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` sess * Up IMleMs. * 1*O WOL id o*h Ilve Ro,.. "A very live and eredltable weekly aewopape."'-MANUPACTURER RECORD. UNITED STAT GOVERNMEINT
1 . . . . . . . .'. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ... .... . ' , " o _ . "
'e .Miss Edith Maguire, of
l buage, La., has been the guest
.' ale and ault, Mr. and Mrs.
J Melancon.
Rw. A. Tansey entertained the
Club last week. The suc
a players were Mrs. H. T. Ma
I»r, H. Lee Sease, and Mrs. F.
Mrs. C. V. Kraft received
nasolation. Mrs. A, Burke will
pt at the nert meeting.
Iad Mrs. Charles Esnard have
S-spthy of their many friends
l'ss of their infant baby boy.
SNellie ODonnell left on Sun
for Matthews, La., after spend
g short time with her parents,
std Mrs. O'Donnell, in Belleville
She will again take up her po
Sas vice-principal in the Mat
 .'lyDickey entertained at
e o 1t0oddy afternoon, in hon
O rs..A Lembach, of Hastings,
T$le successful players were,
4,1 nsey, Mrs. F. Goebel.
C.' . ,Kraft. Mrs. H. T.
ed the consolation.
d.ies were played,
n was served.
Stumpf left on Sat
lusa, La., to spend
th her daughter, Mrs.
, Jr.
to and Mrs. V. Fillip
ly of Kenner, La., spent
4 at the home of Mr.
.Cabbi, in Opelousas Ave.
k Heuner has returned
P tlemine, La., where she
e time with her mother.
W. Abbott left Tuesday
ria and Lake Charles,
she will lie the guest of Miss
.aphael Davis has returned
vp > relby, Miss., having
rgy discharged from the
':Sl1rt left Monday for
,to attend the Wood
hell ardy sailed for
j'tesday aboard the U. S. S.
lorence Kinkaid left Wed
for Lafayette, La., to visit
Jenle Matthews.
-.atronpt Club met Tuesday at
of Mrs. Sam Boylan. The
players were Mrs. Sam
Mrs. A. Gisch, and Mrs. E.
Mrs. ,. DeLaup received the
The next meeting will
hgme.of Mrs. DeLaup.
Night Euchre Club met
Mrs. C. V. Frisch. The
=players were Mrs. Cutren.
~sfstetter. and Mrs. J.
:ir 0. W Pollock received
M. rs. D. Murtagh will
ht,tle next meeting.
i B. H. Williamson,
Algiers returned to his
y In Gulfport, Miss., after
with the Sunset
Trance, he was given a
' by his numerous
* Williamson received
from Camp Shelby.
J. Cabibi has enlisted In
. Navy and left Wednesday
hr the Great Lakes Train
'His many friends wish
Mrs. Leo Vallette who
elsding their honeymoon
and Gulfport, Miss.,
and will be at home
fyriends at 221 Pelican
of Algiers Review of
s*t Association of
`~fll have their social
ast the home of Mrs.'.E:
A -a Jolly good time is an
SRhaley has reached New
way home from France.
of Ensign and Mrs. 'H.
:brightened by a four
'du .Sunday.
S'ulers and Ernestine
.the guests of Mrs.
tr 'OGentucky Street, or
~ra B. F. Biagglni and
Qdy in Algiers the
A'.. Blagginl' of ,27 Ber
a0 and Chais. Ting
locally by the M. L.
returned from a week
tip at Ollie, La., which
by anprecedented suc
A1. Louis Spitzfaden are
MIta Strings, after a few
SGriswold, U. S.A., who
Sbe Wind
.1 rainM
is ivngt1
- p neDes
A citywide tag day,. April 19, will
be conducted by the Playground
Commission to raise money for a
physical training and testing branch,
L. di Benedetto, manager of the
commission., announced Saturday.
Several thousand dollars will be
needed for the purchase of equip
ment and apparatus and in the em
ployment of instructors, who wil'
manage the twelve playing areas
open to at least 5000 children dur
ing 1919.
The introduction of athletic games
and exercises into the playgrounds
has come as a result of tests made
last year, showing that only 23.4
per cent. of New Orleans children
are. up to government standard. Mr.
di Benedetto said. Of this average
boys made an especially low show
ing. only 17.7 per cent, while girls
examined made an average of 30
per cent.
Mrs. Joseph Brauner entertained
a number of her friends at a supper
on Sunday, MBrch she 23rd. at her
home in Pacific Avenue, in honor of
her daughter, Mildred. Every one
present yoted Mrs. Brauner a most
erceIledt hstess and the occasion
was one that will be long remember
ed by the participants.
Those awho enjoyed the supper
were, Misses Mil4red 'Brauner, Emel
da' Hinderlang. Annie Rupp and May
O. Brauner; Messrs. A. Speed,
Charles Adams, Claude Evans.
and Edmtnd C. Moore. all
of whom are in the U. S.
Navy. serving aboard the U. S. S.
Underwriter. Master Christian
Brauner and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Brauner, also were present.
Mrs. W. J. Van Hees is captain of
the team in our district which has
been soliciting memberships for the
Home for Incurables. The cause is a
most worthy one and one that should
appeal to all.
Rev. A. J. Schliesser, formerly
minister of the Lutheran Church
here, now a commissioned chaplain
in the U. S. Army, is stationed at
Camp Kearney, California. A let
;ter from him recently sends his best
wishes to his friends.
A most enjoyable time was spent
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. M.
Glancey, the occasion dbeing the
twenty-third anniversary of the
birth of Mr. Burnett Glancey. The
house was prettily decorated in red.
white and blue. Dancing was in
dulged in until a late hour and re
freshments were served in abun
dance. Those present were Mr. and,
Mrs. M. M. Glancey, Jr., Mr .and
Mrs. W. Gautreaux, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Hildebrand, Mrs. M. Glancey.
Sr., Mrs. 'Paul Kopp, Mrs. F. H. Kil
leen, Mrs. L. Sease, Misses Gwen
dolyn Olancey. Bernardine and Vera
'Hildebrand, Madeline and Johanna
Hansen, Delia Killeen; Messrs. Bur
nett and James Glancey, Lieut. Paul
Jensen, William Hildebrand, Earl
Conoway, Clayton Lauman. The
following children were also pres
ent, Betty Kopp, James, Orien, John
and Frank Ktlleen, Sadie and Pat
Killeen, Camille Glancey, Orien Hup
perich, Warren and Earl Gatrtreaux.
On last Wednesday evening, March
19th, Miss Minnie Price entertained
some of her friends at a house party
given at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Sam IcNeeley, of Opelousas Avenue.
Two spacious rooms were cleared
of all furniture for the occasion, and
dancing being the principal amuse
ment, lovers of the terpsichorian art
had full sway, while those ·who did
not indulge were entertained with
vocal and musical selections render
ed by very capable artists.
Delicious refreshments were served
in tempting form in the dining room
that was artistically decorated with
ferns and flowers and when the wee
sma hours drew near which spell
time for departure, all present
'voted their young hostess a most
pleasant entertainer and assured
'her that a delightful evening was
Those present were as follows:
Misses Ida Krogh, Esther Marxer,
Martha Harte, Marion Harris, Gladys
and Juanita Munsterman, Minnie
PrJce, .Annette Marie, Mary and
Betty Tomeny; Messrs. J. Kane, Wil
.listn Sellers; Regional and Robert
IBatty, Ralph ,stevez. Paul Floyd, R.
Cot'rqe and P. IBurton; 'Mr. and Mrs.
. ,LMNelty,. ,Mr.. and Mrs. P. J.
m y, Mrs. .Tilton and Mrs. Wm.
has Just returned from France is on
a two weeks furlough visiting with his
wife in Teche Street.
F!rst Sergeant R. G. Murphy has
arrived home from overseas and has
received his honorable discharge from
the U. S. Army.
Mrs. E. Campbell was called home
m ~Abita Springs by the serious
Sof jer father, he having been
stricken with, paralysis at his home
in' Opelousas Avpnue.
SA. Ramelli C. O. Roone, Jr.,
have ireturene im Washington, ID.
C~.; irLere.theg atded a conventtSa
aIn the lntaet' of N. O. Naval Station.
I :iJ .ComfMt came In from Jeffer
pon College to spend a few days with
his pa tlastir p .
. Misse jM oartha McNeely
left Frhiaf Coviniton, after
heuimga with relatives
padde S.
11 Sap's Running
---- -.-.-.
" ,
-oo7rýs n
LrL;·II~ty~ YIIFLy Ibk
On Monday. March 24th, Little
Miss Mary Louise Foster entertained
a number of her friends at her home
in Belleville t., the occasion being
the tenth anniversary of her birth.
Many delightful games were enjoyed
and dancing also was indulged in.
Miss Mary Louise was the happy re
cipient of many pretty presents from
her many friends. Delicious refresh
ments were served and all departed.
voting Mary Louise a most charming
Those present were, Misses Vivian
Brechtel, Margery Strassel. Frances
babit. Carmelite Adams, May
Rooney, Helen Huckins, Odette Le
Blanc. Eugenia Thates, Patricia
Muntz, Amelia Burke, Amy Brechtel.
Ceollia Muntz, Anita Casler, Monica
Brown. N. Casler, Caroma Robichaux.
Edith Hildebrand. Irma Birauninger,
Llylwyn Gouner. Louise Bourgeois,
Martha Adams. Elsie Oswald, Grace
Worrell. Elvera Hunn. Gladys Le
gendre. Dorothy Acker, Adele Gull
lot. Ethel Anderson. Margaret Heath.
Byrna Judlin, Uma Johnson. Lula
May Besson, Marguerite Dwyer,
Theresa Jones, Camille .Mothe, Mar
guerite Rogers. Alice Brunsann.
Florence Kleinkemper, Martha
Casey, Doris Ward. Thelma Kennedy,
Alma Shields, Anna Foster, Edwina
Shields, 'Helen Estopinal. Mary
Louise Foster; Messrs. John Rupp,
Louis LeBoeuf, Willie Burke, Milton
Covell. Thomas Tallon, Bernard Co
veil. O'Brien Clark, Simeon Shields.
Harvey Jones. Earl Shields, Fred
Johnson, 'Misses Leona Niklaus, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Earhardt. Mr. and
Mrs. Emmett Shields, Mrs. J. Adams,
Mrs. Edwin Shields, Mr. Mike J.
Mr. James Killeen of Belleville
and Eliza St., is offering the Algiers
people this week some special bar
gains in groceries, prices of all
which are given in his ad on last
page of this issue. Mr. Killeen
said these prices will move the goods.
On Tuesday, March 1Sth quite .an
enjoyable evening was spent at the
home of Capt. and Mrs. C. H. Hoke.
the occasion being the welcoming of
Miss Marion Roberg, of Cincinnati,
a cousin of Capt. and Mrs. C. H. Hoke.
The evening was spent in dancing
and refreshments were served.
Those present were Misses Marion
Boberg, Elinor Fisher, Elva Risher.
Daisy Kessler.. Iona Hoke, Isabel
Hogan, Martha Ponti and Mercedes
Thompson, Messrs McCauley, Devis
Henry Meisner, Curtis Klien, John
Akels, Mrs. G. Ponti, Mrs. NM. Vogt.
Mrs. M. Waller, Mr. and Mrs. F.
Kucera, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Stewart,
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Hogan. Mr. and
Mrs. H. J. Thomson, Capt. and Mrs.
C. H. Hoke, little Carlos Kucera and
CMary' Louise Hogan.
A very'pleasant evening" was spent
at the home-of the Misses Munster
liidn S~teguixl St., last Sunday.
Games of all kinds were played and
dancing was indulged in. Refresh
ments were served in abundance.
Those present were. Misses Minnie
Price, Gladys., Juanita,. Claire and
Mildred Munstermap; Messrs. Regi
nald *atty;, P. Burton,- Joe. .E"per,
D. Cole, and Harry .Petsch.
Among the many events gven on
St. Joseph's Night, was the
fancy " dress and siasquerade
ball. givqn -by the Liberty So
elal Club, with the following com
mdttee: , ngatius -Trauth, ex-of
ftielo; Iobirt Gallaghouse, chair
nman, 'airangement coma3mittee.
.homs sl fts, Inmseue Jones, Wil
-td fltd douz,- Andmrew YPhrtich.
dlooro g4,tt.. .,Jrwi Harbing,
4 Y' 0 l waus l rnish
wish to
Uris~BP"I 5I,
A nedding of local interest was
that of Private A. J. Gendusa, of Co.
5. W. P. Guard, Fort Oglethorpe,
Ga., to Miss Vera A. Weisener, a
member of a prominent family of
Chattanooga. Tenn., which was cele
brated on Wednesday last at Chatta
nooga. No doubt the news of his
marriage will be a big surprise to
his many friends here.
Private Gendusa joined the army
in September, 1917, and was sent to
Camp Pike, he was later transferred
to Camp ,Beauregard. and then to
Fort Oglethorpe, where he is now
stationed and is very proud of the
fact that he is in the service of
Uncle Sam.
Before joining the army, Private
Gendusa conducted a barber shop at
Alix and Belleville Sts., .where he
enjoyed a cvery lucrative business.
He has no idea when he will be dis
charged from the service, but his
friends here can be assured that
when he is, they will find him doing
business at the same old stand in
the same old way.
His many friends here congratu
late him and wish for him and his
bride a happy and prosperous life.
Cforporal Charles B. Stearns, U. S.
Marine Corps, at the Algiers Naval
Station is seeking to find the family
of Isaac B. Ellis. none of whom he
has seen or heard from in about 19
Corporal Stearns says that the
children of Mr. Ellis were named
Marie, John, Carrie and Annie B.
Ellis. He asks that anyone who
knows the whereabouts of the chil
dren write to him or telephone him
care of the Knights of Columbus at
the Algiers Naval Station.
I, r
r; BU N, DB' K'
l, " " " ~. . ° .
Algiers is well represented at the
biennial conventions of the Wood
men of the World and Woodmen's
Circle, which is being held at Alex
andria on March 25, 26 and 27.
Delegates of Orange Camp No. 8
met Sunday morning at the dry
dock office to make final prepara
tions for the trip. These delegates
are: Frank C. Hymel. James
Owens, Geo. Babin, C. J. D. Gerrets.
Shade G. Smith, L. F. Gisch, George
G. 'Brunssann.
J. C. Root Camp No. 579, Wood
men of the World, is represented by
Albert Tufts and E. J. Folse.
The delegates of Orange Grove,
Woodmen's Circle, are: Mesdames
L. Borden, A. Vanderlindent, R.
Nolan. M. Jacob, T. Cassidy, K. Mil
ler. T. Hausknecht, E. Fredericks.
Mrs. A. Smith, head worthy guar
dian of the Woodmen's Circle, Louis
iana jurisdiction, and, Mrs. E. Short,
supreme representative, also are in
Sunday last a crayfish party was
given at Concession on the Grand
'Isle by Mr. and Mrs. H. Wagner of
Pelican Ave. The jolly crowd succeed
ed in catching many crayfish, which
were boiled and later on were eaten
and enjoyed by all. Everybody had
a good time, returning home at a
late hour in the evening. Those
who participated were, Misses Tillie
Cantin, Inez Wagner, Julia Burns,
Nellie Bailey, Liberion Burns, Mamie
Fath, Marie IBurns, Henrietta
Sprada, Josephine Clesi, Tille Muntz,
and Gladys Rhoeder, Messrs. Harry
Henley, Albert Zatorain, Claude
Hauer, 'Joe Fath, Charles Henley,
Henley, Albert Jatarain, Claude
Mr. and Mrs. M. Henley, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Wagner, Little Misses Norma
Wagner. Sister Smith and Master
Harry Wagner and many others.
A consolidation of the two local
lodges of Marine Engineers' Benevo
lent Association, Nos. 15 and 98,
will be perfected at a meeting to be
held at the Benevolent Knights of
America Hall, Weanesday night,
April 1. The following newly-elect
ed officers will be installed: 8. J.
Hogan, president; John H. Lawrence,
first vice-president; J. S. Claycomb.
second viceipresident; John Clark,
business manager; E. C. Killian. fi
nancial secretary ahd assistant
business manager; Harry Thompson,
corresponding secretary, and John J.
Brown, treasurer. The trustees are:
J. R. Sherwood. John R. Neanan,
Schneider, J. H. Petry and John
Herbert Windfield, 21, negro, of
1318 'River street, surrendered to
the police o fthe eighth precinct sta
tino Saturday and was charged with
assaulting and dangerously wound
ing. Windfield threw a pot of boil
ing water on his wife during an ar
gument Friday night. The womitan
was sent to the Charity Hospital,
where her burns were treated.
Mrs. Mary Calderaro, 60 years of
age, was seriously burned in a fire
which destroyed the home of her
son-in-law, Stephen Trupiano, 1621
Patterson street.
Mrs. Calderaro was asleep when
the fire started and, was rescued
from the ,blazing building by Tru
piano and neighbors, but not until
she had been burned on the face,
arms and body. She was taken to
Hotel Dieu in an automobile.
Besides the destruction of Tru
piano's homrne, the next door double
cottage, 1609-11 Patterson street,
*cupied by David G. Hebert and
Loasi Pedrearille, Was 'amaged by
the flames, the total loss causeed by
the fire amountig t~ about $6,550.
S.etgh'rtra brfilgade from the
Naval stq*en ae misted the
fre depmrtuhlt In combattia
T\:t ,ty- pupils from tih ill'
h ,,ll,1', ;c, ··i1t ;t.,11'1'.1 the'ir ,
Phi'lha r::it l ic Soci'tt . Th te In
was grtoai e joyel hi the' pu l
I) .U 4I M.IH Ni). . St WI'I l..
., I'tree lar m eet ui .. " tl,' t'i'. it
I.eage \%as hold Prulob last. "Thl fo1
hlon i , Ilrogral \wa- rltllet4td li{,,bt i
tation. Theresa ]larlottu. tElva t".,m:-.
and .1ilhlred McIntosh; sI n: -Mihhr,-I
I uiffvy: Ieet'it ation Kate t)rla litl:
song ---Elean ra lit onel ;ilI "lttina
Posey; liReitation Lillian ltirgian.
and Emelda EIrnlst.
The following w,-rt. suci(I-sful in
thel 4th grade .\ .\rithnt etii' .Match
(arroll lond, Walter Pac'kard. \I i,
(ossi' h, Eyra lhtowr-,. t l,,n .\li)ert
Its. Ile( ala. Itoland S i: ith. \\ illiaim
( tlon\aI d. M1arjorio Prados. Th,,.tr-a
Itarlotta. Mary (' ante ij. A.lma t .!hats.
liazel Sons and Ruth Iliddtien.
1lI)4)NIi.H No). 4 NOTES.
.\liss C'aroline Albert, Supervisor of
Mutic. visited our school last wook
and expressed herself as well satis
fied-ith the work done in the dif
ferent grades. She laid splecial at
tention. in the departmental grad.s:,
to the musical selections, listed for
the Music Contest.
Recently, pledges for the United
War Work Fund, aunountint to $s,.
were collected from pupils of Mc
Donogh No. 4.
The following schedules become ef
fective. March "5, 1:1ls:
Behrman Gymnasium-Monday. 3:::k0
to :, p. im., Boys. Wednesday. ;:::It
to 5: i1 p .m., Boys. Thursday. 7::I i
to 4):1,1, p. m., Boys. Friday, 3.30 to
5:0t p. m., Boys. Saturday, 7:3(i to
9: 00 p. m.. Boys.
\\iltz Gymnasium-Tuesday, 3:3.
to 5:0O p. m.. Boys. Thursday. 3:311
to 5.)0 p. m.. Boys. Thursday, 7::30i tio
9:00 p. m., Boys. Saturday, 9:0.) to!
12:00 in m., Boys. 7:30 to 9:00 p. m.,
Boys may visit either one of these
gymnasiums during these hours and
they will be instructed and practiced
in athletic work by either Mr. J.
Dowling or Mr. F. Oakes.
Entries for the Boys' Outdoor
Contest close Thursday, April Sth. We
are planning the formation of our
teams at the present time.
The 12th Annual Track and Field
Spring Meet will be held on Satur
day. May 3, 1919, Gold, silver and
bronze medals will be awarded to the
boys, winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places,
Trophies are won by schools, scor
ing points. The first place in any
event counts five; second place.
three; third place, two; and fourth
place, one.
Those, who enter and compete in
this meet, must be satisfiactory in
scholarship, effort, and deportment.
55 Inch Class-50 Yard Dash. Run
ning High Jump, Running Board
Jump, Relay Race, 360 yards.
59 Inch Class-60 Yard Dash, Run
ning High Jump, Running Jump, Re
lay Race, 400 yards.
63 Inch Class-70 Yard Dash, Run
ning High Jump, Running Board
Jump. Relay Race, 440 Yard, 8-Ppound
Unlimited Class-100 Yard Dash.
Running High Jump, Running Broad
Jump, 12-Pound Shot, Relay Race,
880 Yards. Entries close April 3,
Mr. Paul Habans, Assistant Super
intendent of Public Schools. was a
visitor at the school on Wednesday
afternoon. After visiting every de
paitment, he expressed himself as
very well pleased with the work in
the several departments and the, ready
responseof the pupils when question
ed. Particularly did he compliment
the drawing and the relief maps made
by the pupils in the different grades
which are on exhibition in the school
halls. He complimented the principal
on the great increase in the enroll
ment, the excellent attendance and
the many accessories to the school
work. which were made possible by
Sthe activity of the Co-operative Club.
who. are, at all times, more than will
Sing to lend their assistance to further
the improvement Of the school.
Last Wednesday afternoon the
pupils en yed the hospitality of thpe
Co-operative Club, whose guests they!.
were, from 3:00 to 5:30 p. m. Ice
cream, cake. lemonade and candy
were served in abundance while Mrs.
G. C'romble, one of our staunch
friends, presided at the piano andti
furnished delightful music for the
Miss Caroline Albert paid her
monthly visit to the school last week.
The weekly tests in Spelling and
rapid Arithmetic resulted as follows:
Spelling: Seventh Grade A-Mar
vel Gebs. Olivier Wattigny, Margaret
Moseley, Louis Cronan. James Scott.
Peter Rouse, Corinne Bommer, Inez
Wall, Irma Campbell, Lee Steel.
Arthur Kul, Gilbert Chase.
Seventh Grade B-Larada Walker.
Grace Cazaubon, Charles Smith. Irma
Gillich. Lucille Lecourt, Aubrey Ser
.pas, Henry Gregory.
r Sixth Grade A-Ruth Zeringne Jasie
1 Catalanatto. Thelma Wille, Gertrude
Bommer, Eliska Sullivan. Alice Ser
Spas. Grady Scott.
Sixth Grade B--Frank Lawson.
James Gillls, Clarence Crabtree.
I Fifth Grade A-Marion Edgecomb,
Margaret Roberts.
SFifth grade B--llenor Bergeron.
Rhes Traddau, John Crabtree, Ellse
-Trudeau. Myrtle Boudreaux, Iley
e Berg~rS: ..
* Fourth Grade A-Thelma Rice. len
1 ale tt," EHlzabeth Buras, Thelma
SHtz.t, tlou.as Cedi4 rillo.
S- Potti (3awdj 1-Eleonora Steel,
). Ildret Cainugl. George Demarest.
6' Thjr.d.h i AL- John Whelan, Ben
S Ittuq Jm SUOe. rai4e. Olt
Wa Ly Wilb · um
,i.:-, ::.' 2r p~, ,', ti in ', ,iDt The oturt
un! l .l: or Iihrain a l,'t',-r .11 :
t :l:nlll:nll a i n llftr. t :"I O r. ident ,'R'ar
i,'y ,; 11:"' \\','itar,.' .\,=c lciii tn. 1s
March 1'*ti: 11 ~ 1
it,,r locttor:--\ V ii refern,., to
tour mi n:uttnltication ; of reoeut date,
ro .trli, :' the tliston'inu:t nt of 'he
.\lgirs ltrant( of the 'hildI'.u % ,
fare l"!inic, 1 have been direc.ed by
laytr ethraitn to fornard for yur
I:. riuatioin the ett\losedI collliuni
I ,tiin :i,)n Mr. E. N. Karney,
lI' l nt.1 ('hill W elfare .A so(ia
1, hih is self-e'xplatnatory.
\'~ry truly ymour<.
E. ('. IIt lI )TMIAN.
-A ~1tIlilt s'ecretary to ;Mayor'.
Nt'". Urleans., Mar. 1S, 1iP 19.
lion Mart in Ie&hrutan. Mayor,
New Orlfta ta:;
Mly dear MIr. Mayor:
Your letter of MaT'rch12th has not
be.l"i iaiswtereii becaue''of my absence
Itroi the ,'ity.
!iegardintg the matter of our sta
tion in Algiers, 1 would advise in
reply to your 'ihquiry that the sta
tion is only temporarily discontinued.
The nurse wtho has been in charge
is a'i present receiving more definite
instruction in the work so as to bet
ter accomplish the results which it
i. necessary for us to develop, and
the station in Algiers we expect to
reopen wfthin a week or ten days,
and the nurse will be better equipped
at that time.
We have no idea of discontinuing
the work in Algiers, but on the con
trary, are more than anxious that
the work should be more efficiently
performed than it has been up to
this time, and in our operations we
are following distinctly the sugges
tions of the Federal advisor.
I am very glad to note that you
so promptly took the matter up with
us, and we will be glad at any time
to have any comments from you re
garding our work in Algiers.
Respectfully yours,
E. N. KEARNY, President.
On last Thursday night, Miss
Margaret Garland entertained at
cards in honor of Miss McNeely, of
Covington. The successful play
ers were Misses Dorothy Kraft and
Leah Davis. Miss Claire Wilson re
ceived the consolation. After the
games, dainty refreshments were
.Those present were Misses Mamle
Morrison, Claire Wilson, Christine
Giblin, Frederica Stansbury, Ger
trude tFinley, Alva Salathe, Olga and
Martha McNeely, Lesh Davis, Marie
Tircuit, Dorothy Kraft and Margaret
Garland Mr. and Mrs. W. Adams,
Mrs. Chas. Hoffstetter.
On Sunday, 'March 23, quite an
enjoyable crayfn party spent thne
day at Orleans Plantation, the fol
lowing well-known gentlemen are
siow considered the campion cray
|rsh catchers of Algiers, namely, it.
E. 1Wegman, Andy Hill, A. Smite,
W. Hughes and Chas. Webre, who
bagged eight sacksfull In a scoop or
several hours. Quite a spread was
then enjoyed, consisting of boiled
crayfish and crayfish hisque, which
Sas prepared by' D. Lorlo, head chef
and J. Hall, assistant chef. The
following parties pertook 'in devour
ing the spread, W. Gillin, Fritz
Webre, F. Hhul, Fritt Johna, Fritz
John, Jr., H. Craw.tfs, J. Murtagh,
Sam Brady, Jno. Laskey, Felix
Borne, Jr.
The navy is going to participate
in the Elk celebration March 29
Admiral Andirson, in charge of
the small fleet dsnehored ian the por
and in Algiers, Friday received the
approval of the navy department for
participation and plans at once went
forward to make the representation
a smart affair. Admiral Anderson
has authority to draw such ships
from patrol service as can be spared,
up to six, also several submarine
Patrol boats which probably will
be used include th" Cfncinnati, Ral
eigh, Petrol, Dubtaiue att$ Dolphin.
The arratgemlnls ali1ifor many
hundreds osf..t, tgobs" ild the big
Elk parade and as a 'tfeture of the
Elk Auttoo y.F·shlon Show.
The na'llgd-s will pJiy. a large
part in't1ie El,[..festivties'also, it is
leartled Friday ' "
Third Grade fj . Smith.
Lawrence T*grf, Cantin,
SeconP. 0C,.,54 ampbell.
Secohd' lrnne
I ?, bSeventh
SGrade A- G or e Bom
i er, 1 4,V.ttigny,
KqJip. , arj cmpbell.
$ j aj~Walker,

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