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United States of America. State of Louis
lihna. Parish of Orleana. City of New Or
leans. Be It known. That on this twen
ti.tb day of the month of November, in
the year of our Lord the One Thousand
Nine Hundred and Nineteen, and of the
Independence of the United Sates of
America, the One Hiundred and Forty
third, before me. Artl ur A. Moreeo. a No.
tary Publtl-, duly uommillslioned and
qualified, bi. and for this City and the
Parish of Orb-ans, therein residinlg, and
an the pr.esence of the witnesses herein
after named sad undersigned, personally
c-ame and appeared the following persons
wbore names are hereunto subscrlbed, to
gether with the amounts of their respec
tive subscriptions to the capital stock of
the corporation to be formed, who st-v
erally declare that, availing themselves of
the provieions of the general laws of the
:;ate of Louiaasan relative to the organi
satios of corporations, they have cove
nantcd and agreed, and do by these pres
nats covenant and agree, and bind and
obligate themel.ea, as well as such other
persons as may hereafter become asso
ciated with them or their successors, to
form sad constitute themselves into a cor
poration and body politic in law, and
for the objects and purposes and under
the agreements and stlpulatlions following.
ARTICLE I.--The name and title of this
corporation shall be the Gulf Trading I
Company, Inc., and by that name this
corporation shall have power and author
ity to have and enjoy succession for the
ful term of nlaety-nine years fron the
date hereef; to contract, sue and be
aued; to borrow money; to make and
Issee Its negotiable promissory notes or
other evidences of indebtedness; to create
debts; to make and use a corporate iea:
to purchase and receive, lease, hold, ell I
and convey, as well as mortgage and by
pethocate property, real, personal and
:nixed; to name sad appoint su-h officers i
and agents al the itrem t of said ear
eation may reuqre; to make and e-tab
link such bly-laws and regalatlosr lor
the proper management and regulation of
its affairs as may e deemed necessary.e
d te same to charnge alter and amend
st leasre. .
ARTICLE 11.-The domicile of this car
uate h sail be in the ity of Noe Or- t
S parrd eof OrleaUs, State of Louis- a
Iaa, and all e itation and ehert loel
process shall be served upon the presi
dent of this corporation and in the event a
of his absence upon the v president i
ARTICLE 11.--The objects and per- o
ee for which this orporation is estab
iahed anod the nature of the bunes to
be caried en by t are declared to be to
ea sbyng and sling agents for a
me at and mafacturers In the
United tins and nl foeeign countrkies:
o to bay and sell any and all emmodi
flea; to ace a .oadn , ortad .
nncI eeto - to eabls ad conduct
waMh otn to do all kinds of co-e
arCl, -b*a and eoemasIden bud
sa; ad In eonetiof teaswh to own
ld o . aM a sell otherwise a
M . r paeasesl and oszed pripefty
eo b moe", ,to os eute
a 1r119at bsular, haminW asn tlbte
ands, and to do u an things ec
ear Incidetal to the conduct of any
bsiness or buinesseso this copota-i
tin Is atoelreed by Its hebanacte to crn
duet; to hold and zeercise anl scok lae,
dentl pewees and p Ib relatlve to I
Ij Dei deirvided into two bun-I
o lHMOO (1Sud and
1s4 I lwrrusto se k ýe lhi . 1i
dadm Thousand (iIMI ) DeOllars. A
ofthis t eO, U b b
to do shoE ld be entled to u. ve.e
dewta oroto or by p ioty, at all gem
.--.LE e toedhelder shall I
at M MM amble on ofa for the
coniu owa. n shl any [mWr tao'rl
teon N;" 11 beyond te unpad
btneen naf, on their s I
i0es tm1o nabe T of t mdec al be ma1,
i as .r7goho sa ale' el
an of whom taid c a orl
tho ~U." 'm of r In05U=
YI od
Mag themselvse o all and singul the
laws of the State o Leialana and espe
daily of the laws relative to the orga-laa
toa of cpoporations and all of the
provision of Act 2T oe the General A
snebly of 1914. they have coaveMasted
and agreed sad do by thee presents coms
i ant and agree and bind themselves an
well as all sueh other persons, who may
therimatter become associated with them,
to Irm a corporattion for the objects and
purposes sad ader the articles, ajt
d meUts and stlplatioas following to-it:
ARTICLE L-The same and style of
this corporation shall be the "xMzport
1raper Products Company of New Oriemna
Sncorporated." sad by that same it shall
have power and authority to exist and
enjoy succession for the tfll term and
period of ninety-mine years, commencing
t on and to be computed from annd after
Sthe date and day hereof.
i AIlTICLE 11.-The domicile of this cor
poration shall be in the City of New O)r
Htanms, State of Loelusiana. All citations
an d other legal process shall be served
apon the President of said corporation. or
d so case of his absence or iaabtilty to act,
upon the Vitce-Presides', or In case of the
N au.euce or inability of both the l'reni
o l.ut and Vice-V'resadent to act, then upon
tise Secretary of this corporation.
Td he Presiucut shall be the executive of. I
rilcer of the corporation; he shall preside
at all meetings of the Board of Directors 4
and stockholders.
ARTII.t Illt.-The objects and pur- I
ptosts for which this corporation is es. t
s tadlished and the nature of the business a
to te carried on by it are declared and I
Saspecifted to be: to receive, buy, sell, a
1. manufacture and deal in paper products a
of every - kind and description, and coan I
utiners, cartoons and receptacles of every
r lud, sie, material and description; to
candle cousignments for, accounts of, and f
act as agent for any and all persons, com- I
Spanites or corporations; to buy, sell, man- t
facture and deal in all such materlats as p
Smay be used and necessary in the sale, a
production and manufacture of paper prod- -
octs and of receptacles, cartoons and con- M
tainers; to erect, construct, build, buy, .
ac'quire, own, rent, lease and sell such a
r uolldisgs and factories as may be neces- f
nary or required in the manufacturing. u
Iu) Ing, selling and deallng in paper rode- Ii
acts, containers,. receptacles and cartoons Ii
and materials necessary in the manufacture a
Sthereof and generally to do and perform t
such other business as may he necassary a
I for the carrying on of the affairs of this
corporation and the carrying into effect II
n accomplishling the objects and pur- t
poses for which this corporation is or
ganised and which are incidental or in v
anywise connected or appertalning there
D ARTICLE IV.-This corporation may d
r ne and be sued in its corporate name I
Shold, have, receive. purchase, convey, sell,
mortgagpe, hypothecate, pledge, leans a I
- sub-lease ,ad enjoy real, persol and a
mixed property; also borrow and lae
money and make contracts receive grants
of land, or personal property, and make
and use a corporate eal, the same to alter
4 ad break at please1; same and appod t
such managers, directors, ofers, elerka I
Sand agrnts as the interest and eonveiencoe
ot Crpratios may reqire; make
-ad esabid sech by laws, rules and I
r regulations for the proper managemet
I and regulaton of the affairs of said co
poeraties an may be necosary, and the 5
same to alter aa4 change at pleastre. and
shall possess all the rights, powers and
a privileges to which corporations are, of
may e by any ge n low or laws ot I
U this Stale austMd and ent itlted to
I p es Said cerporatloe may exercise
It eorporate powers within anyoer
S State or Teritory in the UnIted ta
Sforeign country that shall permit the t
SATICLE V.-The capital dstock of this i
I corporatIo is hereby Lzed at the swm o I
I twenty thousand and 60/,1 (t e.se 1
e dellar, repeuseted by two hundred (I)
n shares of m hundred and U/l0 ($105.5)
i dollre asch. All stock u b bed l
Sshall be payable In cash at the time the
4 eetilesas thero ase Iesued or. the same
may be assued at not less thanm r for I
- proprtty atally r ved by i eor t
p-rane5. The said corporatien shall cum- t
mote banesse when twenty theusand and
e Jo /10 ($M S0) dellars wr ith f och I
s shal have bees sabesribed r san ipaid
, All teaers of stck shall ho made the
. books 0 osad eorporatlea by srrender t
,f the ee5t5t theeof to the presiding
ema, who shall wrio the weed "can
Sl WId t le t the faee there
and as as the signaturee there -
o e b e a new eset i eas .
Me the msane bo the w ot
this state. Wh an increase, of ad
1 ha hemb C bt I a utbssed
K a *e2 4s0 1a1to eerhzto the
e chase Ok held by them,
t nd wlseo atime
Sva PP111and thef Beard ft 0
ol ntaless tean p t vf eet 
n IaUeC ate eu
! - me te -kolbeame esch sha v
au *in bk G voer tot
I pest io wot I
-~ iIeU w atI o Se the et
i, Oi b ihi ssa t p l
051581 See MOa h- - l
p S
S -
en~ J ~
Sna Ideivesd a the Presdemt or tin
-reident f this eoem e The nres
dent shaM ask eelpt e .chi
Snotlce and shall m tely eeanmmuaicte
the contents theref to each stockhoder.
I After mfteen (35) days frm the reeipt
Sef said written offer and a failure
of smid stockholder or any of them to
Spurchase said steek, the owner thereot
shall be allowed to sell said stock o
ot ffeed to any other persen o perasoe
tfor not less however than the book value
of said steek.
ARTICLE 1X.-This act of Incerporation
Sma be chaLed, modified or altered, or
sai corporation may be dissolved with
Sthe asset of three-tourths of a11 its out
I standlng stock at any general meeting of
I the stockholders of said coration con
I remed for that purpose, after previous
r oettre given In the manner hereinabove
set forth in Article VII. But any and
all lleetlas of stockholdern, whether for
purpose of liquidation or for any other
s purpose, may be held at any time wits
out notice by unanimous comuent of all
r stol:holders in writing iled with the
AR'Cl(El X.--Tle President, or acting
Preside-nt, may in his discretlen and shall,
upon the written request of one stock
holder, call a special meeting of the stock
holders of this corporation.
AIITICLE XI.-No stockholder shall
Seer be liable or responsible for the con
tracts or faults of this corporation in any
further sum than the unpaid balance due
to the company on the shares owned by n
Sor subscribed for by him; nor shall any (
informality in the organisation have the
effect of readering this charter mutl or i
i of expoulag the stockholders to any Ilabil
ARTICLE XII.-Whenever this corpora
tien is disselved, either by limitation or
from any other ause, its affairs shall be
liquidated under the superintendency of
two stockholders, to be cheoen for that I
purpose by a majority In amount of the t
stockholders present or represented at as
general meeting of the stockholders at
which the election is held. Said commis
dioners shall remain in office until the
affairs of said corporation shall have been
fully liquidated. Is case of the death of
one of the commissioners, or refusal or
ineblllty to act, the surviving or remain
Ing commissioner shall continue to act
and shall select another stockholder In
the place and stead of the commissioner
who ahall have ceased to act.
This said charter shall serve as the origi
nal subscription list, the subecribers here
to having set opposite their respective
names, the number of shares of stock for I
which they have subscribed.
Thus done sand passed in my office In
the City of New Orleans, aforesaid, *o the
day. month and year first above written.,
in the prrseat of Messrs. Edmund R.
Mabry and Sylvester Titus, competent
hereunto sign their names with the said
witnesses, residing I this Partsh, who I
I parties and me. Notary, after due reading
of the whole.
(Original Signed) :
t 100 Shares Casa Granude Apartments, I
W shares. O(tavia Apartment, New Or
1 Share by Henry Levi, Octavia Apart- ,
Smeat. New Orleans.
dnmund R. Mabry,
p ylvester Titus.
Nets Publie.
I. the undersigned. Depmty Reorder of
SMortgagee. n and for the Parsh Or
leans, State of Louisiana, do yh  .r
Stify that the -abeve and foregonlg act of
incorporation of the "Export Paper Prod
I acts Company of New Orleans, lacer
r porated." was this day duly recorded i
the Mortgage Office of the Parish of Or
New Orleans, La.. December 3 1.
epty Recorder of Motgage..
, the undesied Notary Public, in and
for the Parish eo Orleans, do bhereby tr
tify that the above and foregoing is a
tree and correct 7at of the o act
oft Incorporats e the " apea
t Products Company o New Om i
e corporated" and of the eetlfieate of the
SRecordero Mortgage fr this Parish
Sthereunto appended, and of record in my
in faith whereof, I have hereunto at
Smy hand ad fficial l seal thi third day
- r Drcember, 119.
Notary Puble
I Dec. il-Jan. 1s.
0 Uaed Stme omf Amerea, l.M aLl
lra, Parish of O a Msty of Nw Or
a leans. Re it known, that en fate the U h
AMea of am SAN *An asW . W aO
hundrod mand si aA, d the Mab,
o pudene fth a t U d stuof A meue
r and foe th Fs dh O =letmn ?
m..s. . oi- a l Aotf
saule a a drat inws atras as t wn h
. a et tof meath ae hete a
*e an apeasd Leard e . %%aid ax
, me .ee Ieasse e a t asse
* as or. ase omo a a t Or
itl of ..* h. of fasa lrEt
of a ei LeMl ofs
,av i-ii
at umahd t h is
A end Sab So buet
O Sebaml 3MC. m f I u ed N
a day of pe I3 d seiim a se
e amended hi gua maInlld.
it aI' %- r i~~J
I IY ra
Possees athe n "ew.. right.. _eleoon
and may hereafte be utherisoe to have
ad s und ter Constitution and
aiws of is State, ad prticularly aise
Act W, e the acts of th eerao l As
sembly of the tate of Louisiana, f the
year 314. sad the amendmests thereto.
"AjTICL IL-The domle of this
corpotien shall be the City of New Or
leans, Parish of Orlesas, Stats of Louis
ana, sand all citations sad other legal
process shall be served apeson the rt
Vlce-PaFsidsnt of this corporatiem. or is
case of his absence, upon the aseond Vice
Preesdeet, or in the absence of both of
these ofRers, upon the Treasurer of this
"ARTICLE Ill.-The objects sad per
poses for which this corporation Is formed,
and the mature of the boalness to be car
rled on by it, are hereby declared to be
to engage in the business of acting as
agent and broker in ffecting ire, life,
accident, marine and all other kinds of
Insurance for any and all insurance com
panies in the transactlos of the insur
ance business is all its branches, and
generally to perform all things connected
with, the Insurance agency businses, and
to act as agents for warehousag com
panls, sand to perform all things per
talaing to said business; and to carry on
any other business which, under the law,
it may be entitled to carry on which may
seem to the corporation to be calculated,
directly or indirectly, to effectuate the
aforesaid objects, or either to them, or to
facilitate t Into the treasaetio of its
aforesaid business or businesses or any
part thereof, or in the trassactio of say
other lawful business that may be cal
culated directly or lndirectly to enhbance
the value of, or to reader profitably any
of the companies properties and rights. and
generally to hold and exercise all seek
incidental powers and privileges, sad do
and perferý all things as relate to the
objects and purposes heremnabove set
forth, or as may be needful, nacesary,
proper, useful or coavenatet for effect
ing said objects sad purposes.
"ARTICLE IV.-The authorised capital
stock of this corporation is hereby fxd
and declared to be the sum of seventeen
thousand, Ire hundred dollars ($17,.W00),
divided late one hundred and seventy-Ave
(175) -shares of one hundred dollars
($100.00) each, which has been subscribed
for at the time of the signilg of the
original charter of this corporation.
"The capital stock shall be reproseated
by certiicates, sad shall be personal prop
erty. No transfer of said capital stock
shall be binding apon this corporation
unless made in accordance with its charter
and by-laws and recorded on the books
"ARTICLE V.-No stokholder, or his
legal representative, shall be allowed to
sell, exchange, grat, give, alienate, dis
pose of. covey. devise or bequgat bh
stock until he frst offers In writing
through the ecretary of ths corporation,
to sell the name to the remaining stock
holders at its actual book value, and the
remaining stokholders ina proportion t
their them holding shall have the right
within tea (10) days to decide -whether
they shall purchase same or not, and a.M
other stockholders depring to purchase
all or part of the efsered stock under this
article must in due tim give written
notice of each desire to the Secretary of
this corporation. .
"For the purposes of this article, the
pctual book value shall be detrmied by
the llgures a of the celoa the books
at the asegest earler date. The purhas
shall be ror cash, and if not pbbruh
theh by them, the stock may be sell or
otherwise 4dispoed of to any other pereon
or persons. Any stoekholder of this ee
poratloe may devise or bequest stock In
this corporatios to any ether stockhelde
In this corporatio b bt is expromb r
imbited from devisng or eq tiag itock
In this corpoatieon to any peta not
already a steckholder I this corporatiou-.
No sale or transfer of stock oi a deesassd
person can be made except ns aos
ated, sNve tho t ockho ders, nd this
Artle V be printed on each and
every 1hsre of stee.
"No sale or ether traasfer or assignment
or bequest or devise or stock in this eo
poentle shall be valid until and aunes
opportunity to purchase sack stock has
Ert been give n n the manner .beM bove
"ARTICLE VI.-All.the oee Ow
ser of this ewporatle d * t -
In asd exorcised by a Bed of Dlieteoe,
which shall all topsist the steckheld
mr of the earpltaties. ach Dlsec
shall be entitled to one (I) vet for each
share of stock standing in his name e
the beeks of this eormpetio, to be east
nr a Prmoser by ,a FI r Vie - lethe
"The Boead of Dlpectes shall at each
Seesd Van -Pr mesn elst r m teert am -
Tressurer, and such other lases as the
Boeard of DLaters may sleet, sd shall
from om to time as they a is, appont
neDlrsua apm aye pew o ihs thp- o l
eaes of a l aeaess, eil of a mhl eother
remplteyes, n they dusm nsasseary. It
Beard of DIracters shall bove power to
mobe sad estaMlsh, am well as ashnr ald
Samendme by-la rd, is nal sin
lnhiSr ts e seeo" O
l seotr h g int d-
S se _pewer t ae
ec ts i eat in a o asesa
easlo j oWo et su m iS
hee lasm. d
Miis it if
No .... NOVEIMNUss , mal.
lnited States of America. State of Leois
lsan, Parish of Orleans, City of New Or
leans. Be it known that on this 2Dth
day of the month of November in the
)ear of our Lord, one thousand, nise bha- a
dred and niaetees and of the Independence
of the United States o America, the eun
hundred and forty-third. Befor me.
Charles T. 8tarkey, a netary public, duly
commislained and qualiSed, within and
for the Parish of Orleans, State of Louis
Lans, and in the presence of-the witnesses
hereinafter names and undersigned, per
sonally came and appeared: The severall
persons whose names are hereunto sub
scribed, who severally declared that, avrnl
lag themselves of the benelts and pro
visions of the Constitutten of the State
of Loualaana and of the laws of said
State relative to the organiaation of cor
porations and particularly of the provis
ions of Act No. 261, of the General Assem
bly of the State of Louisiana for the year
1914, they have contracted and agreed and
united to form and do, by these presents,
contract and agree and bind and obllgate
themselves to form and organile them:
selves as well as alf such other persons
who many hereafter joil or become as
socilted with them or their successr
into a stock corporation and body politic
in law, for the objects and purposes and
under the coaditons. convenants. stip
latlons and agreements of the articles fol
Iowlng, to-wit:
ARTICLE I.-The name and title of this a
corporation shall be "Siegel-Garcia Motors
Company, Incorporated," and under and N
by said name, unless sooner dissolved in
accordance with law and this charter, it t
shall exist and continue, and shall have a
and enjoy corporate existence and sac- a
cession foer a period of ninety-nie years o
from and after the date of this Act. It t
may hare, hold, receive, borrow, lean.
exchange, acqluire by grant, gIft or par- c
chase, devise- or bequest, sell, allenate, o
dispose of, convey, ease, pledge, pawn, I
hypothecate, encumber and mortgage L
property of any kind, whether real per- ,
sonal or mixed, corporeal or Incorporeal a
movable or immovable, all subject to
much Ilmitatlons as may be prescribed by Z
It may make, iss , sudl endorse bonds
or notes and other evidences of debt. It
may accept mortgages, pledges or other
forms of security for money leaned or
other debts. It may contract, sue and be e
sued, plead or be Impleaded by its corw
porate name in say court of competent s
jurisdiction. It may make, adopt and t
use a common seal and alter the same at a
pleasure. It may hold stock in other t
-eorporatlons and its capital stork may be
isuned for capital stock In other corpora
tins. It may name, appoint and employ o
such managers. directors. officers agents
and other employees as its business and
eanvsaenlce may require, and may Ix
their compensation, having due regard to d
the mature, character and value at their I
services. It may make and estabilish by
laws roles aend regulations net lncomsist
eat with this charter or any existing law. a
fxingl or altering the managements of its
property. the regulation and gevenment 1
of its affairs and the manner of the cer
tileation and registration of its stock. It
may wind up and dissolve itself, or be
wound up and 4lsalved is the manner I
prearribed by law. It may eoaduet bust
maes in this State, ether states, the Fe d
eral DIstriets. the Territories and pme
saesaies of the United States and any
foreign country. It shall have the poew
to invest its oard of Directors with all t
of its corporate powers subject to socL r
restrictions as may be named i this i
charter. And It shall reeral possess al
the powers, rights, privileges and im
munaties which eorporatioss are sad may
hereafter be authoriled to possess under
the Constitution and laws ot this State
and particularly under Act No. 711. of the
Acts of the General Assembly of the tate
of LnesIbln for the year 1H4l.
ARTICLE II.-The domicile of this eor- -
poratlon shall be at the City of New Or
leans, Parish of Orleans State of Louils
uana. and all citation or other legal
proess aball be darved peon the Pee- t
deat at th ee rpleration. r i ease t his e
absenc, eapo te Vice-PreMet, oa the I
abseae both of these caers, upona the
reargl of this arpoenin t
AR CLe II.--Te objects and purpo es
or whieh said at is formed ac i
the nature of the an.ee to be carried o I
by it an herebv deard to he:
repeir a e tr, uckstrates annd
meter and other vehicles of all dseelp
tis and their parts and soessesrses; ae
to meabnftate and seo automeole bps.
kbees and other abteebile pots. -
bSe. 2 To mamAbetuee and deal i san
plies used In cenasetlan theewuih.
See. & To meambetuso anstoeMbls
meter beats at maritia e es ad ac
es. elere aPual IsM and aN ether
esme7 or eoant- at In the mmtnyo
of sqil setemeMilse or meter bats or
fee. To man ete and se mla dea
il antemesa sl a" as e and e seer
serles tbesest, and to cart? es d . r o en a
mapsta thedewihib to meainro ml sW t
Scarry on ay els budese s hd
buinss ade to~p kg,
Whes rot ars,
abb IS-Y
ofu·--C-·-W 1~
in prson or by proxy and a marit of
te vote ceast shail eject. The ar of
Directors shall have power to ll all va
cancies that may occur In the Board.
Failure to elect directors an the day above
specified shall not dissolve the corporation,
but the Directors then In office shall re
main In office until their successors are
elected and qualfied. Due notice of an
other election shall forthwith be given as
above provided. Such notice of eletion
shall be coatiased to be given until an
election Is held. The Board of Directors
at their first meetlag following each an
nual election shall elect from their num
ber a President. a Vice-President, and a
Secretary Treasurer, and such officers as
the Board of Directors shall deem neces
sary. The Board shall have power, in its
discretion, to unite two or more offices,
and the same to coanfer upon one person,
and shall have power to Ax the salaries
of all officers and all such other officers
and employees as they deem necessary.
The Board of Directors shall have power
to make sad establish, as well as alter and
amend all by-laws, rules and regulations
necessary and proper for the support as
management of the business and affairs
of said corporation, not inconsistent with
its charter. Said Board shall also have
full power and authority to borrow money,
and through the President or some other
duly authorized agent or agents, to exe
cute mortgages, issue notes, bonds or
other oblgations, in such amount and oa
such terms as in their judgment may be
advantageous and generally to do all
things necessary for the proper carrying
on of the business of this corporation, as
also to issue and deliver full paid shares
of stock and bonds or oonsgatlons of this
corporation, in payment of money bor
rowed, or money, labor, or services and
property or rights actually received by
this corporation, as heretofore setforth;
and shall have power to do all such acts
and tinags as may be mec ry to carry
out the objects cad purpose for which
this corpaetioe is orgaliaed.
A majority o any of the Directors shal
coastitute a quorum for the transaction
of any business. At any meeting of the
Board, any Director absent from the meet.
Ing may be represented by any other di
rector, who may cast the vote of sal
absent Director, accordiag to the writ
te, instructlons of said absent Director
The loard of Directors shall have th
power, by vote of not less than a ma
ty thereof, to sell, lease, mortgage, b
oud mortgage or otherwise, or to pled
anay and all of the property movable
Immovable, belonging to the corporation)
or to receive in exchange therefor, me
or stocks or beads or other obligatlosu
smother corporation, withlot referring
the shareholders for the power to do so
and they may also purchase for stock I
this corporation or for cash or on credi
property at any kind required for aay
the purposes of this corporation, with
out authority of the share ders.
Until the aext general meeting to
held ader thi charter ea the secoe
Moaday In November, m, or until
duly quallfed seccemssrs are elected
installed. the Board o Directors shall
composed of Bud J. IJ 1,el, New Orlsa
La.; Johan B Garcia, New Orleac,
a.d Eugene A. Garcia, New Orleans,
with aed J. Slegel as Preedeat, ZE
A. Garcia, as Vie-Prsidnt and John
Garcia. as Sretary-Treasrer.
ARTICLE VII.-This charter may
amouded and 'the capital stock of this
poration may be Increased or
or Ihis orporatln may be dissolved
the method and manner provided by la
AlNl I 'LE VIII.-No stockholder of
cerperatioe shall ever be held liable
repoeaibhk for the etracts a or faults
this corporstlon ton ay ftrther sum th
the unpaid baleace a the stock for w
he has subscrbed, aer shal any more
formaty in orgasatln have the aff
of rde iag s b charter all. or of
posg a ste oe to any liability th
as above provided.
ARTICLB IL.-No steekholdor may
assig or transfer hisa stock In this
peratle without giaving to the cempa
thrusgh its , thity days'
in writiag of such ia tien, cad
oth stetholders shall have the a
the book value theei_ for a peried
thirtdays fr m t said atlee, after
expiratien of wh time sid stoek
be sld in the en market.
Thus dome and pasued, in my office,
the City of New orleame La., an the 4
moth., and ear first s·ove written4
the preeauce of Thela blItt sad D. .
Doema, c watsse.s, who
o ega Mler ss toe. ther With
Sppsrurs and -r, Noary, after
Witesese: (1)
D. TV. Duseasa,
V*. Eu. W .UW .
C. 1. rTAUNR.
I, . .the aerlgas, R o
iuas ei m ad arn *e oi A
al 6 iMtan at Beamrbe . a
er neo, I mSmsa.
4 Ie
rr ~aodlrrt - I-- Soc
!,'4 -- P
'* .St, C~I
"The Home of Flowers"
Uriah J.Virgin
"The Flower King"
Phbone Mainu 57
914 Canal Street
Country Orders Attended to
We have the Ezperieeoe. we
have Pare Drugs. We rmlr
Perfect Service. If such win
Srior ervice appeals to yoe. tan
let as Ill your peclpq
Accuracy Mrst.
Cyrus Broussard
Cor. eleville and Pleau Am
Phone Algers 91o0,
We Deiver
Rru=pe Filled Day e
Zaeringer Bros.
505 Royal St.
and you'll buy
one, if not now
m** Attr
. -
Whatt greater joy ca
S any one have than to
Sknow that tbe future is
provided for or-that
Ih wh.opportunity conie
S.one can take advantage
Sof it!
Open a savings accmat
ad feel the joy of savin
* -bel that you and yours
S are provided for. 3$%
rlw itdest will be added to
I your deposits
I-slts BRANC &
Trust Co.
.15 "-**
i Jkl~

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