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1eC.M Me Upiufndle the Weo Sw e s1e Ivwr. 'A very live and creditable weekly ewspapw."-MANUPACYURIWI RECORD.
SI - -- ' I l . . il
/ I t
Mrs. C. V. Frisch tntertained t','
Ttaeursday Afttrnoon Eu'hre ('club.
Thsuccessful players were Miss
Ssadie Garland. 31r'. A. Graf, and
rs. V Kraft. Mis. A. Burke re
ceived the consolation. The' next
meeting will be at the hl(,m of Mrs.
Frank Hogooveln.
Mrs. Alice Gisch of Ne,, York is
here spending th'e winter with her
daughter, Mrs. L. F. Gisch.
Mr. Victor Zatarain arrived Sat
urday from Milwauke'e. \Vis.. to
spend the holidays with his parents.
Miss Katherine Schabel is home
from Bay St. Louis, where she is
attending school to spend the
Xmas holidays here with her mother.
Mrs. A. Burke entertained the Fri
day Afternoon Five Huudred Club.
The successful players were Mrs. H.
T. Malone and Mrs. F. Goebel. Mrs.
Burke received the consolation.
Mrs. Goebel will entertain at the
next meeting.
Miss Dorothy Murtagh, who is at
tending college in Chatawa, Miss.. is
home for the holidays.
Mrs. H. Vezien and little daughter.
Vera, left Thursday for California
to visit the formers' daughter, Mrs.
L. Fourmingne.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Keller of
Waukoegan, Ill., (formerly Miss Car
rie Wagner of our town), are spend
ing a fortnight in Jasper, Ind., with
Mr. Keller's family.
Mrs. J. Guepet and daughter,
Alice of 212 Verret St., left Saturday
for Beaumont, to spend the holi
Mr. Jules Gayral and son, Gentie.
spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Guepet of 212 Verret St.
Miss Nellie O'Donnell has return
ed from Matthews, La., to remain
until January 5th.
Master Gene Nelson of Wisconsin,
is spending the Xmas holidays at
the home of Mrs. P. F. O'Donnell.
Miss Hortense Johnson of La
fayette, La., is the guest of her aunt
for the holidays.
Misses Anna and Carmen Van
derliaden left Monday for Chicago
to spend the holidays with their
brother, Arthur Vanderlinden.
Mrs. M. Geldert and baby, Mau
rice, have returned after spending
the week at Mobile with Captain
Miss Mary Spellman left Sunday
to spend the holidays in Lakeland,
the guest of Mrs. Jos. Amann.
Mr. Al. K. Goebel arrived Tues
day from Boston, Mass., to spend
the holidays with relatives here.
Iesat. Ciemans V. Rault, whose
arriage to Miss Violet Engler, will
be celebrated next month, arrived
Tuesday from Haiti.
The many friends of Mr. and Mt's.
L. F. Glach, pympathize with them in
the death of their infant son.
Rev. Jao. F. Foster, of Franklin,
La., was in town this week, for the
Lesam-serTna nutials.
Robert Haderson, state manager
d head coasul of Louisiana of the
Woodama of the World, will be pres
mt at the next meeting of Orange
Camp, Dec. 29th, at Pythian Hall,
an will eplain the new rates.
n Jao. Hezidel is convaleding
kher recent illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Meak Turner and
i*. enard L. Anderson are the
4t tm a guests of Mrs. Harry J.
e,5of 1519 Pine St.
. C. Clements and daughter,
mre Lafayette, La., are spend
Sht Ciehistmas holidays here with
SM Mrs. A. F. Cayard.
d Mrs. fMlarrla Inma Clif
t*,le former having been recent
Sdiag from the U. S. Navy,
q Seadlng awhile here, the guests
Ih. p Mrs. T. B. Clifford,
ill. lorence Clifford is here
I· Pallnton, Miss,; where she
t sk* cf chool. She is the guest
Vheats Rev. and Mrs. T. B.
Mr. Josph Lennox of Mobile, Ala.,
Sherd this week to attend the
"0'~Traer nuptials.
- d Mrs. R. H. Irving and
SOrammercy, were in town
W to attend the Platt-Brown
. Treadaway of Teche St.,
-:lsortune to break his arm
" . v tthe wrist while at work
• tl Nval Station last week.
Mrs. Garrett Lynch of
. it/7 are spending the Christ.
here with Capt. and
i r W . B Nash, of Marksviie,
• t ", days here last week.
S"i Weaver, who has been
_ nother, Mrs. J. P. Wal
time, will leave to-mor
Sher home in Jonesboro, Ark.
· ml alone come in from
- I upend the holidays with
! 0Salvo has returned to
ea Morgan City.
ead, with her duh
W. MoEhttL
Believing that a marked increas"
in the salaries of public school teach
ers :s necessary, both to provide a
!iving wage and attract capable in
structors to the profession, a com
mittee at work on the proposition
subhtitted their report to the annua':
conference of the state and pirislh
:clh)ool officials Saturday morning.
Following is the scale which they
believe should be adopted as tite
For teachers of elementtrv
chools: Normal graduates in first year
of teachini . $.0; second year, $'.,;
third year $14'00; fourth and fifth
years. $105; sixth and seventh years,
$110:; eighth and nlinth years, $113;
tenth and eleventh years. $120.
Teachers of first grade, by
examination; first year of teaching.
$So; second year. $$S5; third year.
$9''; fourth and fifth years, $95;
sixth and seventh years $10444; eighth
and ninth years, $105; tenth and
eleventh years, $110.
Teachers of second grade by ex
amination, $70. with no increase;
teachers of third grade by examina
tion, $65, with no increase.
For teachers of high schools; col
lege graduates, in first year of teach
inc, $110; second year, $115; third
year, $120; fourth and fifth years,
$125; sixth and seventh years, $130;
eighth and ninth years, $135; tenth
antd eleventh years, $140.
For high school instructors, less in
qualifications than cohere graduates,
$5 less per month than those of the
higher qualifications.
Salaries for principals of the
schools shall be, for those of two
room schools, $10 per month more
than the salary of an instructor. three
Irooms schools, $15 more than in
structors, four room schools, '$20
more than instructors.
High school principal shall receive
a minimum of $1,500 per year. The
report will be discussed during the
Saturday session of the conference,
and either adopted or the necessary
changes made.
Whether an injunction will issue
to prevent Felix Borne, Sr., Albert
S. Cain and Stanley W. Ray, recent
appointees of Governor Pleasant,
from displacing John P. Vezien,
Thomas Killeen and Thomas Smith,
members of the Orleans Levee Board,
rested Monday afternoon with
Judges Theard, Skinner and Parker
of the Civil District Court. Argu
ment of the question took place be
fore Judge Theard, to whom the
Borne-Vezien suit has been allotted,
and it was agreed that he should
consult on the subject with his two,
colleagues, to whom the other two
cases fell, and that the same decision
should be rendered in the three
The three appointees were re
strained by a preliminary order,
signed by Judge King, the afternoon
of December 17. This prevented
them from qualifying at the regular
meeting of the Levee Board that
night. Even if seated by the present
legal proceedings, it was point d out
Monday, they cannot qualify until
the next regular meeting of the
board the night of January 21 ,one
day after the primary election.
We are in receipt of a handsome
1920 calendar from J. Bodenger. It
is the picture of a pretty girl in Red
Cross costume.
From Jno. B. Murphy, we also re
ceived a pretty calendar. It is a
moonlight scene.
Chris. L. Stumpf, Jr., arrived from
Texas Wednesday, to spend a few
days with his parents.
Mrs. L. Cross has returned from
Bayou Lafourche, where she was the
guest of Mrs. Dill.
Misses Fay. and Hazel Aycock have
as their guests, Misses Gladys Cocke
and Dottle Dill.
Mr. Louis Luft is home from
Spring Hill College to spend the
Miss Rita Lutz, of Alix St., is home
from Dominican Convent to spend
the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A Lennox and
children of Baton Rouge, La., were
here for the Lennox-Turner nup
Mrs. Sam Boylan entertained the
Once A Month Euchre Club. The
successful players were Mrs. Boylan,
Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Gerretts (play
ing for Miss Clairia Ricvhards).
Mrs. Abribat received the consola
tion., The next meeting will be at
the home of Mrs. P. O. Cafiero.
The Young Folks' Euchre Club met
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wagner.
The successful players were Misses
Mamle Fath and Ines Wagner and
Messrs. Gee. Munsterman and Edw.
Finley. The next meeting will be at
the home of Miss Elsie Hansen, to
morrow evening.
Mr. Jan. Comfort is home from Jef
ferson College for the holidays.
Miss Zelda Huckins was one of the
reception committee at the enteptain
nmet given last week in honor of Dr.
uGasseppi Ierrats.
Mr. sad Mm. rank Hosgbven and
little "et. Deve Friuch are spend
.ta the houIMs li Uamet with r~
I0 - ' Export Business Is Getting Brik
'4 , × ,<..-,
'/ , - . . "
i/7 // //- /:
'/ " " Z : ' : ;]i'!
.. .. ';". ' .:" : . . . ... . .
// /77i 77 //" 1/;
I!//' / / :r
I!!, ·, ,.·
/ /~
( i gh::
.lohn E. Bouden. president of the
W\hitney-Central Banks, made the fol
lowing statement Tuesday concerning
the annual Christmas gift of the
banks to their employees:
"In addition to the bonuses which
we have been giving during 1919, In
order to meet the high cost of living,
we are giving every employe. from
the president down, as an extra com
pensation, three months' salary. The
gift was made Wednesday morning.
"In addition to this the bank has
adopted a profit-sharing plan, which
makes it possible for every employe
in the offices to share in the earnings
of the bank during the year 1920.
This will apply to all of the banks-
the Whitney National, the Whitney
Trust and Savings Bank and all of
the branches."
.Qalte an enjoyable evening was
spent at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Tracey Lilly, the occasion being the
anniversary of the birth of their son.
Joseph De Frederick. The beautiful
birthday cake with its four tiny can
dles was in the center of the dining
table. Refreshments were served and
games played by the little ones. The
guests were Rhea Simon, Hazel, Eliza
beth and Lillian Traub, Wilhelmina
,Dellam, Alethia and Nelita Gorman.
Loraine and Katherine Durkes, An
tionette Thorning, Leona Thomas,
Florence Simon, Emma Gegenhelmer,
Westley Walleck, Eugene Jewels,
Charles Russell, Jos. Simon, Charles
and Joseph Houston, Joseph Lilly,
Mrs. J. S. Houstn, Mr. and Mrs. T.
Mayor Behrman is dispensing
Christmas cheer in his immediate de
partment at the City Hall by present
ing his staff with orders for turkeys.
The letters enclosing the order and a
Christmas greeting were given to the
employes on Tuesday. A large elec.
tric sign reading "Merry Xmas" is
suspended over the mayor's desk,
while on his desk many gifts received
from well wishing friends are dis
Orange Camp No. 8, Woodmen of
the World, held an interesting meet
ing Thursday night, when the follow
ing officers were elected, viz: F. C.
Birchmeier, C. C.; George G. Bruns
sann, P. C. C.; G. J. Babin, A. L.; W.
F. Harding, clerk; L. F. Gisch, bank
er; C. Lindren, escort; C. Berthaut,
watchman; J. E. Thorning, sentry;
F. C. Hymel, S. G. Smith, W. Sin
clair, managers. A special meeting
of the camp will be held Monday,
December 29, when District Manager
Henderson wil explain the new rates
and adjust the assessments of all
Mr. Edgar Berthaut, President of
the Algiers Iron Works, Ltd., and the
Algiers Electric Welding Co., Ltd.,
was tendered a surprise by em
ployees of the above companies, on
December 23rd, 1919. He was called
from his breakfast table under the
impression that there was trouble
between the workmen. Upon his ar
rival at the shop he was met by A.
C. Briel, the emminent orator, who
with an appropriate speech in hon
of of Mr. Berthant's Birthday, pre
sented him with an ivory and gold
inlaid handle umbrella. Mr. Ber
thaut overcome with Joy responded,
thanklg the employees and wishing
one sad all a Merry Xmas. Retresh
mesnts ws them served in abrn
On Thursday night at 7:30 o'clock
at the Church of the Holy Name of
Mary. Dr. Harry Nolan and Miss
Josephine Langford were quietly
married by Rev. J. A. Petit.
The attendants were Miss Clara
Langford. sister of the bride, and
Dr. A. Meynier.
The bride and her attendant were
both dressed in taupe coat suits,
with hats to match. After the cere
mony the young couple left for Biloxi
for a short honeymoon. They will
be at home to their friends at 219
Olivier St.
The marriage of Miss Mamie
Martinez, of Seguin St., to Mr.
Harry Frank Bauer, was celebrated
last week, Rev. T. J. Larkin officiat
ing. The bride is one of our most
charming young ladies, and has a
host of friends here who wish the
newly-married couple good luck.
The attendants were Mr. L. M. Peters
and Miss Anna Martinez.
Miss Loretta Mary Brown and Mr.
Joseph Adamps were married last
week by Rev. J. A. Petit. The at
tendants were Mr. Lawrence J.
Lauel and Miss Louise Jochum.
The. marriage of Miss Honey Ther
esa Platt, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Platt, and Mr. Em
mett Dewitt Brown, of Garyville,
was celebrated Wednesday evening
in the presence of relatives and
friends at the home of the bride's
parents in Verret St. The rooms
were artistically decorated with
quantities of palms and ferns. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. J.
A. Petit, under a shower of palms
and ferns.
The bride, who was given to be
married by her father, had as her
maid of honor, her cousin, Miss Inez
Irving, Miss Eleanor Richardson as
bridesmaid. The best man was the
bride's brother, attorney George P.
Platt, and, the groomsman was Mr.
George O. Irving, cousin of the
bride. Mrs. Platt was assisted in
receiving by her younger daughter,
Miss Cleo Platt.
The bride was charmingly gown
ed in Duchess lace over Ivory satin.
She carried a shower bouquet of
bride's roses.
The maid of honor wore flesh satin
with tulle over draped and caught
with ostrich, and carried a bouquet
of pink carnations, tied with pink
Miss Richardson wore flesh taf
feta with tulle over, draped and
caught with dainty flowers: She
also carried pink carnations, tied
with pink tulle.
During the signing, Miss Malvina
Dwyer, beautifully rendered, "Ave
Maria," accompanied by Mrs. Robt.
The bride and groom were recipi
ents of numerous and costly pres
ents. Mr. Brown and his bride left
for their future home In Garyvllle.
A very pretty wedding of the past
week was that of Miss Mildred Mary
Rostrup, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James M. Rostrup, and Charles El
mer Wattigney, .which took place at
the Church of the Holy Name of
Mary, Thursday evening at 5:30, the
Rev. J. A. Petit, 8. M., officiating.
The church was besutftlly deco
rated tfor the oNssmsand was flU
ed with relatives and friends of the
young coiupl'e.
The brdie was given in marriage
by her father. was dre.ssed in white
i'eor'ette over satin,. with an elabo
rate satin train. Her veil of il
lIsion was caught with ai wreath of
orallge bIlossomis. Slihe carried a
bouquet of white carnations and
tube roses, caught with tilll and
love knots.
.\lrs. Alma Rostrup was matron of
honor. She wore grey georgletto
crepe over satin, with pearl trinm
n ings. She carried a bouqluet of
pink American beauty rose buds,
caught with pink tulle. She wore
tulle in her hair.
The bridesmaid. Miss Mildred
Johnson, wore pink satin with pearl
trimmings and carried a bouquet of
pink carnations and roses tied with 1
pink tulle and ribbon.
The little flower girl, Lelia Wat
tigney, a niece of the groom, was
dressed in white crepe de chine, trim
meed with blue and pink forget-me
nots. She carried a basket of pink
During the ceremony: Mrs. George
Hymes sang a solo. Mr. Irvin Ros
trup, a brother of the bride, was
groomsman and Mr. Clifford Wat
tigney, a brother of the groom, was
best man.
The young couple, who received
many presents, are at home to their
friends at the home of the bride's
parents, 712 Opelousas Ave.
One of the prettiest weddings of
the season, was that of Miss Adriel
C. Lennox to Capt. Edd. Royal Tur
ner, which was quietly celebrated on
Monday evening at 4:30 o'clock, at
the home of the bride's parents.
Mr, and Mrs. Jos. W. Lennox, corner
Pelican and Elmira Aves.
The parlors were artistically ded
orated with potted palms. At the
appointed hour, the bridal party en
tered to the strains of Lohengrin's
Wedding March, which was played
by Mrs. Harry J. Thompson.
The bride who is one of our mast
attractive young ladies, was becom
ingly attired in brown satin, com
bined with georgette which was
beautifully embroidered. She car
ried a bridal bouquet of red roses
and ferns. She also wore a large
cameo pin, a gift .from the groom,
he having brought it from France,
where he saw service during the
war. "
The matron of honor, Mrs. Her
bert Kane, wore blue satin with an
overdress of georgette crepe prettily
beaded. She carried pink carna
tions and ferns.
Miss Grace Lennox, a sister of the
bride, was bridesmaid, she wore a
dress of dark blue georgette crepe
and satin, prettily beaded. She also
carried pink carnations.
The groom was attended by Mr.
Harvey Turner.
The ceremony was performed by
Rev. Jno. F. Foster, assisted by
Rev. C. C. Wier.
During the signing of the regis
ter, Mrs. Ethel Galvin and Miss
Grace Lennox rendered several vocal
solos, accompanied by Mrs. Thomp
The bride is one of most charming
young ladies, and is a talented musi
cian. Her many friends wish the
young couple all good luck possible.
The young couple, who were the
recipients of many handsome and
costly presents left the same even
ing for a honeymoon trip to dif
ferent points in Texas. They will
spend Christmas with the groom's
relations in Madisonville, Tex. They
will make their future home in
Tulsa, Okla., where the groom holds
a lucrative position.
Mr. and Mrs. Shade G. Smith will
entertain at Christmas dinner today:
Mr. and Mrs. 0. X Frisch, Mr. and
Mrs. C. X. Frederick, Mr. and Mrs.
Irvin Rostrup, Grandma Frederick,
Grandma Smith, Mr. Saxony Fred
erlck, Henrietta and Charles Fred
eiek, Vivian 8mith and Mr. and
Sra. S. 0. Smith.
m l
t t i .. .i w
T "IIlg e Nit t ll ' ll r XI. - Iit -i
play; lt Iit , lnta ( la t . tl .i t ,',ia
1\11 ,(ll,,tIila l iXs i Nttrw'l l\ ,hin'l " anta
;ltitoe , (lt' ist i s Sl, 'kilc s ti i..t '
lati , A ('li rist as W at , l ist l
t S )h sl l ll I\ ,it r l|> pi.' l. ,",1 .+ a t i
fritngle. h : 'Trip T'lt %tty'laniel. Sta'
't h e . hItlllr n t as r lit ,t go hoitn I.
an await the coirning of gitii. oi
SInta ('las and . le stiiks o1 gttl '
Titfore leavitin Mel )onog+ l No. 5
T in' Ni::ht I 45'trrs \a s u ld '
fwari "h iiNl. ht f It acher towaril
it-.ef in mattny ways.; , ut te "latet
I)].i : lhe r Sapi  ('lail as. t \'e i"'".
mani, Xifestatiot was in, their a
('elle, l'athion. atn As Others Seel at I
T'la t. Eac ('hri tec \\was reent-is
ed with a gift esuitable to i e a1d
titdual interest or ch railitlstis.
Ndlles tohil n tahelre wa ouch un I
and nerrimeint as well as surprise
ante ourselitves as others see olds.
anta lauRefreshmensts wer e servel, and all
The kiddies are Chris.tma wild.
Belltfl ore'l havili t'lI)oI i No. ,,
It scens almost i tpossib le for them
to wait. After gathering around a
Xmas tree, listening to the stories
liand sos of Xmas .ithey wrll leave
ng ard ilmake th. but parents realize
twhat happiness a child's Xmas spirit ifel
can bring into the home, school and
The faculty sends Its best wishes
friends of the school.
The fin llowing ls, ildren theof 4
ifestood up" in was in thspelling match in
('teh ratit in, an "As Othrs Se ' I.
the spellin of the whole 4-li Grade:nt
Joseph Wal tert r cMary Louise ia
Bella Dorotho say Wah, Joas ephite u
brd et. Marjoin a wehroeder. Jourisep
1is as Nan Griffet. Suervi saor of
Physica"Know thyself," it is always well today
SThursday she tested othe girls in all
Thgrades above thare FouChristmas wild.
Ithro swingems anostd impall boyssible foin the cor
respondi. Ater gadthes n broad jumping.d a
Miss Griffeth complimen to the stories
anti songs of Xmas they will leave
forpils on the splendid record and en
couraged makhe to thery to do evnts rn bet-alize
canter brin their next test home, whicho wll and
take place about Jan. 23, 1920. Ashes
for the aletic equip tment has beents com
The following cihihdren of 4-B
'spleteood up"only a few weekslling muatch is
thdue sthe pupils for the 4-1 Gradshowing
Joseph Waednesday mornng thLouise pupils
Befillaed wiDoroth the WahlMerry Christmase Du-,
reit, assembled inSc the basement, at
9 o'clock. After the usual flag ex
ercise, they all marched to their re
spectivss Nane rooms to await the visorit of
Physical Training, spent Thursday,
"Dear Old Say int Nicholas." Aboutn
Thursday she testeden o'clock, the bell was run allnd
where a bea utiful tree, heavily loa
thed with ifts andll boys, in thundane of
candy stood.
SMiss Irma Arsago, a pupil of the i
responding grade, who acted as "Mis
tress Griof Ceremth conies," announced the
Bendipils on the splendid record and enLow"
Sonrag-Eighthe and Seventh Grades
"A December Spelling Lesson"w
"Santa Claus"-Edward Sutten.
I "St. Nicholas," Song-Second
"A Christmas Problem"-C emmlieI
Recitation-Six Girls of the Third
S"A Christmas Song," CiSong-Fourthai
I Grade.
- "Good Night"-Mariel Galling
- house.
I "Christmah Song," Recitation
p "The Christmas Spirit," Recitation
t -Frank Gillis.
sa rChristmas Voices," Song-Fifth
"Christmas Carol," Recitation
Sieth Grade, i
I "The First Christmas Tree," Red
: tation-Three girls of Second Grade
S "For Christmas"-Aldea Rogers.
' "Christmas Wishes"-First B.
BoLys. T
"Over the 'Phone"-Recitation
dElise Tradeau and . Chanvin.
"His Cmhristmas Money," Recita
NV % Orb,' .it pI blic school te':Ih'll
, . -; ! l ' . l- ' 1 , I t .! l i k e ', I l l y h i g t l e ' r
V' ,ri oppto (I to the word
' l: t i' 11 c'tullll i1 l \\ 11 fith e iattol
: \ l ' i; 1' : t11 i\ l i e t O r(l'ilan
i ,i - l h t l I I -i I': " .ll i. .LI- ttil tl ;i 1
" -h' i.:tl "!.·:t.'J il .1\ 4., n.11 i
\..l 1, ' 1'.l , Il. ,'i- t . \ . p , ;i 1( l otii 111t',li
1'1,1 \. !,.I l- 4Il111 ;1111: 1 tit, nii otes
. il h It, th e i th, ' iteacl
" 1, t ' . ,t i t ,i ti t l 1.u i t. 1 I ht p oa l .* I
;li1t ,t . \\t a at .ill i l ,.) h wl hat \rlp t
\"I tti ll it. t H i11 .' tlt l t-eti tlll f. l 'l'":
t\\'rI trti t ti it' t ihe tt i io our als ( tiif a
i n fh ,' I lh thb l w " - eh , rl s .'l o s , \\ h ln h
.I :1 t.li ", ,tki t \ l li\ arlet playill L
rit l II l moth r ti ett insteri l of
-Itt l(l t i-iittll flt ,l t r I' Suprtoite ( t ll t
iThis I.metl hod ( ftlrilg a raise in t
l'11i \\aiI in salrieupon aftr thon
tal blitr rl nont by obteminablers op
posinl: the .tip. of a Illt itilng of the
'lewt 'lehitali t ':e atli tional ta o, until
iSltttlll,(r i, O. anti by that time
ltn ofat the Normal School ittle new
I t- aten itli 4 tarvloedk, whto deathe
Illl for an assembly, . with repre
llttor rozi\ frol all te lachk s' orgnf suff i
Zteactl ill the city will cooperulate to.
It is ny ierstood that the teacf the
presidentobably will send ther front latumh
tof the oard of ellucat will haveduring thfull
prt weekr o thle new yeattr, and if it
i refueon their willn for all pubction lic
tniediately. This will be the cityourse.
'he teachersskd whill pursue te, achersno matter had
toted to take this extrelne course in
(rile" to gIot salamris raised. when
what theeitin Supreme Cou e rt
\\1ih r. ardi to the raising of the
shl.oi tax w\;1 milll' two weeks off,
1liss Ilanley snounaid. d.
"The raise in salaries for the
tiacsOn onday night. e obtainable,
earll nterited the additional taes, until
September, 19.0, and by that time
manyi of the strugdan ling little new
teachers would have starved to death
ior frozen flron the lack of suffiients were
clothing, which may be a slight ex
aggeration, but very slightent were Mr. andEvery
teacher in the city will co-operate to
gain our endey Mr. and Mrswe will eed."
It Chris understood that the teachers
probably will send their ultimatum
to the board of education during thLuce
first week of the new year, and if it
is refusbran, Fred will take action im-Cyrd.
mediately. This will be the course
thome teachf Mrs will rs. W.ue, no matte,
what the Supreme Court decidesT
Miss lanley announce laerd.
on Monday night, Mrs. A. F. Cay
ard entertained the Ladies Auxiliary
to .Hutchinson Division No. 377,
Helpmate B. of L. E. No. 531.
Music and dancing were indulged
in and dainty refrwith Jameshments were
served. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Rooney, Mr. and Mrs. W.
T. Chrisk abouty. Mr. and Mrs. F. Mat
thews, Mrs. A. LeBlanc, Mrs. E. H.
C'ayard. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cayard,
Misses -Carrie Hildebrand, Lucile
Christyo A. Cher atnd Hazel Cayn
ard, WbstMessrs. Ths. Heron, Wm.call
Hildebrand, Fred and Earl Cayard.
The nadquarters and ntwill be at the
hospitalme of Mr. and Mrhis. W. T. Chrety
pronounced at the Immigration Stationus. LoThebue
whdate will be annot well, he would kill him.ater.
"WJohn Wall, Christmas813 Newton street,-lod
lies in the Presbyteran hospital,
with an ugly knife wound in the
right side of his neck as the resultDia
of a fight with GrJames Lobue, which,
t according to the latter, was started
"Joby Wally Santa Claus"-.Song
According to Lobue's story to th.
Algiers police, he was on his way to
he waFir st anopped Secondat Patterson an
ed him a Dagopupils, and threatened t
if he schoodidn't like .t."
.tire school.

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