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Three New Frocks for the Tiny Girl
I ..
Nothing ih the way of an innovation
appears among the displays of frocks
for small girls. Plain cottons in light
olors with white cuffs and collars
make up the bulk of the stocks for
everyday wear, varied by a reversal of
this order in white frocks with collars
and cuffs In colors. Old-fashioned and
simple fancy stitching-the cross
stitch, feather-stitch, outline-stitch and
cat-stitch among others--with smock
ing and simple embroidery, add their
pretty, quaint touch to these gay
dresses. French knots and small but
tons are among those present in the
little company of childish decorations
that loving fingers add to little clothes.
Plain or small-striped materials are
preferred over plaids for young chl-=
dren. Organdie in white, with narrow
stripes in all the light colors are made
up for girls of three or more, with the
simplest sort of finishing in bindings
of plain white. These are for her dress
up occasions. Swiss organdie, with4
dainty embroidered edges and figures.
appears in the most pretentions of lit
ile frocks, like that shown in the cen
ter of the group above. At the left a
-~elow chambray Is shaped at the
waist with smocking and has white
gandle collar And cuffrs. The smock.
S Equipped for Beach and Swimming 7
L. .a 1
i ttle children take to the water ir
Ikh dcklinp and oeght to be given
a haneo to lear to wlim, wheever
Ilr lot may be ast. This is an e I1
maal part at their eucation and !
gllgt well be a part ea pblld school I
lmtretine, as i symals arel,, a l na::
mtety and a ane and plcasure to a
be water is afttr lfe depend pon SEt. i
Some youngd n learn a early that i
they hardly nrm er tih m  o I!
mho Mke to tel t gagp, shift tar
Is elus m there Is any water In
talklg itIas that w give thema a
I cbae ft water sports, and teach
Iae another ow to wIm, oi en by e
lak msthods Oils make ue* swEml
them and cetaaly oaght to be gie 1
I than to learn at the earlest tmea
lea an l the bathtag mts !w gis
mser tirtee are made ake the ait.
bad wetal t shows n the piantu
Ihe body sad the abort and sawew at
Ile *lt are ton ms pee-e aty
Iee-wa ated. _Separate, dilesoks
bes are statchedb to the body a aU
Ae below the rmatl watltleab and
abe Wat bottons on aee ahoolder with
two rather large bone huaebos. O N
to be worn In the water are at rubber
eth. and made In Ught colors and
amil ways. khey erve to dana
taleh eir attle wes.b ka amsst
etlped Rre Umpe ee% s s p
Pd the celebration at voete
at i >hly. a hametterlatle ea.
aq eoesrad a boat at the Gareibdd
-ag A a A ot asgilash rai.
am-as a paean -e
b - a nespoch jtir te ra at
e the T
ý` WlaseleY a W agp
n aa [email protected] -
lug on these frocks is usually done
I with heavy mercerised cotton dfoss In a
contrasting color, or in white.
The frock at the right is in blue and
has frills of white organdle and rows
of small white buttons to set off its
lovely color.
Fur Used Less.
In the new suits for fall the absence
of fur trimmings is notable. This is
partly on account of the very high
prices of furs now and partly because
women are at present wearing all sotts
of long stoles, capes and coatees of
fur over their suits and dresses. It is
thought this fad will carry into the
coming fall and winter, and now in
these days of thought for conserva
tion of materials, all these little items
are considered by the manufacturer.
Draped Hats.
The draped hat, both in fabries and
braids, will be a prominent millinery
feature of the autman season. Metal
ribbon in fancy weaves is another
millinery feature of interest.
ansy others when the beaches an
Scrowded, as wel as keep the heir dip
rMany o the usts are blue, with
bands In white and ia stroag colorn,
I Bright gree, banded with whites aad
I bright orange handed with black afe
i farorite this mseaon With tbhese u
aI lU there a rubber caps to match,
Smad In many wads, ms that watching
u mothers a esily keep an e the
Spartlelar head that is her eare
r Most poaters n baretoted to
Itee the beach is reck, In which came
I sett loth bshoes p s theru' no
I snlts are provided witha knlt edas
matching its border ln color, and mr
Slabed with pare tassels, but is isamae
SIt l sensan t e a a t n e neded& A
a paretty ebelaheaea, h oweve a
glvs tem to the plat little aldt ip
mqs o pll es apa n nlw
mqrbepthered trathe plete,
e poseeless that otherwse we m be
Seart at pla e m a ga a ~lna et
r eadomeP m and  de, and g
I mall city tarters the edagat to
Shold a peat amd l dwithe  eo~
cr owded
Barbar Frieteble d Vesag Ohima.
Th amem oat Whittle'$ poem, "Ban
bars Frletch" hes swept to als,
where school children in Raegt
m sammteastd i the auate town d
the herIelne d the pirns.s (imseo
bos ba rea the peoem sad mow a&,
al* Isnlma .i sand a pin eta t a
towS. Rmases Mr. alred s agU
ndee e sa wbasseea bat w
tsIr a "fet W. lat a- es
bu s. barº mr e m at as
'THE "
1f every one were wise and sweet,
And every one were Jolly;
If every heart with gladness beat,
And none were melancholy;
If none should grumble or complate,
And nobody should labor
In evil work, but each were fain
To love and help his neighbor
Oh. what a happy world 'twould be
For you and me, for you and mel
This is the season of the year when
grandmothers' recipes are looked over
for the family
dishes which is
each home are eae
peclally cherished.
"No one makes
mince pie that
tastes like our
mince pie," and
the fruit cake and
plum pudding are equally as good.
Each cook adds a bit of flavor or
seasoning which makes the dish inll
vidual, therefore it is often difficult
to get just the required taste, if some
of the small and important details
have been omitted. Most of us have
had experience in trying to get a de
lightful dish put down in terms of
cupfuls and tablespoonfuls; it Is next
to impossible as bowls and cups dif
fer in households as well as hands
and pinches. These days with the
standard measuring equipment we
should be able to pass on a satisftac
tory recipe.
Suet Pudding-Take one cupful each
of molasses, sour milk and chopped
suet. Add three and one-halt cupfuls of
flour, one cupful of chopped dried
fruit, two eggs, well-beaten, and such
spices as one likes. Add one tea
spoonful of soda and steam two hours.
Prune Pudding-Soak a pound of
choice prunes over night, then mince
nfie and add one pint of bread crumbs,
one-half a cupful of sweetfat, one cup
f ful of sugar, three eggs, one-fourth of
a cupful of molasses, half a teaspoon
ful of cloves, one teaspoonful of cin.
namon and one-half teaspoonful of
soda dissolved in a tablespoonful of
milk. Steam three hours. Serve with
any favorite sauce.
Pork Pudding-Take one cupful of
fat salt pork, chopped fine, one cup
ful of chopped raisins, two cupfuls of
honey, three and one-half cupfuls of
sifted flour, one and one-half cupfuls
of sour milk, one teaspoonful of soda,
one teaspoonful of cinnamon and one.
half teaspoonful of cloves. Mix and
beat well and steam four bhors.
Serve with a rich trauit sauce.
It love is the greatest tuag In the
world, thmen hate Is mthe meatest ev
for hate Is the opposite e love. Love
attractS, hate repels Love is life
hate is death. ate s the worst
waste that can enter a homs ou.
Oeorse Matthew Adamr
Oysters are usually liked by moet
people and when reasonable in price
add variety to the
diet, although the
nutritive value of
the oyster is not
especially high. In
using oysters buy
the largest you can
as they are far
more ecoomlenlt
than the smaller variety as usually
Oyster Teoast-Take half a doses
large, fat oysters: stew them in their
own liquor, adding seasoning to tastae
Have ready as many rounds of well
toasted bread lightly buttered. Pour
the oysters and their broth over the
toast. Serve at once.
Stewed Oytere--Cook a pint of
oysters in their own liqonor untll the
edges curl; season well, after remo.
ing from the liquor, add rich milk or
thin cream to the hot broth and when
Sboling hot add the oysters and serve.
When the oysters are removed from
the broth add plenty of seasonilng.
Then when the milk and broth are add
ed thee willbe ready to sermve.
Steamed Oyster, - Place wea
washed oysters in a steamer with the
shells placed to save the liquor when
open; set over a kettle of bollnlg wa
ter and steam until the shells open,
when they are ready to serve. Serve
in the shells with butter and slt to
Pasmed Oyster-Lay in a pie plate
Sdipping pan a half-plint of oystrm;
have the dish lare enough so that
each oyster lays flat om the bottom; :
add a Bttle oyster liquor and put into
the oven; just best through m.tl
thbor ly hot, but mt baked, wiMh
will beo la about five mintesm pte
pam toast ligtly butere and mash
ter with the eyster luor. Powr the
e-eten over the toat and serve at
Oyster Pelm e a deap pie tUr
with pse, put in a pint of eoymter
waon with salt pepper and bUtter,
rinkle with emr and eover with a
crest, leavi an openlng teor steam
to escape. Bakeho until the erst Is
teois a g· lel we.
n Mtmunr, , l, Nmme r
1N beimeve tbt with tme eois et
ts war th eatre m e tremehem In
S mese estnea g them Alsa c to the
pIoWaI brder, may bi eamvrtd itot
a smt eo aflomal scre omest as a
pmnemt Nrbute to t0 mms ry o
ph breac. "oleab' who dSad thesre
ehmdl . as0* live s. A prepLd -
Sem tos t s eel has be grsp uzg
i i momst t a et f the ispar
I met at m e Memes ean wi e be>
- h el
Capricious Eva Tanguay, she
whose chief charm lies in that no one
ever knows what she will do next,
and whose well-earned title is that of
the world's greatest eccentric come
dienne, will be at the Orpheum next
week. And Eva Tanguay is Eva
Tanguay, no matter what suprelative
adjective the reviewers may apply to
her and to her art, for her's is a name
to conjure with in all affairs of the
stage, a personality once seen whose
art is never forgotten. By sheer
force of her personal magnetism she
has enrolled the entire amusement
going public under her standard, and
she is winning new recruits by thou
ea sands on her triumphal tour South
ir this season.
17 Bizzare originality in song, costumes
and rendition has put this actress in
a class so entirely by herself that,
while she has had many imitators,
she never has had a real competitor
S--but Orleanians will be allowed to
lat judge her wonderful ability and enjoy
mur the entertainment she provides at
.nd the Orhpeum all next week, beginning
nd with the matinee at 2:15 p. m., Mon
od. day.
or Besides the cyclonic Eva on next
.. week's bill, there will be an array
of entertainment which bids fair to
be as good or better than any the
ii Orpheum management has provided
its for some months. There will be
My Mlaryon Vadie, America's peerless
e' danseause, with Ota Gagi, court vio
of linist to the King of Spain. "The
xt Fashion Plate", a beautiful delineator
lit. of songs and fashions, with Bobbie
tds Simands at the piano, will be among
he those present . George M. Fisher and
The American  Ibrary Association and the Army I. M. A. A.operat
I their plan to encourage good reeading among soldiers. This Is a corner of
a r. L . A. b hding 1 the Southern Department utilized asu a library for
the soldiers. "Toxy Grandpa" behind the counter Is popular with the men,
and each ed the ive hundred books Ln the little lbrary are peased out o an
averagme st twice each month. "Poy Orandpa" has another reapoosalblit3>y.
b presenmts a ner khak-covered new Testament to every soldier whoasks
for It, and a surprisingly large number of the men request the little book.
In act, most of the soldiers have made It a pert of their equipent The
ers fublsbed fhe by the Army T. M.C.A.
Wherlan toe soldier is o duty be m oy emsld anrd Tmmss an oene mny
ways t one tihe Gst things he is se to do Is to wri to bep fa
aWitlng paper, envelopes, Ink red pens are iurished l ee to the men ou the
Amy, Y. V. Q A.
Thie s a p ieture at a "rushh bo o letter waritn and msn asrne soes.
Strong, Forceful Men
With Plenlty of Iron
In Their Blood
Toer And EneryW To W.A
tr adbot ap "w an womaN falls
se ptt of Iron i the Wood. say Dr.
dames rancis Sullivan, formerly Inni
cian of Bellevue Hospital (Outdoor &RO), New york anod th Wdcbi
ter County Hospiwt 'Lack of Iran the blood notnly makes a mas et
physc and mfa l seoro, irritablk ca k strngt of bil
nley robs him of that rwforce,that .ain v ..of ad
When soXe r to .o f d he and power in ry walk of lif It
mayt abo tra erns o at aathl swheimetd woman into one wo u
mc. orarn 0 irrable. Toelp make str em red-boode
e-. oo.neof wee_, neryom, run-down people in two week" time
Ps .-s.. it urenow a redus hrns" le a tter awrin and mag reel
STeuero, en g e ,-Govwor of Iora; former Unied Mtate Seno a (
lci~ t ombn arle h Towny Genar Jonm , C (
tieda),teQ_rmmr boe of WShil-mo a theu _ t U.. r
"Man yg * 4* e ma or rn alls 4
se hrrt eof wu becausem e they adon't
""gpl,"uyof Iron nt blood," my.wDr.
uterlf rb i fta iiefreta tmn n tegho
John K. Hawley have a special act I
"Business is Business." Brodean andi
Silvermore are out in "A Cannine Con
tortionist." Lester Crawford and
Helen Broderick will applear in a little
of this and a little of that, while the
skating Bijouves will show how the'
skating marvels of Europe perform.n
The Orpheum Travel Weekly will show
pictures of the world at work and at
play; the Official Weekly Allied War
Review will present our soldiers in
action in Europe, and Professor E. E.
'T'osso, with his Orpheum Concert
Orchestra promises an entirely new
and appropriate musical prograim.
In short, next week is to he one of
the banner weeks of vaudeville at the
Orpheum this season. If you miss it.
you'll be orry.
H. N. G. C.
A story based on the theme of!
traded identities will be the enter
taining feature at the Ii. N. C. ('. Fri
day night.
"Lend M.e Your Name." a farce
comedy, starring Harold Locknaood
has many complications of a highly
original and amusing order. Mr. Lock
wood plays the dual role of an Earl
and a burglar. "'A Rural Riot," will
be the comedy.
A gem of romance in a setting of
laughter will be the Sunday attrac
tion, when Madge Kennedy, Goldwyn's
popular star appears in "'Our Little
Wife." The story of the girl who
cheered her rejected lovers by taking
them on her honeymon. Lyon and
Moran will amuse all in "Don't Shoot."
A screen telegram completes the pro
t ý ~ - -- -- ----- -- -
the atinees --- Wednesdays and Saturdays
Nil -Bren -
;,.Ne m... Great American
PRICES . Nights, 25c ro 1.50 :,nea , 2c to 00
it. _
rhe eHome of
arj Superior Vaudeville
10 50, 1 5 c, 50 10c, 15c, 25e SOc, 75c
'ngFoto's Folly Theatre
Week Ending Saturday, Feb. 1st.
St I'X A.\1" s. h-- ?t :- "Fu- Fr.,t rr:
Eht* I1 t . 1h .< .e y
NEl'a i :he \~, ' "
\14 N!)AV'. t: , .7t - " '1T' Dtr,.q' lia ., "
A!ice Bralv. "11 L .'lp, Ru:t'. R
land. '"frd \ ekl ."
"T1 ESl)AY. .,.:. , ":.-" L::: - "h" NrtH.'
". . ay " fz .., \ ,r \\ ck! .
."11h6 V . ."t.r,].'""
Woodmen of the World
Victory Celebration
One Whole Great Big Week
Jan. 20-26th Inclusive
Public Square, Teche St.,
Fun and Amusements for Everyone
All the musie on the fighting lines In France s not provided by
whistling of shrapnel and the booming of the big guns. This Canadian Oadel
photograph shows a well-known composer entertalning members of a Cas
dian diviglonal meas at the front.
,,,,__,, ___,_,,_,,__,,,,,__,_,!
Mrs. Maurlce Hewlett, an English
woman, is the first of her sex to gain
an air pilot's certificate.
R Caradelt St.
Ezpert maecheac always ready to
sirve yu, sigsh and day.
Reparttria Spplies san Tires
Made to order. Repairing and
painting done promptly and at low
er prices than elsewhere. Wagos
t VessUia, bet. sabnd sad Daphinao
hinda, tee. haed se, ea.
material, aree bneds r e, sa
tresses, pillows sad bdig Stoves
asey; e. besting and smli
NsuS Rebes and Csesdle Wal
(O Beai)
West to try esmeehiag Dqisissl
Armous leaches, Pears. 4swlsy
Jus arrived at
Alu ent Vedel 9bes
O Seessead Prnierse sOe, suS
Oand E ]aLb .
dLbs Ml sU 4W a m n e slt Will CalL
I S. Chesr heap . Mr
hee A tll 9 d aeild sad S1a
l 'l ,- . I . Fred
I I\l ". 1e-.-" 'd
" 1 II Ite.
SATE:I)AY F i.I I1 la
';X "tIb
Whale meat is now In great deali
and swordfish steaks are sold I:
Faneuil hall market stalls, Boston.
General blacksmithint, b ** a iW
prging work and rubber tiing
Iscesser to Past a Plb
714711n31 GIrd It. x -w
cyclce Cleeks and Watches. U
brla, Guns, Loeb and Ea7.
Made to order. Tune Paisse. O
gans, Printing and Sis. Pal M
141 Teck. Street.
Zorchant TalleSe
as w 73 R3OYAL 81B
We &* e* a m yes.
341 u AUMtUK - 4
oeaiomeo o***-*-o*
PhONE MAIN 219 Finrestmoe Ta1
VV 0
a5stef5e Accessenee no JULIA s tMI
The Hatter
V1eer, Volt and Panar Hant
Dyed and sad a
3 3*ageg pler reie.

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