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s UIM E N f . "A °. Nw Wi suI ws Ii. .upw.-MANUPIVU W
R tbh
Mrs. Herbert Fink and
David Lee, and Mrs.
left Tuesday evening for
Ark., to spend a
Review of the Woman's
ugaociation of the Maeca
St will hold their regular
aturday evening. All are e
qequested to be present.
Mrs. Chas. O. Morgan of
Ave., hlve as their guest,
iter, Miss Ethel D. Morgan,
A d Mrs. Jno. Hendrieks and 3
of Shreveport, were vie
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O. Noe
pelican Ave., last week.
. Soogoven of Raceland, was
here this week. He was
by little Devoe Prisch,
tbe pest two weeks there.
ooegoven has return
where he is ema
u h has 146a41
M06, after speeding
here with her parents.
Steausas, of Edgard,
4 ,vlMr here b1t Monday.
rove" No. 27, U. A. O. D.,
a ad ball on Saturday
,tm. at Dress' Hose
fer the henet ot
nas' fede. Tickets
Ses pis three eats
A aed r mntoe has
ir Ihs esoeale. As
a hs ety one, we are
aIN he a basg r tek
-at he AIcock s
l S'Bmds New Yetr'q
-fs at asi
8, VW. et wAN
unay en the
Nia n have f S
tobeys beer
Mrs. A. P. Car
.Ua, awh hi
Miss Onace Riher sad Mr. George
Rlhner spent the'holidays with their
grandmother, Mrs. J. Rhbner.
Mrs. L. C. Hardy. spent a. few days
in Mobile Ala, last week, where her
son. ConnelPK. Hardy. was married
to Miss Gledys Robinson on geeday,
December 30th.
Mrs. C. V. Kraft entertained the
day Afternoon PFive Hundred Club.
he successful players were Mrs.
MKi. H. L. Ses sad Mrs. a.
. Taherd. Mrs. L. Barke received
he boiby. The not meeting will be
t the home of MIs. H. T. Malone.
Mr. Victor Zatarain left Saturday
orning for Milwaukee to resume his
dies, after spending the holidays
it his parents here.
d Messrs. Frank KQilqea, C. R. Dickey,
S . O. Stewart, Al. K. Goebel and Dr.
r . V. Kraft and a few friends spent
a e weekend at Bay Adam Ist
Miss Katherine Schabel left Mo.r
s for Bay St. Loul to resume her
dies at St. Joseph's Academy.
i Mr. aend Mrs. Englter announce
e approaching marriage of their
ughter, Violet, to Lie tt Clem
Rault (Dental Corpe). I~ N. The
remoa will be performed on Tues
' y. Janary 13th, 1930, at Church
oly Nsale of Mary. Noptial mass at
id 30 a. m. No invitations have bees
T san d Iodsd are Invited through
ltaf 'Pmtss...aootmstres
Ma dte Oir Souits of Magnolls Troob
u . 1, took the girlson a long thi
h. wn the river Tueday. Gotmaster
e. C. Weir, of the Boy Sbouts, Troop
a- . 18 also took his troop a a hik .
a- west into camp in the woeeds
areta .
n- : aer .e lt Craho at CA
rul, ri, were guests of 3.
as. ' puarets, Mr. Mad Mrs. W. L.
ea New T'rS BDay.
y. y- Carpeaters d Jsinee thr
Na m. geve a bnh at tbe Ph
Aender, in Opelaas ar Mi
Wednesday aght the bem as
the iast ed. J. A. Kamp hi.
c rmkl sn t the eml tteeH ate
y mes C'.Dk s Se au pr
Le St. Idnit . .Ser t same see
at bars.
re ;dends- :s o ol
d' m.t Me, sy the
twee sn with her parenl sm
.asm Mrs. T. . CHedd. de
Mt- ass Pest aBese, Jr., of
N eame leo eihii . h
. i. ..d 6 I lolveln St. he
2 h ' W a m.
ias ai e itat a
vsi starths ag. sr . bi
a wesik vijeCt resrumed f
r estme heeadr tOhol.
. hl toe tost.V the
b hia ste e- asI
'1. Y~ 'Zi~~~II
a1 r
DJj Nextt !I
1 ":
Captain James L. ColliS., aJe on
the star of General Pershlag is the
PhLlippe, . duralg his expeditldo lato
Mexico, sad secretary to that famous
so.dier daring the major portio of
his sta t E rope through the world
war. spent New Year's In New O
leas, which aforded him his aSrt op.
portumlty of meelan his 2-yested
ag, born darluathe war.
Captat Colln. held the reat o,
colonel duaring the war sad i oe of
the most distinguished ot the martil
seas of Loussisa, eIjoying the coas
deice o General Persiag. belas
probably closer to blr during the days
of the atie's trial thea ay or hi
emoer. While In fr eps he obtained
lieave to abses IdmseO f om set
headquarter ad t it the artln'ry
with is ome.d, wiiais ediadae
aid a deaeqetimn fsr I~ab tol the
Nsme . vu Ilatae W  .
Cap" s was bImee t Ne o
ises n rs a irew at  yor Nseh
ine eusart ee elr hishm Ma V
week parne, tihe a:to Pris, th
.aer th te ev*o's driets of
Frame. Ki- Mar S. a.not. soer
ueris the ee secretary ato,
ati lauaiisa "luInte for the sueo.
Sasais cok- s -.a aedqmtb of
wet laPit. Whp be rsare od the
UIM" !aires tasesl. s ind -
ah War C.one", .his aeonts for
hi' demelem froa the eak s t KelaeSl.
' aeesesated by the ateSliE o4at 4 to
adless at man. His etay he*.wsa had
betel. gils him iste time to vietl his Ti
and loeae or ee eatisse is
. W ln-oM at
Reehies hs. 01 a sL u $ rmnt
*ed Croes ambulamee therogh thea
s* eete O trm 1 e mm t
to the mahtane \amages ksis aid
kre lm d wins -law of the shed w
4r Chains L, p ardsaon at Vet
astret gaj Opeteaif apesem, is Ibhary
ID relogo i the eliibttoi of eme
jiobahr two ses ass to the
goyr -iay; disr wa Is. s ers
,a ek leim Jobhe es dae
" aseme U aI N.wns. I Iso. . the
Ea°.° + Im
m Gores W. cosper. 6e n4
- lease or ayuiant n . -
phe white ar at- "a se t.
ea. k lt I as t
% ` ,g e ." 4 . 7 , 7 . r ' t he:t w .
~,mbes essewpbaes j
~~~rtll- ?a :?~;
On Tesy., Degbr seth. at Mo. mi
bUs, Ala., Mr. . Odm H.Hdy. oft
our t a- sd Miss Oladey Robiasod hh
Swre married.
Oi January zad iss Itre. Nolan
-m tidbred a sirirm partiyi a o
t' ir frh! , tu peraa eri a.bia
aes aaeteeath eta ary of her
Myith. s amuic ad damolag
R we .llr t *t Iasty retfreh-W
em her frieds sah a hadasme >D
er se s was freo her aestrs.
ii"" 0 --"
A, l ft m Mag the .'o a, m "m"
Shems Ina Bdlevlhe street a - New
a YCwr's . e
is The rsm wre beaatitfully dsor
sted  clateI t. hollay. maIstltoem
sa ChrIbtmas ball -The caaielae
were particulaly ati. with the o
r peer sua red ribbm arttlemily at
hea with the holly sad mistletoe.
bs r ooms were beatiutally lagim
lasted. Anisette sad deulro cakes a
ri e searved sad little CapMs were
A s~ atrday Jan.  ., at the t
home of Mr. a Mrs. A. Maer a I
1Shello Ave., a party was !Ira to I
eelebrate the 11th analeraty at
Stheir lttle rS, WRlber. The rooees
its ad wee blHsatlV I4lum sia
' Oemes were played ad demain was
so setem ta.e '"n - I
r The Ittle ehst e tilved anea
'' PrttC sn treem his ittle pinds
t 'tie "atbsay d" wta eat l
- ter Wilhr uA" ea - seet reaivt
* The. pmmiamt' *ie gas. (test.
b s s g s . n ssan Choys
rler ew igs, bm -do. Le 5. OW,
a vMeaR saw,
, ai
After consultation with Judges
Skinner anad Parker. to whose dlvi- 5o
sions of the Civil District Coget the PI
two other simlar suits were allotted. Sltd
Judge Therd on Piday hinded down
a decision tn the suit of John P. Ve - I
sen vs. Feliz Borne, Sr., In which Mr. Ri
Vesisn, member of the Orleans ILvee °
Board, sought an injunction to re
strai Mr. Borne, appointed by Gor
eraor Pleasant to succeed him, free A a
attempting to assume the oflce of te
member of the board or to Interfere P
Swith Mr. Veslen In the discharge of eat
his duties as such member. D
Judge Theard declined to Issue the t
Injunction asked for, prnctipally on Lu
the grao d that Mr. Vesea's petition P
a Iso the seary avermeats is ge ums
hains bi eeec as toa tha.eqMut 8a
Ideaticaly alike aits of John P. VL.
t Mr. Ve 's i ava C
of the Board of Lvee Dommisi
a Is for six yes, from August' 1, 1916.
such a sateatla i a mere atee e t
at Th er, t upon the court.
. may have bee either for a full tam im
or fora shortr period, to determine fy
her from t)e Fifth Municipal District wi
was for a erti of-three or six Yraf i
and thslea te reearganisat aof t
s the out ae facts, thae rt
it iposI da a n not disclosed in
to Mr. 1S' peti o tion. thm
om the t oru sM th ttsree embers of the
sw OreMs Lovee oard removed by 01e- o1
senor Pl asant, e auoce of ime- a
was rately-app4iU t the anp em Court P1
for wrts of certiorA and mandamus.
my hve b 101ethr. or td ter N.
clad t abou te sa irrto an body
t-e the buot w ane i.n, thr oa
std poin;s Eils aeote sala e hTP
to• r. 'esl o iA tg
-t -ek loe , r e MS b t16
mw*Ortey Irr** Bord Ireove by Gor. ol
Saomr T d -t, -v o o e
forrtw of eartIorst sa dma. t a
Mai nes *** *a ·as bir
Mgul Mds Ipegges·4n~L' 954 ii
the I
p l Both
I body
Christmas was celebrated at the Pilot
Belleville school very happily. A great suffte
tree, sparkling with myriads of lights abou
and laden with toys and toothsome agaie
gifts for the smaller ones, grown over- excui
night in the kindergarten. Santa Claus carg:
came shortly after the little ones had tre,
assembled and distributed the fruits fered
of the tree amid laughter and joy.
The pupils of the elementary school. DO
after a peep at the wonderful tree, Yo
t assembled in the west basement for wee
their tun. Here many parents, pt subji
trons and friends came. some before will
the kindergarten exercises were com be s
pleted, some after the sympathetic Bugg
sharing ql pleasure and appreciation, Co-og
I helping the children to do their best help
and adding to the teachers' pleasure Read
also. jects
Songs, dances, recitations and play
ettes in which more than half the pa- t
pils of the school took part, consti
tuted the program. of -
This program began with a march Dec
of all those who were to take part due
and who were in special costumes. bm
It closed by the principal expressing harm
® for the faculty their hearty wishes tee
that the children might enjoy happy eic
holidays. a
Is March of characters in costumes: tow
li- Song, "The First Noel"-School. Algi
he Playette, "Santa Claus on Trial"- OG
Sixth Orade. offi-a
Recitation, "The Christmas Tree"- year
n' Fifth B Grade. ters;
' Deace-Second Grade. Yale
r. Recitation. "A Christmas Puzzssle"- C
Roma Talbot Ssn
Playette, "The House of Saota tre
Clius"-4eveath B Orade. tor,
T Song. "Christmas Secrets"-Poorth Be
A Grade. Vau
of Recitation. "Christmas Day"-Dim. h-oe
Sple Benoit. ganti
Playette, "The Day Before"-Sev- . P
enth A Grade.
Deace-First Grade.
he Recitation, "The Pirst Chrtmas"
on Luella Flanders. N:
na Playete-"The Day After Christ
mw- ma"-ghth 3 Grade.
h aong, "Holy Night"--Gehool.
bseeell hilre ar hed .at at 4
e again a·i nl ared Mio k in to 401
keep. p the w whe re left off
ed, pretle time a all are ing
lSt owad that end. '
The sum of $1I3.1 has been tarn- te
dge td in to the Aanti-Taubreelosis fund.
a1- that being the amount realised on w
s Christma seals sold in the school.
e l DONOGH No. 4. .
School opened Monday, -the first
Sschool day of the New Year, with a
fine attendance. Only a short time
sremains before promotions will take b
place and much good work must be a:
r. aeomplished before that time. be
Tid regular metting of the Co- y
oe. Operative Club was held 'sTuedy,
Jas. 1, at 8:15 P. . Owing to the bu
e inclemency of the weather, very
few weore present, buat MeverthelmS
Simportant matters were dlcuassa d
m- and decasions rahebd. The Club ;
idt went on reord as favorlin msry
r inranses for teaehers from Januar, t
"of '~ 0.
I The tests fior chinling averages
i will etart Monday, Jan. lth, and
the boys are dally prmetleng this
S. brnch of athletic work. -
s '"0ood agilsh Wek" is beit
owv observed in this school. Pledge
manend resolutions are given by the
prplis, correct Iugltsh mareie are
e. onaducted sad drlled daly, and a
song is sun,. The slasa is, "Bet
ter Speeek for Better Amerless."
bed in a ne~- sae seee, lst M -
hday awn i.ac he riaipel weemee a
a o the seuveand papns hoe kie t
at e eir b'd wsbus
f?( • -. & 5n .
•ss or een an~semessetd Alam
rijr~ - mWai I
WIm j i.
fthh ~ -
The usual evening breakdowns of
the ferries occurred again during
the rush hours on Tuesday evening.
Both the Pickles and the Halliday
going afloat down the river with
broken rudders. Pilot Frank Pea
body was much praised by the ferry
sufferers for being able to land byi
boat in a short time at the pontoom
thus causing but little delay, but
Pilot Demant, who gave the ferry
sufferers an extended excursion of
about three hours, a few weeks ago,
again gave the sufferers an evening
excursion. This boat also had as
cargo, the films for the Folly Thea
tre, so the theatre patrons also suf
fered with the ferry sufferers.
You should read our editorial each
week. We always try to make the
subject of our talk a local one that
will be of interest to you. We will
be pleased .t any time to have you
suggest a local subject to write on.
Co-operation among our citisens will
help us to improve our opportunities.
Read the editorial and suggest sub
jects for future discussions.
The bazaar given by the Daughters
of Isabella, Court of Mary No. 391, on
December 22, was a splendid success,
due to the co-operation of its mem
bers, whose motto has always been
harmony and unity. The commlt.
tee Is to be congratulated on its
efficient work and feels proud of the
amount cleared-$1,00--which goes
towards the new parochial school of
On Tuesday night the following
officers were elected for the lasig
year: Grand regent, Mrs. G. 3 Wal.
ters; vice grand regent Mrs. L.
Yalets: prophetess, Mrs. Clan Me.
Closkey; historian, Miss M. Reilly;
financlal secretary Mrs. Chas. Resms;
treasurer, Mrs. Jao. P. Vesleu; meat
tor, Mrs. J. Hogan; Usest1. Miss
ietelle Hibbea; trustees, Mss M.
Vaughan, Mrs. P. Munts, Miss K. Ma
honey and Mrs. O. Dameahamer; or
ganist, Mrs O. O. Aycock; chaplain, Rev.
3. P. McGrath.
New Year's wve was saother gala
evest at the . C. Hut.
The- "Jubilat, happy New Year
Spirit" was rifg at .
With the hbu doseead for iL-.o
oassm. a Jazzy assz bad, and 0h04
of good rershmets, the party asrt.
SAfter damog mf as he wr a
"seaal twat" weas .Saes. er
eas her upe theh a b
the winners. were dealmu.'
Then utle Miss M lme -e w - d
wilth a Lw agp.
At I5:30 the grand mruh aueted.
snd ar me aram - wd his geoeer.
As the graudatand was - en' er
one was -g, some "Rahe t j f"
it --h0n, whilesn, rates, eat. .a a
a beaof sparkletse
e Whn the crowd had gettes the
:e horas, whistles, rattles aad iMardi
-0. each one tried to saoe hew mch soise
be esund msk . The Pao a "mew
D Year spirit" was It every e, asld
. thre was aone behWg , iwly
1e buach."
SAll eatenred to t tha old well
Sas yeuag, se dt was e'1 whb e the
ihd beaP to play that tihe mlo
Sstopped a little.
r' The hand played "Babbls," hat Ja
7* stead or "*ubbles" it could have bees
aruhsta " er~ the Vs aud sis i
s ther spirkloets sad the )lst hld
ge est. SodNla eoald have her.
s psettler." T o se the ample. dam.
and the Uittle seepg darting
, around the all, owas o T tIhast me
one who was there hail ever eot,
he "Thie lparklet Dae"
f or the spaiklet Dme Mr~. :Joa
SLoughrea, the K. . Saretery, gove'
a little talk. Mr. Lougraa sia it
was the "htarewell ight of the KL. C.'s"
and he wished to thank, CB ti
ars, as wal as his ewn, &e heir
, Oq 7 everfae Ior the eeogelua
tHey had givee. l urgun the io .
b to stil reme her t aly the leest
giLs Ia towa Wr a to h auht tr
a a spw, hsp New oher th
adO n tonestd a les.
At slitrs 'us I swhat UneV was
ghipimd .es~u. e olB Ml
-- eWhm hq- sEe k teg •
dar -ys eas, w**s ethr W *
rtb thm'S ga g S iltag 8 4.
l a -rm
See, as, agener. W.
Vr.C g
ilou -rIre·t~

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