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in any Combieaton U-IL FW LUJ1II\1R Whollesae
or Lumber Trust l[ our price list for two weeks, to further buildung
activities. Same discount on out-of-town carload orders N~TALA
have no pSalesmea.-. IUUAT, .T md. l BI CO., Ilc.,GA
Wite or phone for Prices J. P. BRIANT, V.-P. and Igr. HEW O1RLEAIES, LA. LONG LLALIY
Ip vWanted
-, - 0 raeaaya7 to et R
e for more moo m. Yoeu a
aeNn-young, old or is betweer
e.. ilit .can make geedquadhl.
. tm. by nd? If so. I will i 11
owv wear to make by hand at rime.
seer 1 own time. The week is
, erm ent, profitable. igh- t
SROUE. I n Cisetres Wl .
pecal dotice
petajt who took Girls Navy blue
fly eýý at the Navyber mBe
a,-" TeeIday might. hAelt
. ret ir to r- Ver et
theirs t esdhange.
it at the Academy. my
` mistake. Plem call
at Pacifict Ave.
IiLk el I t tar . ,
:--,of - he tebt~ ers oh co
e bee calPat the
t Hat latereag the
et I meilge IIOer leIII
. . us UQUT. PNemdemi. w
esa Personals "
outd eas. EM s SO
The HattOU
nMAN f Pt"k AU
stir te
.,.s a.nemast b tou
i m tese bs ehe-Ib.
#lienville Street
Cor. N. Fln <S
Bank 8
~r UKVTN t
Oti Of
'-7F r c,7 ý
c;Ti J 1 II ° 1 .Ti
Businress PersonaiaCot.
General Contractor
Repairs, alterations, painting paving
decorating; best .material, labor; no 3
war prioe.
1126 North Rampart. Hemlock 443.
GRIMALDI & t)J. 'tosera to Sa. game,
turtle,. etc.. orders received day sad -
night. Freak Flsh Mkt. 188.
I am no preacher-But I do sae soles
Bring your shoe to CABIBI, before they
set old. 712 Techo St.
Established IW
Wlt 2na, a.
Baps" aiuiag Dies
ACCIDENTS, dIrersse, bed claims, etc..
mp9 attended to. 4 Iateatate Bauk
SuiJd Phone Manla I d
Schautburg's Business Men's Leaunch. Best
oeffee is town. Phes Maim a4-l. 33
t. Cmrle Sk.
WOOa AWa oalU
JOHN KAPPLER, Dealer in CeeL Pire-e
weed and te.. xzpreso to hive. 447 hmirs I
Avease. Pbhee Algiers Ib-W.
FELIX ORE. IL. MIII. Plamkntles and
Engieers' Saple Paints mad Oils. eli
tl3 Pattereare Phpme Algiers aU
Famlly and Fancy Grocoriee. Corner
Bouny and Bvelina 8ts., Algiers, La.
Tmasmith and Slater. Repairlag df 1ss n
rees eealty. Drop postal and I will A
aalal Rmpn.a
MRIt.. G. Dtis.Ila grairrr -'0
sad T Plh
Was n. D. aRrLDS. goeeraSe m id
.if.. ramse <, 4pe. tm for he.satns
meat. Crerer Meae d Padue Aes.
31. A. I. MATWOM
aedae Wealmer lmaitmes, Eeyei. Me.
My week Is toaslset. bys pana
eter tlsems pearl eo he amt e eade -
redl us ms. m ea semase meaL.
Dr. W. J. Prhnas. Chlk aei , -
Sooa 84 Cam'as DB lins. uakg
on t itsby phase U 188.s
Wanted To Purchde
WAg 10 wrnamss
ot '.n. a .. a M..** . ..ONO
wan" 5. - ItmW s.
La.ý An_ r_. y
Miscellaneous For Sale
FOR SALIE-Five-pa s- :
senger Paige Auto, in '
good condition, $500.00
cash. Apply 500 Verret -
INEW HOPE Coeestieaery; lee lam SP
a spciIaIty; wholesle md rtsl. l4
N.apat Phes Bee m El -
Adams' Hats
4-foot Wood $7.00 a o
cord; sawed and split
wood $1.50 a ranks free
delivery. Apply to No.
220 Newton St.
sea Verret St.
Two double irom beds; two springs, one
Smanttres: ; e slagle ireo bed and spring.
I Apply 441 Opelosa Ave.. 1
a10 sAL. •
One bed room set in very eood codi
tie. I
O trash burner.
1 l art quare
Ssill p bael s prlg.
I set of tcentry etrlyeopedl. 10 Vol.
1 set of Deglanee Sienlee et Rallways.
I Vol.
- large Vl. PrectIcal Engnaeering.
t10 Verret St.
Beauty Parlors
S Beaty Parlu, 114 lulls St.
imaasemsa, iYaaaleEa edraiml.g (Pen
'd Mra. Lad DIes Si a ra asts
.rd Eei Cdosm. Adei w l fIem 1
Inetsnedam g Wven. U ss
d aw m lkee. aDye
mooalsr "rw r
Buy a Penn Vacuum Cup Tire
during the month of February
a Penn Ton Tested Tube to go]
with it, juit to show you the
goodness of Penn Products
.... M Yaour T. u is F. brua ry
A..: Snls Cempumy, .
o y Y -':·- ) : ·:
ArK":ýt ý `ýr wý 1 ;1.}'E i Z.C-_:
Strayed or Stolen
A little white poodle. Either strayed
or stolen from 622 Verrett St., on Friday
night between 8:30 and 7 o'clock. Re
ward it returned to above address.
MUSIC, 220 Canal St Phone Galves
1514J. Classic or popular asic taught.
Special raglime corse guaranteed 70 lessons.
Mispelled Word
The word "cordially" in the ad of
A. E. Crane was mispelled in our last
issue. Those to receive the Jacobs
candies are Ray Coyard, 810 Opel
ousas avenue, Mrs. John Favre, 434
Pacific avenue, and Mrs. M. Fabinol,
4938 Constance street.
Fur as Well as Ceth Garments Are
Called Upsn for Both Loe*
and Severe Wear.
There is scarcely any other garment
in the galaxy of feminine apparel that
suffers such demands upon it or is
more adaptable to the months from
October to April than the coat wrap.
- And now, as never before in the his
tory to dress, is the all-fur wrap prow
rF 1g the deadly rival of the old cost of
cloth. Perhaps one reason for the uani
versal popularity of the fur coat-foe
once upon a time, and not so very 1ong
- ago, either, only the woman with a fat
pocketbook could afford to Indulge her
love for peltry with anything so lax.
urlous as a whole coat of skins-Ia
because now the cloth *rap costs al
most as much. Unfortunately for the
average wdman, however, this is not a
case of the for coat becoming less 4e
pensive, but rather the one of cloth is
hourly mounting in price.
Character and distinction are two of
the attributes that the fashionable
woman demsads ip her costumes and
this she achieve invariably when he
dons the fur wrap, be it long or short.
The cotee, by the way, is gite as
much ao a favorite this year as It was
last, and when such a grmenrat is dG
- veloped in moleskn t leaves Bttle to
be desired in the way eo chle
Laoes and gmbrelderies
Interesting cllar and nuf sets me
K prdeced by eombrig different kinds
a laces with bits f old baUate m
Sbreelderles In an si ariate slet eo patch
week f whieh the eommnetlag medium
Is narrow valdmemesr and the edging
Sofe the name perpetually setlfl lace.
usts in wahch hand-made laces play
. a impeortant part are perhaps eve
more numeals tan cllers and there
-s a pertcuari sNt a sllt with velu
a awiens paited frills of net edged with
valesadmsem which appears to be es
bma into ve
b 44
v r b 1 N;
'?-rT~ - S--
·r- rL-· '5* .
: " _ __4
0.5; ýI"
I m E :.m i
 THESE days of advanced travel
It seems strange to record the dis- bu
covery of a gorge crowded with br
natural wonders within a few an
hours' motor ride of a busy city, says of
London Graphic. Yet such Is the story sli
of Red Rock canyon, Into southern Call- the
formn, an enchanted spot, so rich In o
its unique beauty, and of such seien- pa
tifc import that the president of the to
United States Is asked by some of sh
the leading men and organlsatlions of w
the Pacific coast to set it apart as a ca
national monument. This romantle, at
rainbow-bhued gorge contalns a wealth
ot amazing structures reared and Is
earved and even painted by the els ea
ments, and yet comparable only to the Is
classics of anclent and modern archl- It
tecture. Its fossil beds, practically ra- to
touched, give promise of paleontolog- ce
Ical treasure, and recent finds In Its In
eaves Interest ethaologlsts. a
The canyon is a gash Into the south- a
era end of the Blerra Nevada moua- to
talus. Its mouth opens upon the oa
northwestern edge of the Mojave des- Ti
ert. It is 126 mles from Los Angeles. ri
For nearly a century the prosale plo- ti
neers who passed that rumote way paid tii
no heed to its vivid charm. It was 0
the decision to extend the state high- as
way from Los Angeles to Bishop that w
led to the discovery o the beauties t
of this gorse. Until the surveyors re
turned and reported the ezistence of
strange and wonderful rock formations &
no one knew e their presenc& This B
It all the more remarkable when we i
remssaber the Amerean's love of
travel, and that these are the days Is
of ranilways and motorcars, Shortly e
ew the canyonm wt Its many wee
dm will be O to mea trail o d t
Iltatieon and teas of thesanadeo t w
tourists ad ethers wIm soee admire l
It with rapture and astoelhment. The a
new roadway approaches to within 0 d
_fet of t e seemnic marvels which the
government is petitmsed to protect and a
presarv. a
Mireloe of Form d Oeler.
That seetnes et the eanla which a
ealtans the asplring ws emmbraes b
a ittle mre tan four oquare mlssi, l tI
several miles removed tfom the aseart, b
and1ls atn a a titude at S,06 teoot.
Ot approach tneo eitha directio a
tern bdri the wamlled mraeos aof
frt and eolsr sddenly Ste iw-an i
emtseag piet; ptlmb and eel- s
u s, pladin d an al adM chaset; p
pLasters an esoimandes tiMy and t- e
tame., ea ar s atnM aO after sals a
sar styward; aWeadi, bet istre s r
ridMers; templos, caeas., athedrals t
towern demes sn sphi n , ws a
I rseov, they rsee suchd a I
namense y as yet y s Madeine I
vsadal head at ass a hlsd &lty. I
at canon's bend St ma th* Tam I
ale of the ba, r hpe-ae aeivr py a
wpa a bet ni app uea d  Wae ae
a sen es a t seemnneed s M swa,
wot para inooes waftlamaesal
a1 bt i,0En ao Meanl gm.
aser. Thie who bso swen isl I
amle dR a M eden a toboo am I
it to sit h e Watwueek. mew W I
r so d a 1ea 4 swe OW i
S- ...S. eal -- i- ,'- iapes I
. hsami dad aed Wa b e emk In
ias uat. ais anmy Af Ita
hail toe .N be alot lie
asmes of adewio ah wmal e
-.nte . rd the -- me
aptenns a n iad. A ."* d -
Sws a as lg -I ftS o N M
aps- the isales ,moºe mn e
-1t' dalest. M hem kSh oo
*the aAmon r "t I a et- Ias a
I a m hsea. a mUinsuss o
Iun a IIa
The Buried City, where masses ar tb
burned clay broken up like common d
bricks have crashed down and crashed m
and covered some of the best examples P
of pagodas, is a somewhat melancholy t
slght, reminiscent of PompelL But d
there remain rare pagodas and dainty a
sculptures, and a gracetaully curved I.
parapet on the churchlike rock In the i
foreground. The Burled City occupies te
six or eight acres. At this point the
wall is 500 feet In height The slide re
came on the under side of the top
stratum. IL
Rising nearly 200 feet above the 11
level loor In a deep "pocket" of the ,,
eanyon is a stately columnar entrance, c
lately christened the Royal Gateway.
It leads into a sculptured foyer ex- b
tending back 600 feet, and having the
characteristls of a superb art gallery a
In which almost any sculptured fiare0
sought may be found. In the centers a
a cosdderable distance from the open- a
Ing, stands a group of five columns
on a tall base, all white as marble. a
Four hundred feet up on the hard, co- c
rugated gray slope where the moun- t
tans rise beyond is perched make
tlcally a castellated lordly palace, the a
Citadel, which the Imagination swiftly n
associates with some tnaccessible old
world height overlooking sapphire b
tldes. It is a castle of dreams. a
Pillars of Hereoules.
The sigantle Pillars of Hercules,
dwarafing thoe of the Templd of c
Bacebes, symbolise endbing strength
and dey tie. Light ray and red,
with supportlag half-lengths at regm
lar laterval, each with Its ornate
abates, they seemnlgly hold up the
lerra. The White Chapl s what a
the name Implies. At each corner tle e
wais are buttressed li the old Call
fornia n mslon. It resembles In sI*'
real form some of Mexico's aminet e
Schurches Unlike them, however, it s
daintilyr chased and decorte, with,
mI " alches esmtaining ap pr9plnt
Geologiaesly Red Re-e asamed be e
ease that color predmlaste-datl
e hack to the later Tertiary period, when t
the canyon evidetly was a swamp
emlng with fauna. Teday t is a ee a
,of$miu virtually ueans ere nd niulby
ti yield ahebdently. (sesry m sas
has disleed esselm o esamels,
Sberes elephant, msedeams asd ethe
mImessana. At the base et the' Ten
pie at the Sue Wnlm Mu elead,
chief engineer at the Lee rAa* e
Sequenct, eeattF picked up the pet
Sled hal-be of the largest msahe
teethed tiger overw sem. aves
abeaad, tad Is e* et s was Ss
E esvered a cellectise o da petteep
we the owssades ao ears. It ern
d at 4Z pleoes, piacsed is ertssly
las - aerst the wadt and emerd
loins deep wot dint. seme et dte
pessess mw e remakn ea and Isat u
-se, igments. havs beena applld
Sbeales henmi. he sh eetms ad
Mloas woes the hdle tels that !s
m - ag bher, but this gpear
r ds eveed iM er sb upeter b ew
i ofas haews . at.
SViesit e f rem De
of Briesitis 1 1- am ii eaige
ard a ams. 4-, sesemeu emued
t vIsiti portiso to s ele f am- ab
Ia V ea the sigt wuen 21m601
S- me hers, sae bt we  e ape
Sbea mien wieth eal tenats ndl e
I. Issew dai" aaiSlros eat Ibm Ibe.
I te es or mesIes soel as
at pag ~lm is bens tdh
* sad pu o -fily u ss -N-'1L
r 06 a Weg tio mhium nesth ase
e o a & me ON as hseei a o omwe t
1assa 1eot a Sorkns te s us. .MO
S ewsd me. O at.
Am anm e gai e gl mO, a -eli
- semamsur s of
--Ie u.Y g . -t
.- a i s mr d s a - db
) ;~L -'UWd~~dI
Seminole Indian,Customs.
Seminole Indians take care of their
own law-breakers and set their own
penalties, which must be obeyed un
less the Indian wants to be outlawed.
If an Indian is banished for a number
of moons, for instance, he must pre
sent himself before the council, some
times for further punishment, unless
he wants to be outlawed.
The Seminoles have managed to keep
themselves absolutely pure blooded by
the rigidity of their laws against In
termarriage with the whites. The pen
alty is death-but only once in recent
times has it been enforced, when the
Indian quaws hanged the Seminole
wife of a white man, and destroyed
her child.
United States of America, State of Lou
islana. Parish of Orleans. City of New
Orleans. it it known, that on this 22d
day of the month of January. in the year
of our Lord one thousand nine hundred
and twenty and of the Independence of
r the United States of America, the one hun
dred nad forty-fourth; before me. Conrad
O. Collins, a Notary Public, duly comr
I missioned and qualified in and for the
Parish of Orleans, State of Loualsiaa.
therein residing and in the presence of
F the witnesses hereinafter named and an.
t dersigned; personally came and appeared.
Otto C. Lightner, President, and Archie D.
F Dalrymple, Secretary, respectively of the
I Lightner Publishing Corporation, Incr
porated, a corporation created under the
laws of the State of Louisiana, by net beo
Sftore W. J. Carmoache, a Notary Paubl
in Crowley, Acadia Parish, 8tate of Louis
innsa, on the 31st day of May, 1918, duly
e recorded in the office of the Clerk eof the
District Court and Ex-Officli Recorder of
Mortgages for Acadia Parish, State ot
Louisiana, In Book of Charters at Fhlio
e 174.
And the said appearers acting is their
said capacities and in behalf of mid
, corporation by. virtae of the authority
:onferred on them by the stockholders of
Ssaid company, on the 30th day of Decem
- hber, 919, as will more fully appear by a
certified copy of the resolution adopted
at said meeting of all the steekholders
7 which is annexed hereto, declared that
Sa general meeting of all the steekholders
of the Lightner Publishlng Company, to
r, corperated, was duly convened and held
. at the offic of the mid Company, in the
City of New Orleans, on the 30th day ofat
December, 1919, for the purpose of ean
. sidering the making of certain changes
and amendments to the charter et soid
company and that at at idmeeting a
i- the stockholders aunsamously voted to
. amend the charter thereof, and to U
thoriae the said pparers to cme befoere
I me, the undersigned Ntary Public, to
v preserve and em body in due legal term,
the said aeties et the stockhoMers.
The said appearrs declared that they
f have appeared before me, the underigned
Netary Pubile, nder the authorlaata
ateremud, for the perpese oet embedtl
in authentie torm ite at the smck
holdern i altoring and amending Artetes
II, IV and V et the charter of eid
i Company, so that the said artilele s
Shereafter read and be as follows:
ARTICLE IL-The domicile of this
d Corporation shall he in the City oft N
. Orleans Parish of Oleans, Stat.e t
LeoisLana. Citation and other legal ,te
eees shall be served peon the
or in his absenco upe the Vleaei
at or the secreta.
SARTICLE IT. The Coapita Stook ato
ee ttsa is,,red y a at tae
of- Two dd and e',L'wo Budil i
hou sand li'anedPtr d sy Two
It et the par value et one HaiS Ies
go each.
Of the capital sleek heraber e -
Sveld fre the eum ao Two Reusdrd e
sa ees,, sha he emnLtee re ,.
a to the shn e of thsesiralhlI
e T a ees et pl
b shaD he entitled to eeat
W dioselies o this eep s bea
- to receve by reneoe vser 3os
e up to tWe eati of the eat sine
sa ht preisod t he em Usmk.
- seer a k shalde bnet a
id In the,, whic h p reV
dte r stock she be pai
pt the fo valu e r
s No truasler creek
bo inrrender of the ýold set ls
J r ofihemte": 'a
Ii htta 4

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