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.aai friends of m George
are glad to learn that
r ba* agsin after underoin
operation at Hotel Dieu.
4 .iin returned -ry a the
p Monte to spend te arbl
hib pareats.
SMrs.. A. . stmpt-and two
Art-sr and Alvin, speat the
at the borne of Mr. and
p. t L. Stumpt Is Delarosde
pat rday Night mchre Club
t te home or Miss May Oee.
-seassIml players wme Parl
an- d  i May Ose. The e
e l to the lot of Dewer Don
- anes. The ne Imetin
e a thome b.t Miss Roth
may sew Aeril. me of oar
B ess wrs. keit bast
re a ahidte May In Pas-a
"- ~ S *kS partilty tor
a4 bosnis roseses. While
. vit M rsm. J. C. Math.
t ear, tow , but -ew
. Lus Aaul.. mCaL
emog apart last week
S .s.. the gueste o s..
ft W. Zee.te i agerdlas
M Me AlA, the  aYtof
. 5. M e. 45es.aM. -
Meu.s agaw 1to bsare
,eik MamssUe has -eses
j sim e e tt ai n reda
- la Mrl..
Kra. V, eanbel d cur
S.. oeas, Mth l . L. Ta -
iate the hemat
tic Mr sa
ts di. Tu.
IIMds 41
A New Petme for the Pupils am
Others Who Wait to
Beginning this week, the Herald
will start the publication of a new
feature, the title of which is "Won
ders of America."
Almost everybody has heard of the
National Yellowstone Park and the
Grand Canyon of Colorado, but possi
bly you, yourself, are not aware that
the Yellowstone Park is one of sev
eral national parks, which Congress
has set aside that tourists may visit
and enjoy their national wonders and
These short sketches describe not
only these national parks, but other
places of tnterest in the United States.
The most famous buildings and the
most noted features in engineering
are also described in thee series of
short sketches. These little articles
will appear every week on our first
page, and we trust that every teach=
or in our local schools may see the
advantage of these sketches In further
developing the minds of their pupils.
We are qulte re that within a short
tim that thee articles, because of
the important information they con
tan, wlE be endl useful In the
school classes.
We ask our readers to have their
children read this special article in
the Herald each week. Look on the
ast page for the beadin, "Woders
of Amerlea'
Mna L. 3. luma, who has " eld the
position of Pound Keeper In our di.
al x Rsf o0 tim a resioned him
ommn Iamo, 'idwd l tobi, nmsei
ar i a the  ll. N. 0.
American lovers of Uberty and fair
py. this s yr case. This is not
a 'cause of antidnlty' or deamol aw
tlon, hat t It a easse of International
listile sad heaor. The man who n
ileats tlosality or reUioo In this
emsi its ont tS or true. It is simply
a sts asimple 3atloe and St the
kind. Ameriea weist ato the
wnar ar dsemoeacy, to give
lveryhedy st bess. es~alpe tn ear
nms United Itrle, and when t elle
uIon our hmve bra to fagh tr this
noble purpose M. Wilson made a
mention eo ntisdfLt or rligst. for
if h had hsos rmy oid have Men
al to giv aare Irshand and gen
S aloremation harem Itlbea, Sr his
turned ber a two meuth' trp In
that eeu,1,. .ie tiuematen thenm
net he of the eemeNd ald, but
wat bh em thel oerIil semen , pin
eosiem and suves with the
anegityi a& a sestlsmas and set a
an l m slle eaer, is espete
ie l eaS u s. H i aime II drla
h."es lIaes eh Vis! a bLte
2 # *t7 as as he p or me.
hn the s div sums . US p
Mum P. . StidL at
a lly S IAo'd* i 6t t. - LM
asant ~ ·~
Conflicting Thoughts
oo . .o
" ~
r'\k• . -
-arrO 'THU WWUE.
At the Contessa Hall last Saturday
night, a large crowd gathered for the
purpose of looking toward the organ
isatlon of a big Mother Club for the
Fiftenth Ward of the Orleans Demo
cratic Association. Many of the op
position workers were present at the
meeting, all the preclacts being well
represeted. The principle teature of
the meeting held Saturd aly ight was
the lntructions to all the precinct oar
gaalUations to eleet delegates to a
meeting of the Mother Club, wich
wil be rmau just ast soon as all
the del es have been chosem.
Ars. A. Caser. ut DN aermads
street, ewtertalned in bkner of bher
wei y of her Mrh. The hbone was
tastlfly doeserted n earalval eel
er. Thy banmoets Sfld wih eanse
wer gves as Iues. 'Deensi aei
games were indulged in at* s late
he. The little Miss was the reel.
et oef mea beartful gifts. These
presest were Muses Ana Fbser,
Selm UessU, "na $sethout, Ca.
me eth, U~n-n e- ., Ca-s
ryaet lsser ao eeare, mlma
NWS, Irme aearsts. Again Gravels,
e rnsae swetg, O GeieV Mar
med stalk, Jes5t telet. asel
aie. 'Als Uhel, sdwiia
> gt, A. and F. Ort s and
sIa i , Medis` Odeng re. J-n,
ureasseloh !ladse' h adern., ow
Wag lei -W" Ib r. Mash 4lssw
de~ - Jseb Vipse, Casse" Tersme ,
aS loaJ t oss Miss L Avedil,
SMa . eLVm b , Mrs. . Ca*sr.
S.ta d MaL, . Lr. MrJ.
Grimes. Mr. UL -s er . wr. and
Mrs. A. J. Ielmae.
* serr
the· e a6.he
Miss Aline Setas and Mr. Henry
Leatbem were quletly married on
February 11th, atSlt. Joseph's Church,
Gretma, Rev. Weoer otflciamtS. The
attendants wer s ealey Crawford
and Miss Mae h The yonas
cole who w the recipsts oa
ay cOtsh! wir: bhe at omse
4er-. other a stI ie
tr O L ho o t PAP UL
oam Veo t om l iess
Theuseteg. . . 10, '.
Dr. Kraft.
Dear Str: Maaosed fl med o or:
der tar $2. ph met for Heral for
amsthar year. We anl sro rnadia
our M hom b town mews sad world
e last wiot I.
mear vwry trul,
MRS. C W. W. I.
scalar wo maur aus&inseau
camin may sn. a,, at th
Steamer samys as hedemwed teo 40
the by beat hern s summer, in
stead at gsoa to the North. hptami
Strecfes mys that be a sar that
the -pop wl pvtIeas- the beSt
darlng the sea r, as it wll b e de
lIghlyar esol on the vessel dslag
the evremps, d -aom will e* d.
oy. at all hena mni the ate
mnoorn mad mt ts.
o -r wr a
whmbi 1s Maas
swises asred- I u
WtNW peagm i Ait is 's4 fah
r a i 'set. ou
got .q
BiYS $50.000 OF
fisslu Il ai'
M1. YM.. ack, Pnerlyr Algiers
Baker, a a es for Rmepe. I
Mr. Blanch, who a few years ago a
erectedl a brick bakery on Tech.e
street. and recently sold his place of n
business, left for Europe on a special a
business trip connected with the perw b
chase of echange in foreign money. a
Mr. Blanck bought more than $50,00
Preach, German, Austrian, sad other 1
moneys at greatly reduced rates, and
his purpose In going to Europe is to
cash in on these Ivestments. Mr.
Blanck says, that be is expecting to
realize between $50,000 to $1,M00 on
these thvestments.
He says it be makes good he t
eoue eack to establish the Ibumst I
On lat .riay evems Miss Ca
mlle Nelson, ow of our most charm- t
tag sad popar yeM ladles was l
tender ed a m sla s shower at e
the homse t Mrs. L. HBansh:, 313 c
Deaglo street.
The bho was weatds decorated
with hearts anad other valentine nov
etldes.as well as with ferns, palms,
and eat owen. The andeiers were
elaborately decorated sad each el
trio Ilght blb was evered with a t
red hbeart, the whole making a meet
oely srme."
Kli Nelson had be inviteld to
spend the eveingr at' the IriL
home. When she resed- there every
hlag was in darkhesr, but just as
soon as she entered the parlors the
lights were fleahe en, the wedding
match was lbae ad the vietrbL .
Ufttle Jenser Labrance and Master
Leo Ifra n  showered the surprised
honeree with an abndaee of hand-' I
some gifts from her Cands l l the c
The dining sm in which the we
treshmena were served was alas due
orated with valentine avers and sew- I
ers. Ia the center of the table was a 4
large white waubetin eske with sew
lar red hearts. In the easer was
a little l oll drsnd $ redL taI. K ,i
Nelsn cuat the ea,, eah suoet got. I
Iag a siloe. Pumh, she candes 1
Miss Nelse, who i ens o ear maet I
popular yen ladles has a heat at
friends he , was by h m r.
m smer and her le890 dispelbh..
sle wilo e to p a rd a o the out b
The fe whet was t harv beg
heM fret Thbrd shpt Ma ineday
at ,n Ai a'ntr eh i Algtlwe. wa
postponed IMwleg as dieg of S
3.,. John A. Chauht,..pginr 4 n*
cdimis o the  samles - aam == .
ihear Olake was an lames
at the now. Js Les a lsh .r
nof t mi a , ls d n Wom te.
file a ntsý isube w slw *
re aswer seatr of ame Idle1
as. us MM se a se i - se
a- to L. h-_- sSI ns
Sa>1 . Awa th e lri A
dcr~um x')ill3li·l
" - r
As the music-appreciation contest n
draws nearer, the boys are taking a
more active interest in this work.
IEvery morning before 9 o'clock, the v,
departmental grades assemble and, ai
after the pledge to our National Ban- 7l
ner has been given, one record is w
played on the Victrola. The pupils
I then give the names of the selection
and the composer. We hope that the
boys of the higher grades will show
some very good results in this con
We regret to chronicle the illnessm
of Miss M. Kenner, one of our de.
partmental teachers. We hope to have
her with us In the near future. at
We welcome Miss Doris Graham as ln
a regular teacher in our faculty and m
also extend her our congratulations re
on her completion of the Normal
School Course. She received her di- ti
ploma last Tuesday evening. We wish of
her success in her work as a teacher. di
The school magazine is one of our nt
main topics of discussion, and the H
teachers and pupils are anxioukly R
awaiting the initial copy, which will L
be issued March lst. A great deal of w
work and thought is necessary to ac- is
complish this purpose and we hope C
success will crown our efforts. The
boys are soliciting advertisements at al
a very snpll price. di
Friday, February 20, 1920. the U. S. r
Army School Conatest will be held. Es
says will be written on the subject:
"What are the Benefits of an Enlist- D
meat in the U. S. Army?" This is
Ia national contest and we hope our
boys will take a lively Interest in the
subject. Necessary information can 0
be obtained from U. S. Army Recruit
r lasg Station.
The beaet picture show givem at r
the H. N. 0. C. Theatre on Frity last
was a great success. There was a 1t
eowd sad a ine prugram. The tal
t ar d lpatroers the shel tsso e
Petit ad all wh p sipd .to
m-b* n s e aiesemhtL -Thm seae q,
tanlad will be used for the library of
the school.
- After seeing Iershi as Monday.
Sthe faculty enjoyet a hike and kedak
I ang party to Shrewsbarg. The weath
I er being so beautiful the trip into the
I country was much enjoyed.
The initial meeting of a class in
home neursin will be condmteed at
SMcDosesh School tNo. 4, asplee of I
a the School Clubs of the district. The
t class will be ope to laub members
and teachers. at 4 Sa of 1.00 The'
B. .
r Sim in have takes the autemoble
I weodl by Iel C. KgeeL, 4lt Pa S
eie evenie, for joy rle late Wed- I
a s ie , Viasat Dhle )f, sY t c C a
e et street; Irmet Bas, 15,-12
.eephine street, sad grUs, .e I
p. wfee, were arrested lain Therudy hr
-, DepIt SIhIff Dphamm , ina 'mahel 1
a.o i mr . Iu
r(- M oee - sM the two reathse a- I
s #ase tls nl s th au* mila. Ther
a agav it to Dega'es bhloewhw. M is
SIM to asid i tave lr med wlw helohd I
a bi~ t t with mIoy he hd wo a
the aaes. Sohe was ndueod go n I1
- wMth them. The edseh ao ht ,
l sleng thoe read ear sem , aM
g ThereIai mIrl the yeug warnu l a
L Ius eet St I s.alls, wre tIe bou
y dre. Into remer o r eLe. 1
The ersI altless I e aeme D
mayr Lra this eass spop tle l
The Ms. e ter.' e*at the mea '
ws~ s t nielmdihlbthe a ao e at I
has reasived a ver se ltl sad *l
- t is sIidem tew a ga.r ,nol
• ag a w p i ia hir .
* umu t S n * **,sst.. a -w
ENS FROM 75c TO $1, ETC.
The Lower Cost Living Club, which
was organized some time ago at 428
Powder street and is now doing busi
ness at that place, will give the peo
ple of Algiers a great opportunity to
realize the big saving in the cost of
their food by dealing with this club.
Some prices for this week as ap
nounted by Mr. John W. Aikman, the
manager of the club, will be most in
teresting to the housewife.
Fresh country eggs (not candled
eggs) will be sold at 60c per doz.;
yellow yam sweet potatoes, 5c per lb.;
and large chickens will go at from
75c to $1.00 each. Other groceries
will be sold at big reductions.
The Lower Cost Living Club will
help you with the H. C. L.-Adv.
Arthur Bourgeois, 52 years old, 1714
Bayou Road, who swallowed a quanti
ty of bichloride of mercury Thursday
afternoon, while at his home, died
in the Charity Hospital early Friday
morning. Bourgeois would give no
reason for his act.
Deceased was 52 years of age, a na
tive of Donaldsonville and a resident
of Algiers for 30 years, having eoa
ducted a barber shop at Pellcan ave
nue and Seguin street for many years.
He recently resided at 1714 Bayou
Road. He was a member of Crescent
Lodge No. 3, Knights of Pythias. His
wife was the late Mamle Wagner. He
is survived by one son, Clyde Boar
'the funeral took place Saturday
afternoon at 2 o'clock from the rese
dence of his mother-in-law, Mrs. P. C.
Wagner, 530 Powder street. Interment
was in Greenwood Cemetery.
In the midst of a beautiful garden
of roses, palms and trailing vines, was
set the Valentine Ball gives Saturday
night by the workers of H. I. Holmes
Co. Carefully planned t every ..
tall, the ball was a hs-e s*seam nad
releated much credit upon the Wet..
fare Department of the store uer
whose spiees the ball was gives.
.Upon enterlaing the bal et e s
gir was allowed to draw fir unts
and melds. Mtn Mas s(~-,
is tees was hiaeste eine at
ou m
The most famous deancer th
world, Ourtead Holeman, w be the-.
headltner at the Orphear all nest
, preseting a series of damess
and impersonatioss all her ow. mast
ly cesated and devsed by hernai
Special stage tstgse sad a se
mened orhetra w s ad to ts
turtalrimet frnished dby this, .
the gretest Sad meat pepeer
es adta n l a l a se-woiw
arty to hvdeie ck
hees se bee bhtei e. w-i
he remubere for her
-D na of. the Sar a ee srw.
of ah smawa ar-- u0a C
ear, will e en as smeak
ehish -at Meday -
'i-me I, wa.ishi U. a m . eS 6h
Uees nemes."
ebest haews drameis sbuS U
shIm ol 'When Ms dense 'C
Aen b eW eIL
James 1. Mortem, porinsbb
tow a vrlro f a all Orhe mm
heren a s 4.a whet he was "an sa
-e his of fena. huset
th r a obf w as seesp
Bib sol Tqe a asom
sba esYs *lSk W -A- A.
witesm by Josh laS, alter ati
T~ dump. da e r pai
the news o the wi to l
hesh. end Tessir of h
- -
inai at

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