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VlOm M. XpXu i y l m W. Oi1N i, nSN. "A wR Y,. E.M orl ry M MM.--. UAMUA1 [email protected] i0aLOO
," _. iIl Im R H - -- ". . . . .  i -. " . " . , " . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
i F"C
g sp No. 36, Boy Scouts will give ,
, amofit east Saturday at Electric p
b ginntng at 4:30 o'eloek p. i
r ` mleuson will be five cents.
+. gul W. H. Hebert, 10 Delaronde a
left riday ngllht to aecom
Sthe body of her mother, Mrs.
Si2d Woods, to Princeton, Ky., t
a geo it will be buried beside the I
etr of her husband. Mrs. Woods
g e a resident of Algiers for 25 L
3 AJft P. Vesien, is at home from
Dieu, greatly improved after
pseation for appendicitis. f
Irene Faelcher of Long Beach C
a few days here with her cou- t
Mi.es Bertha and Shirley Bar- 1
. Pal Malone came in from (
u Mn,. to spend a few days I
Ugturday Night achren Club
t the home of Miss Ruth Rib- t
The sueceusful players were
P per and Miss Ruth Rihner.
agelatiom fell to the lots of
Oee nd OoGeorge Rihner t
for MIm-B1sle Has.se).
at metaUs will be held at the '
o I3t M lsie Hanss.
'a a ett D. Lauma of Olvier
who has Just best promoted
ad assstant eadgr left 1St
en a Morsan stemship for
Mae Melatosh of Moaroe
vistor here last week.
Peter DulichL and sem Peter,(
e the gasts of Mrs.. Del- I
SAlbeirt Memt of Beilevlls
. heism from Hotel Di
S uderweat a serious op- 1
she is i p veryr ieely. 1
L Blakema is spemdng a 4
l Oslveston, with h> he- 1
Bad"- palksss has aceptedi
srrm- essse las., a
S " ... E...
-~ -
end C . .sus& I I
r semad Mr. aa I
w0 be very tuily -ei.
evemasg. Vubruaqe ?t. 1
tea , r Mities emes, the
bwe i e asaI
am o hats bees a nlWe
Ie _ets , W, te
S ~em m Dinbu!
t-Vashr .t asses seve.
a ,ak aiN I s 1I
3eagek M b* I
Ig nhee hem L (
Lm. Ne aesm
seheme U 1
time i as he
Gusset, oat 22 e 1
sod5as ar. ami a I
ot erhltr6 a I
Dds san UWIll I
SMrines. aed 4ee
lus abeA amf
asem -
9.'wek asip
week here as the guests of Mrs. M.
Mr. F. H. Landry of Lafayette is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Judlln of
Pelican avenue.
Mrs. Tom Bailey and baby Flor
ence, of Houston, Texas, are visiting
relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. John .O'Gwinn and
son, John and Messrs. R. E. Morrell
and Nat Roual of Montgomery, Ala.,
were visitors to Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Huckins for carnival.
Miss Marion Morse spent the week
end in Ponchatoula, the guest of Dr.
E. J. Kevdin and family.
Mrs. F. Hildebrand and son Al
fred of Houston. Texas, have now
taken up their residence in Algiers.
e Mr. Hildebrand who has accepted o
Ic position with the Cusach Sign Co.,
p. in the city has done some wonderful
work in black and white.
Mr. Wi. Burke is able to be out
alain after a short illness.
* The friends of Mrs. J. D. Dellucky
. will regret to learn of her illness at
. the home of her daughter Mrs. Wm.
Le Burke.
s The Matrons Club met at the
5 home of Mrs. L. F. Gisch. .The
successful players were, Mrs. P. O.
Cafiero, Mrs. A. Graf and Mrs. A.
Oelkers (playing for Mrs. Sam
ir Boylan). Mrs. J. Worley (plating
fQr Miss C. Richards) .received the
b consolation. The next meeting will
. be at the home of Mrs. Geo. W. Pol
Miss Mable Comeaux entertained
the Young Ladies Five Hundred
a Club. The successful players were
s Misses Mary Collins, Florence Rich
ards and Christine Oiblin. Miss
lb Marie Tircult received the consola
- tion. The next meeting will be at
r the home of Miss Mary Collins.
r The Ladies of Algiers Review No.
at 22, of the Woman's Benefit Associa
tion of the Maceabees, will hold a
social meeting at the home of Mrs.
Warren next Saturday night.
Mr. 8. E. Jermanson is expected
hbeome tomorron form Cuba. where he
has been since Dec. 10th.
Mr. J. C. DeArmas has returned
from a week-end visit to Plaquemine.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Pontl and chil
dren have taken up their residence
at 32$ Bermuda St.
Mis Irma Daniels of the Sea Shore
c, Camp Grounds, was a week-end
il- guest of Miss Eugeala Herbert.
John H. Schroeder is spending a
1 while here with his'prents.
,, Ladies Auxiliary to the Brother
p- hood of Railway ,Trainmen, Prld
82 Ledge No. 8, will give a dance
a on March 10th at Gould's Hall for
Sthe benefit of their relief fund. If
yeou wat to have a good time and
d to hear good music, attend this
dames. The best ss best n head in the
.. and iatres,pst id preit of
s DBeltYfile School ae PMday at 8:30
p. i., to formulate plas for a lawn
it party, to e tsvn after Mter. All
r friepds are invted to attend.
a. Mayer Behrman is stiR estaed
t, to his heoe with an attaek of latnl
h. essm.
I M ts es aorffas left Thurseday
it fr her hese in pasteashrs. N. C.,
Safter visiting relatives for me time.
r Ms. L. T. IrL of 4d8s mira
- Ave., is rspetaed ding t1bV adlgr
M sandesJ s a arser s e spatis lrt
Thedaw . at ero xInurmrsy.
IN Mrs. Bral t iti of Morgsan ty
Sis vsitg her sister, Mrs. J. P.
s Weaer.
r. Mr ad Mrs. Claude Breord,
sI Mr. sad Mrs. Vie Durbehr and Mis
it Aaaetto Buntard of Lafayette, spent
S. COnralal week hes t*e guests of
Mrs. J., P. Waler.
h. Mr. sad Mrs. Sa. A. Leeeit hovs
it the sypothy of their ma tbleads
5. InA si nt e ssoft ashelsr sm.
is n. ag Meselry has retured
- to Mtatn ogg, after send r
t aiva heI e With rWlatiw.
" Mrs. 5. G enertaind the
-Id Tuesd Ratg ien ndrli ed
i cles. The saeseetl payters were
I Mrs. W. A. Usell, Mrs. D. . rtagh
- sand Mrs. 3. IreeI. . Il"l
st .
it Mrs. 5. 3 Smith retsmd her
e rsiary, she had espeee to eavq
W the end of dhim month for sa Am
S4 sense, lns. to av, hut is usea -
as nwo, ntl sees timel this m
- |rw.* flo guests WaSb Misss
atmaL , a lMa and Mat-e el Ma
lon, rrtle AriL. Mary om, M
_- en owes, Isd* Oerane, Anie i
-. MlrIg RaveO. Reader. Ri
-oarers, Mrs. W. AI rl, M L als
at. IMrs. V. 5. Legued. The
wb s wore w en W. Apssl.
- Manwell . o
On Wedesd ay lse at the heie*
a of tha M ies I iMaw la n inehn
a Mrs.. U. th. iwe uetes
wa a sbe a at I luhn edm ud
r Miss less Lamplen.
a ** ren* ... qMrs. t
or js:~d W d
Hop, Skip and Jump
. -
t "
,I ,
A firm which deals exclusively in
the line of motorcycles, bicycles, sup
plies, etc., is that of O. N. Gonzales,
located at 1430 Canal St. Agent for
the celebrated Indian motorcycle,
the machine known to all lovers of
cycling. Mr. Gonzales also handles
the Indian, Yale, Liberty and Cadillac
bicycles. To meet customers needs
a wide variety of lines are handled,
but all are made to measure up to
the standard quality malntained by
this well known firm, and prices are
quoted that give customers generous
values. Repairing is also done
here in an expert manner, and the
most reasonable charges are made.
A complete line of motorcycle and "
bicycle accessories are carried, and for I
the children velocipedes, handears,
wagons and automobiles are shown 1
in variety. 8
Mr. Gonaales is a gentleman who
is thoroughly experleaed in this s
businlss sad his guarantee, as well c
aJ tL mamnn staat
bauk of an stoos s"l
In the little chapel ia 8oath am- .
part street, where for thirty-z years
he served God and man, and with an a
classes of e tsens old and young, In
attemdaae funeral services were
held at 2 o'eloek Monday afternoen
for Dr. Alesander Gorean akewell,
sinetysr ven years o who diedat t
his hom, 1410 saouth Rampart b
Srut, sniday attwsoa.
The serves were poedueted by
ishop nDavis sessumes, o the Upse
pal dsloee of New Orleans, and were
attended by members of theo elary.
veterans of Washington Artllery.
whleh whom Dr. Dakewell sewrve ia
the Civil War; represetatives eo the 1
Army of Northern Virginia; of the
United Confederate Veteras, of
wMrL organisatem ir. Bakewell was
chaplain, and the Masons and ti- r
ess of igh and low deree
Followsag the services, the body
was shipped to St. Pr lsvlle, La.,
where the aged reetor reqeted he.
be buried, at 4:00 p. m. Burial was
made upon the arrival of the noon
train at St. ranaesville Tuesday, so
as to 1allow these who wish to go
trem New Orleans to partieipate in
the last rites.
It was fittlng that Dr. Bakewell's
losng service on earth should be
brought to a close on Washington's
birthday. Under the standards of
Washington Artillery, Dr. akewrdl
feught as dwas wounded ia the Civil
war. and his wife died that day
tweaty-our years ago.,
Dr. Bskewell was reeter of Mt. 01
vet Eplieeopl ehureh after the Civil
war and daring the yelow aer epi
demic was a hard worke nuasi the
lek and lendn a helping head to all
who wee In seed. . MIs splendid
work at that time s eoften spoken of
by our older reeidents.
On last Meday tght at the home
of Chis. Wilie t Valtts f,.e Sa eas
uoersie arty was give by a jly
erewd of young ks a.
A merry tim was spat iadasing
and playing aes. Those present
wen, mes Irma Da li, Dolly Kens
ler, l eo Gayr, lsa Jdmans, Luis
Wiugmas, Tery oDrey, Alaee B
ras, Dam`s Veter. Thelma illis.
reSsens Uhony, Ioga and Gm
tue hinasstht. M ary Orleseh.
SMatte Ker. asa Crawsied, and
ma Seeda, M ten Marry Daals
0.. P. 1suvfiDsne, Asa S asar, f
lobs Adamr, a sRtead
a as mtr weas.t , ba
1 8Msr. mt 5s! . uhlob
Ulehart nd tro.ne a UtSL As, AsA
Ntae wt,'
The marriage of Miss Ray Weiner
to Mr. Chas. Laster was celebrated
last week at the Avenue Academy.
The bride, who Is the daughter of I
Mr. and Mrs. L Weiner, of Delaronde I
St.. was prettily dressed in beaded
georgette and satin and carried a
shower bouquet of white roses sad
e hkl0d6ss wereO Misses Uers I
a Ms Weiner, stbers of the
bride. Miss Rose was dressed in net
over silver cloth and Miss Misa wore
flesh p georgette, prettily beaded.
They arried bouquets of earnatleos
and roses.
The litle flower-girls were MirIam
Weiner, ara Bodener, Anna Bod
esger and Rebeesa Miller. They
were dressed in flesh color georgette
trimmed with rosebds. The ring
bearer. little Irwin Bies, was dress
ed in white.
The groom had ashis attendauts.
Louls sad Hery Laster, brothers of
the groom.
The ball was beautifully deosrated
with palms. Refreshments were
served. Amnes the guests were
Mrs. D. Biem, , a sister f the brd,
Mrs. Wa. Carp, Jacob Bles and Be i
The young co euple, who were' the
reelpients of many handsome pros-1
oets left the same night for a honey-i
moos trip. They are both well
known in Algiers.
Dan Dupsy has been appointed
poundkeeper for the Algiers pound
sueeeeding L. B. Imbas. Mr. Dupuy
has assumed his duties.
There are now in pound, two
cows, mouse color, with white and
yellow spots, whleh owner can have
by applying to pound keeper.
TIh a sh MI I
es lsi - of hKaper
I lUo leig in the weid. *the i l
as pe et bmee is the pe:ple of
ae Ussed miss, in veasins ratlss
ofet be eesomsla et i = antlesl in.
lepemdee, stad eM iPeis or is
etL y nd in New Tek hater ed
m dseiaei Osather 21 sleL
her welseased uamness of peesps is
Ser seos a It bds ear
t mesewer begs when they snd
away is save t amn sm whimse
se Ioku it aof b em es t Se
, igh aess pemn a se paaetaL
the iesel s Mit eof t entire ructere
Seer HE et abshe wafers of New
I Tat ay. s a sMte weight is
er we N B est:r inag s eeigm
ae in t Seat e - s Is eat
4as hiee - -aes at 5 e se ns hier
. I ams t- am 5 duhisl i the nos
A group of thoughtful, proud
mothers and other "nearest of kin" w
stood with bowed heads in Jerusa- h
lem Temple Sunday afternoon while e
the noble company of Orleans' sons
who died in the world war was re- p
viewed in memory. P
While Ralph Michel and Oswald IN
W. McNeese, representing the Am- si
erican Legion and the Republic of a
Prance, called one by one the names il
of those who died, white-haired d
mothers, happy, proud sisters and a
brothers solemnly stepped forward h
to receive the French diplomas of d
I recognition.
The diplomas are elaborately en
I graved sheepekins, and bear acroes d
i the top the inscription from Vietor n
I Hugo: "The people should come to I
- worship at the graves of those who C
I died for their eoubtryr,' and thie
dates, "1114-1$1.' They ; are a
p signed by the President of the u
I Among those who reelved the dip
Sloma was Mrs. Thos. J. Mooey.
" whose son esign Thomas John
iMooney, U. S. N. LH.. died in
France of influena after as ilbess
of thee days.
SOn of the most elaborate affairs
amesg the yranger set of our town, J
was held at the reidense of Mr
Sand Mrs. Dnlel Roney ea the s
Sight of February the 17th. he
dawen was a minature Caralval Dal l
I wah as is held anually n New Or
, leans. among the sslety at. 1
sI The home w artisteally dee- a
4 rated in eelers strietly in keepintg
l with the ceaes I ite of the tl
inclemet weather, macnes bogs t
I to arrive about nine of the elok. tI
Sbdinging the guests who were dainttly 4
- attired n gala costumes.' For the 1
- following half-hour, all who had as- e
semled, were tease with exctement.
awaiting the dominant feature of the
S reelsely at nine-thirty, a Imao
sine drove up to the door, bearing
F the most esteemed king, Mr. C. How- A
ard O'Donanell, and his graeious
queen, Miss Noble Richard. They
were attended by Miss Elloer Roeaer
as Qeen 6of Night and Mr. O'N01 I 1
Barrett. The orchestra broke forth a
in soft strains of an appropriate 1
melody. After a slight delay, Bev d
erly, the charming daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Adolph gpltsfade. entered.
carrying the jeweled rown on a pink d
satin pillow. As the royal prees- t
sdon neared the throne, it was show
ered with confetti of many eolors. t
As the musti egntinued to play, the a
crowning took place, and lovely faiv d
Sors were distributed to very gut
I by the queen's attendants. The I
Sking presented. his queen with a
handsome silver pin st with white r
sapphires and emeralds. A test
was nest Wtr by his mau kt., in
Swhich all the guest part d
SImediately followig this, was the
darning, which was conduted i 1
i aecordance with the "Leap Tear" 1
acustm. I
The invited guests, In addition to
SMisses eooseay were, Miss Lhhrn 1
l I Capher aid Mr. Leonard Pratt,
I Miss Paue Watkins and Mr. Lao
Sraine Broussrd., Miss Lots OGrave
I and Mr. Nelsen Graham, Miss lid- I
I ney Olryd sad Mr. )arl CslMeut
y Mim Irma May Vinet and Mr. James 1
Coamfrt, Mie lr Raoney and
S Mr. O'N0l3 Barrett. MIB Jus Dna
a lets and . Dr sta, Miss Leah Dnealn- 1
STrauth and DI. Ovitree. Mim Res
Sbell Dwyer and Mr. -erebli
* I ,ase Omnes.. Iiw Isme agU-"
* g:t r d r. IGs Darre _.
R L ri Y isw er* Mufsr . zalsph
SFn rse. uhim Matt e lMss.
g n.b. Wid ams Mseu e P,
th_ re m : r.. ,
Friends and patrons, past and
present, are invited to attend h
meeting at Belleville School on Fril
day afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. The ti
object of the meeting is to formu- pi
late plans for a lawn party to be p
given after Easter. AU friends are
urged to be present.
School sad Home Gardens.
"Right now is the time to begin
making plans for your thrift garden.
"Thrift is equally, if not more im- a
portant, this year than during the I D
past two or three years. We are
facing a worse food situation this 8
year than at any time since 1915." p1
"U. S. Dept. of Agriculture." he
The Belleville School garden this to
session was begun early in the fall.
Each class room has its space, gen
erally divided into two plots, where ti
the children cultivate such vege- Y
tables and flowers as appeal to them.
The variety shown in the school "
spaces illustrate to the children the
proper way to cultivate.
It is hoped that this experience
will encourage the children to make
- home gardens. If boys and girls of at
eeach neighborhood were to band to- H
gether to make use of backyards and di
vacant lots, not only, would the ap- a
pearance of our district be much im
proved, but a good beginning would
d be made to supply the big vegetable
s- shortage with which the country is ti
t confronted. Each boy and girl n
should have the use of a set of gar
d den tools-spade, rake, and, hoe;
id I and should have a garden, either, all .
t her own or In shares with other chile
pf dren in a neighborhood group.
Vacant lots, back yards and idle
- corners have held a meeting and -
dared the boys and girls of the Jau-
, nior Red Cross to plant a harvest.
to If you, Mr. and Miss Junior Red
a Cross, refuse to take the dare you
may render a big national service,
a since the vegetable shortage is the
* largest iges 1915.
Prepare year sel new, plant yar
seeds met week, as te first step i1
this serlos game. The Department
Sof Agricultare will help with ad
vice, but the work must be dose by
r you. You will bhe part of or army -
of peace, helpinag to wia great vie-a
tory. It will eaehaoge tinc-s sad T
weeds for peas, beeas, oas,lett
radishes, oaa beets, potatoes
Sand ersn. It will mean happy hears
l in back yards; that will prodea
-something worth while. After your
e seeds are la, oems the happy en
Speruease of seeing the gareen grew.
H The victory over weeds and thing
'- which destra th e garden, th health
from vigorous exercise It the opea
s air; the disovery of Mother Natune's
3 secrets, the pleasur o splyingr
- the home table, of giits to hospItals
s the sick and noseedy. Then there is
k. the mosey value. A eSetable gar
ly de may be made to yield large pr~
- fit. In 1918, back yards and va
- cat lots produced $52,000,000.O
' mouth of fiood.
- The Paren'ts' Co-operativo Clab of,
I MeDonogh No. 4, will met Teeday I
-l Mnrch 3, 1920, at 5:15 p. a.,i t he
a- shool.
my The class in home nursln was
-I org sd lat Th. rday ofraam 5.
I An aneounemeant will b demslater
i of eluas days and whe the frt
e lemon will be given. Thirtwo I
v'ldie are already enrolle.
r. A uational soa week is to be o1
4 served in the schools, startiS Meon
k day. meah day selected seags are
e-to be sun.
- The macda for preeletIng elide a
- to aid . teanhg gography, by
-gaio, l hisdtory, was teoted Mon
* dyv ad a11 departmatal grade
I were give nstruetio ri this wayr.
h The work is very satisactoy an
-;will eartainly add interest in gag
to raphy work.
recently at H.N. 0. OC, l the Cl
Sbrary tuad wams a· ladi sse.
r" The am of $I baeing reali . A
ambeor of books have bmeen added to
Sthe library ad thWs in additio to
books from the puble Ilbrary, arm
ta soure of costant pllue r to the
Shldren .
i The work in Sprng ardns
Shas begun in ermst and te gromuns
I, kale to ta ebe a s prh -
slike ppea!rs . Beth flowers ad
advegetables hve been Iaated sad
-with seU forable weathermo nd
Ies the thld are delightedm with
me wwk t •.
i 4-A grade has Improvd work
gr eastly.
Doaroh WaI, enery entel, Ma
ph erle Shreee, Alfred 3 a Jlos
a Hbert. as. PaId. eIp MIove
u r deh tKagn. Icshine Doeiet.
SMary Lr L.abell Imda U ret
sooses mnnra.
I e5 r 8 ege me .-
The First Precinct organization of
the Fifteenth Ward Club of the Or
leans Democratic Association has
been reorganized for the city cam
paign with the election of the fol
lowing officers: Robert G. Hughes,
president; Louis W. Munsterman,
vice-president; H. R. Hafkesbring,
secretary; John Duffy, treasurer, and
William J. Smith, captain.
The Second Precinct organization
of the Fifteenth Ward has elected
a the following officers: H. Aycock,
- president; William J. Donner. vice
president; Alex McGivney, secretary;
G. Picou, treasurer and Oliver Ay
cock, captain.
It is our pleasure to welcome a
new citizen to our district, namely,
Dr. H. Macon Fay, who has estab
lished his dental office with Stumpf
Drug Store, Teche and Homer
Streets, where he will practice his
profession. Dr. and Mrs. Pay came
here from Chicago, where the Doc
tor spent fifteen years in the prac
tice of his profession. He is a
graduate of the Northwestern Uni
versity, one of the recognised educa
tional institutions of the windy city.
" We trust that Dr. Pay will have
success, and we are sure that he
will find a hearty welcome from our
Miss Eugenia Herbert entertained
at a surprise shower in bonor of Miss
Halcyon Rhoades. Thseparlors were
I decorated in Japanese decorations
and the dining room was artistically
decorated with asparaus-ferns and
white tulle.
When the young hoaoree entered
the gifts where were andsome and
numerous were showe upon her
from a large Jap e parasol.
Oames were played, Miss Nllie Dil
ion being the winner in the guessing
game. The guests each reesived
Japanese favors.
Those present were Misses Mae
Burke, Elaine Draube, Irma Dialels,
Mildred Coley, Corrilne Frellesn,
SPlorenee Taylor, Louise Kunts, See
and Mildred Marshall, Mary Traub,
SEdna StelbeL Angeline Sitmass
Georgina Herbert, Kate luash,
m saend thel Rhoedesad ·,ses les
rA. ahi o, W. a rewer. , . P& { .
HelbItettr, J. Kipper, A. 0 wnd.
StReharnsc, C. Marseall. A Theard
mad 0. Herbert. .
Traie sa elasa~ whisk were hesi
last Wedmesday, at their respestive
Mi Amela Smith. teaeher . De.
etmle Art, spent the aftenrg in
r the sehel, eo last Wedaseday, whe
she inastitated the elas. whisk wil
be esdasted eery Wednesday at
tenree at the school.
Mlm Careiass A ert, keameriser
if masse, was a visitsr at the sheel
last Friday. She was mash pnedI
with the work done I n al ndwas.
English is oeuprisg a meet pramIS
neat part in the pereram it the
Departmental Orades. Rera "sd
ti es letter writing and emes- m 
Borm an Important part e m de dis
ajnlsu work. On last Weedsar.
Feb. 1, a debate uwas hed meI
the boys and girls ef the ghth
Orades. The theme e thdeb mate
•was "Jes - -els the C#ly to Ds r.
Sterred to lA in the COntrr." Splsea
did argments were brheght fteth
en both ides. The boys toak the
I afflrmative side, whle the girls
ve,,,ry l.ntl .ad -terl e.t d
r fended the nesative eide. ALter
Svery earefnl eoaslderstle a the
I part of the Jadges, it wasu asnlmee
ly decided that the girle had peruentb
i the hetter arament, so theylwere
therefore erowam the ulera.
a Amo the very excelent speakers
were Grace Casanbon and Wiliam
In te rapd Arlthmolse test, lest
Eighth Grade-Marvel Gobs. e .is
Cronan, Grace Caenben, Iee a- 4
via, Margaret Moseey.
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Idia Cuemphl, Thelma Aloue.
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ao4 Gulet, Mein Leresse Amert
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SMary veta, Mary Cares, Mheasme
" Traha, Jaceksn Meis, ias :
H eurtin, Carl Walace, Oretse Gnu
The perfeet papers the Spell- .i
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s crnated to the folowin puis:
- aEth oradse-trra Trslt, tLa- .
> ide laCourt, Oraee Camnasa, Irma
SIulln, lms Bourmeois, Ielatern
SMseetey, Itio. Creasa, sam 3rpek
tel, Jdlus GAilleh, lid HeL
-inr, 8ear e ,Isabell Le
- - I r tes, th  minle, ji
rl Ny l, Alde- Smth, Elms, s r
mepur, James GUEs. Mdre -
lso Sixth Gr -Reae Dekeirt, Ma
" rlm dgeo.mbe, elamose Bemres.
(mosa Umbaee, Elie Tredeaaes p
costelo, etrnde Cherga, MrrLe
rt. w melm, rgSehaesaer, TIte
Trmase, eOy Donna.
war Evhls Mar rcaruso, mhie
m Trahan, Jeebeon Miarm. la
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