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st Popular Men's and Boys'
Men's Department
Men's Suits, all wool, 30.00 to 50.00.
Men's Overcoats, 27.50 to 50.00.
Men's Hats, all blocks and sizes, 3.50 to 7.50.
the Men's Caps, 1.00 to 2.50.
Men's Velvet Rib Union Suits, 2.75.
Men's Springtex Union Suits, 2.98.
Men's Heavy Elastic Ribbed Union Suits, 2.98.
Men's Heavy Weight Wool Shirt and Drawers,
per garment. 3.00,
Men's Ribbed Union Suits in white and cream col
ors 2.25.
Men's Birge Union Suits, 2.25 per garment.
Men's White Ribbed Shirt and Drawers, 1.00 per
Men's Birge Merino Union Suits, grey and white,
Men's Wool Process Underwear, per garment
Crepe De Chine Shirts for Men, 8.90 to 15.00.
Soft Madras and Percale Shirts, 2.25 to 4.98.
Men's Holeproof Silk Gloves, 1.75.
Men's Cape Gloves, 3.50.
High Grade Socks for Men, 35¢ to 1.00.
Newest Assortment of Ties in price from 89*,
1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50 and up.
Bets, fancy boxed with initial buckles, 1.50 to
"o e
4 N .
4 Rw y
Y ~ ~ .
For a Man's Desk
If there is anything a man appre
dates more than another It is a waste
basket to hold things that he doesn't
want or a case to hold things that he
does want. Here are both these sen
sible gifts, made to match, and happy
is the man who will receive them at
Christmas time.
The waste basket has a foundation
of very light board, covered with a dull
rose-colored tapestry and finished with
dark-green braid. Handles with tas
sels to match prove convenient. A me
dallion of figured tapestry bound by
braid completes this practical aip
handsome gift. The case for papers
Is made to match the basket.
--------------'--'-" Y~
Something New in Bags
A basket crocheted of twine and
'dipped in shellac, is allowed to dry,
after being shaped to suit the fancy of
its maker. It is then adorned with odd
yarn flowers, as shown in the picture
above, and converted into a pretty bag
by lining It with silk and extending
the silk above the top of the basket.
The silk gathers up at the top on a
ribbon. If one cares to present a
friend with the ultimate In luxurious
laundry bags, this afair will answer,
for it will grace any dressing rootm
and serve to catch soiled handle
chles and nckwear.
kilding St. P'ste'
St Peter's, Rome, was three and a
half centuries In constriction, sad due
hI this time pqes rsla
Birds Have Right of Way.
Fowl have the right of way in air,
warns the director of military aero
nautics. This Is justice indeed, since
birds flew first.
But this is not all. Recently many
towns along the Atlantic coast have
been visited with dead bird showers.
Aviators flying by a town would see a
flock of wild fowl coming their way.
They would set their machine guns
and let the bullets fly.
Presently a prominent citizen walk
Ing below would be hit with a large.
bloody bird. He complained to the
town, and the town complained to the
department of agriculture. Then the
federal migratory bird law between
the United States and Grdat Britain
was referred to, and it was found that
shooting birdvs from airplanes is un
Plano Comapany
Musical Gifts
Pianos, Inner-Players
King Band Instruments
Violins Music Boxes
Mandolins Dinner Chimes
Ukuleles Victrolas
Banjos Music Cabinets
Guitars Saxophones
Triple Tone Electric BelL
Three separate and distinct sonods
are given by an electric bell which op
erates on ordinary lighting current by
means of a transformer. In the home
I the bell can be connected with push
buttons Installed, at three different
doors-front, kitchen and side, for ex
ample. When one button is pressed
a clear ring results, when the second
is operated a buss is produced, and
when the third button Is pushed a
combination buzz and ring results. In
the office or shop this bell will prove
most useful, since it can be used to
call three different persons without
necessitating them to count the num
ber of rings, as must often be done
when the customary signaling is em
ployed. This bell has no contact
points to burn out and no batteries
to replace.
Christmas Day
(Copyright, 191, by Western k.ewspaper Lnloni
ANTA CI.AUS was back
in his workshop. It
looked very ,mil ity. And
no 'wonder. If you could
have taken the trip
which Snllta Claius took
yo U would have sooIl tile
res in why. th iuh it
would lit be hard for
anty o(f us to gucs the
rear-)n why.
' Santa Claus on the
niaiht before ('Chris' ias
had stopped at thlie toy stores anl :v had
taken the toys which he had left there
so that the childrent could stI thea'
and write letters telling \what they
By that time he had packs, aind packs
of toys. as many as his cleigh could
hold, and while his worlshop was
empty there was a nice, cheerful ap
Ipearance about it.
There were lots of tools around,
however, andlll there w:ere hits of cloth
left from nmaking dresses and hlts for
dollies, and there were little ends of
ribbons which had tied Iankages. There
were pieces of wood, too, which had
been sawed off when boats were made.
There were many other thinjq which
showed It had been a toy shop. It
looked as if it had been full of toys
only a little while before-and not only
toys but of every sort of a Christmas
present for every sort of a child.
A fire was burning cheerfully in the
big stove and was making the work
shop nice and warm. But there was
an open fire, too, at the end of the
shop with a big chair in front of it.
On a rug beside the chair sat Boy
of the North. his head against the
knee of Santa Claus.
He was wagging his tall from time
to time and looking into his master's
"Good old Boy of the North, never
forgets his master!" said Santa Claus.
And Boy of the North was happy that
Santa Claus was so pleased by the
warm wrapper and slippers which he
had got for his master.
"Good old Boy of the North," said
Santa Claus again, patting him, and
Boy of the North sniffed the air, and
looked at Santa Claus as though to
"Who wouldn't be good if he be
longed to you? You're always cheer
ful and happy and always thinking of
Il Look at Children All Over the
others. You like children and you like
to hear them laugh and you work for
them all the year. You're their King,
King Santa Claus, and you're my mas
So Boy of the North tried to talk to
Santa Claus and Santa Claus under
stood. He stroked the dog's head, and
as he smiled, looking into the fireplace,
he said:
"It was a wonderful trip, Boy of the
North. I love to sit down here in my
easy chair on Christmas day and think
about It. Oh, I saw so many lovely
children. They were asleep and such
nice smiles were playing around their
mouths. I hoped, Boy of the North, I
hoped they were thinking about me,
because I like to have them fond of
And Boy of the North presed
nearer as though to say:
"They're fond of you just as I am
fond of you-just as fond as can be "
"My reindeer had such a good time,
too. You'll have to go out and see
them in their stalls soon, and hear how
they had to slow up whenever they
made lots of noise, for I was so afraid
they would awaken the children.
"And now, Boy of the North, you
know what I must do!"
Boy of the North stretched mnself
and got up. He followed Santa Claus
to a corner of the workshop and then
back to a window while Santa Cla!s
carried a long, long telescope.
"Thlis Is my magic telescope which
you see me use each year, Boy of the
North," said Santa Clanus. "I look at
children all over the world, and when
they smile and I can see how happy
they are then I am being thanked for
my work.
"It was very hard this year to get
all that the children wanted. Some
years are harder than others, but the
children understood and I haven't seen
a single scowl. No, Boy of the North,
not a single scowl.
"Oh, what thanks! Every child ev
erywhere is smiling, Boy of the North,
and every child is happy I"
And there were tears in those merry
twinkling eyes of Santa Claus-nyes,
tears--but tears of joy at the smiles
of children whom he had been able to
see through his magic telescope.
How Much You Should Weigh.
A simple way to ascermtain one'ns
deal weight was told recently by Dr.
sarvey G. Beck of the University of
Waryland, in an address before the
[os Angeles County Medical assod
atlon at Los Angeles, Cal. First, put
Sown 110. Then multiply by 5% the
amber of inches by which one's
beight exceeds five feet. Add the re
Imlt of the multiplication to the orig
lal 110 and the sum Is one's "ideal
Srwe~lh"-Popalr Science Monthly.
1 al in ,r1:'uitti aI.l, i ul , ,'v1 :.i h \ \ , a lu1 1 i
We coni.. tt vour rlicf iV .,,l \ ifz V iIh.,ii.ll,!v
1:: t',1 1 ,... 25cts.
, , i':tt, , 25cts.
r:n 1 :.25cts.
A Sunday Night Supper
Is our hobby that we know will please the Madam
This Meal and that Wonderful
Harris Jersey Ice Cream
Cakes and Pastry
A Combination Hard To Beat
Strand Caterers 221 Baronne
Phone Main 3731
An American $2 Bill Did This
Motherless, fatherless, homeless,
nameless, hungry aind clad only ini
rags, the pathetic little three-year-old
shown at the left wandered into a
Near East Relief orphanage in Ar
menia. Another photograph of the
same child, shown at the right, was
taken a week later, this time showing
him happy, well clothed and well fed.
Somewhere in America Is the happy
man or woman who contributed the $2
bill which wrought this miracle. More
than a quarter million other helpless
little victims of Turkish cruelty and
oppression are knocking at the doors
of the Near East Relief orphanages in
Western Asia. Many more American
$2 bills are needed now to let them In
and to care for them until they can
BEFORE. care for themselves. AFTER.
Novel tug of war at Erle, Pa. In which two powerful steam locomot ie
were pitted against an electric locomotive. The former were brought to a
standstill and then gradually forced backward, and the electric locoimotivel
was declared the victor in the contest.
The Store 253 Ibervile St. The Home
That of
Satisfie Opp. Theater Good Shoes
These Prices Will Knock te Out of the H. C. . of L.
Ladies' $2510 Plush Coats with Men's $125 Elastic Seam Draw
trimmings . . .. :.'eup girls i........i.......... .VUup
Ladies' All-Wool Sweaters; Ladies' Fine Dress Boots; all
Scoat or slip-over le rs and.... .....2.98 u
sGtyles ..'.'.......... .up Mens Solid Leather Dress
all styles ............ up Goodyear 3.9
Men's Heavy Sweaters with welts...............-......up
shawl collar; 1 re Childrew s Goodyear Stitch
Boys' Sweaters; leather and flexr ie.. rogt? up
tall r egrads ............l aup EXTRA SPECIALt
tMen's Heavy . Shirts and S Lot of high-grade 1920 Same
or ribbed.. . ...O up latest styles; $5.00 tod $600 values
Ladies' Heavy SRibbedots with nthig over size.
and Pants; per ;Finde Gloria Silk Umrellas,
garment .............. Ladies and Men; varitty f fan
Children's Ribb 59 cy handles; rain and 00
Union Suits .. ... up stormproof.......... up
Big assortment of es Ladi es' Shirtwaists and Skir ts, all
SuitLes ' and Children' ites Muslins, at prcs that will
SANTA CLAUS is here! Big lot of Dolls andl Toys to
. .gladden the hearts of the Kiddies also eautiful gifts for the
f amily in fancy boxes, such as H.andkrchi.fs, Neckwear,
Suspenders, Belts, Handbags. Purses, etc.o a
Take Canal Belt Cars to N. Dorgenois Street. Then einese block
downa to 2530 Iberville Street, Opposite Theu
You will find this to prove a most profitable ride.
Mail Order-Plese include amount of postage writh money or

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