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Elhhsed May i. tim
lanesd a Ase Psteifiee at new Oree as Seems 4la ssat Mator.
1 Year .....
" Motb .~. --------------------
3 Motha s
I eutLi - ------------' *06
IsSre Cot---------
DL C. E. KRAFT ............. ........................Editor and Proprietor
C. P. CRA ............................................. ..........Advertisdng Manager
_Address *1 eeuselsoi ai t DL C. V. ERAFT, N. NO Veret Sarees. New Orleans,
l eases. Asgies W.
tiHl Ell4D mye and at tie fo*nwi places:
THE HERALD (Algiers Oflioe), Verr t e.
THE HERALD (Cit O1k). 0662 Caedlt St
3w. Desk Stare.a HSt. Oaths Street.
Shsrihrs faili o g THE HERALD regularly, will puoe wsf the blss
-m . s a lI Verret ir= . . ... ..
ea eesmmaietles fer pabliatien as early as peible, sad net later tha Tm
All eemunlestti, saeth as u ttere frw the iple and aews tee of bails, law Peutlee.
aseN and peresal menties will he iusertsd Is THE HERALD free ef bste. No Meea1a
mies will Le rei saless signed by the sender. We as net peblishr w am is ee-e
s with th eemmn atw you ee state, but we et insist saps Lling yjer
same as a usraa o ad Ith.
VOL XXVII FEBRUARY 19. 1920 No. 41
The Mardi Gras Carnival for 1920 will be remembered as having
been far from the standard of the entertainment given our visitors on
previous years. It would have been much more to our credit to have
had no parades at all than to give this year's visitors one parade and then
y this was our carnival for 1920.
We congratulated the Rex organization for their splendid and sue
Sesful effort in havnig done their share toward perpetuating this popular
and time honored custom of celebrating the close of the pre-Lenten season.
It Rex did its share toward the 1920 Mardi Gras celebration, could not the
other organizations of Comas, Momus and Proteus have done as well? But
wait, is it Just to criticize these other organizations, who furnish all of
these parades from funds from their private purses? Well, that is a
deliate questlbn, but we may say in our defense that they have made
it a eustom for years, and the New Orleans public expected a regular Mardi
Gras with the usual fine parades and not a bobtail affair for which we
are kept busy explaining and jpologising to our visitors. As to the
weather we lay the blame to Doctor Cline.
Well, what was called Mardi Gras, is over and business will now
ave Its inning for the next forty-six days before Easter, provided all of
the strikers go back to work, rand the prices of food and material will be
have tar awhile.
• Tablets from saelent Babylon, which belong to Stanford University,
sow dltelatly.the prints of the fingers that moulded them more than
feur theoumad years ag.
Although Amerlean silk manufacturers never before have had to pay
su high i prces for raw silk, they imported more of it, not including
"waste silk,' in 1919 than in say preceding year-probably more than
300,000,0 worth. The meet of it came froa Italy, China and Japan.
-I the frst ten months of the year Italy seat a $11,000,000 worth, China
l$45,00,00 worth and Japan $194,000,000 worth. From all other coun
tries eembined we got less than $1,000,00 worth.
A New York manuacturer broke all precedents, even in this time of
'Otrºragant wages for domesti service, when he offered $2,000,000 to
Slbeak his eek. Standing in line at the post otfile on the day before
SAstima the invaluable Mary got Into a lively argument about precedence
Si.E *Irtly iouad hersett ln the lockup. When her employer learned
Sore * was he had visions of a houseful of guests witout Christmas
Vd~ier; as he hurried to the station house and amnouneed that he would
Sbhll n the sum of .000,000. The lieutenant said $500 would be
Sn.gh. ad ther cemproised on $10,000.
he sntrprleag rage of a modernr ety government is revealed by
- e'l the I in the mualelpal bndget of Philadelphia. Music for
d a eyeing esnerts co the eity lt.00; meats and groceries
ti mlunei eourt,. $100; eba the Peurth of July and Memo
p $14,70: rsuemeg ashes from the city hall, $5000. To a tide
Ithe l au eyur year $100l ; to plue players and swimming
0.000;, to a shlemak r. 100; to a eollector of biological spel
.106 to a baerbe, 00; to a masseuse, $050; to a dairyman, $00;
pleb1 , 4l00a alsees; to an entomlest, $1000: to a sheet
.ll $150; and to an pert poel cimber. $4.50 a day.
rr- 3
rx 7K--X;___
..f pS
-q - .
R _ ý * rc
ilk, er1
PeA. !. 11 a. a., The B·rrea P
Ti.e. ISke 13:14; 7:30 p a., The
OGret Supper. Sake 14:1514.
Marsb 7, 11 a.. ,The Pharlee sad
Pubees at Pryer. Lsue 18:18-31;
7: p. a.. DIe ad laamru, le
tbs 1i- elmsg the UMaep's Ad
Aem lmWu I tm a
W. M-Reih the Geee rM
a 4 -s . 5 . A -rt-we ur
amelatlb.kher. wrw
Mageh thwe t. ars isma
.- --u wreed g a
r' "u. " wl•is he
.± S .S Prim,
,Y1 4 1ii~li ·
the members out before starting the
opening servicey
The Leaguers went to the Bonner
Home last Sunday afternoon and held
a short service for the men..
The Valentine Social was held Sat
urday night at the home of Misses
Ida and Thomaselt Harvey, on Seguin
street. The home was beautifully
decorated with hearts in abundance.
Many pleasant games were played and
all enjoyed themselves very much.
The postman did not forget anyone
and had some cards and letters for
those that were present. Delicious
refreshments were served.
On Tuesday evening the regular bus
iness meeting was to take place at
Cauard's, but due to the holiday at
mosphere being here we played games
and had a good time Instead of hold
tag the meeting as most of the offi
eers were absent.
Rev. Father Hassem, 8. M., was the
only visitor at the reetary for Mardi
Gras. Several other Fathers from
Jefferson Coleg came for the celebra
tion, but en aecoant of th shortness
of tie coal not cone to Algiers.
There were no excursion tralsu on
that his t ls ear.
Mrs. Hayes and Miss Delle Hayes,
mother and sister of Father Hayes,
and Mrs. T. Minaesu, of tlats, have
been la town for a few days enjsying
the i lment weather and being told
-w wenaereul were the earsirals of
el. Mif s Hayes e m of Attlata's
lverltes amng the yeusugr st.
The peoslei the toly Rmos -m ,
_ wm anal heo agivm en ap nal
est this yeor. It Ies .-eo sll et
the eh en gas m al to give special
Steatise to the Leten serviss by
emeiregifg mea of m al talest to
speak e the ui qeaslisa osalse
tles ielg at ais nma: asd It has
bhe0e n aw laW eas of R e fr .
s to always at thea very wet fe his
pshe at Ea toes.' rls yewr .w be
n abesstim to the oulf' I or ohs ss
meas w emumted ty tue of the
bestseaes ear anto as Marlet O.
des .hthrns Mn A t a  . Uampes
They kM been Paallig ea ;l y:
they have sde Askr seuassn n
Sed gment. am i their rlebs "t
ssst m-sr of delveut wi muts
-emstr eAmes the as apisual aS
'te t tht ar o ia a
_ther P l Up'r mq theM OUT
wuts aPB lte usse m l the s ers
r4Le ' h frll.se .e fir
bOl wee isens aus n ame her.
fit Via flu se se e odlr
E TI: Ue s fmm:
D5ttagea t, tnier, ieemeI
esp~ ~ as ra4sa"les
William Fox, son of Wa. P. Wil
liamson and Leontine Morel. Spon
srio, Harold Roddy and Beatric Mo
Randolph, son of John LeBlanc and
Florida Trahan. Sponsors, Wa. P.
Trabha and Karome Robichaux.
Elmer John, son of Joseph Bar
tolo and Amelia Buras. Spoauors,
Simon J. Burs and Elms Fellers
(Mrs. N. W. Fellers, proxy).
Corner Pelican and Olivier, New
Orleans, La. Phone A 312.
Services for next Sunday as fol
7:30 a. m.-Celebration of the Holy
Communlo (tfull choral) and sermon.
9:30 a. m.-Sunday School.
7:30 p. m.--vedtg prayer sad ser
Litany and address every Wednes
day evening at "7:30.
Evening prayer and sermon every
Friday evening at 7:30.
The class for coanfrmation will meet
every Friday afternoon at 3:30 In the
prish haose.
Thomas Bennett ClRord, Rector.
With sil ver doll4a woret Va5s as
bunsls we may not et manr at the
her may be a beertagp a ealt,
bat u look at ear amdasme. of
-IMldeel timber
rlee hove gnenes up in npm
amss, Selt the eat that tm hab
muetr mrae far.
te jsue has ~ svade Bnlesa, st.
theg late repts u imata i it ,at
n the ens"s rases
At ar rate umne U i em
elit mh pbes t ae uiess m
ho bw er b en s
lo I laek t wI e arIm mu dS
ie, as that h ma bet nm a
a Dreepsso y eaer sa esp .
o war abt r eat aa oaI IyIa
bas r e se alit o'e f k _.,
.. k< se n a . i. g ai -st
kmomeasbotnOs ntmise m t
smaGy e ing y aine t nisi
teas asa4em i na
mon of Soem sto4w ama sen
ear at oi 1 ases ne s
S umr bae b d te El a km.
M4 O veN bdI rtinls 'gwd
*At Um s ar rml l" e4r
"-b .'M1 . !, #.
You Furnish the Girl
We Will Furnish
the Home
It's the right time to consider the purchase of a Home Outfit, Mr. and Mrs.
Newly-Wed. Hundreds of young couples are actively engaged in selecting
their home furnishings during this February sale and it will pay you to act at
You'll.save enough to live on for a month or more. That's a big item.
And don't overlook the fact that furniture prices are going up every day.
Attractive Steel Couch An Unusual Sale of
With Mattress Matting Art Squares
This steel coch has all the comforts that 10 of these high-grade matting art
one may want, is made with steel frames and squares will be placed on sale Monday
is complete with bed springs and mattress. moralg to sell at the price asked as luon
Takes up very little spce; is fi.- i as they hlst; variety of designs;
hd in black oxidised .......: .. Z .................
" 0
laveit In one of these fine
solid eok, olden finish chiffo
obes and you will have the
- article of f r
Bod, Spriq and Mattsarets ' yo off,
The low that we have marked a thin outfit will mbs h ote m ra cat N
buying easy. 1ys will and faurishings of wl kind it will ors and converts ;A stei
6-pond mattress...................... dW
Queen. Ao Cms Bc MaIhegaJy.
Uw ROolm e SIN NMhkn
.- ,n ha ge.. ed u... , .m.....I K T l
*nl . ee etop ree se deep -
27 .O
~rr~i~~It~ ~J1 ~oNail
ria I' t~t a ·or,)~- w ki.

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