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Holmes Serves Algiers
as It Does New Orleans.
.\1 ft dl1i\ 'lr~ - .-\i i'l' t. c 1k.- ,ti \ t l .le -t,re' 1 t.t .r\ ,it\
(tt. Itclock k ut\ I it ihi, ne { t Ir \ n x '1 Anr 1 1 -
cu'. 'l e i I ' lll  i ..: t' - :l i . ;: t· -,-i:,,,, :
- 'I I r,11 , . lil t ri 'r. \"  t ' : t ,\ , , t, i hln '
ar -I{ . II t .I -Ihl",t ,'rin t !I'ih h.- !w t I 1' ri ,'
'L'tor in h untig lhi- ins-titutio
\\ he-thcr \n hri av bu . ml l. ,\,, r thi' itelt rl, ,or F Il per
- n . 1 { ,ltn '- w, ., , , - 1,.. :t .lilt'1 i .r - .l t , w ll
D. H. Holmes Co.
".', NY . LIMITED A,.rL"*
f yI ou are as auto or truck owner you will some time have wowk for a Mechanic.
Do not let any one play with or practice on your Car. You can't afford to
experimeat-Bring your trouble to us. We are Expert Automobile Mechanics.
Olivier breet Near Opeldoeu
Real Estate Transfers.
Mrs. Marie Tapie. et als to Mrs.
Mamie Donner, lot, Newton. Farra
gut. Nelson and DeArmas. $400
N .O. Dry Dock and Shipbuilding
Co. to J. D. O'Keefe, et als.. 6 lots.
Mississippi River, Patterson, Ber
muda and Seguin; 9 lots, Bermuda.
Mississippi River, Lavergne and Pat
terson, five lots, Lavergne, Patter
son, Mississippi River and Verret.
and 12 lots Mississippi River, Patter
son, Olivier and Verret: also batture
and movable property. Considera
tion, surrender and cancellation of
J. D. O'Keefe, et als, to Warren
Johnson, same property, $650,000
Warren Johnson to Johnson Iron
Works, Dry Dock and Shipbuilding
Co., Inc., same property, $400,0001
In gold bonds and 14,000 shares of
Johnson Iron Works, Ltd.. to
same, lot Patterson, Bermuda, Se
guln and Mississippi River, 7 lots,
Morgan, Bermuda, Seguin and Pat
terson; also 3 portions same square
as last described lot, Patterson, Vii
lere, Barthelmy and Seguin, and lot,
Is Your Cooking
a Fireman's Job?
Are you handling coal and ashes; keeping the kitchen range
redhotfor bakin, or covering the coals for stewing? Why not
do away with the constant attention demanded by the coal
tove-the irregular heat-the shifting of pots and kettle-
the smut and smoke-woodpile and coal scuttle?
The New Perfection Oil Cook Stove does everything the coal
range does and with greater certainty and comfort. It regu
lates the heat to the amount each dish needs, all by individual
wicks. You don't have to heat the whole kitchen to make a
cup of tea.
The Perfection boils, bakes, broils, toasts. It gives a searing
hot or gently warming lame-instantly--reularly. Easily
cleaned and filled. Used in over ,000,000 kitcens.
For baet rumltds steaocola Barning Oil
ue... oe...a a.e... aron. , a Ia.
L eRec. rAs. NW ROLE A4, LA. " -, aLLz
8ssDem a M
Morgan. Patterson. Botlny and Se
guin. $760.000 in stock.
Ollie Rappid to Gaston L. Del Isle.
lease of property No. 1123 Teche.
for a term ending May 22
$30 per month.
Olivier Dorsey to Benjamin Free
man. et al., portion. Nunez, La
marque, Hermosa and Socrates.
$1.000, cash-O'Connor.
Mrs. Hy. A. Levey to Eureka
Homestead Society, lot. Pacific, At
tic, l, Eliza and Alix. $3,600. cash
Purchaser to C. Robichaux. fame
property. $2,500, terms-Benedict.
Robt. A. Anderson to Samuel
White, two lots, Teche, Lamarque,
DeArmas and Brooklyn Ave.. $4200
Mrs. Emily L. Elliot, et als.. to
Goahino Siniatra, 2 lots, Patterson,
LeBoeuf, Whitney and Pelican, $1,
200 terms-Hennessey.
Wm. Rodgers to -Mrs. Rath W.
Jones, lot Newton, Nunez, Verret
and Diana $500 cash-O'Connor.
S. Godfrey O. Prados et als to N.
O. Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Co.,
Int etc., lot Patterson street, Missis
sippi River, Verret and Lavergne,
and lot Patterson street, Mississippi
United States Land Bea.
British America, which consists of
Canada, Newfoundland and a number
of islands, has an area of 3.750.0(0W
square miles, while the total area of
the United States and its possessieens
is 3.743,446 square miles. Thus Britain
has a little more territory, but it is
largely so far north as to be of com
paratively little value.
Family Men Favored.
In one cheminal fi ,tory in Switzer.
land, which is representative of other
chemical and dye concerns, married
men receive 10 per cent mere a week
than single men zngno;ed in the sane
oc'upatlon, and still ul,,ove this mar
ried men reetl' e 5t rents a week ex
tra for e:ach clhild nt!er fifteen years
of age.
New Orleans Cemeteries.
Surroundedl a:s it is on three shles
by the Mlsaiullild and on the fourth
by Lake i'tllcthartrlin. no wonder
New (trletns mulist Ibury its dead
above-groull:d Evei a sha:lli\ow grave
becomes a well. The emeieteries. with
their wildlerneti..% of slne and nar
t!.e tombs, are one of tlhe sights of the
Goat's Milk.
(;nat' s milk in Na llt' is a sats
faectory anl hlailthlful solution to the
difficult prdoblem of .uloplyving the ex
tremely pItor with a fo,,d oullillulOidity
free from deili'lhtcte adiulteration.
With a death rate of infants under
one y.ear of 155 p. r I. it). the Naples
rate is lower than that of the prin
.ipal cities of Europe.
Wanted It Understood.
In the bhgone days ahen street car
fares were 5 cents for grownups and
3 cents for children under 12. two
small bhys of 12 and 7 mounted the
platfor. The younger Iboy had been
pronlumited the 2 'ents change from the
dime they had for c:irfare. He hand
ed the coain to the conductlor. who did
not imnmediately turn over the Ieniehs.
The anxious child then remarked po
litely but forcefully. "I'm worth only
8 cents."-Chicago Tribune.
Mexican War Losses.
The number of men engaged in the
lexican war on the American side
consisted of 42.545 regulars and 7:t,776
volunteers. The losses of regulars
were: Killed. .5=3: wounded. 2.102;
died of wounds. 404. Volunteers killed,
513; wounded. 1.818; died of wounds,
100. This does not include deaths by
Machinery of Census Bureau.
The Ingenious machines used by
the census bureau to count, sort and
tabulate the information gathered by
the census enumerators are the prod
uct of the bureau's own laboratory.
The sorting machines take care of 300
cards per minute, the countiug ma
chine )00 cards a minute and the
tabulating machine handles 400 cards
each minute.
It Makes a Dtfferenoe.
The man who tries to reform others
is an inspired missionary. The man
who tries to reform you is a hypo
critical humbug.-Cintinnati Enquirer.
River. Bermuda and Lavergne (Rati
John B. Prados et als.. to same
int etc.. in same properties (Ratifi
Civil Ditarict tourt.
Succession of Etta H. Egdorf. wife
of Frederick W. Hewitt; tutorship-
E. M. Stafford and F. B. Freeland.
Building Permits.
R. Falluto owner. E. A. Pollock
& Co.. builders: repairs to store 501
Seguin. $2000.
David Kelly to Henry W. Robin
son $550, lot. Slidell Ave.. Homer.
Verret and Vallette---Stafford.
(Copyrlght. 1520. Western NewsFaDer Union)
Golden, glorious summer days, they
haunted the fervid imagination of Ava
Thurston and she wondered if ever
again the flowers would seem so love
ly, the birds sing as sweetly, the skies
look so bright. Would their promise
of a rene'wal ever come true? Oh,
surely ,o! for had not Norris Brown
ing said it, and was he not the soul of
honor, and dlid he not love her?
lie had revealed to her his soiul's in
nerunost secrets the last day they had
wande.red in the woods. lie loved hier,
but he would not ask her to hind her
self to any promize. He was simply a
poor, struggling artist, he frankly told
her. His chance meeting with her, the
rare natural beauties of her environ
nment had given hiu the inspiration of
a great picture. He was going hack to
his city garret studio to toll for her
and for fame l
Springtime had merged into sum
mer, and now the landscape was sere,
but for over two months Ava had re
ceived no word from the man she
loved. Formerly every letter had
breathed hope and faith in the success
of his great life effort. Then there had
come Utter silence. The girl grew anx
ious, abstracted, fear filled. Was she
never to see him again? Had failure,
a new object of affection influenced
him to forget her?
"Why do you not hear from Mr.
Browning any more?' her brother.
Walter, a lad of sixteen, solicitously
inquired. "You know, Ava, he was
surely to come to see us again."
But Ava only shook her head sadly
and went away with tears in her eyes.
Walter had fastened his faith irrevoca
bly upon Browning, who had discerned
prospective artistic genius in the lad.
He had taken pains to direct and in
struct Walter and the day he left had
made him a present of a set of cray
ons. It had been a pleasant reminder
to Ava to watch her ambitious brother
with pencil and pad evenings making
some quite pretentious sketches of
familiar home surroundings. Two pic
tures that he made, one of Browning
from memory, and one of Ava posing
for him, indicated what the forner
had said of him, that he possessed a
natural gift for portralture.
But Walter had been ambitious and
had cherished his aspirations secretly,
even from Ava. At the rear of the
house was an old unused barn.
This space had become the studio ef
the young artist for here he could un
dertake large efforts with his crayons.
He had finished one or two can
vases and it was his delight to view
them. One rainy morning Walter crept
up into the barn attic. He was sur
prised to And there lying upon a heap
of old horse blankets a stranger. His
pillow was a bundle done up in a piece
of oilcloth, his attire half suggestive
of the tramp. At all events he ap
pealed to Walter as a picturesque sub
Ject for portrayal. He was fast asleep
and Walter set at work at a vacant
space on the side wall to reproduce
him in chalk.
Walter completed the portrait en
tirely to his satisfaction and left the
loft. He forgot all about the intruding
stranger until later in the afternoon,
when he saw his father talking with a
man who had driven up in an automo
bile with two others. All of them he
recognized as town officers.
"The man got away with over fifty
thousand dollars In cash and securi
ties from the bank," the sherlff was
saying as Walter came up. "He was
seen later by a farmer carryinlg a
peckage done up in oilcloth. We have
details of his dress," and the speaker
described the subject of Walter's
morning portrait. "Keep a keen look
out," proceeded the official. "A re
ward of five thousand dollars Is of
fered and we will divide It with any
one giving us a clue to the identity of
the man."
"Suppose--suppose," burst out Wal
ter eagerly, "you could see a picture of
the man. would that mean anything to
"Would it be anything to us?" re
pealted the sheriff excitedly. "Why!
that would be all we need."
"And if I can show you such a pie,
tare, do I get half the reward?'
"If it leads to the arrest of the man,
"Come with me," directed Walter,
and as he revealed his last artistic ef
Sort he explained the circumstance.
eof its construction.
"'The rest is easy," proclaimed the
sherlff jubilantly, and sped away with
his men to overtake the fgltitve with
In twenty-four hors.
It wuas a proud moment for Walter
Thuruton when his father was given a
chek for half of the reward.
"Father," he said, "will you let me
have some of the money to go to the
city and study art? I want to see Mr.
Browning, too. It is the only work 1
Itkhe to do," and there was no gainslay
Ing the ambitious lIttle fellow.
Ava bade him a lutterint good-by.
"Wrtte me everything" she whispered
to him, and only so far expressed
openly her mingled hope ad dread.
But it was all hope, the news that
came a week later. Norris Browning
had been ill at a hospital, so ill that
amid his fever and delriuom he could
not be told that his famous pictuare had
been purchased for a large sum by a
wealthy art connoisser,
"Our dear friend Is better now,"
wrote Waiter. "He talks of no one but
yau. And very soon you will see both
of nus."
Achlles' Shleld.
In early days some armor must have
been very beautiful. Homer, describes
the famous shield of Achilles, made
for him, so the story goes, by He
phastuas, the smith of the mythical
Inhabitants of Olympus. It was cover
ed with pictures of dties and the peo
ple in them, soldiers lurking In am
bush, farmers working in their fields,
a vineyard, and wild animals. It the
shield Itaelf was nearly as beautiful
as Homer's description of It, it mast
have been a wondreus work of mat.
1 1w 'l1 lth1 1is \'V1il l 4 , I ;1: ,e 1il 1 a 1 i ,la
fr,'lul & i ' "e st l 2 bh i W iilat maike
ýi.. " thllt ,-imiii _ !l,' 11iii1 +,I
. *,ti A11 :1 :' \\ *t11*I a fli i- '-t-. . 
tuu ink A to t h" 1 I 1:11. nut L, ma1tn
Itllu n l,, t ' t- \ It, \i' 111
is elnt uti ti v,, alTe lel -
itit s I I I t tl iiti" hi, t .I * It
rt, .I - I1, } ' hI n I 1 '. 1 o1 t III It ,1 '
|Irc, II h StI , I" t ! r ; i l ut.! \ h;ini'l
li t ii ? Ii -* 1it l ,, i 'P t InI]
11 t1: I lll. l h it, 1 h\ it l l} i-i t l1 l ll Ir
11'.i l ll M ll- 1t1 ii t - I It1, i llll
i . t ' ; i Iiit ty I IIIt 2 " I1t. hlt \-.I
Where Ntature Furni he the Heat.
ti tit " Vn ti2 11 tr itt \t1j tat ., ri tt
pt-it' \it hit ts it d i _ , in n i e h
Evhee Natork Frha trea v et.
.lT ,a ha m ilee- . r to , N',Ieh - it i
pl11 mia" k ll n to all t, nr'- hin "' uslft
Ira." nit Isa uht:eb II.I- ,"- atr ref a
t-lt - extini l h ot .i1a. Hk itniii , lihrr -
ng , a a oilir of hlrlailll ,, ri-e s
Tro w ari-plie l. I in,.- l thr t r l
erg it ynl te to irok ;iii , s i'. th e heat
Evidence Stork Had Traveled.
.T nl" r h at d i .o n ,V,.r th, : ther .lgor h
boar's new bab.y ~t,1 uo tio h'r rlurn
w an a s k ed bo x t h , lo k e o I t , to w - ri
_hf ro pll it " *rWe l. nt i ,,r. It r.% all
-ight, only the Stork Hadct have been a
long time on thi. wtty with It. for It
certainly Is awfully tannel."
32-Mile Round Trip for 30c Sundays
On the O.-K. Line to Kenner
Dancing at Felix Park, 5 p. m. to 10:30 p. m
Cars at every half hour beginning at 2:00 p. m.
Purchase tickets at 127 S. Rampart St.
Grounds can be had for private picnics, and outings, by
applying to E. F. GREENLEAF. Superintendent.
Phone Main 2201
)on't forget the Colored Baptism at Kenner Sunday, June
13th at 2 P. M.
The Wonderful Old
Secret Blend
Much has been said about different coffees and
their blends, but the fact remains that the secret
blend that has made French Market Coffee famous
is still the combination of coffee flavors that is the
envy of every coffee manufacturer, packer and
There are many good coffees on the market, but
French Market Coffee, made from the famous old
secret blend, is still unrivaled.
Expert coffee makers will tell you that "the
coffee is the thing." You must have good coffee
before you can make good coffee. They will also
tell you that French Market Coffee is "the" coffee
to use.
To have good coffee in your home, use French
For sale at every retail grocery store in New
Orleans and in the South.
New Orleans Coffee Co, Ltd.
New Orleans, La.
' "I & - '1 (I, 1 . I -"
Itii i
yard t\111.' N I-z .,.! H ill I'.
abiot . . l
O pp.I .II . s , r. 1,"t I- I
l~lri, 1 ttit " h ;1-" .I~t I " t' .'.
r.".1 *t II. " i _ t:I" !.! 1. -i ,11 . !'t " ,
tt It i '!I t o ',"1 t.: :",,1" ., n ,, I " I II-" r
1,11 "I' ." !. I" ,n ', -i
Kept Busy on Social Calls.
TIa. wif, of ita Iloi uiI.r ..f tonngras
tVO i il:: It itii'.t l':t\ tti"r.' t latin r-vaua if
shep triat . .* *tz!. "ii ,Ill -luring theO
ftP.:-f1) ..It a. I - :u' '.rI:I stnd co.o
Oppor~unity Not to Be Missed.
ruIi~l- lvi;h SiV ug..,.it 11-a111 Iliia~eit.
Iuatl *ju't it fewi 'I~t' I! : after loot.
lug ntit It lteanty for a. f.'.\" inilunt'..
tile:.-.' t:tkt I~u Ilt!he'a o~f. I waunt
to -..".. hu'rt. un nlit 1.' t inu; off.
" 1r a'
a' ·
! ,bt ndUo0 ?,
,"' i~ect"3c.,
': ue· .l";,,
1., o rttdcD,. ,
., fu:t rn .,.
Many Countries Ahead of Us,
Ir. it ,i'l t;1'i,*' Nortiay* Suedes
1 ' rl. 1 Itla . Prance, Reigi
trim, 11 a;' sl,';it, arnd Portugai
iproportion a
;~tibt It" United gtti
3,000.C00 Ma.:hee a Minya
The . ljzd'l l.:!:n.. 'ti the
It has' liite rul:Iflel" strike SRj
matc-ih every Iutiliilte of the 244
Is Your Blood Starvq.
for Want of Iron?
boa is Red-Blood Food -Nta bemsg
Put Roses Into the Cheeks of W.1
Gives Strength sad L.., big.
if i tf y, vr iltut 1( uil o,,
1?(: n: .ý.` . ', t to cn.l elaited" YOU mill
n t r , luit,, to Yturse:f ti
wanit t t. itt RlejiS it Strength aid
t' tier a fm l jito liviVtg tsspe
mu-ir .,11 !r.,-1 1uh-u plnty of iret
in It ý: ', )' trattcr h, w much or wni
«'u yit. , uC fit.,, siir-ply asrHs thra' ssh Jet
tie . trrntgh it ,I it -"t1 intead odIbei
(!lei isith g:, ttt~fut sirgtl, anl energy tot
are arak, nrer' io ant all run-dowm. ifjt,
arC not '""- tp r a ""'1 trol o we it to y ourslf
to c'aker tiin fntllr;. "Sfte See hew long
vnt, ran .-t1; ""r tn,,w far you cansk
withnnt tnc n"li ttred. Next tke two flre
train tablt' of '--tinavr* ',ymated Tent three
time per -lav after ru,'aiu for two veek..
t'trn trot t iitr -t- t"" teiin and e- e heir
mtnrh in !,at'r cinr'. 'smherq of nerws.
1tin".i-,'· n-P -lt "hi ,--rre ailin alt the
~hilt h-azr -net a.tr~ni;lirrl. irremeeCd ttite
trrt'-tlt a tt ,'vltra-cr eimnlo it taking
iron in t, ,'n'-tr- f-rrtr. lit don't take tk
nid I,;,- ,f; 7,.n .,-,p,, to nave a fet rents
Von m"t:"t'e it n iT a fmm that rattle
eaut,.IL -t r~ i~"- anan~ieatnid F11r \'n"
atei Tr,-. i;f '*n grant it to ,,eto an, wiod.
ntherra-e. it ira v pree worse tian un!ew
You run tunretire Ntratrid Iron front Tne
intruiut on an altl.Intt ettrantee of ..ti,
faction or vour more, will he refunded

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