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The herald. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, September 11, 1919, Image 4

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r .N .+ (I:f l/ , I'- : .l ' - ,,' r
i-t-i -ý I I, \
If -
,,: .%: . v. .l ,\ . , , - l
tI : t ~ S.r t! r.' i N tl. S'. r:
rit :.- L . ,^
' trl. t"l ;tr -tir , :t rt· ti :'<"- ` r ('1
a if the ;, . . .. l :. sat. , t 1: !y r:tt
: t 'i "rl a i . , t. ie .% , `. .,' t 1,4,' hert t
,'" I" t , "' '.t - , n t. ...,1t It , , " ('
!.fr tIt r.Ient . 'rnfl't',. r wt'i hri . I: i i, a",
,thi-r anes , the d ape re-. u par. the
Notary .ai:er due radi ng .7 f the hi :le.
H 'tne es t' . ;t -ndis . . . . "tf 1'1.
f igina.l Signed) A daker .
L true c t a I ar' :,v.
S ellN. E IIUM Il trE
aNdtary II'u lic.
I ""t .: - a ,t, rv l ,: ', t, ry . u bh: c t; ,
Aug, 2I- Sept. 4-Oct. m.
Sna.ted States of America. State of Louis
atia. P'arish of : rleans City iif New (Jr
S'atie. Hle It known. that on this the 26th
day tf the month of August. in the year of
our Ltrd, one thousand, nitte (hunlred and
nineteen. atit of the ndepend ence of the
oited Statesn f Aterica, the one hundred and
folrty- fourth; itefore me. Alexis Irain. a N o
tary lPulitic. duly coromissioned and qualified.
within anti for the arish of Orleans, State of
thesigne; ; ersnally came e and at i eared. the
several persotns whose names are hereuntit
Nsuitscrid; who declared, that aviling thlem
selves of the privileges granted by the laws
of the State of Louisiana,. they o F.y these
presents forSig and organize themselves, and. Bell.
such othr persons as ttay hereafter join thetrt,
as well as their successors. unto a corpora
tion for the ojects anur purposes and under
the stipulations fllowng. ito-wit:
ARTIClE I.-The nam of this corporatitr
shall Se the "(allahan Chemical (..ntoiay.
Incrprated." and under such InaI' e it shall
enjoy cttrtrate existence fir a ternti of nintty
nine years frt ti idate hereof. ititless so-tiler
dissolved aStates ofrig to law. Its d ite shall
lie an the ity of Orlew ansrleas. State of
Louisiana. where all legal piriess directeit
against it shall tknown,e served upon its thresidnt.
or n his asence thousand, nine hucndrei ant
and in the asence depef ndeboth of saince offi thers
upon its Secretary.
ARTICLE lI.-Said ctrpitratlon may have.
hold, lease. purchase. sell, cinvey. mn-rtgage
or pledge proth; Berty, real r ernal or ixa No
rights. franliss anduly commses ined actionnd qu aned.
stockshin ands an sec Parites of other corpora
tions; it thereinay brresiw ding lend in the pres-n
security; it peray sue and e asuend ared nthay
have and use a corporate seal. It ntay
have and enjoy all such other rights. pawer.
and prerogatives as are now or nay hereunfter
he enyscried y cwho declartied,ns generallty, aniling them
corporations of a like character. organizel
under the general and speciald by the laws of this
ARTICE IllState of-The ouisiana,jects an pby rposes
for which this coratin is organize themselves, and
the nature of their usiness to a carried on
by it are herely declared to purpose. tand mufac
lure medicinal oils, creams. tonics al d othnyer
nprrparatedon." and chemr suical nle icinal or
toilet scorporate existe of any kind a ter chf niractnety-r
to buy, sell, and generally deal in such ar
ticles. eiter wfroi dlesale or at retail ; ansd gen
erally to do any and all acts and things that
may di e necess ardi convenent. or incidental
to the carrying ot f these urlses. State of
ARTIsianaE I -Twherhe call leital stprck of this
corpTration is herely frxed at five thousand
dollars ($5.franchses. and ivoses into anti rpre
sented by five thiusanrit shares of there para
value of te Dllar ($1.00borrow or per share with
the right to increase the said cabital stck may
not andre thuse a fifteen t seouand llars (15.
have, and enjoy all suchyin with the requisites
of thenjoy law. edhe by rposcrationpions set pnerally, and os
the scorporatirs of a like uscrater to this czed
tunder that the entire ageneral and special laws of the cap
tl whichk this orratien suon iscr org ani the sanid
subscribecrs ii relty declare anti warrant that
the enture aonint nf the said capitedal tok
hs iteen pare her ito the Tred asuryto be. te cmanufacr
poreparatin ins, casnd hefore the siginal f this
ATIo buy, sell -Tanhe business an affairs of
this either wran shall e or at retailed and con
dutcl yto a nyoard of rector and thiings that
of three statckhiolders; essrs. John (.llas -
han of New rleanys, La; Alfred S. Wade.
otf New Orleans. l.a.. and Alexis .f Schwawt
alia. of New Orleans, La.. shall constitute
the first oiari of directh rs s who shiall holkt
office untilto linwi the ti M ay ini Auigust.
1t.n. or until their susccesstrs shall hie duly
elected ant quthalthediI. aoun the third Mon
day if Akugust. 15e1. atcti annually thereaf
tcr. an electinrt for the Ilrectors shall he
held at the office of the corpiration in the
City of New firleans, after nitities have been
iven to eact stsckholder, tialled at least
ten days prior thereto.
At all elections, the stockhIlders shall he
allowed one vite fur eacr sharhe of stick thtil
en standing int his naie oni the hoaks
corptratton fsr ten iays Iritr to then
In case tif a vacancy occurring
y cause 1It either the It ard of 1iii
or atntiirg the officers, the vacancy
be filled Sy the rermainittig Irectrs Sty
the selectiot hr a st;c.hltser oh ft ' ia
vacancy. wirht S)al hold oiffice intil a stic
cessor is crleSd or until the next a ul
meeting. -
ARTICLE VS.-Thte officers of this corpora:t
tion shall cinsist if a l'rest len;. Vtce-Prtsfi
dent. Secretary and Treasurer. T the tirff:es
of Secretary and Treasurer titauy Stherelt iv
the same ersoin. itntil the third MIinday n t
August. 1920. or tintl their slrcessors shall i
have been duly elected and quaif-ed, a Ma
John Callahan shall he Itrcs.,ltl. hr Al Al
Sae of Broadwah t 10-113 W. 45th St. n
SBlos fros Grand Central Station.
Mtuch favored
- y aswomnen tray
llngg e ir without a
40 Theatre, aus l
h s inuter walk.
aao who shal mihofte of all s ru
e r oudt , serface n
Hot and Cold
sn every room. t f
Siutio r soombsidroo.fmsa. .rom s.oe a -
Ss ersoN. mn.hgr.f
]uut 90 or uotel tei.r c , lor
IA. fred S. \Vati,. shall he V:ce-l'resident. and
Mr. Ahlex:s .M1. Sihw::alla shall be Secretary
Sr,-a rrr tin ti:( t!h;r l Mond.y in August,
.., liTurneihire after ihe annual stockhold
nri' meeting, and annually thereafter. the
It.,rId f i lire t',rs l. cl ted at suc.i annual
ing shall -elect ir .ll their own nu:mer.
' r. lr- t n: e. . r Vl ,c-l'resident, and fr.om
'" amg their ,ri nlrinier or fruti amii ng the
te . .c h,ller,, a i.-. re:ary end Treasurer.
a',I ARTi-l. E VII.-Ta in n.euners of the
I-t l ,a-, ..t ll.rectors -hall con :iltute a qualiri:n
'Sa linard many l pt a c"de oft by-Ilaws and
t. a sea;. art ai: uil or cihane the saule at
". Ther h.wrer:in. It is e pec. ily stipulated
that the lp.,wcrs hereby delig itIed to the saitd
i't Hoard of Directu, and t, the officer; vi the,
e c.,rt.rit on are lil ':i e ,, as il-i-wa . j1
, , trac invoiv n-ig a li,',l:y on thie crpira
t 'tn to arty greater extent tha Ji Five Iin
aL r ,1 I $'i ; r . i$ "l -. in,.lI n, ci penid:!.IC if
t. y .trter -ivlving a gre ter a .:t than
a" :'e ,u: ..t Five Ilui:lrit Ii ,lars $o, 1 ..
a r : e r c .te tra ed
A It ,t:lV - licer or d-rectr a ith ut the arit
n i t , n:-l ounes I 't ta,'! l m' " ,cr of tie
1 rI ,,f ! :rect, - n , " .i h ct-e .ill
S t tr r e p,:l t:i: t! e a:!en
, ,.:t};., . < , t ": 1 ' , ill " i the
' "t' f the It r,t ' ' I . cf .reg, '. treal! hr
S,, It r ,rl , c 'tI rat ,.
.t 1 . I 11 V III 'l ':- i, t it ] r, . n
. . be ai::nerded 1 :, a l ',rtrcti. itr at p,,
1,* . ": tt i d - - i i ia . l , , I t li, t -
1,111. .,Illrt.
ARTI(' .E IX N ,lt ,kh !: e -'a i
Th; s c.rra', , i i, iS ,.fn s. lr s tlce -n t. , n
i e. le .1fary". S. u A, it . " c "H .i: > anslF. . Ilt'
Sgi, , r i i !ttn e , v C w o . itr ..f
• " {.-i'r  the s"m.,ck esldh' . "it, nid  clV arr
''hn " ::t rcpr..e tc' ,y : c t ,k,
I' 1 " i lcu T ie au t tri I- -'v ,ffice in the
It N c v I r aa. .., tl" l Iiv a l1 date
a h- c .nahvc f th , ai ti' a l hle re -
S " clrleex tc.r Tllanr wA ith l said ,lpp e
arnep; red Si u-i . i Ew I- r stick.-.
se h-rs
is. lean, lin ip shorter . "s tis. S l ierei
Alexis W. Seha itala, F New l )rleans. 4,
sharew; Alfred S. Waile. New Orleans. lio
!rotary Public.
I hereby certify that the foregoing Act of
SI ncorpuratlon of the (allahan (herical ('i- I
paloy, Incorporated. was this day recorde
rin the mortgage office of the Parish of Or
leans, in Book 1231, Folio -.
New Orleans. l.a., August BIth, 1019.
I hereby certify the foregoing to are a trite
copy of the charter of thie Callahan (hemi
ti l ou Csiana, . Incorporated, and of the ite
he of nx.w Orleans. ihe it known, that
m- ! month of May. ill the wjar of Our i
wsI lnord, oton thousand nine hundred and
 nineten, and ot the Indepencel of the UInit
rd tats of rderAm certifica the one hattachndred
ofRiu, a Notary P ulblic. duly commission-c
ed Aug. qulifie, in and for the Parish of
Orleans. State of Louisian. and therein
ed. ridltg, and iNCORPORATe D. the wit
es- hereind Stafter naof ed and under- of
r llLo si.Pribed, aillsh of rleansd all resi-ty
Sdents of trle ns.ity of Nitw Orleans. who
It selves ofti thety-n provisionsth day of the laws of
Sithe State of Lorisina In Such caso s
made and provided usand niore hundparticularlynd
s nineof Act een'ind of the Indep.rnl Asely of the nit
SStates of .oisiname for the year nd114,re thd ey
e, Iha corvenantehird, bontrted. ustavreed nd
e boulnd themelves. in and do by these res-h of
. leants nvennnt, contract. agrl. and threind
ll restlvg. a its wtll s ll resetche oif the wit
t.y nisses hereitafter nabecome aociated with
'n them. to form tlhenisel\-e. into and con- I
ill stitte cersrpornallytio and appeody arpolle in
SIw, for the objects allnd pollrloes and resn
ll dr te stlp of te Cions herein st forth, whih
of hich they adolt as their charter, towhemit:
el ARTIseles I.-- The name of this Corpora
i tion shall e "of Jules A. an he. In scorpora
ted." which may be abbreviated to "Jules
f. o(af chet Inc.
ARTICI.FL II.-The objects and pur
n tatose f for whh this cororation is orm914 they
cge ound( the nmsetllre of the business to pre
er arried on by it are hereby drclared to be
ior tts bisnenas of Iconsuratnce arok are and
nir: e tencys in all its forms and branches. i
n them, TIEo for III.-The amont of the con- I
at tal stok of this cororation i herepoliti iby
aY fixsd at the sum of ive Thourposes and Dol
Ilr ($".000) and whhih capital stock may
b- e incr t astd to the snm of Tw fornth, wh-five
thosich the (y adopt as.000) olltheiars, said catowital:
estnok dividCd into fifty shares of the par
vat tlue of One hundred ($100) Dollars, each.
th The stock shahall e palesd for n cahesh when
ted."erihed for or may e isabbrsuiated in wholes
or in parat not lss thn ar. for ro-.
Srty or ood will -The otll prchased and pur
te or received by it. No fractional shares
s. shall ever he issued. The location of the
in doises for of this corporation shall e informed
c- and the ity of New Orhns. State of Loubisl
at ana. and service of citation or of all legal
k rories hall be it made upon the Presiden to be
of this corporation or in case of his ab
s sence or inability to act. on the Vice
Presideot. or Secretary Treasnrer. In the
order nanled. and said corporation shall
have and ealljoy succsion by its cor- es.
porate nanw for a p,,riod of ninety nine
a years from the date of this act.
n AThe husin --T and affairs of this cpr
poration shall he conducted by and all
te oif the orporat powers vested in, and h
,xerclsed by a bonrd of directors com
Sfosed of three stockholders to be eleted l
by the stockholdrs. annually t by ballot.
Son thile third Monday of the month of *
( .lJlnuary of e:ch t year. hotinning in the H
tenr 1-20. or on any sllareqsient date an
In unct d iby the iloard of Directors, In
alr*n no cltctlon shall take pile on said
dat. anftedr flfteen days notice which he
civen to each stockholder by written
l notie malled to each stockholder at his e
t l nasrt known Post Office address. and said p
siclection shall be held at the offleo of the
e corporation under the supervision of two
ci temissioners. apporinted by the Board
of dIlrnetor. At said election, oeach stock- g
khoaler shall be entitled to east his votes
as spewified in Section 11 of Act .'2l of the
General A.semblv of the State of ,ousis -
issna for thel year 1914. or any amendments
thereto. the stockholders receivingr a ma
j.orit of the votes rant shall be deciaerd
elerdtd. Thne Board of Directors so elet- at
atd lhall Immedlately thereafter "proced
Sto clvrt one of its members to be Prat -
Cdent. one to Ie Vies -Presidents and one t
, to Iet Sec¢retn ry-Treansre·r of the Corpora
Stion. and they shall serve untlc their
Incoistore are elected and qrvalified. The
firlt lhnard of Ddrectorr shall be com- le
,posed of the followin three directors: e
SJulbtes A. soanche. enw Orleans. Toanldl
Iann. Mrs .Tule % A tlaohe. New Orleans to
i.olistanh. MIrd Moily Gafche. New Or
Iennu. I.nttibynr: Of whom bi nles A.
a I nehs shall be President Mrt . .Tpies A.
- Iate. Vifer irfedent. and MIc Lily be
I t.che sh'tll be Serretary Treasurer, and h
ther shrll serve a ntil the Third aMonday b
[of .nuanrv 1n02. or nntil their successors
The nameos nnd post office addresses of
the scuhserhlber, hereto and the number t r
of .harea of stock which each agre*s to
Ctake in tnhe rorratiopn are as follows:
gJnlle .. Cnalsher . Newa Orleans Ta., 46 ia e
ishres: tMro. Jlltes A. C:llehco aces Or
leans La.. Ashlre: Mofti S.ily oafche New
Orlean.. L.a.. 1 share: .Mis Rose Gauche,
New Orleans. Ia: 1 share .Miss Irn anonette f
Gnraulche. New Orleans. La., 1 share.
Stockholders metin other than meet
ine- s for the election of directors may be t-a
held as prescribed by Stction 10 of Arti
det of th ViGeneral Assembly of the State
of lIouisirna for the year 1914, or any a- A
mendments thereto .
This corporation and the officers and St
dirscetors thereof ehall have all of the Be
rirths and powefrs. and this corporation gust
may Ile amended or dissolrved. or itos Not
,Iffalir Ilouidated. as irovided by the fjed
provisions of Act h 7 of the General As- said
senmbly of the State of 'Lousiana for the here
year l1914. or any amendments thereto. allr
Io stockholder shall ever be held lrable Pres
or responsilble for the contracts or faults Tre
of this corporation in any thrther sum of t
nd than the unlpaid balance on the stock for
ry- whi.ch he has subscribed, nor shall any
st, mnere informality in organization have
id the effect of rending this charter null or
he exposing a sto, kholder to any liability
iar other than as herein provided.
Cr. The sulbscril.ers hereto have respective
he ly' written opposite their respecltive namesri
thie amount of stock in this corporation
Yulscrihed to by each of thunl
he so that this nat of incoporation shall
n irs,- is the original surisription list
ni of said c',orporation to he ritcorded iIand
a published ac'cording to law.
ei Thu done and palsed. in my office. it
Nt ew (rl.ar s. Louistrta, on tihe day and
i in the Monlth and Yeaor lireiniahovte firit
ra" rittr n, ill the Iprsernce of Messrs. .1 ohil
n- I'. Itlhdwin anid Alfred J. ltonott o, tonm
, li-tItit wit"nesse, who1 hoereunto sign itheiir
air i;nah.r s with ite' s;il Illappi.alrer-. Iiparti~e
1., :iand metilt. NOt:ary, after dull readingll of
e, ith'e whi lr .
t wit - AlfrV, .1. loio iinor , J. 'P Uald
e i (iririrail .-i niidl Jult,,es A. (G;iihe. 4i;
r c:irrche. ; .I ari. s .t iiignonette I (;Ihir he
r- i I !i ...ha i'r,; - .lirrl l i n-,. I trlil -h..
1 -harc.
g;ls. .T. tI!'.%1"
Notairy l'Pnlic.
a I. thne nde'r-.ired (r.order of Mort
i , . i i nut ifor the P'arish of 4tr lr; ..i
c st-.it of I. uii-i;ii . i do I , hrtl ertify thait
Illh." aiioy, :ntI torlid r ii;, A1t of ill tIor
p :irturn of thre lils . s iAu'he. In 'or
pi ited. waI s th ii i uni duly r icorled in itin
t ofi,-e.. iii lioik l2::I. Folio t'..
Niew itrlr .i-.. La .. A ui-t lstt... 1919.
S iend idi 1:ll .lE J.. l.lr io N. l :li, l'y. Hi.
n t e . It I' copy .
Gl1S J. IIti'.I".
iNotary Public.
AuglI t '. Sepit.. 4 Oct.. 2
S Habits of thrift also help you to
s ave trouble.
Who Is to win renown by inventing
a fireless cook?
There is going to be a slump In the
have been a worse winner.
S It Is hard for silk shirts and thrift
to dwell in peace together.
if That girl In the bathing suit Is back
nI on the covers of the magazines.
Some folk can tell bigger tales than
R.the man who has a home garden.
ii- The poor mark who follows the race
d horse betting odds never gets even.
Threats to deport radicals will be
more effective after we have deported
a few.
The last few days have been con
duclve to a full development of corn
and corns.
It' It's true as that scientist says
t_ that we're all crazy, a lot of things are
d explained.
,f The sentimental and temperamental
n witness doesn't always do his cause
any good.
Anyway, it will be a long time ere
o another nation pins its hopes to the
- submarine.
Y A fellow doesn't have to own many
hogs before he can get a rating in
I China Is not making a much better
h showing In diplomacy than she has
- made in war.
h Lots of folks are camping out this
summer, some from choice and others
from necessity.
A soviet government Is as inviting
a target for the "reds" as any other r
I kind of government.
These days the advertisements are
so interesting that one scarcely finds
time to read all the news. a
Maybe the girls' ears are not so large
as the size of the roll of hair that
Shides them would Indicate.
Men do not have to be unselfish to c
Srecognize that what Is best for the rest "
of the world Is best for them.
The man who has to eat his ow~i
words Is sometimes justified in com
plaining of the cost of his food.
It Is really too had if Naturalist 
Garner has discovered an ape that can I
talk. There is too much of that now.
The thermometer Is making It very f
difficult for the thrifty citizen to keep
his mind on next winter's coal supply. Ic
It Is hardly correct to speak of those
minor conflicts as "wars." Many of
them are merely aggravated race riots.
A recipe is given for reducing a don- ar
hle chin. IHow does anyone get a don- 1
ble chin In these days of elevated food ar
prices? Ia
The weather man has made It clear 'i
why accurate forecasts cannot be
made. It's all on account of the ca
Who can tell why it is that the avi- co
ators always make that marvelously i
fast time in flights nobody has any il- dr
terest in? sh
Fears that American boys would m;
learn to like France better than the
U. S. A. have proved entirely without c
foundation. Il
The persons who haven't some sort lar
of badge or medal for their part in be
the war are almost as scarce as a new- e
born baby's teeth.
The aerial liners have been pledged thi
not to drive out the old-fashioned ,r
steamships this summer in the com- of
petition for European travel.
The Yank who has just come back iSc
from over there will observe the Pr
Fourth of July: "I suppose they think re
they are making some noise." ;,
. - scr
State of Louisiana. Parsa of Orleans. at
Be it knorwn, That on this 6th day of Au- of
gust, 910. hbefore me. Herbert W. Kaiser. a :ior
Notary Public. duly commissioned and qua!i- of
fied. in and for the Parish and State afore by
said. and in the presence of the witnesses the
hereinafter named and undersigned. perstn- has
ally came and appeared; Charles C. Elmer. cep
President, and Clifford H. Kern, Secretary- She
Treasurer, who declared that at a meeting hol
of the stoctkholders of the Industrial Iron the
or Works, Inc., a corporation organized under
ny the laws of the State of Louisiana by act
e' l.cfore Herbert W. Kaiser. Notary Pluld
or dated t.y 17th. 1918, rccolrded in itok 121'.
ity :,,l . 7t of the recorls of the Mortga:e Oif
five of the P'.Irtsh otf ()rlean, they were aa
e. thhrized as Preident and as SCe ri:.ryv
I "N i e:t'lru r of said < .rp,,rat ,,n, a. alppears 1\,
on a copy of the res.. lut:.. n of the s:.n. lk:hiik .
S heltta . ed and node pa3 t he!et'
all appcr before me. N,,t ry Pul:c. tr :
i . .r p -t .. l ,i re n t" 1 1 ," : ti r Ii s . l d i n
net ,it. ,n a r\\o ks,. i:, .
A " i tohe p.rd a, - c r.t -. - ," ; a red ti .t a -
4It ; :. . ., d c ti t' ,, :1 h-hal f ,,i -.i
f ,l . , : : t- .t . !h d e r s b y 1 ri: I
iw i " aniIt :ir. I- . PrrPd up.u ithen at t
t t:'z '.e th 'o"C'" . :,<- , t a* .ud ct rI,
h Rit t d I T lt l l r t +'f I l
'i , :.I" . a:i,, :d;. i "o sh. orttr p Iv i-tTi./ ,l
sr . " "rt '. it . , \" it 'e .i th ar.r I : ,'
.r sirole I y . itw I
: to :. . I e cn i ..t ' 'on :the -I a 'lt
T' u , !, " , t c, r :h," . !h i ' ll i t.e,
(r I. the -c
, .'k.,t It- . its ,, ' hi.t . rc f 1- re`l a :.
la,,! c'' h llr.. t .t n.ke knwn t ha ts "n ,
- h e l i n i i p r b l a n k i - i s o I i t a n
tn te l e:. I\V as a:7:,- l .c . i d ,t.Pltugct
i the chiorter pr..s:on is of tie wInii.ral 'n
and atiend t-i a'. rilnuove nt forIaolth
rI cai : f,.,. :
Acle IV of sai charter l f the I, ,k stiu
ri Works' , ii. : e recirdel and pili. -.l.
d that the utar chan'ge a-,d aien ent sha l;.i
µ i'a t cpl  ti, t ,,k '1I _ ,e i7 rc:t'l tI 1:: 1 ,
be h:ereafter an, d aty all, ti u's as herei na ie
set forth, as regards all perI tn that are no,
creditlors of the salo crt ratio or who maytr
enter i nto contractual relation with it.
Thus done and passed in llthe
tt" if New rle.ans. on the da.l date and 1 .
,:ih ecah. a ut na itnthe ' tesence
t:, the charter p! a .nt f sar id crlr.ttMain.
the charter pr,,v:.:.ns of t'le lndI-:ral Icon
rpetet itneses have of lawnul aged, residin
wrin tten, an d they do he directading of re
S! irtnesses: Martin Iate. changein s yanth Ar
ticle i\" of said chatrter o f the lndu-trt of
o Worksiina Signe.. C. rC ed anlmer. Presidet
. I. Kthe annern, retcribe, by law. to he en
I, thte u ndersigned Recorder of Mortgagell
set forthd asfr the arish of Orleans. Stat e of
or msiana do hereafter become stockholderat this above
creand ftors egoing he sAct of Amendmention of The n-ay
uttorrial Irin Works. Inc.. was this day duly I
enter into contractual relation with it.
rerhusI donemy office in my office in the
New Orleans. (lean. onAugut dayth date an
It n ,n,,th hereia b've w ritten. in the presence
S acinth EMILE J. LEMNARD. Dy. Manion.
pe A true copy.itnesses of lawful age. resding
Unritel States of Amtertca State of teofLotis
r New . rleans. after duethat on this fifth
S idaIof the month iof August. in the year of
itr essrd One Thosand. Maine undred andth
Nineteen; Before me Herman L. K arnettR.
Nairy ulue iuly cotm siotNedt anry d qualic.
I, the undersigned Recorder of Mortgage'.;i,
e in anti for the P arish of Orleans. State
S teardr the several iersotts whose naties are
ereto sana cri here all ofy thate fullth age ofve
i an d f oregoing Act of Amendm agent of The In-e
int the:t nselvrs of the laos of the State if
tlai:rial Iron orsuch. I nc.. was this day due
an ewre rtieacula. a.rly of August 7 of the en
era! AS ,emil of ithf tlte State of Louisiana of
. relating t the cretion. organizatiSER n.
! fI and form f corplsratinsc . they base cave- 'i
naittedi atid agreed and bty these presents d- a
anug. 14-21an agre28; Sept. 4-1118.n thesel
hereafter eme aY, INCORPORA with them tD.
nite a cStates of America Staete of Lourisi
annp Pa.ish of Orlecans, aCitnd stipula
.A lTICa.. 1e it knowne ant otitle of this a
da raf the month of August. in the year ofx
ctOtir Lord One Thrat. and. Nine Hundred ands
rainete na it shall have power an d L. Barnett,
for a period of ninety cninie years froant date c
tcfled tn and for the Parish of Orleans, State
ere, u.ttless sooner dissilved y liquic a -
Sear otherwiseral: it shall hae power to conames are
etract, to sue, ancribed, all of the fusuell to makell and use of
tai ,rtt v, ether in pers ,.n , or th rough duly
a stiturate seand appnd to alte agents and attar-e
at plesure;ally to hold, receive. Notleasery. that avail-se.
in tledelves or othe larwise receive or dispoae of
of property, real pcesonal, or mixed, provr L
oreal ad iyor of the to issuta e of Louisiana oa
if dsirela to secure screate iony morgage; nization.
a 'al f ,rmnation o ,f corporat o, . they have cove -d
hunt and holad greedstock in oby theser compariesents da
ent tit and agrjee and biurosesnd or to the F
exransion of thbecome bassociatess interests of the,
c orporation; to nam for electhe oand apoantd such
munagers, agents directors or officers as itspula
cirats ion terests may bereshall be New to leanse a of
estanli, Incrph. alter and amender its -laws rulespo
ani regulatiins for its proper governmetnt as
rayte name it shall have power and proper, an, at
geterally to do any and all things incitett th
to havr neceary and enjoy cor the existenceio
of the usiness sooine which ssolvthe corpbyra lion is ba
AR other wis.-The corporation shall con
domicile! in the City of New Orleans. in ha
ither legal process shall lie serveti ulion the
cr to Treasnrer sued the corpor make and use
or worich this corporatio alten isr aniz break same
cratples aurend to holde natureceiv of the busine, purchase .
carried o by it, are declared to be e as fol .
.lows: To buty. sell, stanufactre. deal i .I
tin and glass, or a othed kind of tmateriail;
to buy, sell, manufacutre. deal in and hante.
cartoits, boxes, cases. ciitainers. crates, and
cans of anll sorts aterials and descriptionci;
eTo own and operate a printing plaont in con
nection witho the business, ant to presint labels a
and such other printed nalter as may he nec- ti
essary in the business, to operate ai saw an do
planineg mill in connection uwith the business ,
and to designe, and copyright, print and own li
labels fore cigar boxes, ant other ointainers. a
tomay deal in aneed handle cigar manufa rcturers
supplies, and generally to engage tin all the n
businesses incitent to the objects aind pur- li
poses above decribed. To engaged in for
eign, as well as domestic commerce, and tit t!,
carry on any of the businesses aforesaid in ni
the Untted States and its Territoes an! ci
DepenteTcies and in foreigthen countries cr
ARTICLE IV.-The capital stock of this c
corPiration o is hereby fixe at the sum n of r
Five Thousand Dollars ($00(5.00), represented -
fifty shares of the bu -alue of O.ne lon - fic
dred Dollars, ($lOe.00) each. Said stock va
shall hne paid for in cash or its equivalent as ha
provided by la, a end in such manner, and ga
at such time, and in such installments as be
may be prescribed by the Board of Directors, me
This corporation shalt become a going con- Sti
cern, and shall hea hoe te u i tocommence di i
usinessr wihen Two Thousand, Five iundre Di
phave ien n ubsceibed for, in accordance with e i
law, s and Two Thousand Fiv Huendred c t a rs.a
lars. ($2.500oh of its capital stock shall have r
ARTICLE V -The capital stock of this cr-a
peation stay lie increase! to tie sum of Ten na
Thousanl De llarsn $0.eer o.ga), by a two- tei
thirns vote of allt the sck, present or rep- s
oresented at bae special meetioeng called for that r
Spurpose or ate a regular a nnual meeting o
crof the corporation. sai
hsued by the Corporation shall he signed a td
the President. or Vice-President i anI he the t
Secretary-Treas trer. The i stock of this cr I
peoratnon can e transferred only on the of
bseks of the sndropationr and s0ject to sutchi e t
siatrof Directors from time to lime pre.i A
No stockholder shall he permitted to sets Tr
r otherwise dispose of his stock without an
first offering same in writing to the other
stockholders, through the Board of Directors A
oT. ant the scorkholders shall have an oo- Tetn
lion and first right to purchase all the share en]
by death, resignation or otherwise of any of, re
the stockholders of the corporation, and shall rha
have a period of ten days in wheih to ac- ed
cept or decline to purchase said stock.
Should the Board of Directors or the stock. A
holders decline to purchase said stock, then it
the stockholder or stockhoadets who made the ,0.
der offer to sell or o:hert -,t ,l:ti..-e ,f t e
act t'ick, n.ay sell or ther a :-e l..'- e I: t'.
: a a y rtn .it tn r a :l t tt . c  c , . :" , : ,
t.they :mn ay - e fit. I. ut t' , ': .t- [,t ",
Of it- i,, '; u ,i' tr th n,, 1 " lltln o ld : '. ."
v- pr v - ; au 1 tI1, 1 i :, . - .l i ,
r a ny t r ti aL""l
c : -i,t t -at -I '.
t , , . ,t r it' 1 ,, r ,', ".t '1 . .
", i . , s f t h n . :eartt i t € ,r ,,
1 t " ,t c :I Iers is t t lt' :r m, lr , ,: ` , , I- li
a ' : re, t :lec " . . .1! : an" ,, l:al a, ( ce
, * l t et, Of l I:tl" or f t a tt"rt
l I " sri c l r- .tL t t i " , .1,' " i.1
n el . ne e: ,r : , or e, y lr, ex o f t, t t.< k ¢ -,'.
" ,,t lie r ,at rsd ard of t f ai tte :i ,, ,1
1n t sDterm , :?a eyI d o. : . he l , -
II~, ly V e r . I f c ',r ine m , ,ir t .t , ,I
Inbrectors, vwtro eis'ctd. Sh(Il ii Ia (itt e for
ttl elected att tuiltf:ed. and ia: lure to hdi thte
'r attt - aiil t' titttg o t t ok lder'. it' la t an'
r' nt lll C t:e fre trs shl, al l , olit ate the f1 o
S feti. re  i: ,arter a - the - rght
Wt t :erei uer. Aty v'aca occiri 1 g in: t:eI
a' Board oi , rctors ay be filred `y the l ' a.
ia rectors fr the l tttexpired te rv .
e  A Tietd lI.E VIl, . -Thi: I".ar- er ' ..r act t.I:
tIe rei,o aended be y .ant wIth the t''iee t:
of irsg oft all tck resent of D irect
S eetyng generartt l , special, held fI:tr th tiat .It
the ise, and suchh atc ndltent may be l,-ater al
It be-d¢ t e, . l. h  , ; !. h, cr -`'ail .t : -I,
nia of immaterial, subject tonly t he liitats.,l
tce as may be by law povitedt; ani this corpora
nt. , :t sI~nall ha, e power to i ncrease is cap tai
Sstock as het re bef e se t out, and to decrease
lle eit-s captal stock: e as provided by law; aui
n irectors, when f capitald, shtockh it exess or
red one yetar or u lln il their su.tr" 4s helve berQ
Selected and na :ed hereand ailu he amount to
e which the catiital stockho layer, toh Itreasedn
t- nay be athe rey a thre fourths vote of all
jii fetture of this charter r anytile rthe right,
,ot 'ereunderg Any vacancy cstrrck.:;g in te
I Board o Directors ay te filany and all meetl -
Sngs, except as oth e provided in th:
! ARTIII'I.E Viii.-Thi- ctharer ofr act of
of sided in gitving nouces it case of e et titits.
e uttt er the aI w, untless sttch notice shall hane
n becorn snratin m ca e f the an dissot, m :fi , aI
or teredon or amerinded by and wiof ths charter nt
S of two-thirds of alltherwi ste tckhe affairs o t any
cormeeting genershall be liquidated by thate or
e pse, and tors eleted by the stockholderias,
Sof immat perial, de thet onlyte the slimd tatns
ce as may be by law provided; and th fix thcrpora
- terms ant cotnditons upon which they shall
n, . on shall have power to increase ItS c:apltai
LR stocvk and thereinbr core set outn, and to derease
that is capital stock as provided bse of death disaty flaw; and
th one a un the nsaid heudators, thie remount
liq tors tay fll the atal stock may r cntreaed
rnay be made by a three-fourths vote of all
si to act on behalf of the cck orporatn.
ARTItLE IX. - N stice khlderof any and all meet
Sings, exuept as otbe arwe por res se in thisr
Sth, rr, shall be givents or faults of ththe manner pro
mp the any of unless suoffcers, notice shall any
m' bee n waived. In caa e organization hatve the
e qidaton or termination of this cha rte r ll n
limitati, o o r otherwise, the affairs of this
liability bd hathe liqupidated balance duy ,e or
e tuk ators elected by edthe by him. stockhders,
w.ly ARTICLE XIde -The snunbscr tef sad hqeret
dato- ther in p et or them with suctheir an orty
terms agents and attorneys in fact, whichal
i- powerve, and their compensation, attached provide
Sth act an case of adeath of disabity ofile an
Sreord of the iotarial rtords f the reanierng
n ned nory. have writtn opposite tieir
t names LE X-No stckholders of thsu isrbd t
f Ira tin hall be hiable or re-sponsible for
n by achmpny or anythem, ad their pst office any
: n r.-re informahity in organization have the
t oresse so trhat thein charter at servei and
v' a or iof exposntit tc te khoh rp ra to ally
Sich abiity beydsctis arthe unpaid yable in the oan
y n and fo set out he re rs hereto
r Thus done and passed, at my ofiie in the
- ity of ew Orlea tns, Lougi thsiana on duth day
mot, n ya terein first above writitin.
osttuted an and attorneys in fact, which
Spowers of attorney are hereto attached to
and tin a presence of Ma rris iti. RiIe and, i
is and recordl n the notarial rerds f the under
SIgnd notarywho have hereunto signed then opposite theio
of names the number of shares sushsabed to
dgeher withso that this chpearter may serve aNo',
• City of New Orleans. Lousiana, on the day,
tary, after due reading of the whole.
h1itnesses: Morris B. Redmann, Paul E. a
to Chasez.
(Original Signed) Names of subscribers e
e omitted.
Notary l'Publc.
.e in a nd ersigned. Recorder of Mortgages.
in andfor the l'arish of Orleans, State of ft
and foregoing charter of the New tlrlem ns
Cigar Company, Incorporated, was this Ita'
duly recorded in my office iti Book I'.if.
In Faith Whereof, I have signed these
presentSstat New Orleals, hLa., this 12lth daye
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, Dr. R d
I heretyv certfy that the ainoe ftrergointi h
and attaced is a true anti correct eo of
the original act of incorporation of the Newt
before me the 5th day of August. 1tl9 a <t
on file and of record in my notarial offitce.
e In Faith Whereof, I have hereunti set siy
Aug. 21'Sept. 25. Notary Publtc.
LIted States of Aterica State of Louts,
I tritaons le it knowin that on tihe iiitllt
day t Augt iun the yearo to of tur Lordl ti i
I lhoanrd Nite llundred and .Nitieteeti tbettire
te lernati L. Baiett, No tary Publc int al
tic, tns Parish and State atid therein resid
it ad aite i the presence ofl the wainee,
hereiniater nIatued aid oridersigneti; tier- i
sonualy ncaed anid cappeared, Paul 11. Sautnds.
who declared that at a getneral and siectal
nettig 1t the stockholdern Ui the 'nc' ii er
cia. el Truot & Savings Bantik, a carlnera ti
Lstd .as ter act of ittcoiritoatitii Cxn 'iii e '
r hice f this ity in Book 72.1, Folo 113, antI at
hati and recorded in various boks of the Mort
gage Office. called for August 9th, 1919, and Vi
held in the Director's Rost of the said Com.- r
mercial Trust & Saving Bank at 805 Common ti
Street on said date, after notice had been Iir
duly given upon a resolution of the BIoardl of tf
irectors of said Bank and aft 'r publicatlitn It
and advertisement of said meeting in the daily thi
ntewspapers in accordance with the tanking th,
l.aws of the State nf ouisianna, and aftert
it had been established that the ..sad t. ee,-lii
ing ha l een called in a proper manner wit:lr t
eight thousand shares of the capital ttck iof-t c
said Commercial Trust & Savings Bank re' t
presented by proxy, and ftur thousand n'1,1 w~
forty-three shares represented in person out of Ii
twelve thousand five huntlreil shares cn the
ntititing th thtotal stock of said cirpira *it. irm
it was nanitmou siln resolved that the capi'a: or
stock .f the C .nierial Ti . Trt & Savit'gk.
Biank 'e increasel and esta'l ,ishel at t;e s.n nt
of Fi- Millin (S4.to redvi D),lars.e tn"t ci
into forty th',niand ($4.n''' Star.s . of the :ir th,'
valoe of One TInndret, ($1tr'00 Dolars ct .t
And at naid ..eting. it w'as reni.l1ed the'
Arti'le I of the Charter of the Com"r-rial
Trues - Saving Bank he changed so as to re ',
ARTICLE T -"The na'.e e'f this B-onoong C'
Corp,-tration shall ie 'Canal-Commerclal I
Trust & Savings Bank.' and it sha I have arh
enjoy sucesson fir ninety nine year s fr i
the tiate of this a.nend.rent."' An I it ias
resolved at said meeting that Article 1 of !!te"
Charter of this TBank be changed an atene -he
ed so as to read as fillow:
ArtiecleV.-"The capital stock of this Bank as
is hereby established at Four Million ($4 (0'.WI tic
000.00) Dollars to be dividede into forty ta
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thousand (40.(0)) shares of the par value of
One Hlundred ($100.0)) Dollars each." And it
was resolved at said meeting that Article
VII of the (harter of the Commercial Trust
Savings Bank he changed and amenede, s,
as to read as follows:
ARTICLE VII.-"All the corporate powers
of this corporation shall be vested in anl
exercised by a Board of Directors c-piiised
of thirty stockholders each of whomn shall own
in his own nane not less tlan ten shares of
the capital stock of this corporation, and
. twelve of whom shall constitute a quorum
f for the management and transact on of
e business." And it was resolved at said meet
sing that Article VIII of the charter of the
o('Ommercial Trust & Saving Bank lie changed
and amended so as to read as follows:
ARTI('LE VIII.-"On the first Monday in
January of each year or on the next legal day
hereafter, if said first memtioned day he a
dies non, and annually thereafter, an electi-on
by ballot for the Board of Directors shall lie
held at the main banking,house of the corpora
i tion undter the supervision of three com:nis
I soners appointed by the Board of
I l) rectors. Notice of said election shall he
given by publication three times in ten days.
in a daily newspaper in the City of New Or
leans the last notice to appear on the day of
the meeting. Every holder of stock shallt h
entitled to one vote for each share of stock
recorded in his or her name on the hooks of
the crorporation to be cast in person or L,
proxy; but no stockholder shall be entitled t .
vote at anry election on any shares of stuck
transferred to him or her within fifteen day i
i:nunedatr-ly preceding such election. Ihe
persons receiving a n.ajority of the votes 5c.it
shall lie duly elected and shall serve for the
ensuing year or until thteir succe sors shall
have Been elected and qualified. In case
there shall be no election of Directors on the
day alpintedl an election for the same shatll
be held as s ton thereafter as may be practi
cable on a day to he fixed by the IRa'd ,ti
li)rectir,; and previous notice of such electinl
shall be given in the mantner herrctofore pro
vided. The failure for any cause to elect
I)irectir upon the day or lays stipulateI
shall not disolIve this corporation, but th i
officers and directors then in office sh.'il
hold over until their success-ors shalla hive
been duly elected and qulalified.
The BIard ,of Directors so eected sh:ll a"
its first mlieetsl:g elect a I'resident and a V :cc
Presidlent f int aimong its iembilers Iuh-i ~ ll r
itill office (luring the term of the It ;:d i rtk
ing such election); and in case of vtcamy :
any ,of said positions, the -same sh.ll ie
filled by election by the Board of Director,
T he said loard of Directors may elect ot!e-" th
Vice-Pireden-.i whether mnemblrs of s:ail
Board or not and a Cashier and Assi-tant I:
(cahiers and a Trust Officer and A',s'siant ::
Tlrust 4Officers, and may appoint suoh othe" ::
offitcers to serve dutring the pleasure of t:h i'.
ItBard as may be necessary in the c nd-'ct i ?
the business of this corporation, and shall f:r
the comlwnsation of the snime and' ciomiiie +1
the dlutes of any such officer. ITe ll Iart ct ,
DIirector t hall have the pliier to pr, I r is ,
lIy Laws for the I.vernmrrti of this c -liorn
tion and to name an:n,] appoint stc c:is:t'e
frn tn,,tng i uts members as the h)s ni
the corporatio, n ns:ay reqtire and t , fix t'-'
cm,:ensation of the same. and deler'gate I, c.t
an, authori'ty t h the an:l: . Any v ,' I o "''
'hi ss may exi ii or c':tr in the Iils ii r
Dire, tr, r s hall e filled by said t ,rl
the I)Irecor or Dir',"tr i i e!. ' 'd '
serVr v'i til til. r:next e.'tilng rezl lr e' .: , I
.,r n'il the succe:rt of said HRit' 1 ',
;vre heer ( + v r'!, 'r and qialit .,' t e , F
Ir" ''err of the ltn.ard not a sa;irinl ;
sit :11 tos,-eh ' f"c f r atth ,f.
tht,. . r";-t . f 'Le I a l f NDit r t !r¢"t '
=i'd rul ' . 'r-i.r'iir c fxe p "n 'i, s I '
if las' 'r 'h - P hirh and 'if tite fr :h
†ose of executinp thisr a- nnuse nts ii i nth
tic fiir'n as ,providede by the 1-a"s 'of t,
State and that he does now appear tbfnre me. A,
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n. R0oo 0
X ." v l'u' " in order to make NPa
-r"l , -, ni sail amendments ad'
n",'rr·, ·l ·· required by law. i
St + , : ,y appear by reftte .
S x at c py of the mips-la
. . ! : ; , r :, ng attached faor td '
the nr :, ,f : n: act of amnen t'
'I pased in my offit*is
":tv ,,f \, .v (r.cans, on the dr)ay , tt
c1ir herein first abov
pI er-cae of Edwin 7 1I
i . .. Ac n,'. .etent w,:nTes. t
.rc.:. - : I e:r names t r
t'e  i  I '.'er, and me, Stal
dle r "l:: . th! w 1ole.
' : elI Paul H. Ssaad ,m _
\\ . . ':.: T. Merrick. P A.
i. : I:' . Recorder Odf0
1 ,i" : . 'lr of Orleans 
1y certify Trunt & Siflt
v ! re r d in my
lI have  ri 
t ..Sei.. 2

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