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Seven b) M Ub tnig M Me We Si.d of M» . e, "A wry II and erdfitabl weekly eweppr"-MANUFACflRW RECORD.
Vw. Foster, spent a few days
gad Mrs. Harry Tompson and
spent the week-end at
the guests of Mr. and
vador Buttone, at their
Di "Happy Family."
W. N. Horn of Alabama, has
home after a visit of two
to Mrs. B. C. Gilder.
(stave Fayard and daughter!
- iay St. Louis, have been!
Mrs, H. Tompson.
 d Russell Gilder are in (
jla., visiting their grand-!
rat Philips.
1e Laskey will leave shortly 1
Antonio, Tex.. and other
l iMt as the guest of friends.
will not return until
W. Nelson of Bermuda street
home Monday night after
awhile with her mother at
STF. Short spent Sunday in
La., the guest of Mrs.
the Supreme Inner
iof the W. O. W.
y Vezien and little
,have returned from
stay in Alexandria, the
Mrs. Fred Pefferkorn.
,Riordan, who has been
s gew days with her sister,
of Bermuda street, 1
her home in San Antonio,
panied by her niece,
who will spend
of the summer there.
Tansey returned Satur
wa. Miss., where he
with his wife and little
Haggerty return
Oge Srpings after a week's
Legendre has returned to
tL., after spending two
his parents in Algiers.
Martln left Sunday for a
g_Ieare trip in Newport
Mrs. X. B. Clark and chil
.isat- avenue are spending
In Bay St. Louls, :Miss.
Legenre of Franklin, La.,
awhile here with rela i
SJ. Lgendre sad children
and Walter of Pelican
Olt for Port Arthur, San
dAd Beammont, Tex.
I Wekerlls and Mrs. Louis
Soully are speeding the
, Mlaeburg, at the "Step
V. Short will leave Satur
Pasmps alited for i
other cities to attend
Cahvention of the Wood- I
Heindel, Jr., of
spent Sunday in .an
the guest of Mrs. Du
of Baton Rouge. La..
Mrs. Jas. Euper for I
mighter of Mr. and I
will be christened
afternoon. Little
VW receive the name. i
Epeosors will be Mrs. I
sad Mrs. Edgar
reception will i
christelning at the
ti. Ralchaux left I
La., O a visit1
gt Miler. have
where they
Mrs. Chas. Hoff
Charlotte, Mr.
aims and daugh- 1
. Mrs. T. J. En
lt Monday morning
4lat of New Roads,
Iher sater, Mrs. John
Margaret Oarland I
* Vist to Olyn, La.
asd daughter, I
hi. N. E. Humphrey
m:dltg awhile at
Mc rbrt has been
annual meeting
Clb, one of
et the club.
spent a week
iAsthem or co. A.
rbeen honorably I
army. Sergeuat I
Ptance wherehe
rsaslee for i.ftee
of Ironton,
with her aai.
Burns spent
Lat, he seesta
de Racelad,
bere with her I
retarned to his
u enditng awhile aI
he been appoint- 1
Mil as a taea- 4
dlitment of Mc- U
hAm Newocub
I4Wy or arooklya,.
end last week
Al K. Goebel at
Mar. Lery was
end hoel i
tSfrbe 1
moon. They are at home at 318
Olivier Street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lddy of Seguin
street returned from a trip to Mar
shall, Tex. On their return trip, they
visited Mr. Leddy's brother, Mr. W.
Leddy at McCall, "L"
Mrs. Luke Gillen spent Sunday with
friends in Biloxi, Miss.
Miss Elizabeth Lawrence is spend
ing some time with her Sister, Mrs.
Alex Lux in Biloxi.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Smith and daugh.
ter, Vivian, left Tuesday for Chicago.
Mrs. Smith is attending the Supreme I
Forest W. C. Convention. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith and Vivian will go to
many different cities and points of in
terests before returning.
Missecs Velda and Vivian Le Blancleft
Monday evening for a trip in Texas,
including in their route. Galveston,
Orange, Port Arthur and Houston,
Mr. Alex Lux spent Sunday in
Miss Irene L. Brookes is spending
awhile at Waveland, Miss.
Mrs. F. Hymel and little daughter
are spending awhile at Waveland,
Miss Madue A. Lennox spending
awhile in Baton Rouge with Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred Lennox.
Mrs. F. J. Borne, Jr., and children
are spending awhile in Marshall, Tex.
Mrs. W. A. Dilzell and two daugh
thrs and son, Walter, Jr., left Sunday
morning for Biloxi to spend two weeks
there at the Godchaux hotel.
Miss Adriel Lennox returned from
Houston, Texas.
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Borne and Mr.
U. J. Lewis spent Sunday at Pointe
8-la-Hache. On their return trip they
were accompanied by Mrs. Lewis,
who has been spending the past week
Mr. Chas. Arnold returned Sunday
night from Long Beach, after a visit
to his family who are spending awhile
there. They expect to return home
Miss Victoria Lennox has as her
guest, Miss Onida Ellis of Baton
Rouge, La.
Miss Alma Gerrets left Sunday
morning to spend a few weeks in
Gulfport, Miss., the guest of Miss
Margaret Chalk.
Sts. John Chapter No. 35 Order of
Eastern Star held their regular meet
ing Monday night, at which time,
they closed their meetings for the
summer months.
rMiss Emma George is expected
home from Morgan City.
The many friends of 'Mrs. J. P.
Walters will regret to learn of the
serious illness of her sister, Mrs.
Howard Grey of Los Angeles.
Mrs. Leon Daniel and daughter have
returned to their home in McAllen,
Tex., after spending awhile with her
sister, Mrs. F. J. Borne.
The many friends of Mrs. W. A.
Nelson of Olivier street, will regret
to learn that he suffered an apopletic
stroke on last Sunday morning. His
face and left side were paralyzed and
his condition is critical.
Mrs. P. Borne and Cecelia, Mr.
and Mrs. O. Borne and children Mrs.
Edwin Borne and childret and
Thomas and Freddy Hebert spent the
week end at the "8till Thelma" camp,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Munsterman of
Burns, La., have taken up their resl
dance at 222 Pacific avenue.
Miss Madeline Spahr spent the
week end as the guest of the Misses
Rowuselot at Pass Christian.
The Friday Night Euchre Club met
at the home of Miss Clairla Richards.
The succeasful players were Mts. J.
Worley, (playing for Mrs. Lester
Brookes) Miss Salome Kappler, and
Mrs. W. Sadler. Miss M. Neef re
ceived the consolation. Next meet
ing will be at the home of Mrs. B.
Messrs. Geo. Sartis and James
Murtagh, Jr., paid a short business
trip to Addis, La.
The 'many friends of Mrs. P. J.
Rihaer of Seguin street are glad to
know that she is gettlng along nely
after having undergone an operation
at Hotel Dies.
Mrs. W. P. Salathe spent Sunday
at her summer home in Bay St. Louis.
1Mr. and Mrs. J. Martagh snad
family, Mrs. Geo. Sartias and fatmially,
and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hauffe and
family have returned from a two
-weeks stay at Milneburg, at the
element Bungalow.
SMrs. F. Lecourt. Jr., spent a fort
nighlt at Bay St. Louis, the guest of
Mrs. F. Leort, Sr.
Miss Camille 8pahr and Mr. Earl
Valette spent unday at Roumsselot
Villa, Pass Christian, the guests of
-Mis Rita Romselot.
SMr. and Mrs. L. Mnsterma and
family are speding some time at
MineborC, La., at the Homedale Cot
Mr . . Ieourt, 8r., and family are
spending the summer at their sum
er hume in Bay St. Lis.M
Mrs. H. Musterman spent a few
days at Milnebrg, La., with her
daughter. Mrs. B. O. Baker.
Mrs. 8. McNeely retrused after
speding a fortlght at Bay St. Lois,
Mith her pareats.
Mrs. Hy. Clark and little grandson,
Roland cuar and Miss Clra larng
rd left last Thaseday for OGrand
action, Colo., to spend awhile.
We are plasd to no teht Mr.
ohn. A. Barrett has greatly rmeovuered
rom his recent IDeo.. He and MIrs.
rrrett are now ena~ l a visit to
Oean Springs. Durlns Mr. Barrett
_e--a-e. has son, Joha A, Jr., is at
'tending to the imuines.
A representative the Swerage
nd Water MBoard is now at  dAl
'lars orh ase to aceommebt
secribers.to the waiter emsie He
will remal until htnrr at ne.
Miss Crmedke 'Leeat' irt the
d. lairse L;i. ~s - te -
ham. afler agiga tw webse in
Morssn (3,. hie gMest at hermat.
Mrs J.l P. Chrity.
He Has Had His Day
r c
: ,
Music Teacher Believes Anti-Vice
Activities Were Cause.
H. Kuhn, music teacher, of Madi
son street McDonoghville, suburb of
Gretna, who has been active in an
independent anti-vice crusade in his
neighborhood, claims he was attacked
twice Monday about midnight in his.
home by unidentified persons. Sev
eral shots were fired during
the second attack, rousing the neigh
borhood and creating much excite
Kuhn reported the incident to Chief
Lesson of Gretna Tuesday, but the
bfficer had discovered no clue at an
early hour Wednesday morning and
said he could find no bruises about
Kuhn's head. Kuhn was in bed
asleep, according to his narrative to
Chief Leson, about midnight 'then
he was awakened by hammering on
the window. By the time he could
arise, two men had forced an en
trance through the window and, he
said. were beating him over the head.
He got his revolver, he said, and
fired at them, whereupon they fled.
Later, however, they returned,
Kuhin, said, with a large force.
Eight shots were fired in the attack
upon his home, he stated. The shots
attracted i large number of the neigh
bors, but when they arrived upon the
scene the place was deserted and not
even Kuhn could be found. The as
sailants had fled, Kuhn msaid, fearing
apprehension; and he had left, appre
hensivb of another attack.
Kuhn told Chief Leson Tuesday he
had been assaulted on the head, but
Chief Leson said he could see no
evidence of a beating. Kuhn is a
bachelor, residing alone. He is. a
private instructor in music. Though
he holds no official relation with- the
War Department Commission of
Training Camp Activities nor any
other anti-vice agency, Kuhn has
been active in reporting such alleged
vice cases as came under his obsA
vation. He has reported two, one of
which resulted in a fine for one of
the men accused. He told Chief Leson
he thought revenge the motive of the
attack upon him Monday night. He
was positive, he told the officer, he
could identify his first two assailants
if brought face to face with them.
The tug, Delanco emergency fleet
haull No. 1301 was launched by the
employees of the Johnson Iron
Works, Saturday afternoon ina the
Bayou St. John at the railroad cros
iag of the Southern Railroad. This
is the fourth boat built by the John
son Iron Works for the United States
Shipping Board. There still re
mains two more boats to be built,
making a total of six.
All employees from the hull yard
and from the marine repair plant in
Algiers attended, and much delight
was displayed when the tug took the
water. Miss Jeanie MeRea, daugh
ter of the chief inspeetbr of the Ua
chinery installatinas of the emerg
enby flget corporation, was the
sponsor. The boat us 100 feet long
and is declared to be the best yet
bauilt by that firm. It will be used
wherever the shipping board may
-e fit.
Warre Johnson, manager of the
Johuoan Iron Works. conducted the
launching, and refreshments were
served in the cafeteria on the
IL Murtagh nd family motored S6
day to the mouth of the I~setra
C(astl e Lake POntchartrnin.
The Womea's Benefit Association
t Maceeos, New Orlens Review,
. , will bheld their nxt seeml
m---e- at the home Mrsn. Lamse
leaurt mar the Adolph Meyer Scheol.
Games will be piyed a rereswh
ats earved ed a Uoe time is
reOmise Iser member is ulrged
ob sud enleadey,1 .auy 21 at 8
Last week a number of Algiers peo
ple figured largely in an automobile
accident near Morgan, City, La. In
the party who were motoring from
Lafayette to Morgan City were Misses
Emma George, Lois Walters, Lilburn
Capburn, and Mrs. Tom Rooney and
daughter, Eleanor of Algiers and
Mrs. Irma Berneaur and baby, and
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ditch of Morgan
City. Their car was struck by an
other machine, which threw the
former car into the ditch. The ma
chine did not stop to see if the oc
cupants of the Ditch car were hurt
However, in a later interview, the
driver of the other machine stated
that he thought he.had struck a rock
and heard no noise even though the
screams of the party of the wrecked
car were heard for several miles.
The occupants of the Ditch car
remained pinned under the ear for
several hours until help came. How
ever, none of the party were serious
ly hurt, just receiving severe bruises
and are all now fully recovered.
On last Saturday afternoon, Mr.
Sidney Oswald had the misfortune
to fall and painfully Injure his left
Mn Oswald was at work hanging
gutters on the building which is
being erected by Mr. Harry Wagner
at Pelican avenue and Bounty
street, and the ladder gave way caus
ing him to fall about twenty feet
Dr. Pollock who is in attendance pro
nounced the injuries not serious.
Men of the Algiers Naval Station
were given a watermelon party by the
Y. M. C. A. Monday night.
At Algiers, the Franklin Street
Methodist church choir entertained
the men with several selections, tol
idwed by an address by Dr. George
C. Hines, of the Y. M. C. A..
I During the course of the water
melon "feast," several friendly sol
diers and sailors washed each other's
faces with 'melon rines, adding to
the amusement of both gatherings.
Says Algiers Swimming Pool Water
Is All Right.
The approval of the State Board of
Health has been given the swimming
pool of the Algiers Playground fol
lowing a brcteriological examination
of the water.
A letter ftom Dr. Dowling to the.
playground, received Tuesday, stated
the water conditions were up to
specifications and that they could be
kept so as long as the rule of a
shower bath before entering the pooh
was strietly observed.
After a lengthy debate on the merits
and demerits of the proposed ordi
nance to require ding stores to close
at 6 p. m. daily and all day Sundays,.
by representatives of the contending
forces, the Commissioa Conncil TaM
day afternon voted unanimously
against the ordinance. idward Par
sons, represented as attrney the
Orleans Pharmacentiesd Aesn-l-,
Joseph Sinai the interests op
lsed to the closain order.
'Dates. and schools at which chil
dren will be vaccinated by the med
ical officer of the public schools in
preparation for the 1919-20 term were
announced by Dr. J. J. Wymer Satur
day. Treatment will be given between
ltne and 11:30 a. m. on September 10
11, 12 and 15th. at McDonogh No. 4
school, Alix and Bermuda streets.
This afternooe, begIanning prompt.
ly at 5 o'dlock, a penny perty will be
given by several lttle girls at the
DPenhager, home at 224 Bermuda
Street. There will be a sorts @1
refreshments on sale and all the old
amasements, the grab bliags and my
tory ouKs, snd the tables, where ail
ortas of pretty things ea be kghi
et a few psanss. Toda, at r t,
e'etlek, at 324 ramada street.
The news of the death of Mrs.
Caroline A. Slack, wife of Rev. W.
3. Slack, was indeed a great shock
to her many friends here where she
resided for over twelve years.
The following excerpts are from
the Town Talk, of Alexandria, La.:
At St. James Rectory, 221 Winn
street, Alexandria, La., on Friday,
July 11, 1919, at 9:10 p. m-, Caro
line Augusta Slack, wife of the Rev.
William Samuel Slack, and daughter
of Wm. Harbert Benjamin and Ce
cilia Caroline (Breithaupt) Benja
min. She was born June 25, 1872,
in Brooklyn, N. Y., but removed
when a few weeks old to "Homestead
Plantation," East Carroll parish,
La., where she lived with her par
ents until her marriage, Decqmber
29, 1896, to the Rev. William Sam
uel Slack, then of Iberville parish,
Educated in private schools, at
home, and at Staunton, Virginia,
she herself taught school for a while
in East Carroll parish.
Upon her marriage to Rev. W. S.
Slack she moved to his home at Mar
ingouin, La., and three years after
wards to Washington, La., and for
twelve years lived in Algiers, La.,
where her husband was rector of Mt.
Olivet Church. In 1914 the family
moved to Columbus, Miss., her hus
band being rector of St. Paul's
Church, and in September, 1917, to
Alexandria, Rev. Mr. Slack being
called as rector of St. James Churgh.
Mrs Slack was a devout membet
of the Episcopal Church, and was
interested in all phases of church
work, the Sunday School and Ouilds,
but especially in the Mission work
as represented by the Woman's Aux
Iliary to the Board of Missions. She
will be greatly missed by her co
workers in all of these branches of
the church's work. "
She was one of the pioneers of the
work of the Travelers Aid in New
Orleans, and was the first first vice
rresident of the organisation. She
was also a member Of the Kings
Daughters Society and at one time
president of the "Silent Helpers"
Circle in Algiers.
Always interested in literature
and art, she was a member of the
Reading Circle of Columbus, Miss.,
and the Poets Circle of Alexandria.
Besides her devoted husband she
leaves three daughters, Caroline
Louise, Cecilia Benjamin and Mar
garet Emily, to inourn her depart
ure, all of whom were present at
the time of her death but the latter,
who was visiting friends in New Or
Mrs. Slack had been ill for many
months, and a fatal termination
seemed certain, but courage, cheer
fulness and an indomintable will pre
vented discouragement so that at the
last her end came suddenly.
The funeral took place at 5 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, the beautiful and
impressive service being held in 8t.
James Church, in the presence of a
very large concourse of friends. The
Rev. C. B. K. Weed, groomsman and
classmate of Mr. Slack, and now
rector of the Church of Good Shep
herd of Lake Charles, officiated at
the service, asisted by the Rev. Dr.
H. C. Duncan and the Rev. Walter
Lennie-Smith, of Alexandria.
The musical portion of the service
was most beautifully given by the
vested choir under the direction of
Prof. Albert Deeks, organist. The
choir sang hymn 363, "O Lamb of
God Still Keep Me," unaccompanied
by the oragn. Mrs. G. Purnell Whit
tington and Mrs. F. J. Petagna sang
hymn 634, "My Jesus as Thoen Wilt,"
(Thy Will Be Done), set to the beau.
titful masle by Herbert Palfrey, of
New Orlesans.
As the funeral cortege wended it
way slowly from the rectory to the
church and up the main aisle to the
chanmel, the orgalst played Chopin'i
Funeral March, the solemn, modu
lated toaes falling over the hushed
assemblage uas the procession entered
the ehure. Tke opening msentene
were read by Dr. Dncan. Th
Psalm was read by the Rev. Mr. Las
ale-Smith with rempeasm by the -a
New Orleans. La., July 13. 1,'1:.
Editor,. Algiers Herald.
Algiers. La.
Dear Sir:-
I note in today's issue of the Daily
States an offer for sale by the Coln
nissioner of Public Utilities, a fr ait
clise lease for a ferry from Walnut
Street to WVestwego and that tlih
published tariff rates are the sante
of generations ago. made to discour
age reasonable loads. no doubt in
times when flat boats were in exist
ence. These onerous antiquated
rates. made in tis mes gone by when I
the rate makers and purchasters of
franchises were about one and the
sanme parties. are again about to be
foisted and taxed upon us for an
other fifteen years or half a geni,'a
tion and the people of Jefferson
should take notice of conditions.
It is. I believe, the purpose of the,
people of Algiers and vicinity to do
all that can be done to secure a
dlownward revision of tariffs for the
Canal and Third District ferry fran
chises when same is shortly off-red
for- sale and it is to be hoped, that
when this occurs, the successful Wal
nut Street franchise bidder will not
appear and oppose our petition, on
the ground that the adoption of a
lower and modern tariff rate, for the
('anal and Third District ferry fran
chises, would reduce the value of
his purchase.
Yours truly.
J. R. N.
On Sunday evening, Mrs. A. Meyer
was most agreeably surprised by qi
great number of her friends at her
home at 426 Slidell avenue. Mrs.
Meyer received many beautiful pres
Her guests were Misses M.
Harley, F. Schiele, E. Halten, A
Fossier, Adela Fossier, L. Knowles
O. Fourrow. L. Gendron, E. Ramos.
G .Smith, C. Tompson. M. Tompson,
F. Shephard, F. Dulcich, B. Claison.
L. Burgau, M. Barton, A. Burls, C.
Oswald, E. Oswald, Messrs, T.
Schiele, H. Albrizze, A. Orie, B. Vinot.
C .Conrad, H. Smith, Jos, John. Leo
Culver, W. Meyer, N. and H. Tomp
son, D. Corcoran, W. Shephard, Mrs.
J. Ramos, Mrs. J. Huber, Mrs. A. Dul
etch, Mr. and Mrs. A. Corcoran, Mr.
and Mrs. C. Classon, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Shephard. Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Cafiero.,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Oswald, Mr. and Mrs.
F. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. H. Schiele.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tompson, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Culver. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Burgau and Mr. and Mrs. A. Meyer.
Many young" ladies of Algiers
spent another enjoyable evening at
the popular K. C. Hall, Naval Sta
tion, last Tuesday. The dances still
continue to be high-class and refined.
Great credit is due to the young
ladies of the town who entered into
the spirit of these dances, and have
complied strictly with the wise regu
lations that have been made for
these entertainments.
The secretaries do not say very
much but they are on the alert and
will enforce the rules in a courteous
manner, namely by not sending out
Invitations to those who will delib
erately violate any of the rules. Most
of the young ladies appreciate this
method of keeping the dances high
class, and it is a real pleasure to
watch them enjoy themselves. For
convenience invitations can be ob
tained from Miss Rita uratich at
the H. N. G. C., Sunday night. The
benefit for the organ is on in full
blast. Many tickets have been sold
and the organ is practically a fact.
This shows a good spirit.
The chapel is nearly completed
and soon ,the boys will be able to
pray in it any time during the day.
The Fourth Annual Picnic of the
Crescent City Lodge 74g, B. A. C.
of A., will be given on Sunday, July
20th ,at the Southern Park for their
relief fund. The admission will be
twenty-five cents, and children under
twelve years will b admitted free:
The committee of ahangement con
sists of J. Hogan, ex-otfficio: J. Don
nely, chairman, A. 8. Vinet. A. Bloom,
A. E. Zwicke, J. Enright, P. Rando,
C. Adams, J. White, E. Achel, D.
Daly, D. Adams, P. Scheurer. The
floor committee is made up of 0. V.
Eckert, chairman, C. Wagner, W.
Park, P. Brown, Ed. Muasterman. J.
M. Maronge, E. Uhle, L. Ehrhard, P.
Kittich, J. Umbach, C. Fuller, and
P. Pelletre.
During the past week, a crowd of
young girls have been having a jolly
time and have been enjoying them
selves immensely at the Schwab
camp at Spanish Fort. Boating and
bathing were the main featuie.
Mrs. Louis Nicklaus chaperoned the
party. In the party were Misses
Verena Brodtman, Leah Kirby, Irma
Tufts, IUllian and Haser Nelson and
Imelda Nicklaus.
gregation. The lesson and prayers
were read by the Rev. Mr. Weed.
As the body was taken from the
church the organist played the
"Dead March from Saul."
The altar and cancel were deco
rated profusely with lovely floral of
ferilangs, the gifts of friends. Among
the offerings sent by organizations
were the following: Mt. Olivet
Church Guilld of Algiers, La.; St.
Paul's Church Guiald of' Columbas,
Miss.; St. James Church Guild of
Alexandria; Mt. Olivet Church Guild
of Plneville; The Vestry of St. James
Church, Alexandria; the Woman's
Auxiliary f 8St. James Church; The
Poet's Circle of Alexandria; the
Newcomb Club of Alexandria, and
many lovely offerings from other
friends. At the request of Mr. Black,
the loose flowers wero sent to the
Baptist Hospital to be distributed
in the rooms- of the patients.
There w ill he a new grocery in
town Monday Ilornftlng. known as "La
onllita.' 'antd as thi, word indicates,
the nlewt it!it ettlahtlialaStia proprietors
plromise theirt" pataron.. that "I.a Iton
ita" will sell anl -,rve only the best.
Mr. Frank I. Killen., one of the
pl'tllliaent colifat'Iato s ill Out Itow
is ene of t h propritlletors l. of the nel
lstore. lr. Kihlle.t ineeds noi intro
iluction to thle .\ltet's people. lie
1s well and avorably known for his
high stanidingl in this loltnininity. and
his Ipast illstness l les all(tets and t
fidollts inl his laow alchteamentti.
Mr. Tliaz is a ci apable. o ffici int,
'youllnllg raan lof pleasinlg personality,
atdi lhe will have charget of the husi
1ess In looking alter thlt a culnort of
ath trade aid in seeig that they
are given what they want. Mr. Kil
leon will look after the more impor
ltanIt details.
Thlt- store at the corner of Belle
ville andl Eliza street is now being
newly plainted tlhroughout in white.
New fixtures are being installed and
the goods which will be offered for
sale on Monday morning will be
fresh from the wholesale houses and
"La Bonita" is also to have an up
to-date delicatessen department, and
for this, a display ice box has been
purchased, so that the customers may
see exactly what they are buying,
and at the same time, preventing the
people frontm handling the goods
which are offered to others for sale.
The new firm has some very origi
nal ideas, which they will inaugurate
shortly, and when put into effect, are
designed to save their customers a
considerable per cent of profit that
they had been paying heretofore.
The new firm bids you welcome to
their new place on Monday, and,
being from Missouri, theoretically,
you will have nothing to loose in
giving them a trial order.
The W. P. Salathe Stars.
The line up with their bad average
is as follows: Peter Buhler, short
stop and captain. 280, C. Hoge, first
baseman, 260, F. Ruso, left fielder
250, H. Silverman. right fielder, 300,
W. Vurban, center fielder, 325, A.
Davis third baseman, 200, J. Matchett,
second baseman, 300, Pat Maher,
catcher, 300, V. Lauman, pitcher 180,
L. Stenger and Dock Bayes, extra.
This team will challenge the win.
ner of the Behrman League, winner
to take gate receipts and all side bets.
The W. P. Salathe Stars.
The Calderaro Juniors (formerly
Young Pelicans) played their first
game under their new name Sunday,
July 13 by deafeating the Bouny
Stars, 17 to 5. The game was very
interesting, until the fifth inning,
when the score stood 3 to 1 in favor
of the Calderaro's. In this inning
after three runs were scored off of
Donnenfelser of the Bonny Stars, he
was relieved by "Eas" Adams, when
seven more runs were earned.
"Lefty" Morris was on the hill for
the Calderaro's. He did great pitch
ing with excellent support behind him.
Gilder did great catching.
Robichaux made the greatest catch.
Tallon made a three base hit with
the bases loaded. Mothe. made a
home run for the longest hit.
Bengert made the longest hit for
The Calderaro Juniors wish to
play any team with players under
the size of 55 inches. Send all chal
lenges to J. Tallon. Plelding Managter.
207 Morgan street or phone AlMgiers
283-A. *
The line up is as follows: Eddle
Hialton, catcher, Lefty Morris, pitcher,
Robert Talbot. first baseman. O. Gl1
der. second baseman. A. Peterso,
short stop, J. Taluto, third tias
man, J. Roberts, left fielder, J. Tal
Ion, center fielder. 8.Robichaux. right
fielder. L. Adams and Peter Dassin
get', substitute.
On last Sunday, a crowd of jolly
boys entertained a number of their
girl friends on an all day outing at
Milnebur. The day was spent ain
swimming, boating, fishing and danc
ing. Music was furnished by the Co
lumbla Jazz Band. Retreshments
were served In abundance.
Those who helped to make the day
n. joyable were Misse . lucheards, I.
Clasuen, I. Wasner. c. rsen, T.
Muntz, L. Mayheno, E. Stockfleth, M.
I.Burmaster, Messrs. J. Bevans, T. 0of,
3. Provenzano, M. Graham, R. Bather
Sland, M. Short. V. Erast V. Crawford,
E. Cayard, J. Dubois, 0. Umbaed, W.
I Keenan. W. Spitzfaden, 8. Durpe, A.
Blrelsux, P. Back, I. Pleat, H. Oswald.
C. Pltre, A. Richards, C. Clasen , H.
IRichards, A. Richards. W. Gould.
Mayhe'no, L Crespo, F. Hornoeky. A.
Heltmeyer. W. Nolan, 8. Harding.
Brodtmsn. F. Spahr, &N. Wilson and
others. The chaperons were Mr. and
Mrs. J. Richards. Mr. and Mrs. J.
Richards, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. T. Mor
rison. Mr. and Mrs. K Barrett, and
Mrs. Mayheno.
I A number of Jolly folk spent Sat
5 urday and Sunday at the Apex Cot
si tage in Mllneburg. Boating and
e bathing were enjoyed. In the party
e were, Misses Ethel and Helen Covell,
l and Anna Peres. Mrs. Jacob Meyer.
'r Mrs. Kuttruff, Mr. and Mrs. H. Him
C, melreehbt, Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer,
C Mr. and Mrs. Roes 8tenhouse; Mee
4 sr. Frank Meyer, Edwalrd Groens, and
Richard Steuhouse.

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