad
Jeeph_-m s. Mr. Willias was
notiled at Pilot Town and hastened
A vqy areeable surprise was ten.
dared Mr. and .ike. -aett a3
Shiis Tuesday night at e b or
at Mr. and Mrs. Thomas titenweep,
the ocaslon beng the belemeg af
the tairtesmth wedydo e aseal ky
a It. sad YM. Shildts, A eautifl
ke ad orned lwith tislgo' eiadles
eeceuped the cster et thl tal, whmeil
surreoudnl It was a wetith at sambla
and n n abundanee of wrt and mr,
rhet, The sae Wa ut by Mr,
Moleey nd t easts .re drea .
the sure heaith -p Ireepenspu
the heaw esea

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