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Devoted to the rpbullding of the West Side of the River. "A very live and creditable weekly newspaper." -M.iNI''A('T II:I L. RE i('OI).
Salome Kappler entertained
euday Afternoon Euchre Club
--wek. The successful players
,Mrs. F. Goebel. Miss Sadie Gar
Ssd Mrs. C. V. Kraft. Mrs.
J. Lewis received the consolation
yelst meeting which will be the
sir euchre. will be at the home
ill C. V. Kraft.
I A. Burke entertained the
Afternoon Five Hundred
d The successful players were
m A. Tansey, Mrs. A. Burke. and
C. V. Kraft. Mrs. F. Goebel
MOW the consolation. The next
will be at the home of Mrs.
o Alice Guillot of Lafayette.
hLrstt the past week here with
.l gMrs. J. Albert Guillot.
M Ada Malone attended the
g ghool rally at Baton Rouge.
M seek.
L ChIavaro and A. LaBella
: reuay night for a European
ý at least four months. They
gp first to New York. from
Spoint they will sail to Italy.
to France, visiting various
". . V.j Casanva and daughter.
Manioe, of Balboa, Panama. are
Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Casa
sEad Mrs. Chas. Casanova and
g Psasma, are the guests of
Malt of Seguin street.
Frsak Hoogoven and Al
algmr, Mrs. Rainey -and little
spent Tuesday at Race
thns A Month Five Hundred
ert at the home of Mrs.
J~ Williams. The suc
players were Mrs. Wal
Mr Gerret (playing for
j, tMry), and Mrs. O. E. Ay
"'1 ensolation was wol by
aIk. The next meeting will
ti hI e of Mrs. H. Acker.
M-. usper and family have
, reslidues on Atlantic
,Al tri ds of Mrs. Jno.
5l uret to learn of her
mesmmee Kiakaid has gone to
tM4i Ark., to spend three
hal Malone of Meridian, Miss.
a bw days in town last week.
I Mrs. E. Johnson. announce
Pitmghing marriage of their
illba to Mr. Raoul Louis La
MIlryette, La. The wedding
i ltly Celebreted on May
r 5:80 o'clock at the church
Name of Mary. No cards
nm hmued.
Walter left Tuesday for
t visit her sister. Mrs.
o Slaumeard and little
at l8Udell Ave., left
Il a two months stay in
reve No. !, Woodmea
bal their regular meet
Al members are re
l GOlordano of Ironton,
vim vsltlas her sister,
uent the week
es tn of Mrs. J. Al
eKrmt entertanlaed
tidipe Plve Hundred
l s players were
G•bIn, Alva Ualathe
Miss Claire Cas-ti
the easolatfon. The'
U* he held at the I
M le Merrise. r
a idney Caiers have
at her many frluds
7th baby girl whod
SPeter Rupp an- 4
~tIhuchn rweddlag of a
illian to Mr. Philip
the weddiang to take
- 'aher has returned
17Njy of Ahita
_ Weeked here,
aO4buiste Oiblln.
MeNeely, of
spending awlle
SC. 3. A. wil hold
T etiog 'lIk s "
= :tg O'ele. i n., at n
~. r Mali. There will I
_ etieers and infia
will be served. a
entertained the !
S :rm tundred Club.
n were Missm
Saying for Mrs. No
(piaying "or
Sd Mrs. Albert
p Mrs. O. Her
SEra. W. A.i
Sad Ultle son
rhome la TegIn
W8ll be at
Mo Irr
Fair Grounds Saturday and Sunday,
May S and 9-4'rowds Will
lie Thrilled by Speed and
haring--I$W.(ooo In
F or the first time in three years,
southern Louisiana sport followers
are to be given an opportunity to wit
Snetss the World's greatest auto race
* drivers in action when the Fifty Mile
Derby. surrounded by short distance
events will be staged at the Fair
Grounds at New Orleans. Saturdayy
and Sunday, May Sth and 9th.
New Orleans expects to make the
Speed ('arnival a regular sprlns
sporting event and with this object
iin mind is sparing no expense to
tem'pt the greatest drivers in Ameri
c.t to enter the numerous events.
With purses amounting to six thou
1sanll dollars it is confidently expect
ed that field of star drivers such as
has never been seen in the south will
face the starter's flag both days.
The first entry received by the
management was from the famous
French driver Leon Duray. The
dare devil Frenchman is known to
all followers of the racing game. He
t has never been seen in action in
the south and is working night and
day on his fast racing creation in
order not to disappoint New Orleans
fans, many of whom are of French
desI ent.
Following closely upon the receipt
of the entry of Duray the manage
mtent received the entry of Louis Dis
brow. probably the best known dirt
tack driver in the World. Some
time ago l)isbrow abandoned the rac
t ing game to open a string of restau
rants in Chicago. The news of the
sensational driving of Duray whom
every sport writer heralded as the
champion of champions was too
Kmuch for the veteran Disbrow. With
the definite of purpose of defeating
the Frenchman he has come out of
retirement and will drive an Essex
racing car direct from the factory.
Aside from entering the big classic
(The Fifty Mile Derby) he has chal
lenged Duray to an international
match race of five miles. He has
offered to post one thousand dollars
that he will defeat the Frenchman.
Eyes of the sport world are turn
ed to New Orleans and in every state
in the Union there will be hundreds
of sport fans awaiting the result of
the "Fifty Mile Derby" and the
great match race. Reports from
Chicago are to the effect that Dis
brow is the favorite at odds of seven
to five. While from New York
comes the report that Duray is the
favorite there at six to five. Very
few wagers have been made thus far
as many are waiting to get reports
on the car that Disbrow will drive.
Determined to make thle Speed
Carnival the greatest sporting event
of the year, the management has
added as a special feature the most
sensational game known to sports
as part of the entertainment. On
both days. Saturday and Sunday the
All American team will meet the
Pacific Coast Champions in a series
of championship Auto Polo games.
Auto Polo is unquestionably the
most thrilling sport in the world to
Other entries received by Manager
Bole prior to going to press were
Ray Lampkln, Sig Haugdahl, Dave
Koetala, Leslie Allen and the Eases
Team, who will drive the factory
cars which have arrived in New Or
leans, but the names of the drivers
have been withheld until the last
On both Saturday and Sunday the
Speed Carnival will start at 3 p. m., I
and the popular price of the dollar I
admissmion will prevail. This price I
of admission inaelades all charges,
both grand stand and parking space I
for automobiles. There will pot- i
tively be no extra charges.
who hope that tue generous people
of our town will lend every assis-l
tanee to make the atffair a sammeg.
The cause is a most worthy one, so I
itf oS want to have a good time C
and at the same time help a wortLhy C
cause, attend the dance on the 15th. 1
Adisin will be thirty-five cents. r
including war tax.
Mr. Chas. Brownlee, Jr., of Cia
cinnati, Ohio, is the guest of his par
ats, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brownies,
of Delaronde St. t
Miss Dorothy Murtagh, who is at
tedling 8chool at Chatawa, Miss.,
has been spending the week here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Announcement has been made of I
the marriage of Miss Annette Dell 0
Bates to Capt. 3. A. Rocker, which a
will take place May I1th. e
Mrs. Tom Munsterman, Mrs. Oeo. e
Munsterman and Misses Oladys and 0
May Munsterman spent Friday at A
Belle Chasse, La. b
Mr. and Mrs. Treuil and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kissinger
qpent Sunday at Sweet Home, La. h
The Victory 8oeial Club will give w
its second grand dance on May 29th, a
at the Avenue Academy.
Mrs. A. J. Gerard and Mrs. E. B. h
Walker spent Sundyv at Bay St. "
Lotis. Miss. They also visited a
olttport. a
Mrs. J. Gerrets entertained the *
Matrons Club on Tuesday afternoon. t
The succeesoful players were Mrs. O.
W. Polleek, Mrs. O. Ayeeek, and Mrs. s
J Gerretsr. Mrs. 8. Beylan received a
the esednlaen. The net meeting
wilt be at the home of Mrs. B. C. b
Mim Sadle Orlad iatertesd the U
Medwn aEtn inest a Il U
O Uncle Sam·'s Hot Bed O
··-;.·.-·. ·.···-:·:·::r::::··.'.-.·:- :;_.·;.·, :::::.:I: ·.::.I"; -;
'ri:':':'l: I:::::-~r·. :-~'.::~ ·:::;:::I:~·,:::
L~:::::i:~::::':I:~:'.. ·..:::··:.1::::'·:·.:::::::::':~'' '·
j~-~.:·:i:·:::::::: ·I :~:~:
.:...... ... .:-: .
--·:··· :1:i::·:::i
·.···'.: ·-:·;·:·
L .·;~~· :-::;:.: :·.···,
~~:·a~ ~ ::::
:: ~·_-~1·a: ~·:'··::
: ··:··::; :~,~: :;:tl C~~
.:.·4; ~··.-.
.:.:. .
~ ··.·;
'·~. u L~NI~ /---------- -\~C~~i~
::: r.:·ii· ·:
:::i ·'·;·;·.-·:~·;·.· :·-·::· ·
~j~ ~::::: ::::.:':::
~::::; ~
:::t :-:.:
:·; C~C~::·.-.·.:·.r
'··"·'::::·;. .::::. :·
C:~.l~i ::::
:I: r.·;·'::::::):i:::;::
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·:· :·:·.·: .r.
:·T~~ I :~:::
j C~i
:li: :;-:.:.:.:·:·::·:-:: ~~.::::;-::::.I ·.:·:·:·.
:::: ::~j:~:::i::~i::'liiii i~l:\:·~~:~'
iiil ·· ···~;·:·.~· ::~.·.... .-.·.: ~·:i
::: .·~:~:::~.·.·:·;:·:::~·~:·:·:·:·~:~·';·· .·...· .· ;:(:::~:- ·;·:· ·:r
.~...·.·r.·~;.··· :::·'
:::::~·:r.,-.:.:.:.·;.·:;;.:·r·· ·.~.:. ·:. ·:
·:.·..·... ....,. :·.
.·..· ··~··:·;··:·..· ..:·..·.....
::. ··:~:.:l~:::i:.:::::::li::l·M·.
r·r:r;·-~;::r:;::::::::::·'.~::::: : t
·'·~.·.'.I·;·; ·.·;-. ·..··-·
;·;r··l·:. ···--·;·~. ·.·:. .··
:·l'r·:::··.r;;;··;·~··:··:· ·~··~· :.
·· ·.·:·: ··:-: ·~..... ···.-.·. ·:.··i
.,.;·:r.:·::::"·'·'' "·
..... .;..:..;..:.'.. ... ......: :.::.. 1.1.~1 ..·1· .~
::f: ::·..·.·..:.·:·.·.·.··.:·.. ·.-.·. .:"·.:.·:~: :.·
.....-....·~ ii: :.::. :' : ··-. · ·i
:: :;::: :;·::.·: .··,~ i "" :·:·
: :..:::::·~ ...
·.: '~·: ·':·' · ·::., ·
i _i :i:1::·~::: ''~'
On Tuesday, May 4, 1920. John
R. Laskey and Mrs. Emma Landry
Whelan, were married at St. Vincent
de Paul Church. Bishop J. M. Laval,
r The wedding of Mr. Walter Kogel
r t Mrs. Mary Chisholm was cele
brated Saturday, May 1st, at the
home of the groom, 819 Nunez St..
Rev. W. H. Hafner officiating. The
attendants were Miss Hilda Oertel
and Mr. Max Hantel.
SThose present were Misses H. Oer
tel, P. Cousins, K. Campbell. E.
Neprouns, L. Bauden, E. Bowers,
M. Leary, E. Rogers, F. Swartz; Mes
srs. Alb. Fuchs, D. Jones, A. Andry,
V. Prats, P. Schaffer, Mr. and Mrs.
Dunn and family, Mrs. Bean and
family, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Harris
and family, Mrs. S. Ridge and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Reiss, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Kogel, Mr. and Mrs. W. KogeKo and
Mr. Max Hantel.
Mrs. Chris, K. Catumpf, who ha
made quite a success with her an
nual "Flower Day" sale has con
se V.ted to add to her, mounr.t collect
ed last Saturday by undertaking to
dispose of a lot more flowers which
Mrly, Mr. andL. Ricks. the local florist,
has kindly placed at her disposal.
Mrs. amlytu Mrs. will take orders for
bouquets any day from now until
Monday and same will be delivered
at any time you desire. You can
purchase any amounMr.t youRe wish and
will thus help a most worthy Bease,
namely, Mr. the Hom of Incuel andes.
The proceds of this sal willh be
turned over to this institution, so
order bunite ach of flowers. Ether
call Algie r Algiers 9125 and
leave your order, or f you wouetld
rather, call at 3Q1 Delaronde St., or
at Stampta Drag Store Tnderthe and
Homer 8ts., and order the flowers.
Mr. Ricks and Mrs. Stumpf are
to be congratlated on their You canfforts
to help this most worthy institution.
turnes d over to to R. W. Na .
Mr. Joseph oassla, who for the
peat eighiers or years, has 912been oande
of our live busineorder, men, onductngld
an up-to-date bakery bdusneas at the
corner of Ali atnd Vallette St., sold
aout hitump bus Dre to Mr. E. W. Nagel
of the City. Mr. Nagel comes to
Algiers as a thorougder thely competent
businesa man, well versed in the
bakery trade. He hap also had
considerable experi , and,mp are
nto be comer to our tow, we extorend
him a cordial welcome. Mr. Nagel
will reside in Algiers with his wife
and three children.
Mr. Joseph Suasslia while severing the
his nnep-ton with the bakery busine at the
bnees will not leave Algers. but he is
ahelryd to take . rest trip o the
near fomture. His place of bsinesend
terhim of yeor elcs . Mr. Nal
nlecel rsalde in Algayers writh his ite
arlnd, Miss salden Kap.ler ad
Mr.and (Jareph for Mrs. J. Wohle severing
ri eo e he om oith the kers, b -
etsswll not leae Algters at he Iest
atla. Mi SLme Lr nd(
molb&I . I
If you are interested in our future ferry service, do not fail to sign
one of the following petitions to the Legislature. If a petition is not
presented to you, call at the Herald office and sign.
The petition is as follows:
Baton Rouge.
We. the undersigned residents of the Fifth District of the City of
New Orleans, in view of the inadequate service rendered under the pres
ent system of operating ferries across the Mississippi River at New Or
leans, under franch' ses sold to the highest bidder without regard to the
character of service exacted, and in further view of the fact that the
burden of cost of operating said ferries as above is borne in the main
by the residents of the Fifth District of the City of New Orleans. and fur
thermore that said system is a hindrance to the development, commer
cially and otherwise, to the Fifth District, which by reason of its geograph
ical location should be one of the principal residential and commercial
parts of the city, and with a view of improving this condition and further
ing the development of our district, we respectfully petition your honor
able body to enact a law providing for the creation of a commission which
shall have exclusive control of the operation of a ferriage system at all
cities located on the Mississippi River having a population of 100,000 or
more, which commission shall operate the ferries upon a schedule of rates
sufficient to equip and maintain only, and to that end shall have authority
to issue bonds for such amount as may be necessary for the purchase of
This commission shall be appointed by the Governor, and shall con
sist of not less than five, whose term of office shall be one, two, thee.
four and five years respectively, and whose successors shall be appointed
for a term of five years.
The FPolowing Petition is Also Being Ciroelated Among our Resuidents.
To the Honorable, the Mayo0, and Commission Council of the City of
New Orleans:
We, the undersigned residents of the Fifth District of this city, having
knowledge of the condition of the viaduct over M. L. & T. Yards at New
ton Street, and appreciating the dangerous condition of the roadway
over which vehleles have to travel upon said viaduct, and feeling that
the present condition of same is such as to endanger the lives of pedes
traias boesese of the eveness of the planking of said roadway, do petition
your honsrable body to take such steps as will insure the resurfacing of
the vehicle roadway over said viaduct so as to make same safe for trafflc.
Modern times demand modern
service and in this electrieal age it
is well to know a thoroughly reliable
electrical contractor, and in this re
spect we wish to direct the attention
of our readers to a firm that offter
"service" in all that the word la
plies. George L. Marchessea., Elec
trical Contractor, 720 Church street,
is at the service of those who need
electrical work of any character, and
his modern service is further aug
mented with a corps of thoroughly
trained workmen. That old phrase
"Let George Do It," is always appli-,
cable and more so in this instance,
for "George will do it well." There
is carried at all times, a complete
stock of electrical supplies, and if
you need an electric fan for the hot
days that are with us, here you will
find all simes and types in stock resoa
fob immediate delivery and these
may be purchased on the easy pay
ment plan.
In addition to doing all kinds of
repair work, Mr. Marchesseau does
construction work of all descriptions.
house wiring, etc., and everybody
should have this firp on their call
ing list for electric wiring, fixtures,
supplies 8nd appliances of all kinds.
Quick service with auto truck is
malntained, and it matters not how
small or how large your wants may
e., the same prompt and efficient
service is given to all.
The public eventag schools closed
er the 1919-20 sesioa last week.
The students from the local schools
held their exercises in the auditorium
of the Esplanade High School.
In the arithbeti contest. Louis
Doyle Was . at the wianes; in
bmglisLh Holes P sifter; in Deeasm
tie-, Alie McCleak. s d Isn Spell
ba, Ia IIet anl & ld bl . t .
A fine of $20 and 20 days. with
nine days additional in default of
payment of fine, was placed on
Charles Deoargent, negro, Monday
morning by Judge Gott at the Al
glers court. DeSargent drives a
truck for S. Pfeifer on Poydras street
and was supposed to take a barrel
of lard, valued at $88.60 to the store
of Mrs. D. J. Kramme. Saturday
mornins. The lard did not arrive.
He was arrested Saturday evening on
a complaint. and was charged with
being a dangerous and suspicious
character pending investigation.
Offers An 8-Day Profit Sharing Sale
of Wonderful and Unusual
Of unusual and profitable inter
est to those who seek to buy season
able merchandise at prices that must
appeal, the Rocheblave Dept. Store.
2530 Iberville street, opposite the
theatre, offers an 8-days wonderful
sale, starting Thursday. May 6. and
continuing till Thursday, May 13.
During this sale the counters and
shelves will be leaded with merchan
dise and one only has to read the
ad appearing on page two of this
issue to appreciate the many values
offered, and we do not attempt to
enumerate these items here, but
there are hundreds of items which
will greatly enhance the value of
your dollar. To every lady customer
a handsome fan will be given tree,
and with every $S purchase a large
shoppinag bag is gives. To get to
the Rocheblave Dept. Store, take
the Canal Belt ears to N. Dorgeosob
thUe walk sme block to 25380 IM
!in seslt.
IIii I
Mlr. Edward ltynies. assistant -n
I't rjinllte'l l'l lt oIf l tll t ~-chll n j.. \%a;
a visiior it the (bhIlol last 'ridula
'lis lda litrro i' t tIh (1i4 i4n!l
(f 11.Art spent the ,11*ntir' I,-, witlih Jtl
last Th urs.day.
. delegation of pupil, tborn the
'!xth. Pv- unth unllt v'iht] nlrad .>, ac
i siu lpal,- '"ie l t' the principal alit
teachers. att.ti'Ied thi. it iiic:il con
elrt at tlhe Fl'olle ' ThIi;itrt' la-t Tull
iay atternoin.
ilTh regular weekly ti.ts in Spl"ll
iln atil' arithmetic i're heiIl oni
.*'lilvla i and resulted as fIllIows
Spelling-Eighth G(rade. A.
Marcel ( ,Gobs. Eulalie . l.('lourt.
Mllrza Trist. Oliver Wattigny. ('u
rinne liotnmer. Arthur K ltip. Peter
i louse. Loutl. I'runan. I,".' StdeIl.
INorai Gillespie
Eighth iGrade II.
HI lsten Moseley. F'loyd ii fIlstet
ter. Grace ('azalnhon. StelIl ('ronaItn.
Irma Gillich. ('harles Snith. .\Aurey
Serpas. Julius Gillich, inez lUour
Sgeuis,., Lucille I.e('ou rt. Isabel Le,,wis.
Seventh (Grail. A.
Ruth Zrientigie. Iria A:Ar ago. Thel
iuni a iii.s . lice Srpas. (Christine
Fifth Grade A.
Arthur Sutton, lone ('ox. Henry
Diubletir. Eula .1May KIenny. Tlielmia
Fifth (;rade II.
Thelnia Sutherland. George Tier
ney. Lucille Bauman. Mildred Camp
bell. Mary Nepreaux.
Fourth Grade A.
Surgen Fonseca. Ethel Hodgson.
Fourth Grade B.
August Freiney. Cleinmie Smith.
Emile Lerouge, Marie L. Cantin. Ar-I
thur Danos. Gladys Grundmeyer.
Third Grade A.
Adolph Hotard.
Third Grade II.
Lionel Landry. Rose Danos. Al
bert Gillespie. Norestine Beiber.
Clayton Beaudean. Flavia Carona,
Lucien Esnar., Anna Deubler. John
Caruso. Aaron Edgecomb. Floyd
Guillot. Herman Singleton.
Louis Cronan, Nora Gillespie. Jas.
Scott. Corinne Bommer. Peter
Fifth Grade A.
William Sullivan. Henry Deubler.
Marguerite Rogers, Eula May Ken
ny. lone Cox. Jennie Scott. Thelma
Fifth Grade B.
Thelma Sutherland, Raymond
Grundmeyer. George Tierney.
Fourth Grade A.
William Bommer.
Fourth Grade B.
August Tierney.
Thrid Grade A.
Adolph Hotard. Lydia Campbell.
Emile Trudeaux, Gaston Daigle.
Thibd Grade IL
John Tierney, Annie Deubler. Her
man Singletok, Floyd OGullot. Aaron
Edgecomb. Lionel Landry, John
Caruso. Norestine Belber, Rose
An annual report to the Buperin
tendent of Public Schools is made
each June on the school receipts and
expenditures. The items may be in
teresting. They are as follows:
Cash balance on hand at end of
previous school year; total amoaunt
raised during the year; total amount
expended for school purposes during
the year; Of this amount how much
was spent; for the school library;
for school decorations (Ineluding
pietures, castes, etc.); for athletic
supplies. trophles; for books, cloth
ing and shoes for poor children; for
improvements to school grounds;
for equipment for manual training,
domestice science and art; for station
ery, supplies and helps to teachers;
for entertainments, picnics and gifts
to children; all other purposes.
On Friday interesting exercises
were held when a beautiful copy of
the "Sistine Madonna" by Raphael
was hung. An appropriate program
was carried out as follows:
Introduction-Edna Miller.
Story of the Pictur-Ceclle
Son--Bye-Lo-- 5 Grades.
Life of Raphael-James Johnson.
Listen to the Mocking Bird-5
Star Spangled Banner-School.
Saturday at the Fair Grounads the
annual track meet of the P. S. A. L.
was held. Two of our boys won
fourth place In the broad Jump-
Roland Savoy in 55 inch and Orlstle
Fitch in 59 Inch. Several of the
other boys made good showings also
and this gives promise of fturther
success in the future. The list of
these taking pnrt follows:
Nm YrwS Relr.
Hamilton Aubert, Harold Roddy,
Roland Seroy,. Wesley Dbla.
AS Irad D
. amlin aselh Barmanal
HllE VIF FOR 114 \ l('.11 LFf
Sat ilray l . i .flower IhII, iI
N-w lyan. roips of yut.; %o
Menm\ t (tlat th lu lllts i()n. I I t -i
ith' lusint" -. d ii(iit lurin i thi
mornin to ,ell .nli,'1l hie utlltlts oi
t:owei t' li )' proc ] u1 i,%iW elh will
;o tohe  i tite i ori n f "ln l.o ., .\l(t
i! M ayor Flic k.r , . ll r tl, ! 'i rtli
ioaer l)a.v
Mrs ('hris L. Stuiitpf. for >,'verali
ti- iI char;ll ofi thll an al M"l r'o)x
"1. I). liy. l: chatl r of tile aL n
lof illit\ lr ir.l.. Is- te- i '11 G .
1\ iI )ll . r, . .ll Ml - .\. M1 Scu iiit .
1 Xr- !I.1, a' t . `. Ikr . I .rael. M1
I. M. tFay. 1it.:Ote Marvtl. 1i'a.i .xi
( t"-I t tl i Stllllip . .\!va S tilta h.'.
11 1ri l t! I"!. 11t:il anid init . I.
'I l ttoy of t oiuterinuati by ..a
I t ick  f I ir towni . Whosi e caill
ti4 'lt r n Ii-rit (hoi" s 1 Musdy tere
tP t'ii 1 1.' .i d to11 t t. o d.
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1 dlver J. .arl-at rougih atgainst Charles
.i. Min ly . attiorney. of Thi hlodaux.
La.. and disilharged Mr. Mundy.
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Shemply iof the Southerney Peiic car
-Lhops at .Mle... was sued in tle
(Civil Distr'it 'Court by Leon Mluck.
fori t h u.se a ('iharlrs J. 1undy, to
I'res.cu'r 11 :7 lleged to be owed
by ll irlhroach Thle Soultt, rn l'
cif,' as matte garnishee and Marl
lranl'lh' waves were attached. WVhilH
a lundy wan s engaged in t th trial
of the suit the attorney for .Marl
brulltgh had the lli chni matke affi
davit charging Mr. lindy with vio
lao .t 79 otf 1sti76, whiclh pro
hihii arn isheeing oIf ia laborer'
wages. Mr..Mundy was arrested
iuale 'ooinnell held that Act No.
7n of p17i6 is unconstitutional.i
uA Homemades irelesg . Cooker.
Moset every Algiers hou.sewife has
at some time wished that she had a
fireless cooker, and probably more
women would have one f it were not
for their cost. Fireless cookers are
quite expensive, and in this day of
aight prices the necessary expendi
ture looks big.
But Uncle Sam has come to the
rescue. He has prepared a booklet
tell ig in a simple manner, how for
a few cents an efficient cooker can
be made in any home. What is
more, he is including oin this booklet
receipts for fireless cooked foods,
and tells you how to use your cook
Readers of the Herald may obtain
a copy of this booklet free by ask
ing for F. B. 771, addressing the Di
vision of Publications. Dept. of Agri
culture, Washington, D. C. Do not
enclose return postage.
One hundred and twenty-five dele
gates to the Democratic State Con
vention, in Baton Rouge, June 3,
were chosen from sixteen of the
city wards, by the parish Commit
tee, at a meeting in the Choctaw
Club, Thursday night.
Those from our ward are Mayor
Martin Behrman. Chas. Hlenrieks,
John Moynagh. Georgle Platt, Frank
O'Donnell, M. J. Rooney.
Grace Lennox and Anna May Brech.
60 Tand Dsh.
Oi. Fitch. Roy Navarre. R. Keller,
70 Yald Dash.
Thee. Ory, Earl Buras.
The school will have its annual
pienic at City Park on Thursday. A
good time is looked forward to by
all as thi s is one of the many pleas
ant events which the school enjoys.
Assistant Superintendent Paul B.
Habans spent the forenoon with us
Perfect in Table Test in 4-B and
3-A: Thomas Lingoni. Wesley Ba
bin, Aleda Cook, Bernice CLasen,
Isabel Cottom, Sanders Witherup,
Dimetre Cossleh, Cecile Kern, Flor
ence Begue, John Robert, Herbert
Fitch, Elvera Sutherland, Camille
Aubert, Hilda Smith.
4-A Spelling-Dorothy Wahl, Hil
da Bowers, Mal. Hanley.
w'he Herald is in receipt of the i-l
formatilon that Lieutenant Robert 5.
Whitmore, who for the past two
years has been chief engineer of the
U. S. S. Sara Thompson, has received
his honorable discharge, and he will
leave by the first transport for the
States. Lieutenant Whitmore is
now stationed at Olongapo Lesson,
Philippine Islands.
On Thursday, April 29th, the Su
perintendent visited all of the de
partments of the school and was
well pleased with the work being
Founder.' Day and Mothers' Day
will be obeerved is the school on
Friday with appropalate exercises,
and a large delegation will visit Mc
Domogh's monument.
The course in Home Hygiene and
Care of the Sick will soon close, '5
aminations to be held during neat
week. A Red Vroes certificate will
be awarded theib students who set
lhesilu4Av waglplete the work.

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