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'sA D F RY CO., INC.
nited States of America. State of Louis
uIr t-- tath ( Orlealns, c'ty of New Or
i arisha fknown, that on this 31st
e ~ dal f October. in the yead r of our Lord
t husof nine lundred and nineteen.
one theoune John J. a Notary
ahore me, mcomminissioned and qualified,
Public. duly the Parish and State afore
la and flothe presence of the witnesses
ald, 0an "r'aed and undlerSignedi; per
oferen ame and ail'peared(; William E.
oallyof cthis city. I reid! t. and Ar
ouger . Huger. of this city, Treasurer.
tohr agurer and F,.rry Company, Inc.,
, c .rporation domicil'd in this city and
Scorpon under Act 24ti of 1914. and exe
d bfnore m u. undersincld Notary. on
tie 5th day of .August. 1'1u , who, in their
said csPaitis, ,id clared
t at a general teeti or the stock
Thatf Th,. Illtu'r aniI Ferry Colmpany
"older ofled and el on Ictober 30th.
1919c.. allthe offi of te (',,llany. No.
919. at then ildiing. this city. at whi.ch
3eeting "l i of tthe t .khlders of Is:id
Company were lrlesnt it ans unlnlmlulls
CIl5ed that the' t tline of thi ,.corpora
ytio e chaneged from The lilnger and
e m be pany Int'.. to W. i.. ll z1cr,
Ferry Cod hat thY e objects and l uirpoes'
anhe or oration I" .o etltargi as to
athe id ,orporuliOll to do :a stOck
rd botd business. eithller for the ancount
sd bonr for tbin benclit of thI c'.,rora
fn; otoher nd roon"'. oin s..ritie.s and to
ldo a to eneral brokerae busierllnss: and
doit s rthelr nanimtOuslY resolvi that
the ofe of ,ertary :sId offi'ce of
easurer o be combined in ine office.
Accordingly Article 1, Arti'le 2 and Ar
fcle 5 of the original A't of Inorp,cra
fln of August 5. 1919, w:ts o autended
as to read as follows:
ARTICL 1. The tname of tho, corpora
• es shall be the 'W. E. Ilugr, Ilncor
ARTICLE The objects and pr
psesa for which this erlrporation is formted
sad the nature of le ,uiss to ' ar
red on na it u r,' heriby decl:rId to Ie
the gnerl r'slty butints,. inluing the
rthe asing and selling of pr,,poperty, real,
e-- nal and mix'ed. under brokerage.
persson oral otherceis.-. by :aution or
Srivate ale; the ownership, renting. l'. as
ag managemlent, hypothecation and ex
ploitatlon of realty, with full power to do
and perform 1al acts in conection there
with and germane thereto; a general bro
kerage busIoness in stocks and conds and
the right to ptrchase said sec urities either
as principal or agent. for the iccounlt of
others or for the account of said eorpor
ation; to lend money on securities of
every description and to do every act or
thIng necessary or in anly way connected
with the objects ndl purlposc's of tils
corporation in this article of the charter
ARTICLE 5. With the exception that
the office of Secretary and Treasurer may
he comblned, this article of the corpora
tion is to remain as originally written.
And the said appearers, in their said
capacltles.y pursuant to the autborit
vested in them by the sto'kholdlers of said
corporanton at their said meeting. do here
hb declare, publish and make known to
whom it may concern that Articles 1,
2 and 5 of the charter of the lHuger and
Ferry Company, Inc., have been amended
as appears above and that they hereby
place the said amendments of record in
my office In authentic form by the pres
oat act.
Thus done and passed, in my office in
the City of New Orleans, State of Louis
Ilsas, on the day and in the month and
year herein first above written, in the
perce of Joseph A. Casey and Ben.
reck, competent witnesses, who sign
hereto with the said appearers and me,
notary, after due reading of the whole.
Witnesses: Joe. A. Casey, Ben. Hocke.
(Original Signed) W. E. Huger. 311
Commercial Bank Building: A. M. Huger,
311 Commercial Bank Building.
JOHN J. REILLEY, Notary Public.
I. the undersigned, Recorder of Mort
gages In and for the Parish of Orleans,
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
the above and foregoing act of amend
meat to the Charter of the Huger and
Ferry Company. Inc.. was this day re
corded in my office in Book 1231, Folia
New Orleans. La., November 5. 1919.
A tree copy:
JOHN J. REILLEY, Notary Public.
Nov 13 Dec 18
United States of America, State of
Lsliana, Parish of Orleans, City of
New Orlesa. Be it known, that on this
thirtieth day of the month of October, in
the year of our Lord one thousand nine
handred and nineteen, and of the inde
pesdeece of the United States of America
the e hundred and forty-fourth, before
me, John P. Sullivan, a notary public,
dul commaalioned and qualified, in and
fir this city, parish and state, therein
-sil, and in the presence of the wit
ausshesreafter named ann undersigned,
parseally came and appeared Joseph
l Carle sad Philip Foto, both residents
of this city and respectively president and
-retary-tnreasurer of the Union Brewing
mspay, a eorporation created under the
Lws ot the State of Louisiana, domiciled
i the city of New Orleans, incorporated
el act passed before John P. Sullivan.
Mtary Pblic, on the 22nd day of the
aSth f September, 1910, of record in
the obe of the Recorder of Mortgages
fe the Parish of Orleans, in Book 9864,
pole 51, sad which act of incorporation
was ammeaded by act passed before John
P. ulhvua, asetary public, on the 6th day
f the math of September, 1911, of record
is the ete of the Recorder of Mortgages
fe the Parish of Orleans, in Book 1061,
Wll , 16 and herein acting in their said
lectile sad en behalf ofr said corpora
ties, by virtue of the authority conferred
e thsm by the stockholders of said com
a athe thirtleth day of October,
a wll more ftlly appear by a certi
5d mu of the reselution adopted at the
i of sai stockholders, annexed
UAl -l aparers declared that a ,pe
is 5g aof the stockholders of the
Uis rei Company was convened
hi ol the oMce of the said company,
M tiOtl, en October thirtieth, 1919,
fer .a pese of making certain changes
w is and to said act of in
w'moUi Sased before John P. 8ulll
 5 ~l7le Ipbllc, on September 22, 1910,
b aded by act passed before
*h llivan, notary public on Sep
. 3$ 11, due writen notice of said
iniL. havewg ben waived by all of the
I sad at which meeting the
~0 alal stock, consisting of two
thsuso (4m) sharea in number, of the
wUe of ae hundred dollars ($100)
S56d two hundred thousand dollars
ia amonat, and all the stock
elr t ta fe vor of amending Ar
, Hi ofthe charter of this corporation
XtcL1UI the objects and purposes for
um rlporation was organiszed, and
fmtrn we by said stockholders
ten aper before a notary publle
.r. oamead said Article III and
- th s resolution into effect.
d applOrers declared that in or
smaid amendment in authentic
h. ielby declare and publish
, _5HIII of the original charter
S 1,I, n Brwclag Company be and
k rlwa ded and is herafter to
Lf-TLe objects and purposes
* t corporation is organised,
atu o the business to be car
. _, are hereby declared to be:
eonatret, operate and to
, for the manufacturo of
,MIsa to sell, deal in and con
tis or otherwise, the products
Shsoutey; a generally to carry
0 w which may be per
o Oest:etd with the said brew
. i : to engage in boauiness
i provided by law; to man
asitY iquors, malt extracts
slal al kinds oe Iquors
all as permitted by and
law and to distill, brew,
ol the- saue and their by
Smrftaeture soft drinks nand
S9 kids, and to manufacture
ia liquors and herer
all an permitted by law.
e o r non-alcoholic, and
ba and sell the same: to
tcaseu sale, sterilisation
of dairy ~produeta and
Sall akinds resulting from
ses Lhererln contemplated
*a eontruet and operate tsee
1n or plants for gooral
I Mtorlag plant or plaat
of uay and all toed pr
Smalt sand hops and th
rany sd all mateial
*nseae e * And. *
eepuoatism -orrr
to purchase, sell, lease, let, hire, mortgage,
hypothecate and alienate improved or va
cant real estate in the city of New Or
bans or elsewhere in the State of Louis
iana, or in the United States of America
and foreign countries, and to improve the I
same anti construct thereon factories or I
buildings for the purpose of conducting
and maintaining a brewery or breweries, I
ice plant or ice plants, distillery or dis
tilleries, bottling shops or bottling works.
dairy product plant or plants and food
storage and cold storage plant or plants
for general storage and for refrigerating
pIurposes, and for any and all other pur
poses as the business or businesses, inci
dentally, directly or indirectly. may re
quire to effectuate the general purposes
contemplated herein.
This corporation shall have further
power to purchase, acquire, hold. own.
sell or otherwise dispose of, and generally t
to deal in stocks, bonds, securities or I
,thler evidences of indebtedness of any I
corploratiun, domestic or foreign andl to
hold the same either as owner or as trus
tee' for its stockholders, and while hold
inc thll same, to possess and exercise full
rights, powers and privileges as individ
nacl owner thereof: to nmake loans acnd
advances with or without sec.urity; to
rl:lr:lantee and enl lorse nlotes. ollnds. se
cleri ics. oblilations anld alcoulnts of
other corporations. firms or individuals.
A11 so far eas mnay le neiessa:ry land proper
in eonnectin with the varlous objects
andi pulrposes of the business or busIliness-es
Contei,.mplated herein.
.\nd salid app,:rears further declare that
they herrety direct and require that lthe I
above stated ntlamendment in and to ,Ar
tic'l III of lhe aict of incorporation he
recorlded ancd published in the tcmanner
precr:-reid lby law. to the end that the
a:lid amllendnmelnt nllcy lerea;fte and ait all
tiiies Ie known as hereiCdl ove set forth.
as rc,rds all the plersons that are now
or mallcy hcereaifter beonlle stockholders of
-cid corpor:ation.
'T'hus done andrl passed :it my notarial
otfi, e, in the city of New Obrleans. Louis
i:c:cl, on the divay .and da;ite hereiiuabove
writen. in the pre.sence of Messrs. JTohn
T. illivan and M. It. Neuhauser. eomple
teclt \e itnesses. who hereunto sign thesel
lrsents. tolgethelr with clppelarers aind tie.
notary. after due' rieading of the whole.
( .icin:al Signedl) Joseilph 1ic('arlo.
I'residentll; Phii Foto, Secretary--Treas
Witnesses: John T. Sullivan t. I.
Net Iuhausir.
JOlHN P. SUI.LIVAN. Notary Public.
I. the undersi;netd, Recorder of Mort
gages, in and for the Parish oef Orleans.
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that
the above andi foregoing nclt of amendment
of tlt chartler of the Inlion Brewing ('om
pany was this day duly recorded in lny
ottice in look 12':1, Folio 5:94.
New Orleans. October .1t. 1919.
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONAI:ID. Dy. R.
1. the undersigned. notary public, in and
for the Parish of Orleans, do hereby cer
tify that the above and foregoing is it
true anti correct copy of the original Act
of Amlendmient of the Charter of the
Ulnion IBrewing Company, and of the cer
titicate of the Recorder of Mortgages for
this Parish thereto appended, and of rec
ord in my office.
In faith whereof. I have hereunto set
my hand and official seal on this 5rth day
of November. 1919.
A true copy:
JOHN P. SI'LLIVAN. Notary Public.
Nov. 13-Dec. 18
'United States of America, State of Lou
isiana. Parish of Orleans, City of New
orleans. lie it known, that on the l1st
day of the month of October, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred
and ninetteen, before me. Charles F.
Fletchinger. a notary public. duly com
mnissioned and qualified in and for the
city of New Orleans. Parish of Orleans.
State of Louisiana. therein residing, and
in the presence of the witnesses herein
after named and undersigned, personally
canme and appeared the several persons
whose names are hereunto subscribed. all
of lawful age and all residents of the city
of New Orleans. State of Louisiana. who.
:availing themselves of the laws of the
State of Louisiana, particularly of Act
"27 of the General Assembly of the State
of Louisiana for the year 1914, relative
to the organization of corporations, state
that they have covenanted and agreed and
do hereby covenant and agree to form
themselves. as well as such persons who
may become associated with them or suc
red them, into a corporation. for the olb
jects and purposes and under the follow
ing articles, to-wit:
ARTICLE I-The name of thiis corpora
tion shall be Jefferson Products Company.
Inc.. and under said corporate name it
shall have succession for ninety-nine
years, unless sooner dissolved, and shall
have power to contract, sue and be sued;
to make and use a corporate seal, the
same to alter or break at pleasure: to
make all necessary rules and regulations
for its corporate management and con
trol: and it shall have and enjoy all the
rights, privileges and immunities which
are now or may hereafter he granted to
corporations of the same kind and cha.
ARTICLE II--The domicile of said cor
poration in hereby fixed in the city of
New Orleans, State of Louisiana, and all
citations and other legal process shall be
served upon the president of said cor
poration, and in case of his absence, upon
the secretary or treasurer.
ARTICLE III--The objects and purposes
for which this corporation is organized
are declared to be: To do a timber land
and general lumber business in all of its
branches: to purchase, lease, option. lo
cate or otherwise acquire, own, exchange,
sell or otherwise dispose of. pledge, mort
gage. bypothecate and deal In lands, tim
ber lands, real estate, water and water
rights, and to work, explore, operate and
develop the same: to erect, build, repair,
maintain, purchase or otherwise acquire.
own. exchange, sell or otherwise dispose
of. saw mills, saw mill sites. to control.
maintain and digpose of the same, or any
rights therein or thereunder, and to man
ufacture, own, sell and otherwise dispose
of all lumber, lumber products, logs,
cross ties and timber of all and every de
scription; to acquire and deal with water
and water rights: to improve lands for
general and special purposes, to acquire
and operate plantations, factories and re
finerlies and to sell and lease the same;
to purchase, sell, lease and operate grain
elevators, canning factories, warehouses,
stores and commissaries, and to operate
switch tracks, railroads, barge and boat
lines in connection with any of the ob
Jects and purposes for which this corpor
ation is formed; to own, handle and con
trol letters patent and inventions, and
shares of stock of other corporations, and
to vote the stock owned by it the same
as a natural person might do; to issue
bonds, notes and other evidences of in
debtedness and to secure the payment of
the same by mortgage, deed of trust, or
otherwise; to act as agent, trustee, broker
or In any other fiduciary capacity and to
borrow and loan money; and generally to
do and perform such acts and deeds and
transact such basiness as may be inci
dental or germane to any of the objects
and purposes herein set forth.
ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of
said corporation is hereby fixed at the
sum of ten thousand ($10.000) dollars,
divided into one hundred shares of the
par value of one hundred ($I00) dollars
each. all of which shall be common
stock and the same to be iassued for cash
or in payment of property or services
actually received by or rendered to the
At all meetings of stockholders, each
stockholder shall be entitled to one vote
for each share of stock standing in his
name, said vote ot be cast in person or
by written proxy.
The parties hereto declare that they
bare subscribed for the number of shares
of the capital stock of the said corpora
tlon set opposite their respective names.
so that this act of incorporation shall
serve as an original subscription.
No transfer of stock shabr be binding
upon this corporation unless made and
recorded upon its books.
The smount to which the capital stock
of said corporation may be increased is
hereby fied at the sum of one hundred
thousand ($100,000) dollars.
ARTICLE V-No present or future
holder of common stock shall ever sell,
assign or transfer, other than by inherl
tance, any of the aespital stock of this
corporation until the same shall have
first been offered In writing to the re
maining holders of stock tfor the benet
of those who may desire to purchase ths
same. though the Board of Directrs, for
a period of ten days at a ixed value. It
shall be the uty o the Bear of DI
meters prOmptly en roelvs an aihr
ofet le o et the of k t he eIperam
tus te emmmuna - the
shareholders, in writing, through the
secretary of the corporation, and each a
shareholder shall lie ,entitlel to purchase I
such proportion of the stock so offered l
for sale as the numllber of slalres owned t
by him or hetr. it the time. bears to the t
number of sharis owned tby all other
shareholdlers desiring to participate in the
It saId offer Ibe not accepted by the c
other holders of stock within the time
above prescribed, then such shareholders
desiring to sell shal li he entitled to sll e
and transfer their stock to such lperon I
or persons as he or she n;may si5e tit for iI
not less than the pri'e iat which lhe or she
has offered his or her stock to tht, other
shiareholders. N,. sale ltunder foreclosure.
attiLachmelnt or othlr pro.ss or by virtue I
of ay powur of attlornyi. pledge or
hypolthercation shall Ibe Validly Rho:dIle of I
the stock of this . orporatioun until thi
foregtin requirement hi:ise ,been oatil n
plied w ith .1 tllhe petr-on or piersonls. tirll *
or corporation pray ,king sluch fore'los
ure or sale. The provisions of this -ir
title shall h.t' prite.d upon thlit lIace orf
each 'e-ritificate of st.".k. v
ARlTICLE, VI .111 the powers of this
'corporation shallll e vist"d in n:ld nai teex
rt isn.d by a lhard of directors llomposedl
of Inot |lss Otltln three' iti In r re thiani ti'
harel.holtlcrs. :and a majority shall eont'i- ti
tilt at I luorutl fr thie tran:isaction of all
business.lil t
A mi:ijority of the board of directors I
V.tiing ill person shall Ie requlired to p:s a
:IIn rt-olu lti or aihliopt anilly y-la I
whi-'h, when so passed or adopted, shall u
bii'lomel' a lvail ,iorpl rate lart.
Tinuitlly : lt a lenr'al mi *'etintg of th.'
sharI ehIlder to be hetli on the first IMoti
day itn April. 1920, and on the samte dayI
:aild Inul th in Path sut''dinl year. after
tiln dlays' written notice mailed to each
.har,. hler at his lIst known addressl llp
pcaril. Iupon the books of tlhe corporltion.
untits: suchl notice ie 1:ai\'rd it writing
Iy all .d the sharehonldters appl,arins: as
- Itll non the hooiks. Thet failure,. how
ever. tro :y llcause to hold the lannualtl
in- itiilg of the 'sharehohlers or the failure,
to , i- t dirirectors thereat, shall not olelr- i
aite thel forfciture' of thi. I chart.-r, nor im
pair tilhe 'l rpl orat, ta ll nia n .i'n t, but thel
dirw-t srs thenl iln otlih*e shrll curve until
theiir succestlt'-sors shall have lbn duily
elected. gta:ilitied and installed. lAny la
:Inlly in the Iolirlld of directors shall ihe
tilled fur the itn.lspired term by the r"-e
'rfteii otliv,,rs of tlits corporation shall I
i'l-n-i-t of a presidentll. ote or mtore vice-i
lliprsiidents ad ia secre tary alnd a treasrer.
'l'The oitli. of secretary and treil Iasturer miay I
." hteld by tIone nidl the J talle pers i in
der the namell se'irltary- tr-asntrer the
oftfe o(f president ind tra urler. or presi- a
t.linies of lpresidlent land treasure'r, tpresi
dent and et'retary and vie-ipresident aind
trelasurelr "and 5 ice-presid'ent and1 I'ti're f
Thilre ay also ell a general tmanleagr.
wholi malily or lma not tie a nlliner of the I
ollird of Diire'ctors.
The first hoard of dir,'-torls and offiers.
who shall serve until the :annuil itIting
to le hild on the first Mondaiy in April.
t1720. shall consist of:
II. It. Adiis, 472.t P'rytania: street. New
Orleans. La., who shall be presidllent lnd
W. N. Perkins. "12; ('Coliseunm street.
New Orleans, I,.l.. wIho shall be vire
'. Fr'nt.h, 10 Alndillon Place. New Or
llls, l.l., who shall be treasurelr.
.AltTIr'lE VII-- Tllis att of incorplora
tion my ble chIllanged, altered or anedlld.
or this (corporation mhiy lie dissolved 1by
and with the ,'consent of thle holders lof
two -thirlds ofli thet amounit of its then ott
taleding stock, at a geineral meeting roln
venedli for that ltllpurpose. after thirty days
notice in writing mailed to each share
holder's last known address alind after fit
teen days ublieation in one of tile daily
newspapierts published in the city of New
Orleinis. as prescribed by law.
If thise orporltion should le dis.solved
by limitation or otherwise, its affairs '
shall le' liquidated under the supervision
of three 'oinmnissiont'rs to be elehted ait a I
general meeting of the shareholders con
vened for thait purpose and after notice
as above provided in this artihle, andl
they shall remain in oflice until the af
fairs of the corporaetion shall have been
fully liquidated; and in case of the death
or disbility to a't of one or more of tlhe
liquidators the survivors or survivor
shall continue to aot under the provislons
and in accordance with Stetion Thirty
of Act _267 of 1914.
ARTICLE VIII--No shareholder of this
corporation shall ever be held liable or
responsible for the (conlitracts or faults of
this corporation in any further sum than
the unpaid lalance due upon the shares
of stock owned by him; nor shall any
mere informality In the orantization h'ave
the effect of rendering his echarter null.
or of exposing any shareholder to allny
lialbility tbeyond the nnpaid ba:lance due
ulon his stCock nor shall any informality
or Irregularity in the organization have
the effect of rendering any shareholder
liable es a partner.
Thus done and passed in my office in
the city of New Orleans. on the day and
in the month aind year herein first above
written, in the presence of Messrs. Burt
W. Henry and Frances Eisler. competent
witnesses, who herento sign their names
with the said appearers nond me, notary.
after the reading of the whole.
Witnesses: Burt W. Henry, F. Eisler..
(Original Signed) C. French. 10 Audu
hon Boulevard, 20 shares; Ri. t. Aedams.
47'29 Prytania street. 20 shares: W. M.
Perkins. by C. French, 2123 Coliseune
street, 20 shares.
I. the undersigned. Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans.
State of LouisIana, do hereby certify that
Sthe above aned foregoing Act of Ineor
poration of Jefferson Products Company,
Inbc'.. was this day dely recorded in my
oflece in Book 1231. Folio -'
New Orleans. November 4, 19191.
(Signaed) EMILE LEONARD, Dy. R.
I hereby certify the above and forego
ing to be a true and correct copy of the
Act of Incorporation of Jefferson Pro
ducts Company. Inc., together with the
certificate of the Recorder of Mortgages
thereto appended, as the whole now ap
pears on file and of record tin my office.
As witnesses my hand and notarial seal
at New Orleans, La., this 4th day of N.
member. 1919.
Nov. 13-Dee. 18.
rUniated States of America,. State of Lou
isiana, Parish of Orleans, City of New
Orleans. Be it known, that on this the
thirty-fdirst day of the month of October,
in the year nineteen hundred and nineteet'
(1919) before me, Asahel Walker Cooper,.
a notary public duly commissioned and
qualified, in and for the Parish of Or
leana, State of Louisiana aforesaid, and
in the presence of the witnesses here
inafter named and undersigned, per
sonally came and appeared the sev
eral persons whose names are hereunto
subscribed, who severally declared that,
availing themselves of the laws of the
State of Louisiana, relating to corpora
tions, and especially Act 267 of 1914, they
have covenanted and agreed to bind, form
and constitute themselves, and do hereby
bind, form and constitute themselves, as
well as all sauc other persons as may
hereafter join or become assoelated with
5them, into a corporation and body politi
in law, for the objects and purposes and
under the stipulations following, to-wit:
ARTICLE I-The name and style of this
Corporation shall be Southern Jobbers'
Supply Company, Inc., and by said cor
porate name it shall have and enjoy sue
cession for a period of ninety-aine years.
unless .oner dissolved in the manner pro
vided by law and by the articles of this
charter; and under such corporate name
it shall have power snd authority to con
tract, sue and be sued: to make and use
a corporate seal, and the same to break
or alter at pleasure, to hold, receive, pur
chase, convey, mortgage and hypothecate
property, real, personal and mixed: to is
sue bonds, notes and other obligations;
to elect and appoint such managers, offl
cera, directors, agents and other em
ployes as the interest and convenlence of
the corporation may require or demand,
and make and establitsh such by-laws.
rules and regulations for the corporate
management and control of its busieess
and affairs as may be deemed necessary
and expedient to sell, assign, transfer.
mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of
bonds or other securities or shares of
ecpital steek of any other corporation or
corporations, whether foreign or domestle,
and to own stock is any other corporation
or corporations, and to vote the same.
ARTICLU II-The domicile of sNad
otCrporation shall be In the City of New
Orlens. 8tate Ot Lueisias. bat it may
establish eces and agameles and eonduct
butmesa in amy sther state, terrttery or
a famismg amultisa.
All citationls or other legral process '
shall lie served upon the Vice-l'resid.tnt- i
Treasurer. or in his absience upon the i
t.rretari. d 11Ii iii t ilrstiie of Iboth
then said irotesa shall be servr.d upon it
the President.
A'lTICLE III The, objet,' and pulhr
po.,-s or w iii.h this 'orp,,ration is organl
ized and the i:itilre of the basini--s to e'
a;rried n bIy it ar.e helrtleby dei.i lred to be: '
To manfarttrfi. buy, sell and deal in ti
either :it ith!.iale- or retal. ainl to ex- t
port andlll i pllurt. ere,' t and install e.lec'tri'
motors, elect rical a:i. hini' ry, tools. sli '
'-ilitiles, hIardl larei. t lIu rte nai' , polel ,
and cross a :lr;t . *, . tri al appli.ticllt . stlip
Ilies, iioteri:l aIni! lixtuires of tlvery III
ir. and hiril! ih.tI o it-\r; to IIa lllallnt ' I
tiIre. di, l in. liuy :ta i srl, teither at
w hot s.ile or retail. el, trin al plants.
pit's. llllap llrtenall ces and lixtlntlrs of ,t-erl
nl.tulre an,d kind reluirt. d in the a l,.,trial
e'qjiu in tnlii of buildingsiu,. landi g.ineirally to
to and 1; p" rforn, sutsh olther businelss as 1i t
or miiay he iel, .s- .iry for the furthlrl| nt.il',
of ally of the ab:llot n:rtsl oibjts r or II
whijh ririy Ihet incidetltntal or gienural
u-r"-to or in any wise a nectedi thtere
AI:T'It'.lE; IV Tihe ialital s-lek of thit
i'oriporatioln is ih rlely taxed at tilh sum or If
tiiny thousanld ($a.1.,tHl dollars, to be di
siutedi into 1ie hundredl l (.II 1)l sl arl.-, os f
the par aaluliu of otiln h lundred ($1011) dol I
lars e:c h. llihi shall be Ipayable. in .ash, .
or aly li-e issud ait not les thanl plar ill
l)I; 0llllt of s-ri t is al tually ritldered r ril .
of property ai ally ricti. .ivd I ly ilih, 'or
pornll titl.
This Corploration sihall lie a goini tor Ic P
ecru a, s so nt as lift plir t -lit of the I
amlllot of its capital stock has beet sub lll
sriiledl for anlid lifty pr telt of saidl
lnei tint si subliriliid for i ihall Ihavei b.een
paid in il caslh. I
iThe :ilotunor to which the alital st.ock a
of this I'orluoration ii ay e i'-rtia-id is ti
heri.hy lixetl at tilo hllundred and Ilt' S
Ihoirtl nd (ir )".$0,0l.oti ( dg lilar i-.
No Iransfl r of stiik shall I,i lhningilt
upon th, ('llpollla tion uInlress maId and re
nrdenid upll,.n its books..
All shtarres of srtock shall he fully paid Iv
: ind non- .Iasesaible and all crtiulcates ,ilf
too:l Ihall he sih:nld by either ithe Il'r.s
idel tt or di'r -I' lr-s ildent-'reasuirter -itd r
t ounterigned by ti'- S. crt-t:ary.
All'rTIll.E V% All iet po:trs on f lhi ,I
I lorpor.ll ioin .ishall hIIe sted ilt andl th t.
iul alllta t t'eent and control of its nliisII'ss I.
.and atf.ir s-hall hie 'se rls-d n.l bly a ol:.rd .1
of irur .- l r n ititIl plttoid of hot l .isa ila ti
three nor mlor than li,e sharehollders: I
anid a iitajority Iprsnt il n 1tperson s haill l
onstitu teiir' a qllorlrttl for the tranltion;l
of all Ihuiniss. Any one of salid directors
In:ay aienItrl any meeting of said lIoarir
of Dlirectors by l ritten prixy aiddrtessedtI
to allly other a one of ithe dirctlors, who ly.
sitrlt- of .ialt ritthn prosy shall hei t
fully nutlloried to reprers.nt said alsntIl
dirtct.or alnd vote uponlli a ll qt-utstlons nhit
I tttitld to satidl directors' llleeting in hlis
nalot. as fuly and wit thell samie validity
:is if th, said a;bsenlt diretittr were plresent
and iltiitl ill pIrsoI. Al'y-nli" of said di
rectiors t further constituillite any othe ro
one of said directors lhis gaeneral proxy
upoitn whoill notice of all directors' meet
ilngs iay 'be serverl. t
A In:ljority of the lIoard otf Diretors
voiinig at lly tihnl ill person or y writ- a
tnil proxy, shall ith riequired to pass any t
rnilllultion oir tldolpt iany by-llais whihia
vleltl so pal ' ed or adoptedl shall bIe lou.ne p
salid clorlporate ts li'
The tfirst tlord of ilireitors shall serve t
luntil the lectiol to bie hld.i on the last
Tuiesday in .Ia:utl:ary. 19ni. or untlil their
salure'ssors ara' duly elected' , qualllified and ,
'Ilhe Iolral of Iirectors shall be e'leted i
annually lit Ia general miieeting of the t
stockholders to be held on thet last Tues
day in January-, 1920. and on the samntle I
day and mlonth inl ech succ'teeding year. t
except lien that d:ay falls upon a legal a
holidaly, thn Iupon llthe next following lay I
daly. after lifteen days' wrilten notice.I
ailled to eachi shareholder at Ills last
known adldress, as the same shall alppearI
on thel books of thle Corporation. and an
ltss such noti e Ie waived in writing by
all of the shareholhlers applering ts such I
iupon the htk Its. A failure, however, froml
anlly t.llse, to hold the annlual meetlng of
stlockholders or failure to elect directors
therent, shall not operate the forfeiture
of this chlartr nor impair the Corporate
nllanaatgement, i ut the dirneators then inl
oflile shall tserve until their suuessors
shall have been duly elected and qualified
aind installed. Any vacancy in the Ioardl I
of Directors shall be filled by the re
nmaininat directors from amolng the stock
The oflhters of this Corporation shall -
.consist of a President, a Vice-President
Treasurer and a Secretary.
Said n ioard of Directors shall have the a
riht unid Ipo.'r to appoint and dismiss
suclh talents. clerks and other employees a
as conditions in their jludgmnent maily jus
tify or the business of the Corporation
itay require and the tenure of oflia e and 1
employment of t all such agents, clerks and ]
otlher employees shall be during the
pleasure of the Boaurd of Directors.
AltI'lCtLI V The first Board of Di
retttors. with their plostofliee addresses,
naodl who shall serve until the last Tues
day il .ianulry, 19)20, shall consist of: 1
Mtnareellns L. Joslyn. 10022 Chamber of
CI'ohnerce Ilnilding, ('hicago, Ill.: Lyman
(' lh'ad. 1212 Webster Street. New Or
lests. Lt.: J. Maarshall Frye, lIlattlesburg.
Miss.. with the sahl Meria nehs LI. Joslyn
as Prasilelat, the staid Lymlnn C. Reed as
Via'e-Pr.'side..t-Trt'asnrer. anl the slaid J.
Mrarahatll Frye as Secretary.
ARTICLE VII-This Act of Incorpora
lion maay be hngeld, iodilfied, altered
atr ain-nled or this Corporation may be
aissolad by lrand with the consent of them
holhars of two-thras in anlount of the
otilstanding taitall cltock at a general
netitng convened for that purposde after
thirty days' notice in wrlting, mailed to
ench stotkholder at his last known ad
dress. ts the same shall appear upon the
books of the Corporation and after flfteen
days' publication in any on e of the daily
newspapers in the City of New Orleans,
as prescribed by law.
If this Corporation should be dissolved
by linitation or otherwise, its affairs shall
be liquidated under the supervision of
three liquidators to be elected at a gen
ertal meeting of shareholders convened
for that purpose after as provided in this
artl'le; and said liquldators shall remain
.n office until the affairs other he Corporation
.shall have been fully liquidated; and in
case of the death or disabIlity to act of
any one or more of the said liquidators.
the survivor or survivors shall continue
to act under the privisions and In accord
ance with the terms of Section 30 of Act
267 of 1914.
ARTICLE VIII-No shareholder of this
Corporation shall ever be held liable or
responsible for the contracts or faults of
the Corporation in any further sum than
the unpaid balane due on the shares of
stock owned by him, nor shall any infor
mality of the organization of said Cor
poration have the effect of rendering this
Charter null or of exposing any sharae
holder to any liability beyond the unpaid
balance due upon his stock.
ARTICLE IX-The subscribers hereto
have set opposite their respective names
the number of shares of stock in this Cor
poratin sobfcribed for by easch of them,
together wtih their postoffice addresses,
so this Act of Incorporation shall serve as
an original subscription list.
Thus done sand signed at my ofee at
the City of New Orleans, on the day,
month and year hereinabove first written,
In the presence of William W. Wester
field and Elsie Johnson, competent wit
nesses, who have salgned these presents,
together with said appearers, and me, no
tary, after due reading of the whole.
WItnesses: William W. Westerfeld,
Elsie Johnson.
(Signed) A. W. COOPER, Notary Publle.
I, the undersigned, Recorder of Mort
gages in and for the Parish of Orleans,
State Of Loulsana, do hereby certify thai
the above and foregoing Act of Incorpora.
llon of the Southern Jobbers' Supply Co.
Inc., was this day duly recorded in my
ofce In Book 1231, Folio fi7.
New Orleans, November 3, 1919.
(Signed) EMILE J. LEONARD, D. R.
I hereby certify that the above and fore
going to be a true and correct copy of the
original Act of Incorporation of Southern
Jobbers' Supply Company, Inc., omitting
the names of the subscrIbers thereto.
A. W. COOPER, Notary Public.
Nov. 13-Dec. 18.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Orleans.
City of New Orleans. Be it known, that
on this thirty-first day of October. nine
a teen hundred and nineteen, before n.e,
Charles fchneldmu. a notary public for
the Parish of Orlesas and CIty of New
I Orleans, State of Louisiana. duly commis
sioned and qualified, and in the presene
of the wItnesses hereinafter named aid
undersigned, persemafly eame and appear
ed the several persesa whose same. are
I hereunto subsrlibd, who mevesafly de
cmhis that aaimfl thasmlvews . the
pro i-ions ,f thi , u4,,n ral Ia's. of t4'h st:t,",
of )llonuitur br eiidi4u1 liitr t' , i r,i. llli
llOll of orporattions :andl a-lp, i.i lt .%\-'t
2tIl of the L,'t. of 1914. th1y, It i It
Ite lll lt ll ii d:irl d.ilnlt tti i(l I" i r' .' 1)f:1t.
r st iV rt . Ii,r' :star - ilni lii l to. -i I,, I
hell :i s alll sctitt Ic l Ir u a'to4 l l. rit l',. i I
h i :i- lItd pith t0h4.1 .Ir , 10r41 :Iiin ,
'. nstitLte a c'rl.t, 1r It mll i 1d1 'hd p lit 1
in ll.a , . an 11d t 1o th t ,i1111 th 'l. t' tl tli
( itll,\ , i 1 I. t a li;tir. -ll hill e, ndl 1 \,,' t. I
.tc.1. arti 1,.I of iln. trpor t.it , 1un :.. ph 4 Ionl .
S 1. The lrnle of s:til " rlporatiot shh II
' to.. I "' r, .' i'lt i'11C itr l, i s114 0 Io' .. 11ir. 1 1
'i .fl er r Itoi , i.1 t.- t lli ,., ,t,4 l iti .. II
1:ll ife of the, Iu*il,>- to I... ,, ifr ,',l ,i fll , '
it a -' rel, iar.d to l, . to r ar y oil .. rel, rl r,
'0~"1 tor L, I 1, i t r i 4~l i1 11 '.1. t I' . t 111 111,
l'l l tl l l II d " i l" , ;,. , ~ i1-1 |'I b l : I 11,l
11rt,,i  in I ll. l,4 ! 1 I oII . Il 1 l1 nuH..III 11 I1
l,'li, ,I! to h," .\ s 'I .: ,. I t I ,, io 1 11lof ' I,1*' r .
Ihullhl II+ -. \ norks. ~r inpl r \l *I·t, 1)t. 1)1 i : 1T I
t, he T I :nio t o1 f l hi1 '. , itI.I 1 t 1 o i I
[ nl.t lrtr'l al l . lti o I . N. - , oI t : 1 'l. l 1oi.
I t.;101 .I i .1.t1 lre. 1IL'r. a I l of 1h4h J4 ~ 11i4
h1' pr I1 N'rr .d 4tl, Ii
i14. T I r l, nt to Ili, h lhl ,I ,it II t
to E, l of tia orIllrl i lo k I~" ,i s i ll r.,e I*4
Ih ll i , ol4t h dlrliut . th 11i liit 111.1t ie 4l 40i .,
The 'lih. r of -har i o e Is of . 1i
Thr l lrtiit-l t II" -li.i 1,4 11I ix hie r bh - I,
,':11,11;l1 .w it4 It 1 fi1 '114 lo ill t.ll tm Iw11 lI li h i
, illiti r lo1f tAoi ll i :l6rlliill1 l nioi g 4ill t'ti-rt
"l1,:ll I," Iln" h nllo ir, ', iI'lt T st Ilr w rf thI ,
i.ir Va. lit' l f ol h11 t llllr ll I$liel 1 llllil'- 
pIle I l' ti il,'e rl hur'. of lI a i . tillor 'l i n 4
to rttlain i t l e i IhIu.dr: d ($11n1 dull. to I II
Ith, I to Int of 1 the i r.:Ire of the 'llr lu: (t Il
itlolk of laid o' r l,,ortion f i id IotLiol It.e I
th t 11 ulll ($11~1l.11)l d to ll;r t. . I
ti. '1'h, Io,:ilioln of 1rr d itiig . of s:,iI ,
corporation .ll ,ll I' h ll l tLh, ot r I t of \t I 11
rl i ..en. in thl le I' lrfOli C of lrl ins, in itll
lStal 1te of IOili iThi., I
7. The I14 rioll of id r:ltilS O of s aid ,o r o ti
,p1r tilli4 sh:ill hr ' Iilt t i .s 1,1i r t iheitr i
". T he Illllilli r of dirg,., t rt of ,:.iIt
orpor'tin ll halih:ll 1t,, thr',. W o. Th ther i
Ilolf .tiiI orllor lto n hall Ii t hoshal, pro.
villd b, y ll\w. :lII ,cwh other onli,'t'r. :l
liay lIhe 'rovidl'd fur Ib. the by laws. l'he
rectors of .;lid " rlor;lton who are r
hell ,inl'd lo .,re for t ird oudy of -
,tllr lior until thor ir i d to rreive of
,l,,td and qulalifi, d .hall h1, Ill foliow ."
1to- il: Idnard .1. lr, . ,New rla.ss.
I'.;i t ;l ,f elw l:-i s . iNi t I rleans, l.e of
Il< s4ette it.ry i li trarln U, P. R nd.
I "li4I'hl i lll i ,. ithl4 p+-4'. 1404 , of this (it -,whro
'ile herento signed ptheir n:mlres with
the f suid 1clt,.riblerS to the se articles of in
i'orliporation. :nd e, notlltry, on f the date
number ,' .hares of siock which ea th
ri l tr is I tak in aid corportten. and the sai
iaret, rollers d t lo'rll : Edwarid .1. orss, aew
I lrl iie. 1 L.. Iw1 r ty 0' shw, p ares set
.(. lilnle) Itlphll o , Nw irlteen (15).
sif.tee sh:Ires, ir valle $ll0II: and John
hlilires. p r value $1. I .
.(11 of lthe above iric fri fteeons to (1
laid in r sh..
10. ,':ath share of stock shall be en
titled i one vrlotte L. Thhall be no
cumulati4 e vtillg.
II. l'he und rarnd f diretors of saortid
rorporalion shall be. :Ind are hereby
vl,-'d with all the oProrate of Oerleans of
ad'i corporation, inlurhdillg among other
powers the following, vido herely power tohat
Makli', atl'r and :upend suitable by-laws
lfor lthe 4over llloretll of idt of inrporpation
the power to borrow money. execute
IlIIortg:atls, lie notes or bonds, to sell
Sr pledge the Crlone. oand gtenerally to do
all things pllri dulnnt to orded ss mry offi the
objects and purposes lio f said orporation
o r which are or man..y hNovemb permitted by
the lawrls applicahle to orporations the
abin ove r the Priital of wers grantes to the
ofrd of diOreltors not eing excLlusive.
thereby .ntention beinfg to hast the boove anrd of
goirng tors ith nel suand ch other and further
powers as way be proper to aeomplish
horll objcts and purposeratons of theaid corporaes
cent Cion.
gages tockholdereto' appetingsded the wholecti on on
of di retcors of smyaid corortion o aall be
held annually oi the third Monday of Oc
12. Th wh President haved the Vie-nto resei
dentmy had the cal seatry ad Trew Orleansurer
shall he authorized to receive service of
all legal pro<,ess.
Thus doue and signed in my offile in the
ity f New Orleth dayns in tov e presence of
'lhrlotte L. 'hie aind tNoy aymblnd.
I'lopetet wiStatesses, both of this city,who
har'e hereunto signed their names with
the id ppthrers o thvember. articles of in
if forre meion. nid , notarlls.y, on the date
an duly oirst above written, and the said
Subsnribers da hereby subscribe for and
agrthe to pay of the mtnesr ses heres sinafet
oposited: Thatir savailing themselverl nmes.
(Si of thned) taphael Ross, ifteen (15)
( Sihned) Edward J. Ross, twenty (pres20)
sharl other pss who may herter
bigneomed) John F. rewith nnan, fifteen (15) cor
Witnesses: Charlotte L. Thice, Roy
(Seation nd body potc Notary Public.
I.corpo trate undersigned, Recorder of Mort
lagess sooner indissolved and ndfor the Parish of Orlans.
State of Louisiana, do hereby ertify that
he above and foregoing namect of incorpora
tion of the Crescent Contracting Co., Inc..
wt and its domicy diley II ereorby declared in my of be
r, n the City of New Orleans, StateLa., November 5. 191.of
r- process shal be served on the Presidenty. R.
t- and, in harlis absence, on nothe Secretary pub.l
'in and for the PRTICE rish objf Orlets ans and Cityprposes
of Newthis corporationleans, Sand the of Losana. do
hereby iusinessfy to he arried an by it.ove arend ore
going. by declared to rue ands follows: To carry ofrom the
or. tail candyt of minfstorpe oration of the Cres-: to
ent Contractreing Co., Inc., as well as ofpecans.
In, syrups. sodafaith wthereof, I have hereunto iet
my hand and oallial sconfetionery articleans, of
L a., this 5th day of November, 1919.
otary in conPublic.dctng the manlt
nited States of Americas State of Louis-e.
iannuf, Parish oas Orleans, City of New Or
ns ble fort known the condact on this busine6th dayss.
- or of y of the mpnth of November. A. c. 191 bre
fore in stated: to pEdward cha. Ellease. N own, sell or
a rentduly commissioned in and for the Immabove
1nI able. pish and generState, personally to do all things thatm
nmay es areq herentd or necessary for the ac-in
comthe preshmene of the objwitnesset hereth nafternd
nampedle and undersigned, each and all de
the powlared: That availiness in themselves of the
laws of theany ther State of Lour siana, on the sub-in
jet of the incorporation s hereby of corporations.
and especially of Act No..00)267 of 194llars. all othey
. whave organized, acommon stc nd whchdo by these presents
org shall consist of threitute thoemselves, ars ofwell
as all other persons who may hereaft(10.00) dollars per
- sharbecme associated witoh may bthem. Into a cor
e0,000.0.poration anSaid stbod may politb in law, to enjoy
corporate ey service during de period to the corpl
-less soone or dissolved, trand underred to the fol
Scharter, to-wit:.
ARTICLE I.-he ICname of this corpora
Amierl. TY.-Al l utth terBlmSlS
Tt ,r of' thi: ' r ,or.* i,' hIi .ill \..t in
.111, d i[, ,\,,ri-, i , I I " .rd , ,l , Iair r, tl r
I'' l.I, .'I o- f Ilitr s.t.l,, .h ,bb r"j of t'hi. loI
, .,t I t ll. t, b ,. p, ,l , b i ,al ; II,., i ofi
hII. T I,, . ihn ,! t 'I - i, ll tII r th.i! I i
t . , 'I,,I, . ,1 . otf,,.,"
of `L \ , ,,, f i , "r of I *lI. t t',
'I 11.1 1
...._tn l,,,,: \\ , ,tl th ," ... ... , ,l "f',- , , :,. f t,
I: 1 -eI - in.- ,h .I '.t'I" o II hT I' ,,r ll;
'I. , I1. I II. ' 1 .1 ''I .T r, 'IT
I' , 1" int-q ..!! or b y i ' -
,li' " I T If I Atl:-. " , , ,'1,i , -
.'" ! , i '1, ll T - - ' ,T11 i 1 I .ll \ ,' ~ , , ! I 't'
I I UTl'I I 'I, IIl I- I I I.i 'i, lix· t , ill ,' I ' ''
" t l " iill' ' .1 i , I III l I l
I1 , tr "t u _ " u "1
r "\\II' i' , e' ,i ll' i. i \I ' ti. 1.lli . 11 I \
. ,',r 1 1i.:tll !,." , t1 . t , I , I: , t , 1I \ : ! ,I . .
b..l I - i r ti'. r :I,,lu t _ ..I ,' I n ., I. . . !o n . ,
1i , I- .1 ! 1tIi l. , 1 1'! Illi IlT i.' i
, '11. .' Il't I.'I I ' TI, I i l, It'.' oTi. ,-TIl
-~ , ,1. Ih, . - . I , ,'r : . \ t, h ' . i,, t, ll, II- illt,,
If r. ihll ' im' -lii .atli I', r t h \ I itlt. Il,
: it, ,Il! Ilai ltr . I l l Inr , 11. 111' LI '
u 1I, I 1 1 r, ir \ t CI tI1. "1it l h l0 " I r i .l I
, I l. i,, , Ih,. I ' II'~l." h l I n Iii , I'. . I ll' .,II %
4nl1 . .lit :I ll" ill ''ti . tll' I :1 41 , '1111i 1 hi
Ilto, I'l'" It ltr hI I" b , lIlt ti l' I 11 t h, r ,I.
\ 1,t," 1 r el , -h l 'Il i-, l il 1, h If l',k i\\ I -.! h \
I Hn h N ett o SI.III I.Ir I,' ont itI.' \ :I.)
t, r .tha IIn r.i.li f i>,. ill, illr ti :irlll.
h 1 r t
.%l :'T\ l l %' l' i ,' l o;rt. ll r I ,i
S, r lt-l.l a ll iar I o r, illn \," lii ". ii llr il
lf. \, " . Inld thty , Iill irl h,1 " th i
, u, " I ir t o t i l l l n c 1 : . nn-it h 1 1 1 t hel li r u n r
r t. ('l i ' i -il V iI b y 1:.1.\ . t
t It ' ili-i : it n o ilr il the .ti utn of I I It',.l
-,:1t dle,.l nl "\ Jihhli att.
.11TIT l I *I l V. Tilhl" i l, c rpor tioin rif s\ I ,
I 1 hw 1 t- i 1 I l 1 t ha b , i i . M , r h r :ll l il
-. 1:T'Ih CI I I Thl ii ch: Irti I r n ':ry 1.0
]hi. I , t,.t u 1,,11.11 h to, k thuliet r ofi,fi iin
i . e'l. ill in omin, ne ith the prob imio
of , h iill o hth L~e i iit , r1e of ot r itato
of Lt ,, i.ln;1 for the ] :Irlr 1 O r11.
"alges, in and for the Ptarisht of O~rlenns
I 0
C ..
;." Plenty of
The time will come,
young man, for you to march
up the aisle with the dearest
girl in the world beside you.
When You Marry
though, you will want to have on
hand a substantial bank account, for
there is no affinity between love
and poverty.
We Pay Interest on Your Savings
RESOURCES OVER $60,000,000
for Men and Boys
R All Kinds-Place Your Order
o0 ng n With Us-Can Make Imme
diate Shipments.
Rubber---V Crimp Corrugated
B. V. Redmond & Son, 309-11-13 Decatur St.
The Johnson Iron Works, Ltd.
Builders of Tugs, Barges, River Steamboats
Construction Yard, Bayou St. John.
Marine Repair Plant with Wharf and Derrick Facilities
1 Situated on the Mississippi River at Algiers, La.
P. O. Drawer 840 Telephone Algiers 101
'iIA TEHt.
, ,i I , - I .... . . . rI,. rtifv that
, . 1\ . 1 .,r.. . i : .i of lii orl(or
5C the Bottle
It is New, Different, Snappy
It has that delicious refresh
ing fruit flavor
Since July First
Get It at the Fountain
The Queen of Drinks
The Drink for YOU
Pres. and Gcn'I Mgr.
New Orleans, La.
Largest Packers In the world of
HIigh-Grade ('anned Goods. Oysters
Shrimp, Okra and Figs.
Our Goods Sold by Wholesale Grocers
the World Over

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