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9i-eed N UpebuIm g of the Weor ideo of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly oewspaper."-MANUFACTUREIR' IECORO.
. Adams t ti: t1t, nttn
RAternoon :to ht, '!ul t thiee
,' successful I -'" "r : t' i
L- A. Tese.. r. . ili nigh
C. V. Kraft rs' . y
the consolation. I n, t in
wi be at the . "f l 'f a
rt L uis R. 1;ite 1 h.ii ri - t.
fgou Camp , iau'. ir-i Iia- l gs
CArm d- i d
A. Co%,.en ," i',l it r at iit ll)
] guest O e l ,'. t ao
1W oMrs. J .h tter, an thsk
h . ACowen an li na Iu the i
Sihave retulrel tr:d: E'lt'ii"'
at jter dsalt trip, tiee ot I
f Mt.y T. M. ('odwyn , lrn
-rak S o troln r
A Burke enterttin:tl 'l'ht'rol
Club last week. it' :utct's-ti',. he
were MIrs. A. Lt'itltach. IK
Kraft and Mrs. 1I. T. ertl
Mrs. Burke recei\ e the cot- told
Mrs. F. Goebel will enter
BaMr al rerh
t e next meeting. C art
dMrs. Joseph Yatter. hn- ther
the engagletet of their cart
SgaEsther to uir. Arthur . of t
gehrman and wife returned c an
hreday from Browt's Wells caut
they spent ten days.
irak J. Sicuro, Jr.. and Mr.
* .. Rosamano have recently
from an extensive trip to
to attend the A. O. e. S. A
They stopped at Birnt- to I
mobile, and other points oti rto
d 5. Bagnal has returned from Isla
Wi Ire in Martin, South Caro- fort
i. . 3.Lan received his dis- T
the Navy, and left for his dre
SSrwell, Missouri. by
gaes Guild of Mount Olivet oth
wU- give a musical and dance A.
- ythia Hall Friday, April nin
rtdaughter ,of Mr. anti Mrs. Hol
(plon (nee Edna North)
gised Sunday at the Trinity
ChurCh. The little one will T
r lame of Bernice Beatrice Bel
oses r will be Mr. Ed. frot
sad Mrs. Geo. Bengert. Flo
Garland entertained the rea
last week. The success- o
wee Mrs. L. Brooks( play- mo
k. Sadte Garland). Miss bar
g tlanhd (playing for Mrs. H.
Mrs. C. Hoffatetter. Miss
(playing for Mrs. J. A. JeL
pceived the consolation, me
dgpr Herbert will entertain hm
eatthe t oh
lmuel F. Tranchina one n
splMr young men arrived by
ellk after having been in at
ot Uncle Sam for several th(
.lls many friends and rel- qc
to see him in dear old th
Doerr returned from Wa
Ark., Sunday night and is
with his aunt, Mrs. Wm. sti
GOarland and little niece
tbster returned Tues
Lnstrn an, Sr., spent a Ol
BIears La., this week. Ar
spent the week-end p
o~ f relatives.
Ms Jas. Garland return- R
boit Hot Springs, Ark., he
ieatn the past month.
friends of Miss May Al
tIl regret to learn that
San attack of lagrippe. ar
Is in attendance. h
Malo. e entertained at
.naday afternoon. Five Mt
played the following
players. Mrs. H. o
M tri . A. Tansey, and he
'Mast. Mrs. Murray receiv- n
After the games,
was served and little
baskets filled with
sri and children left
ftoarche Crossing, La., A
* a t time, the guests of
M lsnds of little Miss a'
of Atlantic Avenue,
om her out again, after C
Oillgher has removed
Street to the handsome h
32 Betmuda Street. a
end the Misses Moss, of It
am spending awhile
blMuids of MA. L. Niklaus P
*to learn that she. is a
a apell of illness.
Six men belie\ed by the police to be
memlbers of the gang of automouile
thieves that has been opelrating ex
tensi'.ely here during the past few
montllhs, were arrested \\'ednesdlay
night and Thursday morning. follow
i4): a tip fromt Leo Thoimpsoi., leader
of a bandi of Gypsies who are calmp
ing near the Naval Station here.
An automnobile, the propterty of Gus
It,,gard, s1:; I tc.ltur street, and
stolen lMarch 20,' was sold to Thotlli
son, he told the police. by Kelly.
IHowell. .\alone and another mliani for
$: :.. .\t the saml e title. Thotnps in
said, the men promised to bring himt
two new cars anid were to call to
lake the arrait ienteis.
Thotllpll-on notifid 'orporal GrI :in
of the Algiers station, of the men'.
Iromnise. Wednesday night Captain
Wheatley. ('orlporal Gregson and Pa
trolnian I)te Hocha waited in one of
the Gypsy tents unitil the arrival of
Kelly. Hiowell and Malone. when they
were placed under arrest. Thontmpson
told the officitrs the cars the men
were to sell him were parked at
('anal and Basin streets. lie went
there with the police to point out the
cars and the men who were in charge
of them. The men grew suspicious
and attemipted to escape. but were
A quiet wedding of this week was
that of .Miss Thelma Helen Lauman
t to Lieut. John Pertell of Kansas City,
but who is now stationed at Paris
n Island. S. C. The ceremony was per
formed Monday evening by Judge
Trauth of 'Gretna.
The bride, . who was becomingly
s dressed in pink silk, was given away
by her brother, Vallery Lauman. The
t other attendants were Mr. and Mrs. a
e A. F. Rouprich and Messrs. A. Man- enj
1I ning and W. Downey. The young hot
couple are stopping at the St. Charles Ho
Hotel for the present. giv
y of
II The Second Grade children in the
e Belleville School received a letter nmu
1. from their former teacher, Miss fre
Florence Burgis, who is in New York,
Le ready to sail for France. Vi
s- Mayor Behrman attended the cere- na
monies of the launching of the 16,000 Ihrm
s barrel oil tanker at Violet Saturday. Eu
R. Emmett Mahoney came in from a
Jefferson College to complete arrange- BI
n ments for the publication of a college Ca
in monthly to be called "The Jefferson
Chronicle," of which he is the editor- a
1 in-chief. The publication is sponsored
,d by the literary society of the college
in and promises to be an interesting lit- Hi
al the volume. oung Mahoney is the Us
S-on of J.udge Martin S Mahoney. of
Id the Second City Court.
Corporal Oscar Marcour is on his 11
m way to France. M
is Mr. A. V. DeBlanc of Belleville he
. street left yesterday for Donaldson- TI
ville, La. Ir
e At the recent convention of the Di
Woodmen Circle held in Alexandria.
La., Mrs. Amelia Smith was elected Di
a one of the supreme delegates and Mrs. M
Anna Vanderlinden, one of the su- LI
nd preme alternates. M
On Thursday last. Mr. Irwin C. A
r- Rostrup left for Marshall, Tex., where
k. he is employed.
Mrs. J. M. Nolan returned from
y Alexandria, La.
tat The many friends of Mrs. W. Adams
are glad to learn of the recovery of
her little son after a serious illness. f.
at Wm. Whitmore left Monday fox 2
,e Mobile, Ala . h
ng Mrs. L. C. Hardy has the sympathy k
H. of her many friends in the loss of
,nd her brother, Wm. Kennedy of Gretna.
iv. La., whose death occurred Monday
e night.
tle The Once-a-Month Five Hundred S
ith Club will meet at the home of Mrs. p
W1. Adams in Pelican Avenue on next t
eft Monday night, instead of at Mrs/ 0. i
., Aycocx's, as previously announced.
of Sergeant A. C. Reaney has received c
his honorable discharge from the
[iss army.t
ue, Mr. and Mrs. J. Er- Bass of Morgan t
:ter City were visitors to Mr. and Mrs. A.
H. Verret. I
ved Little borothy Duffy, after visiting
ime her Grandma Duffy and her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hi. Verret,
Sof left for her home Saturday.
bile The regular meeting of the Liberty
Social Club will be held Saturdac,
aus April 5, at 7 o'clock. All members
.is are urged to attend.
The many friends of Mrs. Alphpnse
- Wattigny will regret to learn of her
serious illness.
Mrs. Louis Newman, foryerly Miss
Hilda Hantel, will leave shortly for
Birmingham, Ala.. where her hus
band accepted a position and where
they will reside permanently.
Mrs. Evelyn Gisch Schaefer has ac
cepted a position with the L. Grune
wald Company, the music house on
Canal Street. Mrs. Schaefer is well
Sknown in the local music world, in
Swhich she has displayed much talent.
Mr. A. L. Miller, of Vallette Street,
is home from camp and has been
honorably discharged from the United
States army.
Master John Whittenberg is doing
nicely, after undergoing an operation.
Mr. and Mrs. L Twickler returned
from Bay St. Louis Saturday, after
spending one week there with their
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mine have the
sympathy of their many friends in
the loss of their infant baby.
Miss Ermine Hopper spent the
week.end in Covlngton, La., the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. J. ,W. Ford.
Miss Hannah Albreoht entertained
in honor of her cousins, Mrs. Frank
Yoe and Misses Wilhelmina, Irma and
Bertha Maas, of Birmingham.
Mr. Wilfred Boudreaux, of 323
Eliza 8treet, had the misfortone to
have a piece of steel penetrate his left
Seye while at work at thi Southern Pa
cfle Machtae 8hoa.
Little .Rath a ck, who ass bee
Sseriously ill with psememan, is ti
Bound Tbgether
r , , ,
-- - _ ---1
cvj C I i t i
On last Tuesday evening, a most
enjoyable evening was spent at the
home of Mr. and .Mrs. F. Albrecht in
Home Parkway. wh.·n a dance was
given in honor of Mrs. Yoe and Misses
Bertha. \Vilhelmena and Irma Maas
of Birmingham.
A fine band of music fournished T
music for the dancing and dainty re- Ma:
freshments were served. con
Those present were Misses Bertha, reg
Wilhelmena, and Irma Moss. Johan- tan
na Salome. Carrie and Mildred Hilde- SUs
brand. Myrtle and Thelma Clasen.
Eunice Muntz. Katie Culver, Annie
and Maud Rupp. Annie Trauth. Doris l
Baker, Gladys Munsterman. ('lotilde
Blanchard. Norita Fernandez. Hazel My
Cayard, Gladys Meyers. Marguerite
and Irma Reagan, Glessner Shirk.
Adele Burmaster and Mabel Bond in
and Albrecht. Messrs Wheeler Pack
ard. Harold Marcour, Raymond Daley. c
Howard Bond, Nester Fourroux. Willie on
Barry. Thos. Bays. Emmett Mutz to
%%. Boudlraux. Albert 1tautf, C(lan ,.e
Cole, Robt. .iones. John Genheimer, tel
Willie Hoffstetter, Janssen Jones. ti
Maurice Robichaux. Robt. Galilng- gi
house. Lynn Bond. Ignatius Trauth.
Thos. Herron. Emile Hoffman. and
Irving Harding. Mr. and Mrs.
Durand, Mr. and Mrs. E. Salathe. Mr.
and Mrs. F. Albrecht, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Durand. Mrs. Salome, Mrs. Packard.
Mrs. Yoe and Mrs. Sam Harding,
Lloyd, Erwin. and Wayne Salathe.
Muriel, Lillian, Lyle,, and Ethelina is
Albrecht. of
f The following clipping was taken
from an Alexandria paper of March ne
28, and will prove of interest to our ye
readers, where Mrs. Short is so well kn
known: an
"On Wednesday Sovereign Emma av
d Short, of Grove No. 9, Algiers, su- Pi
s. preme representative, made her report ed
:t to the convention, which was spoken
). in a clear and audible manner and
which was distinctly heard in every
d corner of the large hall. .
e "-Sovereign Short's report was said H
to have been the best ever rendered o0
.n to a convention, and she was heartily h
congratulated and loudly applauded If
by the delegates in the convention. I
ig Mrs. Short left last night for her
e home." t
rs a
On last Sunday evening a most en- b
se joyable time was spent at the home
r of Mr. and Mrs. William Ose, 432
Bouny Street, the occasion being a r
as party given in honor of their little I
o, three-year-old daughter. Helen.
i- Games of all kinds were played, I
re which were thoroughly enjoyed by the I
little ones. Miss Helen received many r
t. pretty gifts from her friends. Dainty r
1e- refreshments were served.
on The following were present:
ell .orma Wagner, Madonna Smith, Mar
in gery and Beulah Ose, Mildred Ben
at. gert, Ellen Hansen, Louis and Ben
nie Bengert, Ira Munsterman, Frit
Hansen, Harry Wagner and Ose,
et, Mrs George Bengert, Mr. and
en Mrs. H. Wagner. Mr. and Mrs. Wil- "
ed liam Ose, Misses Aggie Carter, Inez
Wagner, Hazel Balley, Mamie Fath,
ng Gladys and Claire Munsterman, Tillie
)n. Canton. Lillian Chetta, Mae and WIll
Led dred Ose. Messrs. Frank and Dewey
ter Doerr, George Thorning, Paul Rihner,
eir Jules Barry, Leo Richards, Wallace
Standros and Armand Ose..
ed Mayor Behrman Monday morning
k was requested to deliver an address
ad before the organltatton meeting of the
Kiwanis Club of Jackson, Miss., to be
g held April 3.
to In his letter to the iMayor, R. H.
eft Henry, editer of the Jackson Clarion
Pa. ILdger, states that the members of
the newlyergiasnd club dre aunml
Ian will be greatly isau ettei It he sae
et be thwL
I "hsi
The following letter received by bee
Mayor Behrman is supplementary to the
communication published last week one
regarding the work of the Childs Wel- i in
tare association and the temporary woi
suspension of the station here. eta
The station was again opened on the
lion. Martin H. Behrman. Mayor,
New Orleans, La.
My dear Mr. Mayor:-
In response to your expressed in
terest in the Child Welfare, station in
in Algiers, we are taking the libertyI no
of writing to you that the nurse in pai
charge, now receiving special training In
on this side of the river, will be ready 10(
to return to Algiers Ap il 1st. Fe
We are planninc to givee her the wt,
temporary assistance of a relief nurse ww
in order that the large field in Al
giers may be effectively administered. an
Appreciating your genuine interest wa
in children. I am, vi(
Sincerely yours. wa
Mary L. Railey. MI
Executive Secretary. Al
Our ex-president, Ben North, Jr.,
a is reported doing fine in the service
of the Southern Pacific Company.
Mr. Robert Gallinghouse has re
signed as a member of the club. lot
n While at play Tuesday in the street Th
h near his home, Francis Tripilino, 3 by
r years old, 639 Elmira street. was W
I1 knocked down and slightly injured by
an automobile owned and driven by an
Edgar Barthaut, 422 Seguin street. Dc
The accident occurred in Opelousas Cs
la avenue, between Elmira street and Sb
a. Pacific avenue. The child was treat- C.
rt ed at home.
y Lieutenant Robert E. Whitmore Jo
writes an interesting letter to The E.
Id Herald, telling of the different places St
ad of beauty in the Azore Islands, where N
ly he is now stationed and will be there bu
ed for a considerable length of time at
gn. Lieutenant Whitmore is on the U. in
er S. S. Sara Thompson. He will not re
turn to Algiers for several months.
Dennis-On Thursday, March 27th I 1
at 2 o'clock a. m., Joseph G. Dennis. It
'n- husband of Annie Alexander. died at I
me the age of forty-three years. Deceased s
132 was born in New Orleans. and had
a resided here for twenty-one years.
tle He was a member of Orange ('amp
No. 8, W. O. W., and of the M. E. 1
ed, B. A. No. 98. The funeral took place
:he Friday at 2:30 o'clock from his late 1
any residence 419 Pacific Avenue. Intel I
ity ment was in St. Patrick Cemetery
No. 1.
en- -
se, a "
VII ' l -
nez /
ter, ,
ace r
Mr. 31. S. Rig,. secretary of the gue
Knights of Columbus liut. United tog,
States Naval Station. ,rsigned his cl
position on April 1. Mr. Rigg stated tee]
that the position was greatly inter- L
fering with the practic.e of his pro- abt
fession of optometrist, which he has in
been conducting for a long time in sol
the Audubon Building. Mr. Rigg was
one of the most popular secretaries lu
in this section. He did much good 1li
work in bringing the hut up to its tine Be
standard. The boys will regret that tio
thair chief is no longer with them. Lu
Though not on the firing line nor ww
in the trenches. Miss Carmelite O'(Con
I nor. patriotic young Amercian woman. pc
paid the supreme sacrifice in helpine
e'ncle Sam to win the war. Miss ,
O'Connor died at Sa eney. France.on n(
Fehruary 1: from pIrumonia, with
e whirl she wa\ s riciken wLile nurs:ng t
wounded Americans at Saveney. sC
I Miss O'Connor. the daughter of Mr. e
. and Mrs. John O'Connor of Chicago i.
`t was well-known in New Orleans; and
vicinity, having visited here. She
was a cousin of the Misses Rees and
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Walker of a
' Algiers, and of Mr. and Mrs. E. Ma- a`
lain of Baton Rouge.
On Sunday night at the home of M%
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Salathe in Ope- tl1
lousas avenue, a most enjoyable dance ri
was given in honor of Mrs. Yoe and R,
the Misses Mass of Birmingham. Ala.
.t The music for dancing was furnished .
3 by a jazz band. Dainty refreshments la
a were served. G
y Those present were Misses Mildred B
y and Carrie Hildebrand. Hazel Cayard, C
t. Doris Baker, Osceola and Leonatus
s Casler, Gladys Meyers, Glessner T
d Shirk, Adele Burmaster, Anne Trauth, S
t. C. Giblen. L. Schroder, A. Salathe
and C. Wilson, Messrs. R. Galling
house, Maurice Robichaux, Winm.
Barry, Ignatius and Roye Trauth.
Thos. Heron. Roy Kern, Janssen
re Jones, N. Furrow, I. and S. Harding.
he E. Hoffman, J. Rosamano. Wm.
re North, Mr. and Mrs. C.. Durand and
re baby. Mr. and Mrs. E. Salathe. Mr.
te and Mrs. F. Albrecht and Miss Hard
U. ing.
re- - - --r
'A most enjoyable dance was given
th last Saturday night at the home of
is. the Misses Marxen in Delaronde
at I Street. Dainty refreshments were
ed served. Those present were Misses
ad Martha Hart, .anita and Gladys
.rs. Munsterman, Esther and lottie
mai Marxen, Minnie Price. Mildred Cur
E. ren. Isa Krogh and Florence Fillery.
ice Messrs. Reginald and Nicholas Batty,
ate Paul Floyd, Ralph Estevez, Joseph
:el Bourton, Robert Jones, Clarence Cole
ery and James Fillery.
Mr. Samuel Provenzano entertain
ed at a dinner at the "Louisiane" on
Wednesday, March 26, 1919, in honor
of Mr. Frank J. Sicuro who has recent
ly been discharged from the Army.
Those present were Messrs. Joseph P.
Rosamano, U. Marinoni. Frank J.
Sicuro. A. LaBella, James J. Bevenit
to and Samuel Provenzano.
Forcing a kitchen window in the
home of Charles E. Heggle, 321 Whit
ney street, Thursday night, a thief
got Jewelry and clothing valued at
$80 and $60 in money.
A committee representing the col
- ored educational alliance petitioned
the School Board Friday night for
sa annex to MeDonogh 32 in De
Armas St. The board was also re
quested to establish evening schools
in Allgiers and below Canal street
Tho need of establishing kindergarten
in school was also presented
1.i . ..;.....i . .. b;
. I ,. '1 ,i ,. h. .;l!di ....
l.. Ill 1 .) · . .1 b e H
I 'h , l t' l " 1 l (l. l titil. 1 ii h," ,
S 'li , .' i, ll
1 .!1, 7: (ll i \ll :,. .\1 I ,'l: '\ I.-\ ' cI;I ., I .'" .
- i t . It l IT I, \ uht in rt.d IH l ,i
-iil - I , t i.-i't; IIit I I'Pl er. li t !.
lilt.t .11 ul tl " l i . ,11 t" °t I'ne ltc. tr tield; . l11,
l':ii1 ' |"'i ,'ti'1 ih.Ii-, 2.."colid 1t;1221 'rtd .Lh
the C ho-oelrativ elult. ( litllihh as Il'iC
SMari n Short. i;nt hi g Edard nin. tl
k lolton, calltain. inalt
d teuring the afternoon of herst Wedarriage
nsda, nt refr. John Lusk, president of thi t
the abuto-operative Club, had as her ah
e guests the entire faculty of the school, the
d together with a few members of the .
I club. the occasion being the nine
d teenth anniversary of her marriage. the
r- Dainty refreshments were served in
0- abundance and dancing \ as indulged Iin
is in by all. After several hours of %ia!
il solid pleasure, all departed very re- ta
As luctantly. but not before voting Mrs. th
es Lusk and her charming daughter,' "t
)d \Miss Florence, gallant entertainers. to
ae Before departing hearty congratula- to
at tions were tenedered Mr. and Mrs. in
Lusk, accompanied by best and sin- tf
cerest wishes for many ,happy re- t
turns of the occasion.
The regular monthly meeting of cit
the Co-operative Club was held on W(I
Wor Wednesday, April 2, 1919, at 2:1:, an
>) p. ni Business of very vital im- ha
in. portance to the school was transacted. se'
n_ At the "Hostess lHouse" dedication. th
155 which took place last Saturday alter- is
noon, Lieutenant Commander Chase.i hi
it '. S. N.. had as his special guests sa
ig the principal and faculty of the WI
school. Dancing was a feature of the
evening. Refreshments were served TI
go' in abundance and a generally good th
time was had by all present.
he The result of the weekly tests in m
of spelling and rapid arithmetic resulted ar
as follows: ar
Seventh Grade A---Gilbert Chase, be
Irvin Campbell, Arthur Kulp, .James cl,
Scott, Louis Cronan, Louis De Roche, ll
Ralph Umbach, Olivier Wattigny. th
of Marvel Gebs, Margaret Moseley, Myr- cr
pe- tle Gregory, Eulalle Le Court, Cor- be
ice rine Bommer, Lee Steel and Peter tli
Ind Rouse. sti
la. Seventh Grade B-Holsten Moseley, in
led William Gerrets, Irma Gillich, Wil- se
nts lard Walker, Arthur Grundmeyer. of
Grace Cazabon, Julius Gillich, Inez at
red Bourgeois, Lavada WaTrer, Stella
rd, Cronan and Henry Gregory.
tus Sixth Grade A-Gertrude Bommer,
ner Thelma Wille, John Camus and Alden
ith, Smith. pr
the Sixth Grade B-Anatole Landry. Ft
Ing- Frank Lawson, Elmer Grundmeyer, ca('
,m. Pearl lHymel and Clarence Crabtree. rc
Fifth Grade A-Elmo Scott and fll
Marion Edgecomb. ti
Fifth Grade B--Iley Bergeron. p
m. Elise Trudeau, Myrtle Boudreaux and i
nd Rhca Trudeau.
r Fourth Grade A-Eula May Kenny. ti
ard- lone Cox. Elizabeth Buras. Louis iid
Pedreville. Thelma Rice and Philo- o
man Beatfdeau. ti
Fourth Grade B-Eleonore Steel. I
Third Grade A--Dennis Keogh,. a
SFrieda Oltmluan, William ommer, Hlien
iven Cantin, Clarence Beaudeau, Irmadean a
s of Simon and louise Anderson. f
nde Third Grade BI-Clemmie Smith,.
were Galphly Pizani, Mary Louise Cantin,,
1ses Lawrince Tagert and Joseph Don- t
adys nelly.
Ottie Secondt Grade A-Lydia Campbell.
Cur- I
set Seventh Gr.de A--Mlargaret Mose
S Cle *ey, .MIyrtle Gregory and Louis Cro
Sixth Grade A--Gertrude Bommer.
Jennie Caruso, Isabel Lewis and Ruth
ST. Sixth Grade B-Pearl Hymel,
Elmer Grundemeyer, Frank IAwson
tam- and Louis Grundemeyer.
" o Fifth Grade A-Elmo Scott.
onor Fifth Grade B-Iley Bergeron and
Rhea Trudeau.
ny Fourth Grade A-lawrence Wille
ph P. and Thelma Hintz.
Fourth Grade B--George Demarest
nit- and Raymond Grundmeyer. I
Third Grade A-Ben Cantin, Irene
Milan and William Bommer.
Third Grade B--Clemmie Smith,
SAugust Tierney, Gladys Grundmeyer
and Lawrence Fagert.
the Second Grade B-Hillery Mailhos,.
S Charles Donnelly, Allen Milan and
d at Floyd Guillot.
INGS On Wednesday afternoon the faculty
and co-operative club were addressed
col- by Mr. F. Henning and Mr. E. W.
ioned Burgis who are working in behalf of
It for the stay in school movement which
a Dle- is of such broad interest at the pres
to re- ent time.
thools There will be a lawn party on the
Itreet school lawn on Friday, April 4. A
carten large crowd is expected and much fun
S'Illl' I t11.
u , , , I , , .. 1', H t
N' I , i1 i ; I- l I ' \ t1 - 1 'i n
I1I , :: .. '.. , . (1 ' l ,1 1 , t 'i-.'`,' 1 l l"' , rllll
l ' H T h .' 1i111: l ,,'., llyi' I rt ll-,d .1l;,1l 1,1!
t' n ll I1, 1 ih _' I i-t i Il ,' l ti li, h
11 h d1 h11 41. "Il 1 1 :i' i 1 an
" I't Iu , it' n t h ,th 04, 1(1y t i uh ,I ;4th
:,,LI I' :I lll till .ll I ' "e f l ltne- 'I . as
i It. I' 1l I'. in 'sl'o. til, IIrall, l' i' l ai
ul c·ii' al i, e . . hii it i tiIl Iiprot
n1111 I 414t1 1)4r4o4 Althe I'hth is con
4it 1,, 1 , to 111 of t.ire Iti ate'al' ho tite
tm '14 l, lt i I, t (1" . li i l r1sie t 'o ant
t 1 1 l I, iit i ll- It h autom ati ,
i, kl ,i 'l's .i t" Ir. Citi rit an I f-i.
.,e It illh it ti, ihih he ll hnot for
I,-Ie fir a lhung tiittle. The sitrinkle
s I  ,'- rn- wa' inio 1iivh tha it Ile. o ed
ntt 11 orton of the theatre onsider-oof
Talitybore it could he ilosed ofl at
11t the vt, t e eolve.n
eI-M r. Tansey was upstairs ialso, atli
nthe heal of tie stairstf and he hand
s.tI,. att ha besie o.n., Illh tiutoulat it
his han s ftll in tryi o. ia keep theun
tole flrom rusha ine dThown the stair
Ss tay and injuring hundreds. Mr.it looed
to the tportion of hise theatre consit doerwn
thlyt thefore was could banger. r Philip
oto ras ealso in the house, alsod saw
to it that every onead of he stairs, andexits ere
his hands full in treadyin to llow theep texit
lof lopl those whoe from ushing d town leave stair-he
I ay and te njurin hundeds. Mr.
ITansey. like sevealnt that rsevalled In
o tient top of his little toblae si doweveral
nl wlomen falnited. children screamed
t" shat there was no danger. Mr. Philip
Fete was ralso in the house, anshod have
unlocked and r heads, used the to of thexit
d. seats in order twho makdesired their wayve tohe
n the exits of theent theat pre. One man
Si aident to thiave left hleis wifblaze seven hisal
n urrye tfaino get outed, childreon sreamedturning
i.ts sand that he wanted twho see holdw thingsave
m' had cooler heads, used the top of the
d. seats inwere otder to make their way to
n. the exits of the theatre. One man
se. hurry to get out. but on returning
he The automatic doors worked well.
ed The stampede Saturday night offered
,od the first real test for the automatio
doors which Mr. Foto had Installed
in ,more than a year ago. These doors
fed are so arranged with cross bars that
anyone leaning against them releases
the doors and they immediately swing
out. On account of Saturday night
se, being cool, all of the exits were
es closed, and just the minute the ex
he, plosion occurred every exit in the
ay- theatre was at once opened by the
yr- crowd, and the theatre could have
or- been emptied in less than a minute's
er time, but many of the cool heads, who
stopped just a few seconds to take
ey, in the situation, remained In their
il- seats in subjection to the commands
er. of those who stood up and asked the
iez audience to be seated.
len This incident of Saturday night
proves most conclusively that the
,? Folly Theatre is absolutely safe in
r, case of fire. Even though the entire
roof were ablaze, or should there be a
nd fire next door, or even the rear of
the building afire, there would be
on. plenty of timne for every person who
nd had standing room in the theatre to
get out safely or the theatre emptied
ny. I three times before there could be any
uis danger from the fire. But. like all
lo- other stampedes of this kind, the
danger does not lie from the effects
of the fire, but usually from the cow
gh. ards or those of an excitable nature,
len who do not stop to think and rush
ean along to safety without consideration
for their fellow-men.
ith. The damtage dlone to the the
tin, atre was absolitely nothing. Even
ion- the water fro:m the sprinkling system
did such little damage that no claim
hell will be made fromn the insurance com
Ipany. The only loss way the destruc
ltion of a part of the Thoda Itara film.
whioh. if it is never replaced, will
oe- h a credlit to her future productions.
Cro- Mr. Foto andti his assistants are to
be congratulated for the admhirable
mer, tannter in which the situation was
tuth handled Saturday night. They were
coIomplimented fromn every standpoint,
eland if the Incident had been a re
on hearsal it could not have been car
ried on any better.
and - --- - - -
FOlR APRIL 21-9i.
arest April 21 to 26 will be New Orleans
official clean-up week. This announce
rene I ent was made following a meeting
of the Association of Commerce C('ivic
nith, Bureau committee, which decided to
eer postpone the clean-up to that date.
April 14 to 19 was the week origin
lhos. ally set aside for the clean-up. The
and postponement was due to the fact that
the week of April 14 to 19 is Holy
Plans for the campaign are going
ahead rapidly. The entire city will
culty be organized thoroughly before the
esed clean-up work actually starts.
. W.
We are in receipt of a very pretty
n the 1919 calendar from Mr. Steve Gilllin of
I. A Eliza and Suiegna Street. It is the
b fn picture of a beautiful Indian maidea
gazing at the moon.

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